Sun They the 13th, 2019 — Told you so, Brontis à la Prèfecture³

Dr. Enrique Luis Graue Wiechers, please be advised that La Ministra is not, a “producto de la SEP°” como yo. 

https ://www .radiofrance .fr /fip /podcasts /club-jazzafip /le-jazz-voyageur-de-gabi-hartmann -3545700

🥃 Spirits and 👻 spirits Ltd. S.A. de C.V.

°~. Secretaría de Educación Pública

De antemano, señor RECTOR de la RECTORIA de John Mill Ackermann y su señora esposa (la de Ackermann, no la de su señoria) I might have been a “C” average student at la bendita SEP, but it was MY SEE and nobody elses 10 on the grading curve, Ewe C? And Évry body at the Préfecture de Paris know that that very SEA translates to 7.5, but that’s only because the History teacher was a RED COMMIE BASTERD’ who hated pochos like, Mí; lucky for me, I got an Ey! On my own at Western Technical Institute in the Year 2000, ISSY, as an intern at General Electric, I installed the update to the Y2KBUG, so believe Mí when Eye tells you, I know what I speak about.

But was the boîte 🐎 inside the confines of PENN University a garage 🪤?

³~. {and}

mister Brontis à la Prèfecture de Cité (2015)

Context follows


Do say Ah-l’eauAh-l’eau a la lovely Stéphanie Menou and les altérités de Cinéma Gleason en París… rue de La VerreRie, Paname Centro.

But FO’ist! “At the moo-vies”.

“Eye tell y’all, it’s sabotage!”


We’re gonna need more, “¡pollos, Hermanos!!!”.


It’s like Starship Troopers (1997), but with incompetent leadership and definitely, no boîte de couture de Jean-Paul Gauthier, in any case, Who Could Have Known, that La Luna from La Jornada de ayer, would be a Happy Moon… didn’t you get my message, tocayo Armando Tejada en 🇪🇸 Madrid² 🇪🇸, ¡come’on Bato! It was a BLUE MOON, not a happy one.

https ://asegovia3 .com /2023/01/08 /intermissionluna-sets-west-on-la-defense/

Got Wood, Holly?
And Holly responds:
Ewe got the Wrong Babylon, Hun… GO WEST.

For the record, if you are a non-reader of this blog, like Juanito Guanavacoa’s son in CANADA is, you might have wondered why Venus was riding on Mercury, and if you ask the Stylecaster below, then Definitely Maybe you’ll find out the answer but only if you don’t need a fucking Picture to draw it to y’all.

For the Record, I don’t select the Knews of the They, I only put the footnotes and references here.

²~. A place Eye has never been, do say Ah-l’eau Al-l’eau to Ana Anabitarte.
https ://stylecaster .com /what-happened-lisa-marie-presley/

Live from PARIS. It’s (just) another they for Ewe and Mí in paradise.

… and in WaWa Land, it turns out that a contractor, a graduate of thee ITT Technical Institute, with a Masters in DeVry College and a Doctorate from the University of Phoenix, —no less— was the motherfucker responsible for not PROPERLY UPDATING the Y2KBUG on the whatchamacallit SOFTWARE that runs the MotherFucking Transportation and SECURITY Administration in motherfucking NEVERLAND.

And Susana PUBEDA, what’s on SUNDAY’s Certains L’Aiment whatchamacallit show Sous Les Jupes de Gabi Hartmann…?

And Susana PUVEDA, Eye has, IT!, on good authority to relay to y’all, motherfuckers, that Gabi HArtmann is the illegitimate polyGOAT spawn of Joaquin Phoenix and… Her.

Issy, the Singularity is here, but you wouldn’t understand such event in the Horizon even if it sucked you right out of your orbit, because unlike a RAT in A CAGE, Nicholas, Ewe is nothing but a Goldfish in a jar.

Open Letter to Angela ✊🏾 Davis — A huevo que SY.

Women’s Studies
Winter/Spring Semester 2022/2023
The Importance of Being Freeda de Beaubourg
(3 Cr.Hrs.)
Inquire at the Casting Couch 🛋️ of the European Hospital Georges Pompidou for details, but only if Ewe don’t know what that inscription en La Academia de Salamanca means.
PRE-req: lo que Natura otorgó

La Cágaste Burt Lancaster

Here’s what RAF Sanchez, that Sephardic prick, won’t tell EWE about in the story about the reconstruction of Notre Dame de ParISIS and, the donation pot 💰 🍯 pot, which according to the Spanish tourists tours around Paris-Centre (1,2,3,4!) amounts to about the round-about EQUIVALENT OF THREE (🐰 3 🐰eye 🐰 tells Ewe!!!) POWERBALL LOTTERY Jackpots in Hoboken,New Jersey 🐇… Narrated by The Paris Chamber of Commerce and its twin sister, The Paris Tourism Board… a subsidiary of Denis Soula, —that motherfucker!.

Have I told y’all what the color of LED and Asbestos looks like over the Seine, flowing (West) in the direction Maison de La Radio? IT IS RIGHT ALONG KENNEDY AVENUE in Front of El Campo de Marte 🪖. Ask David Ignatius at The Washington Post, because on the very They when Le Coq Violet fell, that motherfucker (Ignatius not mister Violet) borrowed my line. It’s somewhere along the MAGNUM 📸 archives of this 📜 ScRoll 📜 baby.


Píntame Angelitos Crespos…

A Closer Look at a crippled republican soul from Paris, Texas. It takes a special Christ-loving Texan to celebrate the Season of “Joy”.

Now, according to Cardinal Flick’s “doGma”, Jesus healed the crippled, however, The Messiah herself could not fix Texas 🇨🇱 republican governor Gregg August Pinochet.


Professor Davis, please be advised that this is the Second draft 🌬️ to an Open Letter addressed to your CHAIR at Room 430 of the Feminist Studies Department in Hippieville, California, also known in Salamanca de Andalucía 🏄🏽 as SANTA CRUZ de Los Sandoval-Ballesteros Ackerman… like Eye mentioned on the previous draft, this is not my first political-driven rodeo in this neck of the Woulds, called Paris, France.

Relevant for this 2nd edition draft of a letter addressed to your CHAIR (think Carmel By The Sea mayor, here) is a fragment of one of your Afro-american student’s anecdotes, and who as the luck Would have it, was the guest speaker on this past weekend’s edition of the Juanito Guanabacoa Show (Aquí somos, aquí estamos) on the Fréquence Paris Plurielle net (106.7).

Escaparate de Leroy Merlin®️…
Leroy Merlin®️ is a home improvement retail corporation that sells tools, construction products, appliances, and services, but Évrybody shops at BRICOMAN®️.

Right now, for this 2nd draft, Eye will not be able to provide Ewe with the name of your student on the Juanito Guanavacoa Show, on account that LA Fréquence Paris Plurielle works under the French Bazar system, in-so-far that the content of the grill de “LA Programmation” at 106.3 fm is the sole responsibility of each individual producer of the shows featured en la BARRA de programación, and so for This Moment in Time Eye CAN only provide you the FO’ist name of your student-in-question.

His name is Miguel Ángel, and according to Juanito Guanabacoa (formally Francisco Belmont, of La Policía Judicial de Tequila Sunrise 🌄), M.A. used to pimp Mexican immigrants outside of Home°Depot in SAN JOSE, Califas.

But, FO’ist, we KETCH-UP with Circus 🎪 ProducerBuddy Bizarre (from Blazing 🤠 Saddles) in the role of a notoriously conspicuous White Wu~TANG fan, John Heileman. 

In human terms, the War of Independence was Israel’s costliest war with over 6,000 Israelis killed and, —15,000 wounded. The war consisted of 39 separate operations fought from the borders of Lebanon to the Sinai Peninsula and Eilat… according to Wikipedia.



ARTE – RETA… I’m your Huckleberry {and} that is no Bull³

How to bury a lead.

Still to FLY, “La Golondrina”… with musical guest:


Arvide – derivA… Detalles, mena’More sin conocerla.

It’s a long Güey to The Top…

³~. That is actually an i grec in French, and ARTE,  that is no 🐂, ask the WaWa man ♒.

¡Pregúntame! y si gustas, hasta te acomodo en dibujos animados.

The Lives of Others en un Airbnb…

That DARE there Λ is the 11th letter in Greek alphanumeric Logic {or} a Wavelenght if youse into Wikipedia. In any case scenario if you knew Mí back in my “cotton-pickin’ picker” days, that was the first constellation that caught my Eye, even before the obvious Dippers.

https ://youtube .com /watch? v=mztaLaZgM1U &feature

Deer, Alex d’Util (punto y coma) “desorientado” tu chingado TANGO!!!

¹~. For context, Mexico City is prospecting the possibility of allowing one of the “collaborators” of the KIDNAPPING, TORTURE, and CONSEQUENTIAL MURDER of Enrique Camarena (a U.S. Drug Enforcement Agent), the possibility to rent his girlfriend’s apartments to FRENCH cyber-nomads.

How to bury a lead… ask the Unesco à Paris.

…. so, for the Record ⏺️ mister, señor, présidente de La “chingada” Francia, cualquier parecido with the MAL PRÁCTICA on Albertine Sarrazine’s kidneys à Saint-Roch en Montpellier, is not a far reach from what The Paris Préfecture and your Bendito Tribunal hizo conmigo, no es ninguna chingada coincidencia. ¡Viva México, cabrón!.


Still Wawa, o como dicen los franceses

Current or not, do we really–really need another presidential debate?

“Hydro-sonic” technology

Tele-transporter, now with “Hydro-sonic” technology 🚰 5E7C2EFC-30A3-49C3-AD82-8F43A6AA4180 🗣 All water dispensers are benchmarked to mil-specs with our patented Spectrum Oscillators from Iceland.

… Dear, God,

We [the staff of this here most non–consequential blog] ask of Ewe to please pot put a hold on D.A.T. D.A.R.E. work order to sink that worthless wart on the Continent called La Florida until the El Ey Dodgers finish the series that starts tonight.

Witt D.A.T. in mind, Ladies in Gemini the following is a special presentation of:

Manual Oportunista López Android

Manual de Oportunistas López Android, Change 2.1 ⚾️ A0AD1BAC-577B-45C4-B90B-F9ACA2D73803

SAVING MEXICO re-loaded, oportunismo obrerista

Issy, John Mill Ackerman, ahora regresamos a la época cuando Los Franchutes de La Sierra inventaron a los Mayas y luego, dej’pué, a los Olmecas.

En re cuento, and this is no hyperbole en la parabólica, Chata, para el mero día cuando El Patrón, Emmaüs convocó a una cuadrilla de los llamados “sin techo”, [PAOLA Reymos] para asistir a la inauguración de Los Olmecas en el museo de Jacques Chirac, yo, Armando Segovia/Armando Serrano Prieto ya había husmeado al “representante” de la Embajada de Mexico en Francia que el Servicio Exterior Mexicano en Europa envió, o más bien, destacó en la callejuela Jean Lantier del 01 en el 75… if Ewe know what Eye means, Siren.

The team at 32 rue des Bourdonnais (same quadrant of the Châtelet Constelación), know what Öüï means so in case that any [Matt Bradley] would want to verify the facts, since there is a trail [and a trial] left behind in that hall.

Witt D.A.T. in mind, [Irma Eréndira SanD•oval] rogamos que el resto de sus emparentados [en la lista del pre•supuesto, por•supuesto] no se vayan a empapar… ¡Aguas! Porque este nuevo agente (destacado en la rue Jean Lantier) nos llega directamente desde la Ciudad Eterna, ROMA, y pues como Johnny Depp [en el rol de Cantinflas] diría: Allí Está El Detalle.

De cualquier manera, esperemos, Sr. Don Andrés, que sus esfuerzos de recolección de datos e inteligencia en el Exterior de su República logren obtener lo que andan husmeando.

In other words, Paola Ramos… please relay to Don Señor Marcelo Ebrard (your old colaborador en El Paso, Texas… when y’all used to sell HAMBURGERS IN PARADISE), D.A.T. he knows My NAME, pick up the Number; motherfucker!

JUMP from: La Jornada del día de la labor

Dear, John Mill Ackerman’s wife:

Señora Secretaria de La Función Pública, excelentísima doña doctora (Ph.D.), Irma E. Sandoval, might them stakes discovered inside of the commission for human rights in Mexico, be Trump Stakes®️?

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /ultimas /politica /2020/09/07 /tribunal-deja-firme-nombramiento-de-rosario-ibarra-en-cndh-3027 .html

Ahora bien, mis queridos CHILANGOS con palanca de sus queridos padres, —todos— no queda la menor duda, de que fueron luchadores sociales y en toda la extensión de esa frase, “sin Bargo”, como redacta esta nota de La Jornada aquí abajo, será verdad que doña Chayo* Stone también sea una iluminada por La Santísima Orden del nepotismo ilustrado? 

Note to Julianna Tattlebaum², you look great in green, period, you bring out the clorofila in all of the chaparros inmaduros¹ at the pond:

Tampico Surf & Turf

Tampico Surf & Turf 🥩 B937E687-739C-41F3-8CB8-071D9D23EA89 .:. Well, you’ve heard about Steak & Lobster… it’s KNOT one of those, Willie Geist, this here, Sir, is the Mariposa Elementary School Menu for Tuesday, September 8th of 2020…

… [A]nd in Washington, Mika goes to CHARTRES on a fact-finding mission, with musical guest:

On Technique and Tyrannies.
Jazz is so overrated

Inter•mission: JAZZ IS Sooooooo Overrated 🎺 7A761B00-841B-4BF8-85EB-62BBFFDD6011 Atentamente: La Pulpa.

1. Los Enanitos Verdes, not to BEE CONFUSED, Florence MARIE Cassez, with the Little Green Men on The Rachel Maddow Blog because that would BEE like mixing The Nazis From Natchez with La Santísima Orden del nepotismo ilustrado.

2. And starring as Florence Marie Cassez: JULIANNA TATTLEBAUM!!!

Beto Costa y su perla del Sur

Beto Costa y su perla del Sur 🦀 0D2583A8-CBE8-4D42-BF74-456BCE12DC94 🥩 … [F]eaturing The Washington Post’s guapo, Bob Costa, as Carlitos Loret de Mola, Yeah Buddy!

How to bury a Lead — los dedos de una “ricachona”

Previously, on Las Fuentes de doña Vilma, Johnny Depp was in the middle of an audition for the role of a lifetime, when all of a sudden… se le aparece un Loco y le pregunta:
What do you think, ese?

And Cantinflas said

And Cantinflas said .:. D1D3FA5E-C743-4944-9B41-AD6451696068 .:. “Piporro, ay’TiaBlan”.
And Eulalio González asked, “who is it?”
And Cantinflas replied:
parece un Cherokee de Paname.
To which, don Lalo replied after rolling his jeepers underneath of his classic “guaripa”…
“Ah, es el carnal de mi Compadre el Germán, y su carnal “Monchito”.
Do me a favor… open the door, and let’em in.
El escaparate y su contenido son cortesía de otra calle de París, en esta ocasión, doña Chata; la Rue de Caire, a un lado de « My Story Paris » allí luego luego pasando la « Opullence » de “Deby Debo » y « La Petite Française », justo antes de torcer con « Los Fried Fréres » y La Gaîte Lyrique (75002).

Los cien años de Charlie y Soriano

Any güey Alicia Menendez, news broke that Wakanda is grieving, can’t say we [the staff of this most non-consequential blog] were followers of the series, but we dig jaguars, panthers, and the ONCA kind. Having stated that, we know now return to el giRo es R♥MA, y el puente que en otra muy reciente época, Tamaulipas fue para doña Louisiana, justo cuando don Vicente (FOX) soltó a la perra (narco) y natura un soplido al que los que huelen pedos en el reporte del tiempo bautizaron como Katrina.

Louisiana: La huasteca del Mississippi

Louisiana: La huasteca del Mississippi .:. 0E628011-CCD0-458B-B065-10EB1A16EE06 .:. … [Y] si no lo es, debería de ser considerado ante la oficina de patrimonio intangible de la humanidad de la Unesco… o algo así. The point here is that Zydecko no es otra cosa que una Polka for swampy zones.

Note to editors: El hijo de Sue era un muchacho, el hijo de Sue. Be advised that the following is a Venn Diagram, not a concentric circle for every frame, check it out.

— Not that the U.S. “needed” the support of the Sedena (Military secretariat in Mexico), but the gesture was a solid one, especially when the “guy” in charge was literally a “horses ass” expert with no experience whatsoever in Emergency response to natural disasters.

To observe the 15th year mark of Hurricane Katrina, we are obliged to mention the asterisk on the Mexican army’s record, considering that after that goodwill deployment let’s just say that things began to precipitously fall to new lows.

  — Consider last week’s revelation of how a Mexican soldier is heard ordering a subordinate to kill the only survivor of a high–speed chase. The image of the aftermath is gory, just like all things involving narcos and soldiers south of the border.

https ://zetatijuana .com /2020/08 /soldados-ejecutan-a-civil-tras-enfrentamiento-en-nuevo-laredo-video-amlo-ordena-investigacion/

However, Alicia Menendez, our focus on this segment of the scroll is not even about the Martial Elements de la nación, but of the region of la nación (Ta•maU•Li•PAS); and once again John Mill Ackerman, we don’t select the Titulares, we merely plot thesecomo una Función pública, get it? Función Pública, like the bureau that your spouse, Senator Eréndira McCarthy, is currently occupying for your employer, don Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

Pay no attention to these clip

Pay no attention to this clip .:. 18BFC41E-84A1-43EE-815E-3D3FEC4709E0 .:. Indeed, professor Ackerman, the proposal from one of your own POLITICAL ANIMALS to prohibit journalists from conducting investigative reports and instead wait until the police issue the reports of any given investigation [the audacity of this fucking politician] on account that the ONLY BUREAU authorized to conduct investigations is of course, the government.

So, let’s do this by transliterating the juxtaposition of Cabeza de Vaca y un lagarto, que mismo —John Mill Ackerman— no es un Peje Lagarto, like your boss, pero para Causa y Efecto, IT! is, close enough to the motherfucking BULLSEYES, ese.


Las fuentes de doña Vilma:

Cien años de Juan Soriano: https ://www .jornada .com .mx /2020/08/29 /opinion /a03a1cul

And Cantinflas said

Would Jane let Mí lie? … Eye thinks not, Siren, Eye thinks knot.

— Les 100 ans de Charlie Parker avec The First Arrondissement Blue Note Quintet … link follows.

“¡Viva 🎶 La Raza!” — The best calcos


It's Pragmatics, of course

It’s Pragmatics, of course .:. 5D1CB479-DFA8-45F1-9053-3C2128A3F3F7 🗣 Implicature in real time and how to read a newspaper 101; summer semester 2020… o como dice una interpretación de Horax en los milenios por Televisa en monitos¹: reunir varias noticias del día, encontrar posibles puntos de unión y conectarlas con un doble -y hasta triple- sentido en el mensaje.

To understand it, one must be fond of roots, origins, —you know— the things that make up patrimony, which is a vase filled with heritage, legacy and, as professor John Mill Ackerman (the Third, of course) revealed para los pobres políticos of el partido político of don Andrés: entailments.

¹ Televisa en monitos (monoaureo . com) présenta:

Lorem Ipsum

Lorem Ipsum + Patri•monio equals Σ Fair Use of All Media … and [Quote… 9 casas por casi 60 millones de pesos, construído en menos de una década. Y si bien él salió a quejarse de que “se haga público” y señaló que parte es “donativo de sus padres” que están preocupados “por el bienestar de sus nietos”, y afirma que son datos inflados… también eso se explica por qué no pudieron encontrar nada irregular en las más de ochenta propiedades de Bartlett, los departamentos no declarados de Sánchez Cordero, el casi millón de pesos que cobró este año Durazo por asesorías -que tiene expresamente prohibido hacer-. Es como el COVID: son corruptos asintomáticos, porque son SUS corruptos. Y mientras a una persona “normal” le toma 30 años pagar un crédito hipotecario para hacerse de un departamento de 90 metros cuadrados, un político puede comprar 9 bienes en 9 años sin mayor problema y “es normal”. Algo NO está bien. Al menos hacen aparecer incongruente a la Cuarta Transformación, a lo más son corruptos, aunque no lo acepten. (Para referencia, el edificio del último cuadro es la sede de la Secretaría de la Función Pública). Alarcón en El Heraldo. .:unquote] divided by Patri•monio.

… Coming up:

The “shield and the sword” meets “la charola y el fuero” in the pilot episode of Los Happy Days de la familia Burrón™️, critics at The Orange County Register call the sketch, “the cultural mash-up whose time has come.”

For the record, Monsieur Le PRÉSIDENT du Tribunal Administrative à Paris

That Gap!

That Gap! .:. 8CE86FB9-EF75-449C-85CF-ACC2DC5C4C57 🕵🏽‍♂️ There is a reason for it, and at L’Académie Rabelais the process involved se le denomina: Mar•i•nar.

This blog exists in its current “rapid-fire draft form” since October 2014 because of the fact that the government of President François Hollande did not want me, Armando Segovia/Armando Serrano Prieto, to:

  • gather newsworthy material from the Mexican community in France (ay, Raza)
  • find tangents in the sociopolitical and cultural fabric of the Mexican diaspora in France
  • connect these with a double –and even a triple– sense in the message, just like the good people of Televisa en monitos¹ reflect in today’s “appropriated” sketch from Grupo Milenio®️.

and as this particular sopa de letras began to be served, Fat Elvis donned the Mexican Sundial Suit (his last mis–en–scene suit, by the way) and closed the year of 2014 for u.s..

And if you, [MONSIEUR LE PRÉSIDENT DU TRIBUNAL ADMINISTRATIVE À PARIS] are not a reader of this most non–consequential blog, then perhaps you missed the descent of an amalgamation of a Fat Elvis (at his worst in 1977) moonlighting as Alabama governor George Wallace in 1968, here’s the rendering of that menu in REAL TIME, not taped last week in a Hollywood lot.

Uncle Andy's Rice

Uncle Andy’s Rice .:. CFF27FE7-1F3A-4421-8296-DC64650E7745 🗣

… https ://monoaureo .com /2020/06/24 /temblor/

The Best People — Breaking the enlèvements contre rançons

Dear, Eugene Robinson… it’s twue, mister, it is TWUE! Donald John Trump lost his mojo with them Okies from Muskogee, mientras eso pasaba, Mike Barnicle, our most non-consequential blog opened up YET another Egyptian coincidence vase; check it out, Mister:

https ://pdf .20mn .fr /2020 /quotidien /2020 06 23_FRA.pdf

Los Hilos de Lencha*

Los Hilos de Lencha* .:. 5C589040-1C53-4B78-BEC0-959F76814EF7 🧮 * “Lencha” is the hypocorism, NOT “the apodo¹” of a person named as Lorenzo/a or, Florencia/o, such is the case with Florence Cassez, which “amigo” Gustavo, is a daily double hipocorístico of « Lencha Casas ».

¹ … as the “Ask a Mexican”, Tavo Arellano, identified here, in this stupidly insipid entry from February of 2007 titled: Why do Mexicans have such ridiculous nicknames?

Irma “La Investigadora”

Irma “La Investigadora” .::. 7DE96CB8-0D89-43A6-A075-4DC85908DC3A 📐🧮📎 Deer, “Ask a Mexican”, syndicated expert on Mexicans for the Republican Party in Orange County, California, look here —motherfucker— Eye is hoping that you, sir, in all of your mighty arsenal of punchlines made for the conservative W.A.S.P.ian mind set, that you sir, draw those sons-ov–bitches a picture that can capture how not just Mexicans, but full Red-Blooded Americans like John Mill Ackerman can earn their nicknames on two different languages and with the connotations assigned to the “code” for the given nickname in both tongues. Par example, Monsieur Le Président du Tribunal Administrative à ParisYou might recall, Madame ou Monsieur, that the Préfecture à Cité yanked (no pun intended) my Compétences et Talents Card when the husband ofla ratain the political cartoon in this frame arrived to France in 2014 to teach political seminars at La Sorbonne and Sciences Po.

Page 3
20 minutes
23 juin, 2020

Still to come, we continue with our interestingly succulent continuing coverage of:

Breaking News

Breaking News .:. EC45653E-90E4-4D6C-94B9-D156A73FA63C 🌋🗺🌊 ¡Alarma!

Taste The Notion
Comparative Analysis of French Magazines in the Second Decade of the 21st. Century A.D.

in this edition, öüï take a look [back] at black cowboys and criminal appropriation with the help of an old magazine that we [the staff] used to scribble on and, most important, make use of it, with the notion of a thing called the Fair Use Of Media. But FOist:

https ://www .theguardian .com /world /2020 /jun/23 /suffocating-french-delivery-driver-cedric-chouviat-last-words-george-floyd-case

Corralling the Flasbacks.

We’re calling for calm. France isn’t the United States, but France is becoming like the United States,William Bourdon, Attorney-at-law.

Of course you know, President Macron, that back when you were liberating the bus industry to compete for fare with the S.N.C.F., if we [the staff] had told Brontis à La Préfecture at Cité, that little by little, France would start to develop a sort of verisimilitude with both Mexico and the U.S. of A., Eye would have been told that there is already a template for it, and that it went by the title: The Death of French Culture. And of course, I would respond, sure, but this one has Sean Penn saving Mexico.


Transliterated and translated flashbacks for the current President of the 5th French Republic:

It is 133 days until the next U.S. General Election, do you know W.H.O. the next leader of the Free World is going to be by the time 2022 rolls around, Mr. Macron?

Covering the covers

This is not a front page cover calco of N° 3538 of 20 minutes™️France national edition, it’s just a coincidence de ventiladores in different varieties and power sources .:. 64A35CAB-73D9-4BF2-B79A-9B6F2910C5DD 🔄

—. https ://asegovia3 .com /2017 /03 /03 /requiem-appendix-cher-em/

—. https ://asegovia3 .com /2015 /09 /24 /24-de-septiembre-suburbio-de-la-eterna-primavera-iii-2/

In the back-burner… this is an InterMission


https ://podcasts .google .com /feed / Day 1215 Trump Claims He’s Taking Hydroxychloroquine as U.S. Tops 91,000 DeathsChilling details about how bugs get behind THE BLACK MIRROR, with Edward Snowden and some fellow across THE ATLANTIC.

Because Evry body from the people inside “the house”, friends invited into the house, and of course the Good People at the Paris Prefecture, the Mexican Foreign Service in France and the “ipsec” monkeys at Morning Joe, seem to know more details about my life (than Eye will ever know) Thank you Buzzfeed, and do say hello to Black Spy; ISSY, öüï sure miss them “hamburgers in paradise”.

Adventures in Nepotism

Adventures in nepotisim, sectarian politics, and the cult of “el pueblo bueno“… que odia, hace chapuza, y otras cositas que aquí, en este tan intrascendente blog no nos queda (al staff) espacio ni tiempo para (explotar) trabajar .::. 002E34E5-81A3-4869-9651-AFE850D5390D 🚂🦠✈️🇲🇽 Fourth Paragraph of Prof. John Mill Ackerman’s propaganda for his boss, the President of the Mexican United States: “We [the 4th Transformation] now allocate the support(s) for well-being starting from the base of the Social Pyramid and from D.A.R.E. towards its summit… donc, aquí se está tratando con el Volumen de apoyos repartidos, (.:.) öüï must first know how to arrive to figuring out the volume of said “support allocations” in order to then figure out what “El Moche” for every tier of la susodicha pirámide de la abundancia will be, but D.AT. in and of itself is achieved with a different formula (punto y coma) for all intentions and proportions focus on a cuadrilateral base, as the TROPE of don Andrés is a “Cuarta transformación”, not a triangle one (So), guide your layout with this formulario: V = 1/3 A(of  the base) multiplied by h _ “queremos construir la modernidad desde abajo, entre todos y sin excluir a nadie”, dice el Dr. Ackerman, que dijo su patrón.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /2020/05/18 /opinion /018a1pol

As a warning

If Allowed, Donald John Trump would put a patent on the Sun and direct all sunlight to his golf club [houses] and bed bug infested hotels around the globe. North Korea would of course receive Sunshine Units* as well. 

* Just like Hiroshima and Nagasaki did in the final days of WWII.

The Hollywood land zombies

Reeky good news, Mr. Meyer(s)… .::. 8E806BB1-B36A-4D3D-A669-9CD228DA397C 🌫 What she said. Αnd, Seth, don’t listen to CARL,it’s all in your head,” Gorillaz sang it best, pero sí: Eye gots SUNSHINE, or something like D.A.T..

Note to editors: Brian Williams, just called it, in Babylon Two it’s The 11th Hour on the pm dial of a Monday night experiment; in Paris (Babylon One) it’s Oh Five Hundred hours and there are 168 days before Donald John Trump can stop taking his PLACEBO pill to save face for sponsoring a drug that can kill “mortally obese” people like “his” excellency… AUSSI, “mice were not consulted”, in a glimmer of hope study for a life-saving vaccine. D.A.T. BriWi, always the zinger advocate.

Over at the justice department…

“Right about now,” any legal eagle who kissed the current Attorney General of them united states ass, should sleep comfortably knowing that you (motherfuckers) served as an « escalón » for that sonofavich’s daycare matriarch condescending way of speaking to taxpayers… William Barr is such a cunt.

This District is missing an Erre

This District is missing an Erre, Carmel(o) .::. 518F510B-537C-40E5-98AD-F5F486BD0856 🇲🇽 … just like El Nopal y los animalitos peleando.

Any how, mr. Stanton, wanna know how to spice a bland door like the one that you choose as background on the B.E.A.T… add Basil and Olive Oil if you can’t stand “picante”, not necessary Tabasco or Harissa from Carthage… Colombia, (la hache es muda).


Must show work section of the Intermission:

Exclusive File Photo of Attorney General Barr and his alternate universe nazi SciOps handler. Exhibit A:

The Pledge

William Barr’s initiation ceremony .::. 3A0612F1-CFAB-4950-9A68-10111FF92BD1 💉 Circa 1997. Buena Park, California.

… Hey, Ari Melver, whatcha know about fireplaces? Eye know that you just didn’t go D.A.R.E.! Lucky for you, counselor, öüï just got back the footage of that trip to Bill Gates chimney, so don’t go questioning the relief moulding on a “gas powered” chimney. Whatcha got against Art Nouveau, Willis! Here’s a chimney, Mr. Melver, that should be down wind from your Sound:

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It was 40 Years Ago today… yada, yada, yada.

Dear, Jennifer McNulty — Share this update on your UCSC Alumna story

30 de Abril, 2020
Día del Niño (México)
Plaza Se Sebó.

It's the impunity, stupid

It’s the political impunity, stupid! .::. A05DA529-C270-4DBC-88C2-5FB2DBEF57A7 🏰 Sure, political corruption is a problem, but because we’ve seen nepotism at all levels, and in practically all sectors of an economy (on both sides of The Atlantic) it is easier to control a vermin infestation (in the PUBLIC SERVANT/Lobbyist sector) than to eradicate the corruption of RATAS. It’s not symbolic, it’s not sarcastic, it is Visceral (of course) Eddie Gloude, Jr..

Digression for Princeton University, La Sorbonne, and El Paso Community College:

Anyhow, professor Gloude, there is a reason why your name is invoked, but this is not the Act nor the scene to spill the beans…. spoil the beans on that trope, instead, if you ever make it to The Rachel Maddow Show, please relay to her that Eye kind of get goose bumps when she covers the meat processing stories coming out of the places where more than HALF of the population of little Mexican towns such as, San José de Las Panochas, Durango, (por decir) emigrated to, but then Eye remembers that Tyson, in Gómez Palacio, Durango was, in the early 2000 using the soil where COTTON FIELDS once rotated and flourished along with GRAPE, cantaloupe and watermelon fields, to dump the chicken blood and used chemicals that were spent in the industrialization of Chicken Nuggets, and other assorted chlorinated poultry. ANYHOW, Eddie Gloude, Eye cannot, öüï repeat, Eye cannot summarize 80 years of systematic deterioration of the Mexican (time and space) fabric; let alone explain all of the Quarks … explain all of the Quirks and dangling particles that have delivered this most tragic scene on that dare South of The Border terrain, and for the Record, don Leo, this is what the very French call, “de-constructive criticism”:

Coming up en la pendeja....

Coming up en “la pendeja” .::. 5B86DB9A-186D-400B-84BB-DA211C5AB1B6 🚂✈️🏍🔫
—_•!_•— 🎵🎶🎵🎶
Esto es un asalto chido
Saquen las carteras ya
Bajense los pantalones,
Pues los vamos a “basculear”

El profeta de el nopal.

https ://old. reddit .com /r /mexico /comments /gaee5h/trabajadores_que_entregaban_despensas_en_irapuato/


This section is reserved for University of California (system) students who might come to Paris, France, (like in 2012) to study “Mexican Calaveras” and other assorted CHICANO rarities abroad (Night and Day, baby; Jour et Nuit —75015)…

Issy, OCTUBRE tenía que ser

PAGO EN ESPECIE —Issy, negro Corazón, OCTUBRE tenía que ser… Santa Cruz (The Lost Boys) la tenía que exportar: SANTA MUERTE meets Surfer Calavera! Heck, Showtime even did a mash–up of the CHÁVEZ Ravine struggle with “La Santa Muerte”; antropólogos de la Universidad de Moreno Valley (Kalifornia) trazaron los “hilos” d’ese show a un estaquillo de parafernalia de “La Niña Blanca”.

RELAPSO A LAS “Estupidas Calaveritas” (2011-2012) de Freddy Cats, en Montreuil–s/Bois (93100) y el “alcance” del brazo de los agentes de la Embajada de México en Francía.