I hear you paint Houses?

Oh hey, Hallie Jackson! Eye do Windows also… abortions? Wait one…

Manita de Cat Stevens:

— Yo! Lt.! Is the Company in the Coat Hanger business?

Milo Minderbender:
As of Friday June 24, 2022 at 10 am in Eastern Standard Times, Irish.
The Company hooked up with a BUM in Beverly Hills who is playing Rasputin with the King of the clothes hanging industry. Best wire in the business, the wire-bending process throws in the sterilization for free.

¡Ay, Barbara Villancico d’Esbelto… You ain’t seen nuttin’ yet!

L’aristocratie du Quartier… en el bar, l’Échan de menos.

Resistiendo La Honte de hueso tricolore

After the break, Denisa Kerschova can only Count to Four 🎉

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