Fuck YOU, David… what are you, French?

M.G. 1914 – 1987

Morena-francia presente

Morenafrancia presente… con voz de pito y a La VOIX de PUTO el que no baile con Claudia en la línea 3 del Metro CDMequis: ¡Eh, puuuuuutoh!

Send me your CASH Machines and fuck your children on the streets. It’s what The System does best, so don’t blame justice. JUSTICE, that bitch is blind. If you’ve ever wonder why Señora Igualada is so fucking FAT ⚒️🛠️⚒️🛠️⛏️⚙️🔨⚒️🛠️⚒️ just take a look at La CORRESPONDENCIA con Los YNDIOS BERDES de “La SheInBaum”, porque cuando ella caga se siente FRANCESA cómo Georgina Moreno,  —la muy populista.

And, Nathalie my love, thanks for the cadeaux. Pero hoy no puedo because hoy yo no Tango porque hoy no Tengo Cha-cha.

28 de abril, 2023_ San José de Las Panocha

Breaking News… Water Breaks, pink falls. And oh, Pink Flamingos🦩on NPR, La Kerschovas just confirmed that Monk Fish and Wood would are part of the 12-Course Orson Wells Martian dinner. On the course, French President Emmanuel Macron is … 🔽

South of El Bordo de El Bardo… Just hit ▶️

# Mexican Senate endorses reforms to the Mining LawLet the coal bonanza en Piedras Negras begin, as an APPETIZER on the MENU Claudia Sheinbaum suggests Agua Chile de MAZATLÁN 🦐🍋, ROSALÍA’s favorite dish-discovery, since the invention of rice and beans.


https ://www .elfinanciero .com .mx /food-and-drink /2023/04/04 /cual-es-el-origen-del-aguachile-platillo-que-enamoro-a-rosalia/

But FO’ist, I am not sure if Cousin Joe is going to stick around to speak to my Uncle Oliver, he’s like the Real Stone, you know. Uncle Stone knows where Heaven is, Uncle Stone made a documentary about it, a real one not like the faggety ones from The INA[H] en la Maison de l’Amérique latine in Paris. Bunch of fake “Che” Guevara’s with PACHANGA on their mind at l’Olympia.

In Context: apparently, there is now a “global north” and a “go fuck yourself South”… crédit card only, no coins accepted. It’s micro charging with a friendly face, never mind the service charge, it won’t accrue if you pay the full amount at the end of your retirement, 🎶 many years from now. And you can forget Valentine’s.


And not to be outdone by My Uncle Stone, Emmanuel and Joe ; the président and the congressman, invent “The Global North” and los Globos del Sur en Tacubaya.

Naturally, following the IPSEC Security HUEBEX Interview with Cousin Joe, Seth Macron (Emmanuel is in New York) closed down Saint Denis so that his doppelganger-ass can enjoy the “La Franche Finale” of Soccer housewives.

At the Global Citizens Lucha Libre Dinner, NPR just called out Denis Soula and his Fip Siren Chant. And Mr. Xavier Ray at the Pompidou, now you know what I was lining up last year, when your goons dragged me out; it’s nice to witness that you now allow bums (and students alike) to LOUNGE on your bendito museum of modern art, with a restricted library on the 2nd Floor. We all need a new Cafeteria with microwaves for all, and not just for the concession stand, and what da’fuck is up with the vending machines only accepting FMI and World Bank Credit Cards. What are you, a K Street American Vending machine racket? Coins motherfuckers, coins!


Anyhow, Mika, FRIDAY I’m IN Love 😘. But not with you, because Natalie Piolé is the love of my life, she’s desértica–you know, nothing like Susana PuBeda who required all kind of care.

So help me Jesus. It’s the birth of a Crazy Diamond.


Quotidien, sans domicile fixe (SDF)…

Cotidiano, sin domicilio fijo, con domicilio fijo
Durante ocho años, me he ocupado, en calidad de CDF (con domicilio fijo), junto a los que designan con el acrónimo de SDF (sin domicilio fijo), de la instalación y funcionamiento de La bagagerie Mains libres… 

Proselyte Conflict — MOvimiento REgeneración NAcional. Quieren mais o les guiso un Huevo de JOYA 💎?

Marie-Ange Schiltz


Un-botton your Dungarees ®️ it’s going to be a 12-course Orson Wells meal with Six Wine Bottles [each] from Oliver Stone, —motherfuckers.

Coming up on Morning Joe, it’s how to take CHAYOTTE from France, an immersion course into the brown waters of European politics and American exceptionalism. If your name is Roger Pérez, here is context for your motherfucking bums:

Seasons on The Euro Rail — Last Train to London… Context from the Bikini Bistro aux City Hall follows.


… and by bums, estoy hablando de tu Alta Sociedad.

But FO’ist, motherfucker, let me show you the context to Emmanuel Macron’s caricature on MSNBC, and Cousin Joe, remember what Willie GEIST told GRABIEL At-All :

Correspondencia con Indios Verdes


Ewe son of a bitch
Is the god of
Eye don’t gives a Phucks,


Page 96 and 97… if the shoe fits you get a Talent and Skills visa to France (2010)

Cue, Mí, in


Context for Blue Cowboys in Alésia (2010)

Well, I beat the drum and hold the phone
The sun came out today

What are the odds that…
A). Denis Soula interprets this snapshot of an upside-down lábaro patrio, for a. Cliché about La Violence En Musique; DISPONIBLE – 780.51VIO
Niveau 3 – Musiques et documents parlés.
B). This is a Public Service Announcement.
C). Just another Ferris Bueller’s They’s Off.

https ://www .alamy .com /us-secretary-of-state-hillary-clinton-l-loses-her-shoe-as-she-is-welcomed-by-frances-president-nicolas-sarkozy-at-the-elysee-palace-in-parisjanuary-29-2010 -reutersphilippe -wojazer -reuters -tags-politics –images-of-the-day -image380408264 .html

Ok, being that this post in, is for the Benefit of Mr. Kites Morgan on the London Pier, we (los hacedores d’Este pinchurriento blog) take a look at what was happening in Paris, one year before, [to-the-date pile-poil] Armando Segovia / Armando Serrano-Prieto landed at the CDG on a frigid January 29 morning of 2011, in case la maestra de la Universidad Autonoma de Sinaloa on the “Juanito Guanabacoa” Show begins to think that Öüï, that motherfucker, is an « espontáneo » cubriendo CENTERFIELD like Fogerty on Green River.

Kathy lick it convert er… like The Five, Eye is 11 years old and this is funny to Judge Pirro. Go ahead Judge Pirro, take Mí, to your chambers.

After the break, It’s Only Been 66 Years Out Of Like What, a couple a’fuckin’ millennia, Tiberius?

Paris, Texas — La Colonia Roma…
Amitié, o algo así… aquí o allá.

French Romans.

memo 📝 to Thee Ministry of Foreign Trade and Attractiveness.

Public Service Announcement:
Tim Burton is of course, a fag, period!

In Three Mouvements


Just another band out of Boston… difficult to like, but lucky for Beantown, Thee Bird legacy lives there.

From “The Chupacabras” Adventures in Bretagne, which is basically a Celtic stronghold.


Franck Riester, please relay to LA Segnora Roma, that Chavelita “pura vida” has a message for her Bureau.


A 2008, Mean Streak 1600 special California Edition… you people call it “marauder” and it only has 1500 CC’s.

And, Denisa Kerschova, Eye is here to inform france musique that Öüï, that motherfucker, doesn’t do “Simples changements d’adresse”, let the record show, segnora Ministro, Sylvie Retailleau, that like that Black History month expert (February, except in the Great State of THEE Arizona Sun’s), Pap Ndiaye², D.A.T., Armando Segovia, a most distinguished researcher in the Continental U.S., and Hawaii también!!! Doesn’t do “simple moves”, that shit is for Chess players. Check, please ✔️

².~ Señor Ministro Ndiaye, please relay to your friend, THEE Président du Morena-francia, El señor Sergio Ávalos, without forgetting his spokesWoman, “Ugly Betty” to go fuck themselves… I Was and Remain, SIRIUS, and those fuckers are not, they are in it for El Hueso, they are descendants from “los Perros del Sol Azteca”, period.

And, madame VilleNET at FIP central, Clifford was a Redd Dog that went the way of Jimmy Dean… motherfuckers were turned into HOT DOGS, just like Tom Cruz 🛩️… atteNta mEnTe:

El Señor de Los Cielos


Gonna shoot heroine into my vains now, please jump to Page mañana.


Please stand-by for the Shiff’t on Deadline


preciosa-francia: Karmenn

Al regresar en Radio La Nueva República:

El Ple_bello

Retransmisión vía Radio Fréquence Paris Pluriel en ISSY-de- Roland Garros, sede del ESCP y la Cámara de Comercio de París, casi esquina con la Línea 12 en CORENTIN CELTON, y el seminario de San Vincent de los pobres… Hey, preacher! Leave “Les Frères Voisin” alone…🧱

En El Perú, Florence Cassez tiene secuestrado al presidente de los de los literatos de La Ciudad de Los Perros. ⏳

Sponsored by « la radio de los dos pueblos, de El Perú en París » en La Rue del Pavillón de Puebla en Buttes Chaumont (19éme).

Corso Libre contraXcultura, en MiraFlores, de Lima {Oh-hi_oH} en El Perú… de La Préfecture… de Japón.

Juanito Guanavacoa had the They off.

Uno de lengua, por favor.

Carmen Aristegui

En fin, lo bueno de la “experiencia de Morena en México” es de que ellos si saben emular al PRI en su forma de gobernar, y mientras todo cambia todo sigue igual. Pero no se lo vayan a decir al conferencista de Morena en Francia, eso amerita la excomulgación del partido.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2022/02/05 /estados /hallan-16-cuerpos-sin-vida-en-zacatecas/ cuelgan 6 cadáveres en postes

SciencePo… salutes Ewe’all en Castellano. DACCA records, CA-NAH+DaDa, Kahn-Nah+DaDa, Hey–Hey_Hey_güey: HELLO/Good Bye.

Ya ve usted lo que le pasó a don Gilberto Bosques por andarse juntando con La Loba del Mal (así dicen los que la vieron), se le subieron las pulgas. Por un lado las presiónes de la entonces pre campaña presidencial del 2011, el compromiso de La Primavera Árabe, el hijo de Sicilia, y por si sobrara menos, jurar lealtad al entonces “legítimo presidente de México”, Andrés Manuel López Obrador. Al parecer, de allí surgió el cisma entre los tres miembros activos de La Asociación Gilberto Bosques Paris³, extra oficialmente el asunto llegó en forma de un mémorandum calumniador al escritorio del consejero del banco de dicha asociación. Por equis razones que ya no recuerdo, la parte de morena-francia en la asociación Gilberto Bosques Paris (Sergio Ávalos, presidente; Georgina Moreno, conserje o algo así) exigía al banco que se le retiraran los privilegios de cuenta a la tesorera de la Asociación Gilberto Bosques Paris.

Guatemala, via Barcelona, en El 20éme… Nevermind the bannonizing of The Classics, here comes the ‘could have Beans’.

Lo cierto es de que así como con Jorge Saldaña, quien defendía a garra y diente la causa de La Nueva República, él también aclaraba en el mismo chingazo que él no votaría por AMLO, y pues así más o menos con ALICIA LEOS, tesorera de La Asociación Gilberto Bosques Paris y que por aquellos entonces pasó las manifestaciones debatiendo si se convertía en intérprete de música religiosa en Francia, o en activista de tiempo completo en El Frente Amplio de Los Amigos por La Paz de Izquierda con Justicia y Dignidad de 132 hashtags y 43 estudiantes desaparcidos y uno desolladoo algo así.


³.~ Ley del 1 de julio de1901 (Francia)

Hey, Sweet Fingers

Fo’ the record: Öüï’s outdoors, and like Hô-Chi-Minh (that son-of-a-bitch), Eye has been on the floor, the underground, and yes… even “la” bendita Casa de “la” América latina en Saint Germain-des-Près…but today being Tuesday, ya-Tu-sabe’ Georgina… “ni te cases ni t’embarquez”.

Got’cha… motherfucker!

To Be Continued… AMLO: El Mejor Presidente. En Las Rocas, Öüï will put that motherfucker to the TEST.

  1. Operarán en México cuatro mandos y nueve agentes de la DEA

  2. https://twitter.com/SegoArma/status/1468245062505091086

“And Eye quotes”… Murder By Numbers

— Eins:

Courtesy of El Periódico del Pueblo… Fast and Furious was for fags.

— Due:

— Sān


And Cousin Joe… do They know that it is All Saints They?

And Lindsey Reiser, did you know that DIAZ is short for PIMA County? Ask any Yaqui in Sonora, back in the THEYS of the Civil War. Now fast-forward to 2021 and ask AMLO what a fuck is going on with the WaWa for “indians” in them SANDS.

Ah, yes… el hombre perfecto. I am KNOT making this up, check the lore.

Over on the FIP section of the Jazz it’s: DOÑA CLITORIS, and per last night’s instructions CharLotte will Arrive! OH SHE’S AH-COMING ALRIGHT.

https ://www .fip .fr /emissions /club-jazzafip /club-jazzafip-du-dimanche-31-octobre-2021

Tonight however, Öüï is bound by LAW to relay to EWE’all, that the SIREN over at fip dot fr has a Hair up hertailAsk Shirley, Chuck… Eye is a vegetarian, not a Superman.

Eye tell {s} Ewe what³… here’s the formula:

ISSY, don Porfi invented the TRAINS in México way back when, and in the Right Here Now AMLO wants the TRAINS for himselfand the Energy Sector, and The Education Front, and of course THE MONOPOLY of the NATIONAL GUARD. LEviaTHAN or whatever HOBBS named it, was a FAG (punto y coma) Sin Celery. CALVIN.

  1. It took a Tall One to See, IT!
  2. Two 2 Bee live, IT!
  3. Tree³ to… anyone?

And Lindsey Rieser… don’t belive anything that Peter Alexander says, he goes to Scotland and starts a revolution for a parking violation and a dent on his Car. And if you are wondering what this is all about, then you need to go to our Twitter Crutch to KETCH UP with 2013 and how AMLO became CHàVez… without wearing a uniform or paying attention at LA U.N.A.M. (14 years, AMLO… 14 YEARS!!!).


Meanwhile at La Division 4 of Section 1 of el cementerio de Montparnasse —a un lado de Jacques Chirac final resting place— ni una flor para EL Embajador, and that’s why I got you a pot from the TRASH next door.

#YoSoy132-Académicos Francia (punto y coma) fair Use of media | image | photo. For educational purposes.
Una cortesía del ‘Proceso’ de investigación, —if you will. —_-_— For the record this is a FiFo from the archives just to show WHERE THEY AT?

³./ … Three to Just Get In The Güey, silly… {D}illy.

Intermedio with The Vampire – y ese pinche “guíoncito”

£orem ipsum

SissyPussy remains Solidaire with 🇨🇺… for the occasion, SissyPussy had a mojito®️ en La Ciudad de Paris vía Barcelonnette, on her güey from Cannes.

La Asociación 1901 de Gilberto Bosques en París, celebrated Cuba’s resistance by staging a performance show at La Villette, vicinity Puebla Gardens y, simón Bolivar, Alemania y los Flamencos acaban de valer Belgas con Tláloc… Ewe ain’t seen nuttin’ yet, Signores.

—_•!•_— But enough about Mexican exceptionalism at L’HESS, L’IHEAL, La Sorbonne and off-course: at the one and only SciencesPo… va’Por ti MediaPART 🗯 via LCI 📰 TV February 2017, and Pablito… you are going to like the way you look, but first Eye must introduce you to the opposite side of Sesame Street (🎶 I can show Ewe how to get to Sesame Street… just ask the Muppets in Juvisy-sur-orge

Context follows… “prefiero ser homosexual,—que un maricón”, según Pablito en una tarde del mes de abril, o de mayo… no me acuerdo muy bien habrá que preguntarle al señor que estaba al lado de don Pablo Bartolomé, cuando Pablito estaba clavando un calvito y practicando el trablenguas de los Spaghettis Spagnoles de los Morricones 

https ://muppet .fandom .com /wiki /Category :The_Muppets_Characters


Barrera de SOL — Mar de Cortés

En contexto, i promised Juan Carlos Ojeda, the aforementioned lópez-obradorista in París, that i would mention his name on my blog, per his request. Along with that commitment i also warned him that i would relay a fragment of our exchange of ideas, jokes, music, history and, about this MYTHICAL PLACE that much like the state of Tlaxcala (which does Knot exist) he tells me that he is from. The name of that location is called Baja California Sur, and if it wasn’t for Sammy Hagar, and his CABO WABO Cantina, La Paz would be like those far-away galaxies on the Other Side of Mars. 

Pedro, until someone meets me and realizes how passionate I am with Roosters they won’t know what kind of person I am so people can say what they want and I will try not to get upset but I can truly say that I am strong advocate on catch and release of roosters!!!

Pedro, hasta que alguien me conozca y se de cuenta cuan apasionado soy con los gallos no sabran que tipo de persona soy. La gente puede decir lo que quiera y tratare de no molestarme pero puedo sinceramente decir que soy un fuerte defensor del C&R de los gallos!!!

http ://www .dondepescar .com /dondepescar /851-impresionante_pez_gallo%2C_surf_fishing

Bueno señores, esta [sic] aclarado como sucedieron las cosas.

End of Part One of… buscando a Pedro en SANTA CRUZ.

Let It BLeeD… sponsored by Vania

Hoy no hubo Black Panther. ONCA follows, and at La promenade des Anglais in Old Nice, a certain MARBLE MAN with ties to the best built chimneys in the PACA region cannot LET Me tell a lie, because it’s TROU!!!

The following is a public service announcement:

Puzzle piece N°: 697A8214-49FE-4012-90A5-0F6800B2EF2B 🔊 Deer, Residents of WAKANDA, nevermind the Hype, and in advance of today’s Goncourt’s book feature, All Apologies, because Eye has seen this movie aussi³. it played at THE JAZZ FESTIVAL à La Défense (2014), when A Certain SAX player from Ciudad Juárez (Chihuahua) México was awarded the Keys to the City.

And in Paris, Virginie is trowing away the White Scarfs, and the abandoned daughter of Jewel is pulling all the Stops on the Presse with a Sports coat on the frame. In Washington, Brian Williams can check Öüï whenever it is deemed appropriate.

Listen Up, OHIO, 🗣 Without FELA KUTI there is no such thing as a “RAM on The RUN”.


Hey, Hot Scarf… all i need is a PINT a They!

🎶 …[N]eurotic to the point of 🗣🔊

Dear France, the only way that you can beat me is when i fall a sleep, when YOUR “V…ery French” minions cheat on the « test », or when you pull the MONARCH effect. I sincerely hope that it is not the latter, because you will unleash the IRE of “el Patrón”, i guarantee it. But, yes, if you play like in 1934 you will crush me, allowing with that move that a new Hitler appears and finishes the job that Will Make You Look “V…ery” Good without me. Have-at-it, Marianne, you too have seen that movie before. And then you wonder why some « paysans » in Alsace believe that “Lizard People” exist.

And, Cousin Joe, lest you forget that incident where the Buzzfeed crowd from February the 5th of 2016 (now “collaborating” with The New York Times) at The Unesco, then you will forget how the “intermezzo” poster was used by then Republican candidate, Donald J. Trump to jump onto the stage. Witt this in mind, please do consider the following:

The only good thing that came out of the Trump mini-series is that The Lincoln Project POLITICAL ACTION commitTEE collaborators became “V…ery very rich” in that process.

But then again, you dumb blind country lawyer, don’t forget that “Loki is the god of mischief”… Willie Geist told you so.

_ am I just paranoid, yada, yada, yada, hope you had the time of your life 🎵🎵🎵

Y tu mamá también, with Mateo García and Gastón* Robles follows, but If-and-ONLY “If”, continues and/or remains at the Side of The Road, con don Andrés… CALAMARO! Cabrones, knot “con el otro güey” dizQue “Obrador ».

* Some of the actors names HAVE BEEN CHANGED to protect the cast of characters from the shade of El Chivo Lubezki

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Germán_Robles


Joaquín Murrieta era mexicano. Walt Disney turned his life into the Scripts for “Zorro” and Pablo Neruda es puto…  y los detectives salvajes are a bunch of fags, period and Holà.

In Paris, France: If, and ONLY IF, BFMTV would follow the historicity of JOUR et NUIT* and La Mairie de Paris (2011-2015) from the bottom of the Eiffel Tower to the back of The Statue of Saint-Michel, then, mi querida « Hot Pants » BFMTV would understand the difference between an abandon PUBLIC BUILDING and a Home Alone.

* Alejandro “Saga” Salazar and his wife Morgana, the proprietors of Jour et Nuit Espace Culturelle, will and CANNOT, let me tell a lie. Los TRAIDORES de México used to play there and even they, stopped playing FANDANGO when Sergio “el bailador » y su comadre Georgina moved in…to the Gilberto Bosques abandoned house in MARSEILLE.

BUT FO’ist… i don’t think BFMTV knows what the term “squattors” means, what they think that the term Squat means, but then that’s their fucking job. Here’s a proposition, the Germans that occupied the homes of French citizens when The “V…ichy French*” looked the other way are not squatters, hence the term “occupied” used in this paragraph as a KEY delimiter; The Spanish Resistance who squatted abandoned buildings were filling-in necessary SPACES on the scene of La Seine.

In case you missed it, here’s a Note to non-readers, the “V” in the “V…ichy French” of course delimits those that i refer to as, The V…ery French.

Dangling Participle: John Mill Ackerman, situational opportunist

Note to editors:
Although the following are branches from the same tree, there are nuances that separate a “Los Amigos de México en Francia” from the « Mexican Bananero Club in Paris », so know your chicken, Cibo Mato.

Coming up on the PBS “Smooth Ruckus” Hour, with Yamice Alcindoor… Claire McCass sits on the edge of Peach and eats a Seat!!! _—•!•—_ GEORGIA, Georgia,  Georgia 🎻 And in Washington, at the BIG BOARD, i shot you Knot, the World learnt that from the very beginning it has been, Adam and Steve. It’s called intelligent design and it’s only on the Peacock Brand. Check local listings for BriWi.

“🎶 Here they Come—the beautiful ones,
the beautiful ones, ya’ ya’ ya’—yea”

The London Suede… not to be confused with The Swede del don.


To synch–in with the Panafricanism in France, the police in Kenosha, Wisconsin (just below Canada) cleared the police officer who crippled a black man to a life-on-wheels.

https ://www .fox6now .com /news /wi-national-guard-mobilized-to-preserve-public-safety-in-kenosha

For the record, i don’t have the pleasure of knowing Estefanía Veloz, Gibran Ramírez, and Lorenzo Meyer, but I do know John Mill Ackerman, and I don’t care what the Mexican Bananero Club in Paris (morenaFrancia) say or not say about my time as an independent reporter in France (2011-2015) because i did tell you all that PROFESSOR John Mill Ackerman was getting paid “under the table”, in a certain kind of way, and now that The World of Le Monde at La Sorbonne is aware that he is an “organic intellectual” or, « SITUATIONAL OPPORTUNIST » with a Ph.D in populist propaganda courtesy of The REPUBLIC OF FRANCE, i am going to explain to JULIAN ASSANGE why he should accept Mexico’s offer to go live the rest of his life in the NUDE paradise known as Zipolite, Oaxaca.

But first, señor Julián, i have to explain to my counselor at El Patron’s house why.

And here is why, counselor:

Lorem Ipsum … there are many, many, many, —muchos, pues— ways for which a person might get trapped in the situations that the benevolent class in France call, misery, which should not be confused with homelessness, vagrancy, substance abuse and/or dependency, and all of the things that get attached to what La Jornada’s Paris contributor, Vilma Fuentes describes to her readers around the world, as las idiosincrasias and/or QUIRKS de « los clochards ».

Misery, i would suggest is at a different depth and it is very specific. You could find yourself without a home or minus a roof over your head and not be miserable. Your stomach might growl at you, or behave in very strange and sometimes explosive way (literally) and still not be miserable. Rain, cold, heat, humidity might catch you outdoors without the proper gear and still, —not make you miserable.

In other words, all of the above conditions might make you mad, uncomfortable, or can even put you in pain; but miserable, well miserable is when you cross a certain threshold after a certain period and/or seasons of living under mitigating circumstances and conditions and, (this is important) you have a shift in the way that you used to think.

It’s when your purpose and ideals (if one ever had any to begin with) go to shit not for decisions made under the auspices of a thing called AGENCY, but because of the agencies who protect corrupt so-called “Organic Intellectuals” or bonafide soft-dictatorships like the one that i was writing about from 2012 to 2017 just before i really–really, really, really got to know the Streets of Bakersfield in Paris, France… if you are into Country music and all those miserable themes.