Todos tus muertos — Oh, hey Fake Rasta, s’D.A.T. you over the intercom?

March madness day 1


Battlestations—Battlestations .:::. 2EBA45C8-51DA-412C-AC36-3F744C63CB63 🔊 It’s O.K. America, you may use GODWIN‘s LAW and compare the CORONA VIRUS (covid-19) to “The Blitzkrieg”, because the Germs have overran our DEFENSES.

Tu vuo’ fa’ ll’americano
Mericano, mericano
Ma si’ nato in Italy…

Starting right now, the 11th not the 23rd hour of the THEY in New York, Paris  is  under light (phase–one) curfews. Aussi, PRESIDENT DONALD JOHN TRUMP, please inform the FOX NEWS RUSH limbaugh “Spécial Report” that his « buddy » Mr. Emmanuel Macron, the president of The French Republic, froze all utilities, including Rent, as opposed to lowering interest rates or figuring out how SHYNA! Will pay for an American recession à l’italianna.

Indeed, indeed öüï are

Indeed, indeed öüï are .:. 45B1C90C-634A-4D95-9F8C-95B96CBF6566

Over at the MoreJo Show… « picture » Donnie Deutsh musing with Steve Rattner how if AMERICA could tax Sunlight, they could make a killing! And Eddie Gloude Jr., goes, “if Americans believed in solar power”, adding, « you greedy bastards, always thinking about ‘the green’”.

Happy San Patricio They, ya’Bums!

(Whisky and soda e rocchenroll
Whisky and soda e rocchenroll
Whisky and soda e rocchenroll)

No-no-no-NO NO!!! Mika, NO!
Call it:
“Illegal Infections”
What a fuck is an “undocumented” infection? WE Americans are so quick to call imaginary threats “illegal”, but when death is threatening your step-son, WE Americans now are sensitive with selfish millennials who get to HAVE their CORONA – 19’s and drink’em AUSSI. If a person is thinking D.A.T. it’s “Five o’Clock Somewhere” and walking with a Spring Break state–of–mind, THEY are wrong and THEY should be considered ILLEGAL, period

… [A]nd Professor John Meacham went, “hey Willie Geist, please relay to the AMERICAN MEDIA to not mix your wild–oath hypocrites with your oath–taking Hippocrates.”


Inter•mission: 15 de NOVEMBRE 1889

El molde de repuesto… ISSY, it’s de Bronce, Bruno. Anygüey, Stephanie, please relay to your boss, —le préfet de police— provided of course, that you madame are still a French resident’s Visa Docket Case reviewer à Citè, “that the Night beelongs to Lovers”, especially when Fip Central Station feels “pretty”, period and “C’mon, cum on cum on Touch Mí Baby”.

...[W]ith your sister

…[W]ith your sister the Nerd. An after school special starring YouToo.

¿ Cuál fue aquélla promesa que tu hiciste  ?

Coming up:

Lorem ipsum with Donnie Deutsch, in this episode, Donnie scores yet another contract from the Peacock Syndicate.

Scene Three:
In which Donnie, never one to miss a branding opportunity remembered that one of his Manhattan connections included a founding member of the What Was I Thinking Pinto League.

Meanwhile, Cousin Joe is on “dad” duty following the abduction of Uncle Joe. The perps included a bunch of white collared syndicated grays.

Milk cartoon news

Milk cartoon news.
Lost people section.
Subject: Uncle Joey’s last known photograph at the “Blic Phone” talent agency.
Observations: Uncle Joey was showing off the noggin on D.A.T. there new family youngen, when all of a sudden Willie Guist’s grandpa’s shadow had been possessed by the very same “mummy” that Archeologist Butters Scotch seem to have caught out of a “free” museum exhibition. Bill Maher was reached for comment, “It’s probably a fungus issue”, said that D.A.R.E. motherfucking Werewolf.

According to Willie Geist’s family album, Uncle Joe’s abduction was not a FOist. Ancient South Park investigators uncovered evidence that them Joe’s where the originators of the Curse of Archeologist Butters Scotch.