6 de febrero Reagan International Arrivals/Departures

Two of U.S.:

In Hilo, Hawaii, it’s los hilos de Sasha en El Universal de Ana-Ana_BoBaNa 🍌-Nah-Na BoBaNa de México en La Madrid de los Hombres G:

Indiana (32 AD)

3ra Jornada de Huelga General.

Ana Anabitarte:
— ¿Técnico en mantenimiento? ¡Eso no existe!


Today is BOB MARLEY DAY and if you are in Mexico, you get to have a PULQUE with your herb… Higher Power, Donnie Deutsch? We don’t need no stinkin’ ARIZONA TEA in our Church’s®, Chicken!!! Now “Pass The Dutchie“, JERK!

🌬️ 🇯🇲 Jah sitteth in Mount Zion, and Ruhle’s all creation on the “psychedelic churches” of the MSNBC’s, —ese!

Ooh, yeah! All right!
We’re jammin
1945 – 🇯🇲 Robert Nesta Marley, assasinated by a C.I.A. spook 🇺🇲 on “the gipper’s” payroll in 1981.
I wanna jam it wid youWe’re jammin’, jammin’,And I hope you like jammin’, too

Immigrants and faggots, they make no sense to me
Axl Rose, on Track 8, the B-Side of “GN’R LIES” titled “One In A Million”.

1962Chinese Democracy Frontman, Billy Bruce Bailey, sees his first light in a town named after a French aristocrat and friend of General Washington, in Indiana.

2000: in El Ejido ( Almería ) thousands of Spaniards violently attack immigrants living in the region.

Diversity divides people

Ron DeSantis
Former Guantanamo Bay Prison
NAZI counselor on Torture Tactics, and current governor of that “DICK” on the armpit of Them United States of 1984, which of course it is, “Florida, Florida, Florida”.


1983 – in 🇧🇴 Bolivia , The Police arrest the genocidal Nazi Klaus Barbie , who will be transferred to the 🇨🇵 Montcluc fort ( France ) to be tried as the author of the crimes against humanity committed by German forces under his command in the Second World War .


What does the Dodo 🦤 bird, Donnie 🦤 Deutsch and Zsa Zsa 🦤 Gabor (19172016) have in common?

Prostitution, that’s what, the second-oldest profession in the world, next to shooting-down hot-air balloons, according to a former C.I.A. spy on the msnbc payroll.

I Gotcha 👊! … 0 Reviews
L’affaire Bomarzo est une histoire de censure : la censure, par la dictature 🇦🇷 argentine en 1967, d’un opéra d’Alberto Ginastera et Manuel Mujica Lainez, accusé de « référence obsessionnelle au sexe, à la violence et à l’hallucination ». Ainsi, Bomarzo reste å ce jour l’emblème des persécutions idéologiques de la dictature militaire. D’abord soutenue par le général Onganía lors de sa création å 🇺🇲 Washington, cette œuvre de musique contemporaine est, quelques mois plus tard, brutalement exclue de la scène musicale de Buenos Aires par ce même régime. Ses auteurs, pourtant plutôt conservateurs, sont rejetés, condamnés, traités de pervers. Aussi haletante qu’un thriller, la chronique de ce scandale nous fait revivre l’ampleur et la complexité du débat suscité par l’interdiction, et interroge le rôle de 🇻🇦 l’Église et de 🇦🇷 l’État comme régulateurs des rapports entre l’art et la morale. En observant le comportement des artistes et des intellectuels pendant ces années sombres, Esteban Buch dévoile les engagements et les compromissions de l’ensemble de la société argentine et, plus largement, éclaire les rapports entre musique et politique au xxe siècle.
« Less … Via Google Books.

1945 – 👹 Elba Esther Gordillo Morales, 🇲🇽 Mexican face of corruption in the SYNDICATE of Public Education (S.E.P.) and the manifestation of 👺 Carlos ROMERO Deschamps (PEMEX) without a dick in the Mexican Senate.

— Wrong Answer, Chief! Prostitution is like n° 10 on the list of professions. The Answer, according to the best pitcher in the history of this most non-consequential blog, 🇪🇸 CAMILO CIENGUEGOS 🇨🇺 (1932 – 1959) after a narrative-interview with 🇺🇲 Pamela Anderson… Eye feels so “exposed”, it’s a good thing i perfomed self-love earlier in the trajectory.

1984 – 👯 DAISY MARIE, Mexican/Filipino/U.S. 👯 adult entertainer🐰.

Cherchez la femme, pardieu! Cherchez la femme!, from « Les  Mehicans de París » by Alejandro Dumbass… a film by “L’Homme Qui Aimait Les Femmes³of the Reagan Years ».

³~. 1932François Truffaut, French BAY WATCHER ( 1984)

Answer: ⚾  Ronald Reagan (1911 – 1999) fucked them all, and then Eva Braun (1912- 1945 ) was born… which was bad news for the Dodo bird, because in 1936, Wilhelm Frick, the reich’s Interior Minister issues out a “racial biological inventory” and it turned out that the Dodo bird was Kosher to eat until 🦤 extinction.

In related Ronnie “City on A Hill” news:

1974 – the island of 🇬🇩 Grenada becomes independent from the 🇬🇧 British Empire, setting the course for a MOTION PICTURE location plot for CALIFORNIA governor, Ronald Wilson Reagan. The Movie would of course start its SHOOTING in OCTOBER, como tenía que ser, but of 1983… 🇵🇦 PANAMA would follow and ROCK and ROLL would never be the SAME as I listened to History in a classroom in 👼🏽1984 🚬.

1956 : in the United States racist protests are realized by the entrance of the first black student in the University of Alabama… Gooooo 🎈 Tide!


Ladies in Gemini… “Nobody expects The Spanish Inquisition”, as re-counted by Cardinal Ximénez of Seville, Espagne, via the 🇬🇧 BBC.

1482 : in Sevilla the first auto-da-fé of the 🇪🇸 Spanish Inquisition 🇪🇸 takes place… it’s like a 🇮🇳 SALMAN RUSHDIE’s 🇬🇧 PhatWa, but for people who like to wear crosses on their chests.

GNRChorzow090718-76 (30169034758).jpg

https ://www .bbc .com /news /entertainment -arts- 64537770…sir salman rushdie speaks for the first time about ‘colossal attack’/

1934 : Fourteen people are killed in the 🇨🇵 Place de la Concorde (in Paris) during a demonstration by far-right leagues.

The thing about La France… It’s that Le Francisme⁶ is hiring

The thing about La Franche… Is that they are a bunch of nigger lovers… and that’s a good thing. Because the alternative, congressman Joseph Charles Scarborough III, is a little nationalist mouvement called FRANCISME, and said mouvement shares a birthday with the biggest nigger in California, a CRACK PUSHER by the name of Ronald Wilson Reagan, our 🇺🇲 first actor-president 🎬, period!

Let Me Put You In The Forecast… Melissa saw her shadow on BFMTV, this means “Six more weeks of the -70’s Show », period!

And, Apolline de Hierbamala, that’s not me saying it, that was your next guest BATTLE CRY during the 2012 French Presidential campaign…

Does anybody remember
“My Niggas in Paris”

Who’s your Mamie now?

With that in mind, let Mí be the first to wish Tiffany Cross a Happy Birthday. Do not think that I missed my favorite Saturday afternoon show’s cancellation for calling out WHITE SUPREMACISTS on the state that congressman Joe Scarborough used to represent, —and still does…

And, Baby Blue 💙, if you are still in talking terms with Joy A. Reid, please let her know that MELISSA Harris-Perry told her so. And now you know.

Re🎂petition and you may eat it too.

and please don’t shoot this motherfucker.




“D’ou vient l’expression « armée mexicaine » … 🌮

Fig—a—aro. Fig—ah—Ro.
Figaro! Figaro!… FIG—Ah—RO:

And in the Role of Burton Gilliam (Lyle), Président François Hollande. | ‘Member now, Dominique Stauss–Kahn was supposed to be the ONE TO deal with the Libération de Florence Cassez en 2012.


https ://www .lefigaro .fr /actualite-france /2015/07/14 /01016-20150714ARTFIG00028-d-o-vient-l-expression-armee-mexicaine.php

“This phrase makes it possible to express the idea that in an organization there are a lot of responsibilities, too much hierarchy and a lack of fighters” explains Jean Pruvost, professor of lexicology and lexicography at the University of Cergy-Pontoise (Val-d’Oise).”

L’Espirit en Images by Posner y Raichle (Maddow)

Fast-forward to la chingada “prima Vera árabe”, es decir la primera de las hijas de mi tía Buika en Matamoros, Tamaulipas, frontera con “Perros Bravos”, Nuevo León…. y déjame que te cuente Vera about page 8, Chapter 4 of Doctor Kavita Patel pastel’s en una foto del mísmísimó, Espíritu.

But First:

In local news, “no insistas Susana Puveda”… the TV is on

Tonight’s edition of, —check this out:

The Katrix… and Eye swears
that Öüï is knot making this up,
starring Katty Kay as, —you’ve guessed, IT!


Soundtrack available at all Paris Restos de Cour and Emmaüs Shacks, with musical guest:

Mexican Army en Fràncés… Because in Hilo, Hawaii these little figurines are bicorne-down on account that 🍍 PINEAPPLES are the complement to Parmentier’s ⏳.

LOS FRANCHUTES DE LA SIERRA, featuring David Guetta and los nichos de Nice, followed by The Rolling motherfucking Stones… because the only surviving Beatle is Ringo, and that cocksucker went to jail for trafficking royalties with a 16 year-old.


Previously on, Los Huevos de El General — Don’t forget to flush… what are you FRENCH!

Goooooooood morning Paris!


DECIDEJAZZ is in full Swing … en negritas ⚖️ CDBDD28B-E916-43B0-B0E0-751591A2F12A 🔭 And, love: isn’t it Ironic.
Sur la decision fixant le pays de destination:

11. En se bornant à soutenir que les minorités hispaniques SONT VICTIMES DE RACISM, ou qu’il déjà étè expose à des discriminations aux Etats-Unis en raison de ses origines mexicaines, M. Segovia n’établit qu’il risquerait d’être expose à des traitements inhumaines ou dégradants en cas de retour aux Etat-Unis. Le moyen tiré de la méconnaissance de l’article 3 de la YADA, Yada, yada convention européenne de sauvegarde des droits de l’homme (¡y de la mujer también… bola de putos!!!) et des libertés fondamentales doit être écarté.

Öüï reminds our non-reading audience that to celebrate tonight’s Mexican Revolution Eve, the governments of FRANCE*, The United States, and of course, México agreed that the best thing to do about El General Cienfuegos (💯🔥’s) was to just let him go back to the State of Toluca, where los Amigos de FRANCIA en México will prepare a feast for the returning General. VIVA EL TRIBUNAL ADMINISTRATIVO de París, and of course, QUE viva la French Civil Servant STEPHANIE MENOU and her supervisor Bruno of the 6th and 7th dépôt office at Cité… (75004)

* Why La France? Go check out our section of the brown Mexican military eagles at the 2015 Bastille Day Parade, and this book.

Meanwhile in California, Evry Body wants to be a Cat!

Planet Carmel by LA Mer

Planet Carmel by LA Mer[de].


On the menu:
— Steamed salmon with Asparagus (sans aspersions*) on white rice with choice of Molho de Caril and Harissa de Carthage.

Of course, the very french

Of course, the very french… 17A752C9-D71C-4BB4-A933-19AFA284DBB5 … [N]ever make collaborations… wait scratch that! The Very French never made Voltaire… or something like that.

… and Tom Nichols, “Zeppelin goes here!” , motherfucker.

Armando Segovia à Monsieur le Président du Tribunal Administratif de Paris (Exhibit « V »)

Objet: Réponse au préfet de la police à propos de ma situation en France… [P]reuve circonstancielle qui complète le paragraphe « b » de la Réponse aux faits, selon la préfecture, soumise au tribunal administratif le 05/11/2019, sur le site de recours aux citoyens.
Ref: Votre courrier du 31 du octobre, 2019.
P.J.: Non applicable… for the record, and without a lawyer this entry is only a DRAFT for my argument against the “réseaux” de Monsieur AQUILINO MORELLE and his friend, the « vice-président* » de France, [Andre et Rissouli, p. 63].

Chapter 11_ Le pacte de Closer

…[L]a dulcinée de la rue du Cirque.:.ED24157C-77B3-45FB-97B0-E93F2E6DCB66 •_¥_• El clandestino del casco de motocicleta… all the fits that are mis to print, or something like that

* Le (ancienne) ministre de l’Intérieur,
Manuel Valls.

Supporting anecdotes and an exercise in “transliteration” and of course, interpretation:

Chapter 8
“Dejar a un periodista por debajo de la mesa es un error”.

It’s only worth two pages. And half of page 54 is taken up by the title, « Laisser un journaliste dans “le noir” est un erreur”; half of page 55 is blank. That’s all the ink that a journalist’s trade is worth for a politician who brags about starting his political career in the staff of Max Gallo, who was a french historien from l’Académie française, and spokesperson for one of the Premier ministres of the Original Jupiter, “the Architect” François Mitterrand.

Counter argument to the chief of police at the paris prefecture regarding Armando Segovia/Armando Serrano Prieto’s non-integration and/or interest for “French Culture”:

Sir, scratch that, monsieur… are you implying that our view of French history is not “the correct” one, we repeat, not the “correct view” of La France, which perhaps “los amigos de Mexico en Francia” and the Latin American House on the Left Bank had hoped for, during the first half of my “Talents and Skill” residence visa?

I don’t mean to bring up the colonization aspects of this great land, which by-the-way president Sarkozy attributed to the roots of the great Vercingetorix tribe, —and no other clan— but discerning from the “private” anecdotes of president Hollande, what the establishment here in Paris was hoping for with regards to my first three years in France was for what the Spaniards, such as the parents of mr. Aquilino Morelle refer to, as: un toreo de salón*, [Cueli, 25/11/2019] when it came to allowing me (Armando Segovia/Armando Serrano Prieto) to practice my trade, which once again, señor Valls, es el periodismo de investigación.

* “… littéralement quand une brouette est utilisée (au lieu d’un taureau) pour pratiquer le tauromachy. En la Plaza México a eso se le llamadar atole con el dedo“.

Andre, A., Rissouli, K.: “Conversations privées avec le président“. Éditions Albin Michel, 22, rue Huyghens, 75014 Paris. Août 2016.

Cuelli, J.: “Toreo de Salón”; La Jornada. Lunes 25 de noviembre de 2019, vía: https ://www .jornada .com .mx/2019/11/25/opinion/a41a1esp