“They want to tarnish us” Bolivar’s sword in Paris (2da parte)

In Hawaii, it’s just bee-four Mid’Night.

...[A]nd in Paris

[A]nd in Paris, it is the FOist of two, —11th Houstons … of two, Eleventh HOURS.

What’s the Frequency, ?
—and Saturn goes:

3rd General Order

3rd General Order.:.042A830A-C22A-43B6-9076-D657475D19BB •|• “I will report violations of my special orders, emergencies, and anything not covered in my instructions, to the commander of the relief.” -_- Captain Pompeo forgot how the chain of command works.

It is not a Freq.

—what is it then, Chronos?
Asked “el principito”

It is a Page.
Noted the child eater.

Time after TIME

EN MÉXICO Y EN EL MUNDO, Time after TIME.:.996667BF-7363-43EC-BD61-9F2360F83A85 |•| Justice only SERVES THOSE WITH GOLD AND POWER, is Eye wrong, Mason Vincent?

This is part two of:

Entre aura sabanera y pterodáctilo

Entre aura sabanera y pterodáctilo.:.1AF8A421-5E75-4E3A-8E81-AC7BEFA89F05

tanto pedo durante la campaña presidencial del 2012 (de Morena en México) y mira el mojón que pusieron al cargo de los Derechos Humanos… ¡Alerta, alerta! la espada de Boliviar [Simón que oui, of coursecon demagogia y palancas se [a]mella.

But FOist…

PAGE 778¹ (signability)

Eye Gknew IT!!!!!!
The Astros cheat,
Mercury was in fact,
receiving SIGNALS from Saturn*

sign stealing:
A tactic by which a team spots and deciphers its opponent’s signs.

Por ejemplo, Comadre Letty, check the dark side of the Ancient Aliens history files it goes like this:

1. The Sound Creates the Frequency
2. The Frequency Creates The Symbol
3. The Symbol [then] Represents Both
The Sound and, The Motherfucking

*The Evil planet, according to David Icke.

The dark lorde saturn~DAY NIGHT~LIVE

In other knew news, the departing MoJoe set coordinator has just spilled the Beans; Cousin Joe’s big head (and it’s strong starr–sucking gravitational field) is in fact a repeater node front for Saturn.

Elise Jordan’s Friday Night Red Lights Knew Show has all of the details… [W]ith Musical guest:
The Louisiana Goat Milk Suckers, featuring Kanye West and Republican Senator, Joe Kneely K…

Mercury is the god of COMMUNICATION

Mercury is the god of COMMUNICATION .:. 1748A75F-C6E4-4263-9D73-968534A437BF •|• SATURN is the god of CORPORATIONS… and Republican Senator from the Mormon STATE, Mitt Romney goes, “corporations, my friend, are PEOPLE too.”

Check local listings for programming. Only on The Fountain Network [msnbc’s premium service OnDemand].


¹ The Dickson Baseball Dictionary, Third [motherfucking] Edition.
   Featuring, Skip McAfee. An W.W. Norton & Company production.

Article R. 776–12 • La production d’un Memoire Complémentaire, part iii

For the record:

Cutline follows

Cutline on LANCRY ATALIAN SECURITY standard operating procedures follows.:. •|• doryoku dopester is collecting the Seals’, page 265; “double–barreled matinee”, on The Dickson BASEBALL Dictionary, third edition.

We the staff, wrongly assumed that the Préfecture de Paris had gone “postal“.

Bus was re-routed

For the record, last Thursday, at around 14h the bus coming from the Vincennes Zoo was rerouted at Sully’s bridge and so everybody on the electric form of public transportation was instructed to either get off of the bus, or enjoy a non-stop ride all the way back to the zoo in Vincennes; we Armando Segovia / Armando Serrano Prieto opted to descend from that tempting offer on account that we were on our way to Clichy in order to get a TimeStamp Seal from the BAJ satellite at Clichy. The deadline to turn–in a “memoire” for the court was the following day, a Friday, and so we thought that (on Thursday) we’bee ahead of the crowd one Full day. History will someday show, that Early only works in the mornings when we [the staff] wake-up, Early on every other occasions seems to not be compatible with our Element.  For the record, we Armando Segovia / Armando Serrano Prieto did make it to Clichy (on Thursday) before the Crystal Courthouse security personnel locked the place down, but not before the Ticket dispensing machine (one-each) was shut-down for the day.

We, Armando Segovia/Armando Serrano Prieto wrongly listened to the “Society” cups, and their poles. We asegovia3.com struck-out and assumed (what a Whopper!!!) that because the Knife was from the house that the hit was a “postal job”.

Niño Luc... meet mí at Ebbs Field

Niño Luc… meet mí at Ebbs Field, let U.S. show you how to drink Irony with Ry Cooder and not, öüï repeat, with Alanis Morrisette.

We now know that “el filero” was a fundamental brainwashed hack-job from a religious zealot who misinterpreted the Rhules of the game*.

From the same Page

From the same Page: dope book; ETYMOLOGY derives from the performance of racehorses, it’s basically a book about statistics of a player.

* Life

…[H]owever, meet U.S. (no pun intended) at the top of the cutline.

Las fuentes de Mika Brzezinski’s burger joint, who like Vincent Vega, never walked into a burger joint here, there and everywhere (she’s Polish royalty, kurwa munchie).