Ewe Rope Theys… in Rhodesia*

Of course, when TAURUS 🐂 does it


but let a black BO’id even take a peek,
a peek, Eye tells EWE!

Edgar Alien Dante was, off-course, a fag.

“Pleased to meat 🐑”

*~.According to the 0h Eight Hundred Ours SIRENE in Finland’s time… fin by the way, is the end of the land.

Gidd’Thee App, motherfuckers

https ://www .rae .es /noticia /conozca-la-definicion-de-investidura

Over at la Torre de Santiago de Compostela una Maja de la Quinta Circonscription levanta, en REEL TIME no-less, una «querella » que da lugar al conflicto conocido como las “investiduras »…

And, you señora (Yousra) have the best pernos de Nelson on that there rail overpass. Why just look at that Fleur as support, Eye swears on la rue de La Solidarité à Croix de Cheveux that Öüï has seen her face before, and if you are in on the Joke, like say Freddy Cats just across la rue Carnot, then EWE Knows that Mí knows how to operate the Cycles on that Spin.

{and} Ten Ille, you are not fooling anyone with that Kerschovian pose youse STRIKIN’ there. Tell you what—Güera, let Mí [ese hijo de La Chingada] introduce “Little SHAO³” to a Taxi Driver from Guatemala:

LA Cosa Notre, Dame…
{and} Melle. Pitch, if Mr. Vincennes is going to send his ‘cat fish’ to “rattle” the Poles, please be advised that Öüï knows that latin FRENCH sycophants are on the prowl and that they enforce the MONOPOLY of pow[d]er at The Préfecture de Police… Fuck YOU, anyway.

Monsieur de Poquelin is a fag

Fernando Delgadillo and Silvio Rodríguez walk into a Cantina à GARIBALDI, casi altura con LA Mairie du XXéme… Jimbo is moonlightin’ as a bus boy from the RATP and some Polish SonoVabitch is running the numbers at the poker table.

Hilarity ensues, when…
it turns out that Jesús (that motherfucker) es pro Sustantivo y nada de Verbo… as hollow as Serge Gainsbourg con mayo y dos con Sal.

But seriously folks! TRY the Macedonian salad, the peas are to die for.

Must show Work…

Previously on “Señor Presidente, j’ai vu ce film aussi[e]…”, Redoutable³

In the mean time, Mr. Président, take a walk down to Saint Eustache, where Poquelin (that motherfucker) was relegated with the duties of RED°ACTEUR en chef de “Une Journée Dans La Vie.”

Año de Hidalgo it is not what my fellow Mexicans are thinking, in France, El Año de Hidalgo finally updated the computers at Melville’s Olympiades mediashack, and that’s a good thing, now Mme. Mayor, you just have to change the headphone JACKS because thesethose fuckers are corroded to the core.

³.~ Temible, formidable… algo así como quién dice, “Oh no, qué bruto, qué bárbaro, Djoko es un arma formidable”… pero no es gerundio, such as the sampling³³ below which, as you can see by the math, matches the cover because it is what bohemians from Guatemala en Garibaldi² call, la forma de El Verbo como un sujeto Sustantivo. Très, très, très formidable.

Ladies in Gemini:

« The Centerfold »

¿Vive La France, en un Yellow Submarine? Page 41,  LÉGENDE  N° 7, Janvier 2022.

².~ México. Track 14 of “Sí el Norte, fuera El Sur” de Ricardo Arjona.
https ://www .discogs .com /fr /master /841453- Ricardo-Arjona-Si-El-Norte-Fuera-El-Sur


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Extra credit, what is the visual complement of a Hawaiian ⏳  Twilight Zone’s episode  in CET?

Sunday morning with Cori Coffin

Öüï begins the transmission from La Conciergerie, casi esquina con la rue de Rambouillet (Paris, Centre) on a Sunday morning in CET just to remind Garret Haike and Cori Coffin (the usurpers at The Lindsey and that other guy Report) that in Hilo, Hawaii:

Go ahead, shoot the messenger.

It’s Saturday Night (without Lorne Michaels).


We now synch-up Ricardo Arjona’s “I Told You So/all those years ago”.

And Guerline Jozef, from the Haitians in TJ front, please inform your members that Mexican police are not targeting black refugees at the border, no ma’am. And, as a matter of fact there is a long list of complaints at every level of law enforcement agency in those sectors (military, federal, state, judicial, ministerial, municipal, township, and transit cops) because they all abuse, rob, rape, beat, extort, kidnap and sometimes kill migrants at the border regardless of their ethnicity. The abuses are generational and in recent decades have become intolerable and sometimes barbaric. The abuses also extend to the local population especially those working in the informal economy, especially the ones engaged in the oldest profession know to MEN.

Sincerely, Governor William J. Lapetomane.

Of Course, Guerline Jozef, you could follow-up on what i am communicating here or, do like my PAISANOS here in France and look the other way while the messenger gets shot. But you are right, Haitians definitely stand out in a place where there is no God, like in Mexico, but trust me when i tell you that when it comes to police abuse at the border, IF ANYTHING, your Haitian fellows are being weighed (pasar por la báscula) just like every other “pollo” waiting to cross into the “white picket fences” dream. In other words, by Mexican corruption standards Haitians are being treated equally, just like every other po’sonovabitch, “que no tuvo la desgracia de no ser hijo del pueblo”, and in this sense Haitians are just like the Tlaxcaltecas next to Aztec Emperor Cuauhtémoc, who famously reminded his fellow Ancient chilangos the famous phrase:

Do you think that I am on a bed of roses?

What is happening on our border with Central American migrants? Are we falling into xenophobia, as is happening in the US with our fellow countrymen?

when his feet were being burned “al estilo double meat”.