Memo to Memo [Brut media] : go to Lagrange near the Oldest árbol on the 5éme

The first quaestor of the Assembly has finally enlightened us : the boss would run a multinational company underwater… [in Australia, later during the Fall of 2021, maybe.]

No such thing as “redemption songs” for fallen Swan Songs, nonetheless Öüï has to fullfil the book… and CLEO LAINE (1957 via Cerf-panthére N° 3699), regarding your REAL GONE label and your song, “T’ain’t what you do (It’s the way that Cha do it)” on the Sunday afternoon fip dot ef er programming, please be advised that La Ruffin Corporation Inc., is aware of your persuassion² to encourage your janitors to be motivated by “Passion” rather than “that slippery slope” called « greed ».

².~ Fakir n° 97, page Tú “Les Petites Mains“, via Le SPMF, short for: small handed mother fakirs. Fev. 2021.

In Local news, LA CATEDRAL del JAZZ en París, TSF JAZZ 89.9 just jammed with The Floyd in Pompeii, en horario nocturno de Hawaii… it Ain’t Over till IT IS Over.

https ://www.tsfjazz .com /programmes /chateau-gardot /2022-01-17 /18-00

To celebrate the occasion, Ewe Tú, motherfucker, are going to have to Ketch-Up with ROCKY and his Picture Show at La Maub.

But FO’ist!

It’s another edition of WHO IS MOVING TO PARIS?

Yup, it was just a matter of time, Ari Melber, of “The Ari Melber Show” is moving to Paris and that sumbitch just changed his name to KALIFA en Domingo, or something like that.

https ://www .hollywoodreporter .com /wp-content /uploads /2017/07 /charlamagne_tha_god_and_ari_melber_-_split_-_

The Beat with Émily Lonesome. Avi Velshi reports.

For the record, Öüï does not select the doppelgängers, Eye simply shows you La Jornada de L’Aurore on ‘the beat’.

—- And now, a new segment, Climate Change Stole Avi Velshi’s Nostalgia for Tornados, Shitty Weather and National Parks.

Anybody got popcorn?

With THAT! In mind, amigo Guillaume de Brut media, it was a real treat to see you shoe leathering³ the place Where Évry body knows your name, KNOT to mention [your mentioning] that you are in no way associated with l’Âme des Camps [version] Melle. Pitch Awards during El Año de Hidalgo de La FRENCH election of 2022. Nice to know that LOS OLVIDADOS remains the top LIENZO when it comes to a thing that little ol’Armando Serrano-Prieto dropped on the porno-loving aristocrats 🎩 de Saint-Vincent-de-Paul en el 6éme.

Previously on “Señor Presidente, j’ai vu ce film aussi[e]…”, Redoutable³

In the mean time, Mr. Président, take a walk down to Saint Eustache, where Poquelin (that motherfucker) was relegated with the duties of RED°ACTEUR en chef de “Une Journée Dans La Vie.”

Año de Hidalgo it is not what my fellow Mexicans are thinking, in France, El Año de Hidalgo finally updated the computers at Melville’s Olympiades mediashack, and that’s a good thing, now Mme. Mayor, you just have to change the headphone JACKS because thesethose fuckers are corroded to the core.

³.~ Temible, formidable… algo así como quién dice, “Oh no, qué bruto, qué bárbaro, Djoko es un arma formidable”… pero no es gerundio, such as the sampling³³ below which, as you can see by the math, matches the cover because it is what bohemians from Guatemala en Garibaldi² call, la forma de El Verbo como un sujeto Sustantivo. Très, très, très formidable.

Ladies in Gemini:

« The Centerfold »

¿Vive La France, en un Yellow Submarine? Page 41,  LÉGENDE  N° 7, Janvier 2022.

².~ México. Track 14 of “Sí el Norte, fuera El Sur” de Ricardo Arjona.
https ://www .discogs .com /fr /master /841453- Ricardo-Arjona-Si-El-Norte-Fuera-El-Sur


JUMP to our special Año de Hidalgo en Vaudeville page.

Extra credit, what is the visual complement of a Hawaiian ⏳  Twilight Zone’s episode  in CET?

San Bernardino… born Mí Tú Thymes

Ewe can Go Ewe’r own güey*

Well, Eye Neva… HONKY TONK SKA? Stevie, can someone please turn a Pebble into a Pearl fo’Mí?… Van-Hagar already showed your blind ASS how the French stole an Oyster’s Soul Possession, and turned it into a Rolex®️ timepiece for the Yatch enthusiasts in Thailand. Trou Fact(ure).

🍓 Luck forever. (APFSDS*)

* French for « croissant »

Jimmy Carter… Just look at that boat!

Hey, GO’il… The girls in Paris, let Mí tell’ya… wish that they were on route 66, period!

Better than that Silk shit road…anyhow, over on Cousin Joe’s, “political persons” ain’t got a thing on TRUCKIN’, with vigor.

Over on france télévision-es-ese,
don’t miss the Bogadanov,
really! Don’t miss the “Chavo del Ocho’s” version of the great Carl Sagan.

Trou Story, y’all, this is how Neil deGrasse Tyson téléported to Paris… told y’all on DEADLINE that Dr. Tyson (Ph.D.), was setting shop at Le Grand Palais (Ephémère).

In Local Motion News : Όμικρον, o como dicen en Le Parisien: Les raisons d’être optimiste… coma frutas y verduras, practique actividades físicas y por favor no fastidie con su mierda de hydroxychloroquine.

On the next episode, Igor departs from the Palais de La Decouverte in search of A.I. while Grichka re-interprets la vida espirINTELectuelle of L’Ame des Camps with “L’emphaty Artificialle

https ://gallica .bnf .fr /ark: /12148 /btv1b52509828w /f31 .item …
with musical guest :
Mi robot artificial
https ://www .fip .fr /emissions /club-jazzafip /les-40-ans-de-jazzafip

Meanwhile in Planet Claire… TARGET! Them 120mm Cadillacs* hit Évry 🎯 down range. La Maison de La Radio is now rearranged to Meet the RED MOON 🌔.

*.~ Armor-Piercing, Fin-Stabilized, Discarding sabot

It was “rumored” during the First of the American Persian Wars, that each APFSDS round sent “down range” had the price tag of a brand new Cadillac.

1:44:50… and EYE Quotes!
Je choisis le plus insupportable des quatre…
Lennie TRISTANO ».

Anyhow, “the working class hero” deserves to keep working for the Koch propaganda or the professional LEFT at the assembly (line)… Öüï don’t need no education, especially from RENAULT, those fuckers don’t know how to Rock and Roll.

Memo to don Beto³:
Don Beto, que dice el señor Tristano que por favor le comunique usted a su socio on the other side of the “little Havana”, monsieur Laurent de Wilde, —S.V.P., with Shugga on Top— que por favor no sea mamón.

³.~ Roberto Fonseca
https ://fr .wikipedia .org /wiki /Lennie_Tristano #cite_ note-Ulanov, _194914-1

Toys in The Attic : Día de REYES tenga su WIKI-rosca:
—!— Lennie Tristano est décrit comme un intellectuel qui a besoin d’analyser en profondeur ce qui a trait à la musique, à la littérature, à la philosophie : devant la Divine Comédie de Dante ou Guerre et Paix de Tolstoï « il est aussi joyeux qu’un enfant devant un nouveau jouet, il le décompose avec l’impatience d’un jeune homme démonte une horloge, il l’analyse aussi sérieusement qu’un doctorant ».

Over at the Big Machine, en La Conciergerie, the Terrorist Trial is back on schedule after the COVID scare, and in Washington, it’s the “whack-a-mole” version of let’s topple the Government in the name of the plutocrats and CARLOS SLIM.

Plank No. 5, rue de Lobau (del mar*)

*.~ Contraesquina con ©️Celine VILLEGAS 🇨🇵/🇨🇱 who just happens to be dancing ☔ along the Street of Rivoli enfa{n}ce au $ommet £a $uisse.

Espace publicitaire

Still to come: Ewe can’t handle the CAR TUNES

Now, it’s back to Chanel N°5 at rue Lobau (Paris, Centre) where our “Strings with Character” correspondent is going to make a nose-dive 🛩️ on the very reason that little ol’Armando Segovia could not, Öüï repeat, COULD NOT complete the SIRENE fomulaire requested by La Bendita Prefectura de Policia en Cité; long-story short, ACCESS DENIAL of my dossier in order to provide proof of purchase.

And, Armando Serrano-Prieto, quotes:

Strings theory

SOFIAN , lycéen (ciado)

But first, perhaps you’ve heard about SKID ROW’S “Quicksand Jesus“, or maybe you are one of the privilèges few WHO has seen a los mentados ” Peces en el río“… anyhow, Baby Jesus, “it’s Knot One Of Those, [boom]” this motherfucker here is called:


Uso justo de los {pastores} alemanes.

Salvation 🪦 is not como DER SPIEGEL 🇩🇪 la pinta.
… 🎵🎵🎵 and I think to myself
WATT a Wonderful WO’id.,

Now, the one about the APOCALIPSIS en el País de Ana Anabitarte en El Universal de La Jornada, now that MOTHERFUCKER is right on target.

Over at El Pais de Ana Anabitarte… that “experiment” in Celestial Snookers that NASA sent a few weeks ago is showing positive results… next time, however, USE A BANANA FOR SIZE comparison.

Scientist find perfectly preserved Rocky Mountain Oysters¹ while De-constructing Le Grand Palais 🛩️… and Ale~many, Mucha~cheve follows, with Sarah, knot Silver~man.

¹.https ://fr .wikipedia .org /wiki /Hu%C3%AEtres_des_Rocheuses

https ://www .theguardian .com /science /2021 /dec /21 /scientists-find-perfectly-preserved-dinosaur-embryo-preparing-to-hatch-like-a-bird

Ran out of Bananas, Bobino, here’s “a güevo,” for size comparison with The Guardian at Le Grand Palais de GANZHOU, China.

Last Week To They X~mas edition at La Place de La Concorde

Previously on our exclusive coverage of Nayel Zeaiter’s recollection of The American Red Cross-es-ese² « L’Âme des Camps and other assorted Slaughter house recollections » in front of the Berlin Embassy on la Ave. FDR (75008)… Eye swear, STATE DEPARTMENT, Öüï is Knot making this up.

Banana for scale… Putaux (pronounced PutOus) watch from the top of the Grand Arche à La Défense.

Jukebox Ref:
A joyful process
Funkadelic (1972)
ALBUM : America eats its young* (1972)

*;~Yes, yes she does.
It’s TROU!!!

FIP (105.1) your source for authentic huachicol francés, period… Lorsque ce mot a été utilisé en France, il est devenu « gouache » et a conservé son sens, bola de putos.

https ://fr .wikipedia .org /wiki /Huachicol

Note to Mr. Mark Caputo¹… Sir, the recent installation of the American Ambassadress in Paris is going to require a relinquisment of the FO’ist two letters of your last-name in order to Identify the Birthplace of the diplomat-in-charge at 2 Ave. Gabriel (75008).
 ¹.~ Armando Serrano-Prieto is ten years~old and he finds this funny.

The Washington Monument as a banana for size comparison with the Luxor Obelisk. Andrea Mitchell confirms, she (The Fed Wife) is the closest source to all things that start with: PAY TO THE ORDER OF, yada, yada, yada.

Entonces, Señor Camilo Lara, Öüï wish you a Merry Christmas and Eye hopes that the invocation of your BRAND is not by design, I don’t believe in coincidences and so it must be cuestión de enfoque en aquellas cosas que van pegadas con Truth and Consecuencias.

Plank 75/76 on FDR Avenue at Paris 8th.

¿O a poco va usted a creer que La Piscina de Joséphine Baker,³ a un lado de las bañeras of Le Petit Bain, está allí nomas porque sí? Chepina fue la que me dijo que le diera una repasada al “barquito musical” to see the History of MéXico at Le Grand Palais… and about the origin of them “bañeras” that accessorize el muelle de ese local, Issy, Señor Lara, there is a Plank number for that at the plywood scroll wrapping Le Grand Palais.


https ://www .google .fr /maps /place /Piscine+Jos%C3%A9phine+Baker/@48.8360826,2.3673042,15z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x47e6723d17a9c251:0xff0ed3fd6a408a7!8m2!3d48.8360829!4d2.376059

Devil inside, Devil inside… Évry single pundit² (except for STEPHANIE Rhule) has the Devil inside. And in TEQUILA, Jalisco—in Tequila, Jalisco, BOMBERITO de Tala sparks a forest, on fire.

².~  Évery SINGLE Pundit: Elle (LA tal OxiAmbassadrice des États-Unis en France, Denise Campbell Bauer) a d’abord travaillé comme productrice pour la chaine de télévision KCBS-TV News, puis pour la chaine australienne Nine Network dans les années 90… NINE NETWORK, Stephanie! Coincidence? …

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2021/12/21 /estados /dan-5-anos-de-carcel-a-bombero-que-incendio-el-bosque-la-primavera/

In local news, The Bpi got an early start at removing the Christmas decorations from the premises, the removal followed the cancelation of the City’s New Year’s celebrations, meanwhile, not to be outdone by Italy’s pay-it-forward to Greece, which followed after New York City returned 200 stolen antiquities to Italy, France just installed the State approved Ribbon that decorates the shipping crate of The Obelisk on it’s way back to {The} Luxor… in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A., and in return Sheldon Adelson sent a brand new Times Square-style, Donnie Deutsh neon-looking Espectacular to replace the Egyptian monolith.

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /JCDecaux

Our Grand Palais Foreign Correspondent caught the official Grand Palais Biplane hovering over La Place de La Concorde as the Ribbon installation was on display. Semolina Pilchard was nearby and congratulated Prime Minister Macron for the Just-In-Time lease next door with The Americans.

https ://www .connexionfrance .com /French-news /Meet-Denise-Campbell-Bauer-the-new-US-ambassador-to-France


And Katty Kay, what’s up with Mika’s potrine racing stripe?

Earlier in the History of the planks at Le Grand Palais in Paris, France:

Hey, Raphaël Morán, at RFI international:

“I Am an Anti-Christ, and Cousin Joe is a Plutocrat…” who you gonna trust?
— CAPITALISM, that’s WHO… That’s how André Malraux was able to give Reynold Arnould a break at the Grand Palais.

El Movimiento por la Paz con Justicia y Dignidad y Ciudadanos por la Paz en México (grupo París) convocan a la manifestación en apoyo a la Ley General de Víctimas ante la embajada de Francia en México, en donde el poeta Javier Sicilia, (cuyo hijo fue asesinado en Cuernavaca en 2011), Ludividine Barbier (esposa de Rodolfo Cazares, director de orquesta secuestrado en Matamoros en 2011), la hermana de Olivier Tschumi (ciudadano suizo secuestrado en Cuernavaca en 2010) y los diputados Noël Mamère y Sergio Coronado le entregarán al embajador de Francia en México las miles de firmas recaudadas en apoyo de la aprobación de dicha Ley. La manifestación tendrá lugar este miércoles 12/12/2012 a las 14h30 en Ambassade du Mexique en France 9 rue de Longchamp, 75016, Paris Tras la manifestación habrá una conferencia de prensa a 16h en Centre d’Accueil de la Presse Etrangère Grand Palais – Cours la Reine Perron Alexandre III – 75008 Paris

https ://ciudadanosxlapaz .wordpress .com /2012/12/09 /manifestation-solidarite-avec-la-loi-de-victimes-au-mexique-ce121212-a-14h30/

When all of a sudden… our correspondent got mixed up with a blonde sipping MIMOSAS at the wheel of a Mustang at La Ave. du Churchill. La “susodicha” was running late to ring the NASDAQ bell at the F.I.A.* next to a VACANT American Embassy in France.

*.~ https ://www .lequipe .fr/Formule-1 /Actualites /La-fia-va-lancer-une-analyse-sur-la-fin-mouvementee-du-grand-prix-d-abu-dhabi /1305527

Ya llegó Nikki Lauda… y Carlos Slim, Aussie. Which is why MERCEDES folded. The Mexican Impasse tactics of the SLIM outfit gave “THE DUTCH”, the MONOPOLY OF THE CIRCUITS… Including the circuit of La Place de La Concorde… In Other Words, NO HUBO PENAL.

… https ://racingnews365 .com /breaking-mercedes-decide-against-appeal-verstappen-keeps-title

“Or, am I caught in a hit and run?
Straight up now tell me…,” Katty Kay, where’d you get that Rocher Ferrari look from? Your mercedes³ are going to stall.

LIVE, from the  Supreme Petroleum Council
³.~ https ://www .proz .com /kudoz /spanish-to-english /poetry-literature /1589026-%2Asus-mercedes%2A.html

And in Washington, Willie Geist is fed up with thughs walking into his favorite sandwich shop in NANTUCKET only to shamelessly shoplift sandwiches straight from THE SANDWICH DISPLAY RACK, from THE RACK, Stephanie Rhule, from The Rack.
Hi, My Name Is Frank and I’ll Be Your Robber This Evening

https ://www .latimes .com /archives /la-xpm-1997-oct-26-tr-46832-story .html

And, Willie Geist… you obviously have not seen L.A. Story. Just ask, Willie Geist, JUST ASK the Reverend Al Sharpton, them Nantucket sandwich snatchers have nothing on the civilized way to redistribute swag from Art studio visiting, latte-spiked regular coffee, and 50 over 50 year-old Abu Dhabi débutantes.

https ://www .msnbc .com /know-your-value /mika-brzezinski-chair-international-women-s-day-event-abu-dhabi -n1285998

And, Kier Simmons… what did Willie Geist do to Eddie Gloude Jr.?

And, Claire McCaskill, you fucked Satan³, right?

https ://madame .lefigaro .fr /celebrites /jr-son-nouveau-projet-xxl-dans-une-prison-americaine-sous-une-tension-extreme- 240820- 182065

JR as SEEN from Above after he left (XICALLI/Calexico) to pursue an MSNBC career -—_!_—- « Je reste peu de temps, mais je crée une tornade », JR on Figaro’s M.

Eye mean(s), look at that Three-layered pie stand beneath your cupboard… enticing… and Claire, Mrs. Clause appreciates that memorial for Mr. Clause at your kitchen table… so sad, The World del Mundo de Le Monde still can’t come to grips for Santa’s unfortunate accidental shot-down at Yvré-le-Evêque.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2021/12/10 /politica /lamentan-la-desgracia-los-presidentes-de-mexico-y-guatemala/

https ://www .nytimes .com/2021/12/08 /nyregion /fox-christmas-tree-fire .html



N° 450… Beaux Arts, December 2021:
Quand l’enfer devient le divin… or,
as That Sign at the Entrance of HOTEL CALIFORNIA, says,
“HELL Freezes Over”… and Eye quotes from our correspondent at The National Cathedral in WaWa Land:

Lorde… you promised el cielo al ladrón who repented… Let Bob into your Divine Comedy… and the Colored girls sing: “Doo do doo do doo do do doo…,” o como dicen los católicos, “Aleluya, aleluya, aleluya”. It’s 13h in EST, Amen.

².~ Mystique et Architecture: SYMBOLISME DU CERCLE ET DE LA COUPOLE, by Hautecœur at 82 rue Bonaparte… 1954, or how I learned to stop worrying and learned to tolerate baby-boomers.

But speak-of-Ewe-Know-WHO…
Chapter IV (page 76)
Les Édifices Circulaires Romains²

Whatever it was that Willie Geist did to Eddie Gloude Jr., Öüï hopes that he does not, in turn, do to Secretary Clinton… the world is not ready for sarcasm out of the mouth of Hillary.

And in Washington, it fuckn’ figures… Cousin Joe’s favorite U.S. President is that guy who got shot at the Théâtre. And, Doris, here is why*:

SPONSORED BY GOYA and The Journalistic opportunism of MSNBC at THE MEXICAN BORDER during TRUMP’s WAR on MEXICANS… or a Timed Delayed PAPER and GLUE version of Le Grand Palais in VICHY’s times titled, « L’Âme des camps», or Plank 32 at Le Palais de La Découverte on FDR Ave., Paris France… ISSY, Context for The Artist JR follows.

Estampa n° 8

Estampa n° 18
Estampa n° 23
Estampa n° 26
Estampa n° 28 … POPULISM
Estampa n° 32² … ¿Por qué?
².~ Identified as n° 26 on: Atlas or the worried cheerful knowledge [ibid.]
Estampa n° 35

*.~ Rep. Joe Scarborough (R-FLA) actual words, knot mine.
Exactly what a “babyback rib eating, shasta cola drinking, Redneck Riviera and Ronald Reagan voting lawyer” would say:

  1. He failed in life (previous to becoming America’s Sweet Sixteen)
  2. He failed at work (previous to becoming America’s Sweet Sixteen)
  3. He was killed, before he finished his presidential term.

Dear, Artist “JR”: This is what happens when someone that IS NOT FRENCH (like you) GOES to a DIFFERENT COUNTRY to try to give the WORLD a Fuckn’ COKE… y llenarla de amor, which is Roma en un espejo.

México, tan lejos de Nueva York y tan cerca del Grand Palais…Gilberto Bosques está dando vueltas en su tumba. Uso Justo de la “llamada” Madre Patria (which sounds like a politacal hermaphrodite if you mix Mom and Dad in one body)… Los Desatres de la Guerra is a set of 80 aquatint prints created by Francisco Goya in the 1810s.
Plate 28Populacho.

DISPARATES “Read That Which Has Not Been Written” — Page 9³

Behold, the inexhaustible…

³.~ … [O]r How Eye Stopped Worrying and Love the role that IMAGES play on our Knowledge of that Thing Called History.

Coming up later this week on the Thomas Corbillon Channel:
Remain in Sorry Eye Mispelled your Name, but La is not your best Key.
Peter Cat Recording Co
ALBUM : Bismillah (2019)
LABEL : PANACHE {de Saint-Osé}


³.~Let U.S. double check that nueve de nouveau:
Sq Root. of 9 is off-course like 666 but upside-down
“that is you’ve got to…
like multiply 9 x 9 x 9,
to Get Back and Eye Shit Ewe knot
and circle back to the motherfucking NINE!
… [A]nd Eye, quotes:

Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast… already established; look, IT!, up…side-down

9 x 9 = 81 {8+1 = 9)
81 x 9 = 7+2+9… Entonces…
That equates as to: YOU HAVE {got} TO BE FRENCH to PLAY
And This Is The Reason why Eye Can’t Pay Bills,
Chris Jansing, in the Role of THE FED’s WIFE
Dole Witt This: Fuchs You Too!

https ://www .fip .fr /emissions /live-a-fip /concert-live-fip-tour-a-bordeaux

Georges d’Di-Huberman



Full Revelación: Our promise is to never deliver expired Lampooning and/or, WO’ist, —Fake Parodies. And, Katty Kay, Georgina Moreno might see the lower part of 20 minutes in France as the unmistakable shape of Le Grand Palais en Champs-Élyséés-ésé… but Benzino Napoleoni*, named after one of the many Mercedes-Maybach S-Class en el HANGAR de Napoleón Gómez Urrutia allá en la HERMANA Monarchie constitutionnelle  parlementaire  fédérale du CaNaDa !Can’t be fooled!!! That shape on the canvas covering “La Honte” de Philippe Labro, —en MATCH— is nothing more than one of JEAN~PAUL GAUTHIER’s so-called “BOULONES”, which as the STORY NEVER TOLD GOES, were sold as “authentic Made in France shinny bolts” to el GRUPO CARSO and The Government of La Ciudad De México (CDMX).

*.~ Benzino Napoleoni :
https ://fr .wikipedia .org /wiki /Parodie# /media /Fichier :Dictator _charlie6 .jpg



Nota bibliográfica:
1.~ C’mon Man! Didn’t you get the message? What do you mean “Who You Gonna Call?… Ghostbusters {in VF} motherfucker, that’s who… check n° 3684 of Cerf-pantère. Ketch~up, RNC Steele.

¡Qué madres paralelas ni que ocho cuartos! — Öüï’s talking about the Teletón

And, Katty Kaywhat are you wearing? Did you get David Brooks (NYT knot La Joranda) memo? It’s like Saint Patrick’s They but Green is for losers today.

George Baker ALBUM : BOF / Reservoir dogs (1970) LABEL : MCA’s Little green bag

Only on Instagram… Knot to be outdone by Plank #18*, De Gaulle calls, IT!, quits and his N°2 becomes the Last Coca~Cola at Les Champs Élyséés, Ewe Walk SIX Planks back from Plank N° 1 (Nayel Zeaiter):

*.~ From the main southern-facing aileron access gate.

https ://monoaureo .com /2021/12/06 /de-plano-2/

Courtesy of televisa monitos y El Heraldo de Alarcon.

… and Eye quotes, from the JC Decaux carpaccio spread around the perimeter of Le Grand Palais, and the COPY CAT version in Montreuil-sous-Bois, but in a different format:

CATASTRO and PFeyeZing with False Friends… One, Two, Three.

Note to Mika from La Place Saint-Opportune… IT!, checks out, Mika, “catastrophizing” as used this morning by that sorry excuse for a Beatle fan is FAIR PLAY. And here is why:

1. m. Census and statistical census of rustic and urban estates.
2. “I think that Comirnaty is in some ways similar to other words,” she said. Notably, Comirnaty is quite close to community, and it bears a resemblance to immunity, maternity, paternity and even modernity.

— https ://dle .rae .es /catastro
— The PFeyezer vaccine’s new name is Comirnaty. Experts break down why it sounds so strange

Still to come, Rita Moreno as seen by E.T.

Ay, pi-pi-ri-pi, pi-pi-ri-pi
And, Cousin Joe, do you really want to know what that lounge coat’s color is?
C’mon, Man!!! Évry body knows that Éugene is sporting a Lady GuGu’sinterior labia FUCHSia“, aka #fd3f92 from The House of Gucci.

Legend… sponsored by Carbon…
and Coal…
JC DeCaux and of Course
That Bitch, ~Channel… sorry I mispelled your name, Socorro³.
Sin Celery: Sale gosse, hijo de Frank Sinatra, aka, The Chairman of the motherfucking Board… KNOT to be confused with “J’ah Dirty Basterd” because that Sum-bich is
Dean-oh’s mistake. At fip dot fr “iels” call him Thomas Corbillon… Issy, Thomas is an Opportune fag, but most of all, Thomas is a renegade… cocksucker denies the TERM “crooner”. A Jazz swinger, Thomas (that motherfucker) prefers to go by the moniker: Folk Star, after Bob Dylan because Thomas thinks that he tells a tale with a song, which is the very definition of a CORRIDO, or Ballad… if you are familiar with Los Chones de La Chona allá en morenaFrancia… casi esquina con Balard Metro Line 8. Check the Plan or just ask Susana Puveda, she knows all the Licks… guitar licks, that is.

1.~ Dans la idée, en entrant par LÀ (1)
2.~ On pourra, dicen los franceses, aller de LÀ (2)
3.~ A LÀ (3)…
4.~ Et de LÀ (4) à LÀ (5)

³.~ Coco for short.

I saw Georgina Moreno kissing SANTA!!!

Georges Pompidou gets élu Président del UdR… or some Art Gallery like that.

But FO’ist!!! In Washington, The White House is all decorated for the SEASON… con una corona on the pediment y la bandera a media asta on the screen… It’s a MORNING MIKA version of « Santa Got Ran Over by a raindeer… who was running away form a 12-year old who got a fucking ASSAULT RIFLE for Sweet Baby Jesus’es Birthday », in ADVANCE! Cousin Joe, in ADVANCE of Santa’s They, which is why those fuckers (SANTA en plural-es) moved to FRANCE.

https ://www .businessinsider .in /international /news /the-us-is-facing-an-unlikely-shortage-santas– /articleshow /87970822 .cms

Right now at a NATIONALIST convention

A hobo humping Slobo babe.
TimeStamp 04h 33m CET

Tuesday morning
July 19, 2016
Avenue de New York, Paris—75000

Whale fragments: Hobo humping slobo babe (C. 1995). | Uso justo de YouTube.

Whale fragments: Hobo humping slobo babe (C. 1995). | Uso justo de YouTube.

…Coming UP: il Doucho de New York

Heard at a Nationalist convention:

A strong arm megalomaniac asks:

The effervescent sheeple in a Real Estate Sponsored sports arena respond:

[…Context should follow ] | Credits follow.

[…Context should follow ] | … and Credits too, because “Paris, is alive.”

Convention in Cleveland just closed… word from Rockefeller Center is that the lights were shut off just before midnight in Ohio… earlier last night, Matt Lauer swinged an exclusive with Melania Trump —Rudy Giuliani’s prospective— first lady.

29 words… | Uso justo de un discurso de Michelle Obama.

29 words… | Uso justo de un discurso de Michelle Obama.