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Issy, El Chavo hizo su entrada en 1971… diez días después de que mi tocayo Lenin Armando Salgado capturase aquellas épicas fotos en Blanco y Negro del “Jueves de Corpus”, el 20 de junio de 1971, « pero no sé lo vayas a decir a nadie » porque LA HISTORIA OFICIAL de Azcárraga en TELEVISA dicta que “El Chavo del 8” just turned 50 years of syndication. ISSY, “ONLY A FOOL, would say that » IMAGINE THAT, Johnny-boy.

More Time than life, and Alexis was a fag, and that’s a Phact!… After the break it’s La Épopée d’Un Américain en La France.

🎶 They’ve seen his face before…
Nobody was sure that he wasn’t
From the House of Rey Zambada,

Chaves… it’s 1936 and Brazil’s favorite wheels are about to hit them Volks, it’s as if Adolf Hitler knew that his FUSCA would fit like a lego® block with the “Brazilian Miracle” of the 1970’s thanks to the POISSON d’avril ditadura militar of Magalhães Pinto, Pereira de Barros, and of course Werneck de Lacerda, of 1965. Una batucada militar que aguantaría hasta 1985, and that’s no lie, ask The Santos ⚽ in Brazil, not that George in Washington on the frame below.

The Cult of Personality… In Living Colour… y 🕛 de pronto … 🕧 … 💥 Flash! La Chica del Bikini Azul.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /2022/12/30 /⚽ /Murió el Mozart del futbol, pero su leyenda pervivirá

1936: en Alemania, Adolf Hitler implementa un nuevo vehículo, práctico y de bajo costo: el Escarabajo³, de la fábrica Volkswagen (‘vehículo del pueblo’). En México, pero por aquello del año del 2023, Andrés López invites “The Führer” to install his “VOCHO” factory in Puebla de Zaragoza.

³~. Quick programming note, according to the IMdB trivia sector, both Chiquinha  and Chaves   are BEETLE fans all the way to the break-up of esa Maldita Vecindad.

Last Week To They, reprise de Yesterday en RFPP 106.3 fm

Over at RFPP, JUANITO GUANABACOA has been cleared by the 🇨🇵 Ministère de Culture to FINALLY give his three-cents over the 📻 waves on the recently concluded trial of Genaro García Luna. The AUTO-censorship displayed by Juanito Guanavacoa during the ENTIRE month of January and part of February is 🎼 Pathetic, if not unfortunate but clearly Knot Ironic.

Öüï, the staff, can only begin to speculate as to what could have been the reasons why, “le regie” of l’émission hebdomadaire of Décalage Horaire would, pretty much, like Joe Scarborough on the Morning Mika Show, not touch the Genaro García Luna trial coverage with a 3145 km pole.

One thing is for certain, better safe than sorry. Why bring up something that might implicate any given French official in the García Luna’s Rolodex® before the judge delivered the findings from Genaro García Luna’s peers and quite possibly, Genaro García Luna’s customer base en la Ciudad de Nueva Yorky París, aussi.

Getting back to “Ordem e Progresso

1973 . Au Mexique , pour la première fois (after the ORIGINAL Pilot, which aired in 1971 on an independent station) un chapitre de CHAVES est publié en La Fundación Televisa.

1935Adolf Hitler orders the Luftwaffe to be re-formed, pasándose de esa manera a Led Zeppelin by his Rocky Mountain Oysters during The Paris International Pharm Expo, and thus violating the provisions of The Treaty of La Porte de Versailles.

Over at the ESCP*, Alma Mater⁸ of Mexican President Francisco I.Madero, The Echos of la profesora Florence Pinot-Girafales are sounding like a “patheticMozart tune, when she sentenced during an elDorado conference:


*~.« Apprendre à oser », The HEC (hautes études commerciales) is also part of the network of business schools (ESC) of the CCI Paris Île-de-France with ESSEC and ESCP Business School, forming the group of “three Parisians”. Like the ESCP Business School, the HEC Paris is a consular institution of higher education (EESC).

México is infiniment plus facile que le Brésil

Florence Pinot de Villechenon
Le Mexique, un elDorado Retrouve ?

https ://www .gemdev .org /infosgemdev /?p=6738
Jeudi, 7 novembre 2013
ESCP Europe (salle Europe)
75011 M-3 Saint-Maur


Job Announcement nº 9: Manure Shoveling Specialist

Synopsis :

https ://mobile .twitter .com /SegoArma /status /1629385479593377793? s=20

The Wedding Present — Ewe Only Leave Twice.

An American in Paris applies for a job at radio Franche. Hilarity ensues when Aurélie Moreau relays that suicide is a pre-requisite course

¡GRAbiel!!! Ese es el nombre que más odio en un invitado de Mika… and if you think that THAT left naked boob is a fashion statement, Ewe maddafakkas have clearly not seen Marianne’s solid long-sleeve.


Président Macron dreams the speech that he is going to deliver to la Sacré Vache of 2023, a phaux long-horn named Ovalie the Last:

Thirty years from now when you’re sitting around your fireside with your calf-sons on your knee, and s/he asks you, “What did you do in the great World War II?” — you won’t have to say, “Well, I shoveled shit in Louisiana.”

Cat S’up, Bitch!

that’s right, Bovinos, ewe can say that your ribs fed the troops by the bushel.

Still to come on Ancient Aliens, edición Lagunera (Zona del Silencio) en El Bolsón de Mapimí, Öüï présents « The Evidence »… Ground floor minus one at the Beaubourg, en París.


Following the termination of at least one shit-shoveler at BFMTV International, Marc-Olivier Fogiel, oligarch of the Chaine at la bendita Porte de Versailles, opened the hiring period, effective from 25 February to 05 Mars, inquire with Perrine Storme at the TV Conglomerate’s Big Pharm across The Sacré Périph.

But first, we touch base with el PAN* favorite VOXING actress, the one and only Sirène of the whole rotten lot, Charlotte🧜🏻‍♀️Bibring.

I noticed that you noticed, Issy, i say again:


(Something goes here)

my best work is not under pressure, or torture, or by Co-optation and especially, Denis Soula, a través de la cooptación  InsºtiºtúºNacionalizada de los Amigos de México en la préfecture de Cité.

But seriously, I am Sirius and you are not.

… and, Natalie Piolé, “Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?”

Any how, Love Frog, love Mí Tú Times.

And, Cousin Joe… 🌬️🎶 Where were you while Öüï was gettin’High³

³~. We Were Getting High?

Hilo, Hawaii. 21 de febrero, 2023. Día de la Luna, Zodiaco they aftermath.

Jump tomorrow … Four takeaways from the NYT y dos con sal en el Instituto Cervantes en París, Francia. 2 de junio del 2011.

1916World War I: In France, the Battle of Verdun begins, and you know, fast ⏩ to 2015, and you know, for a Country 🇨🇵, who structured its Elite Police Unit, from a Nazi TM (technical manual), these Sirènes are not too silly.

If you add Harissa.

1965 – Malcolm X is gunned down while giving a speech at the Audubon Ballroom in Harlem.

While Cousin Joe figures that one out, we take a look back at, “Mhmm, l’argentina

³~. Öüï was gettin’ High… in Baltimore, before there was even a motherfucking Wire installed at 32 rue Borrègo… in 2012… right around the time that 🇲🇽 Juanito Guanabacoa made that permanent Change of Exile to La bendita 🇨🇵 France 🛬 arriving from some pretentious higher-learning university in 🇨🇦 CaNaDa, via the “Halcones” school of the Americas in the House of the rising Son.

L’affaire est liée aux attentats de novembre 2015 à Paris et découle d’une plainte contre Google déposée par des proches de Nohemi González³, l’une des 130 victimes de ces attentats.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2023/02/21 /economia /el-futuro-de-internet-se-decide-en-la-corte-suprema-de-eu/?

By any Means necessary.

Cet Américain qui étudiait en France est mort dans la cafétéria Belle Equipe aux mains d’un commando du groupe Etat islamique (EI).

³~. Who stars as Peaches “La Exploradora”…
Effectivement, “qué bonito equipo”…

🥂 https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2023/02/21 /espectaculos /totem-esta-construida-a-partir-de-la-diversidad-de-un-hogar-con-alma-y-corazon /? 🏛️

Se los dije, yo, Armando Segovia / Armando Serrano-Prieto, se los dije, El Peje es un duende… ¡🇯🇵 ¥a Dije 🥷!

… por el otro lado de los berliners 🇩🇪 en elSchatzi del 🎬 7º harte, …

México toma la delantera y se perfila para ir y hacer enojar a Sean Penn en la Académie au Mans Chinese Traiteur… en Rungis.

Trou 🕳️ to form, l’humilité 🇦🇷 argentina would jump from it’s highest 🇺🇾 austérité and send 🇪🇸 Lionel Messi 🇧🇭 to take the stage 🤵, yet again, on the Morning Joe show.

El Fondo sin Forma


La forma en El Fondo de Texcoco 🛬

The Saturday Morning Cartoons — with YOLANDA KING

To they, it is, —The Greatest.

And, Thomas de Corbillón, Ewe son and a bitch…

I know how a dove cries 🦤 and that D.A.R.E. is no Singular bird singing. Who you selling metro tickets to, Foo?

Twelve will get you… Ethnic Intimidation and a set of iPods™️.

With that in mind, and starring as a young Aunt Gloria, is a runaway Tiffany 🟦 Cross on a Philadelphia metro 🚇 line.

HOUSTON, we have a reprise:

And if, by chance, that special placeThat you’ve been dreaming ofLeads you to a lonely placeFind your strength in love 🌬️

Dear, Yolanda… Nevermind that fellow from Texas 🧑‍🦽, he’s wacked beyond repair and that’s no hype or cold water on your pinky toe.

~. Texas Governor (R), Greg Abbott.

“You know, they say that free-peddled news on the metro makes the best isolation from it all, and the Cold, aussi. »…

A non Emo’s


What would you say to the girl on the Philadelphia playing the role of a ‘dope’?

https ://www .nbcphiladelphia .com /news /local /teen-girls-in-septa-attack-will-face-ethnic-intimidation-charges /3052778/

And Reverend King, [Eye is referencing your gramps not addressing your dad, Yolanda] the ‘dope’ on that Philadelphia metro 🚇 ride is not the runaway 12-year old Muslim  jail-bait. Think 🤔 about it, Rev. Talk about it. Shout about it.

“Bobby Ogdin on the piano … Thanks, Bobby
Mr. Charlie Mccoy, harmonica … Ah, Charlie
Russ Hicks, steel guitar…
And ladies & gentlemen, I’d like to present: Mohammed Ali:

Everybody stop talking now, I tell ya….I told you, all of my critics, I told you all that I was the greatest of all time
Now just listen…I told you today, I’m still the greatest of all time…never again defeat me…never again say that I’m going to be defeated…never again bet and make me an underdog, until I’m about 50 years old.
Then you might get me.
But I didn’t dance, I didn’t dance for a reason.
I wanted to make him lose all his power, I kept tellin’ he had no punch, he couldn’t hit, he swang like a sissy, he’s missin’, let me see you box, I hadn’t start dancin’ yet!
You can’t say my legs are gone, you can’t say I was tired, because what happened?
I didn’t dance from the second round on.
I stayed on the ropes. When I stay on the ropes, you think I’m doin’ bad.
But I want all boxers to put this in the page of boxing: staying on ropes is a beautiful thing with a heavyweight when you make him shoot his best shot, and you know he’s not hittin’ ya. I would’ve gave George Foreman two rounds of steady punchin’, because after that he was mine.”


Note to editors, and especially for those in the rank(iest) of the files at La Juventud Bolivariana de Botzaris, e Hidalgo en el XVIIIeme de París:

Our signaling that la Voix des Sans Voix station on the fm dial (106.3) does not provide its listeners with LA REPRODUCCIÓN of its 🇵🇪 Latino 🇧🇴 edition 🇲🇽 transmissions has been EXHAUSTIVE and so, if you wish to hear Osler Perucho and his pandilla, muse about the early efforts of un tal “Vallejo” and the rejection from los cholos y los indios de la playa que le corresponde a Bolivia, then you should contact Da’Man there (at RFPP . nET, not Evo Morales) and demand accountability for the instigation to overthrow a 🇵🇪 El Castillo de “La Ciudad de Los Perros” en La Sacré Académie française 🧐.

_ et, mais ouais, Denisa Kerschovas (Conquistador edition in Allegretto) 🇲🇽 Octavio Paz is alive and well at 🇨🇵 La Maub and she is still collaborating with “el pueblo” del Pompidou who, notwithstanding, continue to coq-block the Progreso y Dignidad de La Sociedad Real de Visceralistas.

“I’m here just because I want to hear the Muhammad Ali part that WAS CUT-OFF from the album”

Tyrannosaurus-Dex ° 2-years ago, on Ween’s 1996 Country Fried Album, “POWDER 🔵 BLUE .


Smashed calabazas on mirror 🪞 are closer than Lille.


Well… you might have probably, sort’ah-HO’id about Opération Mind Crime, and if you have maybe you will think that this is one is a, Silent Lucidity on a Mardi Grass float, but that Mind Set will be as ‘whacked’ as a Silent Retreat on the ‘wokeness’ of a Bleach commercial.

The smallest fiction on Denisa’s pulp

From the makers of Stein’s Burnt Champagne Cork comes a new product:

call in the next 36 hours
and get a cookie chewed-up by Griezmann.

STEIN’S BURNT MESQUITE… Brown 🟤 up, fuckers.

O como dicen en CrOAsia:

https ://www .radiofrance .fr /francemusique /podcasts /la-quatre-saisons-n-est-pas-qu-une-pizza /souad-massi-6939936

Philadelphia: We Fell Love in a hopeless place, now is a homeless shelter, or something like that.


The smallest violin crying for that bass… 🎻 + 1

In local news, the prosecution in the U.S. v. Genaro GarCIA Luna has called their last witness and that’s it, The Chief’s celebrated as expected in Disneyland, because for all the bullshit about American jurisprudence, “membership” has it’s benefits.

Gooooo Navy! Sponsored by the Jeffersons in Paris…


In the mean time, Mercury wishes that her HighNess Dora don’t take this the wrong way, Öüï kindly remind you, bitches, that I am only a Messenger, Roger that?

Over at Franche-Musique… Those fucks go on strike for the right to play, “Fuck Your 64″, and Öüï déclare our love for pizza, but that’s only because Saskia went skinny-dipping’ in a Castillian aqueduct.


Any thing you can play … I can skip like a fucking puddle.


Happy Birthday Captain Louis Renault

Today’s lucky Ween’er of the birthday suit Laguna edition of the Captain Louis Renault Award for the Year of the Wabbit 🐇 is none other than our favorite pundit, Stephanie Ruhle and the producers of the post-BriWi Show 🎹🥃

1939Ray Manzarek, American singer-songwriter, keyboard player, and producer ( 2013)

Turístico en décalage a Compostela.

But, first, Los Hijos de Andrés Manolopez el obrador, move to Arteaga², Coahuila (en la Madre Patria… Madre Patria es un oxímoron natural, la Madre Patria is the quintessential “Bull Dyke” de los países bajos), any how, los Hijos del Peje, nobles que son esos hijos de puta, se trasladan a un albergue turístico para ver cómo chingados plantar cacao en una zona árida.

²~. No confundir con Ar°Ti°eda° porque eso es aragonés, not from SPAIN, o como diría Juanito Guanabacoa, “La Madre Pat, ría.”

La idea no es nueva, esos hijos de puta, es decir los hijos de la primera esposa del presidente de México, no el hijo de la presidenta nacional del D.I.F., porque los niños no se tocan, esos cabrones ya habían echado a perder una selva con sus pinches mamadas empresariales, así son los nobles.

[Witty zinger remark 🕳️ goes here]

1502Isabella I 🇪🇸 issues an edict outlawing Islam 🕋 in the Crown 👑 of Castile 🏰, forcing virtually all her Muslim ☪️ subjects ♟️ to convert to Christianity ✝️. Over in Santiago, 🇨🇱 Chile gets a capital, and 🇪🇨Ecuador quitó en Quito el derecho a los 🇵🇪 peruchos de negarle a 🧬 CHARLES DARWIN 🇬🇧 el derecho de ⚓ merodear 🦤 en la Provincia 🗿 de 🐢 Galapagos.

Across The He Atlantic, it’s pigskin blues 💙

Rain drops are fallin’ on my Robot

And Reverend Al… did you know that  Burt Bacharach wrote a song for Vícente Fernández, Indeed! Reverend Al, Indeed. Saldy, Chente died before the record could be pressed, trou story.

Viejas feas

I sure hope you and Martin Luther III don’t hold my Charts against , you know I love your Mexican ass, but I am still not sure about that solidarity nepotist and his trip to Mexico this past September of 2022.

In Martin Luther’s defense, you, him and Jesse do have a stain with THE ANCIENT ALIEN theme at TAMA-Re ∴… but again, Öüi is not holding that against you or the other two, lesser reverends.

MARCHE DE LA FIDÉLITÉ – La Bastilla michoacana…
Calderón se souvient de sa Marche de la Loyauté : “la tradition était de la célébrer au château de Chapultepec”


https ://www .proceso .com .mx /nacional /2023/2/9 /calderon-recuerda-su-marcha-de-la-lealtad-la-tradicion-era-celebrarla-en-el-castillo-de-chapultepec-301838 .html

I bring this up, not to annoy you Reverend Al, but to remind the Programming Overlords at msNBC that when you participate in a 4-hour show about nothing you get nothing, so IF that mormon son of a bitch, Joseph Charles Scarborough the Third is not going to say a peep about the man responsible for all of that Fentanyl and other assorted soft drugs like COCAINE crossing over to HUECO TANKS, from Samalayuca de Ahumada, then don’t complain about that on-going drug problematic in Biden’s house.

And for context, Reverend Al, I am about to complete a job application with for Vilma Fuentes’ paisana (from the Borderplex in Samalayuca/Tanks³) María Hinojosa and her Futuro Pelo enterprise… but to tell you the truth, I have no hope of even being considered for that coveted position in Harlem, because as we all know, those positions are gentrified by Ivy League or the New York Pinto League Alumni.

³~. Samalayuca Dunes in the State of Chihuahua and Hueco Tanks in Texas; for context, Futuro Media requires some references for the janitor job in Harlem and one of the sources that I chose was the former El Paso Bureau’s Associated Press correspondent, Alicia Caldwell, I met her on a golf cart inside of a Border Patrol Holding Tank Compound, on our way to an American Terrorist’s trial, his name is not relevant anymore, but let’s just say that he was not a fan of CAMILO CIENGUEGOS y los barbudos de Fidel… I never asked Alicia if she was a Baseball Fan, even though we both shared a floor at The El Paso Times newspaper of record… which like MSNBC, wanted nothing to do with SOUTH of THE BORDER issues, which where very, very, very Bloody at the Time, and Genaro García Luna was about to become the man in Charge of them federales marching into El PRONAF y la Avenida Lincoln en El Puente de Las Américas en Ciudad Juárez, —MERIDA PLAN. not the one Over the Panama Canal.

And besides, Reverend Al, if Futuro Media even dares to not read my footnotes and bibliographic real-time references she would not be invited again to Mika’s penthouse for dinner. That’s just the way FRENCH PEOPLE are, and as everybody in the whole-wide World knows, the minute that someone sets foot on The Fountain’s premises s\he\other immediatly turns into a fucking frog…

2 de febrero, 1905Ayn Rand, Russian-born American novelist and philosopher ( 1982)… actually, Ayn Rand didn’t die, and no, Alain Greenspan, no! For the last time Ayn Rand did not die and went to heaven, although she qualified as a canine (that bitch), she is right there next to you. Ayn Rand took over the body Andrea Mitchell.

And I Quote, Cookie 🍪 Monster:

Amphibians! The entire charco, including them TadPoles! Amphibians Eye tell Ya’!

L’unité de renseignement financier (UIF) du ministère des Finances

Why, why do you think, Reverend Al, that Baby Blue got axed off of the floor? Because Tiffany refused to stop outing people out… too bad “my prayer” never got to her… right now Tiffany Cross is dubbing Crystal Waters “Da-ra-dee Da-ra-dah” in Philadelphia, PA..

Which reminds me, an important quality for a janitor job in journalism is to ask them stinky questions, the kind of questions that linger for a while in the back of someone’s head, por ejemplo PENILEY, maybe I am off the 375-Loop in Antony, New Mexico, but is “La Hinojosa” invited to ABU DABHI on that Mika over 50 show? Or was she given the working at a Sonic Burger drive-thru in Texas, in the role of a co-worker of PARIS HILTON at the end of a shift?

Sonic Burger context follows from Paris.

Full-disclosure, Rev. Al, I was contemplating finishing this process for Peniley and Hinojosa by February 1st, for no particular reason, really, but if you make an effort not to scroll down this blog, you will be forgiven for not noticing that I am Blacker than Ewe, just like that Île-de-France Authority fellow who caught me without that STEIN’s Burnt (champagne) Cork on my face… must have been the light on that damn Wabbit.

³~. Any how, Reverend Al, getting back to the SAMALAYUCA/TANKS international line, Alicia had just stepped out of the Plane and into the Heat of Montana Avenue and she wanted to know about the where to go and what to do in the region besides “Chico’s Tacos” or “las maquilas de cristal²“.

²~. Carlos Fuentes, “La Frontera de Cristal“:
https ://archive .org /stream /La Frontera De Cristal Carlos Fuentes /LaFronteraDeCristal _djvu .txt

Trompa, orejas y rabo en La Alternativa de Robinette “El Pipo” Biden

💃🏻 Al regresar, we Switch, IT!, over to Lerdo-Coahuila vía Las Ramblas.

Today’s Ke Sacó is brought to Ewe, motherfuckers by PLACIDO DOMINGO at Dodger Stadium, Goooooooo Dodgers!

¡Torero! !Torero! ¡Torero!

And here is why, “Lionel” Esparza … if that’s even your real call-sign, you sonovabitch!

Because Domingo, is probably the only tenor to have gone into a SOBREDOSIS de CEMENTO after an earthquake. Can you top that?


Topen eso…


Saving Private Pérez

On this sunny-side up Allegretto 🌛 JUNIOR 🌚 in Hilo, Hawaii, Öüï finds 🍍 La Kerschovas 🍌 entering back into the atmosphere at La Porte de l’ESCP à la Porte de BFM’er TV on the Tee 3 Tram 🚊, without a Ticket to Ride… ISSY, that’s at the Jeannie Margot Robbie street behind TECHNICOLOR®, period!

Last Week To They — Full-circle on the Andalusians at rfpp . net

De las lunas, las de octubre.

And Zeppelin, my dear Comte Pâris, goes here:

— 1916: en La Franche ―over the stage at The Globe, German Zeppelins bomb the shit out of Paris.

https ://today-in-wwi .tumblr .com /post /138319852493 /zeppelin-raid-on-paris-injures-30-kills-24


Hola guapa… I have news for your battle strategy, for starters, I come from a land where sadly, las lechuzas are censored like the fans of the Velsho Banned Book Club, it’s trou. North of the Zacatecas region, las lechuzas are worth less than a chilango, and Eye is not going to repeat what Öüï already relayed without caviardage, I must add, what happens to chilangos cuando pasan por la patria. So, with that in mind, today’s strategy will be to turn your Chouette into a blackbird, ready? Seth—G’eau!

— 1845 – “The Raven” is published in The Evening Mirror in New York, the first publication with the name of the author, Edgar Allan Poe.

Lorem ipsum seremus sumeres music merol…


En fin, let Mí drink my breakfast and I’ll get back to Anda Lucía, love Tú Times en version flamenca con un Duende al’Ao 🦉🪶… in the meantime have some CROW with your Blackbird, love fool:

— 1595: London, Leonardo DiCaprio and a Claire Danes are selected by Shakes Pirito to play the roles of Romeo y Julieta, Leonardo of course plays Julieta.

Répétition, répétition, and of course, répétition, — 🇪🇸Motherfuckers!

Y para cerrar, los invitados de hoy no llegaron [domingo 29 de enero], al parecer a FRANCIA, como la invitada de la semana pasada a la cabina de Botzaris, gracias a una boda, o quinceañera o algo así.

Lo cierto PENNY LEY en Futuro Media, es de que no todos los inmigrantes chilenos, de Chile, salieron de su país, por culpa de Pinochet; por mucho que Juanito Guanavacoa los empuje a decir que sí [domingo 22 de enero]. And it’s all right. Boda or not.

Entonces, ni modo de pintar el mismo cuadro, ya no se puede. El compromiso de Juanito Guanabacoa con el fotógrafo del ’68 en la sala de invitados, o algo así; ya no es igual, y no lo llamen “JUAN”, es Juanito y es puro teatro. And here is why:

not only did Juanito shifted his PsyNoptic analysis from Israel Vallarta and other assorted CERESinos³ in Mexico to some fucking piano bar at Metro Stop LEMOINE.

³~. Mexican jailbirds.

No! Not only did Juanito got his cake, he also picked up the pace that Osler Amaro, his old captain, dropped, now Juanito is analysing ‘El Azar‘ de Castillo en El Perú.

2020COVID-19 pandemic: The Trump administration establishes the White House Coronavirus Task Force under Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar.

In the meantime, NOTHING! Nothing about the Genaro García Luna trial or its implications to that so-called “Mexique-Ranch” that Juanito so much denounced before he got … cut-off of his ‘lado del Sur’. But isn’t that the way this things go? You play the guitar on the rfpp and you jam at gigs for pago-en-especie.

Arrose les fleurs una vez por semana.

Anyhow mister ‘RG’ this concludes my coverage of The Juanito Guanavacoa Show, now I am going to occupy myself on watering plants or agriculture, or something like that, como mi tocayo Lenin².


²~. Salgado.

Athena, is that an arm youse missing, or are you just happy to see my Battle plan?

And, Katie Thang, i missed your show today but I liked that green dress that you wore on set.

A Moor Es Perros and a road trip song

Have a Nice weekend:

The following is a kind reminder that tomorrow is Kill A Jew observation THEY, and that today at La Rue Des Bourdonnais, it’s International Solidarity Day.

1564The Council of Trent establishes an official distinction between 🇻🇦 Roman Catholicism and 🤐 Protestantism.

2023 – A rash of fundamentalists attacks en contra de la 🇫🇷 Catholique church sparks a mass apostasy that can only be described as a suplex on the Ex-Comunicado powers vested by Chuy to Peter who then transmitted said superpower to the 🇻🇦 Pope in 🇮🇹 Rome.

Give a bum a doughnut, or deliver that fucker an Abrams crew, fuck the tank! This war needs IMPROV, not a fucking jam!

Especially one, with the monopoly of conformity… Get It While You Can!

La desfachates de Belmont follows:

Fuck Ewe RFPP dot co-opt

To celebrate the commemoration… Uncle Sam is sending 31 Abrams to E°UR°opa, but that’s only because Eye is 32º Flavas, and then some, Eye told y’all that Eye was a spearhead.

Encontramos a La Kerschovas, ahora en Gambetta, haciéndola de Charlie Chaplin en 🇧🇷 Portugués al lado de unas 🚇 Candilejas con Roberto ⚽ Carlos, quién por supuesto, María 🇲🇽 Hinojosa 🇺🇸, “usted no me lo va a creer”, pero el cacharro de Roberto 🎤 Carlos levanta más 🇨🇦 minas que sus Mercedes en el garaje de Vicky Carr.

The Tanker’s Creed… Can’t have a Ballroom Blitz without Em#, eh! 💃🏻

¡Total! If you need the reference for the Ferraris and the Jaguars at la Place des Vosges, ask Dr. Poisson, she held the door as I performed the operación.

TROU 🕳️ STORY… and it was all caught on tape 📼.

1942World War II: The first United States forces arrive in Europe, landing in Northern 🇬🇧 Ireland.

But first, Öüï now continue with a road 🛣️ trip from Nice to Perpignan and up to un Île 🦪 llamada d’Oléron 🦪 en Saint-Georges 🦪, o algo así, 🥐 Poitiers was on the way, but then so was a place named after the Spirit of Cognac 🥃… and that’s no lie.


1915The Rocky Mountain National Park is established by an act of the U.S. Congress.

… I’ll follow you down, but not that far.