And now, La Duda de Mel ♒ Los Hijos de Emmaüs by Oscar Leguas

Ok… On three. TWO tree FO’:

Wot do soldiers die for? Let US ask the French.

Devil in a sleeping bag.

Pente-cost A Lot… and yer’ First-born Evangelical Normand de La Manche.



Siete Lenguas, el caballo 🐎 que AMLO más Es-Timaba.

Today is your Birthday! Happy 100th to El Amigo de todos los niños chilenos, el padrino de Augusto, and the inventor of Love Potion nº9, the one and only, Dr. StrangeKissInLoverGer.

Cualquier parecido con Antony Quinn is on account of Mr. Sánchez CARRYING ITALIAN CINEMA on his big bare Raramuri back.

Heck, ask Los Hijos de AMLO, su pinche padre is the reason Benito Mussolini liked those beautiful remesas so much… in The 1940’s they where were called “braceros”.


“Potential difference multiplied by Coulombs equals The Ultimate Aphrodisiac”.

Henry Kissinger.

And if Armandine at Emmaüs is familiar with The Anarchist Cookbook, then maybe, just maybe, she will get what Agent Vazquez in Waco was all “giddy” about, but please remember that causation, Armandine, does not equal any subsequent correlations, but thanks for the Bolony Sandwich and the Domiciliations, nomas no tem’Exaltes, Nena. One step at a time. Tell you what, it’s Memory’Al Weekend:

Adolf Hitler believed that Kilroy could be the name or codename of a high-level Allied spy.

🎶 Let Mí take Ewe Down, ‘cus I’m going to… The Grand Palais, where the 2nd Salon de l’outre-mer has just been SCRAPPED by Phillip Petain to make way to The Evangelists European de France… 🍓

Over at Stravinsky’s Fountain shop, concordia no necesariamente es armonía, or something like that, but harmony always has melody 😁… The first is a French invention called diplomacy and the second one is a John Lennon song.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2023/05/25 /politica /recibe-amlo-cartas

The Day The Music Died 🎶🪞… over in Chapultepec, AMLO receives credential letters from Zhang Run the new Chinese ambassador to Mexico.


It didn’t take long after the ‘maistro was on his way back to El Ey, vía Maracaibo, for mister Nuñez La’Rent to round-up the Usual Suspects, our most discreet copy editor, Fenster, was there and our most esteemed Boricua witnessed first hand how the Paris Tourism Board’s photographer sent the tortellini thugs to get him off of the Beaubourg steel cross beams as he recorded, “The Caging of Kerschovas and the Passion of the Clé de Sol”.

Objects in cage are closer than your mirror image

In local news.




Contrast: Chile adopts new Woke Constitution… according to Bezos’es WaPos in Chicago

Previously on: Shrinkflation and Marmite®

From The Rockefeller fellows with a two-month
tolerance adjustment of the final benchmark:

A Look at What Isand Isn’tin Chile’s Constitutional Draft

https ://www .ascoa .org /articles /look-what-and-isnt-chiles-constitutional-draft

Zinn… that fucking ROUGE!!! {and} You’re not fooling anybodySean Penni know that you areghost writingthat story.


from La RAE… 2. f. Traducción en verso en la cual se imita el
originalsin verterlo con escrupulosa exactitud.

Wit D.A.T. in mind and of course, “a 36-year-old shaggyhaired former student activist named Gabriel Boric, Öüï picks up the coverage of “a 388-article charter that envisions a progressive, feminist future for the South American nation”, after a quick review of Us and Them (1973) on Floyd’s favorite Color scheme on the Dark Side of The Moon.

DECIMAL CODE: R 255, G 192, B203

Dear, Henry, do you take credit for Pinochet? Be humble now, Taggy Matcher sends all our Love, motherfucker. And, and Mika, please tell your brother in Poland that he must read this paragraph in the voice of Lou READ… I can only count to Four.

From the Rockefeller Council of The Americas:

Not every proposal put forth in the convention made it into the draft document. For one, it doesn’t guarantee a much-demanded right to housing. Another rejected measure involved giving the national government mining rights over lithium, hydrocarbons, and rare earth metals, in addition to majority ownership over Chile’s lucrative copper mines.

https ://www .washingtonpost .com /world /2022/07/05 /chile-constitution-draft-boric/

In Local News, former architect of the original 9-11 of ’73, and the inspiration for The Pink Panther‘s role of Dr. STRANGELOVE, just sent his seal of approval for the daughter of Margaret Thatcher to take over Nº 10 Downing Street.

Next on the History Chunnel with Kelly Kobayashi, “Las Pletóricas Aventuras de Funambŭlus Trumpus at N° 10 Downing Street”, starring Henry Kissinger as our man at BBC ONE.

Breaking news 🗞️ Sustainable political Systems


Fish and Chips, bad teeth, cup O’tea, The Queen, and of course, Burt Lancaster: Rosbifs.

The Pink Panther is a heroic, moral cartoon cat with pink fur and the manners of an English aristocrat.

We are experiencing motivational difficulties and our staff is wondering if there is any point in continuing with this project.

Lo Bueno del Regreso del PRI es que ellos si saben como gobernar — A.R.³ 2013 at SciencesPo

³~. Alain Rouquié (1986).
²~. http ://www .iheal .univ-paris3 .fr /fr /actu /une-heure-sur-le-mexique

Nothing is going to change, God bless Charles Manson… because the only truth in life, is found within the ropes of a Lucha Libre match 🔥💥🎊🕳️

Welcome to my nightmare.

After the break, it’s “Henry Mancini and Faith No More, a Christmas Special in July”, featuring Alice Cooper and Alain Rouquié’s MILLION DOLLAR BABIES from El Golfo de Tehuantepec. And later on Black Friday 2022, we are headed towards « God’s Time », according to KEN SALAZAR’s boss, Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

Hey Bulldog 🤹🏻‍♀️ This is all politics. That fuckin’ dog is hideous, hideous like them East India Company lizard-like creatures, the next level of Circus Animals.

Right now, it’s the land of OZ.

🎶 You’ve got your mother in a whirl
She’s not sure if you’re a boy or a girl
Hey babe, your hair’s alright…
Doo doo doo-doo doo doo doo doo
Doo doo doo-doo doo doo doo doo
Doo doo doo-doo doo doo doo doo


Jabón del Perro Agradecido theater presents

And… Rachel invents Venn Diagrams : “You Are Here”.

Santiago, Jack! Won’t allow Mi to mislead Ewe, that plant below France’s best “vendedor¹” is half of .50

¹.~ Much like the man who Brought U.S. Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona and, Rachel’s Sacramento Bees, Antonio de Padua María Severino López de Santa Anna y Pérez de Lebrón, don Napo got U.S. the Mighty Mississippi.

Sponsored by Brandy Napóleon.

Stanley knew this…
Napóleon Bonaparte biggest mistake was to think that his little colonized Corsican ass could be French. So! Admiral Stradivarius, as an undocumented ostrizised tourist at The so-called place Sainte-Opportune, please stand-by for Amal Clooney.

In-house Advertorial

Starring Huckleberry Finn, with special guest, Uncle Tom. Featuring, Evaristo from El Río Frio, y Jorge Saldaña del Cerro del Borrego.

https ://www .radiofrance .fr /francemusique /podcasts /allegretto /-canoe-musical-par-les-lacs-fleuves-et-rivieres-6634785

And, GO’ill de Niza Let’s Go To Heidelberg, pues. Heidelberg, the mother of all of Guttenberg presses-es. Look it up… that fucking river is Cold! Cold like a motherfucker.

Brazil wants to provide 300,000 rounds of ‘Gepard’ ammunition to Ukraine (Translation in comments) from europe

Dr. Strangelove, Cousin Joe, is a good intro to Napoleón Buenaventura. Stanley wanted to do the Ken Burns version of Josie’s ticket, but Jodorowski reminded Kubrick how these fucking FreeMasons shuffle the cards.

At the turn of the hour, Johnathan Capehart sings La Bamba in brasileiro… knots The Portuguese Manowar and, brings Medusa into the fight. EYE 👁️ REPORTS.

After the break, The American Priest in Paris sends in the coke lovers.


Numerao’, numerao’
¡Viva la numeración!

Mississippi what? Alabama shakes!
Tennessee lynched who?

Previously at Saint-Eustache, Father Jacques stole Cardinal Glick’s (GEORGE CARLIN) idea to put a New Spin on the Holy WaWa Punchbowl Palette 🎨 by welcoming into the Church, the Talented mister replays.

She’s also an “hartista” del verbo HARTAR, ask Alicia Menéndez to transliterate… but, CHARLOTTE, that Cunt there has no idea how to spin a Web.

DISPARATES “Read That Which Has Not Been Written” — Page 9³

Behold, the inexhaustible…

³.~ … [O]r How Eye Stopped Worrying and Love the role that IMAGES play on our Knowledge of that Thing Called History.

Coming up later this week on the Thomas Corbillon Channel:
Remain in Sorry Eye Mispelled your Name, but La is not your best Key.
Peter Cat Recording Co
ALBUM : Bismillah (2019)
LABEL : PANACHE {de Saint-Osé}


³.~Let U.S. double check that nueve de nouveau:
Sq Root. of 9 is off-course like 666 but upside-down
“that is you’ve got to…
like multiply 9 x 9 x 9,
to Get Back and Eye Shit Ewe knot
and circle back to the motherfucking NINE!
… [A]nd Eye, quotes:

Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast… already established; look, IT!, up…side-down

9 x 9 = 81 {8+1 = 9)
81 x 9 = 7+2+9… Entonces…
That equates as to: YOU HAVE {got} TO BE FRENCH to PLAY
And This Is The Reason why Eye Can’t Pay Bills,
Chris Jansing, in the Role of THE FED’s WIFE
Dole Witt This: Fuchs You Too!

https ://www .fip .fr /emissions /live-a-fip /concert-live-fip-tour-a-bordeaux

Georges d’Di-Huberman



Full Revelación: Our promise is to never deliver expired Lampooning and/or, WO’ist, —Fake Parodies. And, Katty Kay, Georgina Moreno might see the lower part of 20 minutes in France as the unmistakable shape of Le Grand Palais en Champs-Élyséés-ésé… but Benzino Napoleoni*, named after one of the many Mercedes-Maybach S-Class en el HANGAR de Napoleón Gómez Urrutia allá en la HERMANA Monarchie constitutionnelle  parlementaire  fédérale du CaNaDa !Can’t be fooled!!! That shape on the canvas covering “La Honte” de Philippe Labro, —en MATCH— is nothing more than one of JEAN~PAUL GAUTHIER’s so-called “BOULONES”, which as the STORY NEVER TOLD GOES, were sold as “authentic Made in France shinny bolts” to el GRUPO CARSO and The Government of La Ciudad De México (CDMX).

*.~ Benzino Napoleoni :
https ://fr .wikipedia .org /wiki /Parodie# /media /Fichier :Dictator _charlie6 .jpg



Nota bibliográfica:
1.~ C’mon Man! Didn’t you get the message? What do you mean “Who You Gonna Call?… Ghostbusters {in VF} motherfucker, that’s who… check n° 3684 of Cerf-pantère. Ketch~up, RNC Steele.

Estimado Ari Melber, en México hoy es tu 1 de abril

“The Greatest Thing in The World,” edition.

Context [for unemployment period SPEC work] follows… in the meantime, the staff here never understood why on a day like today, casí todo buen mexicano, es decir, todo guadalupano guarba este día para quedarse, apropiarse, o simplemente agandallarse las cosas, los intereses, o mismo, el patrimonio de otras personas. En México pues, Lic., Melber, —hoy®— es el Día de los inocentes.

Context [for unemployment period SPEC-Project purposes] follow… in the meantime, please note the following: in Mexican media, today most outlets celebrate Fake News Day, its patron saint is of course—as all good Romans know— Santa Hilaría [del verbo hilar]… meanwhile, on this side of the mestizaje,  the staff here is trying to get to the bottom of why one of the darkest stories in the Bible,  the one that supposedly ‘archives‘  the massive killing of babies already born, is interpreted by catholics in the Spanish speaking world [and possibly in Assad’s Syria] as no collateral —lend me the following— day. —|— If YOU are ROB SCHNEIDER in México, know this, the ultimate purpose of anyone asking for whatever it is that they are asking for [on a day like today]  is to never—ever—ever never: give it back…  and of course, as most guadalupanos know, an innocent dove [preferably white] is used as magic word [or defense argument] when those who got taken, for say a ride, demand that their property or goodwill  is  be given back . —||— Don’t believe this blog, but rumors going around the forum claim that both El Día de los Santos Inocentes, de los hispanos, and the April Fool’s Day, de los anglosajones, all stem from the Roman festival en honor a la  hilaridad [en su forma sustantiva, no en su forma verbal, eso sería algo así como SPIN]. Today then, for all intents and purposes is: HILARITY DAY, because in the Bilble a lot of babies already born got killed. TimeStamp:  one quarter to seven  one quarter to eleven a.m. in  on CET… PSA NEWS over in Washington, report that el WaPo* is hiring [apparently]… Sidedoor drop-in applications [solicitudes de empleo] al parecer, —are welcomed.

*  el WaPo is the Washington Post…
The backyard for politics,
or something like that.

The backyard for mutually assured destruction, on the other hand is a house divided between 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. in Washington D.C. [noreste de los EEUU], and Trump Tower on Mayor DiBlasio’s budgetary dime.

La comedia del botón, la del teléfono rojo, y por supuesto la del "beautiful" twitter. —|— Uso justo del Muro en el llamado Kennedy Center.

La comedia del botón, la del teléfono rojo, y por supuesto la del “beautiful” twitter. —|— Uso justo del Muro en el llamado Kennedy Center.

earlier on the CSPAN-8 broadcast:

The quest for superstition… a musical.

In another alternate universe… Ziggy Stardust was conducting cast-callings. For additional roles and information, please visit writing prompts on Reddit, and then view the final rendition on the Huff-Wa-Po-Breibart_show… ¡y que viva CÑN!!! | Uso justo de los breaking news.

In another alternate universe… Ziggy Stardust was conducting cast-callings.   —|—  For additional roles and information, please visit writing prompts on reddit . com /r / WritingPrompts; and then, go view the final rendition on the Huff-Wa-Po-Breibart_show on your choice for morning show. —||— ¡y que viva CÑN!!! —|||— Uso justo de los breaking news.