“There is no such thing as a Sodexo®️ board³”, it’s a Sarkozian pipe-dream², en Libération¹

… [A]nd BACH n’a pas écrit D’Opera, period!

AVON Cosmetics Holocaust on Isle 8.

From wo’ID-ref:



d’abord interj

(expression enfantine) (coloquial) ¡para que lo sepas! loc interj
¡toma! interj
Et je te parle plus, d’abord !
Y ya no te hablo más, ¡para que lo sepas!


So it’s official, Cousin Joe is pulling a Primo de Rivera on the streams of the MSNBC. Not content with working Louis Burgdorf to death and disappearing Kasie Hunt on the Way Too Early series, adding an extra hour to his Mean Girls series talk show, and firing the Saturday Morning minorities, to make room for his weekend repetition recap,  the son of a bitch is going nuclear next Monday night, and bringing none other than the Elon Musk of the Marvel University, Robert Downey Junior, following Morning Mika’s “Summer of George.”

Let the good times roll, that joint there.


³~. It’s call SodexHo, said Stephanie Menou’s supervisor, Bruno* (last name unknown) after all of the hurdles for the renovation, of what was supposed to be a SIX-year French Talents and Skills visa, had been SUR~mounted, Bruno then took the stupid-little « pink residence card* » from my hand and he said something to the effect of —and of course, I am ¶ara¶hrasing— “that law was a Sarkozian pipe-dream ».

²~. It was right around this time period, 2013~2014 that the unspoken policy of the 2nd Year of Mexico in France COMMISSION took effect; that policy whispered in the EARS of all of the STRUCTURES “aimed at promoting and facilitating the life of ASSOCIATIONS… exercising under the law 1901,” such as the previously mentioned Asociación Gilberto Bosques-Paris, to simmer-down “los cacerolazos” against the Peña Nieto energy reforms and for the construction of a new state-of-the-art international airport, which was supposed to replace an ageing one in the old Distrito Federal, now called, La Ciudad de México (CDMX)… for the record, the good people of the political party in Mexico, which sponsored the Gilberto Bosques-Paris adhérents in La France, buried the almost finished (and winner of an international design award) under the waters of a newly re-filled lake, where legend has it, an eagle killed a snake, and then ate a TUNA there. The new airport resembles the Orly distribution operation rather than the airport that sits next to the Cementos Mexicanos headquarters at the end of the Metro Line-14 extension from Olympiades, for the benefit of the Paris 2024 Games of the XXXIII Olympic Summer Games and its handicapable edition, Aussie.

Is it finished, Nina?
Simone que sí, Sirene and, IT!, Is f“unkier than a mosquito’s tweeter » 🦟


¹~. Yada, yada, yada 🇮🇱

And Cousin Joe… can Ewe smell the sheeple Ay’m cooking, you Soon-of a bitch? I always knew that youse one of them  North Korea so-called, ‘noble gases’, heck, Willie Geist, I am the one who showed your dumb-ass that box between Pandora’s loins, open:

Previously on, PanºDora’s box:
Congress-element representative, Joseph Charles Scarborough dit “the turd” was popping out of The Box, Jack! And inside of the Red circled box in this frame, perhaps you can distinguish, Cousin Joe’s itsy-bitsy-chincilla nuts, which got caught in a spider’s 🕷️ Web.


Tuesday is in effect and, IT!, Will knot—KNOT, maddafakka— will not leave until Wednesday is in.

Fuck, Mí, Marina… It’s only been a century and 50 abortions since the Commandments House had a commandant. And no promotion for Ewe, colonel. .Gideon.

Please be advised that the Étoiles are laying to my Left, you’re right, and Trou 🕳️ North 🧭 is just 45⁰ a wey…  If Only The Paris Tourism Board had the fucking Imagination.

It’s Primetime in Hilo, Hawaii

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