ARMG 101 — 6 Cr. Hrs… “Ven, para que veas en dónde terminan las revoluciones¹”

¹~. Pablo Gleason, outside of Cinéma Christine (75006) in 2013… Igual pudo haber dicho, “en dónde acaban”


Continued from the set of Breaking Bat y KHAN!!!

In this section, öüï examines the parallels between Jessie Pinkman [Breaking Bad, El Camino] and Jerry WetBack

Yup! It’s the old Cut a Woman in Half trick, Issy, “It’s Knot one of dos”.


Paris, France _ Öüï only knows that Mí knows jack diddley squat when it comes to National Sports They in France, but the movement of “patty wagons” throughout the Villa de Isis, is a sure sign that this little piggy went to the market.

At sundown, El Teatro de los dos pueblos was a Gypsy wagon camp with musketeers double-parked like niçois-es-esse. Anyhow, tomorrow the Cité de Avocats closes their 10th edition at the explanada of the HdV. At about 250 steps due N🧭 cinéma Mexique goes on to Columbus They eve’s, coincidence? You bet your bestias.

Which, brings us back to last week edition of the Juanito Guanabacoa spiel.

You can see the resemblance in the clouds of the Frame up above 👆.


Öüï last left the producers of the Johnny Guanabacoa’s Show selling their soul possessions on a French-touch garage sale, and Armando Lénin kindly rejected making “the lifetime achievement award” trip to The Trocadéro, by kindly referring to French journalists “as having the fame of being the most prestigious in the world”; Tocayo… yo tengo otros datos de LOS AMIGOS de Pablo Gleason en La Iglesia de Proust.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2022/10/07 /estados /sepultaron-ayer-a-17-de-las-victimas-en-totolapan/

It’s a double header matinée in France, featuring El Movimiento por La Paz con Justicia y Dignidad.

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