Today in History (2015) — Sean Penn saved Paris and Madonna celebrates

And starring as Sean Penn, Bernard–Henri Lévy. Featuring, Joaquín Guzmán as Romeo in a Chemise Barocco in Silk from Versace and, Kate del Castillo as the woman who was looking for Some narco to dance 🩰 with. Musical track, No Myth by Michael Penn, no relation to William from Philly, but his blood is tainted by Madonna’s ex.

“Well, I’ll be damned, the sheriff is, a nigger!”

Louis Pasteur 🇫🇷 enjoying one of 32 Ice Cream flavors at a Howard Johnson’s Hôtel in Rockridge, U.S. in A.

From the producers of, “A Room Full of Goy”, and Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

Formally a Trump racketeering inc.

It’s Eye 10, if and only if Ewe is heading East. If, however, you are heading West, then yes it’s The I-10 but only after entering the El Monte RTD mile-marker at the RATP next to Père Lachaise, where Nohemi González just heard the news, Oh-boy…

For context, who was the French president who called on the niggas in Paris to usher in, El PRI en 2015? :

Answer : Holland(e), Frank.

and furthermore… la cónsul peyorativa could not deNY, that (…) Talía Olvera is going to take U.S. back to Saint-Mande… but Ewe had to be there, but don’t worry, if Ewe was Knot, — Eye will take Ewe, dare.

… if the artist Roger Pérez and Juanito Guanabacoa can pull out a GALLery space from drawing a fucking president, how about Öüï puts some Ketch-up on yer’Fucking fries.

and, Johanne Grazia Poisson’s cousin can’t let me lie, he was an exchange entrepreneur in Long Beach, CA, dealing on with the pallet racket, cock Sucker is probably sharing his training at some Puteaux bistro.

“… [B]ecause, unlike some other Robin Hoods, I can speak with an English accent.”

Imagine thatthe year is 1192 and on a day like today Richard the Lionheart re-embarks for England, ending the Third Crusade in the Holy Land.

The Third Crusade 

La Alternativa de PAU… and in Hilo, Hawaii, it is of course Primetime, in Paris, France, the news from the place where Marie-Ange knows our names, the Lazarus man rose from El Más Allá after being pronounced “tostito-sans-salsa” just a few days ago and, notwithstanding if your name is Dr. Johanne Poisson³ then you know what those long-long overtime hours at the re-animation clinic feel like.

The Kings’ Crusade

Note to editors, what are the odds that we are “Back, in the US, back in the US back, in the USS…”, RAFAH, it’s silly, I know³, but so is the way that history rhymes, but y’all don’t have to take my typos for, IT!, look it up, THE USS FORD (Gerald R. one-each) is parked next to RAFAH, or close enough being that RAFAH is land-locked with this passage to CAIRO, which I visisted on Saturday and you are not going to believe who I ran into there, non other than PABLO and his ATELIER, HECK, Lieutenant Colonel Hecht of the Israeli occupation forces, MEXICO’s Heart was right next to Pablo’s Atelier, check it out; —Bitch!

Down CAIRO’s passage way, but first, Romania celebrates Holocaust Day… and isn’t it, ironic, is the United States executive branch of government going to support Israel narco-style rétribution in Gaza? because if the Catholic president does, then the Catholic president at the Oval Office in Washington, D.C., will go down in history like Eugenio Maria Giuseppe Giovanni Pacelli better known as Hitler’s Pope did, and who, on a day like today, the son of a bitch went Straight to Hell, via Agentina and a layover in Chile, Uruguay, and Brazil.

I mean, c’mon man! You don’t think that PIO XII made “the great” now did you, And knowing the Germans, that super imposed drape over the Brandenburg Gate does not mean what you probably think that it does.

Robin Hood: As my first order of business, I would like to appoint a new Sheriff… my friend Ahchoo.
– Crowd: A black sheriff?
Blinkin: He’s black?
– Ahchoo: And why not? It worked in “Blazing Saddles”.

A Closer Look… Soy, un perdedor. The Winner is: La Valentina

El Carnal de las estrellas de HAUSSMANN 🎩 in reel 🎥 time.


🎶 Forces of evil in a boNzo nightmare…

It’s another edition of “Miss Heard’s Lyrics” from The Mothership.

“Cut it…”,  it’s an “off-the-record” mouvement.


Soy sauce, it’s like an army without a compass. So, for all intents and purposes, right now it’s Primetime in Hilo, Hawaii, and 2011 in Famaºgusta, Chipre, and my 16 hundred horses have been delayed on their way to Havre, the same port from which Alexis Tocqueville, de Francia set sail from on it’s way to claim Democracy for General Phillipe Petin, or something along them stitches 🪡.

🥢 🥡 🥢

And, the chilaquiles just don’t care… because El sope está enºtoºmatadoº, pass La Valentina³

³~. So, in the times of “las lágrimas de perro” por pillo, Clemente 🐔 Jacques industrialized a salsa 🌶️ that those French motherfucker’s from the Great State of Delaware-sur-Potomac, baptized as Salsa 🕺🏽 Búfalo… it had a shelf-life, so by the Time that EL GATT 😼 entró en México, and all of the nuclear engineers emigrated to Los Ángeles, California, to become taxi drivers, or Robert Downey Junior’s, gardeners, there was only one thing that Sean Penn (that motherfucker) could do, The Stark Coffee Company diversified onto Clemente’s territory and introduced la salsa Valentina, it’s like Siriachia with no shelf-life, legend has it that OPPENHEIMER stole the recipe from a burrito vendor on the SET of {Fat Man} and {Little Boy} in San José de Las Panochas, Durango.

It’s been done before.

In Local Twitter® news:

Hear Ye’ — hear Ye’, the French Ambassador to México, the Excelentísimo señor Jean-Pierre Asvasadourian, or his Twitt Monkees, have muted my CONºVERSºATION tamaulipeca from his pretty-little Mexican 🌮 PROºPAºGanda 🥐.

What’s the matter, mister Excmo., are you like French, or just a little CUNT?

If only the Paris Tourism Board
had the fucking Imagination.

Context? Ewe can’t handle the context*.



Not unlike the moral right in the Trapeze of Jason Mott³, a British cunt who claims that he wrote “A Hell of A Book” but that nigger doesn’t even know what trou tacos taste like, let alone what a Mexican Peso is worth, he inherited cotton but never had to pick the bol’ :

Page 58…


³~. Hell of a book, by Jason Mott, a British cunt in my faction.

Outshined? C’mon now Minnesota, North Carolina, the two Virginia’s and CaCa’laki (South Carolina) ain’t got nothing on Tabasco, the original, not that acid vinegar from New Orleans.

Book it! The entire FICTION Phucks. And here is why, on the same motherfucking page, and the one before (nº 57, if youse keeping count of them cunts) because it is obvious that the jury panel either skipped the Angry Husband on a hot airplane landing or those sons-of-bitches don’t know what “So it goes” is supposed to mean, and if Mott was being “ironic” like a Pearl Jam³ fan, then he clearly’s never been to DRESDEN EN TIEM-pos de hambre en Saint-Germain-des-Prés.

³~. Or fans of Serge Gainsbourg who come to the Ol’ Alice Cooper nightmare shack to search for the precise word, which of course in-and-of itself is always a “con” and not a SANS.

Page 57/58:

Hell of a Book tour takes me out of the Midwest—with it’s flat earth and angry husbands— and deposits me somewhere on the West Coast this time, yada, yada, yada

¶ … yada, yada, … In Florida—I remember sweaty armpits and air humid enough to drink— {kinky⁸}…

The plane landing out west is a little bumpier than expected. Yada, yada, yada… —from the fuselage to fun-sized pretzel bag— is shaking, So naturally, I assume we’re in a free fall and death 

End of page 57.

Meanwhile at The Toledo…

Start of page 58:

is imminent. I reach out and grab the hand of the man sitting next to me and tell him I love him, I’m proud of him, and that I hope there are Nic Cage movie marathons in the afterlife.

Then the announcement comes that we’ve landed wherever we are and everything between me and the gentleman next to me feels odd and out of place all of a sudden.

So it goes. 🛬

Tabasco. Birth place of the current Mexican President, just south of La Louisiana, and in this section the student will remember that salsa 🌶️  has no correlation to merengues 🥐. This is your cue to ignore the CAUCES in translation.

As Promised… una de Mel Brookz.
— So, mister “Beck”, it says here that, « In the time of chimpanzees » you was a monkey. How do you explain, la Scientology, you son-of-a-bitch?

After the break, it’s a Closer Look.

And, Mme. Macron, meet Chi Chi



L’ascension, o como dicen en BFM’er TV, « Con Los Pies on The Rooftop »:

But first, don’t forget to bring a towel.

Where is my Juan BRANCO Melle. PROCURATOR? Issy, les griffures ⚖️  are not necessarily ‘grifos’, but Eye is sure, Shugga, that some sure Bogart that joint.


Random Access Mémoire

And, Brigitte, it’s the month of May, el mes de todas las madres, and by the power vested in Mí by The Producers of Mel Brooks in France, I hereby address yo’ass by your first name on account of my view from the top of The Hard Rock Café³, donc, Mme. First Lady, let Mí tell Ewe, how it will be:



Jump to mañana, Australia’s been put on hold and Bali, never mind Bali, it’s under water already.

The Known Soldiers — FIP Strike day 3

Dear, SUSANA Puveda, it’s not me, armando segovia/armando serrano prieto who said this, but France 24 confirms it:

Unlike other "Zorro's"

And, i come to warn you, that « Unlike other “Mariachi’s” and “Zorro’s”, Eye can speak with a Mexican Accent¹ », dijo Joaquín Murrieta.:.ISSY, Gael García Bernal (if that is your real name), que chingue a su madre Pablo Neruda, y que viva Víctor Jara.

The French love to put things in ~ Boxes…

bee it Woodstock², Banksy³ and, öüï, —even Mí. So here’s to them « Neuf Graveurs » and let U.$. hope that the ¥emini “Banksy” does not go the Güey thay Freddy Cats (93100) went with the Mexican embassy approved Connection in 2011 -2012.

But speaking of boxes, here’s a Chappell

Las fuentes of a Crusade:



Did you Say LA

Oh–—say can you see? A Coliseo next to a Forum, boy Eye tells Ewe; A funny Thing Happened on the Güey D.A.R.E.


TimeStamp 16h40 CET

TimeStamp 16h40 Central Siren Thymes… “ponme la mano Aquí”, Macorina.:. And for the Record; Mel Brooks is God — Martin Scorsese is, of course, a fag.