In Krispy Knews… WATTabbottisms?

Tuesday’s Gone (Free-Form Wednesday follows)

Rick “Wild Thing” Vaughn is at the mound and it’s insane and uncanny at the same time just how much the batter at the plate looks a lot like Charlie Sheen.

https ://www .npr .org /2023/08/08 /1191679261 /ohio-election-results-issue1-abortion-state-constitution-amendment-ballot-voters

Over at Guardians 🪶 territory, The Cleveland Indians just scalped the CARITAS crowd in MAGA-evangelist island.


Deer, Amb.J-P Asvazadourian, in Paris, France, the Kat’s already been skinned, chewed and, spitted-out on Second base, in Hilo, Hawaii, however, your most very best excellent pussy cat Diego is being all phunny with the 12-year old ardillita de Nuts the squirrel 🐿️.

Los Aristopedophiles, based on the debased story of “Don Gato y su pandilla” y “Los kittens de Siamese Sánchez”…

It’s only 22 days until the next Blue Moon in the Sky Gig and 138 24-hour periods until Christmas and in to theys Krispy Knews (Ho, Ho, Jo!), American Dogs got fat and went the way of Rome. And across Ventimiglia Hills and over la Promenade des Rosbifs…

Any how, on today’s editon of Mika’s Shawl, Mika went over Menton and Monaco and found the Cap d’Ail the perfect place to go over Cousin Joe’s big noggin and she invited (all by her lonesome) Governor Krispy into the Rockefeller set. The routine played like an Abbott and Costello sketch, and in the spirit of a Christmas countdown discount on a lay-a-way plan, Cousin Joe opened up the piggy bank and splurged on the treats.

Across The Atlantic, the new Public Broadcast Service moderator for Washington Weekly can’t be bothered on the Morjo Show when asked to explain how the Republican Party got to it’s current MAGA cult conditioning format relaying that bucket of AMERICANA over to former Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton… Secretary Clinton for her part blamed it on Eleanor Rigby’s so-called lonely peoples, but father McKenzie could not confirm Ms. Rigby’s involvement with “The Loners”, in response to Secretry Clinton’s comments, Father McKenzie brought up the WATTabbottism of the “Hillary’s Honduran holiday” in 2009 when “Billy’s wife” failed to call a SPADE a COUP and instead called a CLUB a KIDNAPPING in “pura vida³” mode.

³~. Costa Rica & Usbek

And Hillary R.C., I blame Rachel Maddow’s “Hamburgers in Paradise” at 3 a.m. in the morning (no less) and Joe Scarborough’s Unesco’s connection at Buzzfeed dot France for all the loneliness of the month of August in Paris, France. But that’s on the préfecture de police catalogue, at ODeon place.

Context on “Oh, hi Oh!” follows… Abort, abort, abort…


Over at Progressive Field in Columbus guardians 🪶 territoires abortion is on the ballot 🗳️ box. And in Paris, I take my milk with café cargado con miel… cafecito is on Saturday mornings car°tunes with Miami’s favorite Korean, Katy Phangs.

But seriously… who let Costello in, —Fredo Corleone?

The loneliest Trinity residents.


Previously on, her farts smelt of Oñions 🧅

Synopsis: Kris Kryspy is running for sainthood en Tegucigalpa.

By-the-güey, hoy no hubo IMER noticias, but that is ok because mister Nájar don’t CARE when his correspondents are in BELÉM, BRAZIL. It’s the last summit on world climate before the ALIENS that ZANE ZELINSKY warned the world about back in 1995 and 1996 take over the world… thanks, OBAMA! 

WaWa Segment from LA Canopée, et vualá!

A.I.? … that platform owes Mí an essay — Ketch-up

I think I’m Turning Japanese… i really think so.

https ://www .rollingstone .com /culture /culture-features /texas-amchatgpt-ai-rodeo-clown-instructor-flunks-students-false-claims

Issy, Alex Wagner … Le Guizamo’ un güevo es el próximo Francis Bacon 🌡️for Taco Tus Theys en Hilo, Hawaii… where it is Primetime on the Eve of the Feast of the Ascension in Maui… “Tú da’Moon, Alicia, tú da’Moon ».

Let me (Armando Segovia / Armando Serrano-Prieto) first remind mister Rob Courdet (of Made in France, fame… the sound~Cloud) that what his dumb-ass is about to ignore is a draft of an officially censored investigative report about The Year of Mexico in France and The Institute of Mexicans Abroad, at least that was the track until The Ministry of The Interior 🇲🇫 under Manuel Valls and the Secretaría de Gobernación 🇲🇽 of Alejandro Poiré and Osorio Chong labeled me as a persona nada grata, Greta.

With that in mind Rob at fip .fr, what might seem to your Ojos de Perro Azul as a diatribe, is in fact a bibliography in real time, and unlike Artificial Intelligence, which takes it’s cues from data readily available on the interwebs, my entries are usually ahead of the news cycle. Take your First Lady for example, mister Rob, I began my monologue about her well in advance before the (alleged) Hitler youths beat the living chocolate out of her grand-nephew.

https ://rmc .bfmtv .com /actualites/police-justice /violences-contre-le-petit-neveu-de-brigitte-macron-des-agresseurs-presumes-temoignent-sur-rmc _AV-202305170057 .html

For the record, if you continue to ignore my “diatribes,” then I will have no other option but to include [later in the programming] a cutline on under a snapshot there-by closing the circle with Bruno and Sophie Menou reading from a menu at La Fourmi Allée on a late-Septembre afternoon.


Meanwhile in ISRAEL 🇮🇱… Le président mexicaine, Andrés M. López O., rappelle au gouvernement israélien l’extradition imminente de l’ancien responsable [et fugitif Tomás Zerón] lié à l’achat du logiciel espion Pegasus et l’affaire Ayotzinapa.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2023/05/17 /mundo /memo-lasso-dissolves-National Assembly-ends-impeachment-against-him

… while that takes place, I (Armando Segovia / Armando Serrano-Prieto) would first like to apologize to Professor at Princeton University, Eddie Gloude Jr., mostly for as he puts it, “annoying” the former Senator from The Great State of Misery in Saint Louis, Missouri, Claire McCaskill, while she celebrated the Victory over the Boston Red Sox yesterday night on the Deadline Washing~Thon Show with little Nicole Wallace.

Notwithstanding, o como dicen los muy franceses, nonobstant  Senator McCaskill, nevermind FLORIDA, or COLORADO, or Texas, and here is why Professor Gloude, the next time that you give that “context” to your students at Princeton U., as Claire suggests (and I am sure that you do, too) that “the closing of American minds” as you so eloquently put it last night is the mold to which I have been put through ever since I CALLED-OUT a former presidential candidate from that West Texas Town in El Paso, for the conflict-of-interest between his wife and a powerful group of bi-national elites from Chihuahua, Texas and New Mexico; not to mention that “gun-walking” program dubbed “Fast and Furious”, or even the coverage of that “Venezuelan wetback wannabe³” Luis Posada Carriles; and of course, most recently, THE PEGASUS affaire which, like the gun-walking program, I had figured out long before la bendita AFP/ AP/ EFE/ and even NPR had a clue of what was happening under their significant other noses, I just didn’t have the official nomenclature of the LAYERS 🇮🇱 in 🇮🇱 that  🇮🇱 CAKE, yet…

Cus’, this is Thriller! Now go get yer’ fucking shoe-shine box. ATLANTIS ✍️ follows.


Sin Embargo! Raquelito, I did have them donkey’s hair on my hand (yo tenía los pelos de LA BURRA en mano)…

³~. An illegal-immigrant charge was less severe than the TERRORIST charges that the anti-Castro militant would have had to face if the son of his former boss, George Herbert Bush (CIA) had not appointed the “SON of A Wetback” to clear Luis Posada Carriles name for the sake of National Security.


A funny thing happened on the way to Japan…


Where were we wüera?

Ah, sí… with Claire McCass, give it up Claire, and bring your twin sister along with that Amy from Minnie-Sota.

Any güey, mister Pérez⁸… this Bud’s fo’Ewe

That was then… In this section, the student will interpret the following elements: the time, the transition and the timeliness of the good Senator’s gaslighting comments for a very Dead, Buzzfeed crowd at the Unesco in 2016.

… Entonces, Señora Macron: 

And, Alicia Menéndez… Nevermind that kitty under Mara, focus on the base. Easy strokes, don’t force the bush... I mean, don’t force the brush.


This are certainly interesting times que nos tocó vivir, y por eso como el viejo decía, si los presidentes que valen la pena de pintar, se pintarán fácilmente, cualquiera los pintaría; o algo así. 

And since I can’t paint, nor can I draw I stick to the context on the sketch. Por ejemplo, Mme. Macron, on the one hand you have Samuel Paty’s nomenclature removed from the hill where he died on, and on the other you have a legislation proposal to smack the mug of the resident at l’Élysée at every city hall in France, as if he was some Cheap American Executive on a 14 juillet parade.

We Hart in Paris.

~. Sin embargo, don’t think that this post is about you, roger that, over…

But seriously… Does this mean that Morena-Coahuila can now enjoy diggin’ for coal without any hurdles from those rɪˈniːɡ,rɪˈneɪɡ, Eye say-reneging French reformators?


A tale of to 2 dichos, a new telenovela… “Los cerros de los novios de estudiantes piedras serán ».

In local news, Mister Macron’s “industrial recess” from The Agreed–Upon clauses to keep the Wallace biogeographical line from submerging Sunda (Bornéo and Sumatra) and Sahul (Australia y Latuya)  forever more, instantly triggered the Sanglier Sicko Hunters on both sides of them Pyrenean ridges into bear-killing mode. The recent mauling of a local French jogger 🏃🏼‍♀️ by a Slovanian bear (probably on Cocaine) only made things worse for them brownies.

Rest In Pyrénées .

All Apologies, and Nevermind Marianne³…

Previously on, Skid Row, Sebastian was being dragged from Rue Gabriel after “Seb”, as he is known in Montreuil-sous-Bois, painted the Atomic ⚛️ Clock at PAPA POULE’S PARK. Freddy Cats stars as Judas Iscariot, while Raphaël Moran cameos as the dedicated correspondent of proceso magazine in France.

But first, right back at Ya’ Phat Basterd’…


—Shut yo’MOUTH!

— I’m talking about Shaft!

Pain?… only if you practice what Ewe preach, peaches!

Vive La France!


Pablo Gleason es mi amigo and the first stop that Évry reporter makes after returning from abroad is at the préfecture to debrief the police on what they investigated on³.

Raphaël Moran

[Timeline follows in case rfi wishes to contest my claim… ♟️Check]

³~. Mr. Moran would not allow me to record my interview with him, and right now I don’t have my notes with me. The paraphrase, nontheless, rings as true as a FRENCH CLOCHE on any fucking pretentious church.


³~. If your name is Dr. Johanne Grazia Poisson (Gériatrie/Médecine Interne) at the other Georges Pompidou Center in Paris…


— Then if-and-only-if you, Doctor, YOU SHOULD KNOW exactly what that missing head on the nut of that Lira represent…s.

https ://www .radiofrance .fr /francemusique /podcasts /au-coeur-de-l-orchestre / { 🔔 } la-figure-du-chef-🍀2de4🍀-l-emergence-du-chef

BUT FO’ist!!!:
The cello and the nightingale: 1924 duet was faked, BBC admits, in that TENOR, live from LYNCHBURG Long Island Tennessee:

Today (YESTERDAY) we are sending a resounding message that democracy will not be killed in the comfort of silence.

Interim Tennessee House member, Justin Jones.

{ Knot Le Beaubourg }

During the first weeks of 1933, the Nazi regime deployed the radio, press, and newsreels to stoke fears of a pending “Communist uprising,” then channeled popular anxieties into political measures that eradicated civil liberties and democracy. SA (Storm Troopers) and members of the Nazi elite paramilitary formation, the SS, took to the streets to brutalize or arrest political opponents and incarcerate them in hastily established detention centers and concentration camps. Nazi thugs broke into opposing political party offices, destroying printing presses and newspapers.

Flavius Josephus was a Nazi in his epoch.
Don’t forget, I buried Titus. I know where his bones rest.


Sometimes using holding companies to disguise new ownership, executives of the Nazi Party-owned publishing house, Franz Eher, established a huge empire that drove out competition and purchased newspapers at below-market prices.

The Policy of Truth is that I did not select the Music For The Masses turn of events for today, I don’t know how many times I have to remind our new non-readers of this most non-consecuential blog that I only return the comments that apply to the thread and/or strings in play. It’s a conversation, and Joe Scarborough knows it, he is just to much of a BIG FUCKING PUSSY to say my name, even though he was in on the Unesco fiasco of 2016.


A good-faith piñata and a plethora of Clash!

Le BAC de AL

The Election wasn’t STALIN!

C’mon Évry-body (Eddie Cochran)

https ://twitter .com /SegoArma /status /1638445370383425538? s=20

Still to come, Mikaela jumps the cow.


In this section of your BAC, the student will triangulate and explain why a former henchman and, United States’ Senator from Minnesota needs a limo like a Lame-O.

º BAC:

https ://www .tf1info .fr /education /bac-2023the subject and the answer key for the mathematics track test -2251494 .html

If you prefer… Ewe may draw Mí a picture and head over to La Médiathèque de la Canopée and audition for a chance to play music for the RATP at one of their “sets” where i sleep. The event is peddled by fip dot fr, so there’s that… where do you think that Sirène steals her chants and melodies from, the Music Conservatory?


º BAC:

Who’s gonna fix your wild 🐗 bac?

(unité de police)
French Anti-Crime Squad.

º BAC :

In this section, Emily Munera will explain why la hache en “Bach” es muda 🎻, pero no sorda 🎹.

https ://www .imdb .com /title /tt0077147 /characters /Decline’s henchman -Al Franken

Over at the Peacock’s house, the first piñata on the set was a Mika Fest over the slopes 🎿, but of course it is, of course it was! But that has nothing to do with Mí because there is no Bridge there, and even if there was, “a confounded bridge” D.A.R.E., then Öüï would just fly over that arc.

On the same set, Mika shot her video operator monkee after the media editor failed to erase Serial eater and former Reaganist-Floribama congressperson, Joseph Charles Scarborough the Third, from the split screen on her Morjo Show.


R.I.P. “TJ” the live-feed video editor monkee.

All Your Need Is Cash

All Your Need Is Cash.


Here’s what the Morjo papers are saying:

Scarborough had the audacity to stuff his pie-hole with the cereal prop on that set, —a big NO on live-reruns.

Any Karni is live from the Bodega where Scarborough staches the Cereal from the set. Take it away, Annie.

How Mara Gay’s parents met.

Je Ne Suis Pas Un robot 🤖 — the bad news is…

PHAROS a la distancia and The Power of The Obelisk
S19:EP4 Ancient Aliens, coincidence? Only if you are a shape-shifting fucking lizard. Indeed!

Dora-s Roots are from a Nickel ODEON in Vaudeville at La Bourse de Commerce rue Vivianne… Don’t let them Raindrops ruin your shot.

🎶 Forever and ever before I put on my make up… Or something like that…

https ://www .arabnews .com /node /2248251 /world / france will accompany ukraine to victory

Unrelated Frequency Outreach {or} UFO.


https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2023/02/09 /opinion /García Luna : Les États-Unis vont-ils cacher la vérité ?

Previously, on FUTURO MEDIA, PeniLey Ramírez was in the middle of the BIGGEST TRIAL (podcast) in United STATES HISTORY dealing with the “WAR on DRUGs“, when suddenly, the parade of DEPLORABLES on in the United States v. Luna, 19-cr-576 (BMC) (E.D.N.Y. Jul. 2, 2022) court hearing was cut short.

https ://www .washingtonpost .com /world /2023/02/09 /nicaragua-frees-more-than-200-political-prisoners-held-harsh-conditions/

To celebrate the occasion, EL PUEBLO de NICARAGUA is sending thier “marielitos” to ARIZONA, just in time for the SUPER BOWL. Will the Nicaraguenses go to Disneyland after the match? NOT if Nazi theorician and governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, can have a say-so in that Magic Bus.

Sam Stein is not a muse’d, and here is why, Mr. Scarborough, because nothing, nothing will get between that Big ‘Ol WASHINGTON MONUMENT and FUTURO PELO… no wait, 🇨🇱 Chile is on another channel… 🎙️ FUCK!!! 🎬—CUT!!!


For context, the aftermath of Governess Huckabee’s rebuttal to Presdent Biden’s State of the Union Address gifted congressman–turned-Reagan cult preacher, Joseph Charles Scarboroughs keyboard 🙈 monkeys 🐒 with the opportunity to cash in on  another buzzword that justifies that white pasty face powder that hides THE SHADOW OF “polite 🪙 society’s” SOUL 🎩 in New York 🪞and, not to mention the rest of that goddamned East Coast on The Atlantic and The Jeff Bezos post.

https ://www .reuters .com /world /europe /day 351 of the invasion of ukraine: according to macron france will “Accompany Ukraine to Victory and Peace”/frances-macron-awards-legion-honour-ukraines-zelenskiy -2023-02-09/

And here is why Peniley Remírez, because if after lining their monkey-closets for ⚖️ DECADES ⚖️ with the 💵 Hard Cold 💴 Revenues 💷 of “America’s” 💰War on Drugs, and ruining the lives 🙈 of millions 🙉 of people 🙊 with WEAPON RUNNING PROGRAMS, not to mention 🐒 the propaganda of humanitarian EMBARGOS levied against what 🇺🇸 Ronald Wilson Reagan and Richard Nixon 🇺🇸 considered to be “the competition*, while making themselves the poster childs of what passes for decency in 🐘 The Republican Party 🐘, the 🦃 network MSNBC then, goes on with the NEWS OF THE THEY show without ever mentioning the other 🇲🇽 👮🏽‍♂️ trial in New York that does not feature the name of defendant Donald J. Trump, but instead has the potential of naming more presidents than the Watergate hearings ever did, then one must start to wonder (WILLIE GEIST) what ROSETTA STONE is Joe Scarborough in need of? Because all he has to do is contact the Venezuelan Youth Mouvement at la rue des Cascades (75020) and JUANITO GUANAVACOA will waste no time in EARNING his “pago en especie” by having his son in 🇨🇦 👮🏽‍♂️ Canada, forward the segment of the programming that Mr. Scarborough seems to not have any recollection of… unless it benefits little JACK’S future in American politics and Media empires. You people are lizards, —Aussie 🇳🇿 at The New York Times.

*~. Just like Mika’s dad did with anything that threaten the future of his debutante daughter and her think-tank bros.


Heck, Willie Geist, you of all motherfuckers on that show, should remind your TV dad and mom, that Loki is the god of mischief and that once, you muse’d about how the content is not in The Message, but on the footnotes that were referenced back in February of 2016 following a certain congress of media professionals at site of the Unesco in front of Napoleon’s grave.

Page Tú:

Now go place your bet at the water Fountain on what comes next on this blog, because if Congressman Scarborough don’t watch what I do, his content monkeys certainly do, I wonder, Reverend Al, where did Mika fetch them monkeys from? Santiago’s Zoo in La Colonia Dignidad, or from Guantanamo Bay, —you son of a bitch! And by son of a bitch I mean Joe, knot 🪢 Ewe, Reverend Al.

🛫 ✈️ … find out what happens next, only on the Morjo Show.

For the backbench and their records:


Jump from page 171 — Night of January 16th³

³~. In Hilo, Hawaii, it’s The End of Yesterday, because in Paris, France… Son las cinco in CET.

Deer, Deputy Éric Ciotti,  Alpes-Maritimes, FRANCHE:

Like, Max “Guitar” on the Juanito Guanavacoa Show likes to sing (or murder your Rosbif tocayo’s version² of “Before You Accuse Me“) please be advised that I am only referencing you from today’s  FACE-à FACE Show on BFM’er TV because your rhetoric does not match with the PROMISE that your political party founder, President SARKOZY made to me… via the Talents and Skills Visa program. You are all rotten, the whole lot of you fuckers, except of course Carla, she’s alright.

Here, you probably have heard of this fellow before, he was a Mason, a good one, not like the fake political-parasites of today:

Most of our citizens, are scattered in the rest of Europe and the world, they live and die far from the “fatherland” […] I know that we are forced to go far away to look for the resources that our land denies us; and we could hardly subsist if we were to remain enclosed.


Letter to d’Alembert, 1758…
Page 15 of Chapter I
Le « roman familial » in,
Jean-Jacques Rousseau, en son temps.
M. & B. Cottret
PERRIN, 2005

²~. Eric (sin acento) clap, clap, Clapton;

And starring as Billy 🎹 Preston, The Fifth RHUTLE 🦃.


Now these old fucks can steal all they want
And they can go and pass laws saying you can’t say what you want
And you can’t look at this and you can’t look at that

False Friends in Translation follows… 🌬️ 🎶 When they looked into their lovers eyes they sawmomSex With Your Parents.


And you can’t smoke this and you can’t snort that
And me baby – I got statistics – I got stats
These people have been to bed with their parents

And today Öüï, the staff, introduce you to the MOTHER of all coincidences and ironic calques, for starters, let’s ask the only reliable source in the Universe, Wikipedia, what a CALCO in Lenguiski’s is:

Armando Segovia:
— Wikipedia, what in the Wide World of BFM’er TV is a CALCO?

Champagne, Foie Gras, Caviar, SKI LODGES, et. al., are all GATEWAY HOOKS for cooptation, which ENDS in Corruption.


—In Lenguiski’s, a calque or loan translation is a word or phrase borrowed from another language by literal word-for-word or root-for-root translation.

Armando Segovia:
— Wikipedia, could you please illustrate for the REPUBLICAN PARTY on both sides of The Atlantic, S.V.P.?

Go ahead, mister AlpesMari❇️times , send your “private investigators” like your FreeMASON∴brother did, this time, however, bring send the HOUND DOGS aussi, why don’t you, la préfecture de Cité and the Place Where Évrybody knows my name knows my location all of the time, you capitalist Welfare Queen.


— Indeed, meet me at the geriatrician’s corner à la rue Eliane Jeannin-Garreau at la Porte de Issy-les-Moulineaux.

1945 – World War II: Adolf Hitler moves into his underground bunker, the so-called Führerbunker.

17 de enero del 2013
FIREfire H*E*A*T*

In Ukraine: it’s Sobredosis de cemento 💥

Meanwhile at Fort Knox, Lima is getting a warm and fuzzy… and in GERMANIA, the WAR FIGHTING CENTER at Grafenwöhr in The Upper Palatinate region of Bavaria is getting ready to welcome Ukranians, just like the neighboring Bayreuth did in the Upper Franconia region after Hitler was fetched out of his little fucking bunker, on a THEY like YESTERDAY in 1945.

Pegasus follows, sponsored by BUZFEED and Morning Joe (2016). Happy Alabama-King LEE-They-in Mississippi,  starring Colonel Poulet Bourbon as Chicken E. LEE.

… Well, well, well, look what The Birthday Song brought in (layers cake), and if Dr. Alejandro Valenzuela, is reading, he will probably deploy the plausible deniability mode at SciencesPo.

Jump to Phat Basterd’s wet dream in a General’s Rank… Heavy Armor is knot taboo, Evermore.

15 de enero en Hilo, Hawaii : 🦃 FREE BIRD 🦃 Night of January 16th

(Pronounced ‘Lĕh-‘nérd ‘Skin-‘nérd)

🪘 Chano 🪘 Pozo 🪘
Went the way of Morrison in Paris.

😇 2003 – Adriana Hernández, 🇲🇽 rhythmic gymnast 🇲🇽.

In 🇪🇸 la Lengua de Cervantes 🇲🇽, it means “Gym Teacher Who Hates Long-hair and rock and roll”.

🎠 1605 – The first edition of El ingenioso hidalgo Don Quijote de la Mancha (Book One of Don Quijote) by Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra is published in Madrid, Spain.

🇵🇷 Puerto Ricans 🇵🇷 need not apply³ because born To They, for FLORIDIANS at La Calle Ocho in 1901, is  🇨🇺 Fulgencio 🦇 Batista, 🇨🇺 Cuban colonel and politician, ninth President of 🇨🇺 Cuba 🇨🇺( d.1973).

³~. And, Reverend Sharpton, pay no attention to what Osler Amaro is going to say in two weeks, when Juan Lázaro plays back la Emisión Américas and doctors the script to his 🇵🇪 CAUSA 🇵🇪 con Champagne en el “🇨🇵 93 🇨🇵”, Öüï the staff feature Batista as a kind reminder for the José Díaz-Balart crowd that 🇨🇺 Batista, —has been dead for 50 years this year.

😇 1948 – 🛩️  Ronnie Van Zant 🛩️, 🇺🇸 singer-songwriter 🇺🇸 (d. 1977)

It’s 16th January in Paris, Franche, and in Hilo, Pineapple Express time, it is the end of Yesterday on The 11th Hour, with Denisas Kerschovas en el “16“.

From the makers of The Fountain en Fontana, and the Atlas at Mika’s penthouse at the Overlord Comcast fiefdom in Babylon II… comes the story of Bacardi en Saint-Denis (93).

(Pronounced ‘🚽She-cagó 💩)… es la ciudad de las dos necesidades y de Al, que pone las chelas* en la mesa.

*~. Chela, if fémina is short for Isela or, definitely maybe, perhapsquizas, Arcelia, sin embargo, if the alcohol level is measured in degrees, then la chela es una birria, but definitely not at LA POLAR.

Over at the Morjo Show, John Heileman is bathing in meth, or baptizing some pipe en la pila. In any case SCENARIO, Donnie Deutsch can lick my balls [ ⚽ ], Eye has a “el chapulín ❤️ colorado” en ESPN, “THE OCHO” on my side, and never mind the time Donnie, you suck 24/7 en Hilo 🍍 and in 🏈 Dallas, aussi.

Before there was a “Spearchucker Jones”, came the inspiration for “Mad Max” in the form of Spearthrower 🦉 Hibou.


Over at the 🦿 Santos 🦵 Institute 🦿,  “J’aime tes genoux”, featuring El Orgullo del Nepotismo de Alejandro Jodorowsky, el tal “A~dan”, Natalia Lafourcade cameos as “la eñe“.

16 de enero de 1924¹ 

Happy Birthday 🎂 on The National Action Commission.

🇺🇸  National Religious Freedom Day 🇺🇸
Hail, Hail Rock and Roll


¹~. 🤠 Katy Jurado, alias Mrs. BOULANGER, 🇲🇽 actress 🇲🇽 (d. 2002)… killed by JAMES COUBURN, “Alias” was there, James changed his name to Pat Garrett… and if Congresman Scarborough buys that, have Eye gots the perfect chambre en un Hotel de La HAVANA with a WINDOW to AMBOS MUNDOS.

If Ewe books now, Donnie Deutsch will lick your balls [ ⚽ ].

Jump to page 171… CHANO POZO ( Chico & Rita 2010 ) en:


Quillevéré, Marcel. Cuba: une histoire de l’île par sa musique et sa littérature. Paris, FR:  Albin Michel and France Musique, 2022, —PERIOD!

!~. Note to KERSCHOVAS, do you really wanna go to Chicago? Because if Ewe does, The Chicago Manual Of Style (∴ CMOS ∴) specifies that you end your bibliographies with a period, —ya’ see.

The Man from La Mancha … The Amén Break

🎶 Hallelujah, 3x

Vénus, Mercury, and The Sun… Venus ♀️will not allow Mercury ☿ to tell a lie, especially when Hermes is staring directly at HÉLIOS…


And, Cousin Joe, “Fuck You Too!”, and please relay to your BUZZFEED buddies of 2016, now working at The New York Times, to wedge a Pan Flute on the crack of their ass, y que me soplen “La MarseYesAh » 💋

Antares Rhules Football 🏉.



Previously on, “º.~ Viejas Feas does not translate to “old ugly women””

Cécile Richards from “The Crazy Horse” in Paris, Texas, reports.

My little China girl
You shouldn’t mess with me
I’ll ruin everything you are
You know
I’ll give you television
I’ll give you eyes of blue
I’ll give you a man who wants to rule the world.

The Crowned Jewel of Raphaël Moran, —en proceso:

The experts observed four “barriers”, that is, “the technical root causes of the major event (the accident)”, which “had they been effective, would have prevented the collapse of the elevated bridge”, thus avoiding the death of 26 people. On that night of May 3, 2021, when the viaduct fell between Olivo and San Lorenzo Tezonco stations.

No word if any 🌮 Tacos de CHUCHOS  🐶 stands perished in the collapse of the M-12, at CONCORDE.

https ://www .proceso .com .mx /nacional /cdmx /2022/5/10 /intento-de-sheinbaum-por-ocultar-informe-sobre-la- l12-le-resulto-contraproducente la- l12-le-resulto-contraproducente -285723 .html

And in KENTUCKY, Nintendo 🎮 came home to roost:

It’s like Orange Crush for Siouxes-es-ese.

A Tale of Two SMALLS
Negrita, Eye swears Öüï is KNOT making this Shit Up.

Across The Atlantic.

https ://www .nbcnews .com /news /us-news /kentucky-man-22-shoots-mom-dispute-xbox-controller-mothers-day-officia-rcna 28073

Richard “RNC” Steele moved to Paris… Richard is now kickin’ it at La Avenue de France Galop… Richard is going under his old Frisco alias and he was last seen getting busy on a Burger Quick, or something like that.

And, GO’ill de Niza, did you catch that Amazon on Deadline? Of course you didn’t, y te comento que, LA Wallace almost cracked up on air when she saw “RNC” Steele on “The 19th”, anyhow, how about that Marco, eh?

Just an old Sweet Song
Keeps Georgia on my mind.
And the Song is:
THEE Compton LAdies