Dear, Senator McCaskill… Jesús, that motherfucker, was a Communist.

Los hilos de Sasha. The Devil is in the Mephistopheles de Los Zodíaco en Cuernavaca, Botzaris…

It’s Primetime in Hilo, Hawaii, where thee Da Vinci Moon 🌙 has nothing to do with Florence, even though Vinci is, as Toscanini knows, in Toscana and Florence, as the BENDITA agence france presse knows, will forever be tied to G.G. Luna en Nueva York, New York.

Great 🦈 White goes here…
Sirens who know

Afterglow… never mind them daft punks with the Helmet, they drink Mimosas for breakfast.

Know that IT!,
Is an Amazon’s favorite.

Here are the spirits that youse gonna need, Issy, wüėrã…youse gonna need a Hurricane Glass:


1 oz. (30ml) Spiced Rum 🏴‍☠️
2 oz. (60ml) Blue Curacao 🇨🇼
4 oz. (120ml) Pineapple 🍍 Juice
Splash Ginger 🫚 Beer 🍺
Garnish: Pineapple 🍍 Leaves/Cherry 🍒

‘member now, Claire, Jésus owes mi Five bucks… and that’s the thing about Scripture, it has no PRIME numbers in its para-bolas. It’s the top of The First, and Nicolle Wallace has not even screamed at the Teleprompter to, “delete” its Twitter™️™️™️ account.

¿Alfonsina?… Eye never paid-her them Five bucks that she lent, Mí. Dommage.


After Dawn makes her orbit, it’s another edition of our femina section, “Viejas Feas!”, in the meantime, here’s Claire and friends, featuring Katie Phangs and Katty Kay.


1 de Septiembre — Los Hijos de Sánchez “Feels So Good »

Season 2 EP 11; Fast track to the

Los Lunas Pinto League.

Starring, Denisa Kerschova as “Santanico Pantimonio”, catch’er after Dusk en El Cinito Mexicano, casi ESQUINA 📐 con La Tuna, en AntonyTexas.

Attention, camp:

Producciones Georgina Moreno y FRANCIA TV presentan: Eye sees your CoCorocos and Öüï raises you “The Chicken who Came Home to Lille”, roost back at’Ya! Bitches!

El primo de Miguel Gleason²… ISSY, you must RéMember these, and also, Raphael Morán at —proceso de radio france international— without forgetting about “las embajadoras de Jorge Saldaña en Francia”, because the Three Eh-jez on this journey are:

— Presunto Culpable
— L’affaire Cassez
— Corruption en La Alternancia democrática de Los Amigos de Jean-Luc Mélenchon

With that in Mind, hoy no hubo Jazz, puro asalto en la terraza Puebla, Paris 19, allí no’mas subiendo por Bolívar (sin acento) y bajando por Botzaris 🚅.  Al otro lado de la colina está la guarida de Juanito Guanavacoa, el muy sujeto optó por refugiarse a un lado de Miguel Y Costilla de Hidalgo.

Yeah, let Mí, tell Ewe how “l’Abondance” llegará con los PeriStroikas¹ mientras Atlas Shrugs.

¹~. AKA Los Hijos de Sánchez en Longchamps de Las Víctorias.

En este informe de la cuarta transformación, El Parquecito de Buttes-Chaumont sera la cede del Campeonato de béisbol de Andrés Manuel López Obrador en donde el equipo triunfador entre Los Lunas Pintos y los Chinos Felones de Diamond Bar se medirá las medias y los « cleats », pronounced like (así, así, ay’Haaaaa 💋) con Las Tunas de San Antony de las panochas.


Tailored fit anaconda included… but the clientèle must be in Hilo, Hawaiian Twilight Time.


This is September’s Bulletin Board, 🎵Do Ewe, Member, Mi? It does Knot Matter ♻️… Thermodynamics is a pré-requis for a little PINK Card de Séjour at Cité, with Alejandro Jodorowski’s son, Bruno BRONTIS³ starring as the fellow behind the desk and the fingerprint Güatcha’madge-ig—IT!

³~. Agent Stephanie Menou’s superviseur at The Process of the préfecture.


Ate Theys a Week — Wednesday is the God of Boom 🎺

This is what the Speed of Sound sounds like: doc-doc-doc Doctor Beat, it’s the end of an Earned Run Average, or ERA for Ayn Rand’s hippies.

Tipper Gore is a Devil Worshipper, and isn’t, IT!, ironic… Twisted Sister told you so.

Dear, Beto O’Rourke, from the bottom of Chicos Tacos®️ pleased be advised that la próxima telenovela on Telemundo Miami is a synthesis of Los Hijos de Sanchez and Atlas Shrugged.

Open This Gate:

Mr. Putin… Open This {GATE} mooooooo!