Los hilos de Mariana X. Rivera en el museo de la hipocresía migratoria de La Porte Dorada de Vincennes

WAR… Why can’t Öüï be Friends?

Ensayo de Vida… if youse out of Schlitz, Ewe is out of Schiltz’-es-ese… 🍻

Où en suis-je, à présent, avec les personnes à la rue ?

The current situation overwhelms me, too many people stranded on in our Central Paris sidewalks.

Georges informa 🦁 y nosotros CoteJamos.

Every day, new faces are added to the old ones I’ve spotted or,  recognized¹ from La Bagagerie. Some make a fleeting appearance, others come and go, others disappear.

¹~. In translation there are adaptations, this one here, doña Schiltz is one of Em#.

https ://primicia24 .com /contenido /le-northeast-cartel-a-envoye-un-message–cordial–a-amlo

The Things You Have To Do For Money — Live Killers.


Freddy Mercury to Marie-Ange Schiltz en, Communication… 5 Euros.

With all due respect, we remind the good people of El Excelentísimo señor Asvazadourian at the DRSD*, and to the gentleman of the CDG, also the new kids on the block of the CDNE, but SPECIFICALLY a LOS MILITARES MEXICANOS destacados en la Embajada de México en Longchamps (PARIS), and of course the CIA, The FBI and, Katty Kay, —the BBC, and B.B. King, that:

Peñoles gets a free get out of Hell card good for 96-hours.

The unfortunate passing of Sinead McNamara, a crew member aboard the yacht, is a tragic chapter in the yacht’s history… SUCCESSION aside, the yatch used to belong to don Alberto Baillères. The yacht is now owned by his family… which probably explains the benevolence. No doubt that someone in the Baillères family is going to get foreclosed on the inheritance, which includes El Cerro de Las Noas en proximidad con San José de Las Panochas, en La Zona del Silencio en La Sierrita.

*~. Hofstein, C., ”Les espions tres discrets de la DRSD“, reportage. Le Figaro Magazine, 16 et 17 juin 2023, pp. 42-48 en La Folie BEATLES, par Paul McCartney.

Dig it.
The communique highlighted the French Touch of the cartel propaganda adding, « [A]t the end, as if it were a diplomatic message between government representatives, the cartel member said: “Without further ado, we await a response from you and we send you our cordial greetings. Sincerely, your safe servants of the Northeast Cartel” ».

I do not select the news cycles nor its para-lelos 

Previously on, ¡Qué LINDO Caga El Señor! Followed by Reed’s classic, Sex With Your Parents, it’s Adrien Brody in SUCCESSION, for the record, Eye will watch Brody in anything that he manifests his fina Estampa de torero that he is Cast on.

https ://www .superyachtfan .com /fr /yacht /mayan-queen/

¿Alló Silver*? El Llanero de Las Flores… Tonto 🪶.

*~. Based on Ke-mo sah-bee’s all-out expose of The Lone Ranger. In other WO’ids, fuck GOLDBERG (Ewe Ho) y que viva SILVERMAN, Sarah.

And, Mika Brzezinski, don’t call that glorified Disney ride an “expedition”… unless your French 🇵🇱 relatives at the Immigrants Museum of Haute Couture recognize the women from Mariana X. Rivera’s reality show as a trade, and not just a Samaritaine’s hipster item.

-https ://www .proceso .com .mx /internacional /2023/6/23 / james-cameron-dit-que-la-recherche-du-submersible-titan-etait-un–canular cauchemardesque–

— And, my condolences, thoughts and prayers are with the French millionaire who’s sleeping with them Fishes. And no, señor Excmo., i don’t mean your compatriota de Haute-Savoie next to the ghost of JACK Dawson, —Jacques!, and in the words of Mel Brooks in History of The World Part Two, “not that one”. I’m talking about them Poissons’.

In Memory of Roe v. Wade. Yes we’re going to a private clinic.



Synopsis: Émilie Munera goes to the Point Neuf and buys a French-made huipil from Pharell Williams who coincidentally is now in the business of recycling Red ❌ Cross thermal blankets for his Louis Vuitton strip show.

But FO’ist!!!

It’s Pass The Dutchie Darmanino³,
you son-of-a-piggy en Matignon.

³~. Geraldo Darmanino is the illegitimate basterd’son of Senator John “Bluto” Blutarski (R-FLA) and some french whore from Saint-Tropez.

Hilarity ensues when La Kerschovas does not approve and Willie Geist gets a Guayabera from Lula 🇧🇷 en Libération.

Hand gestures 101 — intro to hand gesture interpretation

    Pivot < ~ > toviP , and mister Lacan, how about that John Heileman visiting the “Au pied de cochon” and not stopping-by to say hi. Definitely a weak-ass Bud.

A Beautiful Number : 3³  


Three times FO’ is a full suppa’, suckas³! … “[G]ot Xnge fo’ a hundred³?

³~. Plural of sucka.

Ouest side radio, 🎶 👁️ went to the 📻 station and Eleanor Rigby was listening to the Tuba playing that tune about the priest, Father Spuds Mackenzie or some wanker’s surname with a faggety skirt on.

Rufus Apostille de Vermeille 🌇

People WHO know, know that the best tense is the one about El SUBjuntivo PREsente 🎁 de Io… 🌌

World Expo follows.


Subjuntivo presente

yo : muja
tú : mujas
él/ella/usted : muja
nosotros/nosotras : mujamos
vosotros/vosotras : mujáis
ellos/ellas/ustedes : mujan
vos : mujas

³~. Ask any lacaño stuck at any of the wards of Sainte-Anne Hospital in Paris, Texas.

https ://www .ussoccer .com /2023/06 /concacaf-nations-league-semifinal-usmnt-3-mexico-0-match-

*~. Ask Mexican presidential candidate, Claudia Sheinbaum, but don’t tell her challenger at The Cervantes Institute in Paris, France, because Marcelo will have to most likely swallow.


Tacos chinos de Xicali en el Beaubourg — DAFT Tacos de Ensenada

Earlier in the transmission:

The California Pinto League, at Chino Heights just across from the 🤙 Loma Linda Crooks ✌️, is proud to welcome The Pharmer John’s Conspiracy Convict Tabernacle Choir from Oh, Hi-O’ into the Phrame.


Oh, that’s Foul Territory: please stand for The National Anthem, get yer’ Crackers, Jacques.


Featuring, The Sopranos and the new version of CARMEN at the Bpi, ladies in Gemini please clap yo’palms FO’, Patty “red crotch” PETIBON!!!!

Now, to be perfectly fair I don’t believe that el Lic. Carlos Prieto, curador del montaje en Mexicali selected (himself) the Original Score (ONE MORE TIME by Daft Punk) for the clip about the ballad, or the legend, or el cuento chino about an unspecified number of Asian people that apparently lost their life, or were murdered, or disappered near an inactive volcano named CERRO PRIETO near the coast lines of el Golfo de California.

Y no, Catherine BIZERN at the 45th EDITION of RÉEL 2023 on the bottom part of the Beaubourg, NO!I don’t blame Mr. Prieto for the poor choice of music selected to introduce a regional landmark that like it or not, defines a big LOT of the history of Mexicali at the dawn of the last century in Mexico, instead I blame the staff at “La Gaceta UABC”, and so the staff of “La Gaceta³” leaves me with no other choice but to dance to the beat that Mexicali plays, if nothing more and for no particular reason because this here motherfucking trip started at the end of “La Ruta Centenario | Bicentenario de la Independencia de México y de la Revolución Mexicana », in 2010 when the French in L.A. said « d’accord, entrez », tenga su pinche visa profesional, ahora Sr. Segovia, cuéntenos una de VAQUEROS en Francia… mais il faut diresil vous plaît“.

³~. Quite possibly a godson or daughter of the alternating political powers in Mexicali, to call it nepotism is just TO DISCONTINUE the challenge of LOOKING at MEXICO in the EYE and relay to MARCELO EBRARD: I Gotcha, Bitch!

Problematizando en Cachanilla, anyhow, Susana PubEda, don’t tell Emily “tu paisana” Munera, but the chino in question was named Rodolfo, and every one in the region referred to him by his first name, and the life in Yellow 🟡 life that he lead.

HOWEVER, Camaron Cachanilla, I will dock you a THEY’s PAY for “proposing problems” and quite possibly, “nappin’ on the job”.

Produced by Nick Gold, from the cancelled visa at The Buenavista Social Club…

¡Es cosa del otro Jueves!

For context, little ol’Eye had the opportunity to shop at Mr. Chong’s general merchandise store in a little railroad stop smacked in the middle of El Bolsón de Mapimí between San José de Las Panochas and, Ceballos, Durango; the doorway to La Zona del Silencio antes de arribar a YERMO, antes de Escalón.

Mr. Chong sold his store right after López Portillo nationalized the banks and the Chong’s, as I remember moved to Torreón… [ in case youse wondering³ what this post has to do with Mr. Prieto’sCerro PrietoExpo en Mexicali, Baja California, just two weeks ago…] anyhow, years later, at least two decades after Mr. Chong emigrated from the Ejido to El Pueblo de Torreón, i saw Mr. Chong, but in another form. His descendants took his body back to that Ejido en El Bolsón de Mapimí and buried his rests there. So to answer Juanito Guanavacoa’s son in Canada, ‘YES’ Juanito J.R., you may Copy-Paste the text and knowing your kind, o sea, pinches chilangos, I know that you are going to claim it —now that your daddy is French,— for yourself. Enjoy motherfuckers.

³~. https ://humanitas .uanl .mx /index .php /ah /article /view /1733# :~:text =LA MASACRE OLVIDADA: LA MATANZA DE CHINOS EN TORREÓN

Why would you look at Em nombres.

So, with that out of the güey, let’s talk about xenophobia, and for that we begin at the Latin American House in Paris, France, where Jorge Harmodio, an ex-patriado from Mexicali, Lower California, to that lovely pueblo donde se dan los corruptos y lambiscones —llamado— Ecatepec, Edo. de México, is standing by with Ely Guerra; —Julieta Venegas, from San Diego, California, is in Burdeos at another of MARCELO Ebrard’s presidential campaign events (in 2011).


And starring as Dora The explorer: Pundita Bonita

Never mind The Bollocks, BREXIT has left The Onion.

And starring as La Negra*


*~. 🇦🇷 Mercedes Sosa interpreting El canto de 🇬🇹Rigoberta Menchu:

1876: The U.S. recommends all native tribes to evacuate themselves to the land assigned to them by the Washington commanders.

🃏 — we now return to our Strip Texas Hold’Em# Poker Stars 🤩.


Mientras tanto en 🇬🇹 Guatemala, white phosphorus is better than pyres, and this is where 🇵🇪 Dora 🇺🇸 meets “Condorito”, whose spirit recently left the Dallas Metropolitan Zoo on under 🙈  mysterious 🙊 circumstances, hilarity 🐒 ensues when a quirky Colomboesque* type with a pair of solid ❤️ hearts ❤️walks into The Fountain at the Rockefeller/Comcast Rainbow Lounge.

https ://www .nytimes .com /2023 /01/22 /us /dallas-zoo-vulture-dead .html

*~. Of, “The Never Ending Story”, “Just One More Thing”, Falk 🕵️.

1980:  Guatemala City …several political dissidents and indigenous peasants storm and take control of the 🇪🇸 Spanish embassy to protest against the genocidal treatment that the local natives called 🗿 The Mayas are going through.

Just some good ‘ol boys…

🗿~. Actual “Maya” stoner head according to the PANCHO VILLA CODEX.

At noon the Guatemalan police enter the embassy and proceed to burn the indigenous locals with white phosphorus. 36 die inside of the SPANISH embassy.

1922 : la police 🇪🇸 espagnole disposera de 💨 gaz asphyxiants, 🐕‍🦺 de chiens, de 📯 sifflets et de ♣️ gourdins métalliques faciles à utiliser.

Two people survive, one being the 🇪🇸embajador Máximo Cajal López (1935-2014) and the 🇬🇹 peasant Gregorio Iujá-Shoná (who will be kidnapped from his hospital bed on the same night and TORTURED by a Guatemalan version of Juanito Guanabacoa, until GREGORIO dies).

https ://asegovia3 .com /2018/08/24 /coming-up-dead-elvis/

Cover letter, o como dicen los franceces-es-es, Motivational Mémoire for the job of janitor³ at Futuro Media.

Con la ausente participation de Amanditititita²… Día 🇪🇸 e en la ñ del Instituto Cervantes y el ayuntamiento del Distrito Federal en los 🇲🇽 EEUUMM.


³~. As a pre-cursor to the so-called “dreamer” generation in France (2011-now) i can attest that one must be FRENCH to get a job in media (anywhere in the Globe)… and there’s a reason for that.


Hold a bachelor’s degree in FrancoPhonies studies from the HEROIC University of Veracruz ☄️.

¹~. 💥 2013 –in 🇲🇽 Mexico City an explosion occurs in the ⛽ PEMEX 💸 Executive 🐭 Tower , leaving a total ☠️ 36 dead and 🤕 100 wounded.

Just the facts – Dora, are you now, or have you ever been a “terraka” del Sendero de Lumière en Saint—Germaine-des-Press de la rue Guillaume ?


elDorado¹ de 🦁 Sciencespo 🦊, featuring 🇲🇽 Alejandro Poiré as Harrison Phord in the role of an archeologist at the Bibliothèque public d’infomercials (sans social media) Georges Pompidou; musical guest, ALICE COOPER.

1977 – en París se inaugura el Centro Pompidou… ¿en dónde está la biblioteca?

Dear, Antonia and Janice, the answer to the opening question of your Dora l’Exploradora popularity contest is always, Frida. Not J.Lo, not. Not Dora, — it’s Frida 💅, period…

In this section of the plan Öüï covers a review of a Latinx “oldie but goodie” from the same WASP executives at Nickelodeon  that brought you Jimmy Neutron and, … [pause] … —BLEU Clues!!! 🐶.

Only a fool would say that, Dan… solo un tonton diría eso, Dora.

2020 🇬🇧 The United Kingdom’s membership within the 🇪🇺 European Union ceases in accordance with Article 50, after 47 years of being a member state.


All Hallows Eve antesala, 30 de octubre

Humidity for skeptics at the piano… La Version EF, as in EF Ewe France Musique!!!

Is this sweaty 🥵 enough for your Excellency.


Mañana es Mexican Halloween en la casita de l’América latina, after that, it is Jim Morrison They à Peré Lachaise… en bicicleta 💀💀💀

Chile refugiado es… chile domesticado.


México es más fácil que Brasil

Context??? Do you really need the fucking context?



https ://www .radiofrance .fr /francemusique /podcasts /la-tribune-des-critiques-de-disques/danse-macabre-de-franz-liszt -2997297

Y, Francisco Belmont, la Samba es así, en primer lugar, chinguen a su madre TODOS y Todas los mexicanos y las mexicanas en Francia, porque si como buenos mexicanos que SON, se van a apropiar de la Niña Blanca, pues entonces hijos de puta, tendrán que reconocer que en MÉXICO, todo mexicano y mexicana son hijos de La Malinche… especialmente esos pinches guías de turistas en la Sorbona.

La diferencia entre militares en RFPP right NOW, SADLY, rfpp does not replays their transmissions in order to deny any PARTICIPACIÓN en la formación de Gendarmes Mexicanos en Tamaulipas por LA SORBONA 🇫🇷🇲🇽

Formación de “perritos fieles” en el CONSEJO DE GUERRA de Sonora y Sinaloa via El Golfo de MONTERREY.

Patrocinado por “mi general Cienfuegos” en Los Ángeles, California… vía, El Triángulo Dorado de Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

Ahora, para que a SoFy Velasco no se le desbielen las trompas de Fillipati 🏁, déjame pues, Juanito GuanaVAcoa, hacer una Tan Gente con Gerardo Belmont en El Quinto Patio de La Maldita Panadería en Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua…


… and Eye, quotes: like some Cat from Japan

Don’t stop on account of my LITHIUM status… Catch you on the Cunt-down.

… Let It Rain. If only the Paris Tourism Board had the Tickets to the Magic Bus.

Nordaka… it’s all Greek to Episcopalians at The Washington Post.


And, Cousin Joe… never mind the Missing ARROW en La Diana de La Colonia Roma†, en la CDMX, Eye borrowed it to STITCH the 8 on my patch.


~. https ://monoaureo .com /2022/08/28 /el-proceso-de-kafka/

of course, cualquier Monero puede enlazar a Kay… but mister, Calderón, can you triangulate the SPECTACLE en la maldita vecindad y darle la vuelta a La Glorieta de EDF en La Reforma de las Fuentes de la cazadora?

I can, and mister Calderon, we’re covering 2011, Aquarius is in full Swing y su tocayo de apellido acaba de boicotear a Florence Cassez y, por si sobrará más… Amandititititita’s dream of singing “El Mamón” para los Amigos de México en Francia valió, purititititito Ete 🌶️.


https ://www .losreporteros .mx /paco-calderon-el-clasista-monero-de-reforma-que-cobraba-mas-de-300-mil-pesos-por-hacer-guiones-durante-el-sexenio-de-felipe-caldero /?amp

Rocket Man and The Jets.

Yada, yada, Yoda 🤺

Context follows

Sombras nada mas. Sol Is y que te lleve La Corriente. Starring Georgina Moreno.


In the sunshine of your Flag.

Houston… Kurt is being an asshole with the Lithium dose, and the HOLE in his brain is Knot helping.

Serena morena… If fip can overlook the Virgule, doña Cata can overlook the apostrophe.


Intermedio con Adrienne El Rod~riguez

in Hilo, Hawaii it’s 32 past the Hour (number 9 am/pm…knot a division an add the Parisian am to the hÎlian pm and you get 18; 1+ 8 = 9, it checks out; now multiply: 9 am x 9 pm= 81 ∴ 8 + 1 = 9 ✅ please.


After the They breaks, Öüï introduces Ana Anabitarte³ of El Universal de El País en La Jornada to Camilo Lara, of La Commission del Sonido Institucionalizado de CARLOS SLIM.

³.~ “¿Técnico en mantenimiento‽ ESSO no existe”

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /2021/12/20/

In related SOPAS, Allende opened “Las grandes alamedas” en La Rayuela de La Jornada.

SANTIAGO_  Zbigniew Brzezinski was ratified by an empty Chamber of Congress (in Washington) as the next ambassador to Chile.
https ://www .aljazeera .com /news /2021/12/20 /gabriel-boric-wins-chiles-presidential-election

Polack go home!
… [I]n a reversal of status Brzezinski’s son, Mika’s brother, finally succumbs to the jeers of his peers at La Sorbonne and returns to Africa… no wait, Poland, Mika’s Brother returns to Poland.

https ://www .vox .com /2021/12/18 /22843610 /senate-confirmation-votes-ambassadors-judges-schumer-cruz-hawley

Hoy no hubo session, at Le Petit Bain. Those fuckers are wrapping up their 10th Year Anniversary and SONY MUSIC in “Collabo” with BMG Arista en Columbia Records is mixing all of “the hits”. And if YOUSE been to PARIS, you know that Ratatouille only knows how to prepare “ONION SOUP” and nothing else. Can’t really blame that poor rat, he got a scholarship to attend the College de Rats at the prestigious Left WING of Le Palais de La Découverte at Paris 8th, and Onion Soup is all that the “cadre” there teach.

Uso justo de La Jornada de Hernández hoy… Triumph of the Will’s, or Memo’s at Viña del Mar. In a related note, Dignity Colony will remain a remnant of a by-gone era, for now.

And Camilo Lara… que dice doña Josephine Baker³ que “el Blue Demon” no es como lo pintan…
this version, of “el Luchador” is 10 years old, just like

this snapshot of Ewe:
https ://i0 .wp .com /asegovia3 .com /wp-content /uploads /2016/03 /la-bancc83era-de-camilo-version-3.jpg?ssl=1

³.~ And, Camilo, i bet that the sycophants (lèche-bottes) in your Parisian entourage del CIRCO del 2011 think that this post is about you… “Hi!, you might remember Mí from, » the Latin American House à Saint Germain~des~Press, classic, “Ely Guerra told you so” and “Julieta Venegas Dropped a Bomb: Amandititita is not coming, y’all.

And over at Morning Mika’s Little House on the Baltic Shore :

Witt, D.A.T. in mind, Amb. BrzezinskiKURWA! It’s a post, knot a CHATEAU… AND don’t Ewe foget, It!

“No one i think is in my Three »

TimeStamp 18:53… and Eye quotes living is easy WITT EYES closed and Monica Alva… please stand-by. Eye will bury Paul in the next selfie with them Mexicans at the White House, but right now, Julieta Venegas is going to transliterate the former “AP” politico guy, Jonathan LeMire’s « London calling » with some TIJUANA NO! version of the Doors of Perception in TKT and some “Spanish Bombs… yo te quiero infinito »… vía LE HAVRE, and Jonathan Le Mire, here’s why, you son-of-a-bitch!!! Pleybol!!!

Öüï begins off-course with the Mexican National Anthem {in the Spirit of Pérez Prado}…

But FO’ist, BREAKING THE NEWS for Alanis Morrisette: YOU DID IT BITCH!!!

The United States of America is the FO’ist to seat a Black Woman as president of the América*

* It’s only temporary while Mr. Biden has his unmentionables checked… or something like that portería that LA Jornada is talking about.


¡KARAMBA, Kamela!!! Hallie Jackson is going to have a Field They!

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2021/11/19 /mundo /biden-se-sometera-a-colonoscopia-traspasara-el-poder-a-kamala-harris/

O como dijo Malcolm X: by any MEANS necessary… sorry Eye mispelled your name, Öüï is going by AMLO standards… ‘member now, Jonathan LeMire
unlike the Three Amigos, Eye speaks with a Mexican accent.

And, Politico LEmire… Victoria De Francesco Soto is delivering them bombs in the role of “Entrecôte” Venegas, which happens to be French for Julieta Venegas in San Diego, California… right before The Road To Escondido and that ARROGANT BASTARD ale headquarters… that’s where them PADRES play.

Witt D.A.T. in mind, Mal{a}raux{ment} it is time to roost the chickens into El Patron’s coop.


Brothers and sisters, don’t believe the HYPE !!! Ewe is going to need more than a mere « hour and a half » to transliterate the story along the perimeter of the Grand Palace in Paris, France. The “Little Palace” on the other side of the tracks, that Öüï can do in the flick of an EYE. Like that Victoria that Georges Brassens just had in Oklahoma, and Victoria, them Okies don’t even know who Le Gorille is.

https ://edition .cnn .com /2021/11/18 /us /julius-jones-oklahoma-execution-decision /index .html

And fip Siren, thanks for the Songs for ELeNa, not to be confused with the ELiTes de France, and if YOU ara in on the JOKE {then} you know that that is my source.


Wait, what? When did Guadacanal became “Guad”?

¡Julieta!!! ¡Julieta! Con una chingada… see what happens when the LatinEx get creative with their names! C’mon MANnnnnn! What ever happened to ‘LUPE’, Guad? You make Guadaloupe sound like Armand, without the, Oh—my goodness.

Actually, Gov. Newsom (D-CA), the “Honorable” Roger T. Benitez has a point, the “Assault Rifle 15” is kind of like a Swiss Army Bank, yeah buddy, that tool is neutral and only cares about filling its $AFES. —_*•!•*_— Judge Benitez: MY MIDDLE FINGER SALUTES YOU… pronounced like this: 🖕🏼 Goooooooo, Shoe-Leatherman™️

Hay te MANDO un saludo, Guad… from The Empty Stands at this Baseball Memorial Field at the HHC and Headquarters of The Île–de–France, Knot “La France,” but “de—France ».

Take it from Mí (that motherfucker) “When You’re a French Director”, Evry body is a Weed, man! —•!•— Take, Luke, for example, unlike his brother he refused to drop the “ke” and [thus] turning his first name into a “Luc” (punto y coma) Owen on the other hand, didn’t have a problem going to bed with “Woody” and changing his nomenclature to OUEN… pronounced: Oh-When! With an exclamatory point blank in Paris.

— ¡Julieta!, Come quick, June (wife of Jupiter) is being a dick at The Golden Corral, and if you are in on the Joke, “you get a massage, you get a massage, you get a massage, etc, etc, etc,…” Aux J.J. Arms.

Hola, Guapa, i bet you think this Post is about you, eh? But in the paraphrased words of Gael García Bernal on an interview with the guy from The Faber Book of Cinema, “the closest that this post is going to get to Hollywood is Tijuana,” no⁉️ La verdad, Julieta, es de que nos colgamos de tu visita a Francia en el 2011, only to remind our non-readers that Öüï is not jumping on any “band wagon” when it comes to covering the visit of Vice-President Harris to Chapultepec.

“Genial” mis huevos rancheros de Fauci… What’s next don Calderón… pots and pans translations for those en La Vereda Tropical, because if IT! is, then my favorite black musician is “Toña La Negra”, just don’t tell the good Rev. Al Sharpton or that motherfucker is going to want Mí, to paint him Angelitos Negros.

ESPECIALLY, Julieta, if Eli Guerra considers that “the guy” who paid your trip to la rue de Saint Germain-des-Prés”, and “not Andrés Manuel López Obrador,” [Jorge Harmodio dix it] turned out to have the same sort of spine that is required to make it in the Swiss Army Knife industry.

Witt D.A.T. in mind, Julieta, and before i switch IT! over to the good people of Aguascalientes (France24) TV, please be advised that Fenster the copy editor is going to narrate the Bottom of the Second, next at bat is the fip . fr programming director… but just who in the Monty Python Flying-fucking Circus is this fucking “programming director?”, well, here’s a picture of the actor who is going to interpret that SumBitch:

Ladies in Gemini, the one and only, Ed Harris.

Yada yada Yada and Amnesty International [place-holder follows.]

… [A]nd ALICE Meléndez… thanks for going with Alicia, now jump to June the 7th.

14 de febrero — Today’s Color Trend: Turquesa

El martes, ni te cases ni te embarques…

El contexto de La Victoria² sobre la propaganda, particularmente en los tiempos cuando generales en uniforme impartían las clases de medicina. Al regresar: las noticas de hoy con: Hey, Hallie Jackson.

El impresionismo de las 2 Victorias.
TimeStamp: las Mil horas,
con Veinte minutos
—en El Cotton Club de París.

[  ScreenGrabs ↑ and  ↓ SnatchedAudio, ↓  might follow  ]…

…es interesante [Paco] en el sentido más triste de que esas mismas tácticas de desinformación a la población … se mantenga manipulada“. El Est-hablish_Ment, nos cuenta la Victoria en RFPP [en La Emisión Américas] “provoca una manipulación Ahb_SOLuta de la información“.

Para mayor información sobre este rollo: consulte la programación de la Victoria los domingos por rfpp . net

Al regresar:
Los mundos paralelos de David S. Jaggard¹ y el Café de Eugène,
en la calle del  jamón aguado. Chuleta Venegas, reporta.

—| _

Hameau. En Francés quiere decir Aldea, o algo así. Pero en los mundos paralelos de David S. Jaggard, la “yuxtaposición ilógica” de los carteles [no los cárteles, eso es otra cosa] nos transporta a otros dix-ion_harios, unos que a lo mejor Juanito Guanavacoa aún no termina de anexar en su glosario de groserías y antónimos no aptos para menores de edad, y entonces “Hameau” se vuelve una especie de calco franglish, o franglais con la memoria de un hispano.

[ Foto del las memorias de un hispano rebanando una pierna de jamón serrano durante un concierto de Julieta Venegas
y-otra-co_la_bora-dora de Bernardo Gómez, en Los Campos Elíseos —en procesoo con Anne-Marie Mergier. ] 

Resulta que el viaje y la tarea que comenzó hace ya seis años, por fin llega a su conclusión. Ese fue el acuerdo original. Seis años en dos etapas; y luego, pues los requisitos de esa visa privilegiada estipulaban que el invitado se tiene que regresar a su país de origen para poner el nombre de la República Francesa, —como decía Jorge Saldaña: en alto. Pero… pues, no se lo crean al que ahorita todavía aquí escribe [oda, a Víctor Trujillo formally known as Brozo; El Payaso Tenebroso, en TélèVisa] revisen The Internet Machine ustedes mismos para informarse sobre el programa temporal migratorio que por allá en el 2010 se aparecía* al entrar a las páginas de los consulados de Francia [por todos los interwebs** del mundo]

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el staff no ha podido cotejar esa información en la actualidad.
** did you know that the French invented the interwebs?

Dear, Dr. Stephen T. Colbert: You are a Fucking Titan in the twilight of war lords and mini-dictators. The staff here loves you. Y al regresar, el equipo de los en-fo-gados de París te van a dar tres razones para confirmarlo. Salud!!!

*Be advised that this is a time-delayed image of an after hours menu.

*Be advised that this is a time-delayed image of an after hours menu. Uso justo de la cadena de publicidad que antes registraba los restaurantes de hamburgesas Quick®. Cualquier parecido con otra cadena de comida rapida no es otra cosa que pura coincidencia. —|— Uso justo de todos los medios. … Don’t take it from this blog, as being true, yet, but rumor around Barcelona is that the next step in this technology is going to expel a scent of scrambled eggs as pedestrians walk by. 

Dear Cousin Joe…
The staff here is not sure, but unlike Burger King,
in sloganeering you can’t have it both ways, Güey.
If you believe in patriots who leak in times of a National Crisis;
then say what  where your views on Snowden, stand today.
TimeStamp 1414 hours in CET.

FlynnPeachMent!, FlynnPeachMent!, FlynnPeachMent!, etc., etc., etc,…
The new series with Stephanie Rule, or Rule, or something like that.

Cómo llegar:

  1. Langley, J. “David S. Jaggard at Paris Lit Up.” Via: YouTube.fr, https ://www .youtube .com /watch?v =bHK2JKumvuo
  2. Emisión Americas; segmento en el que Victoria [RFPP 106.3] explica al auditorio el porque ella y su generación no pudieron protestar de jóvenes en su país. Juanito Guanavacoa interviene; y Michelle Saldaña complementa el segmento aquí incluido con un poco de cultura japonesa.  Enlace de referencia: http ://www .americas .free .fr