Cinco de May0 Marathon

We [the staff] continue to Catch–up with May3 observances and today, to Celebrate the gringo’s take of Mexican Independence Day, öüï… first remind Saint David Ignatius at The Washington Post, that The Paladin* over at LATINUS, working as a contributor for El WaPo, conspired with a known NARCO operative in U.S. custody, in addition and FOR THE RECORD at the Administrative Tribunal in Paris, the target of THAT KNOWN Conspiracy (Florence Marie Cassez) was one of the subjects that I, Armando Segovia, requested to follow in an independent journalism project filed at the French Consulate in Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA (filed Nov. 2010) and under the auspices of The Skills and Talents French visa program. … just saying.

Anyhow, Willie Geist, on a day like May3 of 1957, your favorite team, the EVIL EMPIRE, aka The New York Yankees, celebrated with Champagne, —no less— the Brooklyn Dodgers owner’s decision to accept a plot of land just West of Lincoln Heights, in Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA, situated on TOP of a hill known as “the Chavez y Chavez Red Mexican Greaser RAVINE”, and move what would ironically would become my favorite Baseball team… San Fernando Valenzuela (n° 34) would seal the deal.

* Carlos (el paladín del gobernador de LA Hermana República de YUCATÁN) Loret de Mola


Yup, Eye hates to say, it! But it’s probably Mí .::. 25048730-F537-4943-B73C-791BFA76D674 ⚖️

AND IN WASHINGTON, also on May3, but in the year of our Lorde 1802… Washington, D.C. se transforma en ciudad, algo así como El Distrito Federal, pero en Inglés y sin castillo; eso vendría después en 1847, cuando el profesor John Mill Ackerman viajo a través del tiempo y él mismo envolvió a “los niños héroes” (Melchor, Gaspar, y Baltazar) en la bandera mexicana y los lanzó al precipicio de Chapultepec.



Le président de la République Emmanuel Macron s’exprimera s’est exprimé à 13 heures ce mardi 5 mai

https ://www .msn .com /fr-fr /actualite /coronavirus /le-président-de-la-république-emmanuel-macron-sexprimera-à-13-heures-ce-mardi-5-mai 

Hear Mí out, Franck* — Take a Walk à Gambetta (75020)

Franck Riesterministre de la Culture…
S.V.P. forward this Foreward to:
Mr. or Mme. Président du Trib. Admin. à París (75000–Cedex).

ISSY Eye runs with the Devil

ISSY, from the First through the Twentieth (Century) .:. BE6FE41C-A2BD-4E48-A62A-BC88CC4E36D7 🥁 Eye runs with the Devil.

But FOist, a TimeStamp:

It’s 11 pm in Central Nato Time, and French Marine Scouts at The Seine all agree:

Old enough to go to WAR

Old enough to go to WAR .:. FC69935C-0438-4942-91D3-38845BD4EDB9 🚶🏽‍♂️ Born in that 70’s Show… “Good God!”

The biggest lie that the Devil ever Played on visitors to Paname is that Tourists on top of a DOUBLE Decker (not a Magick Bus) can see the Best of Paris in Two Hours, and that The U.S. of America has the “Coronitas“ fridge stocked with “test kits” for the masses. Any güey, Franck, thank god for Leap Years, and thank god for “Lepes” or les enfants, as the locals in Lutèce call “los huercos”.

🎼 What it is — 🎬 What it is

It's only

It’s only .:. 726D5A8D-358D-4778-A7DD-5971F13BF5FA 🕛 hours before Tuesday, and y’all know what happens on Tuesday, right?