Dear, Claire McCaskill… Now you know how

1. Now You know how the loosing side of a zealous family court feels when child Alienation syndrome sets in.

With All Due Respect, and specifically, you, —you now who you are— you are probably going to think that the following snapshot from our month of June theme: Resisting The Present, is about you, Mike, but it is not, it’s about Pablo.

“Excuse me, Eye just time-ported my stripes here from The Year of The Pig… what year is it?

In Local News, The Notorious RGB Centre Paris Anim’, formally known as, and Öüï is not making this up, the “ex les halles – les marais” just went 50 years back in time. Supreme Thomas just vowed to shrink that universe and flatten that world.

Shopping centre with 1,000 people inside devastated by Russian bomb


As this threat develops in real time, a simulation of Supreme Thomas threat was deployed on a similar SHOPPING CENTER not far from the RANGE OF a universe-shrinkin’, earth-flattenin’ Russian cruise missile.


And starring as Matisse – Mike the dog: Le chien à la patte noire.


2. Ask the lady at the Tournelle Bridge, the French (all frogs, btw) will guillotine your shoulder from your neck if you call a femme, woman!

One, two, five, four
Mí count so poor

(gonna count, gonna count, gonna count now)



3. FOUR, as in, 👌🏼{or} 👌ucks ✊🏼aches it’s called ASL en letra bastardilla, here’s the source for The Reverend Al Sharpton and his Starbucks cup on the Mika is a Parole Officer Show!

https ://dle .rae .es /bastardilla

Javier Sicilia y Los Amigos Invisibles de los 43 mexicanos en Francia – tú of tú


4. What’s on Tuesday, a bird 🐦 off-course and Won of Tú follows:

The numbers have all beaten you
You never made it through middle school
Your edu-ma-cation failed your mind
Now the numbers have left your brain behind

Psychostick – Space Vampires VS Zombie Dinosaurs In 3D

4 Numbers (I Can Only Count To Four)
Lyrics By – Jimmy Grant (5), Key*
Music By – Drowning Pool (2)


I hear you paint Houses?

Oh hey, Hallie Jackson! Eye do Windows also… abortions? Wait one…

Manita de Cat Stevens:

— Yo! Lt.! Is the Company in the Coat Hanger business?

Milo Minderbender:
As of Friday June 24, 2022 at 10 am in Eastern Standard Times, Irish.
The Company hooked up with a BUM in Beverly Hills who is playing Rasputin with the King of the clothes hanging industry. Best wire in the business, the wire-bending process throws in the sterilization for free.

¡Ay, Barbara Villancico d’Esbelto… You ain’t seen nuttin’ yet!

L’aristocratie du Quartier… en el bar, l’Échan de menos.

Resistiendo La Honte de hueso tricolore

After the break, Denisa Kerschova can only Count to Four 🎉

Hey, Jude… meet Los Bitles — Eye waited all year to say this³

It’s curtains for you, martes³ in Paris, because in Hi-Lo Hi-Wey it’s the 9th Hour, and Brian, los martes no hay emBARQUES. Our next loop is with Ana Lilia / Monalisa en La Nueva República ().

“Look around GRAS is high”, from the creators of Walk Like an Egyptian, comes the story of Thomas Courbillon at la plaza de Herodes “El Oportunista” de Lavandiers, en Châtelet de Medici et Hayek.

Jump from page tú.


And, Katty Kay, sorry for triangulating your toi’tle neck, again!—but please relay to Cousin Joe that your “Jude” was named after these Jaywalkers, who just arrived from playing a gig in Hong Kong.

And, Jude:

Maharishi Patel’s pastels on the Morning Mika Show.

Have Eye, got—a little story to tell … yada, yada—etcetera— what you thought was your daddy, Was Nothing but a Walrus from the motel 6, knot the Holiday Inn ».

 But before Öüï gets into that, please note that Öüï, has nothing to do with the headlines, but for some strange reason, it lines up like Stardust on a dooms they comet.

³.~ Tuesday’s Gone (Bring On The GRAS), but worry Knot because We Are Doing a Benjamin Button version of When I am 64… 63 days until Mardi Gras, y’all: MARS oNe.

Mercury is Rising and with it, so is the Desmond Tutu Walrus Team Nine, GWAR MACHINE y’all!


Meanwhile at the Centre d’Accueil de la Presse Etrangère Grand Palais…

Return to Sender 📨… Postales Milagrosas de Sicilia a Peña vía OBRA d’or.


Let’s turn Murder into art… with Gordon Sullivan at Le Panthéon

UTOPIA’S FICTION desde El Plato-ese de Grecia
And the French Minister of Culture
at Cinéma Christine

https ://www .fip .fr /emissions /les-annees-fip /les-annees-fip-2018

Off-course, if youse just joining in on the Guadalupana celebrations, please be advised that this segment is a continuation of a conversation interrupted by Georgina Moreno³ during a conference for Climate Change and a question dealing with {and Eye shit-Ewe-not} un Encuentro de los Pueblos separados por El Espinazo del Diablo… en París

https ://travesiasdigital .com /mexico /el-espinazo-del-diablo-una-de-las-carreteras-mas-peligrosas

Submarinos need knot apply. Screen~grab comes courstesy of Marinela, which off~course is of course a Registered Trademark that the Mexican President nationalized.

And, Abel Leyva Castellanos,² o mismo ni Dominique Gay Sylvestre… both profes de Limoges, a lo mejor ya no lo recuerd~en pero, estoy seguro de que doña Geo, —ella— y el corito de “la espada de Bolívar” si lo recuerdan… “iels” a huevo que sí lo recuerdan,¹ como fieles GANSITOS Mari-marca registrada por BIMBO.

¹.~ https ://www .contrapesociudadano .com /lopez-obrador-repartira-gansitos-en-proximas-consultas/
².~ Les universités latino-américaines aujourd’hui : expressions locales (DIRE N° 7 | 2015)

³.~ In the role of “La Maestra de Ceremonias” en “Le Chantier³

I know it’s only Rock and Roll but i like potato chips.
Aussie, il s’agit également de l’utilisation équitable de todos los putos medios.

But FO’ist! Avi Velshi is going to talk about the “objects” without getting all into the “subject”… predicate this, you didn’t think that Öüï were done with Sting, now did ya’!? 

Strawberry Fields For Guantanamo
La Higuera de La Chingada

https ://monoaureo .com /2021/12/03 /ni-se-crea-ni-se-destruye/
Track #4 : Bring On The Night
de Blanc
The Police {Version : Guardia Nacional de AMLO}

BUT most of all, BREAKING Paul McCartney’s and Roger WaWas’ record of attendance at EL Zócalo de México.

ISSY la CIA killed “El Che”… but it was solidarity {in BOLIVIA} that drove la estocada down, and Cousin Joe, Eye knows that it’s the Weekend and that youse in Nantucket enjoying the company of Mika’s big hairy pussy… {burp} and Cousin Joe, deep down in that empty {hollow} chest of yours you know, goddamn-it, that if you don’t denounce the TRICKLE-down politics of Ronald Reagan that you are going to HELL. Straight to hell, Scarborough, HELL. Repent MotherfuckerREPENT.

https ://english .elpais .com /society /2021-12-03 /spain-approves-new-law-recognizing-animals-as-sentient-beings .html

With that in mind, el próximo toro le corresponde a “El Gibo³“… and there is nothing that morena-Francia can do about it, because LA EXPERIENCIA de MORENA FRANCIA en México es {por de] abajo de las FALDAS de una ASOCIACIÓN 1901 abajo de La PUTA torre Eiffel. Just like with the Wizard of Oz and how ART imitates political OBJECTS at CRETEIL.

Gilberto Bosques was a fag.

https ://lafranceinsoumise .fr/2019/09/02 /lexperience-de-morena-au-mexique/

Previously on, “Ahora Cuéntame Una de Vaqueros”

This film has Knot been rated, yet… Sin Embargo, in an effort to extend our outreach to Cerf-panthère at the 20minutes dot France Fake-Off Editorial Desk, Öüï would like to dismiss the CLAIM that ENRIQUE PEÑA NIETO was not purchasing burritos at the Mexican Taco Shop at Les Halles (Rue de Cinéma, Level -3, 75001… just below Au Pied Du Cochon)… non-readers of FAKE-OFF may request the VIDEO FEED from the authorites at The American-Style Mall framing the FEED from FRIDAY, OCTOBER the 8TH.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2021/10/10 /politica /pillan-a-lozoya-en-restaurante-de-las-lomas/

Coincidence??? Ask the Mexican Film Fest organizers to confirm… And here is why(¿NO?): Fake Knews and Knowns relay that the best president that PROmexico ever had was enjoying a French Chimichanga in front of Le Forum des Images, now known as The Westfield MAll Image ForumAsk “les fibres (not las fiebres) de ARIANNE, that cyber-bitch recorded Mr. Peña Nieto fibers (sans perruche or blonde bombshell from Bruxells).

The WESTFIELD MALL has a 72-hour policy that states that you (any French Citizen, regardless if you are an Indian or not) can review the CLOSED-CIRCUIT SECURITY FEED from any of the comercial areas in the formerly François TRUFFAUT concession stands. TimeStamp to look for the former BERNARDO Gómez gallo is between Noon and Three in the afternoon of Octubre del Ocho, chavo del toro.

En transito… una de mi calle me ha dicho que tiene un Amigo torero que dice que tiene un ex compañero de trabajo que inventó un aparato para desarticular A la democracia

From “El País”:

KURWA Munch!!! The Brzeziński’s are back in the Wisła Riviera!!!

Via la capilla de Aguascalientes TV canal 26 en Notre Dame¹ de Issy-les-Moulineaux

https://www .france24 .com /en /live-news /20210804- biden-taps-brzezinski-son-as-poland-ambassador-amid-reported-row

Photo credit: El fotógrafo de la película que trata sobre el aborto en España y sobre los dilemas de El Primer Torero Porno.

••• Over at the Ketch’up Channel on El Camerino de Aguascalientes TV, the MSNBC’s Cuban connection is asking those fucking CANUKS and MEXICANS who won the soccer game? Knot because the Miami duo cares about the match, their sport is baseball. And Mr. José DÝAZ-Balart and Dr. Eye didn’t catch your name, never mind the approach, but please do stop calling out the 60K-plus soccer fans who are going to be flooding Cousin Joe’s Redneck Riviera and Little Havana’s COVID clinics and hospitals. BUT HEY! Ask the FED’s Wife! The match provides a good morale upboost for the mining industry Proprietor / Modern-day indentured asalariado relations.

For comparaciones para Madame Truska² at Le Cirque du Freak here’s Chicago’s interpretation of what Eye is talking about, el asalariado on the graph below is of course in TEAL, Mr. HAYNES, it’s always in TEAL, (unless el asalariado is a complimentary color) didn’t you watch El Huachinango del Sr. del TORO, —not to be confused con el pescado del Sr. Benicio.

² L’assistant du vampire: https ://www .imdb .com /title /tt0450405 /?ref_=vp_back

Related topic from WaWa Land… Post-Jimmy Hoffa era union leader boss dies at the young age of 72. Who’s looking out for your Health Care Plan at your union busting job? In the picture, the Mexican Delegation of LA INTERNACIONALE SOCIALISTE, El P.R.I., mourns the passing of Mr. Dick Rich Trumka.

https ://wvmetronews .com /2021/08/05 /labor-leader-rich-trumka-dies/

After the W.A.K.E., ÔÜÏ travels back to 2012 to meet “El General” who is going to Rob a Burger and fire un CAÑONAZO de $50.000 U.S. at CinÉma Christine in PARIS (75006)… or something like that. 

Resisting [ 💉 ] the Present (🦠) : Mexico 2000-2012
Yes, MAM! it’s a past Évènement with Blue Demon as Master of Ceremonies.


Benchmarking The Bourse

Jump to mañana/hoy on Page Tú!

Take three of these:

🎶 Zúmbale mambo pa que mis gatas prendan los motores •••

and then Drink a Whole entire complete full liter of Clorox®️ or better yet, 50ml of H2O2. and call me in Theafter life.

[Place holder] The facelift that la préciosité needed

Previously on “The element of style”…

Normally, when mere “leaders” die on to better pastures those mortals get a 21-Gun Salute; leave it to the Royals to add an extra 20 boom-bangs just because.

La préciosité

Por las “ruelles” de los muelles .:. 7E0A6692-2AC1-42E7-AB8D-EA7A84A8E886 🔄 segoviaspixes 2021; CopyLeft — Creative Commons and all that Jazz.

En Yucatán les llaman, “lindo hermoso”, ¡bomba!

Yada, yada, yada follows…

Zoomed angle on Callamard’s bunt… the ball met Louise Michel midway to First* base where the specter of Nicolas Fouquet made the easy tag on Team XXI Century. Up next is President Macron.

* First base, as well as the right and left fields are aleatory positions. The phenomena is a result of Julius César’s Centerfield siege during the opening show, a treaty was reached and the rest, as they say, “is history”. Nicolas Fouquet is by-the-way the official ghost of the entire Bois de Vincennes and if you’ve read the Mount The Count of Monte Caprio, then you might recognize that the Nicolas Fouquet’s arc is also the original idea behind Quiet Riot’s “Bang your head” record cover.

https ://en .m .wikipedia .org /wiki /Nicolas_Fouquet

… [i]l dut être transformée 1689 pour s’intégrer a l’ordonnance de la nouvelle Place des Victoires, President Macron fait rhabiller la façade selon les dessins de l’architect de la Ville: Le Vau/ Le Notre/ Le Brun et Colbert S.A. de C.V. L.L.C.

Now in order to begin to unravel the reason why Öüï arrived at N°3 rue d’Aboukir you would have to go back to 2011 when Ediciones Tumbona was lounging at El Instituto de la “ñ” with Los Ciudadanos por la paz con justicia y dignidad. At the time, Mexico was giving Freddy Cats in Montreuil-sous-bois all of the inspiration needed for his sicario-looking action figurines for Bobo’s at the 9éme Arrondissement.

“Estámos hasta la madre”, decían los guerkos en París.

https ://old .reddit .com /r /mexico /comments /mnsc4g/y_hay_quien_todav%C3%ADa_cree_que_lopez_es_de_izquierda/

Aussi, the first thing that you should know about le Hôtel de Ramboulliet (Paris, Centre) is that in a three-block radius there have been at least three buildings with that same name; por ejemplo, Yasmin Vassoughian, the HdR that stood near the Louvre (the one with the “précieux” in the tag) has nothing to do with the HdR on rue Saint-Honoré, which a certain Cardinal Richelieu purchased to build his own shack in the mid-1620’s, and that one has certainly nothing to do with the Parisian Paddle sign that advertises the site of yet another HdR that was built in the late ’80’s of Moliere’s century, and which now graces the façade of one of Henri Dunant’s greatest contribution to world, The Red Cross (laundry service).

Tepócate (petit Lina) el Ajolote te saluda

… and nevermind The Salamander, he’s too sick with a new strain of Coronavirus called “Corona-extra”, to Ketch–up… [G]et it?

https ://masdemx .com /2016/04 /el-axolote-el-animal-mas-improbable-y-fantastico-del-mundo/

Postales Milagrosas (12/12/2012, l’Èglise de La Madeleine, 75008)… Hello, Caroline, Alice, Lina, Jade Idriss, and of course, the good Mohamed. Check it out my tadpole friends (someday you’ll make fine Frogs, i am sure of that), but for now i am going to explain to a few friends (literally, very few friends) how the Third Dimension looks from the inside of a hyper-cube; “you’re gonna like the way you look”.

Previously on:

On the FIFTH THEY of Mex-Más se me apareció La Virgen on a naked Rockefeller Center Árbol Sapin.

But FOist, i just learned that The New York Times is phonetically enunciating their advertisement TooThey… welcome to the human race your excellencies, y que tengan buenos días sus Mercedes.

Advertisement: Person of the year (France)
Actor: La Rana Rene and The Count
Jingle: It’s like Mayor Pete once said about Baby Jesus Mom’s house:

— “Tenth’s, ils sont un cadeau pour la humanité”…

and The Count goes:

—Is DAT 1/10th, 2/10ths or 3/tents, Governor?


Postales pre navideñas y post revolucionarias para Sicilia — La concurrencía

Parroquia Saint–Merri,
Rue de La VerreRie y Tom Cruise starring in Mission Impossible número quién sabe qué. It’s a true script. IMDb it.

Si Adelita se fuera a Saltillo

Si Adelita se fuera a Saltillo.:.

Anygüey, Sr. Sicilia, esto hasta parece eso que los muy Amigos de México en Francia llaman “Déjà vide”, o presque, y ya mejor no escribo a Baphomet porque el profe Victor Quintana Silveyra y la gente bonita de Chihuahua se me van a encabronar allá por “el chapoteadero” que la gente de la Zona del Silencio lama: LOS FILTROS.

Digression for the Siren freq’s

Now Eye knows that BFMer Entertainment in France has conditioned them frogs to IMMEDIATELY, and Eye means in a Synapse spark of an immediate instant, to equate the the following sequence of letters into the “bad hombres” code, but Comadre Letty, “Don’t they know by now”, that CHAPO does not automatically make for a Sean Penn Production!

—And Madge goes:

—And Kate del Castillo replies:
« KNOT what, bitch,

En el Estado de Cuernavaca

En el Estado de Cuernavaca.:.415531B8-8C94-4D31-9FF2-9BDEB547967D |•| Para la memoria.

Es más, Comadre Letty tú y el conjunto de Los Sepultureros lo deben de saber, —¡chingada madre!— un “chapoteadero” es lo que Producciones Jim Henson instalaría en cualquier SET de Producción en la forma de un paraíso para La Rana Rene.

… nota por Catalonio Barcelonnetto de Peralvillo;
con información de Francisco I. Madero.


Postales pre navideñas y post revolucionarias para Sicilia

Iglesia de Saint–Sulpice
Capilla de Agnes

Cc: Jorge Harmodio

Cc: Jorge Harmodio
Instituto Cervantes (2011, París 75000 CEDEX).

Estación VII

Señor, Javier Sicilia:
https ://monoaureo .com /2019/11/19/victimas-de-la-violencia/

Ras de bol[itas]

Ras de bol[itas] para celebrar “la bola”.

Disculpe usted lo extemporáneo de esta postal, pero aproveché la ocasión del anuncio sobre su próxima tocada en La Chingada quinta oficial de don Andrés, para refrescarle la memoria a los redactores, y también a las redactoras, ¡claro que sí!, —sobrara más—de las diferentes oficinas de la Préfecturas de París, y en particular a las redactorías la 6, la 7, y la 11. En fin, don Javi, conforme va cayendo el Sol le voy soltando en que consiste todo este rollo; aguante vara, pues.

Sirva esto de TimeStamp, pues

Sirva esto de TimeStamp, pues.:.0BB898EE-0250-4D3F-BACF-ABF98430715C… y si está usted escuchando (right now) no se fije don Sicilia en los grillos, es parte de el ejercicio en “respiración”.

Waits önë, Jalada, Siesta, (copia) y luego seguimos con la chingada redacción, así como lo hace la gente más productiva de Japón.

https ://www .bloomberg .com /graphics/2019-new-economy-drivers-and-disrupters/mexico

¿Tienda de que?

¿Tienda de Quién?