Entonces, Mme. Macron… El Camino (The Mexican³)

With all due respect… wanna know what rhymes with Rancy?


³~. 2001Brad Pitt tries to smuggle a weapon across Mexico… fast-forward to 2023 when the U.S. Ambassador to México re-hashes the FAST and FURIOUS gun-walking program with Aquaman at the wheel (punto y coma) the new Start-up is titled: The Last Mile, but the TRAMA is not about guns, but about the latest drug of choice for the Nephews of Sam 🇺🇸.

Breaking the news, for Ewe, deer Emilio: en el otro SANTIAGO de 🇨🇱, la voz de Pinochet is back.

From El Mundo de Le Monde en l’AFP, de l’EFE y, de l’APRO:

Ultra-right march in Paris: the prefect of police of Paris the Paris prefect of the policeLaurent Nuñez, assumes [la responsabilité por] not banning the parade. According to the senior official, the procession could only have been prevented by proving the existence of a clear risk of disturbing public order.

https ://twitter .com /SegoArma /status / dear AFP Sorry for your loss /sin celery: ARMAN {do} S.  =20

Sources close to Armando Segovia on this most non-consequential blog relay that the senior official ‘s balls (aguacates in Náhuatl) at the préfecture de Cité only grow when Mexican Wetbacks disturb the local hartistas en le Quartier “latino” de La MAL 27 del Festival de Jazz de Saint-Germain-des-Prés when these talented SAPOS, en el Barrio latino of The Paris Tourism Board do the good work of France ⚜️ Culture.

Le Monde avec La Bendita AFP 
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Gaslighting with gas stoves and Russian gaz.

⚜️🖌️… and Roger, ahora píntame uno de tus French présidents junto con les clochards, go ahead, it’s ok. It’s part of the Melle. Pitch Award 🧏

I was en proceso, recordando aquellas sabías palabras del artista Roger Pérez:

³~. Based on the Tale of Antoine Compagnon and some guy at SciencesPo moonlighting as Time Magazine man of the « ᖌ ᕮ ᕮ ᖇ », period!




Now That is What Eye calls — Gobbledygook.


But first, … :

it’s the weeping Frenchman aux Champs-Elysées… a tangent that reminds the non-readers, that History does not repeat itself, it echos and rhymes, but it doesn’t repeat. That would be a glitch in the matrix, and the Conseil d’État would simply not shot itself on their foot 🦶🏾.

I tell you what, Marie-Ange Schiltz, it’s a damn shame that Monsieur Malraux forgot to send an invitation to Pablo back in the ‘they’, but then again if that fickle fucker, Malraux pas Pablo, would have had the balls to send the invitation to Pablo, then the “creator” of the so-called Fifth French Republic would have had to cancel his subscription to The Sacré Sinarchist en Tierra Mojada.

The Oval pussy… it beats the Socks out of The Clinton’s Cat.


Tierra Mojada by the way is Guadalajara, in Spain… Eye has never been but “they³” tell my that the Madre Patria is going dry, like beef jerky dry. Guadalajara is where Emilio’s granddaddy wrote Cielito Lindo for Televisión Azteca, which of course is a subsidiary of fip . franche, period.

Charlie, the Donald Trump of The Estévez Clan… how do you think that D.A.T. nigga D.A.R.E. caught SIDA? By being shy? —C’mon now! Charlie got AIDS because he didn’t wear a glove while he grabbed them between the legs… I bet Donnie Deutsch thought that I was going to bring Mika’s big Fat Pussy [cat] into the den, eh, Donnie Deutsch? Didn’t ya’?

Mika’s Satellite Sealing. Viewers discrétion, ad VICE!


Pago en especie…

Previously on, “La Muerte Chupa Faros”, Samantha Barzel was relocating to Vegas

The Timeline

Intermission with Phat Basterd, with musical guest, Rémi Panoshshian y su 3Cpo.


We interrupt today’s relay of The Mexican parallels with los cigarros Faros™ on the glove compartment of an 1969 El Camino CHEvy…

when all of a sudden Julia Roberts in the role of ‘my current girlfriend’, Nathalie Piolé, jumped the Fundación Televisa’s telenovela from 2001 and landed in today’s edition of the Mika is Over 50 Show. 

For the record, Öüï went ahead and contacted reached out to our contact in the TUCANA constellation for details on what in the fudge is going on with them “Three Musketeers” and sure ENOUGH, Leonardo DiCaprio sent them Across The Universe after Leo XIV discovered while on patrol that one of his dolphins on the Jersey Shore, the original Jersey, not the one from SKID ROW, had been kicked out from the Container Ship on account that it was nearing itsgaspillage alimentairedate.

It was beluga galore, the report showed… With many, many Ale’s.

Preliminary SITREPs from the Finns relay that a certain³:

Kangaroo lady with her bourbon in a pouch
Can’t afford the rental on a bamboo couch
Collecting back her favors ’cause her well is running dry
I know her act is terminal, but she ain’t gonna die, no… “

³~. NOTE from Discogs:
Two different versions (1991) were released: the original version, and the “clean” (censored) version. The clean version replaced the songGet the Fuck Outwith the less-offensiveBeggar’s Day“.

told the SOCIALTER on the n°54 issue of Oct/Nov 2022 that, “Science Fiction is the realism of our time”, of course don’t tell former Mexican Secretary of The Economy, Tatiana Clouthier, that because that redhead will chew you out like Carlos Castañeda’s last peyote stash in La Zona del Desierto entre Durango y Chihuahua.

[Édito N°54] Nouveaux fronts (socialter.fr)

It’s Vegas, baby!

… The Tale of The Tape


… 🥊

She actually sucked 1599 suckers 🍭

Atando ⛽ 💧 cabos 💧 con 💧 BFM’er TV

Hoy no hubo GAZOLE, in essence, the CGT is pulling a Jimmy Hoffa with Total™️… O algo asi.

Take the 101 from the East, South to I-5 and Exit at Escondido Road, and have an Arrogant Bastard Ale, not too many before heading over to the Animal Shelter Memorial Ballpark to beat the fake Franciscans at San Diego.

Told y’all “Last Friday,” that « la gota » was being rationed like pussy at a Purity Ball.

En fin… Faros™️ a la distancia, an El Camino story.

Uso justo de El Camino.

ARMG 101 — 6 Cr. Hrs… “Ven, para que veas en dónde terminan las revoluciones¹”

¹~. Pablo Gleason, outside of Cinéma Christine (75006) in 2013… Igual pudo haber dicho, “en dónde acaban”


Continued from the set of Breaking Bat y KHAN!!!

In this section, öüï examines the parallels between Jessie Pinkman [Breaking Bad, El Camino] and Jerry WetBack

Yup! It’s the old Cut a Woman in Half trick, Issy, “It’s Knot one of dos”.


Paris, France _ Öüï only knows that Mí knows jack diddley squat when it comes to National Sports They in France, but the movement of “patty wagons” throughout the Villa de Isis, is a sure sign that this little piggy went to the market.

At sundown, El Teatro de los dos pueblos was a Gypsy wagon camp with musketeers double-parked like niçois-es-esse. Anyhow, tomorrow the Cité de Avocats closes their 10th edition at the explanada of the HdV. At about 250 steps due N🧭 cinéma Mexique goes on to Columbus They eve’s, coincidence? You bet your bestias.

Which, brings us back to last week edition of the Juanito Guanabacoa spiel.

You can see the resemblance in the clouds of the Frame up above 👆.


Öüï last left the producers of the Johnny Guanabacoa’s Show selling their soul possessions on a French-touch garage sale, and Armando Lénin kindly rejected making “the lifetime achievement award” trip to The Trocadéro, by kindly referring to French journalists “as having the fame of being the most prestigious in the world”; Tocayo… yo tengo otros datos de LOS AMIGOS de Pablo Gleason en La Iglesia de Proust.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2022/10/07 /estados /sepultaron-ayer-a-17-de-las-victimas-en-totolapan/

It’s a double header matinée in France, featuring El Movimiento por La Paz con Justicia y Dignidad.