Previously on Fake Schadenfreude — God Save The King

Breaking… Canelo is playing dirty pool, mister Álvarez taunted the Brit with a taste of chocolate Abuelita™ to ringside.

And to commemorate the occasion Perrine Storme, de BFM’er TV, dons the JALISCO colors, which are a lot like the Ukrainian colors, with the exception that the flag of Xalixco was dedicated in 2011, the very Year of Mexico in France, and it is worth as much as a PERUVIAN flag 🇵🇪 at Mains Libres in Paris, Farce.

With All Due Respect, no se vaya… deteniendo.

In Context, and with the exception of Osler Amaro at Paris Fréquence Plurielle whom I’ve personally met, and discovered that Osler Amaro is just a guy like Ewe and , the difference between an Ukrainian flag and a Peruvian flag is that the Uk’s will dig a hole in the ground and fight Russian tyranny, as opposed to the Peruvians at l’Académie française who will suck a French cock for a “job well done, ”… roger that!

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Flag_⚜️_Jalisco

Lucky nº 7… Interesting NATIONALIST anthem* that opened the Bout, CRISTERO propaganda before the new U.K. soundtrack, which gave Güey to the blandest rendition of Nuno’s ballad {or} maybe it is because, it seems to Mí, anyhow—that the in between the Vicente Fernández sound bytes, which by the way replaced the CaRd GO’ills segment, Eye noticed that Öüï is like Julio PRECIADO, old.

*~. State of Jalisco  official canto. Inspired by Andy García and La Luz del Mundo Productions in, “For Greater Glory”.

Lay-Di’s in Gemini!

Live from Guadalajara, JA-MX… it used to be called, “Guanatos”, however, that only confused las momias de Tecalitlán con las del Cervantino.

Capitu what?


Ley de la ventaja… Jalisco nunca pierde, y cuando pierde, Tepito arrebata.

How convenient, I think I’m feeling Japanese.

Job Announcement nº 9: Manure Shoveling Specialist

Synopsis :

https ://mobile .twitter .com /SegoArma /status /1629385479593377793? s=20

The Wedding Present — Ewe Only Leave Twice.

An American in Paris applies for a job at radio Franche. Hilarity ensues when Aurélie Moreau relays that suicide is a pre-requisite course

¡GRAbiel!!! Ese es el nombre que más odio en un invitado de Mika… and if you think that THAT left naked boob is a fashion statement, Ewe maddafakkas have clearly not seen Marianne’s solid long-sleeve.


Président Macron dreams the speech that he is going to deliver to la Sacré Vache of 2023, a phaux long-horn named Ovalie the Last:

Thirty years from now when you’re sitting around your fireside with your calf-sons on your knee, and s/he asks you, “What did you do in the great World War II?” — you won’t have to say, “Well, I shoveled shit in Louisiana.”

Cat S’up, Bitch!

that’s right, Bovinos, ewe can say that your ribs fed the troops by the bushel.

Still to come on Ancient Aliens, edición Lagunera (Zona del Silencio) en El Bolsón de Mapimí, Öüï présents « The Evidence »… Ground floor minus one at the Beaubourg, en París.


Following the termination of at least one shit-shoveler at BFMTV International, Marc-Olivier Fogiel, oligarch of the Chaine at la bendita Porte de Versailles, opened the hiring period, effective from 25 February to 05 Mars, inquire with Perrine Storme at the TV Conglomerate’s Big Pharm across The Sacré Périph.

But first, we touch base with el PAN* favorite VOXING actress, the one and only Sirène of the whole rotten lot, Charlotte🧜🏻‍♀️Bibring.

I noticed that you noticed, Issy, i say again:


(Something goes here)

my best work is not under pressure, or torture, or by Co-optation and especially, Denis Soula, a través de la cooptación  InsºtiºtúºNacionalizada de los Amigos de México en la préfecture de Cité.

But seriously, I am Sirius and you are not.

… and, Natalie Piolé, “Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?”

Any how, Love Frog, love Mí Tú Times.

… and introducing, the little Revvie that could

With Musical Guest… Bad Bunny.

Anti-gravity twerk


Now before 🇮🇹 Éric Dupond-Moretti 🇨🇵 or, those coqSuckers at Matiñon put Mí, in a little “ese” cabinet, let Mí remind your Motel Administrator that it was Ewe, motherfuckers, who went full obstruction of “Conflict of Interest” when it came time to choose between 🇨🇵 foie grass 🇨🇵 or , 🥑 toast 🇲🇽 in 2015.


More on that, after the Reverend Al Sharpton cleanses our blood-shot I’s (Latin i’s, not Greek whys) from that hideous powder-blue ruffled look on the SNL in NYC, Ewe tasteless assholes, ewes. I can’t believe that you i’Vicked Cecily Strong from your faggety Rainbow Lounge, where Atlas Shrugged, but not before pissing on The Fountain ⛲🖋️.

Based on a 🧟 Real MEN Show 🧛


inºdeed Steed 🐎, in∴deed. Say Dere, Steed 🐎, did you know that La Pantera Rosa rides on an HURACAN 🚜 (sin acento) like the one hoovering over Del Precio on the upper-right hand TESTAbolda of that Dere handsome Velsho dressed like an imperatore 🐧.

Anyhow, Hilo, Hawaii, just crossed over to the 6th They of Hanukkah and in Paris, Jesus got ran over by a Lahmacun intolerant “BIEN CONNU DES SERVICES 🇨🇵 DE 🇨🇵 POLICE », who off-course, are on Vacation at the Circus de Fair 🎪 Weather en Hiver between République and Nation… our ex-girlfriend Perrine Storme at BFM’er TV has all the 🥑’dos en Hand.

Feeling Mexican?

Well are you, fip?

Chichimeca… look it up. And just in case you missed it, Gignac might be the last Coca-Cola®️in Santa Qtar•INA, sin néanmoins, in the politics that govern the Ruhles de Foot MX, en Le Tri de La Francia ese Gitano nomas sirve pa’calentar la banca, and if you don’t believe MÍ, just ask Mme. Lagarde.

Of course Knot, you easy wave… you be Jammin’ all night long.

Check local listings to find out the tracks that made the cut. One thing for sure is that Perrine took a play from the Sophie Ellis-Baxter book and censored po’Lindsey Reiser from the groove.

Locals only
(Séte, porte du sud-est de la France)

Somewhere in the badlands of New Mexico, The Saint just learned that while shooting on the set of The Island of Dr. MOREeau, Samuel Clemens (look it up in Pasadena, CA) VAL KILMER had an illegitimate love-child that now works, you guessed it, at BFM’er Inc., and he’s ONE Ugly SumBitch, the poor bastard has his mother’s mug all over that face.

https ://www .deseret .com /2017/5/1 /20611391/val-kilmer-brings-one-man-show-citizen-twain-to-salt-lake

But seriously folks, is Socc’er FR really-really relative anyMoore? It’s not me stating this, i am not in the business of Libération (anymore), but it does beg the question for all of the Liga’s matches, have you fuckers ever heard of, “what in the HOLE Wide–World of Sports is–a–going on here?” Private Benjamine*?, period!

Previously on, “What in the HOLE Wide–World of Sports is–a–going on here?”, Private Benjamine* was hosting a “Chivo al pastor” party when all of a sudden (Hilarity ENsueS) as Sheriff Slim Pickens walks in to the Set.

“You  🦅  guys look like a bunch of Kansas City Fagots!” .:. 1056B53F-24AD-4D5D-80ED-1C2AF0B85EEA —_¥_— The Camp Town Ladies sing this… Anyone? Memo Pablo, Guillaume Paul?, Anyone?.

Ring ring, Siren, In•Deed. 📞

Que diriez-vous de ces vagos*, eh

Que diriez-vous de ces vagues, eh? Perdón, Perrine, quise solamente decir, Hola Maja! You look swell in kaki. HOW’eva, you sexy morning muse, the face on that big Wave is not that of Neptune, Neptune is a fag; Eye have it on the Highest of Authorities that the face on that Vague is non other than LOBITO¹.

L’Œíl #731; Fev MMXX, page 131: Un Si Fabuleux Destin… “and Amelié will like it too!”

… [A]nd, Avi Velshi, i don’t know if the signal reaches over yonder, but it looks, from Mr. Mat RivRin most FANTASTICAL snapshotf, that Lobito is wearing a… how should i put it‽ How should i put IT… a YES! A charreada sombrero, and riding a Seahorse, —Buck.

Over on Le Menu National, pg. 19 of nº 3609, on 20minutes dot france:
CARNE ASADA para GIGNAC and HOLY SHIT!!! The French just invented The motherfucking SUPERBOWL… Oh, SNAP! —+— The Humanity!!!

We begin today’s transmission from The Instituto Nacional de Geographi’a y las 7 mares o en dónde ‘asté quiera Perrine, but FO’ist:

Something, something, and then something in French .:. 016909B8-4E51-41FE-B5D3-51865FCC779A .:. ¡Aguas, Stefan! This BUD is for you, you French WaPo you. And Perrine, please be advised that we found the spot behind La École Superior de Journalism (casi esquina con Rue National—La Commune 75013/1871) where you used to Stand [there]. The shrine to your mémoires remains intact, although COLOMBO at Nº 3 Impasse National is a bit ticked’off on account that Les MELVILLES, a tribute band of the original Puget Sound, The motherfucken Melvins, cut the stream to Lindsey Reiser, o en su defecto, that Coffin dame. Anyhoot, 8DAN+ 1 LIVRET, Trucking follows.

I honestly never thought that i would get to see the news report that framed The Michelin Guide como un vil puchador* de platillos y bebidas clandestinas.

And this here, Bocuse is where Öüï Beguine to feature the INSTANT REPLAY on how ANTHONY motherfucken BOURDAIN went down (£it€ra££¥) à Pari$.

Inspired by the Spaceballs Rick Moranis helmet, That Etcheverry fellow, the one that hangs on Perrine como pulga de circo francés, he is now just trying on the latest look, it’s a look inspired by the Baywatch shack. Check it out:

In the role of Pvt. Benjamine… 🎶 football


Stefan Etcheverry is the long lost kidnapped son of Jefferson and Marcy d’Arcy… the young Etcheverry was kidnapped by, wait for it, wait… there she is, Christine Lagarde, yeah Buddy, that’s Buck pissing on the LifeGuard’s post.

1. Manuel “El Loco” Valdés.

🎶 Monday, Monday… deer, Ashley at BFM’er

Please Standby for « petit ceinture » …

“Don’t turn your back on me, baby
You just might pick up my magic sticks ».

Key word is Of course, les 🥖’ettes, period.


It’s Black History Month… only on the BBC. 😉 82E928C9-FB75-4772-BC56-1376B336A36A 🛰 Well, well, well… look who just rode in on a cha•riot of white horses, tell you what, Mme. Chevalier, i didn’t expect you to pop-up at the start of the Last Holiday Monday of the Trump administration; what a surprise, and it just so happens that today is Martin Luther Jr., Observance Day (all They–and all of the Knight), but since Serendipity put you in on today’s script please relay to the weekend regular, Mme. Storme, that a bunch of loops without a belt is no way to Hitchhike one’s way across a galaxy; if Perrine was not going to wear her belt on Sunday morning, she should have called and i could have suspended (with suspenders) her animation. Jeez-Whizz.

Previously on, The Stay Up Late version of The Piggly Wiggly in CaNaDa:

France reminds Canada that food sovereignty for the French is not Mexican sub-soil goodies to stick their filthy pied de cochon on the monopoly of violence… wait, scratch that “the monopoly of prices”.

https ://www .bloomberg .com /news /articles /2021-01-17 /couche-tard-faces-investor-grilling-after-aborted-carrefour-deal


Tell Saint Peter at The Golden Gate
That he’s gonna have to wait
ˋCus i just gotta smack James CarVile in the head 🗯 E5A60408-BD7F-4632-BC70-F0017A2E2723 🤾🏽‍♂️ Thank You for smoking… and please don’t panic on  LIVE ON THE “Hey, Hallie Jackson Show”, it’s just the Outoors Soggy Bottoms Bums… yeah, Buddy, there’s a new Shelter Dog in Town.

Mr. Laske @ Mediapart, i am almost there; approaching hypotenuse at Technicolor… Wait 2, because in WAWA Land, James CarVile is trying to sabotage the color line, it’s not as bad as dressing up like Donnie Deutsch-es-es Dental Cleaning bureau secretary (please refer to Perrine belt-less polyester pants loops) but dear doG!!!

—_~!~_— They Call It Riding the Gravy Train

48 Hours for Trump to cease being a part of Air Force ONE. “It’s 5 o’Clock… somewhere”, or as the troops in-and-around WaWa Land relay: it’s 17 hundred hours in Central Nato Times—and in Russia, well, in Russia no pasa nada. Right now it’s time for The Melvins on Dateline, so check the date because today Öüï looped through Perrine Storme’s-es belt-£€$$ loopholes to Thursday, January 14th of 2021… Nº 23717, check the date—Mate!

Of Course She Is… “that wild bitch”… [I]n all Sí-Rius_Ness, Mme. Storme, you make 1976 look swell with that no compromise Riviera-Disco shirt.

You Are Going To Like The Way You Look, period!

Pg. 17 Les Fils du Vent — and “a closer look”

Sumario, pg. 140, “Tout* ce que l’on peut faire en compagnie des CheVaux”; ediciones NATHAN.

Claire Lefebvre, en Gründ; 2005, “1000 infos les chevaux”, de Marion Curry .:. ACC4C9F6-7C17-45AC-A06F-48B9D8EC648A ➿ Es, ciertamente, John Mill Ackerman, lo que tu suegro (Q.E.Paz D.) llamaría « una chicanada », aquí en la OCDE.

*Todo, menos la charreada. Incluso, el capítulo que trata sobre las actividades que se pueden hacer con un caballo (o una yegua si eres LatinX) arranca con una proclamación disfrazada de contenido advirtiendo quiénes son la autoridad que controla dichas actividades.

AnyHOW, Rachel Maddow, the good Milton Freidman fans at BFM’er TV probably think that our triangulation in TechNiColor is about la tal Perrine Storme or about La Caballera* del Zodíaco, knot knowing that Hamburgers in Paradise is just around the corner just before… Wait for IT!, wait… SEMINARY SCHOOL au Molineaux. Now unless you are aware of where all of the Saint Sulpice minor league training camp Padres come from you’ll miss out on the Mystery of Willie Geist being a big “Big” fan of Los Molineros de Issy, which are the Satélite equivalent of VERO BEACH for the San Diego PADRES in the Catholic Church.

Ladies in Gemini… the presidential medal of freedom*

When Jimmy Buffet met Ziggy they had “HAMBURGERS in Paradise.” IN•Deed, Rachel Maddow, indeed .:. 6E2CEF48-02CB-4367-8F74-D9F46EB433A5 .:. Big Fernand was hiring at the time and, this is IMPORTANT for the JACK DORSEY crowd, Jacques Higelin (a French singer) was being asked by a Seine Siren if Öüï was an outlaw? Higelin’s answer was of course, “J’espère”, or Something like, does the Sun sets on a Hypercube à La Défense?

Oh, hey Hallie Jackson! i didn’t realize that you support your local Latin X community… well, nobody’s perfect. Survey here says Öüï still dig your waves.

* football… Anyhow, congratulations to Alabama, you guys are the Champions, (in the TROU sense of what Freddy Mercury meant to imply with that song when Queen rocked you) but before Trump gets to his border waltz rendez-vous, do take a closer look at those WaterBurger Eyes:

Lomo de búfalo bufado… Öüï didn’t kill the cow… pero “tanto peca él (o LA) que mata la vaca, como aquéllos/ellas que le agarraron la pata”.

 Bullit¹ Proofing a story for Zita Arrocha at the Cotton Hall on The UTEP Campus, right there at the Sam Donaldson underground bunker. Pura Vida, profe, ¡pura Vida!

OLD GANNETT known News for dummies: https ://eu. usatoday .com /story /news /politics /onpolitics /2018/02/27 /house-members-can-charge-taxpayers-bulletproof-vests-guards /379469002/


1. Steve McQueening an independent story that began to unravel at The Sun Bowl. Now, if you are wondering what The Loué 24-Hour Le Mans pilot is doing here, know that if The El Paso Times would have covered Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua in 2005, when the “shit hit the fan” then doña Kate would have learnt from QUINTANA-Woodstock that Next To where FRANK Sinatra got his “quicky divorce” (just across the Santa FE Bridge) casi esquina con la Calle Stanton y Laboratorios Camacho, en El Paso, Steve McQueen smoked his last FAROS in a clinic that is no longer D.A.R.E. in Ciudad Juarez

This has BEAN: gerundiando la noticia, con Steve McQueen.

Antoine (BFM TV) Forrestiere, meet Joy Anne (msnbc) Reed

Breaking the new news… You are welcome Stephanie Rulhe, but please don’t blame Hallie Jackson for moving in on your territory, it was not her decision to make. WITT that in mind and on the SAME CONSULTING TRACK check this out:

Señor, Macron, Presidente de la República Francesa

The French Mistake .:. With all due respect i don’t select the news, i just shuffle’em, and Sir, perhaps you’ve heard of Eddie Gloude Jr.? I ask the question to the most-informed cop in La France on account that your statement directed to your friends and allies in the United States of America (punto y coma) in particular that there section or paragraph of your prepared speech where you claim that what happened at Capitol Hill on January the 6th of 2021 was not a representation of what America is. I have News for you Sir, it is. That is the representation of America. The one that has dominated the land for most of it’s 244 red hot minutes on the pages of History… yeah, Buddy!

With the above ⤴️ in mind it does not please me to quote Steely Dan to your Executive Ass, but “only a fool would say that”, and if you ever heard of a Banana Republic called “Parador” then you’ll KNOW that them racist-white supremacists-Holocaust denying–RED—BLOODED americans are in fact, as Professor Eddie Gloude Junior, states, “they are our uncles, our fathers, our friends,” and yes, MARIANNE, “our children and our brothers”, because That Is What the Story of Them United States of America has been, a story of racist snowflakes who still have a lot of influence with the strong-side of the law.

So, Monsieur le Président de La République Française (así con mayusculas)  🎶🗣 Don’t–don’t–don’t don’t Believe “The Pledge of allegiance—in God We Trust” hype, because as el monoaureo will show you on another entry, when tyranny and fascism arrives it arrives wrapped in a flag and quoting “la biblia”.

Furthermore, Mr. Macron, only in America, the saying goes: is where Hitler’s youth would be welcomed with (relatively) open arms to STORME (no pun intended Filomena) the halls where THE LAW is Made.

Anyhow, having stated that, think about that MARIANNE, the next time you invite another despot like Donald John Trump to your 14 July Celebration like your predecessor did with a Enrique Peña Nieto, who may or may not be a racist, but he sure is surrounded by classists motherfuckers, which is just a notch to the side of racism.


In BFM’er Update news:

Not only did they correct for the opening ads upon u.s. KNOCKING on their virtual doors, but AUSSIE, check this out:

With All Due Respect .:. 7AC7AF71-7CEC-451D-90F7-FAFC3D07DF40 🌍 Your producers need to get new b-roll from your “children” abroad, repeating last week’s images from “the backyard” is like phoning it in. In  oder  other words, reporting on The Situation as if youse were Throwing Your Hands Up in The Air, And Swinging these like you just don’t care.

Not to be outdone by France Info 105.5 FM, BFM TV starts simultaneous transmission of it’s WEEKEND content [🎶Oh, oh oh—oh oh, On The Radio]… go ahead, i dare you, “say anything”.

— Anything? Asked la yegua blanca de Napoleón, named “Storme”.

— In•Deed, güerita, you can say anything you want, responds “Siete Leguas”.


La güerita goes on to say 🗣

… [A]nd someone please give that poor weather man in MADRID a beanie cap… YeeZu.s. Christ, Monsieur EtcheBerry!!!  You fuckers at RTL* are mean! Mean Eye tell you. In Context, please refer to the treatment that the reporter on “Thank You for Smoking” got after the STORME passed, or rather, when IT!, arrived.

*  Mr. EtcheBerry, please be advised that some of the Radio Stations nomenclatures have been Scrambled to protect the Freq's on La Seine. STOP WINEing.


Anyhow Mr. Forrestiere, as Eye was breaking IT!, down for Joy Anne Reed, mare named after the legendary journalist WHO rode with along the the Eastern skirts of La Sierra Madre Occidental with EL GENERAL ARROYO under the callsign Old Gringo » during the Mexican Revolution… yeah, Buddy, it’s TROU!

It would be the “type” of credentials that would allow a President Marine Le Pen the opportunity to award Elaine Chao the highest accessory on the French Touch arsenal.

Rocket man was a fag… sincerely Starman; and fuck you too, Tommy ⚡️rod… pronounced Thomas Alva “white” Lightning Rod motherfucking Edison, according to Sacramento Bee: the one and only, TESLA.

Salvation for dummies

En contexto, Neil Katyal, earlier in the programming BFM TV casually informed their morning show viewers about the Trump administration’s ministers abandoning their LEGACY (or quitting) one paycheck before Trump presses the Nuke Button.

I note this, Rachel Maddow, on account of giving Jack Dorsey a pat  in  on the back, an atta’Boy for the soul because that Sonovabitch finally decided to shut Trump’s account, would be like praising the “We Only Did as We Were Told” crowd for denouncing their messiah or chosen one two weeks before Russia (USSR) put an end to the Great Big (knot the longest) War before Vietnam. Now, to be fair, the almighty Dollar is not a Godwin reference to Hitler, but then the CULT of Dorsey is money-money-money.

But hey, at least Dorsey has a fip . fr tattoo inked on his beautiful skin. Eye only have a letter arriving from RENNES… fuck it, it’s Weekend Edition, i’ll open the envelope on Monday on account that just like nobody Walks in El Ey, Evrybody gets off on the Weekend… but speaking of Canadians, Joy Anne Reid:

“Nothing is off the table” on The Rachel Maddow Show .:. F77D8225-7B13-4EDC-A03A-3DA136FFF522 .:. Happening right now, on the SATURDAY MORNING CARTOONS, BFM’er TV plays Ketch-up with TRMS sewage news and how the WASTE WAWA Güeys are excellent fortune tellers for the COVID–fighters.

has anybody noticed if the Mexican President ever got to condemn the assault on The Hill, like his partner-in-Trade and Workforce Conditions, Justin Trudeau has?


Is Mr. López gloating like Comrade Putin is doing in Turkey right now, via Zoom®️.