Dear, Elise Jordan… Cc: David Ignatius, Robert Costa, Joe Scarborough…

Hola, Elise!

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That's all folks!

That’s all folks!

Very briefly, heck you could reframe this and just say, in briefs, please stop scaring Nicolle Wallace on Deadline because deep down beneath that Stockholm Superstream–rinsed brown mane that The Wallace sports on the msnbc set at her laundry room in Manhattan, there is a blond living in that Orange County, California head of hers.

So, Elise, you have to be really-really bee careful when you point-blank start a question with, “when was the last time that The Bush (43) Administration,” yada, yada, yada.

The Eagles Wings

The Eagle’s wings .:. 39B54918-68F6-4ADC-96C9-A57DDBB65B13 🛂 Wanna know how “trickle down economics” morphed into a funneled through Pinto League? D.A.T.’s a Major League reference, and if you want the rest of that KURWA, you are going to have to subscribe.

You just don’t go doing D.A.T. to Nicolle on Deadline just out of the blue because God knows what sort of human rights and civil liberties trespasses might be Coming Up , in the form of a question, —of course.

Still to come: how to start a war, with Mika Brzezinski. In this episode Willie Geist goes over the basics of how the U.S got into Iraq, the answer? It must come in the form of a question, eh!

With that in mind Cousin Joe, fuck the Reagan Foundation and all of the Republicans that slowly but surely would overreach their authority with items like this:


Ibid… Sociology is a combat sport. These are their stories on: Stand-up, special bigots unit.

Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism [A]ct


Bcc: Eugene Robinson’s desk:

HOY NO HUBO « LIVE » Talent a Jazzafip during Set One… [L]et u.s. Hope that on the Second Set, Charlie Parker grows some, wait scratch D.A.T. Siren, let u.s. Hope  that on the 2nd Set, Charlie gets some.

They have Rocks for Brains

They have Rocks for Brains .:. 22FFF0B4-3734-48FD-8ACF-1DA99BD43378 .::. Lucky for them poor ignorant grunts D.A.R.E. is always a dependable Armor unit full of Distinguished Armor Technicians for T.H.A.T., eh!

ISSY, Ladies in Gemini, foreward path(ogen)finders report that a sort of piano “desafinado” along with two other characters on the rhythm section duo of the ensamble did not play any Jazz along the Seine waves.

Noisy Frogs 👏🏼👏🏽👏🏾, and 👏🏻 from Noisy–le–Grand (93051) a “New Suburb” that spawned next of La Marne, following the collapse of a thing called N.a.t.o, which Eye is sure you used to like, croaked in protest in their own particular way 👏, period!

Dun–Dun sound goes here

Law and Order Criminal Intent 786FEAA8-8486-4411-9878-8AEA466752BA .:. The names of the innocent have been changed ⚖️ Dun–Dun (Law & Order) sound goes here¹, [enter] Arizona Republican Representative Lebbie Desko from the Judiciary Committee at Capitol Hill in the Washington, D.C. District.

https ://www /emissions /club-jazzafip /speciale-festival-pianissimo-volume-xv-2-5

Sadly, öüï regret to inform the rest of the listening posts around the Complex, que Hoy No Hubo Jazz.

WFEiK the sound of the sirens on the Hilo a.m. dial returns after a word from DOLE and Mite your choice in pineapples since the Fall of Saigon.

… and now, The Knews.

Right Now

Right Now .:. 966C2FA2-E7D7-4A0F-B489-E4F5567229BA .::. Right now, Donald Trump’s personal Attorney General just told the Nation that he was not aware of the “Trumpists” that threaten to kill a democratic sitting governor of Michigan, “the woman!” whom his boss, John Donald the first, clearly feels threaten by.

“This is my Time, and I Control IT!”
Ms. Pramile Jayamal¹ (D)
7th Congressional District
Washington D.C. District.

… [B]ut you can do something in V-Tween”

It’s 11 o’Clock in Central NATO Thymes…
adventures in Transliteration:

El trono de Frankie

El trono de Frankie, quality toilettes. Order Now! It’s a “pendulum” thing…  only on the Rachel Maddow show… no “Sub-peanuts”.

Suzi, as you know, our heart belongs to Suzi, but do you know what it sounds like in American InglÉs? p.1


Ontario, CA Class of 89; indeed a Jaguar, in more ways than Le chef d’redaction at the Paris Le Pen Prefecture can ever conceive from the template that his boss tells him to TYPE.


THIS IS MY GENERATION, and donald trump gave it A güey to Russia:

The Who is not a boomer

The Who is not a boomer… Australia is the enemy.|• and Eye saw TROTSKI SMILE THAT DAY. Indeed. Communism is not the Enemy, men with little Cults of Personality are, period.

End of Anuncio 

It sounds like This:
No insistas, Elise Jordan, my heart belongs to HEIDI, period… Heidi, Eye loves you, even if you are Polish. Kurwa Munch, or something like that.


It's Au, Jerry! Au!

It’s Au, Jerry! Au! Ah–Uhhhhh! Jerry!

In Yesterday’s knews News:

Deer, Bill Maher,

Have those fucking Spicks at El País have some news Knews for you, you see (you fucking Werewolf) Marat did not have a Virus; it was a Fungus!!! Just like Saint George C. predicted, white coats and Guess Work.

It’s a good THING D.A.T. your fucking Games of Thrones producers do not read U.S. abroad… bunch of fags.



Deer donald trump, this is what a quality plumbing job looks like

Mean, while Mayor Bloomberg cockblocks the democratic ticket, Willie Geist, does not approve, in his, more human than human Thyme, he says that “George” needS more work. Copy?

Still to come, Cousin Joe’s secret while Mika takes the morning off. Oh, the Humanity… zeppelin goes HERE.

Anuncio: Donnie Deutsch licks balls, for $52 billion quids.

Dear, Joe Scarborough,

for the record, Mika is pretty, beautiful, and lovely; you on the other hand…you sir have a questionable noggin.

Dear. Yannick Noah:

Australia is the enemy