Swatting not squatting — Never mind BASE-ketball here comes base-BOX

Intermission remains in effect.

Section 230, at 3 Rockefeller Plaza…

Smile, Juanito Guanavacoa stars as the shifty taxi driver in Tú-LA, Hidalgo, in Central Mexico.


https ://www .lefigaro .fr /sortirparis /2013/04/23 /how-to-be-a-Parisian snob-in-50-lessons

For context, Cousin Joe at the Morjo Show was ringing the Emerson Brothers bell. At Botzaris near la rue Hidalgo en Buttes Chaumont (home of the Pueblaennogada Pavillon) Juanito Guanavacoa was trying to polish his own knob by pulling an :

I (Juanito Guanabacoa) re-discovered Armando Lenin Salgado (El Halconazo 1971), and I (Francisco Belmont) am going to bring him to Paris, so that I (Juanito Belmont) too, may play the harmonica at the Beaubourg like Malik « the Sweed » Bendjelloul did.

Congratulations to the Swedish soccer team on their victory of the U.S. ⚽ team at the Oceania World Cup. Aussie, penalties down under in Australia are the Ene- Mí, I have said it once, and I repeat that again, ibid.

Eye is complementing the Plaint, not you Tim Miller, Ewe bean-eating motherfucker, what are you, part of Sam Stein’s tribe at Politico, or just another beaner on the M🦚TV?


30. Arguing that Rodriguez (Sixto) is superior to Robert Zimmerman (Dylan). A charge all the more pungent as the person concerned is a virtual unknown, whose first two albums released forty years ago went unnoticed… except in Australia and South Africa, where he became a “cult” without knowing it . The success of the documentary Sugar Man gives him his revenge… at 70 years old.

Note to editors:
Armando Lenin Salgado died in 2018, as usual, “[A]ll characters and events in this post—even those based on real people—are entirely fictional. All celebrity quotes are impersonated… poorly³“.

¹~. De sapientia veterum, by Francis Bacon in Arthur Weststeijn’s, “The Power of « Plaint Stuff »: Fables and Frankness in Seventeenth-Century Dutch Republicanism”.

³~. South Park, the Francis Bacon episode, “the fable serves as a very appropriate expedient for instruction and persuassion, the higher goals of rhetoric beyond simple entertainment and delight.”¹

¹§~. I am paraphrasing here, but what’s his name, Arthur… delivers a double-header that would split ol’ Janus into a precautionary cousin of Twentyfirst-century WATTabbottisms on Second Base at the “Progressive Field” in former Indian 🪶 territory, now it’s nothing more than Guardians stomping grounds: Chicago 🧦 is DOWN! CHICAGO 🧦 IS DOWN! ibid 🧦… and below you’ll CY.

Previously on The Arrival : well slap Mí silly, They Live! 👓


Disclaimer: I am not French, never will be… that is to say, in the i’s and e’s of the following individuals:

° Georgina Moreno (y todo el puto ensamble de morena-francia)

° Alicia Leo’s (y ciertos mariachis huapangeros del FANdanGO de la escena europea).

° Jorge Harmodio (y los Amigos mexicanos de Pablo Gleason en Francia).

little ol’ I, i am KNOT 🪢 qualified to “Analyze This,” Fockersbut I sure [do] have the compétences.

For starters, getting back to the Six degrees of Francis Bacon, Arthur Weststeijn pulled an “opposing view points”⁸ on Sir Francis’-es take on the fable, I’m paraphrasing off–course, but just as Bacon (no relation to Kevin) defended the old fabulists like what’s his name, Aesop? Sir Francis also reserved the fear of pre-occupying himself with populists who turn fables into the Gospel of the church of The Sacred Bleeding Heart of Latter Theys Evangelical Scientology en la calle Stanton de El Paso, Texas.

So there’s that.


Back on the chain gang… Santa Cassez, ruega por ellos, ellas y …’s-es-es.

Ocho con cinco de la mañana en la CDMX… chubascos follow ⛈️

Sin Embargo it’s PRIME-THYME in Hilo, Hawaii, Issy-Jesús±Built~My🎲Hotrod… it’s a love affaire, mainly Florence (Cassez) y mi carro.

Reach out and touch, Faith, Faith is solid like Pierre 🪨 knot 🪢 like Blandine who eats feijolada sin puerco.


Any how, it’s been brought to our attention that the World del Mundo de Asvazadourian ⚜️ en Le Monde does not wish to witness the Twitter (X) duc-it-out with the Facebook android (punto-y-coma) instead, what the World really-really wants to see is Captain Ibrahim Traoré (Burkina Faso 🥊) fight Presidente Volodymyr Zelenskyy in another rendition of THE THRILLA IN THE JUNGLE OF MANILA 🤼.

Across The Atlantic, les giboulée de la Prima Vera decided to grâce La France con el mes de Augusto

🌧️ 🎶 pues como no si me sobra, — razón 🪗

Over at Hidalgo’s Place, Öüï just got wind (and it was a  stinky 🦨 deadly dart to the nostrils on a packed metro 🚇 wagon) that Ambassador Asvazadourian ⚜️ is the main “Ardillos” enabler. Across la Delegation Cuahutémoc, “los motonetos 🛵” are not amused.

Any questions?


Now, before Öüï continues, Eye would like to re-emphazise that Inter~mission warnings are in effect  in spite of what Denis Soula relays to his Artificial Intelligentsia at Issy-les-Moulineaux…

Nada de nostalgia… just the facts, mister.


Shake your groove thing, Nájar, shake your groove thang, y no, Nájar, el chile-en-nogaDa no lleva condón… pero eso es mera cuestión de huevos.

https ://foodandwineespanol .com /el-dilema-de-cada-ano-el-chile-en-nogada-va-capeado-o-no/

On the platter:

The Beat with huevos rancheros en Portugal.

Depleted uranium with granadas en nogada… con feijolada saudade de fado.


San Sebastián — Ambassade de La France au Le Mexique

Dear, most-Excmo. Ambassador, Jean-Pierre Asvazadourian:

Several elected LFI take legal action after Robert Ménard’s refusal to marry an Algerian under OQTF³

If his name is MAROUANE, then you know that The Gods Must Be Crazy, mi negro.

[p]ERHAPS, don Juan Pedro, and I (Armando Segovia/Armando Serrano-Prieto) am just spitballin’ a skinned cat and two perritos that I had for barbacoa in yesterday’s Math Session*, but it sure seems like your Institution’s are starting to notice that your administrators are starting to act like Mexican fonctionnaires, and with you being smacked in the middle of la CDMX you know that it is only matter of THYME before your public servants start to ask for “su mochadas para las sodas”… ask Prof. Johanne Poisson, she cannot let me lie because she is the one who chose this ACT – below ⬇️ back in 2014… Bruno from the 7éme bureau dépôt suggested the solidarity clause after I proposed searching for a Lawyer in California for violations against my human rights and professional retribution from a GOVERNMENT.

— BREAKING in Paris, France:

https ://france3 – regions .francetvinfo .fr /occitanie /herault /beziers /plusieurs-elus-lfi-saisissent-la-justice-apres-le-refus-de-robert-menard-de-marier-un-algerien-sous-oqtf

How CON-venient.


FLORENCE Cassez bestowed with the lighting of the Olympic Torch 🔦… the Event is to coincide with García Luna’s sentencing in Babylon II at a court in Manhattan.

I don’t like Baseball,
I Love It!

Context develops out of an unmarked grave 🪦 The Haunted Mansion is for Barbies, Oppie 🤯. A perfect Trinity by any other ART.



Trinity Pictures presents, a Flyin’ Horse Appart
Oppenheimer’s Hunted Barbie Mansion

https ://www .francetvinfo .fr /faits-divers /police /violences-policieres /policier-ecroue-a-marseille-un-sociologue-du-cnrs-denonce-une-fronde-organisee-a-l-interieur-de-l-etat-alors-que-le-directeur-de-la-police-reclame-sa-liberation _5968973.html

SUBJECT: YOUR new “fourth power³ alongside the executive power, the legislative power and the judicial power.”

And in Austin, Texas… Sessecionist governor and wheelchair enthusiast just signed into law a bill that would count consider a televangelists credentials to count as military service, just like in Iran with the Coran and their so-called “morality police ».


³~. Traditionally, in real democracies, not REPÚBLICAS 🍌 BANANERAS with KANGAROO 🦘 COURTS, the fourth power was a trade (not a profession) called PERIODISMO, néanmoins, Manuel Valls (ancienne Primo Minstrel at Matignon) sent that power the Way of Tyrone and Erroll Flynn 🏹

Florence Cassez Strikes A-Gain 🖖 Mano Manu

Tommy Thom, Baby Small and middle-of-the-road tactial members del Club de La Mano Pachona; Pointer, Tall, and Ringo… meet our Muppets syndic Mano Manu and his wife Mais-non Mais-non.


https ://www .politico .eu /un-doigt-coupe-a-ete-envoye-au-domicile-de-macron-selon-le-procureur

And Starring As Thom Hanks, el présidente Macron.


Ladies in Gemini, with the annual mandatory vacations at France Public Radio and the on-going Hollywood Land strike, Öüï the staff have no other course of action than to look up into the dark sky and, watch the Zodíacos do their thing in the confines of, The motherfucking Twilight Zone.


But first, Eye wants to touch base with Marie-Louise’s coke, Eye has some weed, perhaps Öüï could roll a primo. It’s a pushpull kind of high, or 👇 if youse know what Eye means. Personally, They say that Frosted Flakes is where it’s At, Beck.

At the same time, but in another institute, other pendejadas were taking over the stage. I mean, how can I compete with those three little witches? They are fucking adorable you son of a bitch, —but not in a Donald Trump/Ivanka way, o.Kay?

³~. July 12, 2023, @AsvazadourianJP… say hello to Diego, nice Pussy you’ve got there J-P.

Must be the season of the Witch, pues, mister Embajador Azvazadourian.

Marie-Ange continues:
Dans le jardin des Halles, il y a une vieille dame effrontée et facétieuse, Marie-Louise, je la connais bien. Elle verse son rouge dans une bouteille de Coca, goguenarde : « les passants sont plus gentils », dit-elle. Je les croise souvent, elle et son « Coca ». Par un jour lumineux, je la sens inquiète. Après plusieurs hospitalisations suivies de mises à l’abri temporaires en maison de repos dans la région parisienne, les services sociaux lui proposent un hébergement, loin, du côté de Compiègne, le transfert est imminent. Entre inquiétude et soulagement, elle a sur elle les photos du lieu, une grande bâtisse dans un parc. C’est majestueux, il y a de l’espace, mais que deviendra sa vie sans son « Coca » et le secteur des Halles, qu’elle écume mollement pour répondre aux besoins du jour. Dernier échange, havre, liberté, perte d’autonomie, je ne sais, l’histoire s’arrête.

BREAKING KNEWS… wait for’Em#

Ladies in Gemini, as the good mechanic in the Role of a Life Time in the Asteroid City quadrant of our Milky Way Galaxy, “Évry thing is connected but nothing is working”, JUANITO GUANAVACOA is projecting his “estado fallido”, ahora hasta con MOTONETOS, and considering that it was with “motorcycles” that Juanito Belmont “alias” Guanavacoa started his career as a goon for old CHARROS in Mexico it’s not unusal that he gets a FRENCH RETIREMENT and a performers VISApaid for by that FRENCH “I.V.A.” and Euro-taxes.

MORALEJA, Excellentissime ambassadeur, and to quote McCartney’s lyrics, “no es lo mismo, no seas mamun-IA, que AI-mamón”:

The next time you see L.A. raincloudsDon’t complain it rains for you and Mí.

🎶 School’s Out for Summer… not if the man from “the” Havre gets his bigotes on it

Podemos 🇪🇦… subjuntivo Présente 🎁 del verbo PODAR 🌿; por ejemplo, se conjuga como todos los verbos (no sustantivos) que terminan en “AR³”:
NOUS-otros PODEmos
Etc., etc., etc,…


³~. Señor Iglesias, le recuerdo a usted y al ciudadano Sergio Ávalos de morena-francia, y su fundadora, la señora dama parisina Georgina Moreno, que yo soy gerundio y mis Ah-Erres (AR’s) are on the prefix not the suffix… dicho en francés, yo soy PUNTA DE FLECHA y ustedes son puros culeros.

It’s Primetime in Hilo, Hawaii. _____________________

Okay, okay… It’s Pat Robertson, Dr. Theodore Kaczynski, and starring as a Nazi concentration camp capo, P.M. Berlusconi… Hop on in, Bunga-bunga, you fascisti-fuck. Even Ferrari showed up first at the Sarthe racetrack. Ewe lucky Basterd’.

https ://euro .dayfr .com /trends/ reduce-the-duration-of-summer-holidays-edouard-philippe-s-proposal-is-debated 

And, Natalie my 💕 love… Fuck l’Alliance, those elitists Phucks, with their fancy pants and all. Join the Accademy… and Lego®: Fuck You Too!


For the record, this post is not about MÍ, it is however, about LA, and “non-dits” or « unspoken » conflicts of interests between the Ministère de Matignon and Le Mexique à la rue des Longchamps, next to Iéna.

Can Ewe hear Mí now? Can you see Mí now?

But most importantly, can you see the real me?


In the next segment it’s another edition of, “WASP” or « Oakie ». In the next segment:

Édouard Phillipe, WASP or Oakie

— Surveillance says?

Most definitely a WASP… If he was teaching at some pretentious U.S. University.

The 24 Heures du Le Mans, WASP or Oakie?

— Survey says?


Finally! Pegasus is now a feature on all French SIM cards, just like Dr. Alejandro Valenzuela had predicted, all those years ago at SciencesPo during the restart of the Year of Mexico in France in Oct. 2011 at l’OCDE siege en le XVIIeme. It was during that particular Harvest Moon that a then-recently elected Enrique Peña Nieto made his first Presidential trip on a private jet to iron-out los por menores regarding the release and subsequent ‘heroine’s’ welcome-back to France, of a French woman 👠 convicted for kidnapping children in Mexico… Issy-Bendito-Sea, Genaro García Luna. Amén.

https ://cybernews .com /news /france-senate-green-light-surveillance-cameras-microphones/

Big Brother is watching Ewes in The Sunshine.


And, mister Philippe… Correlation is not Causation, but godDAMN, nigga! Had I, Armando Segovia (52*) / Armando Serrano-Prieto (12*) known that La République Français was a big GLASS House with a world-wide array of colonies (dit “departments” at the OFII) i would not have thrown tomatoes at the Year of Mexico in France or it’s its operatives at LA Préfecture de Police at Cité, but yes. There is a lot of talent and compétences in Algeria.

I see them Every Sunday at The BENDITA Place de La République. But knowing how “unspoken” your pencil pushers with a police badge can be, my hunch is that the next reform is going to favor all of the autocrats first-born males and their god-children second (if Allah even allows for god-children, like the good “christian” god does, eh mister former-minister?)

Now that is a novel idea, but it won’t work, and please don’t ask because Eye, Aie cannot say a word… that ability is reserved for La Voix de Sans Voix en Fréquence Paris Pluriel. So D.A.R.E. is D.A.T., but kudos on the PMCS³.


*~. Years of age, if you have any questions just reach out and touch Stephanie Menou at Cité’s Dépôt Group.

³~. Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services.

… For the record, The French summertime’s blues are way too short in duration, these tadpoles need at least until the Columbus “discovers” Américo Vespucci celebration on October the 12th, and then add another bridge (no pun intended Philadelphia) to compensate for the stress of the Harvest Moon before those teachers “fait la rentré” to the classroom. Seriously, the French have the shortest vacation cycles in France. It’s preposterous, really.

Dear, Senator McCaskill… Jesús, that motherfucker, was a Communist.

Los hilos de Sasha. The Devil is in the Mephistopheles de Los Zodíaco en Cuernavaca, Botzaris…

It’s Primetime in Hilo, Hawaii, where thee Da Vinci Moon 🌙 has nothing to do with Florence, even though Vinci is, as Toscanini knows, in Toscana and Florence, as the BENDITA agence france presse knows, will forever be tied to G.G. Luna en Nueva York, New York.

Great 🦈 White goes here…
Sirens who know

Afterglow… never mind them daft punks with the Helmet, they drink Mimosas for breakfast.

Know that IT!,
Is an Amazon’s favorite.

Here are the spirits that youse gonna need, Issy, wüėrã…youse gonna need a Hurricane Glass:


1 oz. (30ml) Spiced Rum 🏴‍☠️
2 oz. (60ml) Blue Curacao 🇨🇼
4 oz. (120ml) Pineapple 🍍 Juice
Splash Ginger 🫚 Beer 🍺
Garnish: Pineapple 🍍 Leaves/Cherry 🍒

‘member now, Claire, Jésus owes mi Five bucks… and that’s the thing about Scripture, it has no PRIME numbers in its para-bolas. It’s the top of The First, and Nicolle Wallace has not even screamed at the Teleprompter to, “delete” its Twitter™️™️™️ account.

¿Alfonsina?… Eye never paid-her them Five bucks that she lent, Mí. Dommage.


After Dawn makes her orbit, it’s another edition of our femina section, “Viejas Feas!”, in the meantime, here’s Claire and friends, featuring Katie Phangs and Katty Kay.


Indos VERDES³ — Belleville¹¹

Paris, France_ It’s 1889 and the Universal Exposition is about to go down at the Trocadéro and Champ de Mars. Over in Chapultepec, the Ministry of Public Works of Mexico asked two cats, Peñafiel y Anza¹ to smelt some bronze and cast some Aztecs for the pavilion of Mexico, but Öüï will get to that on the next stop, right now however, our correspondent Catalonio Barcelonetto de Peralvillo is at the old dairy farm that is now a pharmacy next to a flower shop at the Place du Mexique en el XVIéme casi esquina con Chaillot.

So, a funny thing happen on the way to The Orient via The Western Union Express, it appears that Colón took a wrong Spring Break in The Bahamas. That lucky nigga!

From the creators of The 🇨🇱 Chicago School comes the story of a little robot that couldn’t. It’s The Chicago Supply Chain ⛓️ Expo. Even the robots can’t keep up with the AMAZON warehouse pace.


🤠 Dock that machine a shelf to be stored in for nappin’ on the shift.


Blazing Saddles

1973–WB Ranch.

¹~. https ://arqueologiamexicana .mx/mexico-antiguo /quien-representan-los-llamados-indiosverdes

Note to editors: I don’t select the trajectories, it’s not my fault that the two Tlatoani statues didn’t make it on the S.S. Ypiranga to Havre, heck long story hexed, a gang of Guardia Nacional Mexicana loyal to Florence Cassez kidnapped the statues before those two could even make the weigh-in manifest in Tampico, Tamaulipas… problem was that those two where way too ugly for any ‘afrancesado‘ at El Paseo de Reforma (o en La Roma) to care enough to pay for The Zodiacs ransom.

It’s not Saso Porcel anymore… it’s ‘‘Ron’.

Right now, Edison is all giddy about his phonograph but spoiler alert, dat’ fucking tower is going to be the Center of Attention. Anyhow, next stop it’s is Emperadores Mexicas, con dirección France Travail at the old PIAT satellite, en París XXéme.

And in Chicago, Illinois, Louis Pasteur is obliterating AI and automated robots are dropping like scabs on a supply chain gang, which brings us to our segue, last week to they.

Twenty-four — Reefer Madness with Denisa Kerschovas — Part FO’

Being for the benefit of Morning Starr… Baguette bitches! Baguette 🥁. And, GO’ill de Niza, I am not being facetious nor Hyper-diaBolic when Eye Tell Ewe that i practically dwell in a “niggaloo”, but that is only because French ex-president François Hollande and his Barcelonnette crew designed the cardboards.


🤸🏻‍♀️  https ://edition .cnn .com /travel /article /travel-warnings-other-countries-us-violence /index .html

“God Bless, the U.S.A.”
Sincerely, Lucifer (a.K.a) “el diablito
…🏀 now get off my fucking YARD.

🤸🏻‍♀️ https ://www .bbc .com /news /worldus /two-texas-cheerleaders-shot-after-one-gets-into-wrong-car

🎶 Oh, Mickey you’re so fine
—Hey, Mickey. Hey, Mickey.


Ruby Thursday, because Tuesday’s gone… and how about The Rust on that set, —eh? “Pleased to meet, you. Hope youve guess my name.” Eye did warn you about “Drawing the line ».  Here is the arrow ⬆️.

Previously on, —a New Edition… today we find La Kerschovas pissing along with The Tasmanian Devil in Australia on the Trail of the 🇨🇦 Chaffey brothers who after snatching the Fountain ⛲ from the Californios in Kukamonga left to found the settlements of Mildura, and Renmark, Australia… those motherfuckers.

“So it goes… ». God bless The USA.

But first, we switch it over to Niggaloo Reef… er, where a hybrid Eclipse just served as The Great Gig in The Sky, it was really nothing more than them Venn Diagrams that I have been writing about for the past six or seven years.

Of course, MONEY is also a track on this jam, and on today’s edition of AUSTRALIA IS THE ENEMY, them Aussie’s are doubling-down on their government’s travel advice to The United States, in América.

It used to be, as early as the month of January, just two and a half months ago, that Australian travel advisories to The United States, in América, used to note to their ex-con citizenry that “NRA sponsored Gun Violence” usually left tourists alone, but now those same ex-con government officials in Perth, have updated their warnings to include car rental car-renting tourists on account of the recent spike in murders on driveways and Shopping Center PARKING LOTS.

https ://www .urbandictionary .com /define.php?term = Niggaloo

And, Eye quotes:

Yheeeeea, Bark at The Moon… Um-uh, um-uh, —yeah. Bark at The Moon. Ah-uuuuui!

The Other Side of El Mundo de Le Monde

Pineapple Express News presents: it’s the  4/20 edition 2023, the dawn of the 6th Republic in France.


Synopsis : Charly Brigante walks into the Pôle-Emploi, at the C.V. island Saso Porcel is looking for ‘chamba’ sin ganas de encontrarla, Benny Blanco is waiting in cue and Florence Cassez is wondering if her Pôle-Emploi royalties are going to transfer to the new France-Travail.


https ://www .lexpress .fr /economie /emploi/droit-travail /france-travail-qui-remplace-pole-emploi-quest-ce-qui-va-changer

Henri-Laine Wilson part tú — Duro A La Baila (1992) Mercury Records 🇲🇽

¡Gloria dioS a’llahs Alturas!!!

https ://www .radiofrance .fr /francemusique /podcasts /musique-matin /la-matinale-avec-la-mezzo-soprano-joyce-didonato -7221139

Fuck the “mezzo-Soprano” and her “Au Pied de Cochon” mafia at LA Maison de l’Amérique latine, IT!, motherfuckers, AIN’T OVER UNTIL PHAT BASTERD’ SINGS!


Casi esquina con San José de Las Panochas y Guanaceví… no such thing as a town named COYAME.

Hilo, Hawaii_ 22 de febrero… Cosmic Impacts, S19-EP 6, COSMIC IMPACTS (en San José de Las Panochas).

🪶 1746: en la provincia de SonoraSinaloa, los apaches saquean la hacienda de Tehuachi, perteneciente al gobernador 🇪🇸 Agustín de Vildósola.

URBANUS Primero, en Musique matinée was defrocked by GRABIELA³ Olivera de Guaymas.

1822: Se instala en Arizpe, Sonora, la Diputación Provincial de Sonora y Sinaloa.

The Earth is round”, says the Tortilla de Israel.

³~. GRAbiela es el nombre que más odio en una dama.

Florence Cassez smells like 💩 & 💐

All hail la Sacré Vache: O’va Lie-Oval Aï 🐂

Saint-Jean-de-Luz (Pyrénnés-Atlantiques)_ 🔪 “A Spanish lesson was in the course, L’impératrice suggests on Radio Musique de La Franche, to… and Eye quotes, “cherchez la femme », Pap N-di-Aye is at the scene, Pap N-di-Aye commands to … and Eye quotes, “round up the usual suspects ».

One thing is for certain, ³GRABIELA Olivera de Guaymas, “la barca d’Oro” se torna en una Cruz de Olvido cuando no se factura… but alas² one has to be como el “ganado” Cara Blanca de Limousine in Order to make that facture… unless you work “in the BLACK”, because if you work in the BLACK, then the comité olímpico can expedite your little pink faggety card-de-sejour. That, and one also gets un pantalón de 30 pesos.

Breaking the news: La délice du Ministère est déshabillé

In Hollywood land, it’s The Triumph of The Automatons, starring Denisa Kerschovas 🦎

But first, it’s Phat Basterd’ dans le courtage, check it out:

Write me a postcard – drop me a line …

Mr. Poisson, i don’t select the news, nor the cycles, not even the events. After the break i promise that i will never mention your ShitBag™ again, but in the next 36 hours or so, i will try to explain to you how the little mermaid got into this blog.

And then you can do what French people do.

Glass Onion meets Layers Cake…


And in Palestine, OhHi, Oh… Train Derailment Units are measured in optimism snapshots on the Morning Mika Sho’… The Hace of ♠️’s, la ache es muda.

With this in mind… Mr. Poisson 🐟, the last time you pointed your camera 🤳 at me… your excellency wanted to know what your little princess identification card was doing in my prefecture “sleep-cover” folder 📁 at the Prefecture.


It’s rather really simple, and never mind that from Day One of the French Talents and Skills Visa (Dec. 2010) a certain Nice address that you might know was used as, shall we say, ‘the anchoring’ address to secure A CERTAIN “six-year investigative project” orbiting around, The Year of Mexico in France; Mexicans in France, and/or Mexican corruption in Europe; and the monitoring of a then triple presidential process, which as you might remember in 2012, lined up France (Hollande), U.S. (Obama) and, Them (El P.R.I. in Mexico).

∴ underneath those pillars ∴, I had already cemented a foundation, which in 2017 culminated, or rather coincided with, the announcement of the start of the journalistic and publishing career of one of the main characters in my investigation, and no, Mr. Poisson, it is not Johanne of whom I am referring to, but rather, —Florence Cassez.

Any how…


_ by the time Öüï got to Jurançon (Eye forgot the year) the man and/or∨ woman in charge of Stephanie Menou’s chain-of-command at the préfecture Cité had already sealed my fate for that September day of 2014…

∧ if ∧ only if 

You remember September, love… You would not have been in this picture 🖼️ BUT FOR the fact that it was you who insisted that our correspondence (from me to you, and viceversa) be turned over for review by ‘the reviewing’ authorities at the Dépôt section of the Ministry of The Interior at Cité.


lest you forget, it was also you, love, who insisted that “we” should forget about the first (of several) 60-day notice to appeal the dépôt section’s décision, in lieu of what Bruno³ recommended as a recourse, after his superior offered you an apology in the hallway outside of the dépôt section employee’s doorway.

³~. … hacer un, ¿cómo se DiCheee, cómo se DiCheee? You know, that sort of contract concluded between two physical persons who have reached the age of majority, for the purposes of organizing their life in common.

And finally, Mr. Poisson, there was a time-period between 2012 and 2013, when yours truly, Armando Segovia / Armando Serrano-Prieto, had the means, the opportunity and, the resources, which is not the same as ‘the means’, to move-out and conduct my research outside of your precious Octopus Garden (sort of speak), but you are not going to believe who developed a case of “you can’t move-out, love! There are way to many nymphos at Jour-et-Nuit!”… and isn’t that ironic 😼, my dear Titus?

Haderslev, Denmark. AS3_ From the Vikingos who brought you “The Little Mermaid” and “Only a Fiddler would say that to Neptune », comes the story of Your Cheese ain’t Shit, —en Venezia! It’s TROU 🕳️, ask, “il Capone de la mafia”, it’s right there in them Ombres G tracks from Madrid, if Ewe should need directions ask Burt Lancaster, he knows how to get to Rome from Antony.

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki ~ wiki /The_🐧_New_Clothes

🧭 “The Emperor’s New Clothes” is based on a true Folk Tale, the names of las ⚽ putas ⚽ however, have been changed in Order to protect 🇧🇷 Progreso.

∴ ; for the record:

It takes Tú to be in ❣️ Solitaire ♠️… unless youse like “Rainman”.

∧ here is “Y”.