“Boum”… Deer, Adrienne Elrod — Cc: GiBo París

How’s that “Hamburgers in Paradise” universe working for Mme. Pant Suit? Issy, this too is part of La Memoria… and Willie Geist, the U.S. Code of Military Justice just went the way of the Hippocratic Oath in the State of Texas and, AYOTZINAPA para espontáneos en México Lindo y Querido.

Deer, Adrianne Elrod

Deer, Adrianne Elrod.:.4225AA27-B7D3-4540-A9A4-D20C9F16DE8C -_|_- “Amigos” de la Asociación Gilberto Bosques en París, Francia ; “Camaradas” de El Club del Profesor (doctor en política) John Mill Ackerman ; MORENA FRANCIA y Frente Amplio de Izquierda en Francia: ¡SALUDOS!!! Y por supuesto el CONTEXTO para el PRESIDENTE DE LA CORTE ADMINISTRATIVA DE PARÍS, follows.

Now beeCause Radio France is on Strike, öüì take it upon ourselves to walk and chew non chlorinated chicken soup for the Soul… at the same thyme.

Porky Pig’s Portrait would have done the
“interim” job of The president’s picture.

Deer, Willie Geist, i (armando segovia) can confirm that the President’s pork loin Face picture was not hanged at the U.S.  Embassy in Paris, France  during the 1st quarter of 2017. There is cctv video of mi walking to report a stole SSN nº ( mine),  i (armando segovia) inquired why the Idiot–in–Chief’s mug shot was not hanging by a thread and the legal counsel there (at the Embassy) replied that the official “portrait” had yet to arrive from The U.S., now, of the top of my memory, this personal inquiry happened weeks after after President Macron was elected into office. President Macron’s official portrait by the way, went up all over France the week after he was being congratulated by Vladimir Putin’s “bottom-bitch”.


1 de marzo*, 2019 — Who’s on Third?

*29 de febrero del 2019

All in on Chrissy Hayes:D1D7C6D1-AB68-487C-BA8D-20D43CA8046C —•_!_•—

Ana Anabitarte en El Universal de México —en Madrid— no me puede dejar mentir:

Bee careful for what You, Alicia Leos, wish for, because el mexicano más buscado en el mundo entero, just might get it.

In other news, masked midgets** storm the North Korean Embassy in España. Early preliminary assumptions suggest that the little fuckers were on the hunt for red october Vodka receipts from the Dutchman’s liquour delivery route.

Mean, while a Brave new ward awaits

PARIS EST à NOUS:43B36D6F-D1BF-4585-841B-199C494346DA •!• … o cómo dicen los muy franceses EN madame Figaro: CYNIQUE et JUBILATOIRE.

Still to come on:
Political Purgatory. Season in the Abyss; Pilot Episode.


Upon arriving to internal processing, Zbigniew gets assigned to KP duty. Léon is the chef [played by Bradley Cooper] and he instructs Zbigniew that he must serve HAMBURGERS, —IN PARADISE— to the Stalin delegation who are on their way to visit the Trump wormhole.

Anygüey: it is now Önë o’Clock in CET.