It’s the French thing to do… del árbol caído todos sacan leche

Previously on the Magnum_Media Part_LC-BFM’er-I experience on the Agencia de Noticias EFE…

TimeStamp{s}: 11h50 in CET outside of the Brancusi… 08°C, many ales followed; it’s the “Basse” de la bière … ale, manymany ale.

Check the Times Please.

19h27 in fip Central Time
Sweet Sixteen… by, JR Wells (1995).
Évry body is gettin’ some
it’s what the Gestapo would do.
And it was the Very French who invented La GESTAPO…
would you like Mí, to show you the plaque, Sirènes?

Which brings me, armando segovia, to the following, Mr. Patrick Zachmann, if that is even your reel-name!

Never mind the French Intelligence Services, Paris is a city of spies and snitches… would you like Mí to direct you to the Magazine at the Kiosko that sourced that comment?, because here Comes Xi Jinping China’s and their WEATHER ALTERING TECHNOLOGY; they just fucked the Quad-state area of John Cougar Mellencamp’s R.O.C.K. in the U.S.A… and ain’t that { the truth} America sin acento?

At the Place Saint-Opportune the big Elephant in the room is Melody Gardot and that is all that I am going to tell Kyle Eastwood.

Top of the FO’ist and Colbert steps to The Plate

Unlike Ari Melver’s fantasy Jet City Wee’men baseball team [for] our coverage of the first 150th Anniversary Softball Tournament of La Commune de Paris, Öüï base[s] the plays on Historicity and real characters of an already established universe. Whereas, Ari (that motherfucker) bases his plays on whatever is good for the gander, and of course, the motherfucking goose.

Et Cerf-panthère, the motherfucking groundhog took a peek outside from La Grotte et a vu un panneau qui disait : le mimétisme est la forme la plus sincère de la flatulence

¿Así de que, qué pedo con ese pedo?

LA OLALA OLALA, allí está. Fresh off a Mil-Spec Space–A flight from The Hanoi Hotel is none other than “The Maverick » and he is performing a shimmy dance to the call of The Supremes who asked the former Panamænin and Arizona Senator to entertain the empty stalls at the Pershing Memorial Baseball Field á Vincennes… Charles de Batz de Castelmore d’Artagnan (that SumBitch) is of course, playing “bad cop” and just informed The Maverick that his shenanigans will not be tolerated while Mr. Colbert is at The Plate.
The Maverick, being The Maverick begins to strip and in this ESTablished UNIverse, The Good Senator can raise both ARMS above his shoulders.

… [A]nd Willie Geist, of course you all know that it was the Very Mexicans who went ahead and invented metachronal rhythm

Another advantage of knot reading our coverage of the most dynamic game in the vicinity of The French Olympic Siege à Vincennes is that our cast of characters are ridiculously fresh y excitantes.

After the break it’s, 9 Nasty WO’ids N°3: “la torita”… [A]nd Glady’s, could you please frame said “torita” in LatinX form?.

Take Colbert for example, he lies just in front of The Nelson Mandela Garden at a “well known” soup kitchen, heck! Eye just took a pee (right in front of Mr. Colbert) at one of the outhouses municipales, not the ones from Mr. D’orin… AND DEER LORDE JESUS!!! The loo’s are brand-spanking KLEAN (pronounced with a sea) and by brand-sparkin’ Klean, Eye means brighter than the whiteness of the Home Team uniform… (note to editors: Eye could have gone with pointy white bedsheets with elaborate crosses but that was already done on January the 6th of the year of our Lorde 2021.)

Never thought We’d make it this Far — Te Quiero Mucho; Act Two

1 de febrero
Sabbatical Day N° 28
«The Tam Tam Princesse Ad Campaign»
… or some Vintage stuff like that.

Realize that everything connects to everything else.”
Leonardo da Vinci

… including, the eyebrows, so let me [Armando Segovia] fix that for you.

«¡Pero qué falta de respeto, qué atropello a la razón!… Mezclao con unos Converse® va Don Google y La Tam Tam, Scribe y Visa Card, y Productos de a montón… Una porquería ya lo sé».  }–~~\*>  Y como dijo Enrique Santos Disépolo: Igual que en la vidriera irrespetuosa de los cambalaches se ha mezclao la vida, [los arribistas siguen al 100%] En El Billete de a Quinientos—Y en el [de] DOS MIL También. ♦—_!_—◊  Uso justo de todas las Fridas de Stephanie Rhule, por supuesto, on MSNBC.

[Woman’s voice
Sarah Silverman]

previously on:
The Tam Tam Princesse Ad Campaign
… or some Vintage stuff like that.”
Act One.

[Omnipresent voice from El Más Allá
GEORGE CARLIN narrates both the scene and the setting…
it’s January
of 2017]

Ahhh, yes! Love… (love… love
there’s nothing you can’t do that can’t be done).

[Potential female voice of
Penelope Cruz or Jennifer Lopez]

Mientras tanto en la UNAM, en plena etapa de la Globalización 3.0 del mundo hecho como una tortilla, por Thomas L. Freidman, y mismo que quiere tener una referencia alivianada y amena con el lingerie de “La Casa Azul” de Salma Hayek… chin, quise decir una referencia linda y hermosa del México a través de “La Casa Azul“, en Coyoacán, de Frida Kahlo-Corporation®,  los vicios en los procesos judiciales, pero sobre todo en materia de Rendición de Cuentas –o de “Accountability”, como dice Carlos Puig en Milenio punto com– pues, sigue estrpeando esa referencia idéal; la cual continua siendo mermada por los mismos males que viciaron el proceso de investigación en el juicio de la francesa favorita de todo el gabinete peñanietista: Florence Cassez.   }– ~\*>   Es decir, las viciadas fuerzas del orden público, los viciados peritajes y, para que esto sea una trifecta imperfecta, los viciados procesos en los tribunales. }- – ~~\*>  Asi que para celebrar el quinto aniversario del fallo de la ministro Olga Sánchez “nunca hubo quinto (aniversario) malo” Cordero, quien con su muy oportuna decisión durante el primer mes del sexenio de Enrique Pena Nieto, cedió la libertad incondicional a la hoy ex colaboradora de “los zodiaco”, Florence Marie Louise Cassez Crepin, el staff echa hoy, 1 de febrero del 2018, un reojo a lo que se presume que es un país regido por INSTITUCIONES. }- – ~~~\*>  El chiste” de este reojo [por asi llamar a este ejercicio] se hace a través de un paralelo en los procesos, –y no en la persona. Dicho de otra manera, en la secuencia de obligaciones que un servidor público debe de seguir desde el momento cuando alguien es detenido, y hasta el momento de su liberación o formal encarcelamiento… ¿O qué culeros del sexenio que están por salir, nada mas cuando se trata de salvar intereses en el extranjero usando a señoritas europeas extraviadas por la mala vía se hace la excepción?… Viva México.

Uhuuu, so, Donnie, as we communicated to your staff last month during the preliminary selection, our firm is going to be sponsoring the next season of the Florence Cassez documentary series: Getting Away With Murderer, (Pffff) sorry, I meant to say ‘the’ Florence Cassez documentary series: “Women in Difficult Situatons”

Act Two follows, but first, it’s another edition of: Did You Know that it was the French who invented the National Anthems? And that The Beatles, a band of mopheads, would eventually redefine La Marseillaise, with a little tune that started with the proposition that “All You Need is Love,” anygüey the band would reach the Top of the World on A Day In The Life, like today, but in Philadelphia, PA when they reached number one on the U.S. Billboard charts, with Their intentions To Hold Your Hand.

It Was 199 Years Ago Today “Sgt. Pepper Told the Frogs To Play. They been goinig in and out of style, but they guarantee to raise a smile, so may I introduce to you, The Act You’ve known for all this Years… }–~\*> February 1 is the 32nd day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. There are 333 days remaining until the end of the year (334 in leap years). This date is slightly more likely to fall on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday (58 in 400 years each) than on Saturday or Sunday (according to Wikipedia), and slightly less likely to occur on a Tuesday or Thursday. }–~~\*>  1793 – French Revolutionary Wars: France declares war on the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. }–~~~\*> 1865 – President Abraham Lincoln signs the Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution. }–~~~~\*> 1942 – Voice of America, the official external radio and television service of the United States government, begins broadcasting with programs aimed at areas controlled by the Axis powers. }–~~~~~\*> 1964 – The Beatles have their first number one hit in the United States with “I Want to Hold Your Hand. }–~~~~~~\*> 1968 – Vietnam War: The execution of Viet Cong officer Nguyễn Văn Lém by South Vietnamese National Police Chief Nguyễn Ngọc Loan is recorded on motion picture film, as well as in an iconic still photograph taken by Eddie Adams. ♦—_!—◊ Captura de datos cortesía de La Semana que Philippe Labró, CNEWS Matin.


La teoria de «el conflicto de interes»

The following Breaking the News Update must be read in a Vintage Mono Voice of Brian Williams and it must have as a background WWII military music used in WWII  theater news reels.

Man’s voice, role update
It’s been confirmed to staff, that following the downfall of the youngest French person to ever to be assigned with the care of the guideon of Radio France International, Mr. Mathieu Gallet, «Tam Tam Princesse Enterprises» was forced to make the decision today, February 1st, to drop Cervecería Modelo spokesperson, Diego Luna, from the leading role of Donnie Deutsch in the upcoming behind the scenes promo for the «Tam Tam Princesse Frida Kahlo Advertisement Ad Campaign: ¡Te Quiero Mucho Corazón!» entitled, “Another look at the Tangas, and a Glimpse at those”G-Strings” again.»

Details on the decision to let Mr. Luna go; are still to fuzzy, and the staff has not confirmed if «Beto» from Aguascalientes Canal 26 (in association with France 24) got the role.

One thing for sure is that Mr. Luna is a known close associate of Bernardo Gómez of Pantelion Films, a film production company who might have received special favors from Mr. Gallet, during the time that he was at the helm of the French, National Audiovisual Institute; and yes the staff here is referring to the Televisa Foundation during the revamp of the Year of Mexico in France.

Context follows… The Staff is going to seek an interview with Mr. Raphaël Moran of RFI International; hold that “Conflict of Interest”, thought. ♦—_!—◊ Captura de datos cortesía de La Semana que Philippe Labró, CNEWS Matin.

[Female’s voice
Sarah Silverman]

We now return to ACT Two of the 
«Tam Tam Princesse Ad Campaign»
… or some Vintage stuff like that.

[Man’s voice
Beto Gómez’ voice from AGS TV, ironically gets dubbed by Diego Luna because the «El Camerino» host doesn’t speak American.]

Yes, YesMathilde, I know that without the aid of your Dragons from the Foreign Legion, that Austro-Hungarian «hippie» Maximillian would have re-invented the Ol’BackYard; too bad that in his royal mind he actually thought that he could make a difference by planting gardens and visualizing crazy ideas like establishing a fucking zoo, I mean, pardon my French, Mathilde, but…

– Don’t worry about it, Donnie, fuck is rather a very versatile vernacular of your speech and when you really stop and think about it, that is what this advertising campaign is all about; it’s about promoting the promiscuity that leads to more fucking—so as you people in Texas say, «have-at-it».♦—_!—◊ Captura de datos cortesía de La Semana que Philippe Labró, CNEWS Matin.

You know, Mathilde, you are not like the other French that I’ve fucked excuse me, you are not like the other French that I’ve engaged with.

– Well, Donnie, you fucking butterball, let’s just say that I am one of the first corporate prototypes of the French «désengagement» of the AEFE.

The AEFE? Now wait a minute there Missy, just what kind of Cheese and what sort of Cave goes well with that Plat?

[Mathilde does a little courtious and elegant laugh; the rest of the minions in the room miss the ironic touch of Donnie’s reference to France’s 2nd Export, the Culinary Industry.

The AEFE, o como dicen allá en Banderilla, Veracruz, es la AGENCIA para la ENSEÑANZA FRANCESA en el EXTERIOR; es parte del aparato con el que Francia combate la doctrina POP-Yanqui y los Kinks del apodado British Invasion desde los tiempos de la Guerra Fría }–~~\*> ayer en Tunis; la Alianza Francesa, o sus afiliados le echaron en cara al presidente Macron el recorte de fondos para las escuelas que promueven la Civilización francesa en Tunisia, y el resto del mundo bárbaro que no habla Francés.

Coincidió que como en Mexico en el 2013, el presidente, Béji Caïd Essebsi, recibió a su homologo francés, Emmanuel Macron, en Tunis, para que el inquilino del Elíseo supervise perdón, para que el inquilino del Elíseo “Apoye” en La Transición Democratica de esa nacion del Magrheb.

… No se vaya, mañana en el día de la Candelaría, nuestro pícaro favorito en la voz de Beto Gómez regresa con otra entrega de:

The Tam Tam Princesse Ad Campaign
… or some Vintage stuff like that.”

TimeStamp: 21h45 CET

note to editors: please keep in mind that the production of this blog is having technical difficulties; the staff is at the mercy of time restraints and equipment availability; but the good thing about this blog, is that this is only a first draft for a more complete and revised printed version of the content found in this most inconsecuential blog… TimeStamp: 17 hours in CET on the Day of that Baby Jesus was presented to The Temple. Saludos, hoy es el Día de La Candelaría… Feliz Cumpleaños, Belen.