Today in History (2015) — Sean Penn saved Paris and Madonna celebrates

And starring as Sean Penn, Bernard–Henri Lévy. Featuring, Joaquín Guzmán as Romeo in a Chemise Barocco in Silk from Versace and, Kate del Castillo as the woman who was looking for Some narco to dance 🩰 with. Musical track, No Myth by Michael Penn, no relation to William from Philly, but his blood is tainted by Madonna’s ex.

“Well, I’ll be damned, the sheriff is, a nigger!”

Louis Pasteur 🇫🇷 enjoying one of 32 Ice Cream flavors at a Howard Johnson’s Hôtel in Rockridge, U.S. in A.

From the producers of, “A Room Full of Goy”, and Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

Formally a Trump racketeering inc.

It’s Eye 10, if and only if Ewe is heading East. If, however, you are heading West, then yes it’s The I-10 but only after entering the El Monte RTD mile-marker at the RATP next to Père Lachaise, where Nohemi González just heard the news, Oh-boy…

For context, who was the French president who called on the niggas in Paris to usher in, El PRI en 2015? :

Answer : Holland(e), Frank.

and furthermore… la cónsul peyorativa could not deNY, that (…) Talía Olvera is going to take U.S. back to Saint-Mande… but Ewe had to be there, but don’t worry, if Ewe was Knot, — Eye will take Ewe, dare.

… if the artist Roger Pérez and Juanito Guanabacoa can pull out a GALLery space from drawing a fucking president, how about Öüï puts some Ketch-up on yer’Fucking fries.

and, Johanne Grazia Poisson’s cousin can’t let me lie, he was an exchange entrepreneur in Long Beach, CA, dealing on with the pallet racket, cock Sucker is probably sharing his training at some Puteaux bistro.

Affirmative Action at the P.E.N. Club de France — Dew Ewe fuckers like tuna?

It’s Friday night Primetime in Hilo, Hawaii, and over in at the putas red light district de Pigalle, home of “Les Rats du Petit Moulin” y… de las tunas de un nopal it’s the Deadline for Entry into the P.E.N. Club (elitist) Translation Prize of 2023.

Today’s word of the They, dear Martin at “Le Grand institut de la statistique publique française”, en la bagagerie de Marie-Ange Schiltz is:


from the German (joy of the French’s misfortune).

I did ask if youse motherfuckers, “sprechen sie Deutsch? », didn’t Eye? So get back, honky cat. ÖÜÏ didn’t start that fire, but we did forewarned BRONTIS and Stephanie Menou at the Cité préfecture all those years ago. And, Bruno, que dice la Doctora, J-G Poisson 🩺 🐟 que por favor le saluden a Talía Olvera y a su patrona de ella, Barbara Carol de Obeso, en el show de Juanito Guanavacoa en Botzaris.


Under all that American ruble in the Academy, Öüï just learned that her name was Nicolle, and she once brought back a ROSE 🥀 to life.

Yeah, so normally as a norm our shit is fucked up, period! With that in mind, police radio interference is bunchin’ up today’s Deadline feature… bola de —putos.

In France, your won rights are closer than a crash-test dummy appears.

La tuna no es como las sardinas la pintan, en primer lugar, la tuna es desértica y tú mamá también, have some atún, it’s a cold platter.

Any how, shit’s going down at the Pinault Collection…Get Off’ my Lawn! You young people. And homie, leave those cops z’alone

The Death of French Commerce, long live the market.

And Gene Robinson… yo’Black-ass knows what goes good with Thon?

— Ketch-up… in Mexico a Zero Plus game es un “cero a la izquierda”, dijo El professor Alejandro Valenzuela en Sciences Po. Elítismo Immaculado.

Friday, June 30th, 2011… Paris, Francia_ To stand in solidarity with the new cuts at la Maison de La Radio on JFK Ave., in Paris, France, MGMT fucked with the models and fondled the mannequins notwithstanding the Summer Break. In Babylon Two (NYC) it’s “death and taxes” but in France it’s mimosas for Breakfast 🥞. Indeed.

🎶 School’s Out for Summer… not if the man from “the” Havre gets his bigotes on it

Podemos 🇪🇦… subjuntivo Présente 🎁 del verbo PODAR 🌿; por ejemplo, se conjuga como todos los verbos (no sustantivos) que terminan en “AR³”:
NOUS-otros PODEmos
Etc., etc., etc,…


³~. Señor Iglesias, le recuerdo a usted y al ciudadano Sergio Ávalos de morena-francia, y su fundadora, la señora dama parisina Georgina Moreno, que yo soy gerundio y mis Ah-Erres (AR’s) are on the prefix not the suffix… dicho en francés, yo soy PUNTA DE FLECHA y ustedes son puros culeros.

It’s Primetime in Hilo, Hawaii. _____________________

Okay, okay… It’s Pat Robertson, Dr. Theodore Kaczynski, and starring as a Nazi concentration camp capo, P.M. Berlusconi… Hop on in, Bunga-bunga, you fascisti-fuck. Even Ferrari showed up first at the Sarthe racetrack. Ewe lucky Basterd’.

https ://euro .dayfr .com /trends/ reduce-the-duration-of-summer-holidays-edouard-philippe-s-proposal-is-debated 

And, Natalie my 💕 love… Fuck l’Alliance, those elitists Phucks, with their fancy pants and all. Join the Accademy… and Lego®: Fuck You Too!


For the record, this post is not about MÍ, it is however, about LA, and “non-dits” or « unspoken » conflicts of interests between the Ministère de Matignon and Le Mexique à la rue des Longchamps, next to Iéna.

Can Ewe hear Mí now? Can you see Mí now?

But most importantly, can you see the real me?


In the next segment it’s another edition of, “WASP” or « Oakie ». In the next segment:

Édouard Phillipe, WASP or Oakie

— Surveillance says?

Most definitely a WASP… If he was teaching at some pretentious U.S. University.

The 24 Heures du Le Mans, WASP or Oakie?

— Survey says?


Finally! Pegasus is now a feature on all French SIM cards, just like Dr. Alejandro Valenzuela had predicted, all those years ago at SciencesPo during the restart of the Year of Mexico in France in Oct. 2011 at l’OCDE siege en le XVIIeme. It was during that particular Harvest Moon that a then-recently elected Enrique Peña Nieto made his first Presidential trip on a private jet to iron-out los por menores regarding the release and subsequent ‘heroine’s’ welcome-back to France, of a French woman 👠 convicted for kidnapping children in Mexico… Issy-Bendito-Sea, Genaro García Luna. Amén.

https ://cybernews .com /news /france-senate-green-light-surveillance-cameras-microphones/

Big Brother is watching Ewes in The Sunshine.


And, mister Philippe… Correlation is not Causation, but godDAMN, nigga! Had I, Armando Segovia (52*) / Armando Serrano-Prieto (12*) known that La République Français was a big GLASS House with a world-wide array of colonies (dit “departments” at the OFII) i would not have thrown tomatoes at the Year of Mexico in France or it’s its operatives at LA Préfecture de Police at Cité, but yes. There is a lot of talent and compétences in Algeria.

I see them Every Sunday at The BENDITA Place de La République. But knowing how “unspoken” your pencil pushers with a police badge can be, my hunch is that the next reform is going to favor all of the autocrats first-born males and their god-children second (if Allah even allows for god-children, like the good “christian” god does, eh mister former-minister?)

Now that is a novel idea, but it won’t work, and please don’t ask because Eye, Aie cannot say a word… that ability is reserved for La Voix de Sans Voix en Fréquence Paris Pluriel. So D.A.R.E. is D.A.T., but kudos on the PMCS³.


*~. Years of age, if you have any questions just reach out and touch Stephanie Menou at Cité’s Dépôt Group.

³~. Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services.

… For the record, The French summertime’s blues are way too short in duration, these tadpoles need at least until the Columbus “discovers” Américo Vespucci celebration on October the 12th, and then add another bridge (no pun intended Philadelphia) to compensate for the stress of the Harvest Moon before those teachers “fait la rentré” to the classroom. Seriously, the French have the shortest vacation cycles in France. It’s preposterous, really.

Reefer Madness with Denisa Kerschovas

Part won of tú.

Who killed The Phantom? Let’s ask The New York City Mayor… Di Blasio, not the other guy… he’s our prime suspect on this case, the Mayor was last spotted braggin’ about how he gave “The Keys” to the city, to the fellow who pulled the curtains on The Phantom. I smell a rat tsar on this one, and it is not pretty. Knot pretty at all, and I mean each and Évry last one of Ewe pretty-motherfuckers!


The following is a Public Service Advertorial… and Reverend All, I do mean ALL of you, because that feeling that Mika Brzezinski has about Gun Violence in America sin acento right now, rings true to what Mexicans on the receiving end of those “western union remesas” have been feeling since the Merida DRAFT in 2006.

En Contexto for Le Pen Club Grand Prix de Traduction 2023, en France:

You have to head East from La Parole Errante towards Vincennes… in 2011, because that is where Mika’s observation intersects with the artistic expression of the artist known as “Freddy Cats” and his ‘cholos re-loaded’.

Note to disqualifying judges  :  this is a motherfucking adaptation, not a direct translation, on account that that particular body of work was killed by the Préfecture de Police at Cité and proxico… just the facts, Stephanie Menou, —just the facts, madam. And Stephanie, do say hello to Talía “saltamontes” Olvera, por favor³.

Negrothis is exactly what I am talking about, no sooner did Benny Blanco from The Bronx put out his vision of América and the no-good Paris tourism board in collaboration (no less) with Denis Soula (that motherfucker) both reacted by eating the GO’ill de Niza and a motherfucking GREC! Le Culot, Susana Pubeda! La audace, Aussie, el descaro. What’s next MONY-MONY?, that Lionel Esparza is going to dish out to they—hoy, a François “Comme d’Habitudewith Rosa Parks’ “My Wey“? No imagination whatso-fucking Eva! None… have a seat, rookie.

Center for the Study of Hate & Extremism at California State University-San Bernardino… https ://www .theguardian .com /us-news /2023 /mar /14 /us-hate-crimes-2021-fbi-data this article is more than 1 month old

Öüï find La Kerschovas at chez Los Feliz, in at Grifo’s³ Park in El Ey, where a notorious smuggler heir, —hier soir— delivered the goods to La Kerschovas in Réel Temps de Cerise 🍒.

La des°fach°a°tez franco-romana de France Musique.


[³~.Word roots for Ugly Mexicans at politico dot com with a conflict of interest WITH MARK ZUCKERBERG go here for the purpose of the contrariant resolution of The Pen Club 2003 Transliteration and Adaptation Grand 🏎️ Prix  para el trono 🚽… ]

³~. Very well, Alex Dutilh, let Mí introduce you to my little friend, PRUDENCE… and just to set the scene for the good people of Montreuil-sous-Bois, and especially Marie-Laure Coulmin at the Club de Mediapart, the president of PENCLUB français³ was right, it takes a little more than an internet application to translate a text, “to do it right child,” just as the one who is called the “Quiet one” said, —all those years ago.

³~. So sorry if I did not catch your name last Saturday, April 15th at La Parole Errante

So, with the aforementioned in mind, let’s connect the dots, because I am not about to start pulling SHIT out of LA CAÑERIA without knowing how to fix LA TUYAUTERIE. De arranque what does un ¹grifo, un ²segundo nombre, and a ³tap have in common? Anyone? —what does un ¹grifo, un ²segundo nombre, and a ³tap have in common?

Bueller? —what does un ¹grifo, un ²segundo nombre, and a ³tap have in common

— That’s right, Ferris, these things are FALSE FRIENDS when it comes to TRANSLATION and INTERPRETATION, but ol’Number Two (no pun intended, mister President) just got back to Del Aware and that crafty son-of-a-bitch stole a leprechaun’s lucky coin so let U.S. bring in Luigi Mario from 1993, not the one from 2023 to make a MAGICK circle with the 30 years celebrated this past week, which of course is our common-base to bring in the other circles and join these to-get-her…


— see what each MANDOrLA on a vesica piscis is going to reveal. Perhaps a song, or a tree, who knows! CA3422 en PANtone.

Later at 20h CET it’s a New Edition of:

Screen-grab courtesy of Kirk Lazarus Talent Agency.


What da’Hecq! Let’s go 20,000 leagues down El Toledo. By Victoriano Hu…Go.

Wait one for The Phantom’s autopsie from a French morgue… I have the murder weapon.

Circle forward to part Two. And didn’t I tell Ewe Yesterday that it was going be a Ghost Note? Didn’t Eye?

CATCH! : Il cannolicchio del mercoledì

For the record, Julie Gayet:

French Propaganda 🍾🍹🧱💩🛫🧏

Please inform the other half of your missionary pose, and I can only assume that the lucky monk for that excercise is that nigga Hollande, that in the next segment, I am going to smack a couple of Nazi Socialist Swastikas on the façade of your Sacré Préfecture de Cité, but that is only to RE-CREATE the décor of those 🧱 walls during the Night of Ayotzinapa (Ayotzinapa para espontáneos) and the morning when agent Bruno (Stéphanie Menou’s supervisor) yanked that little pink faggety Card-de-sejour from my hands. Check the date and the décor outside of the préfecture on that September month. The fact that Talía Olvera was waiting outside of the peasants entrance to that 👮🏻‍♀️ building says a lot, a whole lot about your “communication mill” with the Mexican collaborators of THE CORRUPTION that gave mister JR. the opportunity to crack open a champagne bottle to celebrate his Very French Status 💩 around La Rumorosa and it’s breweries 🍻.

Programming note 🎶
El próximo 🇪🇦 Franco le corresponde a :
Il Duce 🇮🇹… Vo-LA_re Oh—oh.

Champagne in TKT (pronounced, TeCaTe) SOUTENU par Le Gouvernement de JR 🇨🇵, period! And, JAVIER SICILIA, señor poeta, comuníquese a sus allegados de París (Manuel ULLOA 🇲🇽 y sus conectes del Instituto Cervantes 🇪🇦) that not a god-damned thing changed at the U.S. / México border, except for the CV’s of the poets 🧏 who popped open a 🍾 of champagne at Le Gouvernement’s vernissage of Poets’ Fest 2023 à Champs-Elysées, where all i’s are on Ewe, motherfucker 👀.

Check the receipt 🧾

Boletín repetitivo: OSLER AMARO y Abel Salazar de La Cruz andan de vacaciones y por ENÉsima ocasión vuelven a tocar el libro de Perucho Punk en RFPP 106.3. And that, is why I (Armando Segovia/Armando Serrano-Prieto) changed the Freq’s to Crazy Horse.

Where were Ewe while my guitar gently weeped.

🎶 RATAS, ad infinitum, Hey, Hey, My Mai!

And, just for the record, if Clive Barker is “the spiritual son of Stephen King, then Eye is the ⌨️  ghost-writer 📗 of Richard Bachmann.

Over at La Casa Azul, the Trotsky just had a shot of tequila, and Ronald Reagan brought the limes. Across The Atlantic, at the Lumière Instituti of Actes Sud, (Nº745*) Dick Lester turns the Beatles into The Three Musketeers and RAF Group Captain, Lionel Mandrake, just don’t care.

⛏️ Tus ojos siberianos★ lindos ⚒️🛠️⚒️🛠️


*~. Oh, oh oh Ozempic™… positif,
“Dossier”, pp. 88 – 111, mars 2023:
HELP! The Jenny Craigslist Weightless Club ate all of the Food Stamps from the Diabetic Shelf and out of The Morning After Öüïmen pantiespantry.

https ://www .leparisien .fr /loire-atlantique-44 /deux-religieuses-quittent-nantes-a-cause-de-linsecurite-nous-ne-sommes-pas-des-franciscaines-du-bronx

According to Abel Santa Sala de La Cruz, en la Frequence Vacances Plurielle Paris, la hermana Aghata was HO’id shredding the riff to The Beastie Boys hit, “No Sleep ‘Till Brooklyn”.

People who know, know what a grooved razor shell looks like, without even calling her name.




And nevermind, The Count, I’m the chef. If you have any questions, ask Le Fucking Figaro à la une. In the meantime, Katie Phangs just re-invented the Tie-Dye… Katie was inspired by her favorite excercise position, which of course is the Horizontal one… like Sister AGHATA (formally of Nantes) Katie Phangs is a missionary lover.


Ferruccio told Ferreol… te Callas y te Vas³

E.T.A. #99
Agropecuario de la S.E.P. (JoLoPo years)
not from the Diego Luna / César Chávez generation
… en AnhauserBusch con Pantelion Films

https ://www .radiofrance .fr /francemusique /podcasts /musique-emoi /andrea –ferreol– comedienne -8051670

Previously on “Eye Can See For Miles, and then Some », said The Loon, after all, the title of “Drummer for the greatest rock and roll band », was a lot like Watts’ (Bad’um Tish!) personal Gravy Train, es decirCharlie wanted nothing more in life than to run a Jazz Joint in the cave of some Parisian château, and the same was for Keith, all that KEITH ever wanted to do was to run his very own Parisian Circus en hiver, printemps, l’été, and off-course during The FALL 🍁 en décalage².

Circus 🎪 Circus

… As for Mí, all I Ever Wanted was to build a better Lamborghini, ISSY, Dr. POISSON at the 🇪🇺 Sex Motel de Pompidou at Citroën Park can’t allow Mí to lie, Eye has taken apart a Ferrari 🐎 {or} two 🐎🐎. Eye has seen your sloppy frame, Enzo… what, are Ewe fuckers fabricating these frames in Slovakia like that “carbon-fiber” bicycle CUADRO that Eye found in a TrashCan next to the Beaubourg? What a MahRhoon 🐇…

The year 5783 in the rearview mirror.

BTW, them three dots are not puntos suspensivos but actually, WABBIT droppings, just for MEL.

But, FO’ist, Juanito Guanabacoa is revindicating his Policía Judicial de Narcos (experience) con un paisano de Home DEPOT; hoy no hubo blues, but the music of LA TELENOVELA de MariMar faintly plays in the background. Talía interpreta el clásico de la MAL27*, “los mexicanos que se van a EEUU no son como los que se vienen de refugiados Fi-Fi a Francia, especialmente los mexicanos que trabajan en—Especie, para la Embajada De México en Longchamps » 🐇 … o en cualquier iglesia de La Cruz de MALTA que les siga SU PINCHE JUEGO.

Which, brings U.S. back to French Retirement as seen by Angela Davis en un pasaje de Berkley. Key for this chapter is the COLECTIVIDAD HIPÓCRITA de chotas regenerados¹. Enter Through The GIFTS-HOP at Amnesty International y La Policía Judicial de don Miguel Nazar Haro (en France).

³~. “Héroe”, villano y policía :
https ://www .excelsior .com .mx/2012/01/28 /nacional /805757
Muere Miguel Nassar Haro, ex titular de la DFS

Sin Pathé for this devil.

Newspapers ask intimate questions
Want confessions
They reach into my head
To steal the glory of my story…


Extracto exprimé from

la marchantita† de TIGERLILY (1996)

†~. Formally of 10,000 Maniáticos

Georgina Moreno sponsors the “Act•i•Vida’ » d’estos ∴ masones ∴. El formato es el mismo de Xavier López “Chabelo”, pero haga ‘aste de cuenta marchantita, que en vez de ser transmitido por la FUNDACIÓN Televisa, las hazañas de La Red de Periodistas de rfpp en Caborca, Tamaulipas 🐇… En Bricorama y Leroy Merlin ahora llegan hasta su Negro Espejo cortesía de, ALICIA LEOS de Alicia Menéndez y sus American Voices en TELEMUNDO 🦚.

🐇 … and, José Díaz-Balart:

But, I, Armando Segovia / Armando Serrano~Prieto, TELLS EWE WATT, José Díaz-Balart, after a motherfucking beer Öüï (that motherfucker) is going to Shout the lighting of the 7th Candle, of the 7th They of the Week, in the Crossroads with Jesus “the fucking” Christ with Hanukka 5783…

BONUS TRACK for el señor Ángel en el Show del 25 de diciembre del año 2022:

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Year_6000 (∑)

Much like your experience when YOU sir, arrived to San Diego, Californa, and your uncle treated you like the FRENCH sponsor on the Simpsons EPisToLA touching the subject of foreign exchange students (have JUANITO Guanavacoa’s son in CANADA look it up) the YEAR 5783 is as Mr. Osburne would howl, “SYMBOLIC, off-course », just like that symbolic 16 de septiembre when you made it accross from MANU CHAO’s “panamericana” en Tijuana, and over to San Clemente (Ja’cques) before Los Padres (en San Diego), the SUM of All Things below is just Hanukka and X-MÁS crossing la línea de La Americas en el Puente de El Paso.

Les Crepes of Wrath
Aquí se viene a trabajar
🐇 … dicen los huercos

(∑) According to tradition, the Hebrew calendar started at the time of Creation, placed at 3761 BCE.[5] The current (2022/2023) Hebrew year is 5783. By this calculation, the end of the 6000th year would occur at nightfall of 16 September 2240[6] on the Gregorian calendar.

Issy, an “apple” à They, keeps the doctor a güey.

🌬️🎶 And Eye Ran 🇮🇷, I Ran Is Going back Home.


This post is not political ATOL… Öüï is only here to ZOMBIE-OUT with the SPIC-tackles. In local news, The Filthy French remain an obstacle.

God bless the group leader.


Goooooo, Shepples.

¡En la madre! », over at the Elena Poniatowska channel at La Jornada, GEORGINA MORENO, portavoz de morenafrancia is:

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /2022/11/28 /cultura /a08n1cul

Yup! That Dere is a Carrousel, Joan Manuel, y Trae todos los tordillos de vuestras estrofas.


https ://www .jornada .com .mx /2022/11/28 /opinion /024a2pol

“There are at least five antidotes against the communication manias of individualism and mercantilism infiltrated in some of the “left”, or progressivism”:

Fernando Buen Abad.

Strawberry remittances for Eva.


1. ¿Nuestra más grande debilidad?
Fernando Buen Abad Domínguez*

Lasso ➰ this, Wonder Wimen’.

2. Notre plus gros point faible ?
Fernando Buen Abad Domínguez*


3. From five US states, 60% of remittances; California is in the lead
Fernando Buen Abad Domínguez*.

*~. Talía OLVERA. “Los mexicanos que se van a los EEUU no son como los mexicanos que se vienen en La Francia.

To: Leo Orellana (Casa de latino América, París, Francia)

Cc: Los Amigos de México en Francia, Ciudadanos de Javier Sicilia en Trocadero

Bcc: Monsieur le Président de la Court

En contexto para la banda

En contexto para la banda .:. 33F81364-0496-4488-8393-0C662C57A853 🗣 Adventures in sentence structures and other assorted savings. —_!_— Sponsored by:  Western Azteca Orlandi Elektra Union.

“Los mexicanos que se van a los Estados Unidos no son como los mexicanos que se vienen a Francia¹”… o algo así.

En Contexto:
la frase se remonta al periodo formativo de Morena-Francia cuando los ciudadanos por la paz con justicia y dignidad (o algo así) aún no sabían si eran YoSoy132, YoSoy132-académicos, o miembros pasivos del aparato de alcance [ciudadano] del Servicio Exterior Mexicano en Francia (2011–2015).

Testimonio Propio:
por aquellos días, Sheryl Crow, it would make sense to revisit Yesterday’s MorJo Show, which by-the-guey on the drums,  featured a story on your same time-slot, no less, about a disgusted C.I.A. founder that found himself outnumbered [from the-get-go] by “citizens” of the old Stalinist guard all across Europe… the tale is called “The Quiet Gringos”, or something like  D.A.T…

This ain't no Bistro

This ain’t no Bistro

Case in point:
https ://www .proceso .com .mx /644963 /amlo-se-sube-al-avion-presidencial-para-promover-la-rifa
for the old Mexican political guard protesting the Merida Plan at Trocadero Square the closest thing to the Arab Spring tailwinds of 2011 (which at the time, the Frente Amplio Mexicano and The Mexican Friends in France were staging) were the “DESAFUERO” protests against the man who refuses to fly on the motherfucking plane that he was ISSUED, and not the commercial airliner of his choice.

Watch Out Kay n°6!!!

Watch Out Kay n°6!!! To celebrate Mexican Independence Day (knot!) a Televisa Deportes se les escapó una Defensa, Oh The HUAWEI’s.:. 727C5E84-24EF-4815-B6DA-5EB75637800A ⚽️ “Para los que quieren y aman el fútbol,” Estefanía 1ª de La Heroica Puebla de Zaragoza llega por la retaguardia, ¡vayan preparando sus pasteles, porqué aquí va a ver hasta elefantes* de los que los Franchutes de La Sierra no van a poder ni tocar!.

* Deer, Q-ano-n, don’t you go relating my Alp-Crossing elephants with your fake-ass republican pachyderms, because our cute little Dumbos can be traced back to Cartagena… and not the  San Diego Zoo, Yeah Buddy!


And in Washington, we [the staff] have to apologize to Professor at Princeton, Eddie Gloude Jr. —the third, because Morning Joe will not bee able to fit Jimmy on/in the show.


Over at the Justice Department of Donald John Trump, the “top” lawyer in the country just revealed to the entire world (del mundo de Le Monde, off–course) that “the” BARr exam is a sham.

Moving on, “Las noticias con Adela, pasa la micha”

Breaking the Lima(s) y las Lamas, and of course The News:

F–1 madafuker

F–1 madafahker… spicy hot

At Comedy Central, … this is hard to put into words, Mme. Rhule, but God damn IT!!! It is now evident that Mr. Noah (noa) has been holding out on VIACOM, because they not only have potrillos, but them GodDamn Rhodies are battle-dressing’Em# in full-BOLLYwood garb. OH, the Humanity.

Exhibit_W... for words

Exhibit_W… for words

This segment is brought to EWE by the letter “T”, which of course STANDS for? Anyone? Letter tea STANDS for?… and Armando Àlvarez responds:

— ¡mate and coca leafs, for Marvin Gaye!

— ISSY no me lo creen, Ask Jorge RayMos del Canal 34 de Fernando Valenzuela.

Contex sin Contexto

Contex sin Contexto, y al regresar: aún hay más con Raul Velasco.

[Dijo el muy perucho del Rey Juan Carlos de España, un tal Vargas Llosa, o algo así].

— La tal Adela no le dice no a ningún taco, es su manjar favorito, por eso no engorda la condenada.

[Agrega el autor de “Chingue a su madre don Octavio Paz”].

Agua y Candela

Agua y Candela??? no güey, Salsa para los tacos de Adela.
Coming up on The Midnight conversations with TREVOR NOAH, Mike HuckaWASP recounts the tale of the “CRAZY JEW” that walked into a TEMPLE only to CAUSE CHAOS. After the bâtonnes on the “PERP’s” noggin, the “MENTALLY DERRANGED” troublemaker was never the same, especially with his Audio receptors buds, which were always cutting-off because of all of them God damned Tim Apple “upDATES

Source para las fuentes de las muy~muy Fuentes de los Tacos de Adela Micha, por supuesto, ARRIVAN por medio del mejor medio MEXICANO en México y, por supuesto en San José de las Panochas también: /r/México.

Salsa para tus doritos y doritas

Salsa para tus doritos y doritas (period)

Por su parte, del Menu de Rosario Robles no se puede saber nada porque con la CUOTA que ELLA pagó para que ELLA no fuese arrestada mientras declaraba porqué CHINGADOS un kilo de MERGUEZ de TOLUCA cuesta 20 mil PESOS mexicanos* el KILO (1 Euro = 21.81 pesillos ; DONC, Mr. NOAH, unlike the President Barrack OBAMA, you sir are going to have to drink my TEQUILA from a JARRITO, and eat MY CHORIZO at the price of € 916.83 per KILO*, motherfucker!!!).

Deer, Mr. Noah,
nice GREEN TIE on your
miércoles show; for the record, puto,
i am a nigromante, so you are on.
Midnight it is.
And tell Vice-president Biden to bring
his astrology substitute,
la Géomancia
perdón, perdón:
la geomancia (punto)

Source de las fuentes visionarias:
Jean-Patrice Boudet, “Entre la ciencia y la nigromancia”
Chapitre II — Divination et arts divinatoires aux [les] XIIéme et XIIéme [arrondissements]… paginas 108 – 112.

La Estafa Maestra: convenio firmado por Robles refuerza denuncia en su contra por presuntos desvíos