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Ladies in Gemini: The Gravy Train on a £ear Jet:

Yada, yada, ding-dong goes here…

Playball!!! 🗣 ⚾️⚾️

Lorem Loera follows with a dash of GiBo-París… but FO’ist, i inform Donnie Deutsch (that motherfucker), that a Rubiks’es Cube has a solution (punto y coma)…

and after the break, The Reverend Kasie Hunt explains to Le Figaro (today’s front cover) that objects are closer than they appear (tome y repita) and Jeremy Peters, please relay to your editorial board that el mundo de Le Monde has no appetite for today’s side column about how POTUS 46 should stop telling China: come caca y no me des*… and like that, a Rosbif (⚽️) turns The Reverend Kasie Hunt into the church of Mheee, a cult of Soccer Moms from Ohio hellbent on synchronizing Jan. 6, 2021 with a Softball game that is just about to start the bottom of the FO’ist!

While that brews for tea time with a fake Alabama blind choir Situation Room jock, over at La Place de Saint-Michel, bookshelves are Protesting the lack of reading material on a New York Times reportes personal library. Empty Racks, Mr. Scmidt is no way to deliver all the Knowns That Fit.

After the Gravy Train on a Lear Jet [ £ ] it’s Papers in Cages, starring The New York Times International Edition .:. C1FE0D96-2A9D-460D-8E2A-DD8511758203 .:. ISSY, donPalabrasde la Premier League across the pond, that Mug of yours most ZO’itanly screams “mind guerrilla” in “The Situation” shore… jeez whiz, mr. Govn’r you sure is a naughty one making Mika blush behind the COI’tans.

And in Washington, Professor at Princeton, Eddie Gloude Junior, is hoarding all of Jimmy’s books,—The Humanity!!!

But WAIT!!! Geoff Benice put LA PUNDITA back into the toothpaste container, ahhhhhhh!!! C’mon, Man! You’re not even a morning person and you most ZO’irtanly don’t fit the New Jersey type, you sir look more like an Ohio’an-ese.

This pundit has not been rated, yet .:. DC02870C-4645-4B31-9F50-35ACAF888307 .:. Squeeze her out, Benice, squeeze La Pundita out of that toothpaste tube 🧞‍♀️And, Cousin Joe, it’s one thing to have, “Oh, Hey Hallie Jackson, duke it out with La Pundita on the same time-slot, but Benice!? Come’on Man!

But speaking of RACKs… NIKE unveils it’s new Spring Break sports Bra, bro! Check it out, its a LIFT-er-Upper, “and One, and One, and WAN is TREE”, yeah, Buddy.

Who’s afraid of The Pub? .:. F2EF8D8A-B6AD-4364-AD3E-937DBD336D76 .:. KNOT Mí, D.A.T.’s WHO, ese.


One Nine : One Five… El Chuco forever (area code), period!

Dear, Jennifer McNulty — Share this update on your UCSC Alumna story

30 de Abril, 2020
Día del Niño (México)
Plaza Se Sebó.

It's the impunity, stupid

It’s the political impunity, stupid! .::. A05DA529-C270-4DBC-88C2-5FB2DBEF57A7 🏰 Sure, political corruption is a problem, but because we’ve seen nepotism at all levels, and in practically all sectors of an economy (on both sides of The Atlantic) it is easier to control a vermin infestation (in the PUBLIC SERVANT/Lobbyist sector) than to eradicate the corruption of RATAS. It’s not symbolic, it’s not sarcastic, it is Visceral (of course) Eddie Gloude, Jr..

Digression for Princeton University, La Sorbonne, and El Paso Community College:

Anyhow, professor Gloude, there is a reason why your name is invoked, but this is not the Act nor the scene to spill the beans…. spoil the beans on that trope, instead, if you ever make it to The Rachel Maddow Show, please relay to her that Eye kind of get goose bumps when she covers the meat processing stories coming out of the places where more than HALF of the population of little Mexican towns such as, San José de Las Panochas, Durango, (por decir) emigrated to, but then Eye remembers that Tyson, in Gómez Palacio, Durango was, in the early 2000 using the soil where COTTON FIELDS once rotated and flourished along with GRAPE, cantaloupe and watermelon fields, to dump the chicken blood and used chemicals that were spent in the industrialization of Chicken Nuggets, and other assorted chlorinated poultry. ANYHOW, Eddie Gloude, Eye cannot, öüï repeat, Eye cannot summarize 80 years of systematic deterioration of the Mexican (time and space) fabric; let alone explain all of the Quarks … explain all of the Quirks and dangling particles that have delivered this most tragic scene on that dare South of The Border terrain, and for the Record, don Leo, this is what the very French call, “de-constructive criticism”:

Coming up en la pendeja....

Coming up en “la pendeja” .::. 5B86DB9A-186D-400B-84BB-DA211C5AB1B6 🚂✈️🏍🔫
—_•!_•— 🎵🎶🎵🎶
Esto es un asalto chido
Saquen las carteras ya
Bajense los pantalones,
Pues los vamos a “basculear”

El profeta de el nopal.

https ://old. reddit .com /r /mexico /comments /gaee5h/trabajadores_que_entregaban_despensas_en_irapuato/


This section is reserved for University of California (system) students who might come to Paris, France, (like in 2012) to study “Mexican Calaveras” and other assorted CHICANO rarities abroad (Night and Day, baby; Jour et Nuit —75015)…

Issy, OCTUBRE tenía que ser

PAGO EN ESPECIE —Issy, negro Corazón, OCTUBRE tenía que ser… Santa Cruz (The Lost Boys) la tenía que exportar: SANTA MUERTE meets Surfer Calavera! Heck, Showtime even did a mash–up of the CHÁVEZ Ravine struggle with “La Santa Muerte”; antropólogos de la Universidad de Moreno Valley (Kalifornia) trazaron los “hilos” d’ese show a un estaquillo de parafernalia de “La Niña Blanca”.

RELAPSO A LAS “Estupidas Calaveritas” (2011-2012) de Freddy Cats, en Montreuil–s/Bois (93100) y el “alcance” del brazo de los agentes de la Embajada de México en Francía.


Samalayuca, septiembre 2014 — Rancho Los Dos Cachorros

En fin, algo que “los cachorros” del ‘multi campus institucionalizado’ del IHEAL y SciencesPo, en Saint Germain-des-Pres, 75006, casi esquina con el studio de Scarlett Johansson y el Hospicio Latinoamericano de M. Alain Rouquié, ancien ambassadeur de France au Salvador, au Mexique et au Brésil y, director de la llamada “MAL217” por los interWebs, no pudieron entender, o mas bien —no quisieron evaluar:

Well you’ve heard about Mastroianni’s “Matrimonio all’italianna” .:. 93979022-B7CA-478C-B07E-FDD011F62C61 It’s not one of Those. Esto es: una creación de Producciones Televisa y La vida en Rosa por Chelles y también por Lilas —_•!•_— LA QUARANTAINE A LA CHICHI L’IENNE —_•!-_— It’s from the Creator that brought FIRE to Gomorra from Canal (plus)… because God hates Wop’s. —•—
Synopsis: after what they did to ROME, Mars could care less of what became of the 7 hills inside of a stiletto boot, let alone to La Colonia named after the main forum inside of that boot, which was laid to rest in the horn of plenty, just below Columbia’s promised land


Still to come: you can ring my alarm pero no me  apachurres el snooze button, nena.  But FOist, it’s another edition of 2666 —La parte de adelante de los críticos.

Manuel Espinoza, the quiet one according to page 19 of ediciones ANAGRAMA learned two valuable revelations from the time that he began to realize que los jungaros madrileños, (apparently a literary group with a vibe that the good people from Selma, Alabama, would surely recognize as one of them FIA rules race car driving clubs) were just as circular as them Top Fuel funny cars and their figure Eight shape track rucas; dicho de otra puta manera:

Manuel Espinoza suffered from a permanent condition that ailed his REM sessions much in the style that ail (ajo en francés) cocked-blocked a vampire colmillos aiming for a pulsating jugular, dreamers call that ailment “insomnia”, siestas can mitigate the curse, but really, nothing compares to a full-night shut-eye. Anyway, it was during one of them after midnight sessions that Manuel Espinoza began to ask himself, —in a very Formula One— serious manner “if those people,” (p. 20) los jungerianos, no los fans de Ophra Winfrey in Modesto, California, where as everybody en la UNAM knows is also where Jonh Mill Ackerman was born) were not really asking Espinoza in between shades to leave; to stop bothering and to never return.

It was during one of  this  these nights, that Manuel Espinoza learned that Armando Álvarez was right all along…


The weekend Update

The Weekend Update .:. CAB6A8A8-E3C6-45F1-BC13-8D58BD5EA98E 🛴 Live footage of Lorde Lorne Michaels beating the fuck out of The Weekend musical guest at SNL 45 is not available, however; vintage footage of an Executive Training Film of the Walt Disney Enterprise shows voice actor Alain Rouquié (“The Boss”) solving a little problem at Fréquence Paris Pluriel (106.3 FM) when the hispanoparlante section of the Sunday Morning programming wanted “To Give Voice” to a voiceless Bolivian student that was disciplined at Le IHEAL for wanting to Establish an Association de Loi 1901 in the interest of Latin American student issues in Paris and the rest of Europe.  https ://youtube .com /watch?v=4RGXBRx_Fyk

Para la memoria Los cachorros de M. Alain Rouquié se recibieron de SciencesPo y el IHEAL con la noción de que, “el PRI, sí sabe gobernar”, y por eso John Mill Ackerman (UNAM) les vino a dar atole con EL DEDO, y el consejero del actual gobernador del estado de “chihuahuita” entretuVO con su cátedra (en Castellano del bueno, y no chingaderas) a los retoños de los cancilleres de Francia (asignados) por todo Latinoamérica. https ://nortedigital .mx /teto-marcelo-chela-lilia-serrano-garfio/

Admit it Micha*, los y las traigo cómo diría Mauricio Garcés: Muert@s… bola de putos.

… [Y] siendo que con la Excepción de doña Mueller de Obrador y su carnala, Mrs. Sandoval de Ackerman, y tal vez doña CoNaDe Guevara, las chiquillas mexicanas dicen que hoy no van a hacer nada, los chiquillos por su parte le van a hacer al “Men–at–Work” and play business as usual con las cosas que también, valga la redundancia, —los dejaron (sin su consentimiento) de mover.