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Veinte para las once de la mañana .:. 1822A77C-60D4-48AF-9E5A-B2B58FA93F1A 🎠 Hello, Sir, please don’t look at Mí like that, it is knotting personal, the comparative análisis in the form of a dissected hypercube  it is nothing more than support material for the short-lived (twice in a decade) AÑO DE MÉXICO EN FRANCIA (MMXI)… Yeah, Buddy!

_yada, follows, but FO’ist! Abstract Capitalism on Morning Joe. In•deed, and oh-but-¥es, it’s a “They That Will Leave in Infamy” and to celebrate, Col. Kurtz is going to slaughter a WaWa buffalo with a wooden shaft using Old Glory as flight… if you know your 🎯.

Deer, Nicole… if you got a job after 43, i am sure that McEnany will be a firebrand somewhere in the Call-sign soup 🐃 34ACCBBC-8048-4C8D-BBBD-D3D2541E2C2D 🇺🇸 So please, if HIStory of the u.s. has thought us ANY FUCKING thing Michael Beschloss, is that The U.S. even hired nazis in the name of advantage. ➿ I mean, let’s knot go too far from the Eye of The Needle and look at the big elephant in the Bush patriarchs who got away with supporting HENRY fucking Mustang®️ quest to install Hitler on I.C.E., eh… know what i mean, Brian Williams? And please, DO–dah_DO-dah do say hello to The Buzzfeed Ben man on The New York Times who wouldn’t you know it, brings me back to that day at the Unesco and the Mexican Mission at Air France, eh!!!

Digression inesperada:

I don’t want to be the one stepping on the dog’s tail, but… at 23h in EST, a self-proclaimed weekend weirdo known to shove dead hookers into his Mercedes trunk is framed right next to A.B. Stoddard, and oh DEER goD!!! An ugly Mexican is on the opposite track.

For those not tuning in, the weekend weirdo is Republican party operative Rick Wilson. Mr. Wilson came clean one morning on a popular morning show about his weekend outings to Las Vegas. The man is so difficult to look at, that the sumbitch makes a pimple on the scrotum look like a flower on a Donnie Deutsch Italian suit.

https ://www .msnbc .com /morning-joe /watch /rattner-abstract-art-driving-an-economic-crisis-99255365850

Anyhow, Mme. Hidalgo, i noticed that you’ve just sent your first (by my count) presidential exploratory dart; and WITT that in mind i most certainly hope que en su arsenal también se dote de buen humor.

📣 🧹🌂🥀🎤♟🔑🏒🥍🏏⛳️🗽…


Producciones “A qué le tiras” y Dardos cruzados…
En colaboración con “el sonido confiscado” del mexicano en el instituto; o algo así… [A]mi no me consta.

Ya Encontraron al hijo perdido de don Lupón


A casual stroll on the Right Bank of the Bouquinists-es-es de París (casi esquina con el Pont Neuf) turns into an ‘ah, shit’ moment for a guy who rather look the other way, but he better knot.

yada goes here, mañana por El Mañana:

What day job, Sir?

25 de septiembre, 2020 — VOTE HIM OUT!

Hoy no hubo Joyce Vance.

Potus 45

Lorem Ipsum .:. F094888C-5529-4F68-B36D-14DBF9664266 🇺🇸 “There was a sound” or, in the words of the hypocrite-in-charge, “a sound was heard”.

Dear, Avi Velshi, this might sound callous to say, but could you please relay to the 3 lovely ladies in the frame D.A.T. :

Well you've her about La Môme

Well you’ve herd about La Môme .:. 94D79F43-D8BF-4867-89DD-149ECCD94443 .:. it’s Knot, one of those, this here Ladies in Gemini is « The Mommy! ».

that Kentucky dumped boyfriend is probably having a laugh at both the Law of the Land and the fact that Kentucky cops can’t shoot, or read a typecast address on a Rap-Sheet.

D.A.R.E. is something about 20

D.A.R.E. is something about the 20’s .:. 5958D548-0894-4E4C-8B85-B7B8C208E88A .:. Don’t know why, but the conversion rate of 20 Mexican Benitos transliterate on the Exchange Market as 20 Andrews, at least until Harriet is allowed to be on the American version of D.A.T. note.

issy–Avi Velshi, stranger things other than fiction have happened before in the past 1345 days since Trump was installed as America’s first dictator, why not this little twisted fact:

Loki is the god of mischief, according to Willie Geist and the good people at Buzzfeed.

And if you know who the son of the nepotist on the next monoaureo screen-grab is, then The Morning Joe brand, The Televisa Foundation, and even the good people of the Mexican Delegation at the Unesco in front of Napoleon’s Tomb, not to mention EVRYbody in on “the joke” will probably get your guest’s comment… NOICE*!!! Spoken¹ like a true ACAB side of the LAW prosecutor.

The wrap-around

Let’s wrap this “school-sized²” burrito to go .:. 9A9A728A-B630-4040-8AD1-26F4DC0D3962

Keep shooting the messenger MSNBC, “That’s the way you do, IT!, let me tell you, them guys ain’t dumb”, said Vladimir Putin’s favorite MTV plug³.


* Nice, as pronounced by Bugs Bunny… it’s a nice sound of Noice with the the third letter, o sea, la letra “sé” suena como la última letra… EWE Know, like noise.

1… Zhe gremlins knocked the crap out of Catalonio Barcelonnetto de Peralvillo and our Deer Leader’s evil twin, Phil Griffin did not post the exchange between the great Avi Velshi (BALD POWER!!!) Ms. Pettypiece, Maya, y una tal de VANCE, so instead the reference will orbit around our space in the form of a paraphrase and a properly captured screen-grab with an “unsolicited comment », below ⤵️:

2. https ://www .msnbc .com /11th-hour /watch /school-bus-sized-asteroid-sails-past-earth-92513861516

3. Cocktail Friday, as heard on The Rachel Maddow Show… “Maybe Mark Knopfler can talk to Putin, for us,” or something like that.

Previously on Subliminal Messages with Nick Confessore

Good morning, Mr. Meyer, it’s a good thing that there is no Late Night on Fridays as it allows the staff of this most non–consequential blog to catch up on other targets.

Play it again, Ace–Eh

“Play it again,” Ace–Eh .::. 3796D369-83D5-47A2-9657-671366816A6F 🎻 ISSY, ese, if you are wondering what this screengrab has to do con las noticias de México vistas por un transnacional californiano, producto de la S.E.P., look no further than Acapulco, because Elvis Presley did a version of Narciso Serradell’s  “La Golondrina” (but with different lyrics arranged for the “King’s”  melody)… just sayin’ because, (motherfuckers) the song is not credited at the next to last frame of the credits of this extraordinary flick that serves as COMPLEMENTARY VIEWING for “The MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE”, and if you understand the alternate universe plot in that made–for–small screen series, then Mr. Seth Meyers, you will understand why the good doctor, Doogie Howser M.D. is dressed in full alternate universe NAZI regalia… complementary reading for THE BUZZFEED CROWD (so that Mr. Stanton can have his media monkeys do an online article on these trivia bits) is The Case of COLONIA DIGNIDAD, in Chile, and the historical records from all of the nazi criminals of war who settled in the late 1940’s and 1950’s in Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, and of course The Great state of Michigan in the U.S. of A… so yeah, Eye can see why Denise Richards would have a Hispanic name in this alternate universe.

https ://www .semana .com /mundo /articulo /el-hitler-del-sur /33644-3

And for the record, Sir, Eye sees what you did D.A.R.E. with the recommendation to watch Starship Troopers, one of the most underrated movies of all times; next to Edge of Tomorrow, of course. Anyhow, Mr. Meyer, ghee-whiz the nuances of that story, my favorite part is when Romeo (pilot #1) gets the Vlad The Impaler treatment from one of the bugs (punto y coma) before revisiting the movie my favorite part of the flick was hearing all of the Hispanic names of characters played by people whiter than that “Friends” sitcom, but hey, for historical reference and/or a capsule of that time (the 1990’s) it makes sense that the people sharing a hip loft in New York City be white, as their rich parents probably paid the fucking rent for them, except for Joey, and that’s all that Eye will say about D.A.T. for fear of being forced to “sleep with the fishes”, and because you, Sir, don’t read this most non-consequential blog, we are sure that you know exactly what öüï is talking about.


L’Equipe que Philippe Labró .::. BE5065BD-77C7-47AD-9598-C82278F6C0C2 🛰 Thanatos vía Satellite


Anyhow, John Oliver, this time NEXT WEEK, when you will be enjoying your day off, you Ferris Bueller you, there will bee* over 100,000 American deaths because the president of them united states LOST all of his fucking marbles. Heck, “His” majesty is now (Eye did knot know if a simple country lawyer might have noticed, D.A.T.) having the White House Press Club ‘bow down’ to a BOOM microphone if they want to ask the “King” of the Rosen GARTEN a fucking question. Eye tell you AP guy; the president of them united states has turned you into his own personal Audioslave corps.

And Cousin Joe, Eddy Currents below —the underground of— the old National Center for Space Exploration are at a MAX now that activities in Paris (at least along the common public places) are back to normal, sort of. It seems that way along the Seine anyhow, where the beautiful ones have adopted, it seems, a Donald John Trump’s attitude towards wearing a fucking Cubre Bocas.

Time–delayed Sunday edition

Time–delayed Sunday edition. After a nap, it’s Mano Negra vS. Rob Zombie.

And why wouldn’t THEY, L’Equipe de Le Parisien is working hard to slowly but surely, Cousin Joe, to turn All The Young Frogs into Vince McMahon’s army of one–round CATCH fans. Anyhow, MONSIEUR Brontis à la préfecture de Cité (Metro Line 4) don’t mind shooting the messenger, we [the staff] are already dead. Go ahead and finish the job.

Hellooooooo, Andrea Mitchell — “V” is for Virtual Virtue

¡SOMBRAS nada mas!
Diebold was for amateurs.

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Hursti_Hack
DIEBOLD voting machines

It’s not the end of an Error at 17h EST; it IS the end of an ERA, Ms. Fed Wife, the End of Exceptionality. It has been maniFESTed.

David Jolly, celebrates; after the State of The Union, —of Course. So PENA of getting « trumped » and getting RENDitioned to Venezuela.

Let Mí Bee

Let Mí Bee .:. 27C92915-1E3B-4F70-8BC0-2263FD781C7B — your S.H.A.D.O.W., and never-mind the application. VIVA LE BUZFEED & Morning Joe (2015/16).

https ://www .commondreams .org /news /2020/02/04/ trump-reportedly-compiling-nixonian-enemies-list-he-seeks-revenge-impeachment


And in México news:

It’s Toilette Paper Day; or, as Donald Trump re-election CAMP say, it’s CONSTITUTION Day, Magna Carta, —MY ASS!!!

it’s Time for another edition of
The State of The Union Address
scratch D.A.T., Jimmy.
The State of The Federations Rally.


Steely HACK:

“This test demonstrated that Diebold Election Systems made misrepresentations to Secretaries of State across the nation when the company claimed votes could not be changed on the memory card…”

Say anything — Joe Satriani, you are not foolin’ any marcianos

SitRep from a Jet City cabbie
The Case of the stolen opening Drum Solo of “Panther Pink Panther from Head to Toes“.
Year: 2032

And in the role of

And in the role of.:.806C7F61-725C-4473-B474-94BF32951DE8 •|• Starring as The Bastard Son of The Pink Panther: Joe Satriani featuring Ari Melber as the shade-throwing manservant Cato, period

Things got a lot worse for six-stringers and microphone wailers following the 10–year “final solution” of the Trump presidency. By the time 2020 arrived, guitar hero Joe Satriani had to shave his noggin’ into a Cue and the French had to invent a “special” kind of Spectacles to hide those big’ol Martian Jeepers. Across the Sound, the front man for a local rock-opera band, once charged with committing an “operation mindcrime”, o algo así, suffered the same fate, however his Spectacles where only big in Prague.

El ataque de las chicas Chelo

En el ataque acentuado de las chicas Cello, el Tres prepara la vereda. Bar 3 ; SHUBERT, Shymphony No. 9 — Note to Cousin Joe’s British cocinera, who is in for the Big Kat: Andante, (❗️ = 100). TRACK 4; a legato, somewhat larger than the following Önë.  “God Bless ClouSEAU”, period

Source: El alegato como Staccato.
Rudolf, M., “The Grammar of Conducting” ; A practical Guide to Baton Technique and Orchestral Interpretation. 2nd Edition, 1950, 1980. Collier Macmillan Publishers – LONDON.

Buenos días Monterrey — Hoy es San Lunes

TimeStamp: 00:03 hours CET
Y que Chinguen A su Madre Todos los que piensan que los ceros a la Izquierda no tienen valor… sin ellos [los ceros a la izquierda²] te la pasarías encandilado todo el pinche día en tu mundo de Sciences Po.

[Audio de los “Vibradores” de Juanito Guanavacoa might follow]:

[Give $US a minute Marianaah, ahorita regresamos, o como dicen allá en Banderilla, Veracruz las los Jairos de los Milenios: "hay que perseguir a la chuleta"... BTW... the following, Mariana, in case you haven't been filled on "los Por Menores", pues resulta que lo que sigue se tiene que leer en la voz de Brian Williams: Acúsame de pedante, pero en México [Corazón*] ya no hay Distrito Federal. Dicho de otra manera, los sábados ahora son de la CDMX. Feliz día de Sn. Valentín. Marianaa, dedico todas las rolas de Chava Flores, pero sobre todo aquella que nos recuerda lo de las fritangas y el no poderse estacionar... Al regreasar: It's, Take it away with Johnny Canales!

[Give $US a minute Marianaah,] ahorita regresamos, o como dicen los Jairos de los Milenios; allá en Banderilla, Veracruz: “hay que perseguir a la chuleta”… —|_ Be Advised in the form of a PSA... that, [Marianaa] in case you haven’t been filled on “los Por Menores”, pues resulta que lo que sigue se tiene que leer en la escala  de Brian Williams: Acúsame de pedante, pero en México [Corazón*] ya no hay Distrito Federal. Dicho de otra manera, los sábados ahora son de la CDMX. Feliz día de Sn. Valentín. —||_ Marianaa, te dedico todas las rolas de Chava Flores, pero sobre todo aquella que nos recuerda lo de las fritangas y el no poderse estacionar… Al regreasar: It’s, Take it away with Johnny Canales! Invitada musical: Paquita La del Barrio interpreta a Carmen Salinas allá con los diputados… “ada”

Y Alerta que camina, Alerta.
… lástima que la Espada de Bolívar
—entre una bola de culeros—
le “haigan” amellado el filo.
[Ain’t that right, Sean Penn].

… en fin: “Mexico se convierte en << el símbolo >>  de muchos países y no nos damos cuenta”, dice el jefe de un antiguo embajador en la UNESCO¹.  


Sr. Muñoz Ledo, unas preguntas S.V.P.: ¿Cuál ha sido la causa primordial de la miseria territorial mexicana que expulsa a mexicanos hacia el exterior [no como en su caso, o como en el de su hijo —también embajador] para buscar una vida mejor? ¿Han sido acaso las empresas extranjeras, la clase política o la corrupción ya de por sí institucionalizada?. Dígame, ¿De qué hablan usted y su hijo en Navidad?. Tengo por entendido que uno de ustedes le pertenece al partido en el poder, y que el otro lo dejó —es decir— cambio de bando a un partido de la oposición. —|— Qué oportuno que Conan O’Brien aparezca en unas horas en TELEVISA muy oportuno en verdad—por no decir oportunista: The Show Must Go ON! —|__ BTW this is a time-delayed screen grab from the MSN without the BC. This a fair use of media, o lo que es lo mismo un Uso Justo de todos los medios, y de algunos de los Muñoz Ledo. 28 de febrero del 2017. TimeStamp 23h00 CET.

  1. García, A., “Error creer que Trump cambiará sus políticas: Muñoz Ledo“, Cortesía de El Universal. Vía: http ://www .eluniversal .com .mx /articulo /nacion /politica /2017 /02 /11 /error-creer-que-trump-cambiara-sus-politicas-munoz-ledo … [Nota: Porfirio Muñoz Ledo es el señor padre de Porfirio Thierry Muñoz Ledo, antiguo embajador de México ante la UNESCO durante el 2do periodo de este reportaje, precisamente durante la Conferencia Internacional de Organizaciones de Noticias por la SEGURIDAD de los PROFESIONALES de los MEDIOS, y a lo mejor la Adela Navarro Bello, no nos dejará mentir: ese día conocimos a COUSIN JOE vía el equipo de seguridad cibernética de BuzzFeed].
  2. La historia del Uno [y el cero] con Terry Jones vía: https ://www .youtube .com /watch?v =kKWaFjz2wgE
En fin, lo único que yo sé, es de que yo ya no sé ni como contar... contigo a la distancia.

En fin, lo único que yo sé, es de que yo ya no sé ni como contar… y menos cantar: contigo a la distancia ♪♪♪. —|— Uso justo de la memoria de Monty Python comedy troupe, y por supuesto de todos los medios; la captura en forma de un  cuatro  cuadro es una adición retrasada e incluida el 28 de febrero del 2017. TimeStamp: 22h00 CET.