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Hermanos y Sista’s Zapanteras y Zapatistas…

Worry Knot! Good They SunShine follows.

Ni el duende que habita allí mero, ni Mme. Balaguer lo pueden negar, that orange line between the plaques, however small, it’s me.

Tláloc is Witt Ewe me lo dijo un Jaguar en Las Ventas. Don’t believe me, ask Jacques Chirac, he’s housing the oldest of the heavies at Le Branly, o algo así, free on the FO’ist Sunday of every lunar cycle.

Anyhow Zapantera Rosa, ask any French archeologist at the AUCTION BLOCK near La Bourse de la Agence France Press, el colmillo 🦷is a dead give away when identifying any of the pre-Columbian gods of rain.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2021/07/04 /cultura /gracias-por-tus-palabras-rey-lagarto/

In modern days, the god of rain sports a Diamond encrusted “grill” for fangs, regardless if it’s a spotted or black Cat. —_•!•_— It’s the top of the Second and so far at 18h20 at La Place des Fêtes the National Anthem in the wail of two saxes, one tuba and what looks like a Les Paul style swing guitar just rendered into sound waves, “Hasta siempre,  comandante” o algo así. El Zopilote follows, or maybe not, de cualquier manera Louise Michel is now a “bat girl” on left-field duties at the Evil Empire and EDITH PIAF was summoned via the Olmecs private beach front property in the Gulf of Mexico. 🥎 Now, the non-reader of this blog will have to suspend reality because Eye is about to bend the Ruhles of Softball… Piaf delivers a fastball, Bayou connects, Audrey Pulvar is the first to sprint to First Base, General Charles de Gaulle picks up Bayou’s grounder and the ball arrives to First where Nicolas Fouquet properly steps on the base before Alexis McCammond’s infamous tweets are posted again (punto y coma) immediately after Audrey is sent back to the dugout Clémentine Autin begins the run but the rest of the Left Commie Committee call in a strike and Elise Jordan doesn’t even make it to La Place des Fêtes, where Raul Velasco (not from Siempre en Domingo) just finished his speech, it’s 19h05 at the spot where an obelisk* used to stand and it’s Bayou’s turn to run at full stride to no avail, Chuck’s rocket from third had already reached Fouquet’s mitten. Bottom of the third follows.

🎶 No estoy loco… an iron pyramid* usted to stand there, in it’s place is a square room and a government office that distributes id cards and passports—https ://actu .fr /ile-de-france /paris_75056 /la-pyramide-la-place-fetes-demontee-petit-symbole-le-quartier_26430919 .html

Context follows:

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