Thursday, September 10, 2020 — *They say the fires are the reason you have beautiful fucking Sunsets

And in Washington… Priority One does not include a deadly pandemic, or the West Coast all–day and all–night “beautiful sunset”, or “the economy, stupid”, —no’Mam— PRIORITY NUMBER ONE is what United Statesians callfootball”, now D.A.T.! That D.A.R.E. is exceptional.

“Don’t wanna end up a Cartoon in a Cartoon WOODWARD graveyard…”


Al Simon, in:
Al Simon’s Greatest Hit Jobs on

Hello, I am your host, Alejandro Trebek, and for 100 dollars, it’s a BriWi Zinger related to the feline world.

The Pope in Rome:
— What is Catsup and empanadas mexicanas.

Minino means pussy cat in Guadalajara

What’s New Pussycat? 🐈 A19FD332-42E9-4867-8290-16521901B845 🇻🇦 Minino means pussy cat in Guadalajara, y cualquier parecido a lo que Canelo Álvarez alega en contra de su Golden Boy dorado es pura coincidencia con la denuncia de don Garay, ¡caray!… OFERTA NO APLICA a francesas, and BritBox need KNOT apply the lesson to a Katty Kay news brief.

https ://www .leprogres .fr /societe /2020/09/09 /le-plaisir-culinaire-ou-sexuel-est-simplement-divin-assure-le-pape-francois

[Pre-recorded track for the 19 o’Clock timestamp of 10/09/2020 in CET]:

Just add Text

Soup Wonder Bread®️ Sandwich à volonté .:. FF9CEA60-0B48-4755-BBCB-2FA91AA5911E — just add text.

… [A]nd Willie Geist, the staff left a time-delayed memo directing Studio 3-A at The Rockefeller Center to last week’s Mars line-dance with The Moon, just in case anyone is wondering why The Sun did not rise on the West Coast shoppers and why the sky was all RED, aussi:

https ://www .lequipe .fr /Medias /Actualites /Canelo-alvarez-attaque-de-la-hoya-et-dazn-son-diffuseur /1169940

AP LeMire, please relay to Mr. Charles Joseph Scarborough that if, AND ONLY IF,  them united states (de los gabachos) was, as Mr. Scarborough states and restates time–after–time, after time, that, the U.S. of A. is IN FACT, “exceptional”, THEN, the president of los gabachos, Donald John Trump, would have been escorted IN CUFFS from “the peoples house” and straight into the chambers of a Night Court for arraignment for crimes against humanity and for treason on account of recent declarations to “El WAPO Grande”, Alfonso Arau, who is playing the role of Bob Woodward for the “little Havana” crowd.

Wednesday, September 9th 2020

“Hello, I’m Johnny Cash,” and these are the numbers for today. For the record, please be advised that while the staff is out on hiatus, Catalonio Barcelonnetto de Peralvillo will be feeding the pre-recorded content from the makers of this most non-consequential blog.

Dynamite drop-in

We begin the reset with a message to Roberto .:. FBBE0A39-75A4-437D-8311-4ED395A967BC 🧶 “Dynamite drop-in, Monty, —what’s his name?”, The “little Havana” Cuban is in the dentils.

Hoy no hubo noticias:

https ://www .fip .fr /emissions /club-jazzafip /club-jazzafip-du-mardi-08-septembre-2020

but if you care to re-visit a great moment in the history of live Broadcasting (without a 2 second delay) just follow the link to hear “Monty what’s his name? relay to his former boss, Harry Doyle, that indeed, “Broadcasting school, paid-off,” Sir.

Pre-recorded track for the 19h of 9/9/2020:

It was Monty's first intership

It was Monty’s first intership .:. 520342CA-7333-48BA-97CB-E5EB5EB6C3E6 🎙Monty What’s His Name was an undergraduate (at the time) hailing from a French posh Communication School called SciencesPO.

Previously on, Armañac: the thing that the very French don’t want you to see

Barbara McQualeude reports from the State of Comatose, where the Nationalist Anthem is: MURDER! By Numbers.

Amarillo no me pongo

Amarillo no me pongo
amarillo es mi color .:.
BC310A14-B751-437B-84EF-A161CE529ADA 🔊🎶 Two of u.s. ( if you dig The Dark Horse)… like, a Rolling Stone, and The F.B.I.—C.I.A.! BBC. Dig, IT!, dig, IT!.

The ironic part in this composition, Avi Velshi (and you know this) is D.A.T. the best executioners for this hymn is The Police.

And now… The rest of the story, yeah Buddy!

You might recall Paul Harvey’s “if I was the devil”… or something like D.A.T. with a General’s rank; it’s exactly like One of those on Fifth Ave., perhaps that is why, hoy–no–hubo J•A•Z²… DEM dog’on Sirens just made my They. Damn you Siren! You made a Square out of “Z”, but it is a helluva hook on that lower 45° of the first letter (from Right-to-Left)… tell you what, Siren, watch how we knock it down. Eye’m gonna straighten that hook just for fun. It’s the 9th round of 12 and we are transmiting Live from San Juan de Los Lagos, where Hellboy is beating the shit out of The Devil… oh! The Humanity!!!

Put on your high heels, Harris

Put on your High heels, Harris 🥊 23E127B6-4074-4718-81E2-5AB1BBE66216 .:. Indeed, the list of boxing royalty is all here, at Ringside with Larry Merchant is former Heavyweight Champion of the world, —Orlando Holyfield. Orlando is the fo’ist blind boxer to have conquered the title; his trainer, José “strings” Feliciano is translating for Orlando.

Round 9, with the Card Girl… Alicia Menendez

— Larry Merchant:
How ’bout that hook on the “7th” part of the letter “Z”, eh?

— “Strings” Feliciano:
Oye mi negro, ¿cómo crujió la Qijada de la primera letra (de Derecha a Izquierda)?

— Orlando Holyfield:
Larry, D.A.T. motherfucker went Zoom, y se sintió como un “Spike de Covi’d” en Tejas… what’s that vibe in the Air? Is that RED?

The Tale of The Tape

The Tale of The Tape .:. FBEA2656-62D8-4FC1-9ACC-70488C51E584 🐥

— LM and SF respond in unison:
Champ, you ain’t nuttin’ but a hound dog!

Intermezzo with Molly Hunter — ¶ eight of Pedro Miguel “Navegaciones”

Lorem Ipsum, yada, yada, yada,…

https ://monoaureo .com /2020/06/28 /nueva-normalidatnueva-normalidat/

 ¶ Eight en monitos reformados

¶ OCHO de don Pedro Miguel en La Jornada, pero en monitos reformados .:. 9FBDF800-E80A-46BA-BCE0-6DBE302F712B .:.

In Local News: un segundo Año de Hidalgo para la ciudad de París. Arnold Schwarzenegger just got a warm fuzzy, and that is all D.A.T. Eye is going to say.

Courtesy of CNEWS matin

Courtesy of CNEWS matin.

[A]nd just like a Florida retirement set for the Jerry Seinfeld show, the “natives” rode in their luxurious Trump-carts screaming “White Wattage”, or something like that to the Black Lives Matter crowd. Oh, the humanity.

Episode 2

Episode 2 .:. CFD21E74-6CE3-45A9-8CB8-7F83B86BB867 .:. at The Hard Rock Café for French existentialists, or something like that ♒️ MEOW.

The Best People — Breaking the enlèvements contre rançons

Dear, Eugene Robinson… it’s twue, mister, it is TWUE! Donald John Trump lost his mojo with them Okies from Muskogee, mientras eso pasaba, Mike Barnicle, our most non-consequential blog opened up YET another Egyptian coincidence vase; check it out, Mister:

https ://pdf .20mn .fr /2020 /quotidien /2020 06 23_FRA.pdf

Los Hilos de Lencha*

Los Hilos de Lencha* .:. 5C589040-1C53-4B78-BEC0-959F76814EF7 🧮 * “Lencha” is the hypocorism, NOT “the apodo¹” of a person named as Lorenzo/a or, Florencia/o, such is the case with Florence Cassez, which “amigo” Gustavo, is a daily double hipocorístico of « Lencha Casas ».

¹ … as the “Ask a Mexican”, Tavo Arellano, identified here, in this stupidly insipid entry from February of 2007 titled: Why do Mexicans have such ridiculous nicknames?

Irma “La Investigadora”

Irma “La Investigadora” .::. 7DE96CB8-0D89-43A6-A075-4DC85908DC3A 📐🧮📎 Deer, “Ask a Mexican”, syndicated expert on Mexicans for the Republican Party in Orange County, California, look here —motherfucker— Eye is hoping that you, sir, in all of your mighty arsenal of punchlines made for the conservative W.A.S.P.ian mind set, that you sir, draw those sons-ov–bitches a picture that can capture how not just Mexicans, but full Red-Blooded Americans like John Mill Ackerman can earn their nicknames on two different languages and with the connotations assigned to the “code” for the given nickname in both tongues. Par example, Monsieur Le Président du Tribunal Administrative à ParisYou might recall, Madame ou Monsieur, that the Préfecture à Cité yanked (no pun intended) my Compétences et Talents Card when the husband ofla ratain the political cartoon in this frame arrived to France in 2014 to teach political seminars at La Sorbonne and Sciences Po.

Page 3
20 minutes
23 juin, 2020

Still to come, we continue with our interestingly succulent continuing coverage of:

Breaking News

Breaking News .:. EC45653E-90E4-4D6C-94B9-D156A73FA63C 🌋🗺🌊 ¡Alarma!

Taste The Notion
Comparative Analysis of French Magazines in the Second Decade of the 21st. Century A.D.

in this edition, öüï take a look [back] at black cowboys and criminal appropriation with the help of an old magazine that we [the staff] used to scribble on and, most important, make use of it, with the notion of a thing called the Fair Use Of Media. But FOist:

https ://www .theguardian .com /world /2020 /jun/23 /suffocating-french-delivery-driver-cedric-chouviat-last-words-george-floyd-case

Corralling the Flasbacks.

We’re calling for calm. France isn’t the United States, but France is becoming like the United States,William Bourdon, Attorney-at-law.

Of course you know, President Macron, that back when you were liberating the bus industry to compete for fare with the S.N.C.F., if we [the staff] had told Brontis à La Préfecture at Cité, that little by little, France would start to develop a sort of verisimilitude with both Mexico and the U.S. of A., Eye would have been told that there is already a template for it, and that it went by the title: The Death of French Culture. And of course, I would respond, sure, but this one has Sean Penn saving Mexico.


Transliterated and translated flashbacks for the current President of the 5th French Republic:

It is 133 days until the next U.S. General Election, do you know W.H.O. the next leader of the Free World is going to be by the time 2022 rolls around, Mr. Macron?

Covering the covers

This is not a front page cover calco of N° 3538 of 20 minutes™️France national edition, it’s just a coincidence de ventiladores in different varieties and power sources .:. 64A35CAB-73D9-4BF2-B79A-9B6F2910C5DD 🔄

—. https ://asegovia3 .com /2017 /03 /03 /requiem-appendix-cher-em/

—. https ://asegovia3 .com /2015 /09 /24 /24-de-septiembre-suburbio-de-la-eterna-primavera-iii-2/

The best people • The U.N. Security Council

To celebrate Mexico’s new rotation at the United Nation’s Security Council, Mme. Elisabeth Lambert Ortiz, wife of a U.N. dignitary and author of The Complete Book of Mexican Enchiladas… or something like that, will be hosting a feast at the residence of Mme. De La Fuente, wife of his Excellency Juan Ramón de La Fuente, Mexico’s representative at the U.N.. La velada gastronómica servirá de jalón para hacerle un amarre a los expertos mexicanos que surcarán a los edificios de La Organización Mundial de Salud para explicarle al mundo cómo se llega a 50 mil decesos por contagio de COVID–19.

Estado de Queda en veremos

Estado de Queda en veremos .:. 88553724-9445-4398-B04E-428D94BDACFB 🗣

Anyhow, Purple Pundit… “Have ya’Eva”: you know what, fuck Oklahoma, fuck’em… and please, don’t shoot at the black mirror!

Now to not give character space to Donald Trump’s “shinny Bolton” öüï send a shuot–out (a tiny one) to Mme. Figaro… you are welcome, bitches! Check it out Stephanie Ruhle, let Mí, show you what an Egyptian vase with your name on it looks like, but FOist! Eye has 66cl of beer to finish, see you around the Beat, scratch that Seth Meyer’, in Hilo, Hawaii, La prima Vera aún tiene unos minutos de vida, y pues como dijo Monsivais, doña Sykes:

Fair use of George Clooney.

… [I]f Eye is watching the series on Ulysses S. Grant on The History Channel, o mismo, doña Sykes, recetándome en pedacitos la serie de Dickens en el Canal 22, Eye goes back and reads Dickens on account that none should become prejudice and never in any case watch the movie [or series] without first reading Heller’s Catch when it comes to truly important books.



—. The complete book of Mexican cooking: https ://www .jornada .com .mx /2020/06/18 /politica /009n2pol

—. La prima Vera (2020) has left the theater:

Deer Aldous Harding, meet Dick Hertz

I am Thirteen (original colonies) and this is Reddit for Mí.

Deer, Seth Meyers...

Deer, Cousin Joe… Sir, do you and Mike Barnicle think that after Peter Baker reflects on the White Guilt for the African diaspora, that the MorJo Vice Squad can say a little prayer for me. Sincerely, Evo, yes I am—Eye am Man!

https ://theintercept .com /2020 /06 /08 /the-nyt-admits-key-falsehoods-that-drove-last-years-coup-in-bolivia-falsehoods-peddled-by-the-u-s-its-media-and-the-nyt/

Anyhow Rachel Maddow, you didn’t think your producers would get off easy for last Friday’s tantrum, now did ya’?… of Corse you did. Any how, this is still a Law & Order episode, but we are now going to dive–in into the syndication realm, you know: the re-runs.


It’s 3 o’Clock in Camden, New Jersey, and this an inter•mission for Leslie Jones.


No pun intended

No pun intended … but, deer Charlamagne Tha God, “Take Five” then BREATHE, —motherfucker— and call my Agent in the morning on PST. .::. 39339D4D-47F7-414E-9082-7F60647C5C52 🏄🏽‍♂️ Jumping to conclusions is so… trumpian. —_•!•_— In Context: Earlier in the transmission before “Tuesday was Gone” with the wind, Ari Melber had the day off and Stephanie “La Pundita” Ruhle filled in the “Fall the fuck back” section of The BEAT. During the “Fall Back” segment, a known radio host (of this most non–consequential blog) was summoned by The Producers of that show, to give his remarks on the final respects to the fallen George Floyd, who as the entire world, except the good people from the great state of Missouri know that his life was Snuffed on youtube for all to see. Mr. McKelvey, the off–stage name of Charlemagne The God, suggested during a heated exchange with Ms. Ruhle, that the Trump administration didn’t have any African Americans in it’s close circle; suggesting in one breath (no pun intended) that Joe Biden was right when he told the entire nation, except the great State of South Carolina, that if youse Black and vote for Trump you ain’t from WAKANDA!

It’s 1 a..m. in New York, New York and 7 p.m. in Central Europe At the BEAT with Stephanie Ruhle, Charlamagne “Lenard” Tha God just confirmed that the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development is not Black… giving Biden a free ghetto pass. Any güey, Ms. Ruhle, your eyes are going to roll off’them beautiful jeepers sockets. 

Meanwhile, Brian Williams, what is up with that walk of shame, and where, please TELL MÍ WHERE can Eye score one of those portable “Eddy Currents” police band scramblers?

https ://www .bbc .com /news /52984295 Reality Check, Donald Trump’s police scanner tweet fact-checked

One thing for sure Michael Steele is that the branding of the President of them united states of america and the parallel events South of The Border make for some “beautiful” Venn Diagrams.

And, Brian, here’s a SAMPLE that Eye wish D.A.T. the United States of America does not take as a cue from the Mexican United States and which, Michael Steele, loops u.s. back to The Rachel Maddow Show, check it out Cousin Joe here’s the breakdown for the All–American peacock team:

Now you’ve heard about the A.A.R. acronym, [Law & Order sound effect goes here] it’s K.N.O.T. one of those (punto y coma) it’s more of a “backwards stepping” reconstruction of the events.

And, as we “Indian foot-step it” like the young Danny Torrence at the Overlook Hotel’s labyrinth please take this Egyptian coincidence Vase (⚱️) and place, IT!, in the back-burner.

… Breaking the news follows.

“Michael Che, you black blastard! — QUEREMOS ROCK!!! »

Hoy no hubo DEADLINE

“Los chocolates por eso son buenos”

“Los chocolates por eso son buenos”, en ‘No Me Pidas Ser Tu Amigo’ de Fernando Delgadillo .::. C26185A3-3019-4345-A163-90307773905F 🚂

In a parallel universe, Professor Cornell West is a Mexican, not an honorary Mexican like the Reverend Al Sharpton, but a full-fledged Mexican… and his social critic (not his physical) doppelgänger looks like this Titan of comedy:

… in return, Héctor Suárez is a professor of public philosophy, or something like that, at an Ivy League University.

The Television Will Not Be Revolutionized

Section “J”, Page One:

Water con Creedence Revive

Water con Creedence Revive .::. 7B3002A9-87C7-4B44-A6DE-3BEF1D1BC45F 🚬

Deer, Captain Sparrow… i, armando segovia, am your Huckleberry*, Chato!

* “Allí está el detalle… yo soy el acusado”.

_+ Off course, Alicia Menendez… what Cousin Joe and Christopher Dickey, and Los (tres) Amigos de México en Francia* could probably relay to Joshua Johnson is that when you protest at Embassies without an Entourage, the first thing that happens is that you get BlackFaced. And being “blackfaced” is of course, another way to BlackList a person from reporting what–a–fuck has been going on (punto y coma) in the past two General Elections in the lower part of the former NAFTA sector, and what Eye MEANS TO motherfucking SAY, Reverend Al, is D.A.T. if you, —Sir, being an honorary LatinXer— have been keeping up with the parallels of the Mexican president (down under The Rio Grande) with his boss, the POTUS 45 of them united states (above el Rio Bravo)?

https ://monoaureo .com /2020/05/31/ vanitas-vanitatum/

Membership is Paramount

“El que se mueve no sale en la foto” .::. BD831176-80BA-429A-8865-291F698DB436 🎞 Indeed, Joshua Johnson, “Membership” is Paramount to even watch the motherfucking picture.


—. https ://vanguardia .com .mx /articulo /johnny-depp-es-admirador-de-cantinflas-si-hacen-una-pelicula-en-ingles-sobre-el-ya-tiene