Fuck yoU, Matt Damon… see you in Marseille

… and starring as the Church Lady:

And in Paris, France… all of the Magnum©️ shutterbugs are off~Course, fags.

Michael Schmidt, now with a tie 👔 and rolled-up sleeves.

Well isn’t that con* Clinton!

*~. With, as an ingredient.

And oh, dear God! Sean Penn is having an orgy with the daughter of A.I. on Earth Tú.

The Life of Penn


Mike Memoli returns in the role of the altar boy with the personal perspective.

It’s Saturday Night, on a Thursday afternoon in Paris. Issy, fuck your selfie.


… but seriously Volks!

https ://www .dw .com /en /germany-suspends-migrant-intake-from-italy/

I love Philippe Leclerc de Hauteclocque, really, I’ve always respected the AMX projects and now, well now you have shit and a Mariachi ensamble for your future ARMOR defense systems (punto y coma) gulp, gulp, gulp (wine sippin’ sound goes here).

We love the all, the all of youWhere lands are green and skies are blueWhen all in all, we’re just like youWe love the all of you


Maybe in the Mean~time… does any of them fucking mariachis know that one?

Woo-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-oohWoo-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-oohWoo-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-oohWoo-ooh-ooh-ooh

https ://www .reuters .com /world /europe /italys-lampedusa-at-point-no-return-with-migrants-mayor-says-2023-09-14/

I’m an Alligator yes, but also a Distinguished Armor Technician, I could have designed the perfect THANKs for y’all, instead you are going to get the mariachis to cover your precious “patrimoine”.

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Leclerc_tank

Don’t worry about her, [ I bet you think this post is about you] she’ll find a güey from the temporary visa pool to start a new orgy at her workstation or clinic. Her husband won’t mind the divorce or PACS dissolution, if he is cool, and only if he is cool and “integrates” he will get that €150,00 solidarity check and, in six months, full-RSA and a studio to live in.

Now don’t you fuckers forget to dispose them soft-skin 56’s on your TRI and forget about that XLR-Standard, put them fuckers in the “gaspillage” bin. Fucking €16 million per unit, what a waste, but keep on granting that €150,00 solidarity pay for your “incoming” artists, I honestly can’t wait to see all of the stranded Lampedusa arrivals at Florence Cassez doorsteps in Calais.

I am sure Alicia, Georgina and Sergio will be there to do the things that they do best, and which is to “INDIGNEZ~VOUS” and tear thier clothes apart in solidarity with the France INSOUMISE orgy.

https ://www .sudouest .fr /societe /religion /he-makes-fun-of-secularism–lfi–is-outraged-by-the-presence-of-emmanuel-macron-at-the-papal-mass

To quote Howard Johnson at from Rockridge:

… and in Paris, France, Marie Cuire, just obliterated another intern’s penis at the water fountain. It was her fifth this week alone.

but that is only because Marie Curie was listening to jazz à fip.

🎶 School’s Out for Summer… not if the man from “the” Havre gets his bigotes on it

Podemos 🇪🇦… subjuntivo Présente 🎁 del verbo PODAR 🌿; por ejemplo, se conjuga como todos los verbos (no sustantivos) que terminan en “AR³”:
NOUS-otros PODEmos
Etc., etc., etc,…


³~. Señor Iglesias, le recuerdo a usted y al ciudadano Sergio Ávalos de morena-francia, y su fundadora, la señora dama parisina Georgina Moreno, que yo soy gerundio y mis Ah-Erres (AR’s) are on the prefix not the suffix… dicho en francés, yo soy PUNTA DE FLECHA y ustedes son puros culeros.

It’s Primetime in Hilo, Hawaii. _____________________

Okay, okay… It’s Pat Robertson, Dr. Theodore Kaczynski, and starring as a Nazi concentration camp capo, P.M. Berlusconi… Hop on in, Bunga-bunga, you fascisti-fuck. Even Ferrari showed up first at the Sarthe racetrack. Ewe lucky Basterd’.

https ://euro .dayfr .com /trends/ reduce-the-duration-of-summer-holidays-edouard-philippe-s-proposal-is-debated 

And, Natalie my 💕 love… Fuck l’Alliance, those elitists Phucks, with their fancy pants and all. Join the Accademy… and Lego®: Fuck You Too!


For the record, this post is not about MÍ, it is however, about LA, and “non-dits” or « unspoken » conflicts of interests between the Ministère de Matignon and Le Mexique à la rue des Longchamps, next to Iéna.

Can Ewe hear Mí now? Can you see Mí now?

But most importantly, can you see the real me?


In the next segment it’s another edition of, “WASP” or « Oakie ». In the next segment:

Édouard Phillipe, WASP or Oakie

— Surveillance says?

Most definitely a WASP… If he was teaching at some pretentious U.S. University.

The 24 Heures du Le Mans, WASP or Oakie?

— Survey says?


Finally! Pegasus is now a feature on all French SIM cards, just like Dr. Alejandro Valenzuela had predicted, all those years ago at SciencesPo during the restart of the Year of Mexico in France in Oct. 2011 at l’OCDE siege en le XVIIeme. It was during that particular Harvest Moon that a then-recently elected Enrique Peña Nieto made his first Presidential trip on a private jet to iron-out los por menores regarding the release and subsequent ‘heroine’s’ welcome-back to France, of a French woman 👠 convicted for kidnapping children in Mexico… Issy-Bendito-Sea, Genaro García Luna. Amén.

https ://cybernews .com /news /france-senate-green-light-surveillance-cameras-microphones/

Big Brother is watching Ewes in The Sunshine.


And, mister Philippe… Correlation is not Causation, but godDAMN, nigga! Had I, Armando Segovia (52*) / Armando Serrano-Prieto (12*) known that La République Français was a big GLASS House with a world-wide array of colonies (dit “departments” at the OFII) i would not have thrown tomatoes at the Year of Mexico in France or it’s its operatives at LA Préfecture de Police at Cité, but yes. There is a lot of talent and compétences in Algeria.

I see them Every Sunday at The BENDITA Place de La République. But knowing how “unspoken” your pencil pushers with a police badge can be, my hunch is that the next reform is going to favor all of the autocrats first-born males and their god-children second (if Allah even allows for god-children, like the good “christian” god does, eh mister former-minister?)

Now that is a novel idea, but it won’t work, and please don’t ask because Eye, Aie cannot say a word… that ability is reserved for La Voix de Sans Voix en Fréquence Paris Pluriel. So D.A.R.E. is D.A.T., but kudos on the PMCS³.


*~. Years of age, if you have any questions just reach out and touch Stephanie Menou at Cité’s Dépôt Group.

³~. Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services.

… For the record, The French summertime’s blues are way too short in duration, these tadpoles need at least until the Columbus “discovers” Américo Vespucci celebration on October the 12th, and then add another bridge (no pun intended Philadelphia) to compensate for the stress of the Harvest Moon before those teachers “fait la rentré” to the classroom. Seriously, the French have the shortest vacation cycles in France. It’s preposterous, really.

Luna Park, sábado 22 de enero 1944 💧♑

Al regresar, 🇪🇸 Salvador en 🇫🇷 rfpp nos pinta una de Vaqueros:

1947KTLA, the first commercial television station west of the Mississippi River, begins operation in Hollywood, California. 

Arte en fuga ‗–‘! 1915 ¡’–‗  Over 600 people are killed in Guadalajara, Mexico, when a train plunges off the tracks and into a deep canyon. ‗–‘! 2023 ¡’–‗  MONTEREY PARK, California, mass shooting “accident” claims 10 people and injures another 10 during a Chinese Lunar New Year. A “Year of The Rabbit” celebration was in progress.


For context if your name is Edgar Vercelloni, not to be confused with Barcelona, because that region is in Catalunya and on today’s edition of “aquí somos aquí estamos”, Juanito Guanabacoa is featuring Andalucía as a musical guest, at log time, which is to say, when the aforementioned Salvador en rfpp spewed a virtual word salad cueing-in Juanito Guanavacoa to go from fool-blue to full-shitkicker mode 🤠 Max Guitar (on playback, of course) dropped the Gringo side of them Franchutes on-Air and emphasized the cultural differences in the lingo of the Texas Two-Step Boogie and the Mexicans in the North.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2023/01/22 /mundo /diez-muertos-en-festejos-del-ano-nuevo-chino-en-california

💧♑~. It’s a Water Goat year in 1944 waiting on a new Monkey 🐒 to take over in February and, on a day like today, DOMINGO meets MADONNA, the Broadway hit that would inspire 🇪🇸 Banderas to play the role of 🇦🇷 El Che had nothing to do with the fact that the aforementioned 🙊 would arrive on the 27th Anniversary³ of the promulgation of the United Mexican States Constitution, which is why don Alejandro Gonzálezshakes piritoIñárritu can LICK MY BALLS along with don Paco Calderón at REFORMA, and here is Y:

³~. That’s like 86 years before, in 2006, 🇺🇸 Natalia Almada² resisted the future of Mexico, in 2013,  at 🇫🇷 Cinéma Christine, and to quote Governor Lepetomane at Rock Ridge:

What are you worried about? This is 1973 🇨🇱 !!! You can sue her 🤠


Adventures in transliteration: Wiseguys the 43*


“NI UN PASO ATRÁS,” dicen en rfpp . net, sin embargo ‘caminantes’ españoles en el Show de Juanito Guanavacoa, no se puede dar un paso adelante, con Ratas con máscara piñatera 🎉 y con el palo de la palabra.

*~. VERBATIM: La ventaja de una hemeroteca es que permite encontrar si algo ya se ha dicho.

https ://monoaureo .com /2023/01/18 /familiarizandose/

Ni un paso Adelante con ratas, así. 🇪🇸 PACO RG 🇪🇸.


“This story is fictional. Any similarity to the names, characters or history of any person, living or dead, or any actual events is entirely coincidental and unintentional.”

With this in mind, Eye have no güey… of knowing if SoFy Velasco is going to read “los cuentos de Juanito Guanavacoa” on today’s edition of RFPP . Aquí Estamos porque SOMOS, O algo así, lo cierto es de que desde aquí donde yo ‘toy, SoFy Velasco, tu CONSUELO, “Te Lo Dije” – “Pensarás En #Mí” – Cachito – BÉSAME MUCHO… 🥸 and Eye quotes The Rabbit on The Magical Mystery Tour, “CHA-CHA BOOM 💥”.

Lo cierto, SoFy Velasco es de que la grabación de poemas para la emisión de Hodie, que es Latín para cualquier europeo, HOY… será la cera de un talismán 🐰… La Pata de La Suerte.

2005 – Consuelo Velásquez, compositora mexicana (n. 1924).

En décalage 🇧🇷, here’s YOUR so-called “Mandolín de Proust »:

It is the French’s fault! it is AlWays the fault of the Very French, y para muestra un botão 🇵🇹… One Second Please… Let Mí Get The DoorZ, starring Santiago Morris Van, el Rey LombriZ.

Tenga pues su cabeZón con granadina, ¡Anda LuZ!, pícale al botón Rojo del folklor de 🇨🇱 María Eugenia 🇫🇷 en rfpp shoes.

⚜️ 1808The Portuguese royal family arrives in Brazil after fleeing the French army’s invasion of Portugal two months earlier.