You say you want an opposition? Never mind The ROME Statute for International Crime

Imagine, that.

Fortuna fortuita, from the wires:
The Vatican just revolutionized the way it investigates apparitions and other mystical phenomena around this Chica Mary and her holy hymen.


So… look!
Up in the Sky.
Last night,
the Sun, Jupiter and of course, Selene
are all lined up.
This trajectory is said to be in opposition…
just in case you want a REVOLUTION.

And starring as John Lennon — Saint Roch

Todos t’US Santos — Todos t”US Muertos

Then and Now follows… Page 182, ¶ 2: 
Le revêche Zoran, sur sa chaise roulante, passe de l’entrée du métro aux sous-sols des Halles. Je l’interpelle par son prénom ; le regard soupçonneux, il me dévisage sans me reconnaître. Je me présente. Il se renfrogne, hoche la tête et décline le contact. Parfois, il partage son bout de chaussée sous l’auvent du métro avec d’autres compagnons³ et sa radio. Il vieillit vite. La dernière fois, il dormait, cassé sur le rebord de son fauteuil dans un sous-sol quelconque du Forum des Halles, à côté d’un ascenseur. Ne dort-il jamais dans un lit ? Comment fait-il pour vivre à la rue, prisonnier de sa chaise ? Ces questions s’ouvrent sur un gouffre que je ne me sens pas le courage d’explorer.


All You Need Is Love…

And if you are in an Hilo, Hawaii, Time Frame of Mind, then you know that Cousin Joe is getting the SIT-REP about the West Bank Settlers (extremely racist JEWS) who are beating up Christian-faith Palestinians.

Over at The Left Bank in Paris, France, Öüï ketches-up with Marie-Ange Schiltz and PERSEUS, of all myths, who just cut a cyst below the knees of a time-keeping floosy with a particular taste for the stamp of Lys, à Montpellier-de-Languedoc.

https ://asegovia3 .com /2023/10/06 /the-fry-attachment-rate-by-francois-a-la-patate/

Love Is All You Need…
Page 182 P2:
The surly Zoran, in his wheelchair, moves from the metro entrance to the basement of Les Halles. I call him by his first name, he stares at me suspiciously without recognizing me. I introduce myself. He frowns, nods and declines contact. Occasionally, he shares his patch of pavement under a metro awning and his radio³, with other companions. He’s aging fast. The last time I saw him, he was asleep, broken on the edge of his armchair in a basement next to an elevator in the Forum des Halles. Does he ever sleep in a bed? How does he manage to live on the streets, trapped in his chair? These questions open up an abyss I don’t feel brave enough to explore.

The last time that Öüï touched base with Marie-Ange, she was strolling along Montparnasse, and running onto Brits on the streets, just as HAMAS would was getting ready to bite back the HAND 🫵 IN 🇮🇱  ISRAEL, which created that particular terrorist group in the FIRST PLACE.

Good thing it’s Friday, and Medhi Hasan has a clause in his contract to put Joe Scarborough in his fucking place. And, Lt. Col. Peter Lerner of the IDF thugs, you fed that bitch (HAMAS) now try to tame it.

You Israel, are the pyromaniac who started the fire 🔥 and now you want to be treated like a victim from the Israeli families, which you burned to death.

… All To°Get°Her, now.

 Context follows.

PMCS, if you know you know.


In local news, Fenster The Copy Writer is trying to figure out if mister Ruffin’s “Made in France“ Krups coffee machine version, of the “Made in China” Mains Libres Cup–o–Joe spewer, gets to have a PMCS session Évry other day or, does the French Senate just orders a new “Made in France” Krups Coffee Machine from “the darty”, every time that the damn percolating element gets clogged-up with over-filled coffee grains?

What says Ewe, mister Ruffin? WHO DESCALES YOUR “Made-in-France” presumptuous caffeine dispenser, and how much do these hypothetical “descalers” get paid?

… It’s just a cup of Joe that Paul broke, that’s all folks.


KRUPS FCM⚽Savoy (Made in China)

It’s Primetime in Hilo Hawaii… en décalage, et de quel ÂGE?

In Local news, pop-up artisans worked in double super-charged time to assemble the red carpet to for the monsters of Crack³

³~. Astro 🇦🇷 🍸del balompié, period. Es un LIO, pero así pasa cuando ISRAEL 🇮🇱 insists on being the Barbarians with the expensive weapons of mass destruction.

³~. Knot, to mention, Pau Paccard, the PHACT that ISRAELITE SETTLERS, are taking a PAGE from the MEXICAN narcos and sporting IDF uniforms’ to intimate the Palestinians in Cisjordania. That’s very Nazi of Israel.

Are you talking to me?

“Wednesday is sacrosanct for me.”

Short on Verbal Skills? Join a Very, Very, Very French FÚTBOL fan club

Drink to Bing, drink for Bing’s health 🍸.

Happiness is a Fall-back weekend.

Ewe talkin’ to Mí?
Cus’ Eye don’t see any body other than this fucking FAKIR, maddafakka!

In Local News, Eye swear that François Ruffin is the long lost Illegitimate Basterd’ garçon de Bobby De Nero.

In Hilo, Hawaii, there are still 15 minutes before The Happy Mondays, in Manhattan, Mika is already preaching just another Manic Monday, she wishes it was Sunday, because that’s her fun day.

El Guión°cito de Cité en Notre Dame des Victoires (Paris 2).

Happy Halloween 🎃 Did y’all get that ammo ready, you never know where the Wild Wild West is going to take your significant others. Keep on rocking in a Phree World.

And just in case I don’t see you again:

Have a nice afternoon,  ˈēv(ə)niNG, and good night.