“There is no such thing as a Sodexo®️ board³”, it’s a Sarkozian pipe-dream², en Libération¹

… [A]nd BACH n’a pas écrit D’Opera, period!

AVON Cosmetics Holocaust on Isle 8.

From wo’ID-ref:



d’abord interj

(expression enfantine) (coloquial) ¡para que lo sepas! loc interj
¡toma! interj
Et je te parle plus, d’abord !
Y ya no te hablo más, ¡para que lo sepas!


So it’s official, Cousin Joe is pulling a Primo de Rivera on the streams of the MSNBC. Not content with working Louis Burgdorf to death and disappearing Kasie Hunt on the Way Too Early series, adding an extra hour to his Mean Girls series talk show, and firing the Saturday Morning minorities, to make room for his weekend repetition recap,  the son of a bitch is going nuclear next Monday night, and bringing none other than the Elon Musk of the Marvel University, Robert Downey Junior, following Morning Mika’s “Summer of George.”

Let the good times roll, that joint there.


³~. It’s call SodexHo, said Stephanie Menou’s supervisor, Bruno* (last name unknown) after all of the hurdles for the renovation, of what was supposed to be a SIX-year French Talents and Skills visa, had been SUR~mounted, Bruno then took the stupid-little « pink residence card* » from my hand and he said something to the effect of —and of course, I am ¶ara¶hrasing— “that law was a Sarkozian pipe-dream ».

²~. It was right around this time period, 2013~2014 that the unspoken policy of the 2nd Year of Mexico in France COMMISSION took effect; that policy whispered in the EARS of all of the STRUCTURES “aimed at promoting and facilitating the life of ASSOCIATIONS… exercising under the law 1901,” such as the previously mentioned Asociación Gilberto Bosques-Paris, to simmer-down “los cacerolazos” against the Peña Nieto energy reforms and for the construction of a new state-of-the-art international airport, which was supposed to replace an ageing one in the old Distrito Federal, now called, La Ciudad de México (CDMX)… for the record, the good people of the political party in Mexico, which sponsored the Gilberto Bosques-Paris adhérents in La France, buried the almost finished (and winner of an international design award) under the waters of a newly re-filled lake, where legend has it, an eagle killed a snake, and then ate a TUNA there. The new airport resembles the Orly distribution operation rather than the airport that sits next to the Cementos Mexicanos headquarters at the end of the Metro Line-14 extension from Olympiades, for the benefit of the Paris 2024 Games of the XXXIII Olympic Summer Games and its handicapable edition, Aussie.

Is it finished, Nina?
Simone que sí, Sirene and, IT!, Is f“unkier than a mosquito’s tweeter » 🦟


¹~. Yada, yada, yada 🇮🇱

And Cousin Joe… can Ewe smell the sheeple Ay’m cooking, you Soon-of a bitch? I always knew that youse one of them  North Korea so-called, ‘noble gases’, heck, Willie Geist, I am the one who showed your dumb-ass that box between Pandora’s loins, open:

Previously on, PanºDora’s box:
Congress-element representative, Joseph Charles Scarborough dit “the turd” was popping out of The Box, Jack! And inside of the Red circled box in this frame, perhaps you can distinguish, Cousin Joe’s itsy-bitsy-chincilla nuts, which got caught in a spider’s 🕷️ Web.


Tuesday is in effect and, IT!, Will knot—KNOT, maddafakka— will not leave until Wednesday is in.

Fuck, Mí, Marina… It’s only been a century and 50 abortions since the Commandments House had a commandant. And no promotion for Ewe, colonel. .Gideon.

Please be advised that the Étoiles are laying to my Left, you’re right, and Trou 🕳️ North 🧭 is just 45⁰ a wey…  If Only The Paris Tourism Board had the fucking Imagination.

It’s Primetime in Hilo, Hawaii

In my humble opinion, Prague won the War³

Paris, Texas, Four Star Hotel… Rosecrans 🇺🇸 Baldwin told you about Cinéma State Subsides, donc, A LLORAR A Tu Tierra 🇲🇽 Lagunero, que estas entre 🇨🇵 hipócritas.

“I have made this decision in view of the results of the regional and municipal elections. Many socialist presidents and mayors with impeccable management are going to be displaced, despite witnessing their support increase.

Just call Me, Angel… Dr. Death.


³~. France was too busy catering to Nazis at Champs Elysées.

And, Ambassador Grenouille en el lago de mis ajolotes, nevermind the alleged sexual déviances of your current Ministro del Interior, Granadino Darmanino (that’s his spic name) because if you ask your colleague at the Cinito Mexicano Film Festival, mister Jean–Christophe Berjon, about how Bruno at the préfecture de Cité was tasked with rejecting MY U.S. Medical Insurance and instead demand that I “walk across” the Seine to get a job and thus, be eligible (as a guest) for your carte Vitale, mister Berjon will keep his barba en PROCESO de remojo and directed the question to Jim Cohen at the IHESS, who will off-course wash his hands to keep his French Tenure and C.I.A. credentials among the intelligent French.

{and} as Dr. Poisson is my witness, 🚶🏼‍♂️i did, and a job 🧑‍🔧 i found, and La’Rent Nugnez’es 👮🏿‍♂️ thughs still found a reason to cut Mí down. To say that I, Armando Segovia feel like that little fellow on BFM’ER TV weekend, who got shot after calling the Emergency Number 17 does no JUSTICE and does not even rhyme with RIMA at the Ministère de Malraux.

What Did I Do Wrong?

Issy, RIMA… I am the Malox® for yer’ flabbergasted ass.

®~. Look it up, it’ll do your sexy ass good, Nena.

and Eye Quotes… Eye like big butts and Eye cannot lie — Mí Séjourné, and horny Aussie.


A Closer Luc, that motherfucker.

DOFC meets TCFH³

Charlie Update:

… and, Charlie Sykes, you’re so French, you probably think this post is about You, at the Bullwark, but it’s not.

The Bullwark in French.

It’s about Eye Ran.

In Sports News, the year is 532 in Constantinople… 🐴

Timeloop in real time


TAILED, TRACKED and HARASSED by the FBI, Aaron Swartz marked the history of the Internet. Four years after his suicide, a book bringing together his writings was published (in 2017) in France. Swartz was 26.

https ://www .lemonde .fr /pixels /article /2017/03/23 /quatre-ans-apres-son-suicide-l-esprit-d-aaron-swartz-plane-toujours-sur-le-web_5099539_4408996.html

🎺 🏇🏿🏇🏾🏇🏽🏇🏼🏇🏻🏇⚽🛬🛫


2013Aaron Swartz, American programmer and activist commits suicide after an overzealous Frank Figliuzzi (of MSNBC 🦚 fame) and his F.B.I. “buddies” bullied Swartz to an early grave 🪦 (b. 1986)

En revancha, Mister Swartz is wreaking havoc at The Federal Aviation CLAN “Notice To Air Missions” 🛬🛬🛬. And can Ewe, blame mister Swartz? Not when nepotism and cronyism has plagued the High Brass and its federal commissioners.

Over at The New York Times, depression is making the rounds, more on that when Öüï square the VENN DIAGRAM that the Unesco, Morning Joe, and La Juventud Bolivariana de Botzaris en Cité is.

https ://nypost .com /2023/01/10 /new-york-times-columnist-blake-hounshell-dead-at-44/

Yup, Öüï told you so… it’s primetime in Hilo, Hawaii, and in Local News, CAVAILLON Hospital is manifesting syncopated episodes of ras-le-bol with The New York Nurses Union, meanwhile, Bigotes Martínez is about to whistle the first National Sports THEY.

³~. Pantera, “Cowboys From Hell”, Album (1990), Groove Metal.

Brief recapitulación de cotejados, pormenores, y por supuesto, antecedentes:

Lorem ipsum, but FO’ist! Please be advised that following the SLAUGHTER of all Them Juniors in Nazareth, today’s procession will not be slotted for die Kinder, instead, Kerschovas is about to open up a Box of Animal Crackers™ at 🎺 Grabiel’s 🎺  version of The Cave³ in Ciudad Juárez ¿Vamos al Noah~Noah?

David might be an Alligator 🐊, but Kerschovas is a the Mother of all Giraffes. Musical Guest, The Walrus et Les Prolétaires.

³~. Really a “Room Full Of Goys” en El Puerto de Liverpool, Scotland.

Of course, non- readers will note that the “no-me-diga” regarding Vilma Fuentes opinion column’s remark is in no way challenging Madame Fuenteses opinion column about Donald Morrison thesis, which were featured in La Jornada, all that I am saying is that 10 years ago, when I brought it up (under the auspices of a professional immigration visa) i was ridiculed, banned and eventually stripped of whatever dignity that I never had.

For the record, and as much as I am the un-official Clochard of los Amigos de Francia en CHILANGOLANDIA, Vilma Fuentes is the official Mexican Correspondent of a thing called, México Siglo XX, but with the mannerism of the attaché delegation of the French Second Incursion into Veracruz, and Vilma Fuentes, you can take that to La Batalla de Camarón… I happened to have lived on that street, way back when Évry thing was closed on Sundays in Paris (except for churches and whorehouses… such as the now extinct Bobar at the MAUB).

Lucky for me, I can pass the mirror test, and that’s more dignifying than what passes for dignity in this place that is called ⚜️ France Culture 🚽.

And Zeppelin Goes Here

Cambio de Tercio

¡🇻🇦 Francisco 🇻🇦! Eye found that “elegant” chamuco that YOUSE talkin’ about

It Don’t Mean A Thing if Ewes don’t (at least) get a bloody nose.

And, Avi Velshi… Phuck, Medhi Hassan! Youse the real deal, a Real Working Pun Hero. Any how, Avi Velshi, Eye hopes that Baby Blue doesn’t MissIntERprets what follows, pero sí… it’s a Blue Cunt-Auch:


What da’Phuk does The Atlantic knows about “Phast and Spid?”, NADA, that’s what. The Atlantic on speed is like a used car reference re-sale bible, which is AlWays open to re-intepretations especially when them wheels are “carros chocolate”, con el front hood de CaCaHuaTe.

The BANNED BOOK CLUB, just like MONTAIGNE à la préfecture would have wanted IT!… that motherfucker.


Here’s how the proceso works, first Ewe select the ROAD to test-drive the Blue Cunt-Auch, and then you get a porn version of the EASTER Bunny and remove all references to the ∴ 33º ∴ in Mexico, which off—course resets “La Panamericana”, but then A-Gain… there’s no guarantee that MANU 🇨🇵/🇪🇸 CHAO has been CLEARED to “cross ❌ connect” over to, —San Diego.

https ://www .proceso .com .mx /nacional /2022/12/23 /sheinbaum-calderon-catalogo-persona-non-grata-manu-chao-pero-nosotros-le-daremos-la-bienvenida-299154 .html

On the same note, 🇨🇱 El Topo² 🇨🇵  may now return to El Puente de Ojuela, on location 🎬 (off-course) to re-shoot “Le Montaigne 🩸  Sangrona », which as Évry body knows is HOUSED at La SORBONA³.

Eye is tellin’ Youse, el mundo de Le Monde is having a field-they with all them notorious-es-ese F.R.O.G’s., from Katmandou to Catemaco Évry body gets a mulligan.

And by French decree, although, serial murderer and memoire millionaire Charles Sobhraj, does not need a French retirement from the C.A.F., the royalties-rich Charles Sobhraj, will also be docking in that juicy Solidaire payment for the end of the year, ES, haga usted de cuenta, señor Présidente (🇲🇽 FOX 🇲🇽) algo así como esa pensión que su colega, don López le quitó, pero la diferencia, cómo usted comprenderá –señor presidente– … sin tener que hacer más que una chingada.

³~. 56 rue des Écoles, 75005

²~. https ://fr .wikipedia .org /wiki /Alejandro_Jodorowsky

OLYMPICS Select Sport

Not to Sparta’s standards… Your FORKS are Phucked, carbon fiber, mis huevos, period!

Boxing could be dropped from 2024 Paris Olympics, IOC says


Any how, Avi Velshi, getting back to Francisco’s “elegant devil, let’s just say that them Blue Suede’s and that funky “Powder Blue Tux” with the ruffled shirt listened to Tucker Carlson on FOX NEWS and the cheap bastard rented, as opposed to owning the look, just like that BENDITA “emision americas” en RFPP, who went ahead and took the X~Más PUENTE off while PERU BURNS. Now THAT, that is commitment to the Peruvian Embassy in France, and of course, ALAIN ROUQUIÉ at the IHEAL and SciencePo.

Issy, Avi Velsho, the motherfucker is wearing Azul Cielo just for Kicks, which off-course was what gave that shifty devil a güey, a closer look reveals that in PHACT, that kickstand es pezuña de chivo.

I wanna Wake up in a City that doesn’t Sleep.


TENga, pues Su Cuadro, 🇻🇦 su’Santida’ 🇦🇷, Eye has it on good authority to relay to PaTmos,  that Yes Indeed, that horse’s clutch sucks, which will make bringing Hell behind that Corcel 🐎 a bit of a Joke.

Any how, 🇵🇪 Osler Amaro 🇵🇪, por ‘ay dicen, en El show de 🇲🇽 Juanito GUANABACOA 🇲🇽, que tu présidente con garrote, ELLA, igual que cualesquiera 🇲🇽 Georgina Moreno 🇨🇵 de morena–🦁SCIENCESPO🦊, ELLA si lee… y por eso su represión la d’ELLA si es “buena, justa, y…”, necesito otra cerveza para poder PATsMAR lo que sigue, mi cholito.

But FO’ist! Öüï catches up with the Medhi Hassan (re-run) show:

But Was SHE, “Raised on promises? »… like them Eweish GOÏ’s are?


and just like Pedro Picapiedra’s meshed’UP wit, with the CHARACTERS of The JETSONS, Medhi’s absence for the Dead Crucified Jew session (Nativity’s Eve) of his show makes no sense to either 🇮🇱 Hanna or Barbera 🇮🇱, which is probably why Medhi doesn’t read teleprompters from Aljazeera anyMore in Casablanca, but rather, from the rose gaRTen en la Casa Blanca…

If it’s Mardi, in LA France… 👅 Et Métaphysiques

Well, you’ve HO’id about The Rolling Stones… it’s exactly like one of Those.

PG. 190… « l’autre 👅 », o como dicen los franceces, “Heidegger and the 👅 of être / being”, or something like D.A.T., period!

And in Washington… 
Upon learning that The Greatest Speakers Set of a rock and roll band was to celebrate their 60th Anniversary in France, WILLIE GEISTmade an early start making sure that he is not late,” and set Sail To Le Havre. For the occasion, Mr. Geist invited a handful of his Nantucket buddies to sail on his Mega YATCH. An all-inclusive trip, but following the announcement of a Frenchvodka embargo” those free-loadin’ motherfuckers were advised to B.Y.O.V., period!

{and} according to Los Presuntos Implicados, the biggest Circus trick that Mick Jagger ever pulled, as a tanker in a general’s rank, was convincing Brad Pitt that peaches, bring bad luck… silly, Jagger, Megadeth ☢️ is not superstitious, when asked about the “peaches theory” Mustaine responded in Standard Operating Procedures³, “ha-ha I ain’t superstitious, under the ladder I go…”

³.~ S.O.P. is our newest endeavor, the task involved hones in on the persuit [chasse, en Francés del bueno] of calling a Spade a Spade and a a Hoe a Hoe.

If {and only} if…

Then … Jump in the fire on page Tú of the American copy of “my abuelita’s favorite magazine, “¡ALARMA! on the MSNBC’s, any hoot, to the little old, ol’GRAMA in The Ukraine… who feels sorry for Russian President Vlad Poutine mom’s, “With all due respect…”

WAS THAT “BASTERD », with an ‘A’ instead of a War Daddy’s ‘E’?

“Just the facts, ma’am.

https ://www .theguardian .com /law /2022/mar/14 /cia-black-site-detainee-training-prop-torture-techniques

6 card poker.
According to La Jornada of The Guardian report, “interrogators at the site, known both as Cobalt and the Salt Pit, went beyond the CIA’s guidelines in torturing Baluchi, [a Kuwaiti national] using two techniques without approval: using a stick behind his knees in stress position that involved leaning back while kneeling, and dousing with ice-cold water [yada, yada, yada]”.
The enhanced torture “technique” is apparently called « WALLING », The Guardian goes on to note on La Jornada that said ” BLACK SITE” technique, “involved placing the detainee’s heels against a specially designed plywood wall “which had flexibility to itand putting a rolled up towel around the detainee’s neck.

Edward SNOWDEN goes here.

Source: Musixmatch

“If the RAIN comes…” don’t forget to bring a towel. The “paperback {wards} writer” on D.A.T. .45 is going to appreciate keeping things dry.

Knot to bee (🐝) outdone by the birthday musings of Cerf-panthère, Mick Jagger decided to celebrate, at “Their Satanic Majesty’s Request”, Brian Jones’ 60th Anniversary of SATISFACTION, in France.

Los Ejes De Mi Carreta
Denisa Kay

Las fuentes de Las Cruzadas de doña Vilma

En Francia… en Francia no pasa nada, Marianne:

We don't do facebook, but

Öüï does not do the facebook, but given the occasion and being the THEY after “Black Friday”, we said, fuck it .:. https ://facebook .com /brut officiel /videos /132768011709329/?refsrc=http%3A%2F%2Fold.reddit.com%2Fr%2Ffrance%2Fcomments%2Fk2rnhx%2Fmanifestation_%25C3%25A0_paris_un_crs_au_sol_se_fait%2F&_rdr

“And one day, sans la moindre raison, les Français elected Marine Le Pen”
Via: /r/france

After all it was IN•deed, the very French who went ahead and invented “The Crusades”, the most recent one was of course lead by Professor Alain Rouquié in 2012, WHO can forget his welcoming words to then President of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto:


*Hasterisk 🇫🇷 5F5D5A25-4ADA-4EA6-B978-4836E15CAD73 🇲🇽 *CON NOMBRE: FRANÇOIS HOLLANDE, President of The 5th French Republic.

Lo bueno del regreso del PRI, es de que ellos sí saben como gobernar.
Sciences Po

Feb. 1, 2012 2013 (perdon)

Quick programming note, Leoncio Orellana (arquitecto de profesión, y capataz del profesor Rouquié en La Casa de América latina en Paris, 27 Blvd. Saint Germain-des–Près) warned me about it when he gave me his blessing to conduct interviews at the most navel-gazing place for Latin Americans in Paris, he told me (Armando Segovia) after commending me for embarking on such “sueño guajiro” as uncovering Mexican corruption in France could prove to be:

The Sad Part

https ://monoaureo .com/2020/11/27/mananero/ .:. 46418EE0-CD60-4C94-981D-090507014F64 .:. The sad part about this Cartón Político is that back in February of 2012, at the Mexico’s House at Cité International Universitaire de Paris, the MORENA–Francia founding committee members; at the time called, “El Frente Amplio de Izquierda mexicana” laughed me out of the Benito Juárez (kitchen hall, not the actual hall) when I suggested that people were starting to notice their CULT-LIKE behavior. Y mira, —can EYE get an AMen!

Be careful, because journalism is not always about “the poor.

and as Tabasco went under water after a recent Greek-alphabet letter hurricane, it turned out that “el buen Leo” was right. It’s about saving the president’s PET PROJECTS, such as a refinery instead of the underprivileged citizens in Tabasco, which happens to be the Mexican President’s home state. LIKE his outgoing superior in Washington, Donald Trump, president López Obrador hates his home state… look it up, with Governor (NY) Cuomo, Andrew [Oneeach].

Mean while here at doña Vilma’s neighborhoods, and as far back as 10 minutes in France are concerned, recording someone without their permission or knowledge has been a crime against FRENCH ETHICS, just ask President Hollande’s predecessor, Nicholas Sarkozy, WHO IS CURRENTLY undergoing legal proceedings for inventing the French Talents and Skills Visa.


https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /First_Crusade

https ://monoaureo .com/2020/11/27/mananero/

Coming Up: A Brave New Nato… sans u.s.

Pages 64–65; 6 mai 2007.
Numéro 2000
Le Figaro Magazine

The platform

Context was supposed to follow, but then Kanye West and a “Mr. Knowels” from a place called New York City, would go ahead and flip the French suburbs with one Beat that even the great Ari Melber on the peacock network would not D.A.R.E. play on anygiven Fallback Friday; AT The TIME, the lukewarm Left from the Île–de–France would call that populist move a genius blow from a Frog called « Flamby », or something like that. .:. 88D021A5-B6A8-40A9-ADC6-5A87AE60067D …

L’Incarnation de Valérie Pécresse,
président de la région connu comme:
la bendita Île–de–France…
Page V, Politique; N° 23602
Le Parisien

Still to come: the show

Useless words, the BREAK•Down or, as Bean Town Morning Joe correspondent, Mike Barnicle calls, IT!: the deconstruction. _–\_!_/–_ Kayleigh McEnany | White Ho Use Press Secretary. Fair use of Donald John Trump’s Confederate Free Speech.

FLOTUS puts a magnet on a star awarded to her husband and sticks it to the Executive refrigerator door of at Trump Tower. The “attaboy” was awarded to president Trump by America’s Doctor (Anthony Fauci) on account of the occasion that Donald John Trump wore a face mask at Walter Reed Hospital.


KAYLEIGH!!! Kayleigh McEnany .:. 318E083F-2ABC-4A5D-B1F5-23355119B51F 🍑 You droped a Bomb on Mí, Kayleigh, you droped a bomb on Mí.

BREAKING THE NEWS: Nicole Wallace just relieved Ashley Parker from her post at the White House. Claire McCaskill is flabbergasted, and the “former” White House Correspondent Ashley Parker could not be reached for comment..

Over on the Historicity Channel, Nicole Wallace is thanking her Metropolitan stars that Walter Reed Hospital is not named after a secessionist military man, but if history was fair, Walter Reed would be named after a Cuban doctor. Elise Jordan knows what öüï is talking about.

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Carlos_Finlay


Hoy no hubo Jazz. Kanye aborted that groove.

Las fuentes de Ysleta–en–France:
https ://www .leparisien .fr /politique /valerie-pecresse-pense-toujours-a-2022 -20-07-2020 -8355429 .php