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De las lunas, las de octubre.

And Zeppelin, my dear Comte Pâris, goes here:

— 1916: en La Franche ―over the stage at The Globe, German Zeppelins bomb the shit out of Paris.

https ://today-in-wwi .tumblr .com /post /138319852493 /zeppelin-raid-on-paris-injures-30-kills-24


Hola guapa… I have news for your battle strategy, for starters, I come from a land where sadly, las lechuzas are censored like the fans of the Velsho Banned Book Club, it’s trou. North of the Zacatecas region, las lechuzas are worth less than a chilango, and Eye is not going to repeat what Öüï already relayed without caviardage, I must add, what happens to chilangos cuando pasan por la patria. So, with that in mind, today’s strategy will be to turn your Chouette into a blackbird, ready? Seth—G’eau!

— 1845 – “The Raven” is published in The Evening Mirror in New York, the first publication with the name of the author, Edgar Allan Poe.

Lorem ipsum seremus sumeres music merol…


En fin, let Mí drink my breakfast and I’ll get back to Anda Lucía, love Tú Times en version flamenca con un Duende al’Ao 🦉🪶… in the meantime have some CROW with your Blackbird, love fool:

— 1595: London, Leonardo DiCaprio and a Claire Danes are selected by Shakes Pirito to play the roles of Romeo y Julieta, Leonardo of course plays Julieta.

Répétition, répétition, and of course, répétition, — 🇪🇸Motherfuckers!

Y para cerrar, los invitados de hoy no llegaron [domingo 29 de enero], al parecer a FRANCIA, como la invitada de la semana pasada a la cabina de Botzaris, gracias a una boda, o quinceañera o algo así.

Lo cierto PENNY LEY en Futuro Media, es de que no todos los inmigrantes chilenos, de Chile, salieron de su país, por culpa de Pinochet; por mucho que Juanito Guanavacoa los empuje a decir que sí [domingo 22 de enero]. And it’s all right. Boda or not.

Entonces, ni modo de pintar el mismo cuadro, ya no se puede. El compromiso de Juanito Guanabacoa con el fotógrafo del ’68 en la sala de invitados, o algo así; ya no es igual, y no lo llamen “JUAN”, es Juanito y es puro teatro. And here is why:

not only did Juanito shifted his PsyNoptic analysis from Israel Vallarta and other assorted CERESinos³ in Mexico to some fucking piano bar at Metro Stop LEMOINE.

³~. Mexican jailbirds.

No! Not only did Juanito got his cake, he also picked up the pace that Osler Amaro, his old captain, dropped, now Juanito is analysing ‘El Azar‘ de Castillo en El Perú.

2020COVID-19 pandemic: The Trump administration establishes the White House Coronavirus Task Force under Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar.

In the meantime, NOTHING! Nothing about the Genaro García Luna trial or its implications to that so-called “Mexique-Ranch” that Juanito so much denounced before he got … cut-off of his ‘lado del Sur’. But isn’t that the way this things go? You play the guitar on the rfpp and you jam at gigs for pago-en-especie.

Arrose les fleurs una vez por semana.

Anyhow mister ‘RG’ this concludes my coverage of The Juanito Guanavacoa Show, now I am going to occupy myself on watering plants or agriculture, or something like that, como mi tocayo Lenin².


²~. Salgado.

Athena, is that an arm youse missing, or are you just happy to see my Battle plan?

And, Katie Thang, i missed your show today but I liked that green dress that you wore on set.

And Willie Geist… This Is Not A Tango³

… Still to come,

I’m Chevy Chase and you are not. I’m serious, literally in The Fletch, —Dan.

³~. But Öüï thinks that The Silver Bullet Train will dig it.

Barbosos los Borbones esos, after the break, Öüï dig out our Civil Engineering notes from Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua… peralteando por La Libre.


Waterloo Sunset Gazzette_Paris, France. In an historic turn of Event on Uncle Tom at The Supremes Court, Dorothy not only went around The World in 80 Theys, the “Deluxe Red Glitter Costume Shoes sparkle-wearing freak” also followed D.A.T. Trippy Ho, Alicia on Deadline, —down a Wabbit Ho.

Doña Pelos on the other side of that Timeline, unequivocally showed her almendras on the avocados.

Taiwan is your oyster, Madame Speaker.

At the spot, The Kansas floosy, orgasmically reminded Judge, Urgo, Michael Bidwill, and Phillip Merkle, just like she told Kavanaugh—that they don’t know where it’s at.

https ://theintercept .com /2018/10/04 /brett-kavanaugh-high-school-friends-loyalty/

… no chores por Mí, malvada Malvina.



Öüï now returns to… The dismantling of The Bpi’s temporary Elevator

Happy Birthday France /s/

23h11 Fireworks start… From my point of View, even the Fireworks were trimmed to the Eight Floor.

Regrets? Eye had a few, but then Again! Eye is Shocked, shocked that there is gambling going on! 🤷🏼

Dear, PÔLE EMPLOI, the EDITH PIAF satellite won’t let me [Armando Segovia] tell a lie, and for context, in the motion picture soundtrack of Good Well William Hunting, the janitor was smarter than all the cadre put together.

So, señor Macron, at the time, when Manuel Valls was running the show and you were opening the roads to [the] charter bus [industry], the Préfecture had the GALL, France, THE GALL, eye’tells Ewes! To inform me that I no longer qualified for a “pink card” renewal on account that my job, had nothing to do (selon an Agent named BRUNO) with what my CCT³ project was all about… and mister Macron, yesterday as today I say the same:

I beg to differ, but then again, the French are not known for thinking outside the box, the French are only concerned about “the specifications” on the packaging.

And yes, mister président, yesterday as Today one just has to cross the street to find a job, but in MY “expat” experience you have to be a French collaborator if one is to succeed.

La C.E.A. won’t let Mí lie, mister Président le Jupiter, albeit you being an EconoMini’ster – and The Mexican Foreign Services in charge of issuing out the silly “work” pink-cards; mine was a Talents and Skills MULTITASKING VISA, which of course you Coq Suckers at La Cité, had no idea what it was because at the TIME:

At the Time… 2011-2014.

Manuel Valls had not invented IT, yet.


https ://www .bfmtv .com /politique /elysee /traverser-la-rue-pour-trouver-du-travail-macron-considere-que-c-est-encore-plus-vrai-aujourd-hui_AV-202207140362 .html


You didn’t think that a National Holiday would get in between time-and-a-half CDI in overtime, now did ya’!

Hallyday, “Just one day out of life”.


Hoy no hubo Denisa… 🍍

If you are just joining this monologue, and think that my beef is With “el patrón” at Emmaüs PARIS, [Dangling Participle*] you (little tigre 🐯) would be forgiven for being a dumb-ass, and here is why:

International Free Press Day… in Hilo, Hawaii it’s still Tuesday, Alicia… mi Querida, Alicia.

*.~ Dangling participles are part of the original Venn Diagrams of this blog. Dangling participles are not compatible with this outdated WordPress theme, but if you, our mostly appreciated non-reader, are in on the joke, then you know that you are probably standing gobsmacked inside the regions of a Vesica Pisces.

Well Eye be dammed- una golondrina de primavera. 🥸 “Get higher, baby—Get Hig🔋er, Baby—GET Higher, BAby— {and} Don’t Never Come Down ».

The Chickens have come HOME to Loué… and, Madame Hidalgo, it’s like they say in The Ozarks, “pick your god and pray” in Monaco, “pick your god and get ON THE GRAVY TRAIN 🚂🚃🚃🚃🚃🚃.

And starring as THEE Madd Hater {not} hatter, Manuel Valls… Denisa Kerschova is saCHA in Parisian News {and} Christophe Dilys is turned into an Anna! GET IT? —An Anna? Annaba? Anyone, an Anna, Une Anna por el amor de dios! Une 🍍please 🧢🧢🧢, said Manuel Valls.

If it’s Mardi, in LA France… 👅 Et Métaphysiques

Well, you’ve HO’id about The Rolling Stones… it’s exactly like one of Those.

PG. 190… « l’autre 👅 », o como dicen los franceces, “Heidegger and the 👅 of être / being”, or something like D.A.T., period!

And in Washington… 
Upon learning that The Greatest Speakers Set of a rock and roll band was to celebrate their 60th Anniversary in France, WILLIE GEISTmade an early start making sure that he is not late,” and set Sail To Le Havre. For the occasion, Mr. Geist invited a handful of his Nantucket buddies to sail on his Mega YATCH. An all-inclusive trip, but following the announcement of a Frenchvodka embargo” those free-loadin’ motherfuckers were advised to B.Y.O.V., period!

{and} according to Los Presuntos Implicados, the biggest Circus trick that Mick Jagger ever pulled, as a tanker in a general’s rank, was convincing Brad Pitt that peaches, bring bad luck… silly, Jagger, Megadeth ☢️ is not superstitious, when asked about the “peaches theory” Mustaine responded in Standard Operating Procedures³, “ha-ha I ain’t superstitious, under the ladder I go…”

³.~ S.O.P. is our newest endeavor, the task involved hones in on the persuit [chasse, en Francés del bueno] of calling a Spade a Spade and a a Hoe a Hoe.

If {and only} if…

Then … Jump in the fire on page Tú of the American copy of “my abuelita’s favorite magazine, “¡ALARMA! on the MSNBC’s, any hoot, to the little old, ol’GRAMA in The Ukraine… who feels sorry for Russian President Vlad Poutine mom’s, “With all due respect…”

WAS THAT “BASTERD », with an ‘A’ instead of a War Daddy’s ‘E’?

“Just the facts, ma’am.

https ://www .theguardian .com /law /2022/mar/14 /cia-black-site-detainee-training-prop-torture-techniques

6 card poker.
According to La Jornada of The Guardian report, “interrogators at the site, known both as Cobalt and the Salt Pit, went beyond the CIA’s guidelines in torturing Baluchi, [a Kuwaiti national] using two techniques without approval: using a stick behind his knees in stress position that involved leaning back while kneeling, and dousing with ice-cold water [yada, yada, yada]”.
The enhanced torture “technique” is apparently called « WALLING », The Guardian goes on to note on La Jornada that said ” BLACK SITE” technique, “involved placing the detainee’s heels against a specially designed plywood wall “which had flexibility to itand putting a rolled up towel around the detainee’s neck.

Edward SNOWDEN goes here.

Source: Musixmatch

“If the RAIN comes…” don’t forget to bring a towel. The “paperback {wards} writer” on D.A.T. .45 is going to appreciate keeping things dry.

Knot to bee (🐝) outdone by the birthday musings of Cerf-panthère, Mick Jagger decided to celebrate, at “Their Satanic Majesty’s Request”, Brian Jones’ 60th Anniversary of SATISFACTION, in France.

Los Ejes De Mi Carreta
Denisa Kay

Intermedio con Adrienne El Rod~riguez

in Hilo, Hawaii it’s 32 past the Hour (number 9 am/pm…knot a division an add the Parisian am to the hÎlian pm and you get 18; 1+ 8 = 9, it checks out; now multiply: 9 am x 9 pm= 81 ∴ 8 + 1 = 9 ✅ please.


After the They breaks, Öüï introduces Ana Anabitarte³ of El Universal de El País en La Jornada to Camilo Lara, of La Commission del Sonido Institucionalizado de CARLOS SLIM.

³.~ “¿Técnico en mantenimiento‽ ESSO no existe”

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /2021/12/20/

In related SOPAS, Allende opened “Las grandes alamedas” en La Rayuela de La Jornada.

SANTIAGO_  Zbigniew Brzezinski was ratified by an empty Chamber of Congress (in Washington) as the next ambassador to Chile.
https ://www .aljazeera .com /news /2021/12/20 /gabriel-boric-wins-chiles-presidential-election

Polack go home!
… [I]n a reversal of status Brzezinski’s son, Mika’s brother, finally succumbs to the jeers of his peers at La Sorbonne and returns to Africa… no wait, Poland, Mika’s Brother returns to Poland.

https ://www .vox .com /2021/12/18 /22843610 /senate-confirmation-votes-ambassadors-judges-schumer-cruz-hawley

Hoy no hubo session, at Le Petit Bain. Those fuckers are wrapping up their 10th Year Anniversary and SONY MUSIC in “Collabo” with BMG Arista en Columbia Records is mixing all of “the hits”. And if YOUSE been to PARIS, you know that Ratatouille only knows how to prepare “ONION SOUP” and nothing else. Can’t really blame that poor rat, he got a scholarship to attend the College de Rats at the prestigious Left WING of Le Palais de La Découverte at Paris 8th, and Onion Soup is all that the “cadre” there teach.

Uso justo de La Jornada de Hernández hoy… Triumph of the Will’s, or Memo’s at Viña del Mar. In a related note, Dignity Colony will remain a remnant of a by-gone era, for now.

And Camilo Lara… que dice doña Josephine Baker³ que “el Blue Demon” no es como lo pintan…
this version, of “el Luchador” is 10 years old, just like

this snapshot of Ewe:
https ://i0 .wp .com /asegovia3 .com /wp-content /uploads /2016/03 /la-bancc83era-de-camilo-version-3.jpg?ssl=1

³.~ And, Camilo, i bet that the sycophants (lèche-bottes) in your Parisian entourage del CIRCO del 2011 think that this post is about you… “Hi!, you might remember Mí from, » the Latin American House à Saint Germain~des~Press, classic, “Ely Guerra told you so” and “Julieta Venegas Dropped a Bomb: Amandititita is not coming, y’all.

And over at Morning Mika’s Little House on the Baltic Shore :

Witt, D.A.T. in mind, Amb. BrzezinskiKURWA! It’s a post, knot a CHATEAU… AND don’t Ewe foget, It!

15 de julio, Paris PM / 14 juillet, Hilo AM

Previously on, Las Fuentes de doña Vilma…

https ://www .fip .fr /evenements /fip-contest-listeners-portraits

 las entrañas

Entonces, Mr. Vladimir (Russian trombone player from the old USSR, affectionately called among the fellows, Mr. Putin) the answer is yes. Yes mr. Vladimir, you may have my travelin’ tripod chair after i die or i am killed at The Bourse de Paris. As a matter of fact, Mr. Putin, i enjoy your love of music and so you may have all of the crap inside of cubicle 15 at the place where Evry body knows your name. But not before i am shipped, Tovarish.

Ayotzinapa para pendejos.

15 de julio (la placa de Gilberto Bosques)

And this, Mr. Pérez, this is where you and your portraits come in, here’s the context (first) and then the template for the next speech of a Mairie de Paris sponsored vernissage… but FO’ist, Öüï is entering a photo contest, which happens to be open to All-Ages, All-nationalities* and, all genders (whatever that means).

* The catch is that you have got to be French; not necessarily Free.


The X-Más Hunt… A La Italiana — Año de Hidalgo

Soon… the president will speak and the Pussy will like it too.

The godfather... starring

The godfather… starring .:. 9B7089EE-7595-4711-9664-3BD3D283743C 🏄🏽‍♂️ L’obelto Benigni as Donald John Trump.

After the Casablanca speech it’s “What’s happening in at and “rround*” Mars House”, Pilot Episode:

* In an effort to HELP our Puerto Rican brothers and sista's in Nueva Yo'l, asegovia3 is working to-get-her witt the Academy of Future (knot ancient) Tankers of America in an effort to infuse José Feliciano with the full sound of the Letter R... sino como jodidos v'haber Rhumba, boricua‽

It feels eerie. An almost empty street and the music of Christmas just in front of the Paris official tourism store at City Hall. A few steps away from the aforementioned “entrance 33” at City Hall (HdV, en francés SVP) we [the staff] witness yet again the things that go to waste in France. Back in March you might recall from the detail on the dentils the waste of perfectly good food that went into the waste bin, this SEMESTER abroad, we see what happens to knowledge behind the curtains of la rue de Compagnons del deber…o algo así.

But FO’ist! Öüï breaks down the week by The Numbers:

1 — La Banda del Gorro Rojo
2 — Teefies
3 — The president’s speech in Italiano

Ou sont les toilettes?

S.V.P. and V.S.O.P., ou sont les toilettes? .:. 4E5F0999-51B6-4905-A009-2C83E5FB3E0E 🤥 SUJET D’ETUDE número Ocho:  La mundialización y La diversidad Cultural, page 149; in the snapshot, Roberto Benigni Version Français sans “TITERES” en ficción… photo by TORU Yamanaka /AFPcontext by Armando Segovia / Armando Serrano Prieto.


Must show WORK section for Magnum P.I. [π]

Le photo-gaspillage

« Le photocopillage, c’est l’usage abusif et collectif de la PhotoCopie sans authorisation des auteurs et des éditeurs… yada, yada, yada .:. 3E6791F1-B035-4B8F-BF2D-C06B543CA7B1 📚… au cœur du sujet d’étude: Je mobilise mes connaissance como si El Norte fuera El Sur… dicho como un Dr. Chapín (en México):
🎶 Entre recogiendo las musas que dejaron tiradas

Upon further inspection, Gov. William J. Le Petomane determined that “these batch of texts are defective…”, the governor complained that the books did not have “a look up the answers appendix”.


As good as it gets… Siren’s den broke rank

Play Ball

Play Ball

Happy Turkey Day, Flamby…

For the memory

Para la memoria.:.8F708ED8-2159-4D16-A9CA-01AD09BE9F05 •|• Context for Peña Nieto follows, punto y aparte

and never forget,

Chapter One

Chapter One: PARANOID!!! Feuded with my LADY, etc., etc,. etc…. For the record, the next time that a French window clerk asks Mí, “what does a Californian have to do with Mexican politics?” Remember what Joaquín Murrieta said:

de México es California, period y A VEINTE, señor Valls, A VEINTE.

Brown Sugar

Brown Sugar.:.73A76421-9F9F-4A95-B297-39F4F398938A •|• “You go to my head”.

GONE! — ¡A Salvar A Tu Chingada Madre!

Saving Mexico.

… y de paso, Sr. Peña, me saluda a su Cónsul Peyorativa, y a todas las ovejitas asociativas del Servicio Exterior Mexicano en Francia.

Armando Serrano Prieto


Año de Hidalgo, 2018… el mono es cortesía de Rictus, en una chingadera que se llama El Financiero, o algo así. •—_¡_—•  Enrique, ¡este es un PUTO uso de todos los Putos medios, eh!

15 de septiembre, 2018
we [the staff] never thought that we’d make it this far.
It’s 3 a.m. in Central Europe Time…
de paso; at 3:01…
que Chingue a su Madre Donald Trump,

¿Por qué, el llamado « Año de México en Francia » amerita una lápida en el recorte?

…pues, ora verán: