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Later on C-SPAN 2112, the Los Angeles Philarmonic performs an orchestrated rendition of “The Wabbit That Came To Supper.” Gael García Bernal, conducts this performance at the legendary, Teatro Blanquita.


Dear, Sarah Chayes*: might the content in this commentary piece, from a contributing attorney-at-law, at La Jornada in Mexico City be on the same ball park of what you talked about yesterday night, October the 20th, during your segment on The Rachel Maddow Show? … P.S.: thanks for bringing up Honduras as a show-and-tell exhibit “A”,  for your “how to spot corruption… outside of the Continental United States. —¡—. We [the staff] hope that the link to this (most accurate) opinion on “The Fast and Furious” gun-running program (contingent to The Merida Plan, no less!) serves as a homework assignment to the good folks at TRMS, —for Monday night’s show… Cheers!

Primetime on Monday the 23rd over at The Rachel Maddow Show, it’s another round of “Aspersions on Louie Gohmer’s asparagus.” Ari Melver promised that he would be there.

Don’t miss, “Aspersions on Louie Gohmer’s asparagus,” guest-starring “Fast & Furious” Mexican Gun-Runner VoBo**: Eric Holder. Show starts at 9pm on the EST, on ‘the’ msnbc’s.

“INCUESTIONABLE”… hold… er, that thought, y de paso Cousin Joe, dile por favor a Vicente Fox y a Salinas de Gortari: que por favor vayan y Chinguen a Su Madre!. Muchas gracias.

TV/S Guide dish of the week:

Fusion Tacos, half the soul, but packed in wholesomeness.

A highly recommended “antojito fusionado” for this upcoming episode of TRMS… Dear, Rachel, the tacos are supposed To “Cool off” any “Fast and Furious Aspersions on Louie’s asparagus,” y pues, mi apreciada Raquel, son unos tacos de espárragos ‘chamuscados’ bañados en crema adobada y cebolla roja curtida (o en vinagre) que si no es lo mismo, pues, es igual)… Bon dégustation!

Context on ugly bearded guys —and a couple of broads, also — follows…



Aspersions on my Fusion Tacos •—• “You don’t want to go there”… https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=QkbgJGZTVP0

Cousin JOE…  hold… er that thought.

Sarah Chayes, on TRMS: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=pN_LFIgSozA

Compressing the issues

Psicodrama en periodismo

25 y 26 de mayo, 2016
La impunidad envuelta en un estandarte institucionalizado.
París, Francia.

_____________ USO JUSTO de los MEDIOS ___________


Referencia cruzada:  credits follow… | Cuernavaca no es Ayotzinapa, pero los vínculos entre la impunidad y el estado [por lo menos en México] parece que sí están allí… ingeniosamente inmiscuidos, ¿o a poco no?. || Fair use of a “Mexican business-type” newspaper.

…de arranque: la imagen de don Recep es cortesía de Deutshe Welle—©—Getty Images—©—La AFP—©— y O. Kose.

This is to say, that when it comes to causation, the correlations of impunity and ‘those in power’ do seem to be there, crossing each other with consequences that seems to dictate political discourse —and agendas— around the world.

The Squared Circle y El Pancracio

“The wickedness,” as the poet with the Indiana Jones hat recently put it to CNN’s Carmen Aristegui, is that the governor [Graco Ramírez] chose March 28 of 2014 as the official day when the entire state of Morelos would pay homage to the victims of violence… a very loaded ‘public relations’ move on behalf of the political class. This is why they [the people] in Mexico say, that in politics, the only thing that is serious [there] is Lucha Libre.


My Pillow’s time stamp: 11h Central Europe Time. | La almohada del llamado sueño americano, y las noticias de Aljazeera. || Fair use of media —randomly— found on the interwebs… El comfort de tus nostalgias.

It should be noted that on March 28 of 2011, Sicilia’s son —Francisco— was found [murdered] inside of a vehicle in town called Temixco [also in the state of Morelos]. At this point, it would probably be worth mentioning that on that day [March 28], six more victims were found inside of the same vehicle where Francisco Sicilia was recovered from.  This is to say, that nostalgia wise: state, collusion, and criminality were all BUZZWORDS that oh-by-the-way, marked Mexican president Felipe Calderon’s six-year term in office—You know, the one that coincided with a  federally  sponsored  “gun running”  operation called Fast and Furious.

[Contenido exclusivo sobre Javier Sicilia y su movimiento en París, a seguir]… in the meantime, watch 4 squares:

Media credits follow, because that's not all folks!

“What’s up doc?”… Wrong turn in Al-boir-cur-kee… Media credits for the New Mexico riots follow, because that’s not all folks!

TimeStamp: 00h CET

El excepcionalismo institucionalizado

The good thing about Mexican current affairs [International  “patatas bravas” Edition] is that the ruling political party’s good name has been saved. In Spain, the virtue and the  FAMILY  NAME of the  former  governor of the state of Coahuila [Humberto Moreira] is now a case for the archives. Case closed for the man who, at one point in his political career, also hopped his way to the chairmanship of the ruling party. Maybe, just maybe, that’s why this case displays the same characteristics of a  teflon® ‘don’ trial  in —say— New Jersey.  I typed the latter because the charges against Moreira [como de costumbre] did not stick; those charges, by—the—güey, ranged from the  embezzlement and misappropriation of state funds, money laundering, briberyand criminal associations with the same criminals [mind you] that Eric Holder [ a former  team U.S.A. Attorney General ] authorized the selling of automatic weapons to.

Sin comentarios... excepto lo del Uso Justo de los Medios para poder actualizar "Lo Único Que Es Serio de la política en México—La Lucha Libre".

Sin comentarios… excepto lo del Uso Justo de los Medios para poder actualizar “Lo Único Que Es Serio de la política en México—es La Lucha Libre”.

In a case that holds its weight on judicial dissonance [nada que ver con la disonancia cognitiva] the arrest of Moreira, which happened earlier in mid-January, followed a detention request from the U.S. government.

In Saltillo* [the state capital] the agenda is now set to move on to a more clear and present danger, or as the Rubén Moreira, eldest brother of Humberto —and current governor in that same state— would say:  the  penny  dreadful threat of Donald Trump becoming president of Team U.S.A… Donald is Coahuila’s Antichrist, this according to the current Moreira in power, in the state of Coahuila de Zaragoza.

* Saltillo [en Castellano] roughly translates to Little hop/skip.

#MissiónCumplida... El Chapo se va a las ligas mayores en los EE.UU. | Uso justo de los medios para mejor ilustrar, lo que son las notas cruzadas... Salud!!!

El comal le dijo a lo olla: #MissiónCumplida… y “el chapo” se va a las ligas mayores en los EE.UU. | Uso justo de los medios para mejor ilustrar lo que son las notas cruzadas… Salud, y Patatas Bravas para todos!!!

After thought: it is probably worth mentioning [for the uninitiated] that former governor Humberto Moreira shares a thing in common with former poet Javier Sicilia: they  both  lost  an  offspring  to criminals  in a so-called  ‘narco-war’. Perhaps both of those public figures share the same contempt for the ATF**

** Team U.S.A. bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms.

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