🎺da-da-da—Da-da-da•Da-da-da•DAH—Da-Da-Da- TA-Da-Dahhh-CHARGE!!

🎺 🥎 TA-Da-Dahhh- 🐎 da-DAH-DA CHARGE!!

Please kneel for the singing of The National Anthem

TELEVISA PRESENTA: “It was necessary to ‘invent the nations beyond an anthem, a flag, and a currency’ ». So we re-invented The Year of México in France at the House that The Second Empire built in Puebla (on rue Bolivar, 75018). 📰 Fair Use of N° 31 of Usbek & Rica, “PANIQUE DANS LA PUB”; dépôt légal: Janvier 2021. Note to editors: the name of the empires have been changed to protect the Umpires.

🎺TA-Da-Dahhh- 🐎 da-da—DAH CHARGE!!

I’m SIRIUS, please kneel for the singing of the National Anthem… puto el/la que no cante en su Chante… because of the Coronas et. al.

Veuillez vous agenouiller pour le chant de l’hymne national 🌬 11C19473-F20E-43CF-A87B-05E7720FD8E5 🥎 “More cowbell! ».

Welcome, to the first 150 Year Anniversary Softball Tournament commemorating the first Metropolitan War in recent historicity. Home team advantage is awarded by default to some, Knot all, of the French luminaries that form part of the illustrated pictures at every elementary school in France. The Away team is composed of the current political figures that WHO, for better or WO’ist–are part of history in the making (punto y coma) with all due respect here is the line-up:

Centerfield: Serge “Lucien” Gainsbourg
Right field:
Left field:
Third Base: General Charles “Chuck” de Gaulle
Short stop: Vincingetorix
Second Base: José* Napolèon III
First Base:
Pitcher: Louise Michel
Catcher: Napoléon Bonaparte

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Napoleon_III

And… in TROU French fashion, WHO’s on First is waiting to find out What party is going to fill the Left and Right Field, while that gets settled please welcome the honorary “first throw Pitch” celebrity hero into the Pershing Memorial Baseball Field à Vincennes, ladies in Gemini, straight out of Alesia,  Heeeeeeere’s Julius Cæsar!

The First 150th Anniversary of The Paris Commune Softball Tornament Tournament is brought to you by NIKE for those who speak Greek and, by Victoria if you are in La Colonia ROMA.

WHO is Afraid of THE PUB?

🎺TA-Da-Dahhh- 🐎 Da-da—DAH CHARGE!!

LMC*: Los naipes de Isela Vega** y los abuelitos de Ch. G.*** meet Don Palabras^

Quick recap… earlier on the references of this scroll (rollo) i highlighted Gerard Depardieu’s Mexican production of “La Chèvre”, and if you’ve ever heard of a guy by the name of Kevin Bacon, then you have probably read or heard about “The 6 degrees of yada, yada, yada”, right? WELL, hunny bunny, it’s not one of those, Isela Vega was more than just ARBAL‘s (Jorge Luke) “affair”, but you can read all about that–somewhere else, in this section she is forever MISS MARCH… yeah, Buddy.

Victoria, according to the Nordic (wink-wink) part of La Argentina… of course, as Evry body knows, Victoria without wings holds a laurel wreath not a fucking sword, but hey, it was the “crazy 20’s” and Hitler on Ice was all the rage… and, Nicolle Wallace, i could have walked to capture that snapshot, but i thought that for once, just once i might be Canadian, —get it? It’s like RAIN on your wedding day, or a free ride once you are already there.

https ://www .abc .es /play /cine /noticias /abci-muere-isela-vega-gran-actriz-mexicana-y-primera-latina-posar-para-playboy-202103102029_noticia .html

Right now, however, i am going to continue with Las Fuentes de doña Vilma y el muchacho feo, de la rue Verneuil, o sea el hijo de los abuelitos de Charlotte Gainsbourg, period!

https ://mobile .twitter .com /lajornadaonline /status /1369797718206521344

*** Ch. G. = Charlotte Gainsbourg
^ Don Palabras ≠ the one writing this blog

En fin, dicen que preguntando se llega a Viena, un antro d’esos donde sirven pulque y otras bebidas exóticas sin Bacardi 🦇… and if you are just joining our exclusive coverage of The 150 Year Anniversary La Commune de Paris Softball Tournament at the Sherman Memorial Baseball Field à Vincennes, you might be wondering who that is covering Second Base, well Rugby fan, that’s none other than Joseph Napoléon The Third, and over at the plate Marine Le Pen is 4th in the batting order, so far in the line-up we’ve got, — Mayor Higalgo, President Macron, CGT Union Leader Philippe (sin tilde) Martinez, and Extreme Right Rep Marine Le Pen… fielding the PITCH-er’s Mound is Louise Michel, and on second base is Napoléon III. 🌬 For those seeking directions to get to Serge Gainsbourg Street, the plaque in brass is the starting point, NEXT TO IT, is el Rey de Bastos, but we’ll leave that for another segment of our exclusive Softball Tournament celebrating the “Communards” of La Butte Aux Cailles.

“De París a Valencia”, o algo así 🔁.

Now before we switch it over to our Amigos valencianos en La rue “Aie Confiance” casi esquina con Le Petit Cluny, be advised that i, Armando Segovia, do not select the first coating of any fondo, let alone someone else’s drafts.

DICHOsos los poetas pobres
D’ell@s será El Reino de Los Suelos… 448E66F3-15B8-4712-B96B-DF2DBD778B63 🎷

Now the reason i write this is for no other reason than to touch base with The Elements of Style of Mr. S. & W. mentioned yesterday when i cleared what might have/could/perhaps be interpreted as a redundancy in the already saturated Covid-19 update for the Hex de France.

Asi que con colores o SIN, Blah, blah, blah = Palabras, palabras, palabras (for the record, armando no es otra cosa que un Verbo en acción, dicho de otra manera don Pichi y don Avo, lo que se conoce como un GERUNDIO, punto!)… o como dice Rachel Maddow: Wacha lo que hacen no lo que dicen.

🗣 Cierto día Don Palabras
Me contó una extraña historia
De cómo nacen las cosas
Cada vez que uno las nombra (eh) 🎷🎷🎷

It’s 10 am in Hawaii — and in Sidney, Aussie, it’s already mañana

In Paris, France, it’s 22h and Louise Michel is at the plate, Louise hails from The Paris Commune and she has a 150 batting average. Madame Mayor, Anne Hidalgo is on the mound and it’s a God Damn Beautiful Day (globally) at the Pershing Memorial Baseball Complex in Vincennes.

Playball ⚾️ .:. 3B720710-12DD-4A1B-9C25-2FBD92FB40AF 📐

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Stade_Pershing

Jump to page 3 for context on the 150th Softball Commemorative Tournament of Communards between France’s Historical Characters mash-up and Today’s Elected Officials and Leaders of The Fifth Republic.

Witt that in M.I.N.D., please join Brigitte Bardot and The Sea Shepard in the singing of France (Gall’s) National Anthem: Aux Armes! Serge Gainsbourg is Third on The Batting Order and the official French National Anthem will not be played in this tournament on account that a Quartet of Rosbifs kidnapped La Marseillaise for a Satellite PPV* Transmission of All you need is…? anyone, Willie Geist, All you need is?