Intermedio with The Vampire

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SissyPussy remains Solidaire with 🇨🇺… for the occasion, SissyPussy had a mojito®️ en La Ciudad de Paris vía Barcelonnette, on her güey from Cannes.

La Asociación 1901 de Gilberto Bosques en París, celebrated Cuba’s resistance by staging a performance show at La Villette, vicinity Puebla Gardens y, simón Bolivar, Alemania y los Flamencos acaban de valer Belgas con Tláloc… Ewe ain’t seen nuttin’ yet, Signores.

—_•!•_— But enough about Mexican exceptionalism at L’HESS, L’IHEAL, La Sorbonne and off-course: at the one and only SciencesPo… va’Por ti MediaPART 🗯 via LCI 📰 TV February 2017, and Pablito… you are going to like the way you look, but first Eye must introduce you to the opposite side of Sesame Street (🎶 I can show Ewe how to get to Sesame Street… just ask the Muppets in Juvisy-sur-orge

Context follows… “prefiero ser homosexual,—que un maricón”, según Pablito en una tarde del mes de abril, o de mayo… no me acuerdo muy bien habrá que preguntarle al señor que estaba al lado de don Pablo Bartolomé, cuando Pablito estaba clavando un calvito y practicando el trablenguas de los Spaghettis Spagnoles de los Morricones 

https ://muppet .fandom .com /wiki /Category :The_Muppets_Characters


Barrera de SOL — Mar de Cortés

En contexto, i promised Juan Carlos Ojeda, the aforementioned lópez-obradorista in París, that i would mention his name on my blog, per his request. Along with that commitment i also warned him that i would relay a fragment of our exchange of ideas, jokes, music, history and, about this MYTHICAL PLACE that much like the state of Tlaxcala (which does Knot exist) he tells me that he is from. The name of that location is called Baja California Sur, and if it wasn’t for Sammy Hagar, and his CABO WABO Cantina, La Paz would be like those far-away galaxies on the Other Side of Mars. 

Pedro, until someone meets me and realizes how passionate I am with Roosters they won’t know what kind of person I am so people can say what they want and I will try not to get upset but I can truly say that I am strong advocate on catch and release of roosters!!!

Pedro, hasta que alguien me conozca y se de cuenta cuan apasionado soy con los gallos no sabran que tipo de persona soy. La gente puede decir lo que quiera y tratare de no molestarme pero puedo sinceramente decir que soy un fuerte defensor del C&R de los gallos!!!

http ://www .dondepescar .com /dondepescar /851-impresionante_pez_gallo%2C_surf_fishing

Bueno señores, esta [sic] aclarado como sucedieron las cosas.

End of Part One of… buscando a Pedro en SANTA CRUZ.

Let It BLeeD… sponsored by Vania

Hoy no hubo Black Panther. ONCA follows, and at La promenade des Anglais in Old Nice, a certain MARBLE MAN with ties to the best built chimneys in the PACA region cannot LET Me tell a lie, because it’s TROU!!!

The following is a public service announcement:

Puzzle piece N°: 697A8214-49FE-4012-90A5-0F6800B2EF2B 🔊 Deer, Residents of WAKANDA, nevermind the Hype, and in advance of today’s Goncourt’s book feature, All Apologies, because Eye has seen this movie aussi³. it played at THE JAZZ FESTIVAL à La Défense (2014), when A Certain SAX player from Ciudad Juárez (Chihuahua) México was awarded the Keys to the City.

And in Paris, Virginie is trowing away the White Scarfs, and the abandoned daughter of Jewel is pulling all the Stops on the Presse with a Sports coat on the frame. In Washington, Brian Williams can check Öüï whenever it is deemed appropriate.

Listen Up, OHIO, 🗣 Without FELA KUTI there is no such thing as a “RAM on The RUN”.


Hey, Hot Scarf… all i need is a PINT a They!

🎶 …[N]eurotic to the point of 🗣🔊

Dear France, the only way that you can beat me is when i fall a sleep, when YOUR “V…ery French” minions cheat on the « test », or when you pull the MONARCH effect. I sincerely hope that it is not the latter, because you will unleash the IRE of “el Patrón”, i guarantee it. But, yes, if you play like in 1934 you will crush me, allowing with that move that a new Hitler appears and finishes the job that Will Make You Look “V…ery” Good without me. Have-at-it, Marianne, you too have seen that movie before. And then you wonder why some « paysans » in Alsace believe that “Lizard People” exist.

And, Cousin Joe, lest you forget that incident where the Buzzfeed crowd from February the 5th of 2016 (now “collaborating” with The New York Times) at The Unesco, then you will forget how the “intermezzo” poster was used by then Republican candidate, Donald J. Trump to jump onto the stage. Witt this in mind, please do consider the following:

The only good thing that came out of the Trump mini-series is that The Lincoln Project POLITICAL ACTION commitTEE collaborators became “V…ery very rich” in that process.

But then again, you dumb blind country lawyer, don’t forget that “Loki is the god of mischief”… Willie Geist told you so.

_ am I just paranoid, yada, yada, yada, hope you had the time of your life 🎵🎵🎵

Y tu mamá también, with Mateo García and Gastón* Robles follows, but If-and-ONLY “If”, continues and/or remains at the Side of The Road, con don Andrés… CALAMARO! Cabrones, knot “con el otro güey” dizQue “Obrador ».

* Some of the actors names HAVE BEEN CHANGED to protect the cast of characters from the shade of El Chivo Lubezki

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Germán_Robles


Joaquín Murrieta era mexicano. Walt Disney turned his life into the Scripts for “Zorro” and Pablo Neruda es puto…  y los detectives salvajes are a bunch of fags, period and Holà.

In Paris, France: If, and ONLY IF, BFMTV would follow the historicity of JOUR et NUIT* and La Mairie de Paris (2011-2015) from the bottom of the Eiffel Tower to the back of The Statue of Saint-Michel, then, mi querida « Hot Pants » BFMTV would understand the difference between an abandon PUBLIC BUILDING and a Home Alone.

* Alejandro “Saga” Salazar and his wife Morgana, the proprietors of Jour et Nuit Espace Culturelle, will and CANNOT, let me tell a lie. Los TRAIDORES de México used to play there and even they, stopped playing FANDANGO when Sergio “el bailador » y su comadre Georgina moved in…to the Gilberto Bosques abandoned house in MARSEILLE.

BUT FO’ist… i don’t think BFMTV knows what the term “squattors” means, what they think that the term Squat means, but then that’s their fucking job. Here’s a proposition, the Germans that occupied the homes of French citizens when The “V…ichy French*” looked the other way are not squatters, hence the term “occupied” used in this paragraph as a KEY delimiter; The Spanish Resistance who squatted abandoned buildings were filling-in necessary SPACES on the scene of La Seine.

In case you missed it, here’s a Note to non-readers, the “V” in the “V…ichy French” of course delimits those that i refer to as, The V…ery French.

Dangling Participle: John Mill Ackerman, situational opportunist

Note to editors:
Although the following are branches from the same tree, there are nuances that separate a “Los Amigos de México en Francia” from the « Mexican Bananero Club in Paris », so know your chicken, Cibo Mato.

Coming up on the PBS “Smooth Ruckus” Hour, with Yamice Alcindoor… Claire McCass sits on the edge of Peach and eats a Seat!!! _—•!•—_ GEORGIA, Georgia,  Georgia 🎻 And in Washington, at the BIG BOARD, i shot you Knot, the World learnt that from the very beginning it has been, Adam and Steve. It’s called intelligent design and it’s only on the Peacock Brand. Check local listings for BriWi.

“🎶 Here they Come—the beautiful ones,
the beautiful ones, ya’ ya’ ya’—yea”

The London Suede… not to be confused with The Swede del don.


To synch–in with the Panafricanism in France, the police in Kenosha, Wisconsin (just below Canada) cleared the police officer who crippled a black man to a life-on-wheels.

https ://www .fox6now .com /news /wi-national-guard-mobilized-to-preserve-public-safety-in-kenosha

For the record, i don’t have the pleasure of knowing Estefanía Veloz, Gibran Ramírez, and Lorenzo Meyer, but I do know John Mill Ackerman, and I don’t care what the Mexican Bananero Club in Paris (morenaFrancia) say or not say about my time as an independent reporter in France (2011-2015) because i did tell you all that PROFESSOR John Mill Ackerman was getting paid “under the table”, in a certain kind of way, and now that The World of Le Monde at La Sorbonne is aware that he is an “organic intellectual” or, « SITUATIONAL OPPORTUNIST » with a Ph.D in populist propaganda courtesy of The REPUBLIC OF FRANCE, i am going to explain to JULIAN ASSANGE why he should accept Mexico’s offer to go live the rest of his life in the NUDE paradise known as Zipolite, Oaxaca.

But first, señor Julián, i have to explain to my counselor at El Patron’s house why.

And here is why, counselor:

Lorem Ipsum … there are many, many, many, —muchos, pues— ways for which a person might get trapped in the situations that the benevolent class in France call, misery, which should not be confused with homelessness, vagrancy, substance abuse and/or dependency, and all of the things that get attached to what La Jornada’s Paris contributor, Vilma Fuentes describes to her readers around the world, as las idiosincrasias and/or QUIRKS de « los clochards ».

Misery, i would suggest is at a different depth and it is very specific. You could find yourself without a home or minus a roof over your head and not be miserable. Your stomach might growl at you, or behave in very strange and sometimes explosive way (literally) and still not be miserable. Rain, cold, heat, humidity might catch you outdoors without the proper gear and still, —not make you miserable.

In other words, all of the above conditions might make you mad, uncomfortable, or can even put you in pain; but miserable, well miserable is when you cross a certain threshold after a certain period and/or seasons of living under mitigating circumstances and conditions and, (this is important) you have a shift in the way that you used to think.

It’s when your purpose and ideals (if one ever had any to begin with) go to shit not for decisions made under the auspices of a thing called AGENCY, but because of the agencies who protect corrupt so-called “Organic Intellectuals” or bonafide soft-dictatorships like the one that i was writing about from 2012 to 2017 just before i really–really, really, really got to know the Streets of Bakersfield in Paris, France… if you are into Country music and all those miserable themes.


National Awareness Frida Theys — Impuestos Sin Representación

Al Ritmo de Cha–Cha con Marimba, —mo•re•na.


Just like Loret de Mola

Just like Loret de Mola .:. C151FB29-4D22-4269-A563-96AE64783E3B 🍐 🎶 Se escasearon las peras y aparecen los Chayotes.

Morena… La pera* de México.

https ://old .reddit .com /r /photoshopbattles /comments /hm05bg /psbattle_this_creased_pear/

Indeed, John Mill Ackerman, indeed.

Indeed, John Mill Ackerman, indeed. .:. 33A5E27E-48DE-443E-BB61-00751C9B886B ✈️💺 Mexicans can’t even DREAM a little, dream, because a El Mayordomo de Chapultepec solamente le interesa el futuro de su nieto en Kentucky/Texas… look it up, Alicia Menendez, look–IT–up! 📸 Foto cortesía de la AFP.


* Esperanza = Pera, asi como Aurelia = Chela.

180° from 2020 to 2011 … Pateando Piedras

The good thing about this blog is that former Attorney General, Eric Holder, does not read it, but the best feeling about writing this sketch from Paris, France, right now, in 2020, is that we get to revisit 2011 for The PRESIDENT of the Administrative Tribunal in Paris.


*revolution .::. 3C64C2EA-FB3D-45D6-B477-C309B32F19E6 💨 “Ahhhhhh—you say you want a revolution, oh well…”, please refer to item *227, then give Mí, a call.

For the record, “Fast & Furious“ one of the very consequential political threads that lead me, Armando Segovia, to knock on the door of the French Consulate in Los Angeles, California, in 2010 to see about documenting a Six–Year POLITICAL ELECTION PROCESS in Paris, during the Year of Mexico in France IS BACK IN THE NEWS.

Indeed, for all intent and purposes, it could be argued that during the Spring of 2011, the political party of the current Mexican President, Andrés M. López Obrador, was not officially constituted… but they (morena) did navigate Paris with the multi-purpose flag of a “Frente Amplio”, and the very mention of asking a question that included the words “Mexican army and Ciudad Juárez”, could and would get anybody blacklisted from “el movimiento”, which would in 2018 be renamed “La Cuarta Transformación”.

La nota de Bernardo

La nota de Pantalion Films en Santa Monica de Churubusco, California. .::. 69F1A23E-74B4-49A1-8A92-71D9C07F768C 🌬 Paragraph V: In the diplomatic scribbles, ambassador (chancellor) Ebrard pointed out that U.S. (governmental) agencies show that the operation (Fast & furious) bagan its implementation towards the end of 2009 (during the governments of Calderón and Obama).

At this point in this section of the blog it should be noted that the focus of this post will not be on the forner Attorney General of The United States and the ATF’s involvement on a Crisis called “Fast & Furious”, sorry about that; but i will revisit AMLO’s people issue with getting the Mexican army back on the streets.

Additionally, it should be noted that along with that particular presidential decree (the army on the streets) AMLO’s Foreign Relations minister (and former Hillary Clinton‘s Latino outreach go-to-guy) is requesting from THE TRUMP administration that they release all of the files and records available regarding the weapons running program Rápido y furioso. How convenient, eh‽  The government of Mexico opening old wounds to dismiss any criticism from one of the promises that got AMLO the top post in the Mexican federation, while indirectly hitting the flanks of the Obama Administration on the same 72 hours of the week when Donald John Trump is letting his personal political lawyer, attorney general William Barr, loose on a lie called “obama gate”.

Why it matters… after a nap, i’ll let you know, but before that here is a paraphrased echo from 2016:

If someone tells you that they have the Mexican vote, you better believe that MARCELO is going to fight for it.


Dangling Participles 101 • Intro to Tying the known unknowns

Robin Hood dix it!

Robin Hood dix it! So don’t go shooting the flute player, the drum beater or that guideon bearer; It’s  Time for the Brickmakers March in Emmaus, PA, via la Rue des Bourdonnais… on the msnbc’s. (You love mí, you really really love mí).

April 2011

Ras de Bol en Trocadéro meets “Estamos hasta la madre” en el Instituto Cervantes de París.

Señor, Jean–Luc Mélenchon, « Peut-être n’est qu’un simple hasard… », Maíz! usted tiene que ver esto

“It Don’t Mean a Thing…

Deer, Chris Hayes

Deer, Chris Hayes .::. 00E4E839-1E60-477E-B37A-A83CC66FC7B4 🌚 You know, Willie Geist, it’s a good thing that the All In crowd FINALLY understands the role of D.A.T. “dead chunk of rock” that it’s up D.A.R.E. in the sky; that is to say, Chris Hayes, öüï are glad that your network is finally FOLLOWING on Ozzy’s instructions: BARK at The Moon! — Motherfucker!

_if it ain’t got the Sioux (Anishinaabe).

Brief context, I, armando segovia/armando serrano prieto know that you remember me*, Mr. Mélenchon, y como un cambio de tercio, le aseguro que mi pedo no es con usted, as a matter of fact Eye likes you, it is just that among your “pueblo parisino” y algunos negritos, there seems to be the RACIST notion that they are immune to the COVID–19 spread, which öüï [the staff of este puto y tan intranscendente blog] believe that it is a ridiculous notion, just like the John Mill Ackerman nation.

* Jean–Luc Detonando:
« Descending angel
NSFW pero,
la lumière est Capitale »

Previously on: Aventures in interpretations

Previously on: Aventures in interpretations .::. E4F200D2-A7FA-4B85-A4D4-75BE4C770300 🗺 « It is said that the cries of children playing in this square wake up tiny larvae of sleeping insects in this wall of their holein this hole in their wall and go in search of the RUCKUS that gave them back their life. Perhaps it is merely a coincidence, but generally, the path they travel form letters which, if pronounced loud enough, would strangely prolong the SHOUTS and Songs of the children ».

Now, Mr. Mélenchon, with regards to this motherfucking context, nosotros aquí en el staff rogamos que su antiguo representante latinoamericano en su antiguo partido antes de transformarse en un insumiso, tenga en cuenta de que nuestro tan intrascendente contenido en este puto borrador al que la Prefectura de París nos relegó abarca desde el mes de febrero del 2011 hasta el mes de septiembre del 2015.


Dreams .::. 0034EFD8-D5EE-48A3-B97C-6BB5D915967A 🎧 Don’t Dream it’s over.

Breaking the news. Destiny drops Bernie out of the Race, and Trump’s future despite all of his failures gets the All Clear for another four more years. The Rockefeller Center is now in celebration mode since no matter who wins in November of 2020 Wall Street and Big Business WINS. Reached for comment, former Florida congressman, Charles Joseph Scarborough said that, “the Bernie Sanders blackout on the Networks paid off big time for my bottom line”, adding that the 40 year-old virgin and, BIDEN Whisperer, Mike Memoli was finally going to get to attend his first communion, “after tonight’s Deadline Washington with Nicolle Wallace, Mike Memoli will no longer be known as the 40 year-old virgin”, said an exuberant Cousin Joe to a giddy Willie Geist.

WHO Watches The Watchmen?

WHO Watches The Watchmen? .::. 1570F43F-2A9F-4FB8-ADBA-94D4B6247D23 🗳 The wives club, of course¹.

Context will continue to follow, but FOist! It’s 4 O’clock in New York, and Mike Memoli is having his “primera comunión”.

1. Juvenal Satires. https :// /wiki /Quis_custodiet_ipsos_custodes

¡Hey, Negrita! — One güey or another

Dang it! You play dirty pool, Ms. Reid. Nothing good can come out of Boston!!! Except for the Wahlbergs and of course:


#baldnation .:. A44F588D-2868-4417-85A7-FD5E217F3D9D 👨🏼‍🦲 Eye don’t know which ‘Baldwin’ said it, probably —McManus— in any Case and/or FONT, that dang–on Baldwin said it well:
Ignorance, allied with power, is the most ferocious enemy justice can have. – James Baldwin #AMJoy, and of course, Phil Griffin is a fag! #theusualsuspects ; #theReturnofFensterTheCopyEditor

Futuro Pelo @ Fip

But speak of the Devil, sources close to those dang–on Sirens at Radio France all agree, beefour there was a Coachella Rock Fest for the VoBo’ Americanos, D.A.R.E. was:

The Kucheza Blues and Sunday Afternoon Saxophone Jamz Sessions up in the Sky

Real Men Watch puppies play Foot Bawl

Real Men Watch puppies play Foot Bawl .:. 9FC6A78F-5985-4546-AA01-0865F810E37E 🐾  Fuentes close to doña Vilma can confirm that Eye watches exclusively for the Kitty Half-Thyme Show, this year’s musical guest is Pussyfer López, —MEAOW!!!

You have WON this round, Miss Joy (if that’s your real name) but fo’ The Record, that Floribama Blind Choir Boy is Barred, —You R.E.A.D.‽— BARRED from using “Puppy Bowl” snapshots come Feb. the THIRD, in Miami (armpit of the World) Ef-el-Ey.



Under extreme cuteness and other assorted adorable disarmament, öüï switch it over to Donald Trump’s guardian of the Peace on the Southern border of “the backyard” with Guatemala:

Dear, AMLO

Señor presidente, el señor Ted Danson siempre está en espera de un “company jet” en los NBC-esos, según lo que dice Sienfeld (Season 4; Episode 3), ahora bien, hijo de la gran Chingada, en caso de que mr. Peacock compre su chingada Cruz de Peña, le advierto que habrá un 15% de comisión para MÍguel. Así que ya sabe, sobre ganso no hay engaño… puro Foie-Gras. ¡Viva México!

¡Y Arriba MORENA–Francia (20122018)!

“Nos quieren desprestigiar”, la espada de Bolivar en París

Para la memoria, 2011 – 2016

Yo acuso: association GiBo París

Yo acuso: association GiBo París.:.46271C46-BFB6-4EE0-804F-2FC30367DDB9 •|•if you only knew that this “accidental impressionist … frame” is set to an Amnesty International Blues rola. -_- It goes like this: 🎶Pobres de los niños, que dolor me dan, etc., etc., etc… El TRI ; vía Three Souls in My Mind.

¿Hay periodistas asesinados?*


https ://asegovia3 .files

Entre zopilote y pterodáctilo

AMLO: Entre zopilote y pterodáctilo.:.46EB821D-E1EE-4E9C-870B-B0BCC733AE1D •|• Según el redactor de la 11ª oficina de la policía de París, una razón que merece ser escuchada y considerada por el presidente del tribunal administrativo del Islote de Francia (IdF por sus siglas en Instituto Cervantes) incluye nuestra asimilación y/o integración a la CULTURA francesa. We [the staff] on the other hand, would argue that, as a matter of fact, French Culture (which includes politics) mas bien se asimila o integra a nuestro contenido en éste tan intrascendente blog (which we aim to make about politics). POR EJEMPLO: In Recent Days, hasta la tal Marine Le Pen, promotora de valores hitlerianos en Francia, se pone despreocupadamente a proselitar con las referencias de un tal « caudillo », y/o “général victorieux” francés para defender recientes ataques en contra de mezquitas en territorio galo.

Peña Nieto, “entre Ave Fenix y pterodáctilo »:

Ma’Corina, le pen pon, Ma’Corina le pen pon—ponme Tu mano ISSY.

Chico Che y la crisis productions presents

Chico Che y la crisis productions presents.:.E423B1C7-C022-4619-89B4-5429A622680C •|• Le Pen, entre y tepocate pteradáctilo.

La Casa Latinoamericana en París y los personajes que la frecuentan.


Like the Knight Beefour

Like the Knight Beefour.:.0349AB59-F720-476F-A241-9A93ECFA4438

Periodística de investigación.


Full Gonzo with a box full of Venn diagrams, with enhanced reticles.

For the record

For the record, “~”.:.77BD993F-6242-4815-845A-6FF4025EADA8

* Rosario Piedra, person in Charge of Mexico’s National Commission on Human Rights. 12 de noviembre, 2019, after she was “sworn into office” (tomó protesta, pues) and when asked about what She Would do, with the issue of DEAD JOURNALISTS in Mexico.

Eddie Glou…‽ Is there an Eddie GloudE, JayAre in this bitch?


Thougher than Jaime Bonilla Thinks

Thougher than Jaime Bonilla and Mitch McConnell think.

Dear, MSNBC, this squad is bigger than four Flags.

That's what she's there to do

That’s what she’s there to do, which is to make the U.S. great for the FIRST TIME… and Tom Brokaw, the Military Industrial Complex ruined your “Greatest Generation” and gave Eddie Gloude the reason to remind Nicolle Wallace that there is a Cold Civil War going on.

Attention handlers, editors, Hijos de JOE McCarthy, y REPUBLICANOS del ex Secretario de la Defensa Nacional de George Bush, el ex C.I.A. Director, no el Evangelista George Bush quien lo hizo ponerse (a Dick Cheney) el traje de Batman para enternecer un poco y darle un corazón [de titanio] a ese señor.

El Ándale Man

El, ¡Ándale Man! (1987). En el metro de Monterrey, Nuevo Lyon, a ese churro se le rotuló cómo “Córrele, Güey”.

[The following must bee read in an Omar Sy voice, in the role, —of course— of Kevin Hart, who else? And the set is the game show reality featured in Governor Arnie’s “The Running Man”. The contestants are:

And Stevie goes:

And Stevie goes: In France, Les parisienes-esos are already “nostalgic” for the male fútbol team… just Sayin’ Katy Kay #6, just sayin’.

Professor Eddie Glaude Junior
Professor John Mill Ackerman]:

The U.S. is sending its criminals to mexico

The U.S. is sending its criminals to the Mexican Senate, trying to make Mexico “White Again”… but don’t worry Johnny My’Boy, The “American” press will never play RAYUELA TRIDIMENSIONAL .

— Which one of this two armchair “influencers” is going to win that Vacation to Punta Canah, en La República Dominicana?

[The set cuts to commercial]

… it’s a plug for the 45th President They

[The set is back]

— Our first contestant is Ackerman ; for the record, there are no titles in this contest, everybody here is a political Athlete.

PoliTicks, dice un frijol judio del Texas Monthly.


Igual, nada ni nadie se puede comparar con Dick Cheney, ni siquiera Vladymeer Pewtyn ; SIN EMBARGO, John Mill Ackerman, ¿será que luego de tocar BASE con Sergio Ávalos en los escalones del palacio de Tokio supiste mantenerte parejito en el rebaño, —y precisamente— porque Catalonio Barcelonnetto de Peralvillo te iba a “demandar”, asi cómo dicen los muy franceses, que por favor me cuadraras LA RADIO de el [AHORA] Senador ViTALICIO: HECTOR Jaime BONILLA?