Krispy Cream™ announces new huitlacoche filled doughnuts



Page 181, Schiltz ibid.

L’imposant Félix traverse les Halles de nord en sud. Je traverse de sud en nord. La rencontre est inévitable. Guilleret, il s’en va rejoindre ses amis boulistes aux Tuileries. Il m’invite à venir jouer avec eux quand je veux. Il va bien, très bien, semble-t-il. Félix est peut-être la seule personne parmi celles que j’ai rencontrées vivant à la rue qui a eu, à plusieurs reprises, des possibilités d’en sortir avec un métier, des compétences et qui est toujours revenu à la rue. Félix ne supporte aucune contrainte, surtout pas la sensation d’être enfermé. Lorsqu’il décroche un travail en plein air, dans le Sud, près de chez sa fille, je pense que, cette fois-ci, je ne le reverrai plus. Erreur de jugement, il ne supporte pas, il lâche tout. La pétanque provençale a été impuissante à le retenir. Aujourd’hui,
il est pressé, je n’en saurai pas plus. Un jour, j’irai faire un tour aux Tuileries. Je sais où trouver les boulistes.

I’ve read this story before, watched the movie and even warmed the popcorn à la mode de Medhi Hasan.

14h35 in CET —NEWS FLASH:
The Instituto Mexicano de la Radio signal is down… sources close to a surfing abuelita relay that on the occassion of La Semana Internacional de El Agua, la CDMX is under WaWa.
En Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, gracias a radio stations usa . Miguel Mateos está tocando a un chico de la calle con sus pinches amores lejanos y unos chaparros inmaduros.

Also, Hurricaine Hilary is now a CAT IV
heading over to CABO WABO, where Mika Brzezinski
is drinking mimosas with the fake Joe Scarborough from the SNL… now we know, Donnie Deutsch, how Moffet get’s it up, eh!




🎼 Sobre Las Olas, mouvement tú, Macho Man intro. Rest. Followed with Green Corn with NOFX 🌽💅

No such number: 111, period.
The history of ideas has a graveyard 🪦 … Flaubert enterró la idea de que HOMERO no existió. « Homère: N’a jaMAÏS existé ».”


Ladies in Gemini, the following must be read in the voice of Johathan Quayle Higgins III.

Howard Johnson [chairman of Rockridge’s welcoming committee] :
They say that now, in Paris, France, even as we speak, Gustave Flaubert has devised a new latte for liberals that will obliterate kombucha once and for all. Think of it, gentlemen, “drinking coffee without sugar is « trés chic »³
Olson Johnson: Never mind that shit! Here comes Homer³!

³~. Theiss,William. “The Abbé d’Aubignac’s Homer and the culture of the Streets in Seventeenth-Century Paris“.
The Journal of the History of Ideas, Volume 84, Number 1 (January 2023)

Where’s is the huitlacoche, mister? This looks just like that Trans Korn shit! Take that to the Lido, Meatloaf is on the bill there.



Gonna take a nap now, wake Mí up before you go, Ho.

Previously on RAYUELA:
… of-Course it’s all Bullshit, Mr. President, wanna know how I know, because “La Mala” told Mí, so—check it out mister Robinette³, La Wallace is not going to believe this but that is what she gets for coaching Sarah Palin to play the role of a Vip in the back of bullet-proof Suburban™, anyhow, I am about to break Cardinal Richelieu’s ruhles,  which got Pedro Corneille in trouble with l’Académie française and thier silly little « classical unities of time, place, and action* ».

³~. Who in their right mind names thier chirrin’ after a ‘grifo‘, Mr. President, who? —A leprechaun, Mr. President, that’s WHO. 

*~. Being For The Benefit of Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar:

¹ Unity of Time; that all the action in a play must take place within a 24-hour time-frame.
² Unity of Place; that there must be only one setting for the action.
³ Unity of Action; that the plot must be centred on a single conflict or problem.


Ladies in Gemini:

True anecdotes, Mr. President, I’ve been lucky enough to have travel to all of the six corners of France and every-fucking-place where I was asked what my diet back home consisted of, Mr. President, I always came up with corn on the top three choices, on account of a process that results in NIXTAMAL, crucial for the production of la Tortilla de Maíz. The comeback from my hosts never disappointed, Mr. President, it was always, “corn! Ah yes, We feed that to our pigs.”



Technical difficulties on the other side of los cerros del “Chinero” en Xicali, on The Pacific side, prevented u.s. from wrapping the WHOLE ENCHILADA IN ONE shot… so—como dijo Princess Palatine:

Fair Use of all Media, o como dice Katie Phangs, “Flautas con crema for all ¡ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !

Jump To Mañana.

Entonces, Mme. Macron… El Camino (The Mexican³)

With all due respect… wanna know what rhymes with Rancy?


³~. 2001Brad Pitt tries to smuggle a weapon across Mexico… fast-forward to 2023 when the U.S. Ambassador to México re-hashes the FAST and FURIOUS gun-walking program with Aquaman at the wheel (punto y coma) the new Start-up is titled: The Last Mile, but the TRAMA is not about guns, but about the latest drug of choice for the Nephews of Sam 🇺🇸.

Breaking the news, for Ewe, deer Emilio: en el otro SANTIAGO de 🇨🇱, la voz de Pinochet is back.

From El Mundo de Le Monde en l’AFP, de l’EFE y, de l’APRO:

Ultra-right march in Paris: the prefect of police of Paris the Paris prefect of the policeLaurent Nuñez, assumes [la responsabilité por] not banning the parade. According to the senior official, the procession could only have been prevented by proving the existence of a clear risk of disturbing public order.

https ://twitter .com /SegoArma /status / dear AFP Sorry for your loss /sin celery: ARMAN {do} S.  =20

Sources close to Armando Segovia on this most non-consequential blog relay that the senior official ‘s balls (aguacates in Náhuatl) at the préfecture de Cité only grow when Mexican Wetbacks disturb the local hartistas en le Quartier “latino” de La MAL 27 del Festival de Jazz de Saint-Germain-des-Prés when these talented SAPOS, en el Barrio latino of The Paris Tourism Board do the good work of France ⚜️ Culture.

Le Monde avec La Bendita AFP 
Posted yesterday at 7:43 p.m.
modified at 4:21 p.m..

Gaslighting with gas stoves and Russian gaz.

⚜️🖌️… and Roger, ahora píntame uno de tus French présidents junto con les clochards, go ahead, it’s ok. It’s part of the Melle. Pitch Award 🧏

I was en proceso, recordando aquellas sabías palabras del artista Roger Pérez:

³~. Based on the Tale of Antoine Compagnon and some guy at SciencesPo moonlighting as Time Magazine man of the « ᖌ ᕮ ᕮ ᖇ », period!




Now That is What Eye calls — Gobbledygook.


But first, … :

it’s the weeping Frenchman aux Champs-Elysées… a tangent that reminds the non-readers, that History does not repeat itself, it echos and rhymes, but it doesn’t repeat. That would be a glitch in the matrix, and the Conseil d’État would simply not shot itself on their foot 🦶🏾.

I tell you what, Marie-Ange Schiltz, it’s a damn shame that Monsieur Malraux forgot to send an invitation to Pablo back in the ‘they’, but then again if that fickle fucker, Malraux pas Pablo, would have had the balls to send the invitation to Pablo, then the “creator” of the so-called Fifth French Republic would have had to cancel his subscription to The Sacré Sinarchist en Tierra Mojada.

The Oval pussy… it beats the Socks out of The Clinton’s Cat.


Tierra Mojada by the way is Guadalajara, in Spain… Eye has never been but “they³” tell my that the Madre Patria is going dry, like beef jerky dry. Guadalajara is where Emilio’s granddaddy wrote Cielito Lindo for Televisión Azteca, which of course is a subsidiary of fip . franche, period.

Charlie, the Donald Trump of The Estévez Clan… how do you think that D.A.T. nigga D.A.R.E. caught SIDA? By being shy? —C’mon now! Charlie got AIDS because he didn’t wear a glove while he grabbed them between the legs… I bet Donnie Deutsch thought that I was going to bring Mika’s big Fat Pussy [cat] into the den, eh, Donnie Deutsch? Didn’t ya’?

Mika’s Satellite Sealing. Viewers discrétion, ad VICE!


Pago en especie…

¿Ah dio’ Sol? No seas soflamera, los duendes no existen³

Breaking The News to 🌞 BOLUDO NATION:

And starring as Pelos de Huitlacoche : De Bora Harry.

Chavanieux, J. L.. Che Guevara también era africano “El Che en el Congo 1965”. 2007 ; vía: huellasdelahistoria .wixsite .com /huellas /single-post /2016/12/04 /fidel-el-che-y-africa

Ernesto “El Che” Guevara dejo de ser 🇦🇷 presumido, ¡desde que calló 🇨🇺 SANTIAGO!… moraleja, El 🩺 Che es AFRICANO, 🇦🇷 pinches 🇦🇷 italianos.

ISSY, “calló” del verbo caer callando… por Ejemplo, Vicentico (en RFPP, no en Cadillac)… no vayas a permitir que Juanito Guanabacoa te saque la sopa, esa es su especialidad de Policía judicial “exiliado” con RSA.

Avi Velshi’s Jacket is made in Argentina, ¡‘inche presumido!

Full disclaimer,
, 🇦🇷 es tricampeón de La Copa.
Si, Los Fabulosos Cadillacs are the Best Strawberry Stones in the field of spectacles in the Field or something like that.
, la ficción argentina es en realidad uruguaya 🇺🇾.

Mientras tanto en París con Susana PubEda… them Frogs send this voice, Absinthe, o algo así… la cosa es de que I don’t have the knack Susana… For your taste you needs a donkey for that.

Last Week To They, part ii: Track One re-visited… because it is not the First Time, but it’s always la même merde pero con Circos revolcados… porque aquí en Francia no hay PiRaTas puros pinches Corsarios con RSA… “Get It While You Can”.


Synopsis: Genaro García Luna es declarado inocente en nueva York. Amnesty International with the COLLABORATION of MEDECINES du MONDE, and The Paris Tourism Board, wastes no time and immédiatement hook that motherfucker up with a retirement pension, room and board, and of course RSA!!!

³~. A este paso los enanitos toreros van a ser reyes de la baraja, y García Lorca va a recitar en vivo en el Cirque Houke²… Juanito Guanabacoa, en el trapèze se perfila como “Boogie el resbaloso” con dizque’ música Alternosa, o algo así, desde Su Madre Patria, FranCamenTeHablando.

²… Banlieues Blues de Montreuil-sous-parole Errada, festival originalmente inaugurado por el muy comprometido¹, André Malraux.

1~. con FRANCISCO FRANCO y su “craft”.

Ladies and gentleman, it’s been 7 hours and 15 days since SoFy Velasco established contact, but rearview communicators are sadden to relay that for the entire month of January³, SoFy felt like HER, that is you’ve got, you know, tune in your cellphone speakers on cold and listen to the reprodución in Ones and Zeros through your Radius.

³~. Also for the month of December 2022, but that doesn’t matter, what is of interest is that true to form, now that Juanito Guanabacoa fincó su pensada, la causa ya no necesita pueblo que piense sino más bien que como con Raul Velasco, el pueblo pues se divierta, siempre, eso sí, Siempre en Domingo.

In Local Meufs:

Good news for the good people of La Maub, vicinity Las Tres Puertas del Colegio de La France. La Brasserie, home of the “Wet T-shirt Contest”, at rue Lagrange, re-opened its doors recently after a winter-long hiatus, and this can only mean one thing, Vilma Fuentes will see Six-extra weeks 🦫 of sunshine 👙 at the terrace in front of where Cortázar visualizaba su “Kibbutz 🏬 del deseo” antes de dirigirse con la Mala en dirección poniente rumbo al puente de Hartes en su Marelle de La Jornada.

Need EYE tell Ewe phucks who’s at the mound, —Louise? … King Louis XV is at The Plate, the count is 64 and Five on the weekend eve of Fat Tus Theys.

Note to editors, for context on Che Guevara, Los Fabulosos Cadillacs y Vilma Fuentes, skip to tomorrow —in Miami.

From the wire.

“There is no alternative to our kibbutz. there is and will be no alternative to getting rid of 🇷🇺Russian aggression once and for all, liberating the land and the people,” 🇺🇦 Zelensky said.

🎶 C’mon Évry body 🩺 do that Congés…


S1, Episode 1: A Closer Look at “CereBro” Belascoarán.

Time-lapse in récépissés … ¡Sorpresa!

En un cementerio parisino en el barrio del Siglo XX, casí altura con la rue Borrégo y Saint –Fargeau:

Francisco I. Madero visita a James Douglas Morrison y ambos, se dan la vuelta por la guarida de Allan Kardec en la División (Norte) de Père Lachaise, hilarity ensues when Guillaume Apollinaire crosses the Avenida de Los Combatientes and screams at Melle. Pitch to go and suck a big cock at The Red Cross.

Patrocinado por El Quesototote”: Cerevro Cheese de la afamada rue des Pyrénées, en El Barrio XX de Paname.
E_Caycevisit /r/POLACA 5 points 1 day ago (vía Reddit México)
He could rape a child during his morning address to the Cult, and they would blame the child, “for being a searcher and infiltrator of the neo-Porfiristas.”


https ://www .reddit .com /r /mexico /comments /ylh7r9 /el_mes%C3%ADas/

Dear, Marianne… check please!

Meanwhile at Montparnasse, Carlos Fuentes, y el amante de “La Mala” se dan un rol a la tumba del presidente Chirac cuando en eso se aparece Edgar Cayce con don Porfirio, y que se arma la del Santo vS LA Tetona Mendoza…

Righttt! Consciousness, the most overrated word in The Parnassianism of Mont MARTE!


El Santo vS. La Tetona Mendoza es traído hasta nuestros no lectores, por “Thee Melle. Pitch Award” y la Marca de los cuentos de SoFy Velasco en Saint-Mande’aste.


Con la lana que se paga un domingo en los cines de Toulouse (ARCALT)

Previously on our favorite theme, “El Cinito Mexicano” i {armando segovia} told you about how Mexican Once TV “Los Años Arruza” Emilio Maillé dissed Texan Director and Mexican all-Star Robert Rodriguez during a Gabriel Figueroa discussion panel at Cinéma Lilas in Porte des Lilas (75020). This is true, Francis Saint-Dizer, Directeur de Cinémas d’Amérique Latine »… ¡if that’s even a real thing, ese!

And EYE Quotes:
El humor en el cine chicano contemporáneo. PARODIA y TRANSNACIONALISMO en la trilogía de EL Mariachi de Robert Rodriguez. Page 108, by NOELIA “Goyo” Fernández, en Cinémas d’amerique latine #29.

And Knot to be facétieux but all of a sudden it’s cool to be “chicano” and, « transnational » {no less} with you fuckers (los latinos) in France.

Any güey, Emilio Maillé, “La Mala” sends her regards desde la rayuela en Montparnasse.

Las más cabronas… un cuadro paella

Jump from p. 15
in Hawaii Standard Times…
because, “you’re MauVelous, d’ahrling

a l’occasion de l’exposition:

Art et utopie au pays des Soviets

Pour que s’élaborent les nouvelles méthodes de la pense architecturale “La conception” du monde contemporain se forge au contact de l’époque…

«Bilans et Perspectives », 1927 en 2019 

Venn Diagrams in Avalon, certains l’aiment, otros l’amentan, and some te la mientan. Avalon. 🧜🏻‍♀️ 11F7F251-EA3B-46C8-BEAB-FADAC0E31EDD 🔱 En contexto for Mrs. E., (Mme. E., is one of the founding members and perhaps the strongest voice at a place where Evry body knows your name), last Friday we discussed another exclusively open club in Paris, it is called “Los Muertos de La Calle”, that club was Dominique’s final boarding area before the physical copy of the soul begins to deteriorate we also talked about “coincidences” both big and small, and about the ongoing price for a crackhead or heroine addict to take on the role of a low-intensity urban mercenary (punto y coma) we, as in me and Mrs.E., did not talk about SYCHRONICITY, but i did mention the STING and Gordon Sullivan’s former band—low and behold— when we both exited the “counseling area” on the butcher board nailed to the Eastern Wall was a Check for €2.500, a donation from a benevolent soul to our openly exclusive club. What a Coincidence, because she and i were just talking about how some things without context can get misinterpreted by a person outside of the CONVERSATION THAT we had just cleared out of the log.

Señor don papa Francisco I, eminencia. Ruego que por favor disculpe la demora con el tren que carga con el error de San Karol Józef Wojtyła, asuntos que “sin querer queriendo” se entrelazan con los espacios y la arquitectura de las calles de París requieren forma en el fondo de esos lienzos (punto y coma) on the other hand, i promised mabm que el próximo cuadro iba para ella:

https ://haciendomagiaconpalabras .wordpress .com /2021/03/10 /matar-un-amor-by-mabm-2/

But FO’ist! Eye touches base with La Semana Que Philippe Labró…

Saturday 13th before noon at La Place de La Sorbonne (Angry parents) and at the steps of the Lycée Saint-Louis (concerned students). Manifestation in favor or reforming what the 30 or so gathered parents call segregationist (YUP, you did not misread—segregationist) policies for student intake into the French liceo.

Why it matters, as explained from the angle of an ugly-ass, ignorant and stubborn undocumented American in Paris:

https ://rss .cnews .fr /pdf /NEP /20210312

Just look at the front cover of N° 2581 of CNEWS matin… it reads like this in Rosbif gibberish

Gang fights, police and teachers assaulted, harassmentYouth and Violence – State of Emergency, page 8”; cnews . fr 📐06A3E3AD-A60D-4483-A98B-C246CDB64CB3 🖼 Correspondence (coincidenzia) for the DADA PEOPLE at Mains Libres, via fip dot fr follows, for Mrs. E., right NOW, the French STATE is about to learn what the term, INTERSECTIONALITY (in the context of Maslow’s pyramid of needs) means… ‘member now Mr. Macron, it takes SIX Generations to get someone out of the Grips Of Oscar Lewis’ so-called “culture of poverty”, —or so we’ve been told.

— Sunday the 14th, early morning 105.5 FM franceinfo. One of two takes. A union card-carrying member of the performing arts trade industry is interviewed (without him getting naked on “the air”) about the state of affairs in his realm during the pandemic.

Why it matters:

Hilarity ensues when the exasperated guests undresses the French Culture Minister on CNN, or some other primetime news network like that.

“At least you have a Culture Ministry,” said the Broadway fellow… 🎭

Ahora con su permiso, mis Amig@s valencian@s, you are probably going to think that Part Two of Isela Vega (from my series: Las Más Cabronas) is about you. It is not. It’s about los abuelitos de Charlotte Gainsbourg; UKRAINIAN refugees who escaped L’Art et Utopie au Pays des SOVIETS, just so that LUCIEN could get to be a horny little devil in La France… Aux Armes!

Of course, the easiest way to get to Serge Gainsbourg Street from Les HADES is to cut across The Louvre and join MALA and Julio at Le Pont des Arts, they will guide you to Picasso’s place where he scribbled a bunch of bulls at Guernica (punto y coma) that’s in the vicinity of Scarlett Johansen’s Parisian bungalow and then just ignore all of the signs and head over to Solferino, because i like to circle the field before reaching my destination; i don’t have a fucking deadline or an appointment to keep so i follow different signs, and besides, i did tell you that Serge Gainsbourg was covering Centerfield and in this plan L’Académie Française is the pitchers mound and The Louvre is the Home Plate, La Madeleine is Rightfield and The Assembly is Leftfield.

Previously on, Mr. Leo: Can You Tell Mí How To Get To Serge Gainsbourg Street?

And Lev Davidovich Bronstein, better known as Leon Trotsky responds from LA COLONIA ROMA:

It’s a DATE!!!

It’s the 45th president (viper) They. It’s the Trump underbelly of donald trump’s loins. It’s the ConWay’s ethnicity (against brown people) war.

Call Mí!!!

Call Mí!!!

Coming up on Deadline with Veronica:

Let's do it, Mala.

Let’s do it, Mala.

… let’s clean Donald Trump’s mess.

In Paris, there is an Eclipse passing by. Hey, Sun!!! What gives you the right to take a byte out of MY Munn‽ RELEASE THE HEIDI!!!

Dear, Purple Pundit,

Jesus fucking Cristo! Nicolle!!! Donald Trump already spilled Brown Blood, which is B+, of course… that spill on the frame, Nicolle, is where the so-called SQUAD dropped their pumps and laced their paratrooper Airborne Tanker motherfucking boots.

In other, Eclipse news, Donald Trump is also responsible for other “ethnicities” blood, including white peoples blood.

… coming up on MSNBC (July 24th) Robert Mueller testifies (with William Barr’s dick in his mouth), because Robert Mueller is a Double-Dipping department of defense BOY scout.

In New York, Steve Kornaki has a Heart of Glass:
It’s the 23 hundred hours set in Central NATO Times. Yeah, Buddy.

Intermedio — Hear me out Franck, “could it bee!?”

Sitio Not Seguro

Sitio Not Seguro…
y los Uber–esos son para puro pinche BoBo.

10 para las once, en la bastilla de los lisiados.

The process



Para conmemorar la chingada ocasión, Lamborghini destapa el modelo:

*On one motherfunking Leg

... y luego las fresas

… [Y] luego, Franck, check this out:

Previously on The Historical Roast of  ⚜️ 🛸🕳😍 *

* Ancienne OVNIS
Les Trou sur les terriers blancs
who love’em.

Esteemed, Reverend:

As previously explained, we [the staff] don’t doctor the themes that make up this most inconsequential blog ; we know, however, that in the EyEs of the CSPAN tsar** öüï are nothing more than an outfit of political junkies; and so, the board of directors ON THIS SIDE of the Rocco Commisso’s of them CSPANdex, reckon [that] we must break-it-down to the Wi Tang Clan and their MorJo influencer and consiglieri de tutti-frutti, John Heilemann, given that most unfortunate incident with them MAYates, —the other day, after the night before.

** (öüï are not gonna mention his name,
—Mr. Brian Lamb—
we’ll just leave that Block from the “programming”,
out of the ” classroom”)

Now reverend, we also know that when we fly we are not on your radar, but to make something perfectly clear please allow me to not quote to you, a quote from el perrito lambiscón  del washington de ronald reagan, Mario Vargas llosa, en “la trompeta de deyá [3]”, misma que aparece  en la Edición conmemorativa de la rayuela de una “tal” real academia española y de la asociación de academias de la lengua española:

… [E]sto no significa que fuera libresco, erudito, intelectual, a la manera de un [JORGE LUIS] Borges, por ejemplo, que con toda justicia escribió: «Muchas cosas he leído y pocas he vivido».

Rayuela para principiantes

Rayuela para principiantes… in plain English and in Reel Motherfunking Time… that’s the Jazz of Cortázar.

Hey Negrita! Nice Save D.A.R.E.!!! Have a safe flight, and might we suggest; without attempting to invade your space, some anti–Cuentos literature?


On The DownLow con ‘El Reformista’ don Calderón & Brozo “The Shady” Clown

Venus on a top of a Blast Resistance Armored Vehicle

    … source: MERKUR; via, https ://www .merkur .de /politik /g20-gipfel-demonstrantin-entert-polizei-panzer-und-bereut-es-sofort-zr-8466371 .html

      Hola. Hoy es 8 de julio del 2017. y en París hace un calor de la gran chingada… pero aún con eso, no llega al mismo grado que ahorita se esta sintiendo en el Puerto de Hamburgo, donde al parecer la intensidad es: IN-FER-NAL.

Venus Rising… source: MERKUR, via, https ://www .merkur .de /politik /g20-gipfel-demonstrantin-entert-polizei-panzer-und-bereut-es-sofort-zr-8466371 .html

La “Rayuela“, esa que los editorialistas de La Jornada de la UNAM cotidianamente la despachan como si fuera un trocito de ‘chicken nuggets‘ en esa su edición impresa; en esa, su versión On Line, and not the actual “Hopscotch,” written by an Argentinean gentleman in Paris (way back in the 1960’s), aseguran de que en las primeras décadas de los años 2000 es casi imposible —for the 1 %’s of the world— de que ellos puedan organizar una cumbre internacional económica (y un Rally de Lear Jets) sin el condimento del llamado “gas pimienta”… o algo así.

Fragmento del los titulares en La Jornada de 08 de julio del 2017. — Uso justo de todos los medios.

… dicen, pues, allá los de la Rayuela, que una “cumbre de comercio sin los gases lacrimógemos”, sería como una “queso-haburguesa” sin su cheddar cheese; o sea, mi muy siempre aquilatado Brozo: sería, pues, como una pinche ‘Quesadilla Sin Queso’, d’esas como las que se despachan en tu colonia.

Enlace cortesía del monoaureo . com —|— Context follows.

Don Francisco Calderón anda de vacas, al parecer, en Chicago… nosotros [en el staff] vamos por unos suministros de por lo menos 7.2 grados de alcohol por volumen, para mitigar a El Hades.

Captura del snapshot de La Galería No. 8 del Lic. Brozo es cortesía patrocinada por una casa de empeño, “por eso hay Mañanero Diario”, Brozo #mis huevos —Dixit.

Al regresar: Going for Broke with Brozo. PawnShop por la mañana, and ‘The Bean’ al caer la tarde.

[y más monitos de don Calderón]


this is part 1, draft 1]

TimeStamp: 19h25 CET

… en fin siendo fin de semana nos llego el domingo y amanecimos a un lado de Le Fumoir y el Beffroi de el ayuntamiento del 1er Distrito en La Place de Louvre; pasamos pues esta entrada a otro post.