1 de octubre, 2022 — Yes, Öüï Khan, break da’ Rhules.

Previously on, “Pare de Surfear”, God continues to reign as the most important sponsor of war 🪖, in this edition of The Church of Pare de Sufrir (🇧🇷), The Russian Orthodox’s Church (🇷🇺) Patriarch Kirill the First, just promised Russian conscripts 72 virgins to rape, upon arriving to Russian heaven when they become Dead as Stalin, in Ukraine.

Jihad in Cyrillic… “Russian soldiers who die in the Ukraine war are committing a ‘sacrifice’ that ‘washes away all the sins’”, said the Patriarch of Saint-Sulpice, Paris 6éme.

En fin, God and Country… over at RFPP 106.3 fm, Osler (🇵🇪) anda revisando “La Carta de Madrid” en Segovia, España, con Toussaint y un tal 🇪🇸 Pepé Mejía 🇪🇸. It’s a repeat 🔁 from last week’s show.

Our coverage at ASEGOVIA3 is not a repeat, but an UPDATE for the “good people at Media Part », coincidentally, last week’s Edition of the Juanito Guanavacoa Show touched on something along this alley, context on the cutline of the frame below:

https ://www .youtube .com /watch?v=R5u5Iyafk-k 


No Habrá Final Feliz… long story short a jailed Mexican solider explains to the BBC (yes, that BBC) why he could not reveal the corruption surrounding him in the years when FLORENCE CASSEZ was the Mexican President’s guest of honor in a Chilango Jail. Synopsis: the main fish, Genaro García Luna, and other high-ranking Mexican Officials had not been apprehended yet³. Hilarity ENSUES when a JUANITO GUANABACOA recorded laughter track is backmasked to the interview of former Infantry Captain Vladimir Ilich Malagón.

³~. Context follows, but it is right up the alley of the Stephanie Menous’s files at the Préfecture de Police, in the sense that in 2013, when Bruno, her boss, asked of me to give him an organigram, or a chart of what I was supposed to find out, my response, I am not a fortune teller, I don’t have a crystal ball, I am a reporter and I have certain leads which I cannot furnish you with. And this is when mister Bruno dropped the name of PABLO GLEASON in the docket.

Juanito’s Mexique Big Ranch, don’t drink the Kool-Aid™️, and don’t eat the Tacos, Juanito makes Em# from Sheltered Dogs and rescues.

At the HdV en Paris Centre el colectivo CUBO just recreated the scene en Las Canarias. La escenografía se pinta Zola, Emilio.

La Pundita appears courtesy of Greenwich Mean Time and the River Thames, the passing of the Queen is another reminder before September 2022 ‘Bites The Dust‘ that Las Malvinas 🇬🇧 no es América 🇦🇷.

ToMorrEAU never knEaus.

Dear, Tony Palma at the Bagageries of La Ville de Paris

³~. Ask the nice BAPSA officer in front of Jorge Saldaña’s old studio 🎙️ at HdV, today that broadcasting room is a McDonald’s 🍔.

Sand dunes native here. Sandnigger means “Perspicacity. Also a horseman or knight », period!

An in-kind reminder that I, Armando Segovia,
Do knot select the rotation of Héctor Belascoaran Shayne, César Duarte’s régional banks in the State of Chihuahua, nor the playlists at fip . fr 🛩️

For the record, i stopped believing in Coincidences when you sir, gifted me a copy of Pedro Páramo from Comala, c’est a dire, the events of The Early morning of February 1st, 2021, with the fellow who looks like Hermann Dune were recreated this morning on the steps of La Bourse de Paris… but with a different client of Emmaus Agora.

And, madame la porte-parole de la Préfecture de Police à Paris, Loubna Atta, it is futile to file a complaint at the 4éme Arrondissement, as the nice BAPSA officer suggested for me to do, needless to say, the very next time that one of his “coffee” customers from la rue des Bourdonnais feels like “pinching my toe as I sleep,” again, then somebody is going to have a piece of rebar traversing his fucking heart.

You, madam, can fill-in-the blanks from the narrative that I recounted to the following personnel with ties to la Mairie de Paris:

— Mr. Raphaël Parenti
— The psychiatre at 32 rue des Bourdonnais 75001
—The nice police officer on duty at the police commissariat at Le Grand Palais, on February 2021… or just ask the American Consulate legal section, they have a copy of the Document, and Mika Brzezinski at MSNBC is aware of the existence of said document.

Q-Vo: Todesengel is a cradle robber… and Todesengel is not ashamed

Still to come at 19h11 in Central Siren Times:

Mingus. Mingus. Mingus.

Yeah, Buddy!

Yeah, Buddy!… you might want to ask Yoko Ono why you have got, —Eye is telling YOU— to “know your Chicken”.

QVo: (pochismo) contraction of ¿qué hubo?  pronounced as a Question in Spanish using the English phonetic sound of the letter ‘q’… KeeUhVo

Previously on

Previously on 🛤 FA69BB9A-320C-4854-BB5F-50585082036A 🏦  “Ces Messieurs De La Santé »… Le snapshot de MSNBC comme document historique, próximamente para la memoria del Tribunal Administrativo de París, en Septiembre de 2020; VOSTF.

With that in mind, earlier en la transmisión the Lyndon Baines (Marie) Johnson School of política ficción on the outskirts of Austin City Limits released a FALL/WINTER semester tease, via professor Victoria de Francesco-Soto. The course is tentatively being called “the politics of political fiction” and the course is worth of course, 3 credit hours towards your resume fluff.

¿Qvo güey, No Que No Son Nazis?

PolSci 1932

PolSci–1932 The Politics of Fake News… or something like that 🎪 6D9481CC-D40F-4005-99BF-A9D24A89EFD1 🗺 Pre-Requesite: The student must have CONTEMPLATED, upon completing the following dossiers:
1. Le cinéma de la crise
2. Cinéma, reflet de société
3. Cinéma d’evasion

Note to Stu’s:

Juan-Pedro Jeancolas, profesor de historia, y–a–parte (el muy bombo) crítico de cine (en Francia) advierte a los adheridos y a los matriculados en el curso de Otoño/Invierno sobre Fake News y Política Ficción, que los díaporamas suelen desprenderse de las carpetas correspondientes (1,2, y 3) arriba citadas. De ser ese el caso cuando toque repasar ese material por favor Constituya usted mismo los dossiers o carpetas de los años 30’s de la Edición n°6031de “Documentación fotográfica” de Octubre de 1977. SOURCE: La documentation Francąise Secrétariat Général du Gouvernent Gouvernement … quai Voltaire, 75340 CEDEX 07.

https ://monoaureo .com /2020/09/14/ de-pastorela/


[Pre-recorded track for the 19 o’Clock timestamp of 09/15/2020 in CET]:

And in the role of Gatsby le magnifique: El Niño Luc

Previously on La Vache!


You could spot, IT!, all the way from Mars (with the proper optics) but our hero Luc Fregón knew that it was part of the toll that had to be paid, Hector Belascoran Shayne, was the trollies of the Ciudad Juárez Trolls. Another laundry Tab# for the expenditure and incidentals report. He could already hear the bean counter back at payroll, “Three Fiddy!!! Buy a dark suit big spender ».

Aguas con La Curva

Aguas con La Curva .:. 65298819-4CFD-4CD9-ABFC-9CFEB169B508 📰

Shayne knew the way to Rocky Point from Ciudad Juarez and most important knew all of the right rough riders south of Las Cruces. Of course, taking the Eye–10 route to Tucson and cutting through Sonoyta would have been a heck of a lot easier, the 1917 Spanish Flu was killing all of the Future Tankers of America of General Patton, so it was safer to first ride south to El Sueco and traverse Chihuahua and Sonora even with La Bola killing all of The Current Tankers of America under General Pershing.

But as mentioned before, Shayne was a prankster and right about La Curva de San Lorenzo, Shayne squeezed the little red “Colona” vacuum sealed baggie.

— It’s fake gold, Gatsby!


Deer, Mª Tere Kumar, please relay to Mr. Schmitty that the cure for a Constitutional Arsonist, —Mme— is a cachondo mental.

Por ejemplo, doña Mari… at 16h45 (EST), the Negrita-in-Charge just sent a message to the world, it consisted with of the “ritual de la limpia”. In•deed, Ladies in Gemini, Karine Jean–Pierre just sent a Third degree apprentice to wipe down the podium at the gym. The significance of D.A.T. particular timing, is that it’s a 1/4 ’till Five. Esto no es un “Ritual de lo habitual”, señora (Jane)… this is Juana’s Adicción:

Whoof, whoof—Whoof, whoof—Whoof, whoof, whoof.

🎶 Eye been caught stealing, once—when Eye was five…

Over on the HisTory Channel, at the 11th Hour in Hilo, Hawaii, it’s the president’s approved revision of Betsy DeVos 5th grade history textbook.

Chapter 11

Chapter 11 .:. 3A96A610-52DA-4163-8F64-588AE0E1C034 ⚖️ How the Spanish Flu Bankrupted World War 2.

Adventures in Translation and interpretation — False Friends with Detective Héctor Belascoaran Shayne*

* Paco Ignacio Taibo II, capitán del Fondo de Cultura Económica.

¡Ahhh! R’za… Previously on, “Siren! Eye told you knot to fall for the « v » en “oir””, ¡pero noooo! You’re just gonna let your Trompas de Eustaquio feed your lying eyes, aren’t ya’! Neta, Paco, que por eso Tepito no puede tener good wholesome nursery rhymes.

A kind reminder

It’s subliminal [offcourse]. A kind reminder from the Foundation for Life .:. FA029C10-FB71-4802-8B1E-13BE5821F611 𓂑𓂒 Big or small it does not matter, before feeding time please bee sure to remove all transversal “accessories” from the teat cisterns of your mammary glands, because the only IRON going into “la cría” should be natural tasting and not the cheap aftermarket shavings from a smelter operation in Shanghai. 

Anyguey, don Paco, para ver “Gotas” por el canal de La Cultura en Chapultepec, el público bonito de /r/mexico (sin acento) lo invitan a usted y a “mother goose” a tomar asiento para disfrutar de su función, suya —of course— y del Pueblo Bueno, —también.

“Hombre rústico y Elemental” — La soberbia y la rabia

Dear, former congressman Joseph Charles Scarborough III, and professor John Mill Ackerman (PhD.): Foreward to don Epigmenio Carlos Ibarra Almada. 

Don Taibo ii

Señor don Taibo ii, si sabe usted porqué el detective Héctor Belascoaran Shayne dice que la historia tiene rima? .:. 8228314C-ED0F-4D5C-9D19-4C6B08FA03E1 🕵🏼‍♂️ Sidelined por “la bastilla mexicana”… [A]unque usted, Pedro Salmerón Sanguinés, no nos lea!

¡Pelotero a la bola!

Hola, par de putos, hay les va un retrato y su contexto abajo. Issy, Johnny Mí’Boy, esto no es un ataque, y como dice don Epi: a Armando Segovia nadie le paga por, (número uno) haber ido a escuchar tu evangelio de Amlo (hombre rústico y Elemental), y (número dos) a Armando Serrano Prieto lo vetaron y lo censuraron el equipo Morena-Francia*/Servicio Exterior Mexicano* en Francia por querer ver el nacimiento —en tiempo real— de lo que hoy es un régimen Ciego, Sordo y número Tres en el mundo por los muertos (y muertas) de la desinformación de “Las mañaneras”.

* Sergio Ávalos / * Pablo Gleason

Yosemite Sam reports from a parallel universe at the James Brady Press Briefing Room inside of The White House, where President Trump holds his telenovela, which of course is called: “la meriendera*

* D.A.R.E. is a Venn Diagram for D.A.T template en “la mañanera” de Chapultepec.

Still to come:
Les Atty’s Generales, singing their number one hit, “Eye take a pass at D.A.T.”. Indeed you will Counselor, indeed youse will.

But FO’ist! Y’all heard about “La Pundita”… it’s just like one of those but in Chocolate, DAY calls her: La Welkita. In•deed.


Profesor, John Mill Ackerman: le recordamos que aquí en Francia, la pena de muerte fue abolida, SinEmbargo, la calumnia amerita la guillotina…

Funky people

Funky people .:. DF0E4530-2ADE-45CD-8092-34DDA52D82E8

Sin más. You know my names—pick up the number.