Hibiscus 🌺 with Mika — Por si esto o por si l’OTRO

1~. The Rachel López Show, tonight’s tangent is Florida, Florida, Florida y su ley SB 1718, episode 1; Season 12:

Río Va Vel… dijo “el chino” de Pyongyang.

Baby it’s cold outside… Correction: It is alright to be white, o como dicen los bretones, « a rien  race power, period! ».

https ://www .lanacion .com .ar /estadosunidos /quien-es-el-mexicano-que-fue-detenido-en-florida-por-transportar-indocumentados-en-una-van

It’s knot the tint darkness of your windows, it’s the HEX of your pantone that which, motivated the Florida cop, —to put you away.


Still to come:
Las°Tima Marcelino
She°IN°go a tu Madre,
One More Time.

https ://www .proceso .com .mx /nacional /2023/9/6 /claudia-sheinbaumclaudia-sheinbaumsera-la-candidata-de-morena-la-presidencia-en-2024

It’s called the Hail Mary in ovalball (it used to be called ‘football’) and Charon calls, IT!, something else over The River Styx, but that’s all Greek to Mí.

Any how, Raquelito, here’s an instant re-play of how Jimmy Buffett was spared from the bowels of HADES, it was glorious. Literally. Motherfucking Bill Richardson manifested his ass next to the river bank and PRO-ceeded to whip out his big ol’ diplomatic scroll and there was only one thing for Charon to do, and that was to relase Jimmy from having to cover the songs of Paul McCartney in hell. The REAL winner here is not Jimmy Buffett, but the REAL Paul McCartney who as people who know, know, that the REAL Paul McCartney is a waiter at the Dew Drop Inn, which is kind-of, sort-ish, like the Hotel California but for Redneck Riviera customers. Can you IMAGINE having to serve Lennon while Harrison introduces the opening act for GARY WRIGHT who (by-the-way) plays a mean bass line for “DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE“.

Someone is going to make you pay your fare.


Entre Títeres y Objetos

https ://old .reddit .com /r /beatles /bonzo_dog_doodah_band/

Mariposa Tecknicolor… caras de resignación.

Lo Bueno de Adolfo Hitler es de que él, si sabe como gobernar

Putschista vitalicio de Chile
en La Maison de l’Amérique latine°


Hoy si hubo UN BUEN DÍA en Yucatán!

Los Amigos de Javier* en Champs Elysées.

Jump to Paragraph Five Paraphrasing of proceso’s editorial about the Things We Said Today on, Ernesto Villanueva‘s editorial regarding The Pulitzer Prize del 09/04/2023 

Eye Double-Dog Dare Ewe.


*~. Sicilia, y los Amigos de México en París 8.

A Closer Luc* — I am the Fifth Axolotl

El niño Luc was always a son-of-a-bitch… This is not a photo-copy, this is a negative in yo’Face… Nevermind the exclamation.


*~. Luc is a fag… with D.A.T. in mind, Dr. Harmodio, Jorge, one-each, Ph.D., el siguiente tepocate va por su patrón en el Instituto Cervantes de Iéna en París, el Secretario de Relaciones Exteriores Marcelo Ebrard… y de Paso, que chingue a su madre la mamá de Claudia Sheinbaum en La Paz, Baja California.

¿Sabía usted qué?… Maydeeeees in Gemini, asegovia3 is honored to have been given the opportunity to re-intruduce to y’all our favorite section of this draft: A Closer Look.

You wanted “sources” and names, here is Öüï Will rock Ewe… the champions are flags, aussi 🏴‍☠️ 🏆

Conflict of Interest for Brontis de la préfecture 🇲🇫 at the 🐜 Allée de Shakespeare and CIA.

Claudia Sheinbaum

Ma mère Annie Pardo a ouvert une brèche pour de nombreux scientifiques du pays : Sheinbaum


« Je suis très fière de ma mère et, comme elle, comme moi, comme mes frères, comme ses petits-enfants et ses arrière-petites-filles et arrière-petit-fils, il y a beaucoup d’élèves, car elle a formé des milliers et des milliers et des milliers de jeunes. qui, j’en suis sûr, sont fiers d’elle », a déclaré le chef de la capitale.


Sun They the 13th, 2019 — Told you so, Brontis à la Prèfecture³

Dr. Enrique Luis Graue Wiechers, please be advised that La Ministra is not, a “producto de la SEP°” como yo. 

https ://www .radiofrance .fr /fip /podcasts /club-jazzafip /le-jazz-voyageur-de-gabi-hartmann -3545700

🥃 Spirits and 👻 spirits Ltd. S.A. de C.V.

°~. Secretaría de Educación Pública

De antemano, señor RECTOR de la RECTORIA de John Mill Ackermann y su señora esposa (la de Ackermann, no la de su señoria) I might have been a “C” average student at la bendita SEP, but it was MY SEE and nobody elses 10 on the grading curve, Ewe C? And Évry body at the Préfecture de Paris know that that very SEA translates to 7.5, but that’s only because the History teacher was a RED COMMIE BASTERD’ who hated pochos like, Mí; lucky for me, I got an Ey! On my own at Western Technical Institute in the Year 2000, ISSY, as an intern at General Electric, I installed the update to the Y2KBUG, so believe Mí when Eye tells you, I know what I speak about.

But was the boîte 🐎 inside the confines of PENN University a garage 🪤?

³~. {and}

mister Brontis à la Prèfecture de Cité (2015)

Context follows


Do say Ah-l’eauAh-l’eau a la lovely Stéphanie Menou and les altérités de Cinéma Gleason en París… rue de La VerreRie, Paname Centro.

But FO’ist! “At the moo-vies”.

“Eye tell y’all, it’s sabotage!”


We’re gonna need more, “¡pollos, Hermanos!!!”.


It’s like Starship Troopers (1997), but with incompetent leadership and definitely, no boîte de couture de Jean-Paul Gauthier, in any case, Who Could Have Known, that La Luna from La Jornada de ayer, would be a Happy Moon… didn’t you get my message, tocayo Armando Tejada en 🇪🇸 Madrid² 🇪🇸, ¡come’on Bato! It was a BLUE MOON, not a happy one.

https ://asegovia3 .com /2023/01/08 /intermissionluna-sets-west-on-la-defense/

Got Wood, Holly?
And Holly responds:
Ewe got the Wrong Babylon, Hun… GO WEST.

For the record, if you are a non-reader of this blog, like Juanito Guanavacoa’s son in CANADA is, you might have wondered why Venus was riding on Mercury, and if you ask the Stylecaster below, then Definitely Maybe you’ll find out the answer but only if you don’t need a fucking Picture to draw it to y’all.

For the Record, I don’t select the Knews of the They, I only put the footnotes and references here.

²~. A place Eye has never been, do say Ah-l’eau Al-l’eau to Ana Anabitarte.
https ://stylecaster .com /what-happened-lisa-marie-presley/

Live from PARIS. It’s (just) another they for Ewe and Mí in paradise.

… and in WaWa Land, it turns out that a contractor, a graduate of thee ITT Technical Institute, with a Masters in DeVry College and a Doctorate from the University of Phoenix, —no less— was the motherfucker responsible for not PROPERLY UPDATING the Y2KBUG on the whatchamacallit SOFTWARE that runs the MotherFucking Transportation and SECURITY Administration in motherfucking NEVERLAND.

And Susana PUBEDA, what’s on SUNDAY’s Certains L’Aiment whatchamacallit show Sous Les Jupes de Gabi Hartmann…?

And Susana PUVEDA, Eye has, IT!, on good authority to relay to y’all, motherfuckers, that Gabi HArtmann is the illegitimate polyGOAT spawn of Joaquin Phoenix and… Her.

Issy, the Singularity is here, but you wouldn’t understand such event in the Horizon even if it sucked you right out of your orbit, because unlike a RAT in A CAGE, Nicholas, Ewe is nothing but a Goldfish in a jar.

La Marcha del profeta solitario

Nancy, France_ lt was bound to happen, an end of un chingo d’Eras came to an end, kind of. Nancy Pelosi gave up her role as La Más Cabrona, but she ain’t going anywhere, at least until the Cows come Home.

One step up and Two She’s down… and, Alicia Menéndez, i think that the camera person really-really likes your back.

South of The Border, the fact that natura gave Claudia a concha [¡coño!] does not mean that she automatically gets a “get out of The Obrador cult” card, what it does SIGNIFY, is that like the high-ranking Mexican presidential cabinet member, WHO OVERSAW THE TORURE AND SUBSEQUENT MURDER OF an unauthorized/undercover D.E.A. agent, Claudia Sheinbaum gets to have the deeds to the most “landed” spaces on the “land lord” board game known as El Registro Catastral de Monopoly™️, but has no right for the trains stations or airports, as those properties have already been reserved for The Exclusive Use of the Mexican Armed Forces, but not The Mexican Navy, because they are a bola de Putos¹, !The Whole Vessel of the lot!

Yada, yada, yada…

Cosa fácil …

Mexican-Polish fight in Gdynia:
Two charged over attack


¹~. https ://www .bbc .com /news /world-latin-americaworld-latin-america– 23766759


And, Alicia Menéndez… Have, Eye, got the role for your “voices”.

And, Alicia Menéndez…


Full Stop.

Intermedio con tu corcholata

Simple Matter of Conviction on the Juanito Canales Show; today’s musical guest 🌬️ hails out of Brownsville, Texas… Ladies in Gemini: Johnny Guanabacoa.

 She In Baum

Lithuanians in mirror are closer than they appear.

Mirror, mirror on the STUMP

https ://www .infobae .com /america /mexico /2022/08/31 /sheinbaum-cual-es-el-origen-del-apellido-de-la-segunda-mujer-en-encabezar-el-gobierno-de-la-cdmx/

Scott Onstott, dix it
It is an exploration of great art, architecture, cities and the cosmos.

Eye said so:

https ://imdb .com. /title /tt11857078/