It’s an April’s Lunatic Miracle!

My Way… bola de putos!

In local news:

https ://globeecho .com /news /europe /france /crisis-management-at-radio-france-after-accusations-of-sexual-assault/

La Buzzfeed de France at SciencesPo School of Journalism for Public Relations Crisis (plural)… “plausible deniability, —dicen los werkos de CEMEX en RUNGIS.

Crisis Management At Radio France After Accusations Of Sexual Assault

there’s something about the Institutions of France, and as Tony Palma (ex ESI Agora director) once told me, “you have to understand, it’s all political,” and then he SWEPT everything under the rug and issued out luxury accomodations and luxury wardrobe, not to mention the coveted RSA for the refugee hitmen hired to psychologically and physically torture me during the Entire PANDEMIC period, over at the Mexican Foreign Service of that SHIT HOLE Country, located at the Mexican Embassy at Longchamps, Paris XVéme, the military liaison refer to this sort of re-munertion as: PAGO EN ESPECIE.

Good Riddence — An American Idiot outfit at The Unesco Siege in front of Niggaloo’s Grave at INVALIDES.

An exciting end to the inaugural Great Gig in The Sky, BOOM 💥… here’s a recap from THE FIEND CLUB :

The Misfits, from Famous Monsters.


Who among U.S. has never HO’id about the bonus track, or it’s its sneaky cousin, the ghost track? Who among Ewe, Eye asks. WHO?

Un juge mexicain bloque des roches de Cuba pour le train maya pour dommages environnementaux

https ://www .youtube† .com /live /starship-flight-test

~. Not available at The Georges Pompidou Center in Paris, Texas.

https ://www .swissinfo .ch /spa/mexico-tren-maya_juez-mexicano-bloquea-rocas-de-cuba-para-el-tren-maya-por-daños-ambientales


https ://www .aa .com .tr /en /environment /alps-lost-more-glacier-ice-in-2022-than-ever-before-eu-climate-change-service

Get off-my_airspace!

Not to be eclipsed by a Tesla, Selene crashes a Rocket Queen.

Here, Have A Cigar, Gravy Train 🚂 is running as Benito in la hermana República del Amor en Roma say, —right on time.

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