And now for something KNEW — WITT Patty Smith

FO’ist, you take the A-Train and then… you get off at Luxembourg, o como dice don Leoncio Orellana (Arquitecto) en la MAL217: right before where the Hall of Minas stores all of them fucking STONES.

https ://www .google .fr /maps /place /Mines+ParisTech+-+Universit%C3%A9+PSL/@48.8456492,2.3374359,17z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x47e671c34286c56b:0x2dd0f3af209178db!8m2!3d48.8456491!4d2.3396247

La La La LA y SOl sostenido mayor

You have to pick up Évry STITCH

… Now, doesn’t it make you feel better?

The pigs have won tonight
Now they can all sleep soundly
And everything is all right

extraits du
Une icône américaine : Charles Manson
Auteur :Bpi (Tympan)
Pistes/Durée : 11 Pistes46 min 

SWING 39 follows at Le Cirque Houke and The Albert Rancy (PLANK 30 north of the Général Eisenhower Avenue) Extravaganza (CIRCUS) next to The Carmela Soprano Bridge connecting Alfred Picard vision and the Handicapables at Napoleon’s final resting hangout at the Unesco roundabout.

[In this section of the programming… in case that EWE (that little cunt) is wondering what is going on with all of that finger-dialing and syntonizing accross the spectrum, IT! (that motherfucker) happens to be searching for a Rock and Roll Station and motherfucking Andy Warhol is nowhere to be found.]

And, Lindsey Reiser… Dart this

Knot a fuckING, ing—Gerund, no. Impact is imminent. But FO’ist!!! Lindsey is such a spoiler. Planet Earth has a better chance mitigating impact with a giant My Pillow Guy asteroid defense system, HECK, we already got them CLOUDS up there, LET’s USE these as filling for them pillows /s/. And Avi Velshi… stop hoarding them pillows… do your part in the defense of Planet Earth. Ration your pillows, you bald headed sexy motherfucker… Let U.S. build back better almohadas, that’s 3 bees plus 1 Ey, ese… and call the motherfucking doctor in the morning.

Jesus died for Dick Cheney’s sins, but Knot Mine*.

* CArbon Footprint

https ://apnews .com /article /climate-joe-biden-science-business-environment-and-nature- cc0deca6a28aab21cd4e0aa35ea7b6af

Companies bid $192 million in 1st Gulf oil sale under Biden and in case Ewe is wondering why horses are loaded on the barrel, ask La Fiesta de La Humanidad del año de La COP 21, en La Courneuve.

https ://asegovia3 .com /2017/01/12 /there-you-go-again-cousin-joe/

And, Kier Simmons… Mika got ran over by a turtle neck



*;~ La hache es muda and equis is short for whatever in Espagnol del bueno. And, Willie Geist, La Hache es muda like a Chiniese Hypersonic Missile Test.

Moving on, Mika’s running run-in with her closet made headlines in New York, New York… and in INDIANA, the Chinese government is writing checks for Young senators, or something like that. Not sure if The Chinese RESTAURATION syndicate is propping up noodle-sushi joints in Indianapolis like in MONTREUIL~sous~BOIS (GRAND PARIS, page 3 of XX minutes with CERF~panthère).

Any Hoosiers…

ThunderGONG for dummies… Def Leppard’s Tony Kenning (Rick Allen) is missing his ‘snare beat’in arm’, and if you get the reference then go ahead, MIKA… pour some Shugga On Mí.

It’s a small turtle neck, but none the less, she got ran over by a fashion statement. And, Cousin Joe… “She don’t Care!!!” Just look at that zipper for “castañuelas”, a real “pasionaria”… at the gas pump. By the way Cousin Joe, that is the gayest watch ever worn by a crooked country lawyer, ORANGE!!! You are out of uniform pundit. Get a deeper shade of soul for that Black Mirror on your “muñeca”, Ewe look like the “guy who owns a boat“.

Note to Steven Rattner: adjust Yesterday’s link to the inflation of today:


And Bingo was his NAME-oh, repeat as needed in a loop.

And Knot to be outdone by the Today’s sunrise at Capitol Hill {lilac shade of pundit} Le Robert, that repository of French masculinity just smacked that Webster and the latin Ex-ers-esos with YET another FRENCH contraction… THE HUMANITY {in non-binary terms, or something like that}…  over at Le petit robert, the 11 year-old Frogs are having a field day transliterating Willie’s ThunderGong… Clap, clap, ong… Clap, Clap ONG, repeat as needed.


What flavor is that Eye Scream cone? The Answer is off-Course Camp Lemonnier

Quick programming note: a Friday without Katty Kay is just not a Fri{a}day, Cousin Joe. Knot a Fri{a}day, Joe.

https ://www .wpr .org /kyle-rittenhouses-defense-team-asks-mistrial-after-he-testifies

Kyle Rittenhouse waits for the jury to enter the room to continue testifying during his trial at the Kenosha County Courthouse in Kenosha, Wis., on Wednesday, Nov. 10, 2021. Rittenhouse is accused of killing two people and wounding a third during a protest over police brutality in Kenosha, last year. (Sean Krajacic/The Kenosha News via AP, Pool) _!_ç  Uso Justo de todos los medios.

Over at the Mika sphere… It’s the Final Countdown (50) meets whatever Asia plays on your local radio show… FIP radio sirens need not apply, because MIKA hates 1971, only 197°0 and before qualify.

And, REVEREND AL… as the honorary Mexican that you are {within the City Limits of this blog} you NOW know what Indian NAN tastes like. Man! Look at that Suit, the lines!!! Now that’s the way to wear a brown suit; you make a failed look look like a kaléidoscope in the sand.

https ://www .msnbc .com /morning-joe /watch /morning-joe-marks-veterans-day -125988421884

https ://www .msnbc .com /morning-joe /watch /rev-al-sharpton-reacts-to-attorney-s-concerns-over-his-presence-in-court-during-arbery-trial– 126056005633

Anyhow, Reverend Al, Indian NAN tastes like Florence Cassez enchiladas, and by enchiladas of course Eye means a technicality in court. For the record, Onions are an essential ingredient in the making of enchiladas, not sure if the Colonel’s secret recipe uses any except of course [for] them world famous croc’oh-barrel tears like the ones on that Rittenhouse faux-bacon bagel.

https ://thehill .com /homenews /581231 –defense-attorney-in-arbery-murder-trialwe-dont-want-any-more-black-pastors-coming

And Eugene Robinson… motherfucker, don’t pretend like you actually read this blog, maaaaaan! The name of the blog is LAS NOTICIAS de México, and right now Charlie Hebdo just ushered in AMLO into the referee spot at the U.N., and you know you should be glad.

https ://old .reddit .com /r /mexico /comments /qr4asm/m%C3%A9xico_preside_el_consejo_de_seguridad_de_la_onu/

And Kier Simmons knows… you can’t find a decent taco in France, and yet, And YET! Cousin Joe, the Chinese government is bank rolling chinese cuisine up and down Sebastopol… The Humanity!

Meanwhile at the United Nations {National} Security Council…

https ://diccionarioactual .com /en-todas-partes-se-cuecen-habas/

The Mexican president suggest [to] his counterpart in Biélorusse:

https ://www .latimes .com /espanol /mexico /articulo /2021-07-08 amlo-empresa-estatal-gas-mexico-polemica

— Sr. LukaShencho… ¡Ya lo tengo! Tarjetas de Gas Bienestar

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2021/11/11 /mundo /en-la-onu-acusan-a-bielorrusia-de-intento-para-desestabilizar-a-la-ue/

¡Got habas?
Clase: frase popular formada por una preposición (en); un pronombre indefinido femenino (todas); un sustantivo femenino plural (partes); el verbo cocerse en tercera persona del plural del presente del indicativo (se cuecen) y un sustantivo femenino plural (habas). —_!_— Foto cortesía AP, vía La Jornada {en la bendita AFP}.

En contexto, Alexander Lukashenko’s picture is being submitted for the next edition of the Georges Pompidou Russian-Spanish (Arido América) dictionnary, Lukashenko is the transliteration of a COYOTE, at an institutional level.

And, Mike Barnicle, what a Heller do Ewe know about Catch? Nice contrast to your Left… and off-course you know that if you check the Archive [of course] Eye is talking about the Wall Paper there… and the maracas across the window next to the guilded frames, YeezUS.



Benchmark Nº 2.1 “El orgullo de Colbert”

9/8/2021_Paris, France

Summer Madness _ don’t shoot the messenger

Label: MERCURY (goD of translators and interpreters)
Album: Light of Worlds (1974)
Artist: Kool and The Gang
Track title: Summer Madness

Page One: The News… narrated by Lenny Bruce, because there is just no way in Hell  to play it gentle, Mr. Ginger, or whatever your name is.

For what it is Worth, perhaps you should have coopted the fellow.

Dear, Marinne Le Pen…
as long as you are not suspected of stealing from the MonoFranPrixes-es, one should be fine. And it’s not the illegal anything angle of anything except [maybe] for a mental-health issue. You should have coopted the fellow.

Now with the permission of the American Embassy in Paris, the following must be said. And before Öüï writes it down for Ewe, Sir (N° 46), please be adviced that I would not bet against the Houston Astros, (knot with that stealth trash can signaling that they invented) not in a million years but Paris, —yes, that Old Paris from the Sixteen hundreds projects— Paname if you are already acquainted with this Lutèce, floosy. Anyway, Paris:

Benchmark basics: in an effort to avoid misreadings and flukes in the signal, the troubleshooters manual suggests that at least one additional test is conducted before moving on to the next chapter 🏇🏼 En contexto for Dr. Cueli (DDS) at La Jornada en México, Ciudad (oneeach)… after double-checking the access to our personal WordPress®️blog, Öüï confirmed that as-a-matter of fact, our MAC Address is, and WAS targeted by the IT gurus at Le PinaultHayek collection of La Bourse de Châtelet. Öüï arrived to this preliminary benchmark with the use of an additional cellphone provided by the very person sent (precisely) to play specific songs on a loop while i was trying to catch some Zzzz’s last night.
Tonight, if battery level permits, Eye will conduct a different user-level grounded test to figure out if La Bourse de Commerce à Paris is subverting our research project — much like the Préfecture de Police a Cité did [the night before] and Mark Zuckerber did with the NYU engineerinig nerds, —in Yesterday’s Daily 🇬🇧 mail.

https ://www .dailymail .co .uk /sciencetech /article-9861237 /Facebook-bans-accounts-NYU-academics-researched-political-misinformation-site .html

And this is just so that Mayor Pete gets an idea of what he is undertaking, because Vice President Harris, lemme’ tell you, ma’am If Paris was to stop all of its on-going infrastructure projects RIGHT NOW, at this very moment, Paris would still be, 2 GREAT WARS, 1 KOREA Peninsula, 1 IndoVietChinaNam, ONE-EACH Granada and Panama invations, Two Gulf Wars and an Afghanistan for SPARE CHANGE AHEAD of all of the former NAFTA Territories in TRANSPORTATION AND  INFRASTRUCTURE.  And, Salma Hayek, out of respect to LOS AMIGOS DE MÉXICO en FRANCIA i went ahead and left out a LA REVOLICIÓN de EMILIANO ZAPATA

So, Mika… [I]s that all that Eye is to you, a conversation spark-er?

And here’s why, Willie Geist, because for the better part of nearly 250 years the free world has been playing with a Greek invention (invented by the Very French, of course) called Democracy… except that the good people of the Enlightenment mistook the ‘z’ for ‘c’ and so you get what We The People call a CrazyDemo. Yeah, buddy! That there is a real Saxo🎷Player, “do you remember?”

https ://www .leparisien .fr /culture-loisirs /musique /deces-de-dennis-dee-tee-thomas-membre-fondateur-des-kool-and-the-gang -08-08-2021- AK6HVQWMNZEZPLOP53FCQVSPHE .php

And, ALICIA Menendez, Eye has not a fucking clue what Mexico’s president and the ViP Harris are going to mingle, talk, or just shoot-the-breeze about, but what The World really really needs right now is a better way to manage corruption (punto y coma) and Alicia, after spending an ENTIRE week in Paris*, Eye can relate to Ewe all, that the answer to the world’s problems can be found in COOPTATION.

After the break, the results of a level-grounded test, but FO’ist! It’s time for el reporte del tiempo with the silhouette of Rush’s “twenty-one twelve” Starman.

* to include its They at the Races, and its Knight at The Opera… not just its fancy fucking brunches… Case In Point , Mr. TRANSPORTATION SECRETARY  Buttigeig:

Mexico’s Lopez Obrador to talk vaccines with Harris,
but will The ViP SKIRT the CORRUPTION ISSUE again?

https ://www .reuters .com /world /americas /mexicos-lopez-obrador-talk-vaccines-with-harris -2021-08-08/

El Maratón de París
Access through
the subterráneo*
Hôtel de Ville

And as a matter of sports that were never considered by The Olympic Committee, capture the flag: ⛳️


Excuse Mí, Pablo Gleason… gonna borrow you illegitimate Cousin


“De mi vida, doy lo bueno Yo no tengo vanidad… », arrogancia, eso es otro pedo… en la voz de Georges Brassens.

YES, YES, Yes, y Sí! —NETANYAHU’s Tenure is over. The headline out of all kinds of retirement homes in Florida reads:

IT’s A Festevus Miracle!!!

After a brief Shimmy Dance, asegovia3 returns with a Review of “Y tu mamá también” on NICOTINE, “a black comedy of coincidence”. And in WaWa land, Erin Haynes earrings are battling IT out with the hands-free mic. In Reel-Time, the 19th Arrondissement lines itself with Erin’s right-earlobe arracada while The Root, pledges ITS support for the dangling wire.  For those on Deadline, Erin lost an “erre” in a surprise chingazo from the funky earring on Erin’s left—earlobe. —_~!•_— By the 11th Hour, Eugene Robinson of WaPo Phame will not let Mí lie: Erin’s Right-side earring obliterated the Dangling Wire and no surprise from the ReidOut, Joy was all over that damn wire like a Motherfucker on “the Jim Crow iLaws” at a Quiznos Sub.

But FO’ist… Öüï now returns to Las porquerías de Tomás—¡qué FEO estàs! And Oliver Benkemoun (page 4 N° 2591 CNews) agrees, bola de Can[n]es.

Previously on The Faber Book of Mexican Cinéma: Öüï were about to take a Road Trip [movie] along the south of France from Cagnes to Montpellier, up to to the French West Coast to Nantes-Le Mans and then off-course to La Rue Borrégo in The Twenty —knot minutes, but the “arrondissement” y’all, and then the second  curfew hit and all public libraries closed, depriving us from going back to 2011, and a most-unfortunate song (Si No Te Hubieras Ido) played at a wedding, in [La] France; SIN EMBARGO, Rachel Maddow, you are not silly when you said (earlier this morning in Paris, France, via the Streams) that this is not a normal follow-up to the Memorial They Weekend. And SO! DIEGO LUNA: you like baseball? — Let’s play Hardball.

… We begin in the middle of the Sixth (page 134, footnote number 5), dear Jason Wood, Caserola does not, Eye repeat (motherfucker) Ca•Se•Ro•LA does KNOT TRANSLATES TO “pots and pans” what are you? Argentinian? Tres Tristes Trastes agree That by that standard the Nico•tina in “the melting pot” would translate to la bañera del pozolero, wey.

Anyhow, chap. 6 introduces the reader to JAPÓN, but ask Father Amaro* from the Philippines Diesis, Asian American month is now in the books, so for the time being until the next Wave, Tsunami or the Olympics makes the wires Martín Salinas, (no relation to California, Esse) a screenwriter, will clear the way on the road to figuring out El Misterio de La Trinidad.

* Father Amaro was sent to that archipelago because he got caught fucking with the faithful (Marianne).

Following her demise and fall from grace from Teen Cosmo (those little motherfuckers) Alexi McCammond rejected a Multi-Zillion Dollar contract with AXIOS TV on account that, AUStralia is the EneMy.


Entonces pues, dice el susodicho, or as Brian often beats to death on his side of The 11th Hour the aforementioned Salinas, Said That Someone From His Street Told Him That S/He Has A Friend WHO Told Him That S/He Knows ‘un tipo’ That is an enthusiastic pessimist. Eye Means, and he knows that the following paragraph is going to be colossally misread, misinterpreted, and misunderstood by the ASSHOLE(s) who ripped our little dangling wire with EarBuds on each of its splitting ends:

… [D]igging twenty diamonds in a dead Russian’s guts if they had the chance [eh!!!… IT IS IMPORTANT BECAUSE] over here [🇦🇷/🇲🇽/🇫🇷] you THINK TWICE before calling Gordon Sullivan if you are in trouble [with a lutte].

[Note to The Rachel Maddow re-run: the underline part must be sung in Joan Manuel Serrat’s voice].

And in New Mexico, Île–de–France:

You are not fooling anybody with that hair-doo, Adrianne… what’are–you, from Mississippi? Or just a Missi from Issy?

Philippe Martinez is at the plate… the count is two and oh, will you look at LA Météo!

Martinez just got the Baseball as a second language tantrum out of his system and in comes the pitch— Martinez swings and that motherfucker is Out! It’s the middle of the FO’ist and first at bat is Georges Méliès.

Dear, Adam at The New York Times: LANGUISH this you sonovabitch! 🥎🥎🥎 It’s the top of the FO’ist and Anne Hidalgo is at the mound.

Öüï now returns to the Sherman Memorial Baseball Field à Vincennes where Anne Hidalgo is about to start the defense against the specter that makes up the Commune All Stars and then some.

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Defensive_spectrum

Georges Méliès steps up to the plate where Emmanuel Macron is padded up just like the Michelin Man®️ and the empire’s umpire just screamed playball.

Méliès feeling perhaps like a precious Bambino points to the skies just as the International Space Station passes over the Île de Saint-Louis—Hidalgo sends the pitch and… HOLD MY FRENCH TACO!!! Méliès just pulled the greatest special effect of all time—Oh The Humanity— Méliès connects with Hidalgo’s heat but the instant replay will show how Méliès on-purpose (that motherfucker) turned the ball into a sort of kind of drum notation that dribbled into “a little Latin rhythm,” that the cannonball from Hidalgo likes to call the Bossa Nova—but it’s not really the Bossa Nova.

Leave it to Méliès to illustrate what a soc it to me looks like in reel time. Here’s the breakdown:

— Méliès catches the shortstop lost with his gaze somewhere in space and thought to himself that Ground Control was about to ‘soc it’ to Major Thom.

— Major Thomas Pesquet fell for the ol’Babe Ruth routine anticipating an aerial demonstration, ignoring with that decision the ground game.

— Méliès could not resist using the same schtick twice:

Page 09 — SOCIÉTÉ
Nº 23839; Le Parisien de 22/04/2021
You may thank The Météo for DAT!

Top of the FO’ist, runner on First and François Mitterrand is up next on the batting order but of all things on the forecast, here’s the moistest of #Em all: RAIN.

Page 28; ibid.
Éphéméride: Alex
La Lune: La Lune is a croissant[e] tonight.

Anyhow, Kasie HUNT, in Hilo, Hawaii, Saint Alexandre remains éphémère, but at the European Space Satellite Agency at Châtelet the Earth is already Circling the Sun with the Patron Saint of ARMOR in the USA, and if you don’t know who that Jack is, just know that Saint George is the first to put a black-eye on The Man on The Moon… yeah Buddy!

Downtown Inset — from ROMA

The conversation from Line 81.

I bet you think this spot is about you.

… [W]e last left CGT Honcho, Philippe Martinez, staging a Strike at the plate with la tal Marine Perrine Le Pen at First, two outs and two strikes on the count. While that happened people at the stadium were treated to a close-up on the simultaneous skirmish on Shortstop and Centerfield by Julius César during the ceremonial first pitch.

Claudius Métrobus©️leads the delegation to Centerfield and has a one-on-one with Serge Gainsbourg. Claudius Métrobus offers Gainsbourg a chance to accomplish something that only Claude François in the voice of Frank Sinatra via Paul Anka, and of course André The Giant have accomplished for the Lutece and the XIVème Arrond., to conquer the Hollywood Reporter®️ or Billboard Magazine®️ without losing your soul like Mick Jagger did.

* Most Loaded Billionaires… major league baseball if you speak French. The challenge in the craftmanship/womanship of them balls lies with them little red lines not bursting on impact. 

Serge Gainsbourg [SG]

— Métrobus, how can Eye be for sure that Mí won’t be thrown under the wheels? Show me a sign.

Claudius Omnibus (en El Chuco)

— Will a collectible do?

— What’cha got in mind? [SG]

— Well Serge, instead of being traded like a stupid little “bobble head” gizmo on the Hollywood strip, how would you like to actually become the collectible? And The Producers are willing to give you that role on the next revolt drama. [CM]

— What’s the catch this time Jean Genie? [SG]

🎶🗣 Well, you’ve heard about the BossTone… he used to be one of those.


Intro to teleportation assembly sequence sub-section

… but FO’ist a word from our Ufo-tee’s:

Could it be

Pre-emptive pardons are called “Amparos” (for plural) or “Amparo” (singular female) in Mexican juris dear Prudence .:. 80C05265-8C21-46CD-9BF4-F4D328F6A248 🗣 THE FOLLOWING, Must BE READ… in a Mr. George Constanza sire’s voice.
That unidentified “PARENTAL UNITS” on Sector Three from The Sun ARE NAMING THEIR OffSprings in honor of their FAVORITE “ANCIENT ALIENS” trope?
Nse”… give me a break, Mr. Ness. And those WERE KNOT, let me repeat THOSE BRIGHT OBJECTS ON THE SKY WERE NOT FLYING SAUCERS, —over Mr. Crowley’s Loch, PERIOD!

“It’s Festevus for the rest of u.s.!”
Georgia Project Exec. Dir.
Nse Ufot on the Morning Onion
with Lindsey Reiser.

After the break don’t forget to to say, “Hola mis negros!”. Hola mis negros! The Weekend is MsnBC’s affirmative action block. Heck, even Alex is the Darkest of the blondes. Alex is so hip she took the 8th letter off of the “alphabet soup” can, and mirrored the double erres (en la rae . es ) WITT a double tee, mAN… of course no affirmative action block is complete without “whitey”, and for that none better than Cousin Joe in the role of Officer “Hoppy” Hopkins of Sanford and Son fame.

Over on CSPAN-3 it’s, “Moments in History”. “THEY CALL IT THE FIRST TAKE ON HEARD IMMUNITY” Episode 33 .:. 10E7BE58-F9E1-40BE-AC4D-EE926A76CE6A 🚀 Harry “the rube” Truman the 33rd President of the United States: 1945 ‐ 1953, in this episode, THE WISE MEN urge the President to secure the nazi scientists working in New Mexico permanent U.S. Citizenship for their service; during that session the president asked about the Executive Order to recognize the Blacks and the Navajo Nation’s contributions… the wisemen would cement a quote that Mel Brooks would later immortalize at the Rockridge Land Grab sessions by telling “The Rube” that « They Are Such Children, Govenor »
Executive Order 10003Providing for the Investigation of and Report on Displaced Persons Seeking Admission Into the United States
October 04, 1948

https ://www .presidency .ucsb .edu /documents /executive-order-10003-providing-for-the-investigation-and-report-displaced-persons-seeking

Anyhow, let’s get back to the assembly sequence for our teleportation modeling interpretation, in this section the user is asked to keep a mental note of the fact that the makers of this assembly’s instructions do not select the topography nor the sites, we just Mark’#Em.

… [O]nce again, we kindly remind the teleporting enthusiasts that in this our Third Dimension it is not possible to teleport carbon-based meat, or any other matter for that matter, but we can do a dry-run to simulate the journey in the Fourth Dimension.

People who know, compare the teleportation experience, once the assembly sequence is complete, to the John Frum “cargo cult” in the Pacific Theater who simulate an air traffic control tower summoning First Lieutenant Milo Minderbinder onto their sandy landing strips.

It’s in the CLAUS(e):
There is no business,
like Show business.


Cargo cult and the Blacksheep Squadron:

View at

Page 87 and Page 118… Faire la fête—and that’s all that fits to print

This is no time for Siesta, Sista!

Coming up in the programming:

… [A]nd Eye quotes, “I’m rich, BITCH!”, it’s not ironic, it is pitch Black perfect, the same nigga that gave Trump a chance, now gets to eat a cold Macedonian salad, before the monologue.

Musical Guest: Let’s talk about martians

Previously on...

Previously on… [A]nd now, the rest of the story .:. 490736FE-D284-427D-8201-51D7CA13C1C9 .:.
Doc d.a.t. camera operator a THEYs PAY for napping on the Steve!
And now, the rest of the story about how a most inconsequential trivial conversation paved the way to the ban on Le Petit Robert. It kind of started on Election Eve Monday at the reception of a very exclusively open club

… [D]ear, Lorde Lorne:
si nos dejan, “ Train keeps a’Rollin all Knight long », on your marks, get Seth…

But FO’ist, let’s check with our field reporter Mítz Thorph Zandorf WHO is standing outside of the Mars Bar where Kasie Hunt just learnt that Joe Scarborough is having an affair with Juanita Bonita, the event, an innocent kiss leaves a door (once again) open for Donnie Deutsch to make a move (for the 6th time since the Camp David days during the Carter Administration) on Mika… stay tuned for more of Mítz Thorph Zandorf’s reporting.

Hot cakes

A duel, baguette boy? C0018F0B-4D68-4635-8277-D666924EBAF7 🥢 You Got It, Foo man chu…
Hot Cakes is also the pet name that Dave gave « his » drummer, (BADUMTisch!)… 🥖
And Charlie Watts redobla con un gancho al hígado and says:
I once played the Role of Chilli Palmer on, “It’s always sunny in Philadelphia”… 🥁 Mick, played Mr. Ray Bones

Mítz Thorph Zandorf’s reporting is being beamed to you by Tia Hunt’s Hot Cakes… the secret is a well guarded secret, and “they’ll like it Too”🥛.

No Se Vaya… Stephanie Rhule pick’s up the gossip con “Las Comadres” de harina… “Las comadres de harina” is the new Can-Can Sí Se Puede Show at the Moulin Rouge, casi esquina con Colin Jost’s wife Love Shack in Paname.