Dear, Olivier Compagnon*, are you hiring?


Hola, profesor. You probably don’t remember me, i’m the asshole that kept the secretaries busy when Dr. John Mill Ackerman (Ph.D.) and his Mexican Cabinet-level wife, Dr. Irma Eréndira Sandoval graced your students on how to be the perfect Mexican, or something like that. I stopped going to Dr. Ackerman’s classes after the first three sessions because i didn’t think that the secretaries deserved being treated like “viles halcones” at a Mexican ghetto every time that i walked in (punto y coma) i mean, to have them stop what they were doing and run into the classroom to whistle-in un, “Ay’ viene” was just not worth the hassle (for them, not me). Anyhow, profe, regurgito:

Carlos Romero Deschamps, dirigeant du syndicat des travailleurs du pétrole de la République mexicaine, a annoncé hier sa retraite, ce qui signifie qu’il n’est plus un ouvrier… Vía: el monoaureo (punto y chinguen a su madre🏀 👋🏼) Uso Justo de Todos los Medios y de todas sus mañas.

🏀 En Mexico, todo/a persona que vive y transa allí, por decreto presidencial es hijo de la finca del Señor don Andrés López de Santa Anna en Chapultepec o, en tiempos corrientes (for current cartoons) del Señor Pastor, don Andrés Manuel López Obrador

Are you hiring? Because if you are i have the perfect candidate to lecture all of the future political class of Mexican politics.

* Professor Oliver Compagnon is no longer (according to the director of The Higher Learning Institute of Latin-American Studies in Paris. In 2015 he helped the laborer depicted in the cartoon secure at least 26 Ferrari’s and a fortune to last for at least three iterations of French Republics… allow me to explain.

Jump 🏐 to page 153


https ://www .franceculture .fr /personne-olivier-compagnon .html

December 25th, 2020 — Christmas They

Ladies in Gemini, BFM’er TV is marking the one-week count-down to Queen Elizabeth’s Tú, secret warehouse, and if you are in on the joke, my dear Matteo (16 year-old Grenouille) then you will begin to understand WATT this CODE Sodex*o means when opened from the “safe-zone” of any face in a Hypercube:

… Deer, Queen Elizabeth the Tú, i pray that you find the humor in Pi, because you are going to like the way you look; “i guarantee it.” .:. D284405D-2739-432B-9F15-C968F60D93AD 🇺🇸 Fool Moon Fever Follows…

**9,15 €
DIKI222 🇫🇷
20 B

Chiffre de la semaine… expires when Twenty Twenty goes the way French Culture went in Antoine Compagnon’s defense of Don Morrison… and if you buy DAT i will throw Big Ben into the Mix.


Anyhow, Matteo, i have confidence that youse gonna make a great hotelier, in the mean time don’t concern yourself too much on the secrets of the British crown (they are all salamanders, take IT!,from Mí_the–Axolotl) and WORRY Moore with the fact (according to BFM’er TV) that 60 PERCENT!!! of your fellow Frogs will not be taking the COVID-19 killing serum, that is what WILL ROCK YOU!

In Paris it is 7:30 in the morning and Christmas 2020 is now in the books; in Hilo, Hawaii, however, the Pineapple Scrolls are still writing the tale on the PM Dial, it’s about PIÑAS, Matteo, puras tristes piñas, “y dos con sal”.

“Listening with light!”, or something like that. 🌎 B6FBABA1-201D-40EC-B908-BB216674D61E 💡

In the next scroll, Matteo, i an going to dazzle the fuck out of Ancient Aliens Legendary Magazine editor, Giorgio TSOUkaLOS, with my MOBILE MULTISPECTRAL IMAGING SYSTEM that “el Patróni” left for Mí, on la rue des Bourdonnais (Paris, CENTRE)… this is going to Knock–youse Out!

And here’s why: The Book of Enoch is only a draft, not the final copy… [Eye] guarantees it.

Deer, Rachel Maddow, i am happy to inform you that BFMRtv just released a statement enunciating DAT:
DOLLY PARTON is safe and sound in another part of the Galaxy, the Pinto, however, was blown to smithereens by the Gremlin and his very British cousin, the motherfucking Mini 🇬🇧.

Spot the pair of bOObies
(50 points; must show negatives).


Happy Safe Harbor Day! — Previously on “Blasphemy!”

We now know how Chinese democracy works, eager students mixed with the city council, the very French and the American Company have been using charisma and Continental Exceptionalism for ages, the Chinese, however are using determination, hard work, and “free work” to get close to political shooting stars.

https ://www .axios .com /china-spy-california-politicians -9d2dfb99-f839-4e00-8bd8-59dec0daf589 .html

Today in history:

Mark David Chapman, of Beatles fame, became a celebrity outside of The Dakota FORTY YEARS AGO, —tonight. During Mr. Chapman’s boarding call with a “Ticket to ride” on the Attica Prison “gravy train” an up-and-comer Quarryman from Liverpool (that’s in The U.K.) was shot point-blank in the chest and later lost his battle with cigarettes, dicho de otra manera: LENNON CHUPÓ FAROS..

In Local NEWS… [please don’t shoot the messenger on account of Le Parisien breaking the Known News on phase 2 of Donald Morrison’s “Death of French Culture”] McDo did its  part, now it is time for the Decline of The Maths, page ONE of the city’s nº 1 tabloid (shaped newspaper) in Paname.

Note to Phil Griffin … that motherfucker:

Had i known this [about the proximity spies at City Hall] back in 2010, I would have pitched my Six-year investigative report into Mexican political up-and-comers to China. 

🎶 Don’t know much about His-story, don’t know much biology, but I do know that… yada, yada, yada times the square root of Cloud Nine.

Across the Atlantic, President-elect Joe Biden just took Donald Trump’s legacy of breaking the norms for a spin by stacking The Pentagon with a recently retired “wise man”, General Eisenhower would sure be proud of Joe.

And why not, Ruhles are meant to be followed (provided there’s an agreed upon safe word), and Norms are supposed to be broken like a lame Weekend Update comedian.

Meanwhile in Mexico, el presidente reshuffled some key cabinet positions, including his former campaign communicator Tatiana Clouthier who will head the office that handles the economy, her job, like other cabinet-level officials will be to change the flower arrangement for the president’s daily morning mass.

National Awareness Frida Theys — No Se Akceptan Devoluciones

“… México es un país de Cine.”


A Band in Parts Productions… How The West Was Won by the French, starring: Willie Geist.

François Hollande
Presidente de Francia.
México, Distrito Federal, c.2013

Lorem ipsum… context follows after the the Oderbretch update from Spain, in the mean time, please fasten your “animalitos” and secure your “morralitos”; the Captain would like to remind the Mexican delegation to please stow away The Copal and please don’t spark it up until The Captain turns the “invoke your favorite Spirit in the Friendly Skys light” on.



… [A]nd still to come, Televisa Presenta:

Synopsis: You just Can’t Make this shit up, Franck! Now Eye knows that you know, that Televisa went the way of Dinosaurios del PRI, but öüï also know that you know, that we’ve seen a few Kings die before: Long Live The King!

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /ultimas /politica /2020/07/06 /consejo-asesor-empresarial-acompanara-a-amlo-en-cena-con-trump-8531 .html



Production Company: La Mano de Bernardo Gómez and Televisión Azteca… in COLABORACIÓN with Jared Kushner Publishing and Trump Plaza Hotels.

https ://www .proceso /637215 /salinas-pliego-vazquez-aldir-y-hank-gonzalez-entre-los-invitados-a-cena-amlo-trump-en-eu




… It sure would be nice if France INFO could get a hold of exonerated convict and former Zodiaco gang member, Florence Cassez, and ask how it is that she views Bernardo Gómez’ dinner at the White House while Genaro García Luna awaits a witness protection program convocation notification ticket in a gringo prison cell, and because we are aware that Carlos Loret de Mola wont be reading this entry, we [the staff] would like to extrapolate la tangente de Israel Vallarta, a según de las pesquisas de don Julio Astillero at “La Jornada”.

¿Cómo chingados, pues‽

¿Cómo re chingados, pues, llegó ahí? _•!-!•_ Distintas versiones apuntan a que la llegada de la comunicadora Pimentel al área de Comunicación Social de la Presidencia se debe a una recomendación directa de Bernardo Gómez, vicepresidente de Televisa y consejero del propio Presidente López Obrador.

La mano de las recomendaciones

La propia Pimentel respondió a un mensaje directo en Twitter, en el que menciona, en un mensaje respetuoso y lleno de serenidad, que aquel asunto es ya muy viejo: “una historia muy repasada y ya con nada nuevo qué decir.

https ://aristeguinoticias .com /0603 /mexico /en-comunicacion-social-de-presidencia-productora-de-montaje-sobre-florence-cassez/

¡BROZO… con una chingada, cabrón!

Meanwhile, at The Beverly Hills Hilton..

Alexis * Tocqueville’s portrait is taLking to passerby’s, “nobody cared”.

Paris Photo is for fags

Paris Photo is for fags.:.CC17CF63-043F-42DC-9B65-348CA6C087C0 •|• a message from your “useful IDiot”.:. DEER Cousin Joe, you of all Blind Alabama blind boys should KNOW, wait for it, WAIT — POLITICIANS, and little LAWYERS are: redundant. 

Over at the Lounge, Ringo and Densmore decided to form a new Band, after a couple of Vodka shots with a chaser of FOUR Loco cans, they decided to call the duo: The BeatDoors.

Cousin Joe has the details in a new segment, called BOYS, what a bundle of Joy.

Congratulations to the Washington Senators

Congratulations to the Washington Senators.:. Go NAtionals. Meanwhile in New York, Willie Geist is on TIME–Out with Donnie Deutsh. Over in Houston, The Washington Nationals are bringing the Astros down to Earth.

But FOist, not only does the staff hear Music, öüï CAN also smell it

art by Las Trompas de Eustaquio:

People who Gnow, know George

People who GKnow, know George.:. Eye loves Baseball, period

Psalm 351
“All the lonely people—
(ah, look at all the lonely people)—
Where do they all belong?”

Alabado sea Saint–Paul…

Bring it!

Bring it!

“Never learn Something, you can do By heart.”
Asegún las escrituras de Casa de Agua.

Vlack Belvet, because even the “King” took a piece of that Toile… Morning Mika and the Blind Alabama Choir pay respects to Elijah.

Musical guest, a cool Chris Hayes:

Cinco de Warhol — 5 de BriWi

Six of …

Los andenes

Los andenes

For the record, the Paris (crystal) TRIbunal closes at 18h00 in CET… but all of the InformaTION WINDOWS de La Chanson Française shut their windows FAT32 systems before Eighteen hundred hours in Central CineMASCOpe Thymes.

La Grave es Greve

La Grave es Greve

Fuchi–Güacala, mejor ni hablar de Eso, period

Na na na na

Na na na na, D.A.T. Cat ain’t gonna Nap and that Dog ain’t gonna Hunt. Niño Luc! Stop giving John Schofield the God Damn G.P.S.!!!

… [A]nd for the record, Niño Luc, you don’t GkNoW ZORB∀!!! Here, Niño Luc, meet MANKIND:

Los COSTAlazos

Los COSTAlazos de La Lucha Libre. Fuck Western Democracy!!! Of course, when WHITE PEOPLE from the Rockefeller Center tell you this little Nugget FOUR years after the fact, it’s called “journalism”, when an Independent Mexican-American sends the same signal to THE NEW YORK TIMES à SCIENCES PO in real time the entire apparatus goes: LET HIM EAT CAKE, period. MR. Dickey, SHOW YOUR WORK!!! Show your work before you return to La Promenade de les anglais EN NICE, motherfucker.

Your Daily Beast: Christopher Dickey is “Tagging” The Death of French Culture!!!!

No es lo mismo

Raphaël Morán (Radio France International) and the Mexican Embassy (Servicio Exterior de Bernardo Gómez y Jared Kushner) are going to kill the guy who brought you this most NON–Consequential blog. THANK YOU, Rachel, and give our REGARDS to Bill Sanders in “that West Texas town of El Paso,” period

Of course, what happened outside of Angela Merkel’s HOUSE does not happen outside of MSNBC correspondent, CHRISTOPHER DICKEY’S “petit palais”  à  Champs Elysées, eh!

VIVA méxico

Moving on, según las fuentes de doña Vilma:

París ya no es un fiesta“…

Paris es un Spectacle Culte,
o algo así.

... [y]o tenía Seis perritos

Previously, on “The Greatest Story Never Told”, … [y]o tenía SeiS perritos.

… [Y] de paso don Jacques B., the rest of the story will be told desde la conectividad y la vitrina de un McDo en Montparnasse.

Violà! va de nuez y hasta para La Victoria de Fréquence Paris Plurielle habrá, —para llevar—, con todo y Spéculos®️… y culeras (why not) para sus café–es–eses.

Issy, ese tipo de historias no se pueden escribir a menos de que las apruebe el CoNaCyT, y en recientes días, por la poderosa firma del mismísimo Paco Taibo Junior; en La Casa de don Alain Rouquier, en SOLFERINO.

Y ni modo que “el” ahora efímero BoBar, en La Mutualité del Cardenal Limones, no le vayan a dar la razón a Zlatan, quién en su momento, a lo mejor también se “echó una miada”, —Allí.

Boletín de último minuto:

Las ruteras ecológicas de la RATP ya no marchan por la calle de las tres puertas del barrio latino… Mecano tendrá que escribir, producir, y diseminar otro corrido para Babylon; dis tyme for the Saint–Germain des Press jazz fest, a razón de que ese joven–festival  perió su “des–Press”.

if you’re going to cut the name of “el sexto”, why not go big time and call the musical affair like so:

The Saint–Germain-de-FRANCE jazz festival. Key word D.A.R.E. “de France”, and not “de Paris”… unless the same assholes who drove the IMMO prices up, are also sponsorin’ la tocada, in which case, more power to Ewe.

Anygüey, stop shooting the motherfucking messangers and maybe, just maybe, TIME Magazine wouldn’t have to send their assets to your Grandes Escuela para sonar La Puta Sirena.

Issy, en Technicolor y hasta en exclusiva por BFM TV:
Dear, the water pot on top of the burner is about to boil and the frog (
submerged) remains the same.

Dear, Marie–FRANCE: if Eye were any Dumber i would have married a Cop, instead

Coming up en la rotonda de La Villette:
Los Gerundios de doña Vilma


Las Fuentes de la maldita vecindad

No se vaya, —deteniendo… [A]l regresar, Los [y las hijas] del 5º Patio de los Amigos de México en Francia ofrecerán una “Master Class » en escapísmo sin fronteras. La cita es en el Cinito Mexicano de Georges Brassens; Paris 75014, casi esquina con El Circo del mecanico elecTriSista en Porte des Lilas, o algo así.



2011, efeméride exacta en archivo.
Sitio: rue de la clef, 75005;
en las meras narices del gabinete
Cousin De Biens et Syndics
y Gérant de Los Daubenton-es–es–esos.
Ocassion: Coloquio y/o festival urbano.
Invitado Especial: La Resistencia de Tunisia
Telonera: una profesora del IHESS; ficha
doctoral en archivo. Razón Social
para justificar la curiosidad de ir a
escuchar a la susodicha, [pues
resulta Amigo Yorch] que la muy
francesa traía noticias de tus
carnales de Oaxaca. Ulises Ruiz era
el malo de la Telenovela. Luego, o
sea mas al rato, cuando migremos los
“dentiles” de hoy, con los”detallitos” de los últimos 12 años [trayectoría en curso] veremos en
dónde quedan las rhunas* d’esa Rana.

Entonces, pues, así como medio espejeando pero con la mirada entre los cuernos, [de una moto, no los de un büey, no sea usted Taurino, licenciado] te comento que el Cine [La Clef] en dónde el profesor Victor Quintana Sylveira perdío su virginidad, ya cerró sus puertas.

Allí mismo en La Clef [amigo Yorch] es en dónde comienza el ataque de las Chicas Cocodrilo y el show de Rumoritos Gleason. Al rato te cuento, compa Aarón, cuando migremos esta pinche nave a otro blog con mas gadgets. Porque aquí en este espacio las cosas ya son como la rueda de una cochinita de las Indias, Hamster equis, –creo yo— que se les dice en inglés.

Small fry:7E235ED0-12C0-47E8-A164-249B41959F8D

De cualquier manera o sin importar algún Evento en Horizon, sirva esto como el primer desdoble para vaciar la primera base en la fundación o cimientos [ya por demas] afianzados por debajo del Agua gracias a la tecnología desarrollada “a la manera de Rabelais, [le] señala Jacques“, a doña Vilma en sus fuentes de Juaritos [La Jornada; ibid] en los tiempos de cuando Ciudad Juárez fue el destino favorito de Frank Sinatra para afianzar los castillos de barilla en las bases de un divorcio express [La Nota Nostra].

================== more ================

=======  bang  =======

======== when EWE see ========

=========== a =========

================== « more » ==============

=================   LINE   __________________

… [L]ike the önë circled on the dentils below:

After the « more line » you will see a link that will hypertube you to a previous related post; por ejemplo, Raquelito, let’s take yesterday’s episode, which covers our encounter with the F.O.U.R. Star “über” service from the creators of Brontis á la préfecture, and roon room 1511 à Cité, which changed its acronym to SPQR, or something like that…

[Related « more » line]

Sunday morning, 04/06/2019
10.03 hours in:
[central] Bpi time
[at] Le Beaubourg

We [the staff] of this most inconsequential blog apologize for the delay-in-coverage, which as a non-reader of this excercise en escapistmo ∴ should understand first hand; but most important [John Oliver], and as a G.O.L.D.E.N. rhule to keep in mind from the pages of “la vie de R.O.S.E.C.R.A.N.S. Baldwin… à Paris », that when it comes to the F.R.E.N.C.H. Minister Of C.U.L.T.U.R.E. all motherfucking nodes lead to a Central Coordinating Web for the B.R.A.N.D.I.N.G., G.U.I.D.E.I.N.G., and “the” E.N.S.N.A.R.M.E.N.T. of good intentions, just like ALL’them Country African Rhodes.:


For more information on the T I M E and L I F E of Rosecrans Baldwin, please read: THE DEATH OF FRENCH CULTURE , by “the” distingushed C.O.M.P.A.Ñ.E.R.O. “Antoine” and of course some yank from “THE” SciencesPo School of Journalism, the Önë–and–Only: donnie morrison, B.I.T.C.H.E.S!

Once again, non–readers of this most inconsequential blog, our effort to continue our T.R.A.C.E.D. trajectory in an effort to bring all-Yah motherfuckers a better blog was suddenly and temporarily derailed by a Metal Detector at  le Bpi 33 G.E.O.R.G.E.S. Ponpidou 33.

And yes, doña Fuentes: IRON MAIDEN riding on top of a YUGO goes here.

… and then Mika tells the former lawmaker from the SHOW MÍ State:

Mika Brzezinzki de Scarbourough:
—”Bring Your Daughter, bring your daughter…”

Los Amigos Invisibles vs M.U.J.E.R. Policia:9E7DE944-ABB0-4F24-95C4-212D7B4024C3 •|•
RAPE, Mo_ear’dHoy! It’s Just a K.I.S.S. Ah—Güey! -•_!_•-  Yup, a storm is on display at LE BON MARCHÉ. Eye shit Ewe not; and Library boy! Welcome to the greatest f.a.r.c.e. in France.

—Claire, bring you daughter. Joe’s got Front-row thickets for that “almost sold–OUT” show.

Orchestrating made-up Words for If You Leave me Maneuvering in the Dark

Hey there, Sirens…

… eh, What’s Up Doc? << chronophague >> ??? might you mean: ChronoPhagous?

If the Thoird–O’dee-Hour is going to print Made-up words, then consider This Pretty In Pink frame just anOy’der example of our Long-Running Series called The Death of French Culture*… and yes, my Sweet Sweet fip sirens this is your favorite segment: The Intermission…

… wait for it, wait.

Actual TimeStamp is:

… just another White Album cover, “and it’s Alright”, dit, The Traveling Wilburys.

La Vie C’est Dingue, par La Tordue… or something like that; 10h40 CET

and yes, “I Want To Fly Like An Eagle”:

Umbrella is optional, but the above is uncompromisable, for it must be hoird in a Bugsy’s voice.

Saludos, sirenas… we [the staff] miss your inspiration sometimes, but “it’s all right”, because there’s always St. Malo — and Sing-Sing… radio, that —is.