Proof that “norteños” are professionals, as opposed to their  “sureño” counterparts in México, where Öüï can’t re-iterate this enough, there is no fucking god.

The Gulf Cartel Scorpions Group strongly condemns the events of last Friday, March 3 in which unfortunately an innocent working mother died and four U.S. citizens were kidnapped, of which two died. For this reason, we decided to hand over those directly involved and responsible for the aforementioned acts, who at all times operated under their own determination and indiscipline and against the rules in which the [Gulf Cartel] always operates.” In an unrelated “manta” tied on the guardrails of a POPULAR BRIDGE, The Gulf Cartel kindly reminded the population to KNOT forget to SPRING FORWARD this SUNDAY after the Emilio “El INDIO” Fernández statuettes are passed out, literaly.

Note to Father James and Amira AL-SHARIF, this is the part of the Play that Öüï likes to refer to as:

AMLO : Nous ne permettrons jamais une intervention militaire américaine au Mexique³


³~. Plural form of an intermission.
https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2023/03/09 /estados/ apprehended, ‘the shit’, leader of the Gulf Cartel in Reynosa

With that in mind ⊥, and before Eye takes a look at that Da Vinci’s  “SOUPER SUPPER”, please don’t forget overlook the fact that for this theme, remains fixed in an orthogonal sector and, “by extension, orthogonality (as explained for the MASSes in wikipedia) is also used to refer to the separation of specific features of a system.


After the Break, The C.I.A. at TuLane University admits that the agency “helped” the current Mexican populist government to hit the competition of el cártel del golfo, in SINALOA. Over in TEXAS, our man in TuLane, also relayed that ELON MUSK is buying the State of Texas, except for the Austin City Limits known as the outer limits of KING RANCH.

https ://www .proceso .com .mx /nacional /2023/3/10 /The CIA reveals that it supported the AMLO government in coups against the Sinaloa Cartel and fentanyl -303400 .html

And the Marching Band didn’t give a damn


“A bailar Zydeco 🪗 »

… y a comprar Cigarros a Hong Kong.

En Attendant 21-Bruits Blancs.

Liberty, Equalizers, Fraterniqué?

🎶 Band kept a–playin’ all night long
Band kept a–playin’ all night long
With a heave, and a ho

But Eye just couldn’t tell her So, no, no, no

Bruits Blancs follow 🪗



Sope de Arepa… Take-out from Korea Town at the Base of Chávez Ravine

Bonus Track for Nathalie Piolé… Now before Hilo, Hawaii, sends that “Midnight Train To Georgia” let US Knot forget that OCTOBER is the International Month of “Woman is the nigger of the world”, and Eye quotes Sir Winston Lennon: fuck Sir Walter Raleigh – He was such a stupid git.


Goooooo, Dodgers… and per Willie Ab-bot’s instructions, more pictures for your words:


Yup… That’s a Siren 🚨

[Context for Primetime in Hawaiian Standard Threads vía Tamaulipas, follows]

Gil Scott Heron is a fag… and here is why, ∵ cholo; if the birds have something to teach us about “freedom”, according to don Calderón “el reformista” de El Reforma en México, is that “freedom” is nothing more than a PineApple 🍍 Pizza 🍕.


I’m gonna take the song from every bird
And make em sing it just for me
Bird’s got something to teach us all
About bein’ free, yeah
Be no rain
Be no rain

https ://monoaureo .com /2022/04/24 /cefiros-y-trinos/



¿Será que por eso Dios no me dio Alas? — Zigarrros Alas — “¡A Mí, mis Alas! ».


Those Were The They’s, my friend — Let IT!, be (3x)

And in the role of Mother Mary, Katie Phang…

Arquetípicos Arquitectos:

https ://www .bfmtv .com /international asie/russie /mikhail-gorbatchev-dernier-dirigeant-de-l-urss-est-mort_AN-202208300732 .html

Leoncio Ornella at the MAL 217 es testigo, pero yo no sé si sea de Jehová 🎷

Anyhow, Let It Be, in Mexico the little league is about to get dumber than an ERROR, ON ACCOUNT THAT MATHS SCIENcE and also Spanish, will no longer be thought in some communities, mostly where “el Pueblo bueno” lives.


“Two plus two equals five” (2 + 2 = 5)… Wrong: 4 = 5 ∴ 4 + 5 = Number 9, Number 9, Number 9…


From the Télérama: in France the problem with Maths is THE ELITIST nature of the Education Tourism Boards.

Öüï is going to switch gears from baseball and switch, IT!, over to La Lucha Libre (75005), it’s the battle of the Kay’s en Japonés {or} maybe it’s Chino, Thailandés, “I don’t know, I don’t know… tum-tum-tum”, all Eye knows is that that cacophony is Knot Tagalum.

And, Katty Kay… youse the Referee, —love.

Now, Eye knows that there would be nothing sexier than to have the 2 pundits in full Tropicana regalia from El Ey in 1984, but Öüï is going to go for Funny here, so, close your jeepers after you finish these Lines and picture the K’s in Full Inflatable doll 🎎 SUMO regalia.

So, without any further to do, too doo, tú dulcemente, LADIES IN Gemini ♊. Never mind the national anthems and wipe your ass with your National Flag, which ever drape it might be. “Let’s Get Ready to Rumble™”.

Juanito de Cancún worked here… And, Rachel Maddow, before you jump to conclusions, please be advised that there is MOOre to The Picture, than meets the SELF, es decir FLACA, aside from the GREATEST reference of ALL time, Alex Wagner’s research Monkees would still have to coordinate The Astros in The Southeastern Plane of Consequences.

Fighting out of the Orlando corner, she blows out of the Little Havana Crew with a record, and a law degree. Her secret weapon is a daily truck load of Kimchi that exhales waiting for her opponent to inhale. Fueled with industrial grade Kegogi Cheese 🍜 ramen Katie Thang is prepared to inflate the distance.

In Case Ewe is wondering, hoy no hubo Jazz

And, Cousin Joe, them rosie Chubby Checker cheeks…

Sing this like a BROADWAY Orphan:

https ://hongkongfp .com /2021/11/29/disney-appears-to-censor-episode-of-the-simpsons-in-hong-kong-referencing-tiananmen-massacre/

… Como siempre bóstezeandole al JARRÓN.

And in Global NEWS, Jack Dorsey quits @segoarma, @segoviaspixes and a host of other Twitter gestiones to embark on a JOURNEY FOR CIGARETTES à HONG KONG, the tech wizard according to sources close to FAKE NEWS and other assorted gestiones por los interwebs relay that Dorsey heard about a Mexican who quit everything and headed to Hong Kong to buy a pack of smokes.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2021/11/29 /economia /jack-dorsey-renuncia-como-director-general-de-twitter/

Photo chopped image of beard comes courtesy of La AP via la jornada.

Originally, the afore-mentioned Mexican was planning on going to Copenhagen, but sources close to el registro civil there, showed that once he left a town where he had married before, he never went back. So Hong Kong it was.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2021/11/28 /capital /desde-otras-ciudades-en-hong-kong-la-incomparable-pestanita-en-un-autobus-puede-prolongarse-toda-la-noche/

City Bus Tarifas, ese:
“El precio de los boletos oscila entre 99 y 399 dólares locales (12.73 y 51.25 dólares estadunidenses). Las plazas de la planta superior son las más caras,” according to OTRAS CIUDADES en La Jornada.

Bloomberg Knews reports that Dorsey (that motherfucker) is the main investor in a new enterprise that centers around letting people sleep inside the comfortable seats of Tourist Buses, an Idea stolen from the Parisian RATP and its clochard express  and plus the front cover of Jaime Lopez-es~ese 1999 release NORDAKA (en Japones).

But FO’ist, nostalgia intersects with Georgia in the form of Coca.
And if Madison Ave. was able to persuade The World without percussion to drink a Coke, why and how? Why in the fuck can’t Donnie Deutsch arrive to convince a el mundo de Le Monde to take the fucking vaccine?

People of France, please relay to the Élysée Tourism Board that all of those SILK covered armatures in the FORM of pre-historic life forms at Le Jardin des Plantes are illuminated with the HARVESTED ORGANS of Chinese peoples in Concentration Camps, which begs the QUESTION, MR. MACRON, don’t you fuckers hate Concentration Camps? Or, Mr. Présidente, is that just a sign on an Elementary School Wall?

Now Back to Cousin Joe’s Chubby Checker Cheeks.

“This is going to blow your mind.”

Better than Heritage USA or that stupid Jonah tale about the VAQUITA de MAR on Dicaprio’s X~Mas Menu.

Paul McCartney, on:
The Let It Be Anthology Channel
Live on Disney Canal See Plus

_and that rug that someone sold you at the Mens Warehouse sports coat section of the TJ MAX section of TARGET can only mean one thing, but Youse Gonna Have to Wait to fill up that TANK.

Right now, Öüï is enjoying the spread out scroll in planks at Le Grand Palais and CHINA’s light show at BUFFON’s octopussy’s garden… and COUSIN JOE, the HUMANITY!!! A Black Tie! Jesus Christ, Joe!

And, Mika… you wanna know what the secret to a Killer Turtle redneck is? Arracadas, hun.


MEAN, while CAPITALISM in SAN FRANCISCO is best-buying MASLOWS pyramyd of needs, Xi-Nah is illuminating France’s “strawberry fields” in front of that GRAND MOSQUE, and that’s just Geography on the urban scale plotting the map, not Mí. Mí is hung-over outside of Panthéon after the Thanksgiving re-layed show.

And Cousin Joe… is it just Mí, or was grampa Walt correct, it is a small JPEG after all, you decide.

It’s a small JPEG after all… and Witt D.A.T. in mind, doesn’t Disney hold the rights for Pooh Bear?

And Cousin Joe, just to leave Chi’s China alone, and move on, let Mí fill that tank up FO’Ewe, you son-of-a-bitch! You lost the bet, didn’t you? You lost the bet and now you have to wear, that “ridiculous thing” for Politico LeMire, didn’t ya’?

And New York Times, Mara, Eye Too is glad to see that Sharp Dressed Man in the form of an Honorary Mexican³ preacher in Brunswick, GA.

³.~ The Reverend Al Sharpton

And, Cousin Joe… how’s the “take out in Taiwan?”

In this section³ the student is advised to go for “Cigarros A Hong Kong” vía la ruta NorDaka en Matamoros, Quintana Roo.

3. Ironía situacional²

³.~ AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL placeholder N°6:  https ://estamosaqui .mx /2021/11/10 /wendy-galarza-parte-a-europa-invitada-por-amnistia-internacional-para-exponer-represion-policiaca-en- {PARIS}-cancun-el-9n/

².~ Situational irony {Jagged little pill, 1995} not to be confused with its evil cousin, Jerry SineFeld; with chance or what’s worst, a bad case of bad luck… however, if someone at the Amnesty International MEXICO outlet should accuse me of jumping on Ms. Galarza’s bandwagon, Eye would point that the very definition of SITUATIONAL Irony is when someone (like say little ol’Mí) writes about police abuse and repression and then Amnesty International {LONDRES} goes to Narco Paradise to talk about, IT!; debate about, IT!; and then design{s} a tote bag and an entry on the STORE CATALOGUE to go with the donation. THAT, that would be ironic, — 🇨🇦 Alanisknot the fucking Fly on your chardonnay.

https ://www .bbc .com /mundo/noticias-america-latina…turismo de fiesta y narcomenudeo

With That In Mind: la fiesta brava returns to 🇵🇪 El Peru y EL PRÓXIMO TORO le corresponde a 🇫🇷 Médecines du Monde

That there is a novillo not a toro, but if the student can name ese Pase¹ you get an EY!, ese.

https ://www .thejakartapost .com /culture /2021/11/14 /ole-bullfights-return-in-peru-after-lengthy-pandemic-pause .html


Now that the COP Twenty-something is over and done with, what’s for lunch?

— Manna, according to Flynn…

N° V
Control information at home; misinform abroad


Michael Flynn says America needs ‘one religion under God’

Does it come in halal?

— Not in 🇭🇺 Hongrie.

But what about the profits?

— There’s a network for that… Flock to 🇮🇷 IRAN

N° X…
Learn and share « autocratic learning at LA Sorbonne », for matriculation register at the gift shop next to the IHEAL en Sciences PO. Mention the CODE John Mill Ackermann and get a 10% discount at the CROUS en Mabillion.

¿Is there a menu for that which explains The Platters… EWE great pretender, EWE!

https ://theconversation .com /so-you-want-to-be-an-autocratheres-the-10-point-checklist -125908

— Start with N° Five as an apértif and chase it down with a N° TEN… del verbo “tener”.

And, Cousin Joe, that is all for Tú They… over on our Twitter crutch Öüï ate an apostrophe out of the Wallace-es loins.

https ://www .rawstory .com /josh-hawley-plays-victim-savior/

“… [A]t one point, he {Senator Josh Hawley} gave a speech to a group of ministers where he talked about that it was the birth control pill and women discovering sexuality that caused sex trafficking,” said former Senator form Missouri, and current traveling cupcake sales person, Claire McCaskill.

And, Jonathan LeMire… what the hell do you know about Jokes at The White House and Infra°struct°u°ration Week! You son of a bitch!… Go, Dodgers.

What flavor is that Eye Scream cone? The Answer is off-Course Camp Lemonnier

Quick programming note: a Friday without Katty Kay is just not a Fri{a}day, Cousin Joe. Knot a Fri{a}day, Joe.

https ://www .wpr .org /kyle-rittenhouses-defense-team-asks-mistrial-after-he-testifies

Kyle Rittenhouse waits for the jury to enter the room to continue testifying during his trial at the Kenosha County Courthouse in Kenosha, Wis., on Wednesday, Nov. 10, 2021. Rittenhouse is accused of killing two people and wounding a third during a protest over police brutality in Kenosha, last year. (Sean Krajacic/The Kenosha News via AP, Pool) _!_ç  Uso Justo de todos los medios.

Over at the Mika sphere… It’s the Final Countdown (50) meets whatever Asia plays on your local radio show… FIP radio sirens need not apply, because MIKA hates 1971, only 197°0 and before qualify.

And, REVEREND AL… as the honorary Mexican that you are {within the City Limits of this blog} you NOW know what Indian NAN tastes like. Man! Look at that Suit, the lines!!! Now that’s the way to wear a brown suit; you make a failed look look like a kaléidoscope in the sand.

https ://www .msnbc .com /morning-joe /watch /morning-joe-marks-veterans-day -125988421884

https ://www .msnbc .com /morning-joe /watch /rev-al-sharpton-reacts-to-attorney-s-concerns-over-his-presence-in-court-during-arbery-trial– 126056005633

Anyhow, Reverend Al, Indian NAN tastes like Florence Cassez enchiladas, and by enchiladas of course Eye means a technicality in court. For the record, Onions are an essential ingredient in the making of enchiladas, not sure if the Colonel’s secret recipe uses any except of course [for] them world famous croc’oh-barrel tears like the ones on that Rittenhouse faux-bacon bagel.

https ://thehill .com /homenews /581231 –defense-attorney-in-arbery-murder-trialwe-dont-want-any-more-black-pastors-coming

And Eugene Robinson… motherfucker, don’t pretend like you actually read this blog, maaaaaan! The name of the blog is LAS NOTICIAS de México, and right now Charlie Hebdo just ushered in AMLO into the referee spot at the U.N., and you know you should be glad.

https ://old .reddit .com /r /mexico /comments /qr4asm/m%C3%A9xico_preside_el_consejo_de_seguridad_de_la_onu/

And Kier Simmons knows… you can’t find a decent taco in France, and yet, And YET! Cousin Joe, the Chinese government is bank rolling chinese cuisine up and down Sebastopol… The Humanity!

Meanwhile at the United Nations {National} Security Council…

https ://diccionarioactual .com /en-todas-partes-se-cuecen-habas/

The Mexican president suggest [to] his counterpart in Biélorusse:

https ://www .latimes .com /espanol /mexico /articulo /2021-07-08 amlo-empresa-estatal-gas-mexico-polemica

— Sr. LukaShencho… ¡Ya lo tengo! Tarjetas de Gas Bienestar

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2021/11/11 /mundo /en-la-onu-acusan-a-bielorrusia-de-intento-para-desestabilizar-a-la-ue/

¡Got habas?
Clase: frase popular formada por una preposición (en); un pronombre indefinido femenino (todas); un sustantivo femenino plural (partes); el verbo cocerse en tercera persona del plural del presente del indicativo (se cuecen) y un sustantivo femenino plural (habas). —_!_— Foto cortesía AP, vía La Jornada {en la bendita AFP}.

En contexto, Alexander Lukashenko’s picture is being submitted for the next edition of the Georges Pompidou Russian-Spanish (Arido América) dictionnary, Lukashenko is the transliteration of a COYOTE, at an institutional level.

And, Mike Barnicle, what a Heller do Ewe know about Catch? Nice contrast to your Left… and off-course you know that if you check the Archive [of course] Eye is talking about the Wall Paper there… and the maracas across the window next to the guilded frames, YeezUS.



AY-Ay–Ay_ayian Elchopo había un… anyone? anyone? Perrine? Anyone

Goooooooood MOWrning BALARD!  Tune in/to BFM TV Marseille to see the match between Les Expatriés y los immigrants. For one, Les rosbifs y los americanos de Boston y Canada son « expats », expat. Kind of has a knight sound to it; as in: give this expat a horse, he’s got good credit. Whereas, the immigrant, well… tune in to BFM’er TV after a word from our sponsors.

https ://uk .sports .yahoo .com /news /marseille-offer-stadium-covid-vaccinations-091443546 .html

¡Aguas! Or as some might say East of the Thessaloniki: It’s the Sunday after Epiphany, and today is the end of Christmas and the celebration of the WAWA for Chuy’s baptism… Eye knows, because Eye is the WaWa Carrier.

ISSY, mi buen conecte Quintana/Woodstock…

SeLeiZo facíl, lo cierto es de que el intermedio musical de BFM TV en la web de seguro le pondría la piel de gallina a Wagner y su Vuelo de los ValKyRies, as in:

yo ValE que Rio
tú ValE que Ries
El/Ella/Ustedes/Aquellos—los otros y ellos por si sobrara menos, o faltara más,  ¡háganle!…

We are coming live from the Citroën Park casi esquina con Javel, o como dicen en BFM TV el Parque del Cärrito panadero allí chocando con Cloralex en Francés—ese.

BUT FO’ist!!! i am going to throw a double-play for France Info 105.5 FM (just as an exercise before Spring Training)… and Cousin Joe, go home you sonovabitch, what are you doing? Let Honcho Steele do his thing, and Claire McCaskill, wait for it, wait… you are going to like the way You look. Witt that in mind, Ali Vittali, i told you that it was going to be a Sunny Afternoon, eh!

1st Base: January 1st, 20h… Erasmus and Brexit

“That’s Mí in the [upper Left corner] and on the other side is none other than the one with the Jade Skirt, Chalchiuhtlicue, o como dice Tlaloc: goddess of running WAWA.

7th inning stretch: January 7th, 20h.. Are you fucking blind? Or do you just like to navel-gaze into your belly-button and read the fabric-bunnies that cluster there. Long-drive to Shortstop, a panel from an assortment of newspaper-persons* debated what lessons if any did the storming of Capitol Hill revealed to the French. The question that caught my deaf eyes was about populism, they pondered if populism had reached France like it has across the pond? the answer of course, “does the Pope piss in Rome, and does a Bear pray in the woods?

So… Brigitte is running a pizza shop, eh? The reasoning (to them is obvious) i shit-you-not, she’s a teacher and she dated her students. I hope, Michael Steele at msnbc, that you don’t reverse-tape my fingerprints on that bat-shit crazy accusation, i just relay the news of (check it out Cousin Joe) The They… get it? It’s what they said; i just relay… you sonovabitch.

* newspaper-men, really, but this is a SalvoShot to the LatinX Crowd to drive a point.

Mientras tanto en CEMEX LAND:

I am happy to relay a La Raza del Horizonte allí mero en la Silla de La Sultana, that through extensive Di-En-Ey güasa, that 𓂀 (se pronuncia en Inglés con el sonido estéreo de AY) figured out who that guy… that Jerry Lewis for the French on Motorcycle is, and ladies in Gemini, that tall handsome fellow cannot be Cantinflas, ni tampoco Germán Genaro Cipriano Gómez Valdés. 

Ecce homo, diría Pilates, “has nice glutes” to dance El Taconazo, y por eso Perrine, you Jean Genie you, Coluche es pariente de El Piporro… tu paisana (la perrina de Lille, Florence Cassez) can may probably could perhaps quizás peut-être , explain to your non–viewing audience why.

However, Lenchita is busy preparing una Charreada para la Premier Vecindad et les fils del Vº Patio en Technicolor… off-course.

Gad #Em it, Stefan!!! I am trying to relay to the Latin X cluster that it is ridiculous to accommodate the filles into the sentence when the Rulhes permit. C'mon, Frenchy! Ketch-up! Tsing-gao*!!!

Meanwhile back at the ranch — Año de Hidalgo

Ladies in Gemini, we kindly request that you please turn all of your sound–emitting devices to vibrate. Also, Aussie, the following is an intermission for the good peoples at the history channel on the MoreJo Show.

Witt D.A.T. in mind, we the staff don’t select La Gloria, ni El Paraíso, o el CINE de actualidad

Category: cities on fire

Category: Hell freezes over and Heaven is on Fire .:. 85200AAE-F4BC-43EC-B304-184013853FE4 🗺 BOSSSSSSSSSS 📣 Öüï is going to be KNEADING another motherfucking SCOREBOARD!!!

Still to come, if you are current on your Jaime López catalogue then you will have no problem answering a DAILY DOUBLE in the category:

https ://metro .co .uk /2019/11/11 /hong-kong-protester-shot-point-blank-range-11076558/

Cigarros a Hong Kong

As this develops, SOURCES close to Televisa Monitos relay THAT LIKE A GOOD NEIGHBOR, the president-elect of The United States of America, Joseph “Ele*” Biden, tried to established a working communication LINE with his soon-to-be executive partner in the North TruphTA Deal but, because Mr. Biden got caught taking SELFIES with “El Plan Mérida”, don Obrador le dijo que por favor, “ahorita no”.

* Ele in place of “Erre”, in consideration for our Boricuas de Nueva Yol', who are not able to roll with the Spanish Eres.


Carta Abierta para:

— Mª Teresa Kumar
— Voto Latino
and of course:
Las Comadres de Alicia Menendez
Las Primas Fresas de Paola Ramos

Muchachas, pero que puta falta de INICIATIVA, Ingenio, ¡y por si sobrara menos! SOLERCIA, como para no usar ese librito negro de Tere en dónde —ELLA— guarda el número del canciller Ebrard… o quieren que sea YO, el “único Mando” el que vaya y le pique la chingada cola pa’que le mueva el tapete a John Mill Ackerman y no hagan enojar a “la negrita”, ya que esa Kabrona si es INDIA y no anda con chingaderas como el puto de Pence, irónicamente de INDIANA, pero es más CHUECO que La FAYUCA.

Kamala Harris, de las Indias, la más Kabrona es…
it’s right D.A.R.E. in the NAME
KA = M.A.L.A.
She’s bad, Marcelo Ebrard
y Hoy Por Ser Día de tu Santo
Move over India Maria

Move over India Maria .:. FA85962B-DE56-47AF-9D32-0749DEA767A0 🇺🇸 Yo soy de Aquí, de Allá, and from EVRY —motherfucking— Where.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /ultimas /politica /2020/11/12 /se-reunen-personas-en-palacio-nacional-para-festejar-a-amlo– 1221 .html

NOTE to the “It’s too godDamn Early — don’t you Be Long” producers:

Los Teefies de López

Los Teefies de López meets Los Hilos de Sasha… o como dice la Senadora Pelosi en la Cámara Baja: el patio está en llamas and the WaWa is too hot to handle.

Given your inability to properly follow in Craig Melvin‘s knowledge of improvisation and foreseeing the next BEAT, Öüï thought that showing the difference between YESTERDAY’s “teefieson The Hunt, and the “good doctor” within the margins of the above P-in-P, would give you motherfuckers AT TELEMUNDO a contrast of what a fully-developed COLMILLO  looks like, D.A.T. is You’ve Got—You Know—TUNE IN— and COME TOGETHER on “La Tía TaTi” para poder comenzar a dibujar al General Tata… and if you know what La Expropiación Petrolera y El Reparto de Tierras used to SIGNIFY, then the historians at THE MORJO SHOW will know the difference between TITUS JOE, and that other ROMAN that wrote the FIRST DRAFT of the DECAY OF ROMA… y Roma, as EvryBody in Paris knows = A.M.O.R.

Moving on… phoned-in HisTory with Cousin Joe (Ph.D)

Você abusou 🎶🎶🎶

Nevermind the watch

Nevermind the Watch, that’s just STASIS on Hawaiian Standard Time watching from The Dark Side of The Moon after the event at the Horizon when Fat Man told Little Boy to shake things up at the height of The American Century. .:. 0D02412E-8673-4503-9F25-E2FF131ECC1D 🌋🦠📞

Indeed AP LeMire, in•deed. D.A.T.’s the call of Eugene doing a little Latin sound called “the bo•ssa no•va”.

Still to come, Ng Joe Lo is live at the Biden Headquarters where The Vice President is about to nominate the Vice-President… or something like D.A.T..

… Eye did tell you D.A.T. “she” was going to phone it in, but nevermind the pooch heard on Deadline with Brian Williams in the form of a ‘nat sound’, “Dock that pundit a Theys pay for driving on the job,”… with a little boy on board, off–course.

… [O]ur apologies to Professor at Princeton, Eddie Gloude Jr., for not being able to fit Jimmy Baldwin into the Breaking News section of the Deadline, but Kamala’s Tandoori Jerk just arrived to spice this motherfucker up!