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*~. And justice for all, it’s Mel Brooks’ birthday.

https ://www .leparisien .fr /faits-divers / death-of nahel_scenes-of-looting-and-ransacking-in-the-heart-of-paris30-06-2023

Eyes on the ball, it was a perfect no-Hitter at La Samaritaine where Jay-Z made New York, New York, famous again [según él], Émilie Munera was at the Point Neuf reºgatºeanºDOºseº un huipil de contrebande de Pharell Williams’ “clochard collection”.

Ensayo de vida, continued… and to celebrate the return of la Urbanidad en la cancelación de las jornadas de información de France Musique Jean-Baptist Enfants cancelled the entire month of June 2023 from his work-schedule.

Hypocritical tangent in with Mediapart via Musique Matin with J-P Mo’urbain.

7h40 – La chronique d’Antoine Pecºqueºurº : qu’est-ce que le journalisme culturel³ ? Pour sa dernière chronique dans Musique Matin, il nous donne sa définition du journalisme d’investigation dans le secteur culturel, un domaine ambigu et paradoxal… which is code for backstabbing son’s of a Happy Bitch without A Roof.

³~. It’s whatever your Excellency y sus mercedes wish it to be as it is your divine right.

On l’a rue de Rivoli, La Samaritaine witnessed how the Monk on l’a rue de Bourdonnais got raped. It’s a “Signé” that C.C. de Chorœægrafía will have to weave into her matinale con mister Urbanidad.

Où en suis-je,
à présent,
avec les personnes à la rue ?

Los Hilos de Mariana X. Rivera, tercera y última con la llanura de Xochistlahuaca y sus féminas graves

https ://www .theguardian .com /commentisfree /2023/jun/27 /worlds-richest-man-bernard-arnault-france-philathropy-billionaire-class

Page 177Three:
One morning, a new one, sitting on the ground in rue Montmartre, clean, red anorak, nothing by his side. Twelve hours later, the night is cold, it’s raining he’s still there. I pass by. Days go by, he stays. One morning, the place is empty. Has he found a solution? No, he’s moved to Montorgueil. And as he passes, I strike up a conversation. A banal story, William is English, he mumbles, not very convinced, about going back to his girlfriend, who kicked him out.
Since then, William hasn’t moved, but a few things are beginning to hang to cluster around him, a paper bag, a cloth that looks like a blanket, a cushion that insulates him from the cold. William won’t move until the store that he is loitering in front of asks him to.


AFFIRMATIVE ACTION Bites The Dust and people who buy Louis Vuitton’s French luxury brands don’t care. If you want it then you should have made a PROBLEM of that Bitch, Jay Z.

Page 177, ¶ Four:
Why was I so attached to William and not to the young woman sitting a few feet away from him? This is the store, a tolerant business, it seems. The filthy drunks don’t stay long, but others are regulars. The image of Alain, a veteran at La Bagagerie, it’s been a while since he held the storefront. Years of aging in all weathers beautiful…
—End of page 177

But FO’ist! Breaking on Deadline, “C’mon!” President Biden just obtained South Korean citizenship, thus shaving two years off of his birth certificate. The White House strategy scheme upset the Land of The Rising Sun’s Prime Minister after Secretary of State Anthony Blinken had assured the Japanese PM, Fumio Kishida, that Joe was feeling Japanese, on a Mexican Radio.

Yo, bring it on down… “Someone came in sayin’ I’m insane to complain
About a shotgun wedding and a stain on my shirt 🩸


Tenga su quequi³

³~. Mexican anglicism for CAKE, as in: Ewe may have ton thon queki de tuna y atún and Eat, IT!, tú, Aussie.

But seriously, “And Justice for All!” compared to what? But first, here is what Freddy Cats “action figurines” look like behind the counter of a real panadería:

AhhhJustice ⚖️.
Page 178, ¶ One (Interrupted development in the Clitoris of infatuation… Continued from ¶4, p,177.)
_ man with whom I’ve never managed to make contact, on my way, standing or slouching on the same sidewalk, then one day , 💨, he’s gone.


https ://www .proceso .com .mx /nacional /2023/6/28 /l-epouse-d-un-trafiquant-de drogue-été abattue-a-l-interieur-d-une~boulangerie_(Vidéo)

A Closer Cake 🎂

Get Crazy with The Cheez Whiz. Seoul…a-mente Korea _ AP News. To celebrate the new Turn Back The Years Reel, South Koreans around the world celebrated, with you’ve guessed it, Cheez Whiz.

Polo: ACT IV… Shifus Clay… Whistle While You Bridge

I Want To Believe… That Katie Bennet is a magnetic anomaly. 🌋🙊 For starters, KATIE, if that’s even your real name, that TEE at the end of your BENNE is a magnetic 🧲 🧭 anomaly between the ERRE (r) and the ESE (s).

Over at The Louvre, in Abu Dhabi, La Kerschovas is attending the Kamasutra seminar, Alejandro Trebek just called a Daily-Double.

https ://www .aljazeera .com /news /2023/3/7 /israeli-attack-wounds-palestinians-as-settlers-and-soldiers-dance

International Clam Chowder They… In Abu Dhabi, the aloha equivalent is not a Flower thingy hanging over your neck, arriving males get a hand-job and women get their Clam munched, but only if you are a REWARDS Card-carrying member.


In this sector, we find Little Nicole on detention, again and that’s Yer’ cue to pull out yer’ pencil and paper and show your work, not just the Wikipedia source.


And starring as Ashton Kushner: Arthur Aitch.

This section is brought to Ewe by the letter H. The letter H, a chopped-off ladder 🪜 cut at the knees, or an 8 that could not be? Tonight’s fip dot jazz is complemented by the glyph A.

Anyhow Amira AL-SHARIF, in this section of the play (middle of the 7th inning) Eye will be presenting you with a Double eet formula to show Ewe, “The Dark Side of The Moon”, es decir, señorita AL-SHARIF, it’s TROU 🕳️ as EYE had estimated, indeed, “IT!, takes tú.”

Can you make it rain harder, Prince… Cutline: As a child growing up between the Krauts and the Frogs, all that Cookie Monster ever wanted to become was the “guy with the whistle” but then Cookie Monster got hooked on the dough.

Entonces, Almira, because Eye knows that you are not going to look our way, please be advised that as our regular non-readers know, neither Öüï nor Mí get to select the tracks, nor the knews of the They, and as a matter of fact, i didn’t select the double eet neither, and because Scott Onstott already laid out all of Paris’ secrets in plain sight, i can’t take credit for running into your war snapshots next to an inverted T.

And in Local news, the so-called “anti-St. Paul’s 64” strike has breached the breeches of bullshit in the History of bullshit, heck, things are so bad in Lafrance across The Atlantic, that CHARLIE “motherfucking” Chaplin re-hashed and took on the role of Ronald McDonald (currently missing), and for the first time since the Vichy Régime of ACT IV in La République, beer shelfs at Évry 20 FranMonoGeoPrix are begining to run low, except for that fucking Pilsner that AUCHAN wants to drench down your fucking throats.

Actually there is no “dark side of the moon… it’s All dark.” Take the sun out of sight and it’s : lights out, Selene. OUT! i tells Ya’.

This can only amount to one of two variables, either the beer delivery 🚚 ran out of fuel, or the beer delivery 🚚 🚚🚚🚚 are blocking the 🦕 fuel 🦖 refineries that powers FUELS MY STRUGGLE at La Maub.

https ://www .theguardian .com /us-news /2023/feb/12 /officier impliqué dans l’arrestation de Tyre Nichols précédemment accusé d’agression contre un détenu

Over at Shakespeare and Co., In Abu Dhabi, her penis itches, and as soon as she gets a hold of, IT!, she’ll scratch his too.


Previously on Hola Guapa… Julieta Venegas probably thought this trip was about her

It was about Manu Chao, silly rabbit.

And now a word from our sponsors…

Issy, Missy, “My window faces South”, towards Perros Bravos, N.L. and before Öüï continues with the on-going trip, please be advised that $180K lobby-funded funds for a Two-minute load is kind of Nöüs specialty, so with that in mind, Eye reminds our non-reading audience that the following post is being brought to you by Laboratorios Camacho y “El jabón del perro agradecido” en la Calle Stanton del Segundo Sagrado Corazón del Paso del Norte.

Over on the fip's, the Sirens are doing their weekly “National They” promotional spot for the current Ruhler of the International Space Station. Öüï catches Major Thomas Pesquet en el quinto sueño, right D.A.R.E. at the threshold of R.E.M..

Hello, Mr. Pesquet… so, when time comes to hang the astronaut suit for La Jornada up there in the ISS, right before you get your Zzzzz rations, do sheep float? Or do those silly motherfuckers bounce like they do at The Poquelin Lounge bar and grill? —And Major Thom, after Denis Soula you are the Monkee at the plate.And you know Cousin Joe, i sincerely thought that you were going to skip the Darkest of the thicket d’embarquement , but instead chose to have had the time to feature an Encore of Ike and “the boys”, Eye means, it was after the breach that things got really interesting, por ejemplo the Episode with some REAL REPUBLICANS got a real boost from Chuck de Gaulle, who’s on Third BASE and it’s taking some flack from Churchill who is celebrating the arrival of a Mestiza baby girl to the East India Company.

If like BriWi, Ewe are one of dos who does not Reid this blog then perhaps you might have noticed that our favorite moment in History is the Fall of Rome and the Rise of The Industrial Military Complex and here is why:

witty zingers aside, the first is best explained by the song Young Americans, another Lennon-McCartney gem interpreted first by Mott The Hopple and then a very talented opportunist named Ziggy Stardust.

… and here’s thing Two

Now you might think i’m Crazy, because instead of “moments” Eye went with the Singular mode but as The Last Thing Before Öüï go on The 11th Hour, “you have the rest of your life,” to figure out that it took an entire Mel Brooks movie (look it up) to fill the gap between the fall of Constantinople (Rome’s capital) and the Liberation of Paris and Gladys, everything in between [there] is peanuts, including the Renaissance and the less popular Industrial boom because if Western Style Democracy goes then the world is back to the Dark Ages, illuminated this time around however, with L.E.D. lights, and of course killer A.I. robots.

AI drone may have ‘hunted down’ and killed soldiers in Libya with no human input

by: Charles Q. Choi ⬇️

https ://www .livescience .com /ai-drone-attack-libya .htm

La  ColoNNe DroNNe link goes here

Antonio Banderas stars as “El Ojo de Vidrio”, featuring La Lupa de Lupe, and some guy named “Guad”… And Luc Frelon, Eye knows that you are the illegitimate son The Fabulosos Cadillacs lead singer, Öüï also knows that your complete name is LucAS, but yo’Sorry ass decided to drop the AS.

And Niño Luc, “Here’s another thing you don’t know”, Antonio Banderas is a fag.

And Alicia Melendez… Weed for Victory, it beats ANXIETY!!!

Deer, Alicia Melendez, please relay to the good Reverend (that motherfucker) that if he needs a song list, all that he has to do is send a contribution to the Sacred Church of the Underground Mall of New Jersey in Paris, France, 75001 … PARIS CENTRE–CEDEX

Bienvenida Tijuana

Imaginary Blurred Lines – Vertical Hazy Realities

27 de enero 2018
Sabbatical Day # 23

[Omnipresent Voice
Comicus speaks]

… con el permiso de don Paco I. Taibo II, el de su personaje en forma del detective privado Héctor Belascoran Shayne; y si menospreciar tampoco a el resto de “La Nomenclatura” de Morena, así que pues, don Paco, lo siguiente se raya en Spanglish con un poco de Castellano, but mostly it is scribbled en Anglais.

the following, Corazón,
is about a Veriform Appendix:

« `cus you’re a good [Caryatid] girl »

Had he known that the commitment level in that Civil Union pact applied only to him, he would have finished cooking that pot of frijoles and let her die a slow and painful death right then and there… neta que sí.

[Woman’s voice
Sarah Silverman introduces one of the staff’s First Favorite Jewish person]

Dear World,

Comicus needs no introduction, but just in case Preatorian guards are wondering why the One-and-Only Mel Brooks is dropping in [en este inconsecuente blog], well, it is because Jeff Goldblum is temporarily indisposed… and y’all know how Mel likes to take care of “The Fly” everytime that he comes down from one of his metamorphic “trips,” back into human form.

Anygüey, the staff continues to dwell in their yearly Sabbatical; we however [the drafted replacements], are doing the best to deliver “The Cross Media Tangents” that the staff commissioned Jeff and me to deliver to you all in the first place.

… however, please be advised that we [the drafted replacements] continue to experience Major Technical Difficulties in the form of: WE FUCKING LOST all of the staff’s remaining production equipment.

Thank goodness for Les bibliothèques de La Mairie de Paris Network, which has given us [the drafted replacements] two hours per day to fiddle around the AZERTY keyboards and their restricted interwebs… damn you “le serveur proxy.”

Sorry, Armando Álvarez, we, [the drafted replacements] wont be able to see you hosting “the” SNL tonight, or any time in the coming days… “Break a leg” and punch Colin Jost right in the fucking gut for us, Will’ya please?

[Voz omnipresente
de Comicus]

De todos modos “Che”: no te vayas, because AL REGRESAR…

It’s Weekend Edition
with your Host:

Philippe Labró

[Comicus continues with the narration]

Flashback to January 27th of 2011.

[Text on screen]

On a day like tomorrow, enero 28, of 2011, the Staff arrives to Paris.

 It was a rather quick and pleasant flight, less than nine or ten hours to depart from the runway at LAX and then exit from the baggage claim at CDG; of course, upon landing, rain was forecasted for the next five or seven days; the previous month was a cold one, apparently the staff had missed the biggest snowfall that covered the streets of Paris in quite a while, in any case the staff can’t remember the specific details of his arrival on account that in the past 400 days or so, all of those archives went up in smoke or were lost to Eastern European Gypsies on a public bench near La Gare de Lyon; now then, of the stuff made of papers not even the ashes remain and of the physical gadgets not a trace can be pegged.

Anygüey, it was 7 years ago tomorrow when a guy, a bloke,–un pinche vato valedor, pues– boarded a Big Ol’ Jet Airliner from France is in the Air… or something like that, and which flew from the City of Angels to the City of Lights. He did this in order to try and plot the Virtual Latitudes where “Legitimate Wrong doings,” as The Rachel Maddow Show soundbite likes to call ’em, are jetsomed onto virtual rivers of impunity where institutionalized criminality, as the staff straight-up likes to tag ’em, flows downstreamalways downstream– just like shit always flows from the highest places in power to the lowest forms of denominators on the chain of command or of concerns; in this particular river of sorrow, the jetsom thrown away by a disastrous judicial system engages on an morbid dance with the Flotsom that in this particular river stream takes on the Form and the Shape of “ABUSE OF POWER, CORRUPTION, FAILURE OF PRISON SYSTEM, PERMANNENT ILLEGALITY (informal business practices) FOR THE REGULAR CITIZEN, AND PERMANENT PRIVILEGES FOR THE UNTOUCHABLE OLYGARCS.” (Aviso para don Paco: las mayúsculas fueron adquiridas en préstamo de su libro “NO HABRÁ FINAL FELIZ: La Serie Completa de Héctor Belascoarán Shayne; pg. xiv del prefacio de esa obra. Gracias. y se utilizan con fines educacionales y nada más, para que no la vaya usted a hacer de Pex, ¿’ta bien wey?).

[Voz de mujer
Sarah Silverman doblada al Espagnol]

Ni modo, hasta aquì llegamos por el día de hoy; una disculpa por no poder subir dibujitos y fotos… dicho de otra manera: ya se nos acabó el veinte en la biblioteca. Ciao.


Veriform Appendix

The Role of a CARYATID:

A caryatid is a type of column, in the form of a Woman, [ invented by the French, of course and ], found in temples of ancient Greeks. It’s a good term for heroines who are institution builders of their worlds – women who support and maintain the Status Quo. These bitchesperdon, perdon, va de nuez, these heroines like order and functionality [ once they climb to the top, before that happens they are « believers » not fucking pragmatists ]. You can see a CARYATID in your bitchay, ay, ay… sorry; you can see a CARYATID in your heroine when she is eagerly trying to prove herself [constantly] on the job, by being a loyal wife [not always], running her own business and generally doing her own bit for The Establishment. (Pg. 62). This particular paragraph on this most inconsequential blog is a fair use of media. Bold lettering; strikethroughs; and underscores are the emphasis of the makers of this most inconsequential blog.

Source for the CARYATIDs:

Jacey, H., “The Woman in The Story: creating memorable female characters“. 2010, published by: Michael Weise Productions.

URGENTE: Boletín de Última Hora

Dear Mel Brooks, Josephus says Hellooooooooo…
TimeStamp, Sunday morning XXIX-I-MMXVII
“If it’s Sunday…” It’s Time to meet the Press.
Siete de La Mañana, desde el patio de Manu Chao.


Los ojos de Netanyahu son Cortesía de Excelsior. Los paralelos con La Oficina del desempleo llegan por el retrato del Gran Mel Brooks. —|— Uso justo de todos los IMDB’s, las agendas políticas,  y por supuesto:  las películas de ficción.

Al Regresar la Emisión Américas*
desde el entronque de Pantín.

* …mientras llega la nueva edición de don Osler y su pandilla aquí les incluimos el esperado segmento de La Victoria, y sus clases de integración. En esta cápsula, Victoria nos presenta [en Francés] al argentino Gabriel Chacón.

… en la entrevista, La Victoria toca el tema de La Pasión, de El Como Hacer Las Cosas, y la importancia  de no cantarle al coro… perdón, perdón; Victoria dirige al guitarrista a que nos explique la importancia de cantarle Al Coro para no quedarse afuera de los toquines. [ !Salud!!! son las Ocho de La Mañana con 45 minutos por debajo del río Sena, y por la frecuencia del 105.1de FM, Richard Galliano nos complementa la ocasión con su Viaggio y una  “Little Muse”. ]