And, Seska DeVille… I am yer’Element

Objects in tour-quo-ise are closer than La Cigale… Wake up! El Bueno y Los Pelos de La Burra en La Mano.

I can’t even begin to imagine… Starring as Emilio EstaVez and Sharly Cheen, from Switzerland 🇨🇭/🇪🇨 Los Carnales Gutiérrez en el 104 de JFK Boulevard.

Immigrants… dos motherfuckers.

Ant-influencer laws in Banana Republic… how ’bout it, mister Attal, are you a fucking “influencer” or just the “little faggot with the Earnings and The Make-up?” I know that, that is your own Lear jet.


It’s only Them when D.A.R.E. is no “they”, GRABIEL 🕊️ no ThEy GRABIEL! Only Ewe and ThEm. And on the next segment I Will show your nigger-ass what a typical family from Oaxaca looks like, vacationing at ISOLA 2000 and giving the French lithium, to fuel their NEPOTISTIC ideas. And that is the only thing that The Very French have, “ideotas” de Obrador… en Barcelonnette y La Ciudad de París, where mister Jean-Christophe Berjon has his 🦉SANBORNS 🦉 tea, and his fucking Pizza Slice 🍕.

It’s kind of like with don Porfirio and don Mussolini, AMLO’s dream is to make the Trains run to his clock.


In local news, The Palace de l’Elysée is having a party at Cathy’s Blé Hall à Châtelet. It’s an Environmental ball to celebrate the “little break” in the clauses established by GEORGINA MORENO and La COP 21 à Le Bourguet in 2015.

https ://fr .wikipedia .org /wiki /Bourse_de_commerce_de_Paris

Youse Not Sirius


— Garçon!, Get my table… Eye wants to rock all night and “part of Évry They »… friends don’t let Fiends go French, thank you Stephen Spilberg, this is what happens when Susie takes over the programming.

“Lock Her Up”

And, Willie Geist, you know that the only reason why The Boston Celtics lost was because, the Tall Man from Texas revealed that nepotism of the New York Circuit courts, which is why I admire French Minister, Dominique de Villepin’s daughter who sought the Spotlight in New York, as opposed to becoming a toadie at the French Tribunal System or, a Khmissi wife in Maroc.

Friends in Low Places

After the Break, it’s Les Ultra G-Men de Toledo, opening act, Cardinal Ximénez and The Spanish Inquisition.

In my humble opinion, Prague won the War³

Paris, Texas, Four Star Hotel… Rosecrans 🇺🇸 Baldwin told you about Cinéma State Subsides, donc, A LLORAR A Tu Tierra 🇲🇽 Lagunero, que estas entre 🇨🇵 hipócritas.

“I have made this decision in view of the results of the regional and municipal elections. Many socialist presidents and mayors with impeccable management are going to be displaced, despite witnessing their support increase.

Just call Me, Angel… Dr. Death.


³~. France was too busy catering to Nazis at Champs Elysées.

And, Ambassador Grenouille en el lago de mis ajolotes, nevermind the alleged sexual déviances of your current Ministro del Interior, Granadino Darmanino (that’s his spic name) because if you ask your colleague at the Cinito Mexicano Film Festival, mister Jean–Christophe Berjon, about how Bruno at the préfecture de Cité was tasked with rejecting MY U.S. Medical Insurance and instead demand that I “walk across” the Seine to get a job and thus, be eligible (as a guest) for your carte Vitale, mister Berjon will keep his barba en PROCESO de remojo and directed the question to Jim Cohen at the IHESS, who will off-course wash his hands to keep his French Tenure and C.I.A. credentials among the intelligent French.

{and} as Dr. Poisson is my witness, 🚶🏼‍♂️i did, and a job 🧑‍🔧 i found, and La’Rent Nugnez’es 👮🏿‍♂️ thughs still found a reason to cut Mí down. To say that I, Armando Segovia feel like that little fellow on BFM’ER TV weekend, who got shot after calling the Emergency Number 17 does no JUSTICE and does not even rhyme with RIMA at the Ministère de Malraux.

What Did I Do Wrong?

Issy, RIMA… I am the Malox® for yer’ flabbergasted ass.

®~. Look it up, it’ll do your sexy ass good, Nena.

and Eye Quotes… Eye like big butts and Eye cannot lie — Mí Séjourné, and horny Aussie.


A Closer Luc, that motherfucker.

ARMG 101 — 6 Cr. Hrs… NYU / CUNY stews need not apply

I swear, the nepotism of The Ed Luce Show… for context, asegovia3 is closing “the work week⅜” with American Imperialism, Ed Luce, was born in Great Britain, Issy, Ed is the illegitimate cosplay of Greg “animals are great” Gotfeld. Ed, believe it or not was sheltered from the Mighty Zeppelin by the Imperial Order of Maggie Thatcher and the grace of the dearly departed, Mother of C3-Pee-Oh… but Évry body calls him King Charles. Any hoot 🦉,  Batman, mister Luce didn’t get to discover Kashmir until recently, when he started writing about the love affair between Dr. Jalife-Rahme from Da’Hood, and Dr. Zbigniew “big Kazhimier’z” Brzeziński, on the Morning Mika Show.

Note to my current girlfriend, Nathalie Piolé ⛏️

Those Sirens 💃🏻 meant nuttin’ FO’mí.

No Insistas, Susana Pubeda, mi corazón es de Natty Le Pío.

In local news, either Madame Hidalgo is getting into the ‘Saw A Women in Half‘ business, or that there booth below 👇 is about to be filled with water 💦…

Drop The Chocolate Drop 💧 African dodger involved an African-American man sticking his head out through a hole in a curtain and trying to dodge balls thrown at him. Hits were rewarded with prizes. People were sometimes seriously injured or reportedly even killed after being struck.[2]… In Atlanta, a former running-back All-Star is reviving that piece of “Americana”. The Republican Party re-branded African dodger, with Drop The Walker.

South of the border, more specific, over at La Jornada… Alfredo Jalife-Rahme Barrios summoned Jean-Christophe BERJON to the Canal Once Embassy at the 13éme arrondissement. Mister Berjon, the original drafter of the Carol d’Obeso Show was asked to explain why Mister Macron is sending boom 💥 booms to the clown. Meanwhile, at la Place d’Italy, all gas ⛽ stations are starting to look like US during the Argentina World Cup ⚽. TOTAL.

Note to editors, the following is a time-delayed BFM’er TV ketch-up:

https ://www /economie/carburant-un-retour-a-la-normale-prendrait-une-semaine-en-cas-de-deblocage-des-raffineries_AV-202210100235 .html

This is, Last Week Tú THEY ⚾

Armageddon 101, pre-req:

Blame it on COVID, students in a falling state are not making it easy for higher education. But enough about La Sorbonne in Babylon II, right now the Maker of this blog just crashed with yesterday’s front page cover of Libération in France. And the death of French Chemistry, or something like that.

13 de Septiembre — Objective Tere

Do you feel it?

Rigo Tovar:
– Indeed, I feel it, but Eye feels it in a different way.

Las Fuerzas Vivas
¡Viva la Revolucinco de Mayo en Septiembre!

Issy, Mr. Berjon, as the Sirens properly recorded previous to the 19 hundred hour Hoy No Hubo Jazz session, Eye might bee, “A bug on a rug in a building,” but that building was the Cinéma Étoile en el 20eme, and the occasion fue la antesala de lo que sería el llamado “Año de México, en la Porte de Lilas”, yeah, Buddy, –it’s a Trilogy.

Check it out, Mr. Berjon, and never mind Duncan Bridgeman on the congas, here’s what öüï are going to arrange, it’s–A–goona bee a rumba, and keep the “hache” out of it until after the show.

https ://www .fip .fr /emissions /certains-l-aiment-fip /africa-mia-la-fabuleuse-histoire-de-las-maravillas-de-mali

People W.H.O. know

People W.H.O. know, know .:. 6481FCA1-7A37-43B9-B946-C7C6FE8994E4 🇲🇱 l’incroyable épopée du premier groupe “afro-cubain”, dicho d’otra manera, cuando Guantanamo era otra cosa en un mapa mundi.

Right now, Mr. Berjon, and for the next hour you will be the right-hand on the piano’s keyboard. Got it, Frenchy? Eye is going to make you part of the motherfucking soundtrack, meet Mí below at the 19 “hache” timestamp for details on who your left-hand in the bass quarters of the piano will bee. And no, Eye knows that Sabina Bee thinks that it is probably going to be her co-host. Pero, no. Aquí no es así.

[Pre-recorded track for the 19 o’Clock timestamp of 13/09/2020 in CET]:

Page 13

Page 13 — 6EDDA4D7-0CCF-4D75-8B08-A8F9F98BA123 — Featuring Nat King Cole sur les jupes de Susana 🎞📽 Comme chaque dimanche.

… gonna take a nap now, y si nos dejan, pues entonces habrá rendez-vous ce soir como a eso de las 3 de la tarde en Hilo Hawaii.


Ceremonial award y un jaripeo para el gatillo

pTimeStamp, doña Tati, it’s HighNoon in CET…

Context for Circus handlers (and foreign relation counselors… or someone like that) on Cousin Joe’s morning show, with a most special engagement from the hip with Jean–Christophe Berjon (Chroniqueur from the French Embassy à Mexique) follows, for Ms. Dior… of course:

… yo también me llamo Francia.

Antecedente interesante para doña Tati antes d’abordar, sin rienda y a pelo, en esta entrada :

Tengo bien presente el mes, porque octubre tenía que ser. Y fue precisamente, doña Tati, durante la apertura general del primer encuentro cinematográfico Viva México cuando tuve la primera oportunidad de rosarme los codos con una de sus hermanas, aunque yo, le confieso doña Tati, que por aquellos días no me percataba de que ella tambien era hija de su legendario padre, no obstante, fue por conducto de Miguel Gleason (hermano de un torero rompe esquemas) cuando en otro evento de cine y, que coincidentemente era el fruto de otro Gleason (primo de los últimos dos mencionados y representado aquí en el recuadro de abajo por el individuo ubicado entre el cura del margen a la derecha y “La Doña” a la izquierda) cuando Miguel me preguntó si yo sabía con quién estaba platicando… anygüey, doña Tati, en aquel primer encuentro yo pude ver una sonrisa en su hermana como las que usted muestra cuando pela los dientes por el aparato éste por donde a veces me la encuentro—en los interwebs— por cierto, le comento que dicha sonrisa, genuina, y de los labios de su hermana salió cuando yo, ingenuo que siempre soy, le pregunte a ella si de casualidad trabajaba en el cosulado mexicano de Nuestra Señora de Las Victorias (así se llama la calle donde pende el Labaro Partio de lunes a viernes, pero solamente en días hábiles) aquí en París.

Enamorada (1946)… Happiness is “La Doña” with a Warm Gun. Vestuario es cortesía de  la herencía francesa de Miss Dior… o algo así; Modelo Colt 1911 (The Tankers choice) es cortesía de Uncle Sam; los dos individuos en el fondo son cortesía del Capitalismo y de El Vaticano.

La cosa doña Tatí, es de que yo me di cita en ese evento para poder entrevistar al señor Jean–Christophe Berjon, agregado de la Embajada de Francia en México y coordinador de los fallidos intentos del Año de México en Francia en el 2011 para homenajear la obra de Grabiel* Figueroa. Sin entrar en tanto detalle este antecedente viene al caso porque entre las brevísimas cosas con la que pude abrir esa entrevista, fue con el vestuario de Beatriz Peñafiel, en el rol de María Felíx en Enamorada (1946). Desafortunadamente por lo breve de la entrevista y el hecho de que Berjon partía de regreso a México, ya no hubo tiempo para conectar las cosas, las ideas, y los artefactos que nos han dado pa dentro… perdón, que nos han dado patría.

* Gabriel para los que no son del Valle de Juárez.


NATO chief to Russia: admit BLAME for downing the MH17 COMMERCIAL PASSANGER Airplane with one of your missiles, OR—motherfuckers— EXPECT A COCAINE EMBARGO from our man in Colombia, eh!!!

¡Ehhh Putin!

¡Ehhhhhhhhhh, PUTIN! Puto el que no lo grite.

TimeStamp: King Gizzard & The Lizzard Wizard in Central Nato Time… “The Streets is Where People Live”, Y’all.

…16h45 Central Europe Time: DOWN THE SINK… coming up: Can i Kick it?

… We interrupt el Jaripeo y las ezcaramusas de Ms. Dior, because it seems that “Seaside Rendezvous” has been hijacked by Some jazz lovin’ Vikings, transmission from Ocean central reports that Scandinavian autodidacts are taking over the waves, and the first thing that them waterway raiders demanded was “Black Coffee”.

Yo’ circus handler, diversify Yo’Bonds! The Man’s Werehouse guarantees that you will have impeachement and cabinet convictions in less than six months— i Guarantee It!

Meanwhile at Rockefeller Center, the two talking heads up above can’t figure out how to beat the ‘Apprentice’ master… at his own Game. Ironically, the laid back suit on the left margin of the frame ignores what the mantra of the collective that covers his laptop brand told the Comedy Central world: Diversify Yo’Bonds, Bitch! and that double-latte ain’t gonna keep Ewe going —brother, drink Sarah’s “Black Coffee”, eh!

TimeStamp: 20 hundred hours in CET.

Amarillo by morning, up from San Anto’n
everything that i’ve got on
it’s just what i’ve got on…

Let me give it to Ewe, Strait:

We now return to Ms. Dior’s cultural appropriation of the ‘Rodeo’ experience in order to blurr the cultural barriers between two completly different animal handling activities, listen up “Quartzy” fucks, when you attach the word ‘rodeo’ to an ‘ezcaramuza’ you imply that a fucking clown is included in the presentation.

Martin le dice a José:
no te pongas amarillo,
vamos a robar el tren que viene
de San José de Las Panochas…
o algo así.

Fragmento de “los dos amigos”… o algo así,
de Los Cadetes de Linares, de Nuevo Leon.
!A huevo que sí!
Pariente-profesor de Culiacán.

Nirvana follows: Turn Off your mind relax and flow downstream, eh!


For the record, “el gatillo” is not Teeny Tiny Cat, we [the staff] are still conducting a full-dress rehersal to honor the top Puss in this blog, eh!

Ladies in Gemeni: el gatillo de Xicali, via El Instituto del Sonido Mexicano y asociados.

”Don’t believe everything that you read”
Beck, dix it.