Intermission … Les Cul-Reptiles* and the French lesbian librarians who loved them³

*~. It’s part of The Parisian Olympic effervescence that is about to hit Mme. Hidalgo’s retirement news one year before the Mayorette hits Sixty-FO’… Issy, Sydney 2000, Australia is the enemy.

It’s the sweatband of Africa: Les Culs-Reptiles.
“This novel is serious entertainment. It tells us that “man’s nature is not to serve lies”, in a merciless and mischievous x-ray of a Sahelian country and an entire continent of ostracized {excluded} peoples to the ass-reptiles under the mirages of La France {and her stupid retrograde Marseillese} .”


³~. All events and librarians depicted on this blog —including the music and dykes based on real lyrics and people— are fictional. Additionally, this blog includes negative depictions and/or mistreatment of people or cultures. These stereotypes were wrong then and are wrong now. Rather than remove this content, we want to acknowledge its harmful impact, learn from it and spark conversation to create a more inclusive future together. Like South Park, this blog should not be referenced by anyone… especially faggots.

To all of the Cucos and Cucas who are sleeping with the fishes, This Bud’s 🥀 For Ewe.

To celebrate 🥳 International Refugios They, Leonardo DiCaprio is concentrating all his treasure in the recovery of a little submarine off of the Cape Cod coast, while negros stuck on the Hellenistic coast are somehow not on The News  📰.

https ://www .theguardian .com /world /2023/jun/19 /greek-coast-boat-sank-tracking-data

And, Cousin Joe, did you know that Samaritan is the equivalent of a guardian?

Chinese color wheel standards… where white, white is ware, Mr. Wolf of Wall Street, and White is always evil, but only when Whitey is live.


I’ve seen this yellow-LV*-road before, here’s what happens, spoiler-alert!

Louie 👜 Vuitton gets guillotined by La Kerschovas’ Tati®️ bags at Pont Neuf, hilarity ensues when La Samaritaine gives not one single fuck… or as the John F. Kennedy Bridge in Niger says: one single ass-reptile.

Mean while at The Western Front — It Had To Be Ève ⚽

A long time coming.

But FO’ist!!! It’s What In The WO’id Is Happening on The Eastern Front?

The Dutch fell and it remains to be seen if the lady Frogs will roll past their herrin counter-Krauts this coming Wednesday at Milton Keynes.

{if and only if}

France wins it will be either England or IKEA on July 31st…

{if not}

It will probably be Schnitzelgruben for the next four years.

https ://www .20minutes .fr /sport /3329451-20220724 –euro-feminin-bleues-folles-joie-qualification-demi-finale-etape

God gave you mother’s milk, why desecrate that little temple of God with Science in a can? If God wanted your baby to have baby formula, She would have included a box with every contraction.


For one, over at The Katie Thang Show it’s “China Poblana Week”, and if you know what el color Rosa Mexicano is, then you know that both Mexicans and Koreans love perros with our tacos.

https ://www .paredro .com /por-que-se-llama-rosa-mexicano-3-datos-curiosos/

Olympic Boulevard, U.S.A. via Highway LoCo★ Catalogue, ese.

★~. Library of Congress online, ✊🏼
MargoLies, John, in “John Margolies Roadside America“.
https ://www /rr /print/res /723_marg .html

Monkeypox follows… knot to be outdone by the  Katie Thang pantone pair of pantalones, Sam Stein stars as el color rosa mexicano, on The Avi Velshi Show and, it’s worth noting that even after an Earl Scheib’s triple coat of #f42072 Sam Stein remains a most ugly, motherfucker.

This is not my nostalgia… but Eye reckons that the first step 🪜 in that thing called “spirituality” is a dance called Memoria.

Any how, Gear Gwar is what happens to you while you’re busy waiting for a commercial flight 🛫 to take off.

Or… while Ewe is watching the Wheels go Round and Round.

https ://www .businessinsider .com /hungary-viktor-orban-mixing-non-europeans-hungarians-mixed-race– 2022-7

Memo to Memo [Brut media] : go to Lagrange near the Oldest árbol on the 5éme

The first quaestor of the Assembly has finally enlightened us : the boss would run a multinational company underwater… [in Australia, later during the Fall of 2021, maybe.]

No such thing as “redemption songs” for fallen Swan Songs, nonetheless Öüï has to fullfil the book… and CLEO LAINE (1957 via Cerf-panthére N° 3699), regarding your REAL GONE label and your song, “T’ain’t what you do (It’s the way that Cha do it)” on the Sunday afternoon fip dot ef er programming, please be advised that La Ruffin Corporation Inc., is aware of your persuassion² to encourage your janitors to be motivated by “Passion” rather than “that slippery slope” called « greed ».

².~ Fakir n° 97, page Tú “Les Petites Mains“, via Le SPMF, short for: small handed mother fakirs. Fev. 2021.

In Local news, LA CATEDRAL del JAZZ en París, TSF JAZZ 89.9 just jammed with The Floyd in Pompeii, en horario nocturno de Hawaii… it Ain’t Over till IT IS Over.

https ://www.tsfjazz .com /programmes /chateau-gardot /2022-01-17 /18-00

To celebrate the occasion, Ewe Tú, motherfucker, are going to have to Ketch-Up with ROCKY and his Picture Show at La Maub.

But FO’ist!

It’s another edition of WHO IS MOVING TO PARIS?

Yup, it was just a matter of time, Ari Melber, of “The Ari Melber Show” is moving to Paris and that sumbitch just changed his name to KALIFA en Domingo, or something like that.

https ://www .hollywoodreporter .com /wp-content /uploads /2017/07 /charlamagne_tha_god_and_ari_melber_-_split_-_

The Beat with Émily Lonesome. Avi Velshi reports.

For the record, Öüï does not select the doppelgängers, Eye simply shows you La Jornada de L’Aurore on ‘the beat’.

—- And now, a new segment, Climate Change Stole Avi Velshi’s Nostalgia for Tornados, Shitty Weather and National Parks.

Anybody got popcorn?

With THAT! In mind, amigo Guillaume de Brut media, it was a real treat to see you shoe leathering³ the place Where Évry body knows your name, KNOT to mention [your mentioning] that you are in no way associated with l’Âme des Camps [version] Melle. Pitch Awards during El Año de Hidalgo de La FRENCH election of 2022. Nice to know that LOS OLVIDADOS remains the top LIENZO when it comes to a thing that little ol’Armando Serrano-Prieto dropped on the porno-loving aristocrats 🎩 de Saint-Vincent-de-Paul en el 6éme.

La Répétition des Scénarios de Vie³ or, how Eye learned to love Susana Poveda y a su chingado cinito por la radio²

Hey, Jonathan, never mind the Redundant quote but DON’T LOOK UP : Déni Cosmique says, “Thanks for dressing up
https ://www .imdb .com /title /tt11286314 /quotes /qt6083137

The Persuaders (Amicalement Votre)
ALBUM : The Prisoners (2021)

[last lines]

Jason Orlean: What’ up, y’all? I’m the last man on Earth. Shit’s all fucked up. Don’t forget to like and subscribe. We out here.

BREAKING the KNEWS… Based on truly possible events ».
In WaWa Land, some gal named TARAH*SETMAYER just put a fried egg on the ALTAR of LINCOLN!!! — Oh, the Humanity.

Strange all jazzed up Cuban sounds are currently expected to sound later on tonight.
The American Embassy in PARIS just issued out a bulletin INSTRUCTING all AMERICANS to stay away from the rue des LOMBARDS radius, so pena of being ex communicated for catching THE HAVANA SYNDROME of Yesu.


« Quand l’homme blanc est arrivé, il avait la Bible et nous avions la terre », aimait-il raconter. « L’homme blanc nous a dit : ‘Venez, agenouillons-nous, et prions ensemble’. Quand nous avons rouvert les yeux, voilà ! – nous avions la Bible et il avait la terre… »

El arzobispo anglicano,
Desmond Tutu
as quoted by
radio france international

Page 7 
Quand la vie se répète
« Le bonheur es une idée neuve en Europe. »
Rapport à la Convention nationale,
3 mars 1794.

oNe.: RELAX-ay-voo

— Well, wadda ‘ya know…
TuTu just passed by:
https ://www .rfi .fr /fr /afrique /20211226 -mort-de-desmond-tutula-nation-arc-en-ciel-perd-une-ic%C3%B4ne-de-la-lutte-contre-l-apartheid
Demain Est Une Autre Histoire

In local news, Italian dreamer, Dean Martin, passed away yesterday, Christmas Day 1995 only to welcome the newest member of the RAT PACK at the KNEEDLES, Sammy Davis Jr., caught a case of the Omicrons on his Beguine and so, that motherfucker had to stay in Soweto for the rest of the Millenium.

Cottraux, Jean
153.6 COT
Bpi: 3 7504 00231077 7
135 F / 20,58
selon ©Odelie Jacob at rue Soufflot
(Average exchange rate for april in Paris of 2001)

… Wrong, do it again
If you don’t eat yer meat, you can’t have any pudding
How can you have any pudding if you don’t eat yer meat?
You! —Yes, you behind the bikesheds, stand still laddy!




FRF remplacé par EUR

And JONATHAN CAPEHARTplease relay to Aunt Gloria that La COMADRE Victoría’s exchange rate has not changed in 20 years.

Conversion Euro vers Franc français — Dernière mise à jour :
26 déc. 2021, 16:26 UTC

1 EUR = 6,55957 FRF
1 FRF = 0,152449 EUR

65,00 Euros = 426,37205 Francs français

Niveau 2 – Psychologie

Tu.~ (pronounced Two):

Note to Avi Velshi: dude, Öüï arrived like a THEY earlier to « Suzy’s cinito en Les-chingados-Moulineux », so here is last Night’s rendition of Saint-Opportune:
https ://www .fip .fr /emissions /club-jazzafip /club-jazzafip-du-samedi-25-decembre-2021

Saturday morning Car Tunes — CRONOS is not what you think that it is

In Hilo, Hawaii, it’s Christmas Eve.
https ://www .rfi .fr /en /france /20210602 –france-weapons-exports-drop-41-percent-for-2020-saudis-still-biggest-buyers

And in France, the Sun never sets..

Los Indios de Guyana
https ://www .aljazeera .com /news/2021/12/25 /several-killed-as-saudi-arabia-and-yemen-rebels-exchange-fire
Topen eso, TOP-en-ESSO… Issy, that’s Thomas Jefferson’s great-great-great grandson Willie Gloude Sr., Professor Gloude Sr., is hosting next to Mika Brzezinski’$ long-lost ILLEGITIMATE doppelganger Maki Breeskin
Note to Thomas de Courbillon… D.A.R.E. is no such thing as “improvisation³“, man! Do you really think that ARIANNE just happened to launch into space with the “Webb” interstellar téléscopé in the same time-frame that NASA sent an “asteroid bustin'” mission, apparently because there was an extra rocket just layin’ around?
So, —yeah, let U.S. fuck up an asteroid, just for kicks, eh.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2021/12/25 /ciencia-y-tecnologia/lanzan-con-exito-al-espacio-el-telescopio-james-webb/

Tribute to Dr. Strangelove, or how Eye learned to stop worrying and learned to love Leonardo Dicaprio’$ taste for, “Yum yum Bumblebee—bumblebee tuna,

³.~ … [O]r “BRONTORACS” for that matter.

And Katty Kay, what’s up with Mika’s potrine racing stripe?

Earlier in the History of the planks at Le Grand Palais in Paris, France:

Hey, Raphaël Morán, at RFI international:

“I Am an Anti-Christ, and Cousin Joe is a Plutocrat…” who you gonna trust?
— CAPITALISM, that’s WHO… That’s how André Malraux was able to give Reynold Arnould a break at the Grand Palais.

El Movimiento por la Paz con Justicia y Dignidad y Ciudadanos por la Paz en México (grupo París) convocan a la manifestación en apoyo a la Ley General de Víctimas ante la embajada de Francia en México, en donde el poeta Javier Sicilia, (cuyo hijo fue asesinado en Cuernavaca en 2011), Ludividine Barbier (esposa de Rodolfo Cazares, director de orquesta secuestrado en Matamoros en 2011), la hermana de Olivier Tschumi (ciudadano suizo secuestrado en Cuernavaca en 2010) y los diputados Noël Mamère y Sergio Coronado le entregarán al embajador de Francia en México las miles de firmas recaudadas en apoyo de la aprobación de dicha Ley. La manifestación tendrá lugar este miércoles 12/12/2012 a las 14h30 en Ambassade du Mexique en France 9 rue de Longchamp, 75016, Paris Tras la manifestación habrá una conferencia de prensa a 16h en Centre d’Accueil de la Presse Etrangère Grand Palais – Cours la Reine Perron Alexandre III – 75008 Paris

https ://ciudadanosxlapaz .wordpress .com /2012/12/09 /manifestation-solidarite-avec-la-loi-de-victimes-au-mexique-ce121212-a-14h30/

When all of a sudden… our correspondent got mixed up with a blonde sipping MIMOSAS at the wheel of a Mustang at La Ave. du Churchill. La “susodicha” was running late to ring the NASDAQ bell at the F.I.A.* next to a VACANT American Embassy in France.

*.~ https ://www .lequipe .fr/Formule-1 /Actualites /La-fia-va-lancer-une-analyse-sur-la-fin-mouvementee-du-grand-prix-d-abu-dhabi /1305527

Ya llegó Nikki Lauda… y Carlos Slim, Aussie. Which is why MERCEDES folded. The Mexican Impasse tactics of the SLIM outfit gave “THE DUTCH”, the MONOPOLY OF THE CIRCUITS… Including the circuit of La Place de La Concorde… In Other Words, NO HUBO PENAL.

… https ://racingnews365 .com /breaking-mercedes-decide-against-appeal-verstappen-keeps-title

“Or, am I caught in a hit and run?
Straight up now tell me…,” Katty Kay, where’d you get that Rocher Ferrari look from? Your mercedes³ are going to stall.

LIVE, from the  Supreme Petroleum Council
³.~ https ://www .proz .com /kudoz /spanish-to-english /poetry-literature /1589026-%2Asus-mercedes%2A.html

And in Washington, Willie Geist is fed up with thughs walking into his favorite sandwich shop in NANTUCKET only to shamelessly shoplift sandwiches straight from THE SANDWICH DISPLAY RACK, from THE RACK, Stephanie Rhule, from The Rack.
Hi, My Name Is Frank and I’ll Be Your Robber This Evening

https ://www .latimes .com /archives /la-xpm-1997-oct-26-tr-46832-story .html

And, Willie Geist… you obviously have not seen L.A. Story. Just ask, Willie Geist, JUST ASK the Reverend Al Sharpton, them Nantucket sandwich snatchers have nothing on the civilized way to redistribute swag from Art studio visiting, latte-spiked regular coffee, and 50 over 50 year-old Abu Dhabi débutantes.

https ://www .msnbc .com /know-your-value /mika-brzezinski-chair-international-women-s-day-event-abu-dhabi -n1285998

Get off of your “peloton”, Scarborough… it is Knot an award, it’s a magazine

And, Katty KayÖüï is confounded by the double standard of The Pentagon when it comes to CONtractors and Grunts. Anyhow, Mika, watch how Joe tap dances through the VACCINE MANDATE between those who get a piece of the pie, and those that get a tv dinner at that country club called The U.S. Air Force.

TimeNOW: 14h13 CET… live on Morning Joe, the runner-up to the “person of the year” Time Life Magazine cover:
John Kirby, or “The Pentagon Guy” with the whiteout

https ://www .washingtonpost .com /national-security /2021/12/14 /air-force-vaccines-discharges/

En contexto, “that guy³” who won Wimbledon could have made the cover…  [A]nd, Willie Geist, you know who could be a contender for the “hero” category?

³.~ As identified by Macca Mary on a recent Direct TV Morning Show, on the Dish Network of CCTV on the BBC.

EXACTLY!: that PENTAGON guy who just pulled a “nothing to see here” Crimes Against Humanity whiteout:

Shocking Execution Errors in Exceptional Expeditions… sponsored by the FORD Mo.Co. 

A Pentagon spokeswoman says THE DEPARTMENT HAS STOPPED IMPLEMENTING THE VACCINE MANDATE for federal contractors… which you are not going to believe this, elise jordan, was a contributing factor for not selecting the vaccine developers as the “person of the year” 2021 cover face on the time magazine who didn’t make the great. Issy, John heilemann, there is page² for that:

².~ Diabolical Casualty et Conspiracy Myths…and Eye quotes:

The idea that the events of our individual, family or collective existence can be explained by occult causes, by mysterious conjurations, accompanies the history of humanity.

De là, les mythes conspirationnistes, où des conceptions religieuses, démonologiques et apocalyptiques son asociadas a conceptos modernistas [dentro de un marco] que propone una explicación del mal que nos abruma.

Page 69
Dictionnaire de psychologie
et psychopathologie des RELIGIONS
Bayard, 2013


Wait! Whaaaaa!!! Equis y Griega… Zerlina ate Lindsey

Dear, Ali Velshi, just a quick reminder before BriWi and The Rachel MAddow Show calls, IT!, quits, that sir, I don’t select the news cycles, ni tampoco los copia y pega, I am simply traveling por La Tercera Dimensión de los Dreamers³or something like that, which has nothing to do with the French artist JR. Sin embargo, if there is one Thing that I have learned about artists (plurinominales) is that ‘iels‘ always think that this blog is about them.

And, Baby Blue Cross… you know you is my favorite Morena, Guadalupana or Knot… Bridge Angles Legend from Magnum Photos in France follow. The Screen grab (PLANK N° 20 from the CONCERTINA WIRED access gate on la Rue du Cloîture Notre Dame) of Mr. Patrick Zachmann comes courtesy of La Agencía that Bob and Henri created three years after Le Cirque de L’Occupation en el bendito Grand Palais. Mr. Zachmann was the only shutterbug AUTHORIZED, on APRIL 15, 2019, to take snapshots of The House of The Setting Sun de Viollet-du-Luc.

³.~ La troisième dimension du rêve, page 370 under “[D]reams, onirism, and oniromancie” in le Dictionnaire of Religious Psychologie and Psychopathologies. Bayard, 2013.

In the voice of Sheriff Bart…
and Eye quotes:
[A]llow Mí to uncrop my frame…

And AVI Velshi, IN VAN HORN, TEXAS, as seen from a BLEU ORIGIN Amazon Warehouse in the 4th Dimension, Jason Soboroff’s special on how to digress to a TWO-Dimensional “flatland” from a Three-Dimensional news cycle is the EQUIVALENT of 32 Tornados and then some… in a New York Midnight.

https ://www .mentalfloss .com /article /20711 /carl-sagan-explains-fourth-dimension

Black Eye Peas caviar gumbo recipe follows… it’s vegetarian and that is exactly, Zerlina., what the Taggart boys were eating before running down the fake Hollywood town of Rock Ridge. Trou Story, and a real veggie caviar.

https ://www .nbcnews .com /video /amazon-distribution-center-partially-collapses-in-illinois -128458309546

Cuenta la LEYENDA de MAGNUM PHOTOS… that in the VERY REAL TOWN of MAYFIELD, Kentucky, a Candle Vigil will follow the Tornado debris clean-up from last night’s special presentation of Little Pink Houses made out of Paper and Glue..

https ://www .franceculture .fr /emissions /la-grande-table-culture/patrick-zachmann-un-photographe-humaniste-a-notre-dame

And Zerlina., before Öüï switch, IT!, over to Mary Macca, and Last Week To They, Eye wishes to set forth the proposition that if the next 007 is a femina, then the next Sheriff Bart should be SITTING on a CORN FLAKE and sporting Zerlina’s doo, and those arracadas.

https ://www .theguardian .com /us-news /2021 /dec /07 /kellogg-strike-workers-pay

Hey, Sweet Fingers

Fo’ the record: Öüï’s outdoors, and like Hô-Chi-Minh (that son-of-a-bitch), Eye has been on the floor, the underground, and yes… even “la” bendita Casa de “la” América latina en Saint Germain-des-Près…but today being Tuesday, ya-Tu-sabe’ Georgina… “ni te cases ni t’embarquez”.

Got’cha… motherfucker!

To Be Continued… AMLO: El Mejor Presidente. En Las Rocas, Öüï will put that motherfucker to the TEST.

  1. Operarán en México cuatro mandos y nueve agentes de la DEA


“And Eye quotes”… Murder By Numbers

— Eins:

Courtesy of El Periódico del Pueblo… Fast and Furious was for fags.

— Due:

— Sān


And, Donnie Deutsch… don’t forget the Dole’s trademarked pineapples

Strawberry Fields For Guantanamo
puras piñas
Page 315… Chapitre quatrième

Vice Diagrams for Venn

Satan islet’s ask Mr. Putin
— Mr. President, in your personal opinion, please complete the sentence (No Pun Intended…) Satan is?

https ://www .whitehouse .gov /briefing-room /speeches-remarks /2021/12/05 /remarks-by-president-biden-at-the-2021-kennedy-center-honorees-reception/

— Well, {heavy Cyrillique dejo} as you know, it’s all in the details, but « Satan is a terrible cook : laugh to conjure fear up » {all of the Russian delegation laugh in unison… but you know something, he is a terrible comedian. He’s a “wise guy over h’ear“.

But FO’ist… Encanto just ripped off OASIS. Don’t tell Mí. I Know!!! She’s in a family full ofexcentriques“… ¡PERO! ¿Quiere más?

Based on an Epic recording… and re-hashed as un: Uso Justo del Tata Disney… and the “American Graffiti” on theremain in Mexico” TENT CAMPS.

Starring as Encanto, don Pablo’s daughter… let’s talk about that “Uncle that nobody ever talks about”, let’s talk about « el tío Bruno » de La Préfecture de Paris.

Georgina Polevnsky at the Moo_vies
https ://www .wnyc .org /story /208572 -paris-i-love-you-youre-bringing-me-down/
And, Donnie Deutsch, you son of a bitch!, you probably think that this Plato (de leftovers) is about Ewe, and it is… but that is only because as Rosecrans Baldwin once said… or was it the Sciences Po guy, Donald Morrison? Who cares, the thing is that when it comes to KNOCKIN on AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL’s doors, Évry body knows Rita Moreno’s name.

https ://videos .jornada .com .mx /video /61019101/el-circo-herramienta-para-la-inclusion-social/… the show must go on.

From La Jornada:
López Obrador a commenté : ” pour que l’on sache, pour que l’on n’oublie pas, que cette décision d’annuler ce projet³ a été prise en raison de la volonté du peuple, parce que nous avions l’autre option, la base militaire de Santa Lucía “, qui sera inaugurée le 21 mars.

Uncle Bruno’s hideout. And, Mary Macarini, let the record show: Ciudad de México… por la zona de Texcoco A través de un video difundido en redes sociales, López Obrador comentó: “para que se sepa, que no se olvide, que se pudo tomar esta decisión de cancelar ese³ proyecto por la voluntad de la gente, porque teníamos la otra opción, la Base Militar de Santa Lucía que se va a inaugurar el 21 de marzo, which of course as the Entire Colonia Roma knows, it is Benito Mussolini’s birthday in Mexico… it used to be Tata Cárdenas “Oil Expropriation from “The ROYAL ALBERT HALL—they.

³.~ “ese” proyecto del primo de Peña Nieto, en la foto a la izquierda del militar de López Obrador y a la derecha of La CDMX’s Mayor.

La Higuera de La Chingada

PAN was a Vegetarian… Aussie, from the same Familia : BASTER SKELTER and other assorted needleworking templates… Still to come, Joe Scarborough, really!!! The GALL on that motherfucker (France), asking Mary McCartney how “he“, should address her Beatle dad. THE ANSWER is BILLY!!! It’s always Billy! C’mon MAN!!! Didn’t you watch “SEND MY REGARDS TO BROADWAY”?You dumb Reaganite. —!— REPENT Motherfucker!!! REPENT.

https ://www .imdb .com /title /tt0087337/ Rendez-vous à Broad Street

Original title: Give My Regards to Broad Street {

con Chepina McCartney

On this episode, Chepina dishes out “Lo Mejor” de los fantasmas en la alacena de los hechizos of “their Satanic Majesties… {rosbif’s re°ce°pies°},

https ://www .msnbc .com /morning-joe /watch /mary-mccartney-cooks-vegan-specialties-with-friends-and-family- 128001093853

https ://es .wikipedia .org /wiki /Chepina_Peralta

Anda, Lucía, “anda, pídeme que viole
las leyes que te encarnan…”. Diría, AUTE, —Dario.