El pórtico — Let’s review

This is a Public Service Announcement on behalf of The Paris Tourism Board³… because there is no such thing as a free lunch, only repas solidarias, or something like that. Stay tuned for updates, in the mean time, Öüï remains your neighborhood SDF, —on vacation.

This is a time delayed sketch… starring Million Dollar Babies y, Tu Mamá También!

³~. No relation to the coq Suckers at The Paris Tourism Office, on account that They hold the monopoly of “imagination” in the Trail for The Liberation of an Elevator Shaft in Paris.

Here’s another Engle, Richard:

All the fits that are news.


https ://archive .org /details /FOXNEWSW  _20220725_200000 Your_World_With_Neil_Cavuto

But FO’ist on the Fed’s Wife Show, Andrea Mitchell, the sexiest septuagenarian on the Peacock coop is getting The Nation ready for this weekend’s at Trump’s Post Office building in WaWa Land.

Dear, Adele… FOX NEWS CAVUTO wants your LOGISTICS monkees to keep your appetite away from the buffet lines in Vegas.


Deer, Neil CAVUTO… Step Away From The Breakfast Burrito Bar. Coma frutas {and} verduras.

Across The Mall, the Kiwis are being undermined by the Shrimps on The Barbie and, oh, the Humanity!!! Free Subways for life, AUSTRALIA 🦘, 666 tatoo required. Détails at 11 with Judge Pirro, the scariest sesquicentennial (150 if youse from Texas) on The FOX’s den.

Chinese Democracy, according to Tocqueville.

And, Admiral Stradivarius, get a hair cut! You hippie. I’m tired of telling you Navy faggots in advance the PROTOCOLS of Désorientation, the little French bande annonce told you both in Technicolor™️ and in VOSTF.

She’s got PAULIE’S appetite.

Think Tanks with spies like Malcom Nance just don’t get, IT! MANNNN!!!! Eye is a pathfinder —in advance, HECK! Eye even showed you a motherfucking ATLAS que je Trouvé

Öüï now returns to… The dismantling of The Bpi’s temporary Elevator

Happy Birthday France /s/

23h11 Fireworks start… From my point of View, even the Fireworks were trimmed to the Eight Floor.

Regrets? Eye had a few, but then Again! Eye is Shocked, shocked that there is gambling going on! 🤷🏼

Dear, PÔLE EMPLOI, the EDITH PIAF satellite won’t let me [Armando Segovia] tell a lie, and for context, in the motion picture soundtrack of Good Well William Hunting, the janitor was smarter than all the cadre put together.

So, señor Macron, at the time, when Manuel Valls was running the show and you were opening the roads to [the] charter bus [industry], the Préfecture had the GALL, France, THE GALL, eye’tells Ewes! To inform me that I no longer qualified for a “pink card” renewal on account that my job, had nothing to do (selon an Agent named BRUNO) with what my CCT³ project was all about… and mister Macron, yesterday as today I say the same:

I beg to differ, but then again, the French are not known for thinking outside the box, the French are only concerned about “the specifications” on the packaging.

And yes, mister président, yesterday as Today one just has to cross the street to find a job, but in MY “expat” experience you have to be a French collaborator if one is to succeed.

La C.E.A. won’t let Mí lie, mister Président le Jupiter, albeit you being an EconoMini’ster – and The Mexican Foreign Services in charge of issuing out the silly “work” pink-cards; mine was a Talents and Skills MULTITASKING VISA, which of course you Coq Suckers at La Cité, had no idea what it was because at the TIME:

At the Time… 2011-2014.

Manuel Valls had not invented IT, yet.


https ://www .bfmtv .com /politique /elysee /traverser-la-rue-pour-trouver-du-travail-macron-considere-que-c-est-encore-plus-vrai-aujourd-hui_AV-202207140362 .html


You didn’t think that a National Holiday would get in between time-and-a-half CDI in overtime, now did ya’!

Hallyday, “Just one day out of life”.

To Add Insult To Injury 🔥 Brasil


https ://www .commondreams .org /news /2022/07/03/ tipping-point-no-return-feared-amazon-rainforest-fires-surge

Of course, there’s more to the picture than meets the Eye, them planks are “sustainable-ble-ble”, but the QUESTION, Nayel Zeaiter, is if those boards were weather treated to standards, or just ran through the mill like ordinary pallet boards? This is history that Öüï is talking about!

After the break it’s Radio Cañón with rfpp… the search for Juanito Guanabacoa en la Escuela Municipal Veterinaria de Chihuahua.

La Négritude de La Semana Que Philippe Labró

Négritude, as seen through the lens by Ms. Ginny Stroude, and here is why, because Eye is going to add some Goya®️ sazón [🇪🇸/🇵🇷] to that African sauce on your Gumbo:

Ms. Ginny Thomas.

‡~. ¡Ojo!, la llamada Négritude del primer congreso de La Presencia Africana en La Sorbona was not seen through the eyes of Ms. Ginny Stroude, but rather, the eyes of  Ms. Ginny Stroude saw through the lens and here’s a sneak peek:

‡… verbatim from TDM in the UK 

Parliament-Funkadelic presents… la Négritude de George Clinton… narrated by Niel deGrassi High—Tyson.

CE MOMENT EN AMÉRIQUE, des hommes noirs purgent la vie pour possession de marijuana. Les jeunes noirs sont plus susceptibles d’être condamnés et de purger une peine pour leurs délits et leurs arrestations liées à l’alcool. Pas plus tard qu’en 2016, les jeunes noirs étaient 8,5 fois plus susceptibles d’être jugés à l’âge adulte que les jeunes blancs.

Ce que les enfants et les communautés blanches considèrent comme des farces inoffensives ou un comportement d’adolescent rebelle pourrait signifier un changement complet du parcours de vie de leurs homologues noirs.

Note to Philippe Labro, I am not fond of anything Facebook®️, but since you are a fan of Kris Kristofferson, I’d thought that the ‘token’ in Dazed and Confused would be fitting to describe the difference between “My Niggas in Paris”, and “99 problems, but that bitch ain’t one of #Em!”.

Happy birthday to la llamada toma de La République, o algo así. 🎊💥🔥🥐🥖🍷🍾🛴🚲🚞🚎🚄🛸🗼🎪

All the news that fit to mask 😷… but, FO’ist!!! Öüï, öüï, güi, it’s another special hors-série edition of “Sophie Marceau, pourquoi on l’aime tant? », a young Bedichek Middle School goer by the name of Mike Newhouse³ thinks that he’s got the Answer, and it has got to do with licántropos 🐺

³~.  https ://www .grahmsguide .com /dazed-and-confused -1993

And in the role of the French foreign student:

Ms. Ginny Stroud: Okay guys, one more thing, this summer when you’re being inundated with all this American bicentennial Fourth Of July brouhaha, don’t forget what you’re celebrating, and that’s the fact that a bunch of slave-owning, aristocratic, white males didn’t want to pay their taxes.

Julie Delphi.

Ladies in Gemini :

Öüï begins The Bastille celebrations with a Dry-run of La Banda Municipal de Paris {Texas} “Peditos franceses” on their way to the Arc of Triumph, or some motorcycle brand from the local Indians on Peugeot’s Drive.

Might As Well Jump


An in-kind reminder that I did not select the order of the plywood history planks guarding the perimeter of The CDG museum in front of ‘The Toad’s’ little palace on the Alexandre/Élysées bridge.

And in case you missed our Santiago de Cuba Spécial, the band began, as Sergeant Pepper (en Chile) noted, and Eye quotes:

Just the facts, Ma’am

“at ten to six
When Mr. K. performs his tricks (apparently) without a sound…

_Porque estoy hecho tierra y si me tiran agua,
Ya tu sabes que me vuelvo fango
¡ay! ¡ay! le zumba el mango
Que una gota de agua me vuelva fango… »


WaWa no Enemy Pint gets.

Musical Guest:
Sir McCa and Fela on The Run…
If Eye Eva get outta Here.

The Swap… are you experienced?

Veronica is Winona Ryder 💃🏻

And, yes, yes. God is great, but “isn’t it con-ven-ient”, Alanis Morrissette, that the Jan. 6 hearings are a parallélogramme to Heathers?
Issy-sí-sí, sí, Representative Cheney, Hillary Clinton appreciates your candor when you started that little pep-rally at the REAGAN room.

For The Record, Friday presented Cousin Joe Scarborough with the opportunity to suck on one those Salvador Dalí suckers to praise “the gipper”, and if you are new to this blog then Ewe have to review President Reagan’s Farewell Address to the Graduating Class of 1989, and all that Eye is going to drop here is the notion, that while it is TRUE that Ronnie was an “amnesty” president, please consider that if Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North had not gotten caught inventing the whole CRACK epidemic of my freshman’s year near Chino, California, —ese, NANCY REAGAN would have not felt compelled to go through with that Amnesty plan, but much like with Ukranians now-a-THEYs, the casualties of that WAR prompted a, “SANA SANA colita de RANA” on the private war of George Herbert Walker Bush… of course I could be wrong.

Did Eye mentioned that Dalí was a Fag?

And here is the context… but first, i need some heroine.


Now this is not the first time that Pablo gets used as the backdrop to grandiosity, and on the next segment…

That is why he was outraged to see published the photograph of the couples of the leaders gathered in Madrid in front of the Picasso painting and headed by Queen Letizia.Especially when at “this summit, held days after the massacre that took the lives of at least 37 migrants, many of them from territories at war and who were murdered in cold blood on the Spanish border in a collaboration operation between the Spanish and Moroccan security forces, the Spanish government presided over by Pedro Sánchez, has managed to get NATO to incorporate the so-called migratory flows as a hybrid threat, a decision that will strengthen the militarization of the border and the deadly violence against the migrant population”.


La Forma follows, from the pages of El Granma de Santiago.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2022/07/02 /cultura /protesta-pintora-por-uso-del-guernica-para-promover-a-la-otan/

Cum On Feel The Noize…fuck you FIP!

https ://imdb .com /title /tt0097493/

Have you ever been Experienced…

Well, have you? Punk

What’s Says Ewe, Reverend Al Sharpton?
Is SHE Worth the asparagus?

… Arré, putos!

Con el aval deL VatiCano en El Ecuador, o algo así, según Santacruz en rfpp . fr


500 Años — But we begin in 2010°… Alex Dutilh stars as IL BRUTTO

And, Jose DíazVal ART… Andy Warhol was a big ol’FAG and Le Courbusier 🍌, [munch, munch] is still laughing from beyond the GRAVE, which is “Why I Hate The Sixties”.


The Reason Why Eye Loves:

Clarence LeRoy Van Cleef Jr.
The Bad 


Il Cattivo,
Le Van Beethoven
de la película Chicha
of a Pizza in 4 piezas

Jacqueline du Pré, la passion et la liberté (radiofrance.fr)

I am an Anti-Christ and I am an Anachroniste… YO YO MA Soul of TANGO starring Aurélie MOREAU, Dr. Moreau’s favorite creation next to that “CENTRE POMPIDOU anglais que Personne³ n’a construit ».
In New York it’s the 11th Hour and at La Promenade de Dowton Abby is just about TEA 🍵 Time ⌛

°~. Independencia, revolución, y Malraux³

Le Mexique et la France[Those motherfuckers] demandent une réunion du Conseil de sécurité de l’ONU sur l’Ukraine

³~. Of “My Name Is Nobody” and the “TRINITY” series in the Manhattan Project… fuck BUD SPENSER, that fucker was the prison warden in a Turkish Nightmare.


It’s the bottom of the Seventh Seal Beach Series inning with runners at 1st and on 2nd. New AMLO RULES BASEBALL apply, check local listings.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2022/05/09 / cultura/casa-francesa-subastara-29-lotes-de-arte-precolombino-de-mexico

Look into the catcher’s eye… it’s a lot like el “bring-em-closer” looking thingy for pirates, raiders, and those fagetty Buccaneers 🔭 with the exception that you will most certainly be peaking for SHORE {and} into Your Soul.

No More Mr. Nice Guy is the answer for this pista, and the hint is a SHOCKER By Megadeth… Runner-up on the bonus round is A Distant Metallica RIDING The Lighting.

Alabama Officer Vicky White Dies and Escapee Is Caught, Officials Say – The New York Times (nytimes.com)

Over at The Adagio Bar and Grill on Allegretto, Johnny Depp walks into the bar, hilarity ensues when… check local listings in the year 2061 or SUPERBOWL XCV via: Tout en adagio (radiofrance.fr)

{and} off-course, Le Courbiseur design killed Andy Warhol. Lucky for Paris, Eye saved Andy Warhol… “let that Sink in, jimmy dean”. I mean, who do I have to shoot to get a GREEN CARD around this CANNES en Saint-Tropez.

Jump to PAGE TÚ for another editon of:


For the record rayado:
Innuendo est un terme anglais qui signifie insinuation en français
Innuendo, est une chanson écrite par le groupe Queen,
at Le Promenade des Anglais à Nice (06100)
no less… IN REPLAY
Be, Live It, or KNOT!

And mister PATRON [miss BALA] in LA Ukranie, CANNES are nothing but a buch of DOGGS in SPANISH, but don’t tell that to SEAN PENN [that motherfucker] because that sonovabitch will probably be wanting to do a DOCU-Series starring BHL² as himself, and STING as a Weapon.

².~ Bernard-Henri Lévy

Page TÚ… it was probably just a fuckin’ DOVE

Continued from the shittiest french burrito joint in FRANCE

No One Like EWE (1982)

Here’s the thing about French security cameras at the Georges Pompidou Center, if it doesn’t serve the good of the CENTER then it was probably a pigeon that dropped its liquid on you… the camera is there for the PRÉFECTURE DE POLICE purposes.

Now, the security guard says that, “it will be up to the police¹” -in France*- if the case is of any interest (merit) in the French District Attorney’s office, or not.

* National Police, pues, not the Gendarmerie.

¹.~ ergo, o por consiguiente as follows With All Due Respect

Fuck The Police

As I type this, the bureau at “niveau 2” is engaging in laughter and the office that I was sent to, was evacuated as soon as the guard pressed his little “red” button on his walkie talkie… Or so it seemed through the order and sequences of events²

²._ But then again, as you can see from the cover of Los Alacranes de Bavaria, Eye has forks in my sockets, so there’s that.

Sad to say, girl who got raped in who gives a FUCK france… it applies to the rest of the Ville de ville securities cameras. If it benefits the PRÉFECT de police, they will proceed, if it doesn’t… well, a fucking HOLOCAUST can take place so long as THE PSG wins the euro CUP… or the glory of the Department is saved.

It’s called CATCH-22 and it’s inspired in 1938. Whatever the case, you look adorable.

A.I. love Ewe… en contexto for those that Wish That They Could Be Here³.

³.~ This of course has not been my first rodeo, this however is the first time that Artificial declarations were taken, from a persona-non-grata’s point of view, it’s all the same, but for the record, if i wasted all of my time the one thing that you can’ t reproach me is that I, armando segovia, didn’ try. I am begining to understand the ARTISTIC side of HITLER, and that is just history talking.

Now, before i head over to the “chow hall”, and you coq suckers begin to have a personal relation with the “buffet” and… [that is all that I will say about that] to be fair, understanding the ARTISTIC SIDE of HITLER implies that the WORLD OF TANKS view includes Nayel Zeaiter’s reflection of why the GOOD GENERAL Chuck De Gaulle didn’t want the Rosbifs in the Mainland.

Plank n⁰ (‽) At the Grand Palais, 🛩️

From a foreigner’s eye view, you people (of The French Republic) look a lot like ALGERIA, and they don’t even speak Spanish.

Should I just get a machete and cut the first fucking head that (has) pissed me off in the past ten years? It’s doable.

I, armando segovia, have all fucking day, let’s do this, and if it was a pigeon that caused the complaint I will fucking buy you a Drink, you fucking SMITH.

The Year is 20 who gives a fuck after baby Jesus was born, and we’ll be right back.

Page Tú to Memo: next time bring marihuana

Coq sucker 🍭🎻… ” Because any güey the Wind blows,” Juárez remains next to El Chuco (915).

Leave the sushi, bring the tacos.


And, fip Siren, « can you smell what The Rock is cooking? »

Page 26… well you’ve heard about Gaultier’s boite de couture at Le Grand Palais and los pernos que se le cayeron como si fuese la linea 12³ de la  Concórdia en México — IT’S Knot oNe of DOS.

…{and} Mr. Kasparov (Garry, Eye believes is your name) please be advised that Fenster (our copy editor) can only count to FOUR, lucky for U.S., Öüï only needs Three Moves to make a bi-plane fly.

³.~ Ahora con acento y toda la cosa.

And (Jonathan Capehart, in Australia, Rafa wore fushia) in Paris… Le Parisien, if that’s even those motherfuckers real name, those Coq suckers are Echo—ing what this litttle fucking blog told Freddy Cats last night. It’s how they roll, first they take the headlines out of OUR Jornada and then they go next to Versailles to build their plot.

It Could Never Happen in France
https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2022/01/30 /deportes /nadal-gana-australia-e-impone-record-en-grand-slam/

Foto cortesía de todos los usos justos en los medios, o algo así.

https ://www.leparisien .fr/yvelines-78/ inquietude-a-montfort-lamaury-apres-une-photo-de-deux-hommes-fusil-mitrailleur-a-la-main

By FRENCH NATIONAL POLICE standards… are you coq suckers “sure” that the “item” in question is a killing machine? And, Martin at EMMAÜS, allow, Mi, to explain after some tacos at la rue Santeuil (don’t be shy, Chef, say hello).

And while it is true (Le Parisien) that you do leave the “incognita” in the air-soft head of Elisabeth’s nota, open, one has to wonder why this nota would hit the suburbs in the last stretch of the beginning of the end of ERIC ZEMOUR’s* presidential campaign, NOTAS?

*sorry i mispelled your name, nice girlfriend you got there
reminds Mí of a little coq sucker that Eye used to know,
which, motherfucker, is going to be a segue into the PHILOsophie of what in the fuck makes a good Français(e), or something like that.
It’s a segment that, i would like to title:
How ya’ doin’?

Memo to Memo [Brut media] : go to Lagrange near the Oldest árbol on the 5éme

The first quaestor of the Assembly has finally enlightened us : the boss would run a multinational company underwater… [in Australia, later during the Fall of 2021, maybe.]

No such thing as “redemption songs” for fallen Swan Songs, nonetheless Öüï has to fullfil the book… and CLEO LAINE (1957 via Cerf-panthére N° 3699), regarding your REAL GONE label and your song, “T’ain’t what you do (It’s the way that Cha do it)” on the Sunday afternoon fip dot ef er programming, please be advised that La Ruffin Corporation Inc., is aware of your persuassion² to encourage your janitors to be motivated by “Passion” rather than “that slippery slope” called « greed ».

².~ Fakir n° 97, page Tú “Les Petites Mains“, via Le SPMF, short for: small handed mother fakirs. Fev. 2021.

In Local news, LA CATEDRAL del JAZZ en París, TSF JAZZ 89.9 just jammed with The Floyd in Pompeii, en horario nocturno de Hawaii… it Ain’t Over till IT IS Over.

https ://www.tsfjazz .com /programmes /chateau-gardot /2022-01-17 /18-00

To celebrate the occasion, Ewe Tú, motherfucker, are going to have to Ketch-Up with ROCKY and his Picture Show at La Maub.

But FO’ist!

It’s another edition of WHO IS MOVING TO PARIS?

Yup, it was just a matter of time, Ari Melber, of “The Ari Melber Show” is moving to Paris and that sumbitch just changed his name to KALIFA en Domingo, or something like that.

https ://www .hollywoodreporter .com /wp-content /uploads /2017/07 /charlamagne_tha_god_and_ari_melber_-_split_-_

The Beat with Émily Lonesome. Avi Velshi reports.

For the record, Öüï does not select the doppelgängers, Eye simply shows you La Jornada de L’Aurore on ‘the beat’.

—- And now, a new segment, Climate Change Stole Avi Velshi’s Nostalgia for Tornados, Shitty Weather and National Parks.

Anybody got popcorn?

With THAT! In mind, amigo Guillaume de Brut media, it was a real treat to see you shoe leathering³ the place Where Évry body knows your name, KNOT to mention [your mentioning] that you are in no way associated with l’Âme des Camps [version] Melle. Pitch Awards during El Año de Hidalgo de La FRENCH election of 2022. Nice to know that LOS OLVIDADOS remains the top LIENZO when it comes to a thing that little ol’Armando Serrano-Prieto dropped on the porno-loving aristocrats 🎩 de Saint-Vincent-de-Paul en el 6éme.

Previously on “Señor Presidente, j’ai vu ce film aussi[e]…”, Redoutable³

In the mean time, Mr. Président, take a walk down to Saint Eustache, where Poquelin (that motherfucker) was relegated with the duties of RED°ACTEUR en chef de “Une Journée Dans La Vie.”

Año de Hidalgo it is not what my fellow Mexicans are thinking, in France, El Año de Hidalgo finally updated the computers at Melville’s Olympiades mediashack, and that’s a good thing, now Mme. Mayor, you just have to change the headphone JACKS because thesethose fuckers are corroded to the core.

³.~ Temible, formidable… algo así como quién dice, “Oh no, qué bruto, qué bárbaro, Djoko es un arma formidable”… pero no es gerundio, such as the sampling³³ below which, as you can see by the math, matches the cover because it is what bohemians from Guatemala en Garibaldi² call, la forma de El Verbo como un sujeto Sustantivo. Très, très, très formidable.

Ladies in Gemini:

« The Centerfold »

¿Vive La France, en un Yellow Submarine? Page 41,  LÉGENDE  N° 7, Janvier 2022.

².~ México. Track 14 of “Sí el Norte, fuera El Sur” de Ricardo Arjona.
https ://www .discogs .com /fr /master /841453- Ricardo-Arjona-Si-El-Norte-Fuera-El-Sur


JUMP to our special Año de Hidalgo en Vaudeville page.

Extra credit, what is the visual complement of a Hawaiian ⏳  Twilight Zone’s episode  in CET?