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uh-ah uh ah ah uh ah ah… You’ve been THUNDER STRUCK ⚡

In Local pubs, it’s FAKE in-dignation and champagne to drown las apariencias

Oblah Odin o’Valhalles de Normandy, —Batman!

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2023/03/17 /opinion /macron-affront-antidémocratique

Vilma Fuentes goes in-cognito en La Jornada, but Évry body can see her COL-ONIA Con-Desa péjorativisms criticizing the technocrats* that are about to install (or so it seems) France’s SIXTH REPUBLIC.

Previously on VOSTB ( Version Original sous-titres In Between).

Now then, as JUANITO GUANABACOA prepares his Sunday Show, and Sophie Velasco narrates her little fucking “cuentos”… now again, Eye tells Ewe that if you think that the ONLY thing! or, that the only tangent that a little ol’country called the Mexican United States has with ol’éIRE are the GLEASONS and that batallion that fought the ol’gringos en CHURUBUSCO, then you clearly have never heard about a man that was once as “un-mentionable” as St. Nic at a White House Easter Egg hunt.

*~. It doesn’t matter if these so-called “camarillas” are, as this week’s opinion column without the by-line at La Jornada, an affront en contra de CARLOS SALINAS de GORTARI¹, because you may trace doña Vilma’s indignation all the way back to the Mexican President that gave proceso magazine’s correspondent in France, Anne-Marie Mergier, her first break in the 1950’s, or maybe it was them “Indignez-vous” Sixties, which as I have mentioned a time or two before, I HAPPEN TO HATE, starting with those fucking TAX-Evading RUTLES!

North – South corridor of Renard… and Cousin Joe, are foxes Irish?


It was part of the curse that The Saint Patrick Battalion en el estado de Cuernavaca brought durante el Segundo Imperio Francés. Some say that on this particular weekend, the French Foreign Legion forces deployed on the outskirts of Tecate, CALIFORNIA (hey, it’s 1847 and califas remains part of Santa Anna and check this out) got a leprechaun to fuck a goat and thus, El Chupacabras was spawned from the belly of an banshee on holiday, drunk on Carta Blancas en Calexico.

There Ewe Go Again… JOE. You know, the Poles are talking.

Baby Blue’s out – Green Psaki gets a pass on at the peacock bar

… Over at the Ari Melver Show… It’s the men show



Page Vous: Todos tus blindados⁶ 🇪🇸

W.A.D.R. (Florence 🇫🇷):

Anubis a Notre Dame de Paris Sites, follows, las quimeras no me pueden dejar mentir, Ask The Gargoyles there looking South to ISSY-les-Molineros.

« No chores por Mí, Argentina 🇦🇷 ».

La hache es muda:

https ://dw .com /es/defensa-de-cristina-fern%C3%A1ndez –pide-definir-ataque-como-intento-de-feminicidio /a-63013273

What’s good for Christina is good for Pelosi, and Florence at AURORA, here’s what Eye means… but first, madame, i, Armando Segovia, am not a “doctor”, but my French VISA was awarded because at THE TIME, my input was from the terrain (field), not from a fucking PEDESTAL at the College de France, en LETRAS.

It fucking figures… BANANAS!


CaMaRaDa, Florence, if you are going to casually bring “satanism” into the French indirectas…


AS Eye says in “Mexican”, —pedradas…

Técnico en mantenimiento, ISSY, Eye can clear your InterTubes.

Please relay to them Gillet Jaunes that it’s Symbolic, of course, but then again, when it comes to ‘innuendos’, i, Armando Segovia, have a feeling that you cocksuckers don’t know how to Rock and Roll 🥐😋.

Any how, madame Florence, All Öüï is sayin’, is that what is good for La Juventud Bolivariana de Paco Ignacio Taibo II y Venezuela en Francia (la indignación, pues!) también se la merece The Voice of America. Violence is only acceptable in WAR, and even then, señora, there are rules and “guard rails”.

Fantasy Island 🏝️ The Trane! The Trane!

Les objets à Kynopolis
sont plus proches
qu’il n’y paraît.

Yesterday in San Francisco, was Halloween, hoy en París, is la Toussaint.


And, GO’ill deNiza, le point zéro des routes de France might be at the explanada de Nuestra Señora de París, but the starting point of Route 66 es “El Pasito Duranguense³ », the one which inspired David Guetta to party like it was 1999, look it up.

Grúas El Perro Agradecido, te levantan, porque te levantán.


⁶~. El Chupacabras, CSdG 🇲🇽.

For reference, doña Florence (at AURORA):

Just one year ago, the COLLEGE of France was installing this lucky charm onto your precious little FRENCH PRIDE, his name is Mario, and yes, all of the Peruvians (including the socialists) get a Warm Fuzzy when they hear his name, —now pay attention, doña Florence— because this is going to be the link 🖇️ and your introduction to BASEBALL ⚾, DEER.

Playball, Bitch!

Now, madame, Florence, you are old enough to have witness the RAMPANT incest that went on in France, preVIOus to the arrival of “The Architect ∴” to Le Elysée, and since you wanted me, Armando Segovia, to hear your “indirectas” YESTERDAY, about the “Stuck Up” Mexicans in France, your old ASS should begin to understand that the reason why I eat chesse burgers at McDo after dark, like you and your Clochard Panel do, is because those fucking Mexican Nobles (Ciméma Étoile Lilas y El Primer Encuentro Cinématographique VIVA MEXICO 2013; Nosotros Los Nobles) had a hand in my peregrinage†.

Tomorrow in Mexico, day 2 of November is reserved for the CHILDREN that went the way of ANUBIS…

Yada, yada, and Eye says: YADA!


Chicago es la ciudad de las dos necesidades, and L.A., El Ey is my Lady, señora.

Intermedio between l’Histoire de l’Art and L’Académie française


PREViously on “I Saved Andy Warhol”, Elvis Presley was playing HOPSCOTCH with « La Mala » at THE DECAYING Pont des ARTS in front of THE very FRENCH ACADEMY.

I’ll Never Go Back To Georgia
https ://www .boston .com /news /national-news /2021/11/15 /santa-claus-shortage-2021/

Ho, ho, ho, biches
said Santa Claus, who just moved to France.
The jolly fucker made its way via NICARAGUA, of all places, after he claimed that he was a Cuban tourist, knot a Mariel reject.

https ://www .francetvinfo .fr /france /hauts-de-france /migrants-a-calais/naufrage-de-migrants-la-france-ne-laissera-pas-la-manche-devenir-un-cimetiere-affirme-emmanuel-macron _4857765.html

Santa’s trip was not easy, first he had to convince Président Macron to live up to that big fucking shopping building à La Rue de Rivoli. “Something Persona” is just not gonna cut it no more.

https ://www .reuters .com /world /americas /nicaragua-eliminates-visa-requirement-cubans-2021-11-23/

The answer is yes. A match box will hold my clothes.

OVER at Le Panthéon, not to be outdone by his own MOTHER outside of Le Palais de La Découverte, GORDON SULLIVAN is going to become a STATUE next to the virtual resting place of Chepina La Panadera, aka: Joséphine Baker.

“They” call themselves « les immortels », I will put that to the test… Gabriel García Márquez transmitiendo desde la Universidad de TEXAS en el Harry RANSOM Center de Austin {City Limits}, and no! FLORENCE CASSEZ, nobody is asking for money here, “ransom” in this sense does  KNOT, EYE repeats, does not equate to any pécuniaire exchange with LE ZODIACO of Cerf-panthère, or that COLLABORATOR from Le MATIN: Jacques de Lesdain

https ://journal .20minutes .fr /data /1806 /reader /reader .html#! preferred /0 /package /1806 /pub /1693 /page /18
https ://fr .wikipedia .org /wiki /Jacques_de_Lesdain

Ecclectic fucker that he is, Mr. Sullivan, aka “STING” stole the “DOCK of A BAY” and The Police did nothing about it, THE PIGS instead framed a disgruntled woman who kept screaming G-L-O-R-I-A, the Paris Prefecture id’d the femina as Patty “bandwagon” Smith… THE PREFECT of The POLICE did not apologize for putting a Greek EYE instead of a Latin AY on Smith’s nomenclature.

For starters, full-disclosure pre-cautions, before doña Vilma Fuentes at La Jornada (quotidien) gets her calzones³ all up in a bunch, require that we mention that Öüï has never-ever_EVER_ever-been to SPAIN, therefore Eye can quote from LOS HIJOS DE RICHELIEU:

Sa présence en Espagne devient chaque jour plus naturelle

³.~ hechos de LANA [$] y HIERRO [£]

El Puente de RAYUELA en Solitude —!— File Photo of N° DCCXXXVIII ; fauteuil N°XVIII… alias: don MarioVL”, y no señor Díaz~Balart en los msnbc’s, that is not Louis Vuitton al revés, but rather N° 45 in Times New ROMAN. Louis Vuitton al “revés” en la academia de La Sorbonna Nouvelle es un SUEÑO guajiro en MA°CON°DO, period.

https ://genius .com /Elvis-presley –alla-en-el-rancho-grande -lyrics

https ://www.lemonde .fr/culture /article/2021/11/26 /patti-smith-et-sting-deux-voix-au-pantheon-pour-celebrer-les-50-ans-de-fip_ 6103776_3246 .html

Anexo a la 8ª de Diderot

Monday October 16th, 2017

1. La Galería #22.

y porque La Galería de El Mañanero tiene patrocinador, el próximo viernes Brozo se va ir a chingar a veinte ¡a caray! perdón, perdón—se nos cruzaron los pulgares— y a lo mejor por eso se nos enchuecó el sintagma nominal del calendario, déjeme, licenciado, enderezar el boletín para que el anuncio se entienda mejor: … y porque La Galería de El Mañanero tiene patrocinador, el próximo viernes Brozo se va a chingar el día veinte. “Ria—TaTa–prau–prau.  —__—  De cualquier manera, licenciado, sirva este recorte de La Galería #22 como relleno para el próximo viernes, 20 de octubre cuando asté marchantito, agarre ese viernes como puente.  —_—  En el cuadro, el minuto 52 con 41 segundos del segmento de la programación de La Galería #22 del pasado viernes 13 de octubre cuando, el licenciado Brozo, pide que por favor “le den Champagne.”  —¡—   Vía: https ://m .youtube .com /watch?v= Y12YGh9n3Mc

2. Laughter’s mom Promised Land

Dear Sarah, interestingly enough as a serendipitous calendar marker for the month of  ‘pumpkin spice’ —on October the 6th, but of 1973— the 4th modern round between Ishmael and Isaac took place, a short conflict that lasted only 19 days but that would have lasting political consequences and traumatic effects, but speaking of short engagements, a day later on October 7th, but of 2017 —your old Alma Matter, SNL— featuted WONDER WOMAN, no less, to mark Lorne Michaels debut on the Holy Land [and probably on its occupied territories as well]… and wouldn’t you know it, dear Sarah, just last week Israel and The United States decided break the pact that they had with the UNESCO, i wonder why?… https ://nytimes .com /2017 /10 /12 /us /politics /trump-unesco-withdrawal .html [2]. 

Canadian Heritage via Excellon mines en el Ejido de La Sierrita follows.

El  regreso de Alain Rouquie*. A PERO COMO NO LE VA A DEBER México, MUCHO AL P.R.I.  [3] sin ir tan lejos, ellos fueron los que minaron y han explotado el Art. 27, y por eso esta industria canadiense en el marco de arriba puede presumir que es La Dueña al 100% de lo que no le pertenecía al pinche PRI. —_—. En el cuadro, Excellon (TSX:EXN / OTC:EXLLF) presume de que doblaron su producción gracias a un nuevo sistema de extracción de recursos del sub suelo en “seco”, los cabrones en Toronto y Ottowa citan “la histórica” sequía de la región, sin embargo Amigo Chuy, a los inversionistas se les olvida mencionar de que si bien La Zona del Silencio es semi- árida, ellos ayudaron a chuparse muchos litros de las reservas de agua en la región. Viva México y que Chingue a su Madre el Secretario Meade.

3. ¿No me prestás tu nariz de Payaso?

José Antonio Meade de quién sabe qué Y de quién sabe d’onde. Por mientras a todos mis amigos y conocidos de San José de Las Panochas, Municipio de La Zona del Silencio, les convido un Cadillac, porque de cualquier manera, el saqueo y sobre todo la función les va a gustar. Viva México.

Annoteded sources follow.

TimeStamp: 2100 hrs. CET

TimeStamp: Tuesday morning, 0800 hrs. CET

El Chupacabras es por cortesía del ´Dedazo’ de el papá del actual secretario* de Turismo: Miguel de La Madrid Hurtado. —_—. Carlos Salinas de su chingada madre es por cortesía de los moneros en La Jornada… Uso Justo de Todos Los Medios… Viva México.

Lo bueno del regreso del PRI [2012] es de que ellos si saben gobernar.

Según, Alain Rouquié.
Le Mexique Apres L’Alternance:
état des lieux et perspectives.
Colloque de 31 janvier
et 1er février 2013.

* SECTUR: Enrique de La Madrid Cordero.

Epílogo. In Spanish it means Afterword

Dear Ari Melber and the good folks at MSNBC —no es lo mismo—
pero sí es igual. Say hello to Donna Brazile and Debbie Wasserman, they are the best thing that could have happened to the Donald Trump adminsitration.

Dear Conan de la O:
if you really want to connect Mexicans do not,
we repeat, —Do Not— forget
your shots of Chuchupeste con Sotol en Ciudad Juárez,
por favor, porque eso de consumir puras pinches
Quesadillas sin Queso, eso sí que está:
de la chingada.

It’s 2018.

The impeachment trials against the 45th president of the United States of America were derailed by the Speaker of the House. In Paris, the U.S. Ambassador immediately begins to implement the Bernardo Gómez (Televisa) strategy in order to connect the American expatriate community using a historical figure*,  as the Instituto de Los Mexicanos en el Exterior did, following the election of Mexican President Felipe de Jesús Calderón Hinojosa in 2006¹ al utilizar la llamada << Ley del Kleenex >> … 

Did you get that, OP? —|— Uso Justo de Duncan Bridgeman y el Elenco Estelar de la Antigua Guardia del Canal de las Estrellas. Y Qué Viva la Criada bien Criada. Yuppiiiiii — Yea!

Did you get that, OP? Did you get how even a guy like say, Hitler could use a dead hero to further his political interests? —|— Uso Justo de Duncan Bridgeman y el Elenco Estelar de la Antigua Guardia del Canal de las Estrellas. Y Qué Viva “la Criada bien Criada”. Yuppiiiiii — Yea!

For this task, the new baseball league was named in honor of Fredrick Douglass, while the softball tournament [over at Pershing Field, in Vincennes] was named after the historical figure of Harriet Tubman.

*  …de la misma manera, Familia Cuarón en París,
como lo hicieron sus colegas del cinito mexicano en el Cinema Christine
con la figura histórica de Gilberto Bosques (GiBo en París); allí sí, [cabrones]
en ese cinito sí se pudieron limar las asperezas entre La Embajada Mexicana
[de Enrique Peña Nieto] y el comité de MORENA-Francia,
para sacar adelante sus carreras y sus pagos en especie.
Viva México y Vivan Los Amigos de México —en Francia.

Las fuentes de doña Vilma:

  1. Arreola, F., “La Mano de Bernardo Gómez” … [y el Kleenex® de Duncan Bridgeman] en: La Jornada, de hace mucho—no los que hoy la guardan. Vía: http ://www .jornada .unam .mx /2006 /12 /12 /index .php?section=opinion&article=016a1pol

and now, it is time to drain the vein. Hasta la próxima. [Duncan Bridgeman homemade Video might follow, en dónde él asegura que los mexicanos, excepto Bernardo Gómez —por supuesto— no saben hacer nada por México, y por eso hay que ir a la Gran Bretaña para que les digan como se sacan las cosas; las del subsuelo, las del campo, las de los bancos, y por supuesto LAS DE LA PROPAGANDA de partido en el poder].