Tacos chinos de Xicali en el Beaubourg — DAFT Tacos de Ensenada

Earlier in the transmission:

The California Pinto League, at Chino Heights just across from the 🤙 Loma Linda Crooks ✌️, is proud to welcome The Pharmer John’s Conspiracy Convict Tabernacle Choir from Oh, Hi-O’ into the Phrame.


Oh, that’s Foul Territory: please stand for The National Anthem, get yer’ Crackers, Jacques.


Featuring, The Sopranos and the new version of CARMEN at the Bpi, ladies in Gemini please clap yo’palms FO’, Patty “red crotch” PETIBON!!!!

Now, to be perfectly fair I don’t believe that el Lic. Carlos Prieto, curador del montaje en Mexicali selected (himself) the Original Score (ONE MORE TIME by Daft Punk) for the clip about the ballad, or the legend, or el cuento chino about an unspecified number of Asian people that apparently lost their life, or were murdered, or disappered near an inactive volcano named CERRO PRIETO near the coast lines of el Golfo de California.

Y no, Catherine BIZERN at the 45th EDITION of RÉEL 2023 on the bottom part of the Beaubourg, NO!I don’t blame Mr. Prieto for the poor choice of music selected to introduce a regional landmark that like it or not, defines a big LOT of the history of Mexicali at the dawn of the last century in Mexico, instead I blame the staff at “La Gaceta UABC”, and so the staff of “La Gaceta³” leaves me with no other choice but to dance to the beat that Mexicali plays, if nothing more and for no particular reason because this here motherfucking trip started at the end of “La Ruta Centenario | Bicentenario de la Independencia de México y de la Revolución Mexicana », in 2010 when the French in L.A. said « d’accord, entrez », tenga su pinche visa profesional, ahora Sr. Segovia, cuéntenos una de VAQUEROS en Francia… mais il faut diresil vous plaît“.

³~. Quite possibly a godson or daughter of the alternating political powers in Mexicali, to call it nepotism is just TO DISCONTINUE the challenge of LOOKING at MEXICO in the EYE and relay to MARCELO EBRARD: I Gotcha, Bitch!

Problematizando en Cachanilla, anyhow, Susana PubEda, don’t tell Emily “tu paisana” Munera, but the chino in question was named Rodolfo, and every one in the region referred to him by his first name, and the life in Yellow 🟡 life that he lead.

HOWEVER, Camaron Cachanilla, I will dock you a THEY’s PAY for “proposing problems” and quite possibly, “nappin’ on the job”.

Produced by Nick Gold, from the cancelled visa at The Buenavista Social Club…

¡Es cosa del otro Jueves!

For context, little ol’Eye had the opportunity to shop at Mr. Chong’s general merchandise store in a little railroad stop smacked in the middle of El Bolsón de Mapimí between San José de Las Panochas and, Ceballos, Durango; the doorway to La Zona del Silencio antes de arribar a YERMO, antes de Escalón.

Mr. Chong sold his store right after López Portillo nationalized the banks and the Chong’s, as I remember moved to Torreón… [ in case youse wondering³ what this post has to do with Mr. Prieto’sCerro PrietoExpo en Mexicali, Baja California, just two weeks ago…] anyhow, years later, at least two decades after Mr. Chong emigrated from the Ejido to El Pueblo de Torreón, i saw Mr. Chong, but in another form. His descendants took his body back to that Ejido en El Bolsón de Mapimí and buried his rests there. So to answer Juanito Guanavacoa’s son in Canada, ‘YES’ Juanito J.R., you may Copy-Paste the text and knowing your kind, o sea, pinches chilangos, I know that you are going to claim it —now that your daddy is French,— for yourself. Enjoy motherfuckers.

³~. https ://humanitas .uanl .mx /index .php /ah /article /view /1733# :~:text =LA MASACRE OLVIDADA: LA MATANZA DE CHINOS EN TORREÓN

Why would you look at Em nombres.

So, with that out of the güey, let’s talk about xenophobia, and for that we begin at the Latin American House in Paris, France, where Jorge Harmodio, an ex-patriado from Mexicali, Lower California, to that lovely pueblo donde se dan los corruptos y lambiscones —llamado— Ecatepec, Edo. de México, is standing by with Ely Guerra; —Julieta Venegas, from San Diego, California, is in Burdeos at another of MARCELO Ebrard’s presidential campaign events (in 2011).


And, Cousin Joe… 🌬️🎶 Where were you while Öüï was gettin’High³

³~. We Were Getting High?

Hilo, Hawaii. 21 de febrero, 2023. Día de la Luna, Zodiaco they aftermath.

Jump tomorrow … Four takeaways from the NYT y dos con sal en el Instituto Cervantes en París, Francia. 2 de junio del 2011.

1916World War I: In France, the Battle of Verdun begins, and you know, fast ⏩ to 2015, and you know, for a Country 🇨🇵, who structured its Elite Police Unit, from a Nazi TM (technical manual), these Sirènes are not too silly.

If you add Harissa.

1965 – Malcolm X is gunned down while giving a speech at the Audubon Ballroom in Harlem.

While Cousin Joe figures that one out, we take a look back at, “Mhmm, l’argentina

³~. Öüï was gettin’ High… in Baltimore, before there was even a motherfucking Wire installed at 32 rue Borrègo… in 2012… right around the time that 🇲🇽 Juanito Guanabacoa made that permanent Change of Exile to La bendita 🇨🇵 France 🛬 arriving from some pretentious higher-learning university in 🇨🇦 CaNaDa, via the “Halcones” school of the Americas in the House of the rising Son.

L’affaire est liée aux attentats de novembre 2015 à Paris et découle d’une plainte contre Google déposée par des proches de Nohemi González³, l’une des 130 victimes de ces attentats.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2023/02/21 /economia /el-futuro-de-internet-se-decide-en-la-corte-suprema-de-eu/?

By any Means necessary.

Cet Américain qui étudiait en France est mort dans la cafétéria Belle Equipe aux mains d’un commando du groupe Etat islamique (EI).

³~. Who stars as Peaches “La Exploradora”…
Effectivement, “qué bonito equipo”…

🥂 https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2023/02/21 /espectaculos /totem-esta-construida-a-partir-de-la-diversidad-de-un-hogar-con-alma-y-corazon /? 🏛️

Se los dije, yo, Armando Segovia / Armando Serrano-Prieto, se los dije, El Peje es un duende… ¡🇯🇵 ¥a Dije 🥷!

… por el otro lado de los berliners 🇩🇪 en elSchatzi del 🎬 7º harte, …

México toma la delantera y se perfila para ir y hacer enojar a Sean Penn en la Académie au Mans Chinese Traiteur… en Rungis.

Trou 🕳️ to form, l’humilité 🇦🇷 argentina would jump from it’s highest 🇺🇾 austérité and send 🇪🇸 Lionel Messi 🇧🇭 to take the stage 🤵, yet again, on the Morning Joe show.

El Fondo sin Forma


La forma en El Fondo de Texcoco 🛬

Previously, on the menu… Neymar, Jr., {10} orders pi

Ladies in Gemini:

Y cómo dijo, Hidalgo: vamos pues, a cojer chilangos.

Fe 🦁 Zion

Fé in Zion… Fe²⁶ en Zi³⁰ – What happens when Öüï gets where Öüï don’t know? Well, Öüï could ask Bach, but before Öüï touches base with Sébastien, Jean, let US go with Bob! What says Ewe, Marley?

Stupid Triangles

I Don’t Need a Microphone, Ignatius… fucking Juniors, here, you can have your pi and eat it too.

Where’s the confounded integral?

… In sandy Hooks, news, Jackie Alemany just called Saul:

Better call Saul…

★ Ladies in Gemini: Jacques White y El Buki Mayor°

Me la pelán dónde están… ¡pero nunca en la jurisprudencia monopólica de rfpp, che! Porque la Heróica Embajada bonoaerense de Benito Juárez, en el 19éme de la rue Hidalgo*, se sigue cortando como jocoque en pleno verano en Puebla.

*~. Y Costilla, Miguelito.

Traído a ustedes y ustedas por micro-ficciones Betancourt y Sidral Mundet, traducido por Topo Chico with Lime, y Tequendama sin acento.

Viejas Feas en ficción talleriada.


Musical Guest: Los Mechones de La Sonora Dinamita.

Entre eso se mini-ficciona, una mexicana que fruta vendía, ciruela. Chavacano—Melón… Y por supuesto San[$] Domicile en Día.

°~. Schu-schu, schu schu shoe—Changes.

https ://www .mexicodesconocido .com .mx /cuando-sylvester-stallone-trato-de-comprar-la-harley-davidson-de-pedro-infante .html


Siempre en Domingo from the Olympia in Paris, it’s like the Ed Sullivan Theater for franchutes.

Previously on, Puto El Que No Cante.

… I had referenced Chucho Salinas and Héctor Lechuga’s play on The Transition between:

Local News… The Global Village.


Musical Guest on RFPP:

Context on the background follows… “parece que va’LLover »,



Quid pro Quack

… La meada es Mea Culpa!

Wait, what? When did Guadacanal became “Guad”?

¡Julieta!!! ¡Julieta! Con una chingada… see what happens when the LatinEx get creative with their names! C’mon MANnnnnn! What ever happened to ‘LUPE’, Guad? You make Guadaloupe sound like Armand, without the, Oh—my goodness.

Actually, Gov. Newsom (D-CA), the “Honorable” Roger T. Benitez has a point, the “Assault Rifle 15” is kind of like a Swiss Army Bank, yeah buddy, that tool is neutral and only cares about filling its $AFES. —_*•!•*_— Judge Benitez: MY MIDDLE FINGER SALUTES YOU… pronounced like this: 🖕🏼 Goooooooo, Shoe-Leatherman™️

Hay te MANDO un saludo, Guad… from The Empty Stands at this Baseball Memorial Field at the HHC and Headquarters of The Île–de–France, Knot “La France,” but “de—France ».

Take it from Mí (that motherfucker) “When You’re a French Director”, Evry body is a Weed, man! —•!•— Take, Luke, for example, unlike his brother he refused to drop the “ke” and [thus] turning his first name into a “Luc” (punto y coma) Owen on the other hand, didn’t have a problem going to bed with “Woody” and changing his nomenclature to OUEN… pronounced: Oh-When! With an exclamatory point blank in Paris.

— ¡Julieta!, Come quick, June (wife of Jupiter) is being a dick at The Golden Corral, and if you are in on the Joke, “you get a massage, you get a massage, you get a massage, etc, etc, etc,…” Aux J.J. Arms.

Hola, Guapa, i bet you think this Post is about you, eh? But in the paraphrased words of Gael García Bernal on an interview with the guy from The Faber Book of Cinema, “the closest that this post is going to get to Hollywood is Tijuana,” no⁉️ La verdad, Julieta, es de que nos colgamos de tu visita a Francia en el 2011, only to remind our non-readers that Öüï is not jumping on any “band wagon” when it comes to covering the visit of Vice-President Harris to Chapultepec.

“Genial” mis huevos rancheros de Fauci… What’s next don Calderón… pots and pans translations for those en La Vereda Tropical, because if IT! is, then my favorite black musician is “Toña La Negra”, just don’t tell the good Rev. Al Sharpton or that motherfucker is going to want Mí, to paint him Angelitos Negros.

ESPECIALLY, Julieta, if Eli Guerra considers that “the guy” who paid your trip to la rue de Saint Germain-des-Prés”, and “not Andrés Manuel López Obrador,” [Jorge Harmodio dix it] turned out to have the same sort of spine that is required to make it in the Swiss Army Knife industry.

Witt D.A.T. in mind, Julieta, and before i switch IT! over to the good people of Aguascalientes (France24) TV, please be advised that Fenster the copy editor is going to narrate the Bottom of the Second, next at bat is the fip . fr programming director… but just who in the Monty Python Flying-fucking Circus is this fucking “programming director?”, well, here’s a picture of the actor who is going to interpret that SumBitch:

Ladies in Gemini, the one and only, Ed Harris.

Yada yada Yada and Amnesty International [place-holder follows.]

… [A]nd ALICE Meléndez… thanks for going with Alicia, now jump to June the 7th.

Öüï now returns to the top of the FO’ist — Deer, Defendente Génolini, “how dare you?”

Must be read in a sort of, kind ah, Swedish teen Voice (you fucking sheeple) on account that Öüï is Knot Sure if youse a Boy or a G’Oil.

Page XV… Napoleón is dead. Long live el sindicato de minas, o algo así:

“Vous êtes trop irritable et il est bien difficile de composer avec vous »…


and then Puebla goes, “chula, pues”.

Over at The Pershing Memorial Baseball Field à Vincennes, Anne Hidalgo just received a standing ovation from the empty stands.

Time-delayed Instant Ramen Review

Hidalgo’s low-rising curve ball docked on the limited edition aluminum bat* of Georges Méliès’es–ese Louisville Slugger at the CORRECT Angle and sent Michael Collins to the Right Side of the moon, where Commander Collins is now Walking On The Moon.

… [A]nd Loss of Signal: 👁🖤🐑 F4682F53-5179-4A59-8005-C3DB0D143077 🚀
1*). Normally, in soft-speak aluminum bats are the norm, however, Mika Brzezinski… [T]he First 150th Anniversary Softball Tournament at The Pershing Memorial Baseball field à Vincennes offensive operations (innings) were supposed to slugged using specifically turned bats carved from a single Big Would, do keep in mind that for this tournament each of the historical athletes participating at The Plate was issued five bats, and each team was allotted an additional 150 bats for commercial and commemorative purposes, so that’s a lot of Big Would acreage (hectarage around this neck of the woods). Hilarity —if Eye may call IT, D.A.T.) develops when Major League Baseball finds out that Madam Brzezinski (Mika’s mom) had taken all of the Big Woulds (and then some) in order to run a little gallery show in Nantucket, or The Hamptons, or Camp David… the details of the Brzezinski Big Would Extravaganza remain classified.

Now if there are any DANGLING PARTICIPLES, speak now (motherfuckers) or, FOREVER live on pages 11 and 8 of 16 in this Week’s edition en la vecindad de Philippe Labrador, N° 2586.

Sunday morning with Cori Coffin

Öüï begins the transmission from La Conciergerie, casi esquina con la rue de Rambouillet (Paris, Centre) on a Sunday morning in CET just to remind Garret Haike and Cori Coffin (the usurpers at The Lindsey and that other guy Report) that in Hilo, Hawaii:

Go ahead, shoot the messenger.

It’s Saturday Night (without Lorne Michaels).


We now synch-up Ricardo Arjona’s “I Told You So/all those years ago”.

And Guerline Jozef, from the Haitians in TJ front, please inform your members that Mexican police are not targeting black refugees at the border, no ma’am. And, as a matter of fact there is a long list of complaints at every level of law enforcement agency in those sectors (military, federal, state, judicial, ministerial, municipal, township, and transit cops) because they all abuse, rob, rape, beat, extort, kidnap and sometimes kill migrants at the border regardless of their ethnicity. The abuses are generational and in recent decades have become intolerable and sometimes barbaric. The abuses also extend to the local population especially those working in the informal economy, especially the ones engaged in the oldest profession know to MEN.

Sincerely, Governor William J. Lapetomane.

Of Course, Guerline Jozef, you could follow-up on what i am communicating here or, do like my PAISANOS here in France and look the other way while the messenger gets shot. But you are right, Haitians definitely stand out in a place where there is no God, like in Mexico, but trust me when i tell you that when it comes to police abuse at the border, IF ANYTHING, your Haitian fellows are being weighed (pasar por la báscula) just like every other “pollo” waiting to cross into the “white picket fences” dream. In other words, by Mexican corruption standards Haitians are being treated equally, just like every other po’sonovabitch, “que no tuvo la desgracia de no ser hijo del pueblo”, and in this sense Haitians are just like the Tlaxcaltecas next to Aztec Emperor Cuauhtémoc, who famously reminded his fellow Ancient chilangos the famous phrase:

Do you think that I am on a bed of roses?

What is happening on our border with Central American migrants? Are we falling into xenophobia, as is happening in the US with our fellow countrymen?

when his feet were being burned “al estilo double meat”.

“Since i’ve been Loving You” … dear, Tatiana Clouthier

TimeStamp: Cinco antes de las Siete, p.m. en Morena–Francia Time, hola John, hola Sergio — Hola James, acabando la merienda, les meto el contexto, eh…


Las Fuentes de doña Vilma… doña Tati, me entretuve mucho repasando su manual de cómo contra restar las críticas a Morena… o algo así. Ahorita nomás que den las 23h en Tijuana, le comparto la tangente de los insurgentes en el aparato cultural mexicano en Paris, Francia c. 2011–2016, eh. Por cierto y con todo el respeto que usted me merece, ¡qué chula está! Neta que sí.

Berenice, ¡amiga! —mi Kelley Deal de la grilla mexicana, no sé si tu estampa siga en Francia, o en Morena de cualquier manera, pero ¿qué crees?:

… en Tijuana todavía es viernes, y como nosotros en el staff no sabemos por donde empezar, pues gracias al gran hijo de la chingada, Brozo y a su orquesta de chilaquiles vivos (o sea de chilangos) voy a comenzar la tangente de doña Tatiana por Insurgentes, parada del Metro por dónde la Procuraduría General de la República, o sea, el Mexican C.S.I. se va a mudar a una nueva torre para almacenar a los 43 de Iguala y a otras cientos de docenas de millares de personas extorsionadas, secuestradas, sexualmente torturadas, mutiladas, desaparecidas, acribilladas y/o asesinadas, enterradas, pozoleadas, y pues ya nada más falta que algún emprendedor o emprendedora encuentre la manera de hacer de todas esas víctimas un by-product de “las evidencias” para exprimirle más ganancias a la tragedia nacional, haber si un día menos pensado a algún taquero no se le ocurre vender tacos exóticos de chango cuernavaquense parlante sin cola.

Anygüey, de entrada pariente ese saltillo de La PGR (saludos, Juanito Guanavacoa) a el nuevo edificio en Insurgentes le va a dar en la torre al erario mexicano al Tono de 12 Millones de Pesos, mexicanos… al mes, pinche Francisco, para pagar la renta de la nueva guarida de la PGR. ¡Viva México! Y que chinguen a su madre los desplazados que siguen en La Bendita Calle siendo víctimas del temblor de Aniversario de 1985 ocurrido el pasado mes de septiembre del 2017; porque primero es lo primero—primero es la Función y luego los que como François Hollande (ex homologo en Francia de Enrique Peña Nieto) no tienen dientes (sans dents) ni mucho menos, amiga Berenice, tienen para tragar—PRIMERO LA FUNCIÓN PÚBLICA, ¡chihuahua!, y luego los agremiados, y si sobra algo Carolay si sobra algo Karola… y si sobra feria BARTOLA, que sea para comprar con la LEY CHAYOTE a mi propia “Katie Tur,”… o ya de perdis a la Zabludovski de Buzzfeed en espagnol, oh Yeah!