In local news, “Leave the Gun, take the cannoli »…

1, 2, 3, patada y cod 🐟🐠🎣

Café Tacuba before the Hawaii Incident, the fire 🔥 thank doG, was put out with Chinese Spaghetti on The Democracy of the Guns.


After the Break, the Al Freddo Salsa Ensamble shows you how to tie 👔 a knot 🪢 with your 👅, right now Öüï catches up with “la argentina” whereboludotook the cannoli and jammed his gun. I Literally–Can’t–Make–This–Shit–Up.

https ://www .radiofrance .fr/francemusique /soupcons-de-liens-entre-placido-domingo-et-une-secte-le-point-sur-l-affaire -3388022

Try the elitists AP courses, o {¡háblele!}.


Across The Atlantic, current Vice-President Cristina Fernández 🇦🇷 refused to sleep with the fishes. And in the U.S. of A., scholastic achievement in Math and English dropped but on the Bright Side of death, all students from K1 to K12 are experts at hunkering down under their desks just like their great–grand parents did with “The Bomb”.

Based on “El Cuarto de La Rocha” y “El General de Natalia Almada”, brought to you by France Culture, anciennement du cœur.

Dear, Mediapart, this 🕸️ is what a Newfont looked like in 2013, i just didn’t have the technology to show Raphaël Moran what Los Amigos de Francia en PUEBLA LOOKED LIKE.

https ://www .space .com /james-webb-space-telescope-odd-ripples-image


Squircular rings for Victory!!!

And now, it’s time for Something new for The Préfecture de Paris, and Katty Kay, here is why, because back in 2013, the good ‘fonctionnaire’ in charge of STONEWALLING my process, could not get–IT!, into their dossiers PARA étrangers, that the technology of the THEY was not adequate enough to show

In SPANISH, the Mediapart scoop is only HALF of what López Obrador is doing with JUANITO GUANABACOA’S last EMPLOYER (la policía judicial) before he had to move to Japan!!!… and besides, the SOURCE is OLD, simón—que–$í.

to the Very French, what the election of 2018 in Mexico was going to look like, ESPECIALLY when the new and improved FRENCH gendarmerie had just secured a contract to train the Mexican fédérales. That particular package included a couple of COUGARS, both from the Alliance Française 👯 and the “concurrencía” 🚁 at the War College in West Point.

Any how, the task involved was never to predict who the winner of the MEXICAN election would be (Bernardo Gómez of Televisa Déportées), in ALL of the exchanges which followed I ran into the MAIN stonewall hindering my journalistic project, which in France, only good little Mexican bastards from El Tecnológico de Monterrey at SciencesPo or Sorbonne could engage in… I am of course name-dropping Raphaël Moran from rfi, right here, and that’s all that I am going to say, because the THEN neighbor of Pablo Gleason at La Placé d’Italie was the head honcho of the latinoaméricanos en la ‘bendita’ Agence France Presse at La Bourse, esquina con Vivianne, COLBERT and, The French Society of Photography (magnum) y Reporters Sans Frontières.

In CyberNews… Twitter is about to GET ON MY draft groove.


Even Flow — What A Difference A Day Makes

La memoria de tus mamadas en Costa Rica un poema de mi tío, Rafael Caro Quintero, para Sara Cosió:

El Año de México en Francia presenta: la memoria de tus mamadas y los hilos de Sasha.

Ciudades Hermanas

You’ve been Tagged by Amandititititita (2011)
Les femmes s’en mêlent festival… sponsored by The Year of Mexico in France {and} of Course, priméxicoproxico.

Un día 28 d’enero … 🛫

Cómo me hiere’SA fecha

Let the jury in Jura know that EVEN THOUGH, even though, our most-esteemed copy-editor and gambling-foo’Extraordinaire, Fenster Fo’fingers Quintero GUZMÁN, is slotted to go the WAY of Genaro Garcia Luna in New York City, this imminent FRONT extradition of Benicio Del Toro will not hinder in anyway THE FUNK that Eye is about to bring upon thee, on that silly Île de la Cité.

_Un hombre fuera de séries… (2017)

yada, yada, yada,

platicando con su concubina

él estaba descuidado…

Número cinco:

Where the streets have no name.

🎶 Don’t rock the jukebox… i wanna hear some Jones

How ´bout it, Leslie, do you two-step? Or, we could Square Dance, but don’t complain when it’s Mr. Bezos turn to spin your towering caboose, considered yourself warned and don’t say that Öüï didn’t warn you about Tennessee.

“Now this is what i want y’all to Do, for Mí »:

IDENTIFY THE BULLSHIT in El País, de México, ok?

Narcos don’t use hunting rifles, narcos, mi Reina, use machine guns capable of downing the fuck out of Helicopters, and i won’t mention nomenclatures NOR the nations who built this flying fortresses, for now 🚁 696F6929-BAFB-4F3C-BABC-A1BD74CAFAAC .:. In other words Rachel Maddow, let Mí explain to Leslie Jones that trivializing commentary, without (how one might say it, how one might say it?) without, digging below the surface to SEE and EXAMINE each layer of the story in question, would be like becoming a superstar entertainer in today’s media platforms without having any idea of what came before said entertainer got (how does one say it, how does one say it?) a passport for “Riding The Gravy Train”, or without figuring out who Floyd was, —you Crazy diamond (quote). ANYHOW, Matteo, i was explaining to you how i first heard of the expression “cuero de rana”… and boy! Was i ignorant thinking thatcuero de ranaapplied only to SEMOLINA PILCHARD cousin’s: a SARDINA’s battle dress garments, which became all the rage in “secundarias y prepas” de México*. The irony is that the “fayuquero” who crossed those uniforms (mostly the pants part of the uniform) had to pay for these at U.S. Army surplus stores with U.S. Dollars, which in Mexico are also synonymous WITT: cueros de rana

https ://elpais .com /mexico /2020-12-23 /mexico-busca-que-estados-unidos-extradite-a-traficantes-de-armas .html

So don’t you go shooting the messenger, or Öüï, for that carbon-based matter if you are caught up with the Ancient Aliens Legendary Magazine editor latest episode about “the watchers”.

Now, Ms. Reiser, you may frame the following statement next to your The NYT crossword puzzle, and boy! That is one sexy Stevie Nicks on your tic-toc favorites… i see what you did there Lord Griffin, —you devil you.

Still to come El Museo de los américanos con acento

… [E]ye is looking at you Number 23, pick it up, pick it up, Michael, pump your Jordans a little MOORE, you look like a VIRGIN (quinto) with that $5 million donation next to Oprah’s $21 million dunk. C’mon, Michael, you lost more when you played Baseball.

And Avi Velshi, please relay to Mr. KenDice that he can’t handle “the” cowbell.

_+_+_+_+_+_+ _________________

Knock, knock…

And Marianne Faithful goes:
— WHO’s there?

Hey there, JoWyNa… VOIES et Delais, or something like D.A.T.

14 de septiembre, 2019

Wild Horses

Wild Horses

Nueve de la mañana:

For the record...

For the recordFUCK MR. Dickey at “The Daily BEAST”… atentaMENTE: an American in París, —a reprise— now thru San Silvestre Day at the “FAKE VISA” Theater à Châtelet… Eye did tell y’all about that « lindo gatito », dijo PIOLÍN.

Acto n° 44

Articles 33 et suivants du decret n° 91 – 1266 du 19 décembre 1991… Happy MxMás, period

Movin' Along

Movin’ Along.

“The death of democracy, with Brian Williams and an Ivy Sciences Po leaguer from Nantucket, in Cousin Joe’s “neck of Mika Brzezinski’s WOULDS, period”.

An evening with Los Apsons

An evening with Los Apsons… and other assorted “love songs”, with Rick James.

… tell mí more, tell mí more.

d'eso no voy a'blar

d’eso no voy a’blar, san punto ISSY’acaVO. La Catafixia ; a slight return, what a difference a They makes… cualquier parecido CON Africa, Sra. Brzezinski, es pura Salma Hayek (Serendipia).

Allé Ray! Last seen on a top of a Lawyer’s desk on rue de la Procession de “La Structure”

15e Arrt.
Earlier today.


— I don’t understand, why so many récépissés, why?

— That’s not the issue, Counselor?
You are a lawyer, right?

What a difference, Consuelö, ah Day Makes:664DCD3D-00B8-4E3F-87A4-A1A99F04C074

—Yes, I am a lawyer,  I can guide you on your options. But Eye cannot represent you or call anyone on your behalf.
Age and district where you live?

Le Grand Arch réserva para La Muralla de Whinnie Phoo:62CEB787-8D08-4D05-BA22-CEEEBDB2889B

Less than 50, more than 31.
So, Counselor, after reviewing my case. Should I, armando segovia, just walk, and or prance into a police station as instructed by the clerk at Cité, in order to find out if it’s OK to get a new récepisse?

—They [Brontis à la préfecture] can’t just continue making you live on three-month extensions, did you kill someone?

Not yet, i was hoping someone would do me that favor, i suck at suicide, but the day is still short.

—Maybe they just don’t want to treat your situation seriously?

Dear avocat bénévole en droit des étrangers:C60D4E0F-3285-44C7-9A1C-B83E5B2E2DF7

Given the absurd themes that developed_
because of a CONFLICT OF INTEREST between the French Administration of François Hollande_
and Ángelica Rivera, that would actually be a very big fucking Complement.
You are a French Legal Lawyer, right?

—Yes, but i can only guide with your options.
Let me SEE THAT expired titre de sejour.
Ah, yes, it’s expired.

—Yes, but i have a récépissé to vouch for “the process” shelf-life… it’s good for a few days, still.


An historic event is about to go down on Hardball.
M.S.N.B.C. reports that Cousin Joe is making a special cameo apperance on the Chris Matthews show after the Chickens have slided safe at home.
Conspiracy nuts allege that Cousin Joe secretly moonlights as The Rachel Maddow Show.
People who know, know that Rachel Maddow has never been seen O.N. A.I.R. before the 18hours in E.S.T. since her days on Air America.

The more Ewe Knew…
There’s something about Rachel Maddow’s Kent Clarkson glasses. The Pilot Episode.
Only on
The 700 AML🖤VE ♠️’s

MEAN, while the Mexican president brings back COAL MINING (and hires a lawmaker from his political party to supply the COAL MINES from where to send the Globe 500 years into the Conquista por causa del Efecto Invernadero)PARIS Airports is going to D.R.A.W. the “Master” P.L.A.N. for a brand new F.A.I.L.E.D. international airport landing strip.

Felicidades, John Mill Ackerman.
I guess president Macron is a fucking liar, then, eh?

Francia toma distancia con AMLO sobre el nuevo aeropuerto

New Ruhles, part ii — Dear, Bill Maher… reddit says, hello

Remember, Bill, just because you saw it, heard it or, read it on The Front Page of the Internet, —baby!
It ain’t necessarily so.

… previously on Real Time with Bill Maher:
Bill was echoing Reverend Al Sharpton feelings about Ronald Reagan as compared to the current president of the United States of America, in Maher’s rant however, Bill goes as far as wanting a gentler time when religious zealots occupied his “new rules” segments, which Maher claims that it was better than dealing with reddit. [Laughter track for stupid Americans goes here]. Reel Time With Bill Maher, follows… in Central Europe is 07h20 and in El Ey it’s the 22 hundred time slot.

Dear, Bill Maher,

Did you know that it was actually the French who went ahead and invented the “Q’s”?

Anyway, as always —on OverTime— context follows on last week’s Weekend Edition.

TimeStamp… metaphorically speaking is
Dime–a–dozen in Central NATO Time.

“Yes, the torch of Lady Liberty symbolizes our freedom and represents our heritage, the compact with our parents, our grandparents, and our ancestors. It is that lady who gives us our great and special place in the world. For it’s the great life force of each generation of new Americans that guarantees that America’s triumph shall continue unsurpassed into the next century and beyond. Other countries may seek to compete with us; but in one vital area, as a beacon of freedom and opportunity that draws the people of the world, no country on Earth comes close”… President Ronald Reagan’s remarks at the Presentation Ceremony for the Presidential Medal of Freedom January 19, 1989.

“There’s an old saying, if you want to go for the king, you must kill the king.”

…* Preet Bahrara,
Preet Bharara
The Guy who held Rudolph Guiliani’s post as New York’s district attorney and failed to docket a case against the 1980’s Donald Trump…
as heard on the Bill Maher Metaphorical Reality Show, in reel time, of course.

But speaking of grandparents in the Trump era… have you heard the latest poll on “dissolving nana’s y oma’s” on the Southern District of New York’s Fifth Avenue?

John Heilemann, has the latest. Stay Tuned for more. In the mean time it’s time for another edition of Frequency Hop.

ATTACHMENT: Saving Mexico
Edición “
año de Hidalgo 2012–2018

No Leasees decir no arrendamiento de los misirables “ocho misiles**”, como resultó con el archivo del avión presidencial que AMLO prometió vender a Trump durante toda La Bendita Campaña Por El Bendito Bando Del Cambio de  los buenos… o algo así. Anygüey, se me hace, John Mill Ackerman, que para que este dossier no termine con el famoso “a chuchita la bolsearón” sugiero  que este sea un jale de investigación para  su señora esposa (Función Pública, right?) a la hora de deslindar responsabilidades cuando se llegue el momento de que esos cohetes se le puedan vender a Nicaragua (je, je) o a La Costa Rica (eso sí, tan pronto y los ticos —of course— primeramente Dios, opten por una rama militar en su azucarada constitución).

Lame duck president of Mexico buys** a handful of missiles from the U.S. before leaving office. Why?

By: staff

From the reddits_ Perhaps because of the narco vulerabilities that the Cougars have when fighting the war on drugs, president Enrique Peña Nieto felt the need for securing a handfull of powerful U.S. missiles during his last year in office.

A recent situation report released for the civilian population reveals that Mr. Peña Nieto wants “to have a significant impact” on the meanest cartel on the narco–flavor list of his six–year presidential term, and which as of this weekend remains on the dockets of the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación, o algo así.

The order for these weapons normally reserved for blowing up war ships was apparently approved by the U.S. Department of State six months before Andrés Manuel López Obrador political party sweeped the established Two-party turn–over system known on the extreme left side of the Mexican political fence as El PRIAN, a fusion made up of politicians from the Partido Revolucionario Institucional and the Partido Acción Nacional.

In Central Europe
it’s a quarter to Three o’Clock in the afternoon.

“I wish I knew what I know now…” — What a difference a Day Makes, part III

… It’s a very Special Weekend Edition, ISSY, we [the staff] promise Ewe’all that Ayotzinapa para Espontaneos follows, right now, Cougars and Narcos are on the–powers–that-be agenda.

French Cougar nEws… “Just One Fix”… please be adviced that this is a Time–Delayed “screen grab” from the Military and Defense “BusinessInsider” web page. Right Now, in C.E.T. it’s 02h33. and in Ciudad Juárez, the weekend promises at least 30 killings before AMLO’s arrival to La Avenida de Las Américas, casi esquina con La Jilotepec y “El Puente al Revés”.

We thinks that they, those same powers–that–be, knew where to look for the French Cougar fuckers from the get–go.

Anyguey, Marianne, right now on the Freq Hop the Sirens are telling me that “You have to Change Your Evil Ways”… Baby! May i have this dance?

TimeStamp: 01h33