Norwegian would — Dear, Ambassador Power

Context on AI [place holder] follows… in the mean while Öüï hopes that the Unesco helmet is comprehensive enough to talk about how them huevos ortodoxos and that watermelon got on the photo widget of the “aiFon”.

Anyhow Cerf-panthère, never mind the sports section that follows, have a seat and disregard the “gold coast slave ship bound for cotton fields” on your (Nº 3624) Friday National Edition, instead let’s focus on what the afro-sporting 36-year old woman on page 3 has to say about chance encounters with the Law and let’s overlap that scene with what the Mexican president is saying about diffamation.

🇬🇧 ⚽️ bayrak ⚽️ 🇬🇧

Yup… still holds the “silverware” that really matters.

Previously on, “The empire on which the sun never sets”… Henry Kissinger arranges la Copa Libertadores of 1973 (punto y coma) fast forward to 2021, ANTONY J. Blinken arranges the Armenian “G-word” question against all Turks and establishes that indeed, Australia is the Enemy.

https ://www .nytimes .com /2021/05/06 /us /politics /blinken-ukraine-russia .html

It’s the Top of the FO’ist and at the Plate is non other than the father of “The King of ROME », Anne Hidalgo is pitching a perfect game and President Macron just stole a horse… that madafucka!!!

Over at Centerfield, Willie Mays screams at the top of his 90-year old MENTHOL BnH’s smoking lungs:

HEY There _madafakas_ somebody has to explain to these Frogs that they are supposed to steal the BASES, not the horseys!!!

Let’s check the numbers before Öüï “Let it be”… 9FC36C8A-39D2-4EDD-8916-11FD4186DDBB 🥎 YUP!!! That fucking peace-loving Grunt is on sale A Gain! €3.99. Needles to say: operators are standing by.

… [A]nd Loss of Signal, we have to stop meeting this way, —why way out here in The Atlantic— with your: of course I still love you, in French.

Masturbation Sessions — /r/Mexico: right now is no Thyme FO’siesta

Lie n° ONE:

You keep all your money

“You keep all your money in a Big Brown Bag, inside a Zoo, what a Thing to Do”.:.9B2E01E7-E8B4-4242-B6E1-17CA490B95DD

Donald Trump doesn’t need to ask for MONEY
for his political adventures:

“Politics will eventually be REPLACED by IMAGERY. The politician will be TOO HAPPY to ABDICATE in favor of his image, because the IMAGE will be MUCH MORE powerful THAN HE COULD EVER be.”

Marshall McLuchan: MacLean’s Magazine, 1971;
(not sure if it’s a Book or a Magazine)

We begin the week by reminding the former Secretary of State Con•dolee•zza Rice on the Bill Maher Show, that just because Edward Snowden caught his cubicle partner at the NSA jerking–off to the nude pictures of Dr. Rice’s conservative son, it does not make him (Edward Snowden, not Dr. Rice’s conservative son) a U.S Traitor.

The road to nowhere

The road to nowhere.:.CA5EC7A3-7D24-4F02-9A32-76E30D49D4E4 •|• The Rhodes to nowhere LEAD to Trump. It’s to bad that American Government employees (double-dippers) are not allowed to go on STRIKE — because as The 40th President of THEM United States once said: It’s Morning in Irak.

On the contrary, Dr. Rice, Edward Snowden is a better hero than Mick Mulvaney and, Morning Joe just offered the current Acting–chief of staff a contributor post at “the” msnbc’s, meanwhile in Washington, Mr.Schmitty lost his smile again, and in New York, MYKA and Cousin Joe just took out the “big tablets”… fucking pair of Hospitality News showoffs!

Let's Go Back

Let’s Go Back… to the Poisonous Mixture of [Woody Harrelson’s] page 64 deal: Corruption infects all bodies, buildings, and STANDARDS. Can You maintain?

Case in point, Dr. Rice, page 16 of the Editor’s letter of Rem Koolhaas, 2004 CONTENT:

“is born of that [ceaseless fluctuations of the 21st Century and IT BEARS THE MARKS OF ideological siblings like Jagger and Richards, Tyler and Perry, and of course GLOBALISM and THE MARKET ] instability. It is not timeless; IT’S ALMOST OUT OF DATE ALREADY.

Advertisement brought to you by “Black and Blue”… from
New Orleans in a new segment:

With Musical Guest:
Chamber Music for Wynos and Panhadlers
at the Sale pute
(LIVE from FIP central station)
FEATURING their n° 1 Streaming HIT:
The Glossy Sisters Gknow their Value
and they Gknow why Women KILL

… por ejemplo, Raquelito,
take the first section of the current CONTEXT in 2019,
as juxtaposed to the CONTENT of 2004,
The Song REMAINS the SAME:

Doctor Henry Kissinger is on hold.

"Europe - what is its phone number?"
Kissinger in 1970.
Page 375 (Go East) of Koolhaas'es, CONTENT

PG. 20: Architecture is a fuzzy amalgamation of ancient [ALIENS] knowledge and contemporary practice…
PG. 22: Violence against architechture; pg. 38-43
by a BILL that tells the tales from the front lines of the war
[7000 miles from Trump Tower in New York.]

———— “Might Haas well JUMP!”

Complément de Affaire — CERFA n° 13473*01 — Una música VISCERAL

Timestamp: Diez (minas) y un Cuarto, en la Rue Saint-Loius en L’Île… en Central Siren Time.

Yes indeed Cousin Joe, Yes INDEED, meet BRONTIS À LA PRÉFECTURE de Paris. •–_!_-* Fun fact
Ewe’all: did you know that The White House has been, —since way before— Henry’s fixes at La Fútbol Asociación? SINCE Way before —EWE’ALL— Kissinger fixed the Chilenean World Cup of September 11 of 1973— now drink that Water and hold Mika’s hand, Cousin Joe— G’ahead, Cousin Joe, hold her pretty Department of State hand.

La Concha de tu Madre—reLoaded!!!

Complémént de Affaire, CERFA n° 13473*01
Line five out of six:

… but first, the news.

The following must be read in a George Cloony voice with a Laughing Cha Cha Cha playing on the background.

Extinct relatives. The last time that these two were seen together, the climate conditions called for a cool overcoat. Right now the season is warm and it is inevitable to avoid seeing undies on the streets, don’t blame us for catching an occasional glimpse—heck, one needs not look ‘sous les jupes de fip’, Mika, if you know what “Eye wanna Hold Your Hand,” means.  •-_!–•  There’s a new kid in town, let’s hope that under this Summer’s Sun that ride doesn’t go the way of the GoBee Bike and the benevolent Sac–a–dos.

Indeed, it was a rather naive “présentation sur « papier libre » du projet de creation du plan d’affaire” on account of the GoBee Bike project.

Maybe, just maybe the timing was wrong for project GoBee Bike to hit the scene at the dawn of the Great VELO War of 2017, when Velib’s changing of the guard was about to take place and three other private bicycle providers were dumpping their “güilas” all over the Île-de–France.

I’ll be blunt, GoBee Bike first mistake was trusting les Francilliens with such thin spokes, I mean it did not take a week to see young-adults punishing the GoBee Bikes everywhere. When the month of March 2018 arrived the streets of Paris were pretty much a junk yard littered with the fleet of GoBee’s that ended up as parts–and–pieces of a pretty neat service… but the other players in this business of transportation choices, they just couldn’t let GoBee Bike be.

In my non–consequential opinion the foul was not “kids just being kids”, there is a lot of money to be made in the alternative public tranportation business, and GoBee Bike didn’t think that it’s delicate rims would be sabotaged by the competition.

There’s a new kid in town, y se llama Patín del Diablo, from the creators of Green Hell and The Last Caress.

TimeStamp: 13h20

Dear, Brontis à La Préfecture… the following must be read in an AMAL CLOONEY’s voice:

Service Continu…

Dear, 6éme Bureau á Cité; please be adviced that my client has already furnished your office on two occassions with the current demand from your email on line five of six, on the Complément de Dossier request, date stamped on May the 24 of 2018.

Amal Cloony, Barrister–at–Large.

Agnes, won’t Ewe make the Axolotl’s suits and hook’em up with a few “paper dolls”… of course Ewe would. Thank’s.

p.s.: please do not force our firm to stash our client at the Equatorian Embassy should your office deny him of his “titre de sejour” renewal.