FUCK YOU: The New York Times, and your Paris correspondents, aussi

I told you so, but you could not fucking think for yourself, because you are Sciences Po, and Sciences Po is Sciences Po. Sciences Po by-the-way is what the Politécnico is to la UNAM in L’IHEAL en Ciudad Satélite.

Glad you fuckers are finally Ketching-up… you fags!

Somewhere au Mans there’s a mime shedding a tear. LOUÉ goes here. Any how, Chris Hayes, that was last night in Paris; right now, Sir, it’s 06:46 am in Hilo, Hawaii and Sir, this is the Cue that is coming your way… wait one, because the BFM’er Dee-Jay is playing La Odisea as sung by INDOCHINE.

Now it is safe and chic to Bash on France, eh!

THE death of french culture… CHECK PLEASE!!!

WHAT SAYS YOU: Le Figaro del Mundo de la Libération del Journal du Dimanche?

Over at the BFM’er dentils, the abandon daughter of JEWEL is going through her Death Metal phase; right now, the abandon daughter of JEWEL is doing a KING DIAMOND tribute because her mother Was A Witch, She Was Burned Alive… yada, yada, yada.

Yada, yada, yada, Ashley got on her horse and she is now playing Carmen Santiago de Bilbao and, SPREADING love in a Spanish ELEVATOR. Hey, it’s Valentine’s Week, motherfuckers! Anything goes, so long the object of your desire is no younger than 15-years old.

Happy Safe Harbor Day! — Previously on “Blasphemy!”

We now know how Chinese democracy works, eager students mixed with the city council, the very French and the American Company have been using charisma and Continental Exceptionalism for ages, the Chinese, however are using determination, hard work, and “free work” to get close to political shooting stars.

https ://www .axios .com /china-spy-california-politicians -9d2dfb99-f839-4e00-8bd8-59dec0daf589 .html

Today in history:

Mark David Chapman, of Beatles fame, became a celebrity outside of The Dakota FORTY YEARS AGO, —tonight. During Mr. Chapman’s boarding call with a “Ticket to ride” on the Attica Prison “gravy train” an up-and-comer Quarryman from Liverpool (that’s in The U.K.) was shot point-blank in the chest and later lost his battle with cigarettes, dicho de otra manera: LENNON CHUPÓ FAROS..

In Local NEWS… [please don’t shoot the messenger on account of Le Parisien breaking the Known News on phase 2 of Donald Morrison’s “Death of French Culture”] McDo did its  part, now it is time for the Decline of The Maths, page ONE of the city’s nº 1 tabloid (shaped newspaper) in Paname.

Note to Phil Griffin … that motherfucker:

Had i known this [about the proximity spies at City Hall] back in 2010, I would have pitched my Six-year investigative report into Mexican political up-and-comers to China. 

🎶 Don’t know much about His-story, don’t know much biology, but I do know that… yada, yada, yada times the square root of Cloud Nine.

Across the Atlantic, President-elect Joe Biden just took Donald Trump’s legacy of breaking the norms for a spin by stacking The Pentagon with a recently retired “wise man”, General Eisenhower would sure be proud of Joe.

And why not, Ruhles are meant to be followed (provided there’s an agreed upon safe word), and Norms are supposed to be broken like a lame Weekend Update comedian.

Meanwhile in Mexico, el presidente reshuffled some key cabinet positions, including his former campaign communicator Tatiana Clouthier who will head the office that handles the economy, her job, like other cabinet-level officials will be to change the flower arrangement for the president’s daily morning mass.

Orchestrating made-up Words for If You Leave me Maneuvering in the Dark

Hey there, Sirens…

… eh, What’s Up Doc? << chronophague >> ??? might you mean: ChronoPhagous?

If the Thoird–O’dee-Hour is going to print Made-up words, then consider This Pretty In Pink frame just anOy’der example of our Long-Running Series called The Death of French Culture*… and yes, my Sweet Sweet fip sirens this is your favorite segment: The Intermission…

… wait for it, wait.

Actual TimeStamp is:

… just another White Album cover, “and it’s Alright”, dit, The Traveling Wilburys.

La Vie C’est Dingue, par La Tordue… or something like that; 10h40 CET

and yes, “I Want To Fly Like An Eagle”:

Umbrella is optional, but the above is uncompromisable, for it must be hoird in a Bugsy’s voice.

Saludos, sirenas… we [the staff] miss your inspiration sometimes, but “it’s all right”, because there’s always St. Malo — and Sing-Sing… radio, that —is.

Ed. Nocturna: mercado de “Hermosillo,” en Sonora

Sección de Deportes (3 de marzo 2016)
(filler for lack of advertisement)

por: staff

Meanwhile back at the school cafeteria
the théâter camp rehearsed.

It was a jingle, not a jeer.
And the cheer was to make its debut
during the next Dodgeball Handicap Tournament.

Boletos para esa función aún están disponibles
over at Willowdale’s South Park Elementary… allí
en el llamado
Centennial Auditorium.

La Vache, la vache, la vache is on Fire.
We don’t need no charcol let the Motherfucker Burn!
Burn lactose fucker—Burn!!!
¡Go Cows!!!

The Joke is on <>

The Joke is on << Richie >> | Uso justo de un Bing de los Interwebs. || Uso justo de un despertador para ver como se va a poner de ambientado “el party” adentro de El Salón Nacional [y la Feria de l’agricultura y la ganadería —En SAN MARCOS.]. ||| La Captura del cencerro en forma de campanita fue hecha vía una página de arranque con las herramientas de un Ordenador MAC: “Vache salers dans le Cantal, Auvergne.” ©Sabin/iStock/Getty Images© ♬♬♬ …Yeah they call me the Working Cow,   i guess that’s what i am   ♭♭♭: http ://www .bing .com /az /hprichbg /rb /SalersCowCanta l_FR-FR9795966250 _1920x1080 .jpg

    _________________ subdivisiones catastrales del rastro _____________

  1. Novelas ejemplares de Cervantes; “Sancho Panza, gobernador de la ínsula Barataria.” Vía: http :// elquijote-aventuras.blogspot .fr /2009 /09 /sancho-panza-gobernador-de-la-insula.html
  2. Llamazares, J., en El País; “La insula Barataria.” Vía: http ://cultura .elpais .com /cultura /2015 /08 /22 /actualidad /1440259627 _292359 .html
  3. Colas, Natalia —Infanta., “The joke is on you.” Vía musicmatch: https ://www .musixmatch .com /lyrics /Natalie-Cole /The-Joke-Is-On-You#


L'Alma Mater del "ECOSISTEMA" Empresarial Mexicano. | Uso justo de la portada de una revista que me planto que me presto [por unos días] el lobby del Consulado mexicano en París. Muchas gracias. Los derechos intelectuales de la captura de esa imagen le pertenecen a los sciencepolitas—en su totalidad, por cierto ¡qué bonitas escaleras! Allí adentro de su escuela.

L’Alma Mater del “ECOSISTEMA” Empresarial Mexicano. | Uso justo de la portada de una revista  que me plantó  que me prestó [por unos días] el lobby del Consulado mexicano en París. Muchas gracias.  ||  Los derechos intelectuales de la captura  de  esa  imagen,  en dónde aparece  un  modelo  de  trajes  de la empresa HUGO BOSS™ le pertenecen a los sciencepolitas—en_su_totalidad. BTW, o a proposito,  antes  de  que  se  me  pase / o se me olvide mandarles un complement: ¡qué bonitas esas sus escaleras!!! pos’ si hasta parecen bancos de escuela… LOL.

En béisbol… Los Rieleros van a mandar remesas hasta Venezuela:

Trascendió que al Papa Pancho le gusta dar el rol por el mundo en 80 días. Leo desde Aguascalientes que le gusta cantiflear. Todos los derechos son de RyTA y Alternativa [del llamado NetWorking] por FM 92.7

Trascendió que al Papa Pancho le gusta dar el rol por el mundo en 80 días. Leo desde Aguascalientes que le gusta, pues, cantiflear; ¡Bravo!!!. |  Todos los derechos son de RyTA y la Alternativa [del llamado NetWorking] por FM 92.7

Germán Cipriano abanicó. Se filtró un mensaje en dónde se revela que a el Papa Francisco I, no le gusta Tin Tan (4), el Papa prefiere las cantinfleadas de don Mario Moreno [¡Barbaro!!!].   Así que con todo el respeto de un pocho, the Joke is on you, una vez más, mi estimada Ciudad Juárez.

(4). Story the music jukebox, en Radio Sabor—American Sabor: Launch the radio y pide al DJ que te meta la de Benny Moré, o sea, el rolononón que se llama babarabatiri… play ball. Vía: http ://americansabor .org /home