Todos t’US Santos — Todos t”US Muertos

Then and Now follows… Page 182, ¶ 2: 
Le revêche Zoran, sur sa chaise roulante, passe de l’entrée du métro aux sous-sols des Halles. Je l’interpelle par son prénom ; le regard soupçonneux, il me dévisage sans me reconnaître. Je me présente. Il se renfrogne, hoche la tête et décline le contact. Parfois, il partage son bout de chaussée sous l’auvent du métro avec d’autres compagnons³ et sa radio. Il vieillit vite. La dernière fois, il dormait, cassé sur le rebord de son fauteuil dans un sous-sol quelconque du Forum des Halles, à côté d’un ascenseur. Ne dort-il jamais dans un lit ? Comment fait-il pour vivre à la rue, prisonnier de sa chaise ? Ces questions s’ouvrent sur un gouffre que je ne me sens pas le courage d’explorer.


All You Need Is Love…

And if you are in an Hilo, Hawaii, Time Frame of Mind, then you know that Cousin Joe is getting the SIT-REP about the West Bank Settlers (extremely racist JEWS) who are beating up Christian-faith Palestinians.

Over at The Left Bank in Paris, France, Öüï ketches-up with Marie-Ange Schiltz and PERSEUS, of all myths, who just cut a cyst below the knees of a time-keeping floosy with a particular taste for the stamp of Lys, à Montpellier-de-Languedoc.

https ://asegovia3 .com /2023/10/06 /the-fry-attachment-rate-by-francois-a-la-patate/

Love Is All You Need…
Page 182 P2:
The surly Zoran, in his wheelchair, moves from the metro entrance to the basement of Les Halles. I call him by his first name, he stares at me suspiciously without recognizing me. I introduce myself. He frowns, nods and declines contact. Occasionally, he shares his patch of pavement under a metro awning and his radio³, with other companions. He’s aging fast. The last time I saw him, he was asleep, broken on the edge of his armchair in a basement next to an elevator in the Forum des Halles. Does he ever sleep in a bed? How does he manage to live on the streets, trapped in his chair? These questions open up an abyss I don’t feel brave enough to explore.

The last time that Öüï touched base with Marie-Ange, she was strolling along Montparnasse, and running onto Brits on the streets, just as HAMAS would was getting ready to bite back the HAND 🫵 IN 🇮🇱  ISRAEL, which created that particular terrorist group in the FIRST PLACE.

Good thing it’s Friday, and Medhi Hasan has a clause in his contract to put Joe Scarborough in his fucking place. And, Lt. Col. Peter Lerner of the IDF thugs, you fed that bitch (HAMAS) now try to tame it.

You Israel, are the pyromaniac who started the fire 🔥 and now you want to be treated like a victim from the Israeli families, which you burned to death.

… All To°Get°Her, now.

 Context follows.

PMCS, if you know you know.


In local news, Fenster The Copy Writer is trying to figure out if mister Ruffin’s “Made in France“ Krups coffee machine version, of the “Made in China” Mains Libres Cup–o–Joe spewer, gets to have a PMCS session Évry other day or, does the French Senate just orders a new “Made in France” Krups Coffee Machine from “the darty”, every time that the damn percolating element gets clogged-up with over-filled coffee grains?

What says Ewe, mister Ruffin? WHO DESCALES YOUR “Made-in-France” presumptuous caffeine dispenser, and how much do these hypothetical “descalers” get paid?

… It’s just a cup of Joe that Paul broke, that’s all folks.


Fuck you, Matt Dæmon! Now that youse in Marseille head over to Nantes³

Not That I Would Do It Again… but if Eye ever did do it A-Gain, Yoya no en°GRAS°hARIA los ejes de tu Carreta. Al fin que Ami, pues a Mí le gusta que suenen, —pa’que los quiero En°Graciados.

³~. You son of a bitch! The Poles are blocking and the grain 🌾 keeps a’Rollin all night long!

Top 🎩 o’The Morning, Mika. And mister Avocado Hass, never mind the Smoke in The Water, it’s all about them mines on the WaWa. Admiral Stradivarius reports.

Thanks, Obama… A-Gain!


Across The Seine, King Chuckles III visited the French Assembly Line and word from Bordello is that The King is going to be talking about Ketching-Up with global warming. Lucky for U.S., French journalist Ariane Lavrilleux, I have the right ingredient for this skillet, and that’s Kerry’s 57 Var°i.e.°Ties Ketchup.

And with that, Britannia said farewell to Marianne, it’s ∴ symbolik ∴ of course. The most relevant image from this three-THEY trip came at 15h18 when the king drank red-red wine; fucker got tipsy and then his Highness was forced, precisely at 14h46, to take the tram. Camilla Queen was not a Muse(d). I’d tell Ewe all more about the rosbif/frog affaire…

But first, it’s the exorcism of French Culture and the apostasy of François a Là Patate. Remember now, it’s the XVII Century in France and yesterday was Ground Hog Day!

Continued from page 82… “— Phil!

The comparison of nuns to traveling Italian acrobats, [or mexican mariachis³] meanwhile, alienated d’Aubignac from church officials. On the last day of his visit, a document circulated, allegedly a letter written by one of the demons. According to d’Aubignac’s own account:

³~. Emphasis on the mariachi is mine.


[T]his letter asserted that Madame the duchess of Aiguillon had with her a magician, and though it did not name him it described him well enough that it was easy for all who knew me, or had seen me in Loudun, to realize that it was me.

“— Told you, call me Bronco

https ://www .google .com /search?q=bill+murray+birthday&rlz=1C1GCEB_enFR1076&oq=bill+murray+birthday&aqs=chrome..69i57j0i19i512l3j0i19i22i30l6.7035j1j1&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8

“— Sorry, Bronco

The magic that d’Aubignac was accused of performing was in fact a form of disenchantment: THE EXORCISM OF DEMONS THROUGH THE COMPARISON OF SACRED AND PROFANE BODIES³. When d’Aubignac exorcised the corpus of Homeric poetry from the priesthood of scholars, change the scenery to that of the street [MANIFESTATION], and the demon—the author³— vanishes.

³~. Clearly, d’Aubignac was a fan of Ricardo Garibay y su estilo lamentablemente inconfundible para enoblecer lo vulgar.
https ://data .bnf .fr /fr /11904147 /ricardo_garibay/

³~. O mismo un mariachipffft!

Warm up your lertover popcorn, Medhi… you ISIRI… are my favorite Devil, next to  Avi Velshi, off-course, but don’t quote Mí on, IT!, because like Lavrilleux, Eye does not like to disclose the sources, it’s not only unbecoming for a journalist, it’s kind of fascist for a POLICE INSTITUTION to demand these. Especialmente, y como TU, Alicia Leos, comprenderás cuando los sapos¹ de la administracion ( HOLLANDE y luego MACRON) eran los de la manifestación.

¹~. Informants if they have a SciencePo connection, snitches if they were GOY.

French police release journalist arrested for reporting on alleged France-Egypt spy operation

Amnesty International’s secretary general Agnes Callamard said: “It is deeply chilling that, almost two years after the revelations that France was allegedly complicit in the extrajudicial executions of hundreds of people in Egypt, it is the journalist who exposed these atrocities that is being targeted, rather than those [Juanito Guanavacoas*] responsible.”

Agence France Presse, vía France 24 . fr

*~. Emphasis from the staff.

If youse just joining the transmission,

Nobody seemed to know Mí, Évry’s body passed Mí by 🖕🏼


🥔 🤡 🍟🎈

In my humble opinion, Prague won the War³

Paris, Texas, Four Star Hotel… Rosecrans 🇺🇸 Baldwin told you about Cinéma State Subsides, donc, A LLORAR A Tu Tierra 🇲🇽 Lagunero, que estas entre 🇨🇵 hipócritas.

“I have made this decision in view of the results of the regional and municipal elections. Many socialist presidents and mayors with impeccable management are going to be displaced, despite witnessing their support increase.

Just call Me, Angel… Dr. Death.


³~. France was too busy catering to Nazis at Champs Elysées.

And, Ambassador Grenouille en el lago de mis ajolotes, nevermind the alleged sexual déviances of your current Ministro del Interior, Granadino Darmanino (that’s his spic name) because if you ask your colleague at the Cinito Mexicano Film Festival, mister Jean–Christophe Berjon, about how Bruno at the préfecture de Cité was tasked with rejecting MY U.S. Medical Insurance and instead demand that I “walk across” the Seine to get a job and thus, be eligible (as a guest) for your carte Vitale, mister Berjon will keep his barba en PROCESO de remojo and directed the question to Jim Cohen at the IHESS, who will off-course wash his hands to keep his French Tenure and C.I.A. credentials among the intelligent French.

{and} as Dr. Poisson is my witness, 🚶🏼‍♂️i did, and a job 🧑‍🔧 i found, and La’Rent Nugnez’es 👮🏿‍♂️ thughs still found a reason to cut Mí down. To say that I, Armando Segovia feel like that little fellow on BFM’ER TV weekend, who got shot after calling the Emergency Number 17 does no JUSTICE and does not even rhyme with RIMA at the Ministère de Malraux.

What Did I Do Wrong?

Issy, RIMA… I am the Malox® for yer’ flabbergasted ass.

®~. Look it up, it’ll do your sexy ass good, Nena.

and Eye Quotes… Eye like big butts and Eye cannot lie — Mí Séjourné, and horny Aussie.


A Closer Luc, that motherfucker.

Ladies in Gemini … Steve McQueen

No tengas miedo a dónde ir — Ahí es dónde tienes que morir… o algo así, I am not that cool, it’s a paraphrase from The Juanito Guanabacoa death squad…

You’ve got to pick up Évry stitch, dice la Bruja 🧹.



https ://www .radiofrance .fr /fip /podcasts /certains-l-aiment-fip /steve-mcqueen-le-king-of-cool-en-musique -8607280

_in association with Susana PubEda de McQueen, a su artista exclusivo en Cabo Wabo (South Lower California), The Marlboro Man.

On todays episode, The Marlboro Man joins Xavier López “Chabelo” en El Chamizal and President Kennedy just returned the luxury watch to his Mexican counterpart en Chapultepec, President Adolfo López Mateos. López Obrador, for his part en “la mañanera”  said that he was glad that destiny could accommodate a way-out for President López Mateos, adding that he was sadden that President John Fitzgerald Kennedy could not full-fill his promise to return to Eire, “it was for the best,” said the current Mexican President from an undisclosed clínica del ⚕️SSSTE.

Técnico en mantenimiento.

Trompa, orejas y rabo en La Alternativa de Robinette “El Pipo” Biden

💃🏻 Al regresar, we Switch, IT!, over to Lerdo-Coahuila vía Las Ramblas.

Today’s Ke Sacó is brought to Ewe, motherfuckers by PLACIDO DOMINGO at Dodger Stadium, Goooooooo Dodgers!

¡Torero! !Torero! ¡Torero!

And here is why, “Lionel” Esparza … if that’s even your real call-sign, you sonovabitch!

Because Domingo, is probably the only tenor to have gone into a SOBREDOSIS de CEMENTO after an earthquake. Can you top that?


Topen eso…


Saving Private Pérez

On this sunny-side up Allegretto 🌛 JUNIOR 🌚 in Hilo, Hawaii, Öüï finds 🍍 La Kerschovas 🍌 entering back into the atmosphere at La Porte de l’ESCP à la Porte de BFM’er TV on the Tee 3 Tram 🚊, without a Ticket to Ride… ISSY, that’s at the Jeannie Margot Robbie street behind TECHNICOLOR®, period!

Intermedio con Michèle Firk y mi tocayo Gatti sin O.

Oh say, can Ewe Sea ⛵… With musical guest, Buckwheat.


“Ven, para que veas en dónde³ quedan las revoluciones.”

Pablo Gleason

Cinéma Christine

One year later with “El General”

³~. en realidad me dijo, “en dónde terminan”, pero este es mi arreglo, no el de los 132 Académicos de 🦁SciencesPo🦊

I Love L.A., and Esparza no me puede dejar mentir, that motherfucker was my neighbor en La Ferrocarril-es-ese. Pinche presumido, is that chorizo youse holding?

No se vaya, regresamos el reloj al 2011…

Lizards… the entire whole stacked lot of you. lizards I tell, Ewe.


7 de febrero… 3ra Jornada de National Sports They en La Franche. Live from Madison Square Garden at the Centre International de Création « La Parole errante » en Montreuil-sous-Bois.

Later tonight, it’s another edition of “The Elephant in Montreuil-sous-Bois… Think it’s hyperbole, BITCH! EYE got access, Ask la Confédération Paysanne at La Via CAMPESINA on l’a rue Robespierre 93100.

Of course Eye can fix your elephant 🐘will that be VISA, or credits.

Note to editors: the above snapshot by Armando Segovia (These Are My Credentials) was edited for geo positioning 🚜 context and for the reckoning of themes 🚜 and events 🚜 of a 36-hour time lapse between 🥐 France and 🍍 Hawaii.

It’s right there, next to the “tee-section” on la rue de La Fraternité, there’s a Motard magazine editorial board just around the corner, ASK THE RED CROSS, D.A.R.E.!!!

Never mind the plane, fire fire heat.

Heck, if your sorry-ass needs directions from The Sky up above, ask any of them 👷 architects RECONSTRUCTING the extension to the site de Legrand à Bagnolet, le bâtiment “B” of C.E.A’s. competition, a place called STUDEA, and I have it on good authority to claim that Studea’s MAINTENANCE TECHNICIANS, are all fags.

Close Your Eyes And I’ll kiss you, Tomorrow you can go fuck yourself.

Let’s Play Hardball, faggots.

Fish & Chips


I’m not kidding, and if you know where Edith Piaf sets up shop at the XXème then you will know where los técnicos en mantenimiento de la RATP set up shop. But that’s just journalistic geo positioning on a COLIBRI (RIP).

6 de febrero Reagan International Arrivals/Departures

Two of U.S.:

In Hilo, Hawaii, it’s los hilos de Sasha en El Universal de Ana-Ana_BoBaNa 🍌-Nah-Na BoBaNa de México en La Madrid de los Hombres G:

Indiana (32 AD)

3ra Jornada de Huelga General.

Ana Anabitarte:
— ¿Técnico en mantenimiento? ¡Eso no existe!


Today is BOB MARLEY DAY and if you are in Mexico, you get to have a PULQUE with your herb… Higher Power, Donnie Deutsch? We don’t need no stinkin’ ARIZONA TEA in our Church’s®, Chicken!!! Now “Pass The Dutchie“, JERK!

🌬️ 🇯🇲 Jah sitteth in Mount Zion, and Ruhle’s all creation on the “psychedelic churches” of the MSNBC’s, —ese!

Ooh, yeah! All right!
We’re jammin
1945 – 🇯🇲 Robert Nesta Marley, assasinated by a C.I.A. spook 🇺🇲 on “the gipper’s” payroll in 1981.
I wanna jam it wid youWe’re jammin’, jammin’,And I hope you like jammin’, too

Immigrants and faggots, they make no sense to me
Axl Rose, on Track 8, the B-Side of “GN’R LIES” titled “One In A Million”.

1962Chinese Democracy Frontman, Billy Bruce Bailey, sees his first light in a town named after a French aristocrat and friend of General Washington, in Indiana.

2000: in El Ejido ( Almería ) thousands of Spaniards violently attack immigrants living in the region.

Diversity divides people

Ron DeSantis
Former Guantanamo Bay Prison
NAZI counselor on Torture Tactics, and current governor of that “DICK” on the armpit of Them United States of 1984, which of course it is, “Florida, Florida, Florida”.


1983 – in 🇧🇴 Bolivia , The Police arrest the genocidal Nazi Klaus Barbie , who will be transferred to the 🇨🇵 Montcluc fort ( France ) to be tried as the author of the crimes against humanity committed by German forces under his command in the Second World War .


What does the Dodo 🦤 bird, Donnie 🦤 Deutsch and Zsa Zsa 🦤 Gabor (19172016) have in common?

Prostitution, that’s what, the second-oldest profession in the world, next to shooting-down hot-air balloons, according to a former C.I.A. spy on the msnbc payroll.

I Gotcha 👊! … 0 Reviews
L’affaire Bomarzo est une histoire de censure : la censure, par la dictature 🇦🇷 argentine en 1967, d’un opéra d’Alberto Ginastera et Manuel Mujica Lainez, accusé de « référence obsessionnelle au sexe, à la violence et à l’hallucination ». Ainsi, Bomarzo reste å ce jour l’emblème des persécutions idéologiques de la dictature militaire. D’abord soutenue par le général Onganía lors de sa création å 🇺🇲 Washington, cette œuvre de musique contemporaine est, quelques mois plus tard, brutalement exclue de la scène musicale de Buenos Aires par ce même régime. Ses auteurs, pourtant plutôt conservateurs, sont rejetés, condamnés, traités de pervers. Aussi haletante qu’un thriller, la chronique de ce scandale nous fait revivre l’ampleur et la complexité du débat suscité par l’interdiction, et interroge le rôle de 🇻🇦 l’Église et de 🇦🇷 l’État comme régulateurs des rapports entre l’art et la morale. En observant le comportement des artistes et des intellectuels pendant ces années sombres, Esteban Buch dévoile les engagements et les compromissions de l’ensemble de la société argentine et, plus largement, éclaire les rapports entre musique et politique au xxe siècle.
« Less … Via Google Books.

1945 – 👹 Elba Esther Gordillo Morales, 🇲🇽 Mexican face of corruption in the SYNDICATE of Public Education (S.E.P.) and the manifestation of 👺 Carlos ROMERO Deschamps (PEMEX) without a dick in the Mexican Senate.

— Wrong Answer, Chief! Prostitution is like n° 10 on the list of professions. The Answer, according to the best pitcher in the history of this most non-consequential blog, 🇪🇸 CAMILO CIENGUEGOS 🇨🇺 (1932 – 1959) after a narrative-interview with 🇺🇲 Pamela Anderson… Eye feels so “exposed”, it’s a good thing i perfomed self-love earlier in the trajectory.

1984 – 👯 DAISY MARIE, Mexican/Filipino/U.S. 👯 adult entertainer🐰.

Cherchez la femme, pardieu! Cherchez la femme!, from « Les  Mehicans de París » by Alejandro Dumbass… a film by “L’Homme Qui Aimait Les Femmes³of the Reagan Years ».

³~. 1932François Truffaut, French BAY WATCHER ( 1984)

Answer: ⚾  Ronald Reagan (1911 – 1999) fucked them all, and then Eva Braun (1912- 1945 ) was born… which was bad news for the Dodo bird, because in 1936, Wilhelm Frick, the reich’s Interior Minister issues out a “racial biological inventory” and it turned out that the Dodo bird was Kosher to eat until 🦤 extinction.

In related Ronnie “City on A Hill” news:

1974 – the island of 🇬🇩 Grenada becomes independent from the 🇬🇧 British Empire, setting the course for a MOTION PICTURE location plot for CALIFORNIA governor, Ronald Wilson Reagan. The Movie would of course start its SHOOTING in OCTOBER, como tenía que ser, but of 1983… 🇵🇦 PANAMA would follow and ROCK and ROLL would never be the SAME as I listened to History in a classroom in 👼🏽1984 🚬.

1956 : in the United States racist protests are realized by the entrance of the first black student in the University of Alabama… Gooooo 🎈 Tide!


Ladies in Gemini… “Nobody expects The Spanish Inquisition”, as re-counted by Cardinal Ximénez of Seville, Espagne, via the 🇬🇧 BBC.

1482 : in Sevilla the first auto-da-fé of the 🇪🇸 Spanish Inquisition 🇪🇸 takes place… it’s like a 🇮🇳 SALMAN RUSHDIE’s 🇬🇧 PhatWa, but for people who like to wear crosses on their chests.

GNRChorzow090718-76 (30169034758).jpg

https ://www .bbc .com /news /entertainment -arts- 64537770…sir salman rushdie speaks for the first time about ‘colossal attack’/

1934 : Fourteen people are killed in the 🇨🇵 Place de la Concorde (in Paris) during a demonstration by far-right leagues.

Page Vous: Todos tus blindados⁶ 🇪🇸

W.A.D.R. (Florence 🇫🇷):

Anubis a Notre Dame de Paris Sites, follows, las quimeras no me pueden dejar mentir, Ask The Gargoyles there looking South to ISSY-les-Molineros.

« No chores por Mí, Argentina 🇦🇷 ».

La hache es muda:

https ://dw .com /es/defensa-de-cristina-fern%C3%A1ndez –pide-definir-ataque-como-intento-de-feminicidio /a-63013273

What’s good for Christina is good for Pelosi, and Florence at AURORA, here’s what Eye means… but first, madame, i, Armando Segovia, am not a “doctor”, but my French VISA was awarded because at THE TIME, my input was from the terrain (field), not from a fucking PEDESTAL at the College de France, en LETRAS.

It fucking figures… BANANAS!


CaMaRaDa, Florence, if you are going to casually bring “satanism” into the French indirectas…


AS Eye says in “Mexican”, —pedradas…

Técnico en mantenimiento, ISSY, Eye can clear your InterTubes.

Please relay to them Gillet Jaunes that it’s Symbolic, of course, but then again, when it comes to ‘innuendos’, i, Armando Segovia, have a feeling that you cocksuckers don’t know how to Rock and Roll 🥐😋.

Any how, madame Florence, All Öüï is sayin’, is that what is good for La Juventud Bolivariana de Paco Ignacio Taibo II y Venezuela en Francia (la indignación, pues!) también se la merece The Voice of America. Violence is only acceptable in WAR, and even then, señora, there are rules and “guard rails”.

Fantasy Island 🏝️ The Trane! The Trane!

Les objets à Kynopolis
sont plus proches
qu’il n’y paraît.

Yesterday in San Francisco, was Halloween, hoy en París, is la Toussaint.


And, GO’ill deNiza, le point zéro des routes de France might be at the explanada de Nuestra Señora de París, but the starting point of Route 66 es “El Pasito Duranguense³ », the one which inspired David Guetta to party like it was 1999, look it up.

Grúas El Perro Agradecido, te levantan, porque te levantán.


⁶~. El Chupacabras, CSdG 🇲🇽.

For reference, doña Florence (at AURORA):

Just one year ago, the COLLEGE of France was installing this lucky charm onto your precious little FRENCH PRIDE, his name is Mario, and yes, all of the Peruvians (including the socialists) get a Warm Fuzzy when they hear his name, —now pay attention, doña Florence— because this is going to be the link 🖇️ and your introduction to BASEBALL ⚾, DEER.

Playball, Bitch!

Now, madame, Florence, you are old enough to have witness the RAMPANT incest that went on in France, preVIOus to the arrival of “The Architect ∴” to Le Elysée, and since you wanted me, Armando Segovia, to hear your “indirectas” YESTERDAY, about the “Stuck Up” Mexicans in France, your old ASS should begin to understand that the reason why I eat chesse burgers at McDo after dark, like you and your Clochard Panel do, is because those fucking Mexican Nobles (Ciméma Étoile Lilas y El Primer Encuentro Cinématographique VIVA MEXICO 2013; Nosotros Los Nobles) had a hand in my peregrinage†.

Tomorrow in Mexico, day 2 of November is reserved for the CHILDREN that went the way of ANUBIS…

Yada, yada, and Eye says: YADA!


Chicago es la ciudad de las dos necesidades, and L.A., El Ey is my Lady, señora.

Plank No. 5, rue de Lobau (del mar*)

*.~ Contraesquina con ©️Celine VILLEGAS 🇨🇵/🇨🇱 who just happens to be dancing ☔ along the Street of Rivoli enfa{n}ce au $ommet £a $uisse.

Espace publicitaire

Still to come: Ewe can’t handle the CAR TUNES

Now, it’s back to Chanel N°5 at rue Lobau (Paris, Centre) where our “Strings with Character” correspondent is going to make a nose-dive 🛩️ on the very reason that little ol’Armando Segovia could not, Öüï repeat, COULD NOT complete the SIRENE fomulaire requested by La Bendita Prefectura de Policia en Cité; long-story short, ACCESS DENIAL of my dossier in order to provide proof of purchase.

And, Armando Serrano-Prieto, quotes:

Strings theory

SOFIAN , lycéen (ciado)

But first, perhaps you’ve heard about SKID ROW’S “Quicksand Jesus“, or maybe you are one of the privilèges few WHO has seen a los mentados ” Peces en el río“… anyhow, Baby Jesus, “it’s Knot One Of Those, [boom]” this motherfucker here is called:


Uso justo de los {pastores} alemanes.

Salvation 🪦 is not como DER SPIEGEL 🇩🇪 la pinta.
… 🎵🎵🎵 and I think to myself
WATT a Wonderful WO’id.,

Now, the one about the APOCALIPSIS en el País de Ana Anabitarte en El Universal de La Jornada, now that MOTHERFUCKER is right on target.

Over at El Pais de Ana Anabitarte… that “experiment” in Celestial Snookers that NASA sent a few weeks ago is showing positive results… next time, however, USE A BANANA FOR SIZE comparison.

Scientist find perfectly preserved Rocky Mountain Oysters¹ while De-constructing Le Grand Palais 🛩️… and Ale~many, Mucha~cheve follows, with Sarah, knot Silver~man.

¹.https ://fr .wikipedia .org /wiki /Hu%C3%AEtres_des_Rocheuses

https ://www .theguardian .com /science /2021 /dec /21 /scientists-find-perfectly-preserved-dinosaur-embryo-preparing-to-hatch-like-a-bird

Ran out of Bananas, Bobino, here’s “a güevo,” for size comparison with The Guardian at Le Grand Palais de GANZHOU, China.

Later on DeutschWelle TV: The Shock Doctrine sin CUARÓN

En Contexto…
because a picture without, IT!
got’s no Swing.

te manda un Saludo vía Manu Chao

Page 23
Nº 2598; 25/06/2021
CNEWS Détente (¡Cabrón!)

D’Angelo is right, and to paraphrase Ari Melber on The peacock Beat, « This ain’t no underground, it’s a basement and YOU have Mí chained to an icon, —Marianne ».

STAY! —_•¡•_— B1B84327-9519-4919-8D77-AC1C5DEA31DB ⌛️
The year is 2011, and before The Year of Mexico in France had it’s first unfortunate encounter with cancellations on the scene de La Seine and engagements were WAS less of a National Mandate or, as in the Case of The Mexican Embassy in France (un berrinche) a tantrum on l’Assemblée National on account of dedicating a Cultural [bi-national] event in the IMAGE of FLORENCE, but KNOT ISRAEL (Vallarta, knot Puerto) i, armando segovia, had the opportunity to take this same picture without the campground enthusiasts’ but with the very rusted chains that Öüï now reconstructs with the aid of a sequence of Emojis… para ‘el personal’, period

In Local news, Utopia56 is opening the Parvis de Madame Hidalgo à le BHV Gardens to all outdoors enthusiasts… more SPecifically the brothers, sisters, and of course, the “the mini me” version of all’them migrants from the Subsaharan regions of mama-africa* who only stopped playing fútbol  [it seems] in order to count sheep, and maybe rest a bit.

* Pintor de santos de alcoba
Si tienes alma en el cuerpo
Por qué al pintar en tus cuadros
Te olvidaste de los negros


Angelitos negros lyrics © Editorial Mexicana De Musica Int. S.A. (emmi) ironically written by, “El Hoy BLANCO ».

The whole gang is here, AFP, Reuters, those fuckers whose signals propagate from le Boulevard Aquatic a Balard, casi esquina con el Equinoxe en Issy-Les-yada yada yada

Starring Eddie Mitchell as the original Maverick from The Rockford Files. Because Fuck Johnny Halliday.