{and} Monsieur Dupond… “prise illégale d’intérêts³”, WOW! Wow.

Live from HILO, Hawaii, it’s another edition of madafakin’ PRIMETIME, featuring “Little George Strait” and his Number WAN hit! :

Straight out of Loué

Track Tú: F.A.Q. The Police (punto y coma) followed by, To They is your Birthday and tú, morro, is April FO’ist on your TRAPEZIUS.

And, Niño Luc… Stop shakin’ that ass, it’s unbecoming.

In 2015, I, Armando Segovia [two-each, if you count Armando Serrano-Prieto] was told by the boss of BRUNO and agent STEPHANIE MENOU at the dépôt section of The Paris Préfecture that no such word/concept had been INVENTED by the VERY FRENCH, yet.

Freedom just around the corner for you
But with truth so far off, what good will it do?

Raphaël Moran (rfi) was not silly. The first stop of a Paperboy in France is the newsstand at Cité.


Jokerman 6:19

Track One; Infidels (1983)

Robert Allen Zimmerman, dit Bob Dylan

https ://www .francetvinfo .fr /politique /eric-dupond-moretti /soupcons-de-prise-illegale-d-interets-eric-dupond-moretti-entendu-ce-mardi-matin-par-les-magistrats-de-la-cjr _5051158.html

From the bottom of the CREATOR of the La carte de séjour « compétences et talents », Eye thanks you for finally inventing the concept of “CONFLICT of INTEREST³” in the French system. To tell you the truth, mister Minister of The Seals, it kind of made sense to me, PERSONALLY, at the time anyway; i mean, the motto is Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité. After all I do reckon —personally— that there is no JUSTICE in that stamp.

³.~ Archives — Immigration professionnelle.
https ://www .immigration .interieur .gouv .fr /Archives /Les-archives-du-site /Archives-Immigration /Archives-Immigration-professionnelle /La-carte-de-sejour-competences-et-talents

Know, as i was telliing BRUNO back in 2012:

I was on my way to Australia and made a pit-stop at Liberty Hall in Philadelphia, when all of a sudden, this little French-Canadian tramp got off of a Greyhound Bus coming from Quebec, this off-course happened right after the decapitation incident², in 2008. Eye was FRESH out of Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, México.

².~ https ://www .cbc .ca /news /canada /manitoba /greyhound-beheading-10th-anniversary -1.4760074


Previously on, “Un parapluie ne fait pas l’Europe”

Last Week Today.

The sountrack of Louise de Nice!

So, yeah. I wanted to give Vice-President Harris-es-es, second dose of anti-coronavirus vaccine a chance to do what it is, that the second dose of the anti-corona virus vaccine does, and besides, Madame Vice-President, i needed to give, —or rather— allow the good people at 105.5 France info, an opportunity to Ketch-up.

For context, last night during their 20h-21h transmission France info discussed the less heroic side of the Wide World of Scientific Research (grants) and among the issues on the platter was the pay-gap and yada, yada, yada —i am not a researcher, but i did get fucked by one at a holiday inn France. So with that in mind, never mind the link to that apple-pay archive, but if you do, you may start by following this WabbitHole:

https ://mobile .francetvinfo .fr /replay-radio/

P.S.: Yes, Colin Jost, radio.

On tonight’s menu:

So… peaches, y una carne asada. As a Distinguished Armor Technician i am well aware of the lore behind a can of peaches being anywhere near a 19K (Armor crewman), and boy do i have some stories about peaches and bad luck, this one is not one them stories. This one is about special effects, props, and Gabriel Figueroa, one of those “overrated” film makers of the Mexican Golden Age of cinema, according to Emmanuel Lubezki, the Greatest (photographer) Of All Time… fuck Gabriel Figueroa and his colored WaWa techniques. Eye drinks Grants for Breakfast.

— Vice-President Harris was having no’s for breakfast.
— I was drinking Grants for breakfast.
— … [A]nd in Washington, Mika is looking for a man in the U.S. Senate to take down the Republican Party, which now belongs to the Trump brand.

Peer-Reviewed stepping-stones

Oh, hey Negrita! Check it out Joy, i’m going to bring this up without getting into the personal details of this loop, and without getting into the murky side of the bureaucracy of grants, scholarships and other assorted juggernauts, so let’s start by doing some simple math. Wadda Ya’Say? Ah, heck who cares, I Have no right to be bringing this up in France, just like black people have no right to vote in some parts of Texas and other assorted U.S. states.

So, recent Rachel Maddow news reports revealed a rise in med school enrollment, you with Mí Joy? Or should i switch IT!, over to that motherfucker, Chris Hayes, WHO öüï knows, that he and his producers are Knot watching.

Context and parallels on ALL in with Chris Hayes follows.

Remember now, i ain’t no doctor but being the pressure release (literally, metaphorically, emotionally, and up until she hooked up with the National Mali Basketball team, —sexually) of a practicing one, that experience there did show me how that rat race (in the Dr. House World) will sort of like kind of looks like the plot of the “Murder on the dance floor” video of Sophie what’s her name–Baxter.

ISSY, there are ethics involved in them processes, just like in the judicial system. So yes, lawyers are also heroes. God bless lawyers and the Judges that they grow up to become…

Now about that math, first i need a motherfucking shot of Grants, and then i will be needing a motherfucking meal card, BUT FOR THE RECORD, mother of the current Vice-President of The United States of America, know that from January the 29th of 2011  to September the 26th of 2014 The ENTIRE Academic world at La Casa de la América latina en el 214 de la rue de Saint Germain-des–Press, tried their DHAAAARnd’EST to belittle, ridicule, shame, ostracize and even destroy my so-called private life, which looking back, now i now that it never was. And sweetheart let me just say that the same thing that Edward Snowden revealed about the NUDE SHOWER pictures of the wives, daughters and lovers of the subjects that they were SPYING ON, applies to You, Doctor, and me… think about it, did you really think that the Guardian at Rue Borrégo quit? C’mon—Love, he was promoted, just like Evry weasel that arrived with your Mexican (set of) friends.

And there’s that MeanStreak… just in case you wonder if Radio France International is in on the Joke. Hav’at it, Siren, you gonna organize another party like in 2016/2017? C’mon, bring in “El tumbador” it’s ok, i’ve healed and i actually like the song.

Happy Valentines They, and say hello to la “puta fea”, a mnemonic crutch that Your colleague came up with when she, her mother, and her mother’s lover her STEP-DAD joined us at the afore-mentioned residence to have Caldo de Res at 21h in CET (hey, it was HighNoon in L.A.)… but seriously, who the fuck eats “pot–au–feu” as a main dish on prime time, the Very French that’s who; during WWII the French people had a name for them, it was “NAZI collaborators”; after the war, the Resistance turned this bitches into, BALD-HEADED-Hoes, o como dicen en Cuernavaca: en putas feas.

So Mr. Hollande, Mr. Macron, “la bendita brigada « socialista » de París »”, kill me now, you are going to like The way PARIS looks without me. I guarantee it. Or you can just send NEPTUNE’s minions, either way, check the log, rolling black-out’s are happening right now (08h20h) at the Westfield FORUM des HALLES.

… In Hilo, Hawaii it’s just about PRIME TIME… TUESDAY’s Back—bitch!




And in Tampa Bay, Florida… now The World knows why the National’s call it “Football”:

There it is… 8884CFAD-43E4-42B5-8A89-47467B4FAA09 ❄️ Too cold to write right now, please stand-by for update…

Coming up on La Semana que Philippe Labró

“How does it feel?”

http ://www .rfi .fr/en/france/20191227-paris-summons-iran-envoy-academics-detention-Adelkhah-moore-gilbert-marchal

Context follows

Context on Brontis, Raphaël, and Pablo Gleason, follows —oh, but Öüï!. —_!_— Looking back, mi querido corresponsal del “proceso”, I, Armando Segovia sure is glad that my LIFE in France starts in Los Angeles, California — and not from Irán.

Seriously, Mr. Yannick à la préfecture de París (redaction), before you (by order of your Superiors) pLAy the Nanterre card, remember that it is the Methods Used, not the “regime”, be it here in Paris, or in Teheran.

Hidalgo 79019 follows

Hidalgo 75019 follows .:. ACDF4A97-C619-462C-AFCA-F55D1B896F64

The tale of two Pôles… empleados.

De Belleville à Calais… y la razón por la que los gauchos le llaman “pierna” a un “3 of a kind”.

April 17th, 2017.
Lundi de Pâques. Direct from:
Le Musée Français de La Carte à Jouer.

now that we are up and find that everything is closed, [it’s a holiday] we’d like to begin to unravel the Tale of the Pôle-Emploi. It’s really nothing more than one of those annotated rambles that developed as we here [at staff] journaled on our way to a particular forum —in France.

Y no es que [el staff] tenga [literalmente] “los pelos
de la burra en la mano“… but you get the idea, right?

Coincidence, Serendipity
—or what not—
Mr. Bacon and his Six Degree’s
ain’t got nothing on our 3 of a kind,
because as luck would have it, once we,
[ the staff ]
were set Footloose on the grounds
we discovered that the very same producers
who brought you Bernardo Gómez*Hecho en México
[ to La Porte des Lilas, 75020 ]
involved the same directors, actors and boom-operators** at:
1. “Las Quimeras migrantes
[ Instituto Cultural de México, 75003 ]
2. “El 2do Congreso de las Asociaciones de Mexicanos en Europa
[ La Casa de México en La Ciudad Internacional Universitaria del 75014 ]
3. “El circuito de documentales VISEUR y los Jueves du doc Latino“.
[ Cinéma Christine 21, 75006 / Cinéma Le Clef, 75005]

*  El mismo operador de Televisa.
** InC France-Mexique, Asociación Maguey-Paris, and…
volunteers from the Prefecture de Police à Paris.
*** Pablo Gleason; con el apoyo de la Asociación Gilberto Bosques París.

…gonna take another nap.
TimeStamp: 0900 hours in 92130 times.