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https ://thehill .com /homenews /media /563340-kasiehuntannounces-she-is-leaving-nbc

SHE’s Leaving, JOE.

« “Bittersweet news from me [KC⚡️DC] this morning [Hilo, Hawaii 11th Hour]. This is going to be my final broadcast with all of you of up ‘Way Too Early.’ » said The LAST COCA COLA on the msnbc’s.

Unless, Mr. Pérez, La France is like those shithole countries where our parents where born, in your case (you don’t have one) Peru, and in mine, nº 15 allá en la punta de la Chingada, which happens to be diametrically opposite to the recently departed Pablo Bartolomé’s nº 33 on the storage room’s layout.

Now if you excuse Mí for a second, mr. Pérez, i personally need to address Grama and for that i need to invoke a recurring character [very dear to my heart] that i named Teeny Tiny Cat. So please, mr. Perez—and rest of the good people at the place where Evry Ivry body knows your name, —and Roger— please understand do consider that this is called suspended reality in the dangling participles of The Cuba arc.

See if this sounds familiar:

https ://la1ere .francetvinfo .fr /martinique /haiti-une-semaine-apres-l-assassinat-du-president-l-enquete-revele-que-l-operation-a-ete-commanditee-aux-etats-unis -1058746 .html

— A Miami based Venezuelan soldier-of-fortune with ties to U.S. quasi-military policing agencies (knot Luis Posada Carriles) is contracted to assassinate a Caribbean head of state (Knot Fidel Castro).

— The customer is a militant revolutionary zealot who happens to reside in MIAMI (knot Orlando Bosch) and who is obsessed with installing a different ‘ideology’ on the island, SINEMBARGO the suspect is denying any link to the Port au Price murders (knot Havana tourists from The Italia).

—  Watch this Space, Rachel Maddow… bonus trivia: FAST & Furious is now showing in theaters, and aspersions and asparagus walk into a bar, hilarity ensues when The Salt and The Pepper are at-large in D.C..

What would Nina do? Answer: She’d Fly High in The Sky

It’s a Knew They.

https ://thehill .com /policy /defense /510158-navys-first-black-female-air-pilot-earns-wings-of-gold

It's like A Table XII for D.A.T.s

It’s like A Table XII for D.A.T.s at Grafenwöhr during a Canadian Army Trophy Cup, period!  .:. 2D5E5B1A-C5C7-410B-8870-111BA0D6ADC7 🧮 Over at the Burlington Coat Factory, Senator Bernie Sanders just told Vice President Biden that if he failed Chemistry in school he is fucked… In•Deed.

And in Washington, Avi Velshi’s Audio just got a taste of what a Hi-Low bandwith tactical jamming pod (at the speed of Sound) can do to airborne or ground communications treaths, In•deed, check the record, Candice.


GrrrrOWL!… .:. DB665F95-2005-4F41-A892-581496A454AD —_•!•_— It’s called Electronic Warfare, and the EA-18 Growler es el sácale puntas del firmamento, “a real means to destruction” say military insiders at The Hill. Lt. Swegle will be the newest addition to the band. She will be trained to perform escort jamming as well as the indispensable “standoff jamming session” way up in the Sky… at Sunset, off-course. How High THE Moon.

Sexier than any Ben Affleck in a vintage debutante flight jacket, yeah buddy!

For historical reference in this historic moment of American might, the framing from an asparagus hater, —and the last— U.S. Attorney General in history (until Highnoon on Jan 20, 2021) is definitely welcomed, especially since we [the staff] are shamelessly screen-grabbing A.M. Joy just to put events in perspective from the outside looking in.

Los Dorados contra Los Pattones

Los Dorados contra Los Pattones .:. 5E238042-7CA1-4F49-AD10-CE63E15CF97F .:. Sincretismo militar, o como mejor lo dibujaría un amigo de Paul en Guernica: Let It Be… “El coronel de Los Dorados” would not sound right, just as referring to Yosemite Sam as a “Kentucky Major,” would sound kind of off-target, doc.

… [C]on el permiso del profesor Pedro Salmerón Sanguinés, Coronel de Los Dorados, eh historiador único y oficial del Consejo de Lucha Libre de los años dorados del pancracio mexicano en El Museo de Chapultepec.

Issy, de-Moulineaux, bien puede ser la matriz de la aviación en Francia; algo así como Lerdo (en Durango, México) es la cuna del aviador más chingón de Chihuahua, neta que sí. Pero antes, mucho antes de que los franceses inventaran la aerodinámica en la gravedad para poder hacer posible la aviación, La Revolución Mexicana inventó la pelea de perros (in the Sky, offCourse)… and D.A.T., general Patton, es la culpa de las chingadas Palomas, —neta que sí… except of course that instead of, IT!, being called “Fast and Furious”, the program was called “Diligent Incursion”.

Note to editors:

Hoy no hubo Jazz

Aerial Warfare between the candidates for Biden’s pick engaged in Air Combat which (off–course) required Basic Fighters Maneuvers from each of the pilotas causing mayor Eddie Currents, Major Major. It was a Classic Catch22 Mêlée. Oh, The Humanity.

Necessary initiation into “los arreglos” de La Lucha Libre and the arcs of how the first “dogfight” on record was a fixed match between opposing sides of the warring front is necessary to draw the irony of how Kentucky Windage is adjusted to an Old Gringo tale.

Over at the Ari Melver Show… it’s the asparagus, stupid!

And Dr. Fauci went:
That’s not how the principle of wearing a mask in COVID–19 times works, now stop casting aspersions on the prevention.

https ://www .salon .com /2020/07/29 /trump-loving-texas-rep-louie-gohmert-blames-wearing-a-face-mask-for-his-positive-covid-19-test/

Ancient Aliens — Executive abductions

Ancient Aliens — Executive abductions .:. ADDFAFBE-68B3-40F5-8DF2-3D59BBD30706 👽 In ConTexto, the world will note that whenever Donald John Trump is challenged with an explanation to his outrageous remarks, such as his admiration of a white lab coat–wearing individual (apparently a medical professional) who muses about alien DNA, demon sperm, and of course proselytizes about the benefits of taking hydroxychloroquine to cure the Coronavirus, that Donald John Trump runs away (like a coward) by abruptly ending the daily rally from the Brady Press Briefing Room at the White House… because that is what “War Presidents” are supposed to do.

https ://www .nzherald .co .nz /world /news /article.cfm?c_id=2&objectid=12351864

Anyhow, Black Spy, we here at staff are climbing up Babel’s Tower trying to put context into a cunt, it is not an easy adventure, Eye can attest to D.A.T.! In any case and/or scenario, Mr. Nance, so we are doing 1993 all over again along the Rhine, eh‽ Clearing up them old Nazi barracks and sending that Yankee Dollar back to the U.S., back to the U.S., back to the U.S.S.R.


The Army goes rollin' again

The Army goes rollin’ again .:. 2C6B4762-2814-4A57-BFA2-69E49713BC01 🤦‍♂️

March 1993, Sullivan Barracks Germany (where General George S. Patton began to die in December 1945). As a non–commissioned officer in The U.S. Army (a buck sergeant really) i personally saw (with my own lying eyes) how small business entrepreneurs from a recently open-market economy (Russia) took advantage of our unit deactivation and the “detail” of U.S. soldiers provided to these Russian entrepreneurs to disassemble and load the now “surplus” unit furniture into their Russian plated trucks. Six months later the Air Force would move into those same barracks, all of the surplus that went to Eastern Europe would be refurbished for the new “tenants”… Question, who’s gonna get all that surplus this time around, and who will be moving into Sullivan Barracks and into Heidelberg (where General Patton ultimately died)? The UKRAINIANS

But nevermind them Russians working for a de iure* president for life, because when the mail gets backed up on purpose by the non–union workers of the United States Postal Service or by the temp workers in that institution then you know how it feels to get fucked from INSIDE the HOUSE, Chris Hayes.

In Hilo Hawaii

And because we’ve been tracking a registered letter to a state building in Texas, mailed by–the–guey on the 4th of July, we [the staff] can attest that as of yesterday [according to the tracking system at La Poste] that particular registered correspondence just made, IT!, to New York City… so yeah, the report suggests that the constipation agent is self-administered, but we know nothing about them Chinese seeds toSuburbia”.

Oh, how Eye wishes that he could write with all of the humanity of a Jakob Hirsch Soboroff (he’s seen some pretty fucked-up things in El Paso, Texas, you know), but sadly if somebody, —anybody— decides to actually GET IN GOOD TROUBLE in Texas, that somebody better be ready to lick el fundillo of the powers that be, like it became the case with me, Armando Segovia, when a story about a SUBURBAN section of Ciudad Juárez (Chihuahua, Mexico) intersected with the political allies of Bernardo Gómez at The Unesco Headquarters during the first TRImester of 2016.

Programa de archivo

Programa de archivo .:. 9781C169-C9AC-4CE6-B801-A879E767E5D7 ⚖️
De Facto: when something is a fact, pero no se ajusta a una norma práctica.
De Iure: When Something tiene un Respaldo jurídico… like say from the U.N..
—_•¡•_— Take the Island of Chipre for example, en práctica (o sea, de facto) el reconocimiento político (de iure) sobre la soberanía de la nación en donde a la Afrodita se le ocurrió brotar del mar, se lo pasa por los huevos el imperio de Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, en Estambul.

“Two Minutes, Turkish!” pause:
US Ambassador Satterfield today visits Hagia Sophia after its reconversion to a mosque
https ://mobile .twitter .com/ragipsoylu/status/1288463896471310336

Of course, Siren you better than any Nereid know that while George Brassens might have succeeded in abolishing the death penalty in France, the de facto* Ruhle of the Land states that the only crime punishable by death in the ByLas of “the law” es la calumnia.

I will follow the law!”

The Hon. William P. Barr, responding to the Judicial Committee.

And so, by the power vested in Mí by Professor Pineda at The University of Texas at El Chuco, and the bullet-proof vest provided by the Sam Donaldson Communication Headquarters at the Cotton Building in D.A.T. D.A.R.E Old College on Mine[s]…

Musical guest

Musical guest: DA3ACFAD-646C-45C6-BB2C-20A853B0A6C8 🎙 Digital Underground and The Frisco Kid



🎶 The Humpty Dance is your chance —To Do The HUMP!

Russia is now a Fast & Furious partner

Breaking news, El Pais breaks with the French mold and calls Mexicans, “norteamericanos”.

There goes the backyard

There goes the backyard .:. 5DFAB68B-1630-4786-85CC-9F31E03A429D ✈️

Reached for comment a beginning French part-time instructor insists that for mandatory French language courses for immigrants, the curriculum will continue to center Mexico in South America, adding, “the Spaniards don’t know what they are talking about, they act as if they discovered el mole poblano”.

Meanwhile, the minister of foreign affairs for the Russian Federation, Sergey Lavrov, focuses instead on the FACT that next to BRAZIL, “México Lindo y Querido” is the 2nd most important and largest partner of Latin American countries, and he reflected on the FACT that Russian tourism in Mexico is up, but, AS CHRIS MATTHEWS SAID BEFORE THE NEW HAMPSHIRE DEMOCRATIC DEBATE, “what follows after the but in any conversation in Washington is the most important part”, and that parenthetical but followed by a comma, reads as follows:

Aspersions on Sen. Willie Gohmer

Aspersions on Cyrillicasparagus” .:. 0B8C229F-04CE-4AA8-979C-320B447A7D56 🚂🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇺🇸🇨🇦🇨🇳🇷🇺 —_•!•_— « De vuelta a los asuntos mexicanos, Lavrov ha mencionado las “buenas perspectivas energéticas” y la colaboración en “la construcción, barcos, farmacia, ferrocarriles, agricultura” y avances en el terrenotécnico militar”. Para sellar todas estas buenas perspectivas, los rusos mandarán una buena representación de su país al festival cervantino de Guanajuato que se celebrará en OCTUBRE*. Y Marcelo Ebrard también ha sido invitado a visitar Rusia. »

* Deer Kate McKinnon; Columbus day of your Freshman Year in College, SIMON said, Simón, mamacita. (Reference: the fuckable dad sketch on last week’s SNL Season 45, Episode 11.

Arbitrary Date

Arbitrary conquest .:. 14613884-9FF1-418D-B018-229FD94306C5 🃏 Dear, Lorde Lorne, did your script monkees  came come up with that shoutout to 2015/16 or are you just happy to not read this most non–consequential blog. 🗯 This message is sponsored by Vania®️ —_•!•_— In context, for those not versed in the Trilateral Commission against this most non–consequential blog, Columbus Day celebration marks an important date in the developing of this WordPress®️ blog; Buzzfeed, Morning Joe, and Lorne Michaels are the “rudos” in this Lucha Libre match that began at the Unesco Headquarters in Paris, France on a cold MEXICAN CONSTITUTION Day morning in 2016.

https ://youtu .be/ tzQLYKSVwRI arbitrary conquest


You would be forgiven if, in 2016, you would raise an eyebrow on “some guy” claiming that as an independent journalist, he was BLACKLISTED in the very city where Christiane Amanpour put the spotlight on “security issues” for journalists; key word D.A.R.E. : security blacklist.

“… au soleil, sous la pluie, a midi ou a minuit”

Aux Champs–Élysées
La COP 21 — Sans FX

“Deux, Trois, Quatre!”

Hey there Bill Maher,
you Devil YOU.
Today is March the Third of 2018
But Of Course, WE [The U.S. of A.]
Meddled in other countries Elections,
“You ‘Betcha,”… said an Alaskan Fake Jew*.
By-the-Güey, do say hello to Professor “picky, picky, picky” Meacham.

*… and no, we [the staff] don’t have Jewish grandmothers,
but we don’t care, we love’ya anygüey.
You Betcha!

Al Regresar,
en la Novela de las seis:

Aspersions on Eric Holder’s asparagus, we [the staff] learn what a picky-picky-picky Double Standard is, from our Paris Bureau, Aux Champs–Élysées… where else, eh?

… and still to come,
we [the staff]
remind Brontis à La Préfecturede La Cité
—where else, eh?
what a CARPETAZO is.

So stick around, ‘cus shit’s about to get thick…
“il y a tout ce que vous voulez aux Champs-Élysées.”

Las Fuentes de doña Vilma aux Champs-Élysées, follow.

Maher, W., “Real Time with Bill Maher; Season 16, Episode 6″… Plot:

in this episode; Mr. Maher reels in Cousin Joe’s history professor, Dr. Jon Meachum, and ‘the’ former Attorney General of the U.S., Eric Holder by framing one of the many fuck up’s of the current president of the United States, and using the cliffhanger plot device of the SPY vs. SPY, security clearance, sabotaging of OUR election by 13 Russians or something like that…


Yeah; we were attacked, I mean it wasn’t a physical atack, it was an “electronic” attack on the most vital of our systems, and he’s done absolutely nothing to prepare us for what is to come… in 2018 and they’re gonna come in 2020.

[Audience Claps]


You know… the analogy for what Putin did is the Third Reich. In the 1940 presidential campaign, Hitler’s government spent money in the American campaign, they bought newspaper ads; yadda – yadda – yadda… they were spending money too, and that was an act of war – Dick Cheney said it was an act of war.

[Omnipresent Voice,
Mel Brooks in the role of
Louis XVI, in “History of the World, part One”

King Louis:
You know, “it’s good to be the king”, and if the Meach is going to be quoting “Lord Vader” of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart you know that we are “jusqu’au cou” in deep “


if the Russians did it, it was an act of war…

[Maher interrupts
the Meach’s train of American Exceptionalism thought]


But we’ve done it. We’ve meddled in Peoples elections.

King Louis:

This is what “The Greatest” and Howard Cosell would call
The Rope a
Dope” technique,
and Jon Meachum, knows it
Eric Holder is about to have an Octavio Paz uncomfortable moment,
just like the one that the favorite “se
ñorito” of el Servicio Exterior Mexicano [Paz]
had with a guy named Mario Vargas Llosa.


well, picky, picky, picky, LOL.

Weekend Edition — TV/Stream Guide

Going on right now at the /r/Please Take My Money sub reddit, it’s time for the yearly Elmer’s Horologe Time Pieces 48-hour-watch Blowout Sale. GOOOOO, DODGERS!

Everything in the studio (excuse us) Everything in the warehouse must go, including our Trickle–Down Marine Sand Glass collection, and our exclusive North Korean Doom’s Day atomic (knock-off) clocks.

[General Kelly image follows…]

Shop within the next 15 minutes and receive a complimentary limited edition Trump Tower nuclear pocket “gremlin” watch.

Eh, watcha doin’ Doc?
— I am fixed on making this bomb blow up, one sledge hammering tweet at a time…  Merrie Melodies still courtesy of the Interwebs… and: A Fallin Hare.  —_—. Uso justo de todas las liebres.

Choose from a wide selection of Cookoo and Grandfather clocks, including the “too big to fail Stock-voodoo clock,” made of 100% Canadian Maplewood from our Ottawa Commodities subsidiary, which we ship directly to your doorsteps via our global shipping partners, listed of course, on the New York and the prestigious, Toronto Stock Exchange.

Later on C-SPAN 2112, the Los Angeles Philarmonic performs an orchestrated rendition of “The Wabbit That Came To Supper.” Gael García Bernal, conducts this performance at the legendary, Teatro Blanquita.


Dear, Sarah Chayes*: might the content in this commentary piece, from a contributing attorney-at-law, at La Jornada in Mexico City be on the same ball park of what you talked about yesterday night, October the 20th, during your segment on The Rachel Maddow Show? … P.S.: thanks for bringing up Honduras as a show-and-tell exhibit “A”,  for your “how to spot corruption… outside of the Continental United States. —¡—. We [the staff] hope that the link to this (most accurate) opinion on “The Fast and Furious” gun-running program (contingent to The Merida Plan, no less!) serves as a homework assignment to the good folks at TRMS, —for Monday night’s show… Cheers!

Primetime on Monday the 23rd over at The Rachel Maddow Show, it’s another round of “Aspersions on Louie Gohmer’s asparagus.” Ari Melver promised that he would be there.

Don’t miss, “Aspersions on Louie Gohmer’s asparagus,” guest-starring “Fast & Furious” Mexican Gun-Runner VoBo**: Eric Holder. Show starts at 9pm on the EST, on ‘the’ msnbc’s.

“INCUESTIONABLE”… hold… er, that thought, y de paso Cousin Joe, dile por favor a Vicente Fox y a Salinas de Gortari: que por favor vayan y Chinguen a Su Madre!. Muchas gracias.

TV/S Guide dish of the week:

Fusion Tacos, half the soul, but packed in wholesomeness.

A highly recommended “antojito fusionado” for this upcoming episode of TRMS… Dear, Rachel, the tacos are supposed To “Cool off” any “Fast and Furious Aspersions on Louie’s asparagus,” y pues, mi apreciada Raquel, son unos tacos de espárragos ‘chamuscados’ bañados en crema adobada y cebolla roja curtida (o en vinagre) que si no es lo mismo, pues, es igual)… Bon dégustation!

Context on ugly bearded guys —and a couple of broads, also — follows…

Aspersions on my Fusion Tacos •—• “You don’t want to go there”…

Cousin JOE…  hold… er that thought.

Sarah Chayes, on TRMS: